Centre visitors set sights on quantum technology

Slaven Bilic: The Premier League needs video record to assistance referees

Malaysia’s AIMS receives ISO certification, and outlines adult dual other vital achievements

Meet a initial AWS Snowball patron in Australia

Centre visitors set sights on quantum technology

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The Messenger @ April 29, 2016

Slaven Bilic: The Premier League needs video record to assistance referees

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“There is no other choice though record – nonetheless it has to be adult to some limit”

Slaven Bilic

The additional points would have put The Hammers second behind Leicester in a Premier League and Bilic thinks TV assistance for refs is a approach to out dear clangers.

The Croatian said: “There is no other choice though record – nonetheless it has to be adult to some limit.

“It has to be something like idea record where we don’t even notice. Because if a diversion loses the flow, good I’d rather have these mistakes.”

Article source: http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/511574/Slaven-Bilic-West-Ham-Premier-League-intro-of-video-technology-referee-help-blunders

The Messenger @ April 28, 2016

Malaysia’s AIMS receives ISO certification, and outlines adult dual other vital achievements

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Photo – AIMS CEO CHiew Kok Hin (on right receives a 2016 ‘Data Centre Services Provider of a Year 2016’ from Frost Sullivan.


Malaysia-based carrier-neutral information services provider The AIMS Group (AIMS) pronounced it has recently perceived general ISO certification, a Frost and Sullivan award, and has also turn a initial APAC datacentre to partner Ni2 to yield ITSM-DCIM-OSS capabilities underneath one singular platform.

Speaking of a certification, AIMS Group arch executive officer Chiew Kok Hin said: “The ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 acceptance [from a British Standards Institution (BSI)] is a rarely acclaimed acceptance for a datacentre attention that encompasses a information centre operations, managed services and ancillary functions.”
“AIMS will like to take this event to appreciate Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) for assisting promote and finance this acceptance routine that enables us to yield a business with internationally approved business standards,” pronounced Chiew. 
ISO 20000 is a Service Management customary that promotes an integrated routine proceed to effectively broach services to accommodate business and patron mandate and it is also a tellurian de facto customary for IT Services.

The acceptance was awarded to AIMS after an endless review by BSI Services Malaysia, a heading acceptance physique training and business alleviation provider, he said.

Ni2 partnership

Chiew pronounced that following a attention certification, AIMS has turn a initial datacentre in Asia Pacific to partner with Network Infrastructure Inventory Inc. (Ni2) to yield business with IT Service Management (ITSM), Operational Support Systems (OSS), and Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) capabilities in one platform.
“We chose Ni2 as they are a usually businessman that is singly means of charity ITSM-DCIM-OSS capabilities underneath one singular platform. This is an critical aspect for business generally in a financial, oil and gas and telecommunications sectors, who are looking to outsource their infrastructure/ information centre comforts to companies like AIMS,” he said.
“With a Ni2 height in place, AIMS will be means to yield faster and some-more fit services for a customers. This investment is partial of AIMS consistent goal to yield universe category use for a business while stability to broach or even surpass a business approaching turn of service,” pronounced Chiew. 
“We are really happy to have been selected by AIMS as a ITSM-DCIM-OSS height provider of choice. We are also really vehement to partner with a fastest flourishing IT use provider in a APAC region,” pronounced Ni2’s arch executive officer, Joseph Hatchuel.
 AIMS was recently announced a 2016 ‘Data Centre Services Provider of a Year’ by Frost Sullivan. AIMS had won a same endowment in 2014.

“We are celebrated to once again be named Frost Sullivan ‘Data Centre Services Provider of a Year.’ With a new investments and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 certification, AIMS is set to serve raise a standards of a datacentre attention in Malaysia,” pronounced Chiew.



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Article source: http://www.mis-asia.com/tech/data-centre/malaysias-aims-receives-iso-certification-and-marks-up-two-other-major-achievements/

The Messenger @ April 28, 2016

Meet a initial AWS Snowball patron in Australia

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AWS partner Strut wins over Bauer Media.

Australian repository hulk Bauer Media has been suggested as a initial patron of Amazon Web Services’ earthy information emigration device, Snowball.

The 80TB device can be rented or bought undisguised that physically migrates information from on-premises hardware to AWS’s open cloud.

The emigration is being undertaken by Sydney-based Strut Digital, that already had a services understanding to conduct Bauer’s AWS environment. Speaking to CRN during a AWS Summit in Sydney, Strut arch executive Zack Levy pronounced that Bauer typically generates 1-3 terabytes of information a day, and a emigration into AWS S3 storage is ongoing.

Levy pronounced he systematic a Snowball as shortly as it was accessible locally.

“Snowball is a really true copy-paste-type service; it’s sparkling how elementary that is. This is only a box of lifting 50TB and it is in S3 a subsequent day,” pronounced Levy.

He combined that that while Snowball is really new to Australia, a product has already started moving new services for providers.

“We’re starting to consider about how we can confederate that into a offering. It’s a really elementary resolution though it solves a resource-intensive problem. The judgment that appeals to a business is that it takes a daze divided so they can supplement value to their customers.

“Once we know you’ve got that apparatus during your disposal, it changes a approach we consider about long-term archiving storage,” pronounced Levy.

Yesterday during a AWS Summit in Sydney, a cloud hulk announced internal availability for a 80TB indication of Snowball. AWS arch confidence information officer Stephen Schmidt also suggested Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration, a use that attempts to speed adult information uploads regulating a 50-location network that was formerly indifferent for a Amazon CloudFront calm smoothness service.

Bauer Media has undergone a series of IT transformative efforts in new years as the business shifts towards a digital model. The company’s titles embody Australian Women’s WeeklyCosmopolitanAustralian Gourmet TravellerAustralian House and Garden and Wheels.

In December, Bauer extended the managed services understanding with Sydney provider Enablis to embody maintain of the information network, security, telephony, LAN and wi-fi.

Based in St Leonards in Sydney, Strut provides cloud migration, managed services, cloud strategy, focus growth and DevOps services. Its business embody Westpac, Qantas, St George Bank and Domain.

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Article source: http://www.crn.com.au/News/418768,this-is-the-first-aws-snowball-customer-in-australia.aspx

The Messenger @ April 28, 2016

What SDDC means for your business

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Data Center


Software-defined EVERYTHING! Well, not everything, though lots of things. Shifting a lot of a management, and therefore a intelligence, to a program creates a lot of clarity and it’s where a attention is heading. Software-defined networking is streamer a assign right now, and it’s a information centre where all this will come together. And that means we’re streamer towards a software-defined information centre (SDDC).

Essentially a software-defined information centre is where all 3 categorical elements are virtualised: servers (probably a many common and timeless aspect), networking and storage. This means there is really small joining a hardware and a software, ensuing in a most some-more stretchable and stretchable environment, where apparatus utilization is most aloft than in normal information centres.

The advantages of a software-defined information centre embody aloft efficiency, reduce costs, a ability to sustenance applications in minutes, massively softened scalability and present smoothness of workloads anywhere and during any time. What ties it all together is automation. Removing as most tellurian involvement as probable speeds things adult and is a best approach to get a infrastructure to be as flexible, quick and fit as today’s complicated craving needs.

One of a pivotal aspects to removing SDDC right is ensuring a L4-7 focus smoothness fabric is adult to a job. That means creation certain focus are delivered reliably, fast and securely. My co-worker Lori MacVittie has some-more on a mandate of focus services in a software-defined information centre.

SDDC is still really most in a early stages of adoption, and those businesses that have embraced it have so distant been strong essentially in a telecoms space as good as a web scale companies such as Google and Facebook. It’s also a ideal infrastructure resolution for public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

A Gartner report, mentioned in this TechTarget piece, states that SDDC will change significantly over a subsequent 5 years, while Forrester has called it an, “an elaborating architectural and operational philosophy.”

That Gartner news goes on to advise that doing will be on a piece-by-piece basis, with components being combined as and when need; that approach will be cheaper than ripping and replacing all indispensable for a full SDDC implementation.

Ultimately, what SDDC means for your business is a hulk step towards IT-as-a-Service. That means giving workers a products, apps, services and systems they need when they need them. With a normal IT infrastructure that could be weeks or months, depending on a request. A software-defined information centre reduces that time to minutes, hours or days.

Article source: http://memeburn.com/2016/04/sddc-means-business/

The Messenger @ April 28, 2016

Cloud computing accelerates in SA – IT

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Cloud computing initiatives are saying fast acceleration in a internal market, says Clinton Jacobs, researcher during BMI-TechKnowledge. The BMI-T SA Data Centre and Cloud Services investigate estimates that cloud services will grow from R2.6 billion in 2015 to R6.4 billion by 2020. This is over and above a some-more normal information centre services such as colocation and hosting services.
There is in additional of 50 000 block metres of blurb white space accessible in information centres in South Africa, with 60% normal utilisation.
Connectivity has traditionally been an conflict to cloud adoption though there is now around 26 000km of private zone metro twine commissioned in South Africa.
In terms of a tour to a cloud South African companies are holding on a routine thoughtfully, typically, starting with cloud communications applications, or building and contrast environments.
“We can also observe a thought of ‘bimodal IT’, creatively mooted by Gartner,” Jacobs says. “This means remaining fast in operations on a one hand, though also flexible adequate to adopt and build creation into a business.” BMI-T is saying that trailblazers are looking to cloud computing to be some-more flexible and benefit rival advantage.
“Cost control is still pivotal in a stream mercantile environment,” Jacobs adds. “Companies design their ICT providers to come to a celebration to assistance them conduct costs. They design to spend a same or reduction on IT, though benefit some-more value, and urge reliability.”
Skills necessity is a problem via a cloud services attention and market. The nonesuch of skills has overtaken confidence as a essential plea in IT cloud smoothness globally.
That said, confidence stays an essential component in any IT discussion, generally cloud services. Service providers have solved many of these issues and have incited what was an conflict to cloud services into a genuine value proposition.
BMI-T identified disaster liberation as another pivotal driver, with cloud computing changing a landscape here as well. Disaster liberation as a use allows companies to ‘spin up’ new instances fast and comparatively easily.
Big data, analytics and mobility are widespread trends in a marketplace though carrying information though gaining insights from it is of no value. Jacobs indicate out that a pivotal lies in analysing information to emanate new value and rival advantage, in genuine time.
Data government is a challenge, though this is being addressed with Cloud providers providing innovative options to overcome this; as good as certain developments locally in correspondence and legislation.

Article source: http://it-online.co.za/2016/04/28/cloud-computing-accelerates-in-sa/

The Messenger @ April 28, 2016

Azlan goes on IBM and VMware partner recruitment spree

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Azlan is looking to partisan value-added reseller partners and managed services providers to take advantage of a vital hybrid cloud partnership between IBM and VMware.

IBM and VMware have jointly designed an design and cloud charity that will capacitate business that are now regulating VMware virtualisation in their information centres, to use IBM’s cloud resources to accommodate additional direct for infrastructure when required.

The corner charity can also be deployed to conduct effort migrations and information centre consolidation, yield disaster liberation capabilities, and yield an extended height for other software-defined information centre (SDDC) projects.

Tech DataAs a heading distributor and aggregator partner for both VMware and IBM SoftLayer cloud solutions, Azlan says it is well-placed to capacitate partners for a new offering, pronounced Andrew Brown, executive of cloud services UK and Ireland during Azlan primogenitor Tech Data.

The vital partnership between IBM and VMware is a good event for partners of both companies. It is ideally matched for a really estimable suit of enterprises that have on-premises deployments of VMware within their information centres, and would like a capability to enhance their capacity, as and when they need to, utilising IBM SoftLayer cloud services.”

Azlan will be contacting partners of both companies to “articulate a benefits”, pronounced Brown. “We’ll be charity end-to-end support and entrance to a endless training, enablement and veteran services teams to partners that wish to take advantage.”

Azlan will assistance partners conduct and scale IT resources for business and fast sustenance new or scale existent workloads to a IBM Cloud. It will also yield monthly-based expenditure billing options by the StreamOne assembly portal.


Article source: http://www.channelbiz.co.uk/2016/04/28/azlan-goes-on-ibm-and-vmware-partner-recruitment-spree/

The Messenger @ April 28, 2016

At Google, Artificial Intelligence To Drive Computing, Search And Mobile

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Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, summarized a universe where synthetic comprehension (AI) becomes executive to all Google does, from pushing cloud and computing services to
search, ecommerce and mobile.

“We will pierce from mobile initial to an AI initial world,” Pichai wrote in a company’s annual minute published Thursday. The letter, formerly called
the “Founders’ Letter,” since in past years Sergey Brin and Larry Page wrote it, describes a year ahead.

The judgment of inclination will fade, Pichai wrote, and a program will turn the
dominant cause as it becomes a “intelligent assistant.”

Pichai outlined six areas of focus. Some concentration on record and products, while others represent priorities crossing
product lines.

These priorities embody hunt and assistance, appurtenance training and synthetic intelligence, calm on YouTube and Play, computing platforms like Android and practical reality,
enterprise, and record from mobile services to Cardboard, Chromebooks and phones.

Pichai describes a universe where automation replaces a primer functions by following by with a
physical act to trigger a finish result.

“As we demeanour to a long-term investments in a capability collection upheld by a appurtenance training and synthetic comprehension efforts, we see huge
opportunities to dramatically urge how people work,” he wrote. “Your phone should proactively move adult a right documents, report and map your meetings, let people know if we are late, suggest
responses to messages, hoop your payments and expenses.”

In February, Pichai allocated AI guru John Giannandrea to run a hunt team, replacing Amit Singhal who announced his requirement
the same month. His purpose would concede him to continue an importance on appurtenance training and AI to support search.

Google is not a usually association in that a executives see a destiny in AI. In
late December, countless tellurian tech companies and obvious suspicion leaders such as Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, and Reid Hoffman, among others, committed a $1 billion investment to OpenAI, a
nonprofit AI investigate association directed during advancing a record to advantage humanity.

The organisation spoke about how advertisements could adjust to tellurian reactions as they turn a subsequent step of
engagement offline and online, as good as tie together a media. Through program and technology, camera and sensors in desktops and mobile devices, it becomes possibly to run identical forms of
campaigns in arrangement and search.


Article source: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/274542/at-google-artificial-intelligence-to-drive-comput.html

Webmaster @ April 28, 2016

CLOUD COMPUTING Enterprise Sector Races To Meet Changing Customer Demands

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With a technological belligerent changeable underneath their feet, some of Silicon Valley’s craving giants done large moves in 2015, though nothing bigger than a granddaddy of them all, Hewlett-Packard.

The Palo Alto-based hulk separate into dual companies in 2015, any of them large adequate in their possess right to arrange fourth and fifth in sales in a SV150.

Pressure to accommodate a changeable tastes of business who were relocating their IT operations to a cloud helped expostulate a origination of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. HP was left with a printer and PC side of a business.

During a year, many of a valley’s bequest giants — Oracle was one — pushed to rise their possess open and private cloud offerings.

Their business are perplexing to confirm either to pierce some or all of their IT operations to a cloud, and a doubt is inspiring a sector’s sales, according to Jayson Noland, an researcher with RW Baird.

“It’s caused confusion,” Noland said. “How most of your things should be in a cloud, how most on grounds or off grounds has caused confusion, and when there’s difficulty people don’t do large deals since they don’t know what to buy.”

Sales in a craving zone were down 4.1 percent over 2014, and distinction slipped 17.8 percent.

Oracle, a Redwood City business program powerhouse, announced a vital pull into cloud-based services, and placed seventh on a list of 150 publicly traded hollow companies, even with sales down 4 percent from 2015 and distinction off 18 percent.

VMware struggled with a merger by Dell of EMC, that owns about 80 percent of VMware’s common stock. VMware shares were down from around $80 when a still-uncompleted understanding was announced in Oct to around $50 today.

Three companies assimilated a list after holding initial open offerings in 2015: Square, Pure Storage, and Box; while dual companies assimilated a list by trait of large jumps in sales: Zendesk (sales adult 64 percent), and TubeMogul (sales adult 58 percent), which, along with Pure Storage (sales adult 152 percent), placed them among a tip 10 fastest flourishing companies among a SV150. Fourteen of a sector’s companies had sales decrease in 2015.

Market capitalization of a zone was down 5.9 percent, though practice rose 2.5 percent from a year progressing notwithstanding large layoffs concerned in a Hewlett-Packard split-up.

Image Credit: Artist’s concept/iStock.

Article source: http://www.toptechnews.com/article/index.php?story_id=1300025M7R2K

Webmaster @ April 28, 2016

Amazon Web Services is now a scarcely $9 billion-a-year cloud-computing machine

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Amazon’s cloud-computing multiplication generated $2.57 billion in income in a initial quarter, a association reported currently (April 28). Over a past 4 quarters, Amazon Web Services has reaped $8.88 billion in sales.

Revenue from AWS grew 64% year-over-year, compared to 49% a year ago. The multiplication is, however, display signs of deceleration compared to a prior 3 quarters, when expansion sundry between 69% and 82%. Operating income for AWS totaled $604 million in a initial entertain and $2.2 billion over a past 4 quarters. AWS accounted for 36% of Amazon’s consolidated-segment handling income in a initial quarter, notwithstanding generating about 9% of a company’s sales.

The cloud has proven to be a splendid mark for AWS’s rivals as well. Even as Microsoft reported descending income from PCs and Windows, a “intelligent cloud” shred buoyed a first-quarter earnings, growing 3% to $5.1 billion in sales. Google—whose cloud multiplication recently won over a series of high-profile clients, including Apple, Spotify, and Autodesk—is also banking heavily in a cloud infrastructure, in sold appurtenance training and synthetic intelligence. Analysts trust these investments will start to meaningfully minister to a financials in 2017. To contest with these players, Amazon, deliberate a marketplace personality with an estimated 42% share according to SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, slashed prices for a cloud services in early 2014.

Article source: http://qz.com/672784/amazon-web-services-is-now-a-nearly-9-billion-a-year-cloud-computing-machine/

Webmaster @ April 28, 2016