Google launches cloud messaging use for iOS devices

Sony Eyes Data Centre Boost With Cold Storage Acquisition

Equinix moves into Europe by slurping adult Telecity

Equinix to acquire datacentre opposition TelecityGroup for £2.35bn

Google launches cloud messaging use for iOS devices

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Google has launched a cloud messaging use for iOS
devices that will concede applications to promulgate regulating pull notifications.
Earlier, a use was accessible for Android inclination usually though a new update
will concede developers to enhance a strech of their applications to iOS devices

The underline allows users to confirm a critical ‘topics’
within a focus and accept a applicable notifications. For instance, in
a news focus a user can name a subject like ‘Technology’ and the
application will be means to send pull notifications to a user.

The further of iOS support will infer to be a good
incentive for cross-platform developers. The developers won’t have to deposit in
creating a apart infrastructure to understanding with a critical topics. The feature
is now accessible opposite many vital handling systems.

The hunt hulk announced Android M in a Google I/O event
yesterday and also denounced a horde of new changes in a handling system. The
final chronicle of a handling complement should strech a final theatre by a end
of this year.

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Article source: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/technology/story/google-allows-cloud-messaging-service-on-ios-devices/1/441090.html

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Sony Eyes Data Centre Boost With Cold Storage Acquisition

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Sony Corporation has acquired OAI, an visual storage startup, to technological final from a flourishing cold repository market

Sony Corporation has bought a storage startup that provides visual storage systems for information centres.



Optical Archive Inc. (OAI), a origination of Facebook alumni Frank Frankosvsky, was started in Mar 2014, and with a acquisition, Sony will be means to boost a visual front and prolongation record to rise new visual front library systems that will accommodate a technological final from a flourishing cold repository market.

“This merger outlines a commencement of a joining to this flourishing market,” pronounced Terushi Shimizu, comparison clamp president, Device Solutions Business Group, Sony Corporation.


“Optical front libraries will yield many advantages to business who are now regulating fasten or tough expostulate record to store cold data, such as reduce costs, intensely durable media life, and aloft information throughput rates. We devise to precedence and enhance a existent visual front prolongation lines in sequence to accommodate a flourishing direct for this media.

“We are anxious to be partial of Sony,” pronounced Frank Frankovsky, now CEO of OAI.  “Merging Sony’s value in visual engineering and prolongation with OAI’s knowledge and capabilities in data centre hardware pattern and operations will broach innovative new storage solutions to customers.”

data centreFrankovsky was formerly a clamp boss of hardware pattern and supply sequence optimisation during Facebook. He is partly obliged for Facebook’s complement of regulating a storage cupboard that used 10,000 Blu-Ray discs for cold archiving.

The tenure “cold archive” refers to a category of information that contingency be kept over a prolonged duration of time though isn’t accessed frequently, such as cloud-based print storage and information defended for authorised or regulatory reasons. Cold archiving is one of a largest and fastest flourishing portions of a information centre storage market. Financial sum of a understanding were not disclosed.

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Article source: http://www.techweekeurope.co.uk/cloud/datacenter/sony-data-centre-storage-acquisition-169187

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Equinix moves into Europe by slurping adult Telecity

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Data centre outfit Equinix is swelling a participation in Europe by gobbling adult UK-based Telecity for £2.3bn, with a understanding adding a serve 39 European information centres to a US-based company’s existent sovereignty of 100.

Equinix arch executive Stephen Smith pronounced a proclamation was an “exciting day for a stakeholders of both companies”.

He added: “The further of TelecityGroup’s businesses will extremely strengthen Equinix’s charity to business in Europe and beyond.”

John Hughes, executive authority of TelecityGroup, will join a Equinix board.

The understanding has put a kibosh on Telecity’s due partnership with Netherlands-headquartered Interxion.

Earlier this year, a twin had done a non-binding agreement to make a corporate savage with one behind and emanate a £600m-plus sales European heavyweight.

Kate Hanaghan, researcher during TechMarketView, pronounced Equinix changed in to make an offer after Telecity announced a seductiveness in Interxion in February. “US-based Equinix didn’t wish to remove a possibility to enhance into Europe and in early May stepped in with a probable offer for Telecity of £11.45 per share,” she said.

“We are not astounded there have been a few twists and turns in this tale. Scale, in terms of facilities, capabilities and geographical coverage, is of march peerless for information centre providers, and critical opportunities to urge that contingency not be overlooked.”

In 2014, Telecity reported a income boost of 7.1 per cent to £348.7m for a year. However, according to a Companies House filing, distinction for a year slipped from £65.2m to £59.7m.

Equinix reported an boost in income of 14 per cent to $2.4bn (£1.6bn) final year. For a full year of 2015, it expects sales to strech some-more than $2.6bn (£1.7bn). ®

Managing Apple inclination in a Windows organisation

Article source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/05/29/equinix_slurps_up_telecity_interxion/

The Messenger @ May 29, 2015

Equinix to acquire datacentre opposition TelecityGroup for £2.35bn

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Equinix is to acquire associate datacentre user TelecityGroup for £2.35bn, ensuing in the
termination of an progressing partnership bid by opposition organisation Interxion.

TelecityGroup initially
agreed to combine with Interxion in Feb 2015
, with a span signing a non-binding agreement
worth £2.2bn.


This understanding was usurped by Equinix during a start of May 2015, that reliable it had embarked on
takeover talks with Telecity, with a perspective to acquire it for £11.45 per share – or

Equinix’s understanding has now won a capitulation of both firms’ boards, with TelecityGroup’s directors
describing a offer as “fair and reasonable”. But it still requires sign-off from a company’s
shareholders and regulatory clearway from a European Commission before it can proceed.

In a matter announcing a deal, Equinix pronounced a partnership would play an critical partial in the
building out of a Europe-wide cloud ecosystem of services.

The organisation already has datacentres in executive London, Docklands and Slough, though a partnership sees it
expand a portfolio to embody additional comforts in Dublin, Helsinki, Istanbul, Milan,
Stockholm and Warsaw.

“The house of Equinix believes this transaction will yield a event for increased
network and cloud firmness to improved offer customers,” a matter reads.

“The total footprint of Equinix and TelecityGroup will emanate a stronger height to attract
customers and pursue a rising craving opportunity.”

As partial of a deal, TelecityGroup executive authority John Hughes will join Equinix’s

“Having delicately deliberate all a options, a house believes this is a constrained offer and
an glorious outcome for shareholders, employees and customers,” pronounced Hughes.

“Through this transaction, a business will have new tellurian opportunities for their connected
datacentre requirements, and a multiple of Equinix and TelecityGroup services and people will
ensure a stretched business leads a approach in a sustenance of highly-connected datacentre services
for business in Europe and all over a world.”

Meanwhile, Equinix CEO and boss Stephen Smith pronounced a partnership will not usually extend the
global strech of a cloud platforms, though also a scale of them too.

“We trust a offer is constrained to TelecityGroup shareholders who will realize significant
value for their holdings, while carrying a event to attend in a destiny strengths of
the total business.”

Computer Weekly contacted Interxion for a criticism on this story, and was destined to a statement
from a company’s CEO David Ruberg, who pronounced it’s business as common for this firm.

“We continue to govern a communities of seductiveness plan with a trained investment
approach focused on delivering clever returns,” he said. 

“Our datacentres are among a many rarely connected in 11 countries opposite Europe with regards
to carriers, ISPs, and vital cloud platforms.”

However, Nick Jones, partner and conduct of record and telecoms during Cavendish Corporate Finance,
said Interxion could shortly find itself during a centre of another takeover bid before too

“You would design Equinix to be meditative tough now about serve European converging with the
for-now jilted Interxion maybe returning as a aim in a nearby future,” pronounced Jones.

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Article source: http://www.computerweekly.com/news/4500247162/Equinix-to-acquire-datacentre-rival-TelecityGroup-for-235bn

The Messenger @ May 29, 2015

​Equinix to buy UK datacentre opposition Telecity for £2.35bn

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US datacentre and co-hosting association Equinix has done a £2.35bn ($3.6bn) bid for UK opposition Telecity Group, an partnership that would make it a largest datacentre provider in Europe.

The agreement between Equinix and Telecity puts an finish to a designed merger, announced in February, between Telecity and Dutch datacentre provider Interxion.

The all-European partnership was thrown into doubt in May after Equinix non-stop discussions with Telecity over a £2.3bn deal. It had until Jun 4 to make a grave proposal, and should a successive £2.35bn offer be accepted, Equinix will turn by distant a largest datacentre association on a continent. It will also be improved positioned to gain on Europe’s flourishing ardour for craving cloud computing.

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Finland: The world’s subsequent datacentre powerhouse?

Equinix’s bid will give any Telecity shareholder 572.5 pence in money and 0.0327 new Equinix shares.

The £2.35bn offer amounts to a 34.9 percent reward on a shutting cost of Telecity shares on 10 Feb 2015 – a day before to Telecity proclamation of a designed partnership with Interxion. Telecity shareholders will possess 10.1 percent of a joined company.

Telecity on Friday strictly called off a partnership with Interxion, propelling shareholders to opinion in foster of Equinix’s offer.

“Having delicately deliberate all a options, a Board believes this is a constrained offer and an glorious outcome for shareholders, employees and customers,” pronounced John Hughes, executive authority of Telecity.

The partnership will give Equinix 39 new datacentres in 12 cities providing 100MW of energy and 2,500 patron contracts. Importantly, it will also catch Telecity’s business opposite London Docklands.

Equinix now has 30 datacentres in opposite a UK, a Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, and a UAE, that beget a entertain of a tellurian revenues.

Telecity will give it new ability in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt and Paris and new locations in Dublin, Manchester, Stockholm, Helsinki, and Milan, as good as new ability in Warsaw, Sofia, and Istabul, paving a approach for a company’s entrance to Eastern Europe and Turkey.

Stephen Smith, CEO and boss of Equinix, pronounced Telecity “will extremely strengthen Equinix’s charity to business in Europe and beyond, reinforcing us as a tellurian personality in tellurian interconnection and datacentres, as good as bringing a advantages of larger cloud and network firmness to a customers.”

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Article source: http://www.zdnet.com/article/equinix-to-buy-uk-datacentre-rival-telecity-for-2-35bn/

The Messenger @ May 29, 2015

SimpliVity opens Ireland heart to palliate IT support concerns

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Company also opens heart in Raleigh, North Carolina.

SimpliVity has non-stop dual patron support operations centres in Cork, Ireland and Raleigh, North Carolina.

The association pronounced a comforts will palliate IT concerns by ancillary operations by a information centre record that simplifies IT for mid-market and craving organisations.

SimpliVity combined that it offers support opposite a whole information centre smoke-stack and expects to double a patron support resources by a finish of a year.

Randy Boutin, VP of support and production during SimpliVity, said: “SimpliVity has always been committed to building an enterprise-class use organisation, able of ancillary a world’s many perfectionist environments.

“Our preference of Cork and Raleigh to enhance the support operations serve reflects this joining – with any plcae providing a abounding pool of rarely qualified, multi-lingual and technical support talent.”

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Article source: http://www.cbronline.com/news/data-centre/infrastructure/simplivity-opens-ireland-hub-to-ease-it-support-concerns-4588939

The Messenger @ May 29, 2015

Google’s Project Jacquard turns your pants into trackpad

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Google’s ATAP multiplication has been famous for churning out some innovative
and artistic ideas in a Silicon Valley. Projects like Ara modular phone and
Project Tango have been some of a few intriguing projects that Google’s
division has worked on.

Now, they have introduced Project Jacquard. It
features a woven square of cloth that has a conductive record and works
essentially like a trackpad. More information about a record would be
revealed during an arriving ATAP eventuality during Google I/O.

The technologically modernized Jacquard dawn weaves the
conductive wirings into a unchanging fabric ensuing in a good singular square of
textile with a touchpad like functionality.

Google demoed a fabric on a list during a I/O event, a hold on
the fabric were used for opposite functions like determining a lights, media
player or many other devices. Using a low-power Wi-Fi, a conductive surface
communicates with a inclination but regulating most power.

The energy and other additional wiring and components
needed to energy and bond a fabric to a device are not utterly prepared to be
used in a finished products like a pant. The group is now operative tough to shrink
the components and deliver them for a ubiquitous public.

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Article source: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/technology/story/google-project-jacquard/1/441094.html

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SA infras-tructure exposed to simply being ‘switched off’

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With hackers being specifically neat by crime groups and embedded in organisations vicious for a country’s functioning‚ they say‚ it’s indispensable a government’s cyber and law coercion agencies have a authorised ability to indicate for infrastructure vulnerabilities.

“South Africa has a record and experts‚ though a miss of clarity around laws‚” pronounced Ignus Swart‚ vocalization on a fringes of a ITWeb Security Summit in Midrand.

The limit has brought some of a universe and country’s tip cyber confidence specialists together to plead a threats of cyber crime.

Swart‚ a cyber counterclaim consultant formed during a Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research’s reserve and confidence department‚ on Wednesday suggested vicious flaws within a country’s laws.

The flaws could potentially forestall supervision from legally scanning‚ around a Internet‚ for flaws in infrastructure such as energy stations‚ harbours‚ airports‚ hospitals‚ communication and industrial facilities.

The vulnerabilities embody breaches in databases and CCTV and movement systems indispensable to keep vicious hardware constantly monitored and cooled.

“In 2007‚ a Internet was believed to lift about 80% of information useful in detecting vulnerabilities. Today‚ it’s scarcely 100%.”

He pronounced this information was accessible to anyone‚ including hackers.

“We know of intensity problems‚ though removing that information is impossibly difficult.”

Using open source internet services‚ people like Swart are means to reap a information‚ though he says it’s not all verifiable.

“About 40% of what we are detecting [vulnerabilities] is accurate‚ that is because we need these laws‚ so we can check scrupulously and accurately.”

The same open source websites‚ that Swart uses‚ are accurately what organized crime gangs are regulating to penetrate database systems of infrastructure vicious to a functioning of a country.

He pronounced while systems were vulnerable‚ a many exposed were staff. Crime gangs could have “extortable” information on their targets‚ and were therefore means to feat them.

An instance of such information‚ pronounced Jason Jordaan‚ an organized cyber crime specialist‚ was a new crack of a general website‚ Adult Finder.

“People‚ including South Africans‚ who could be politicians and association executives‚ have personal data‚ such as themselves enchanting in ‘extramural activities’ on these sites that have been compromised. Those with a information can‚ and do‚ use it for extortion‚” he said‚ citing South Africa’s impassioned disadvantage to organized crime gangs.

Swart pronounced during a impulse a country’s responses to certain vulnerabilities were reactive. “They need to be proactive.”

He pronounced vulnerabilities within organisations’ mechanism systems‚ famous as open resolvers‚ were being exploited.

“Globally there are 20-million ‘open resolvers’. In South Africa there are 4600‚ with hackers usually wanting 1000 to launch a poignant unstoppable attack. This is how Estonia was crippled. Such attacks‚ that are a high possibility‚ are an act of war.

“These attacks are good masked‚ mostly launched from one nation opposite a allies though a ‘attacking’ nation even meaningful until it’s too late.”

Swart pronounced open resolvers‚ by their nature‚ usually compulsory a tiny reconfiguration to fix‚ that was mostly really quick.

He pronounced scanning of open source Internet sites had suggested outrageous intensity problems‚ with a far-reaching operation of South Africa’s infrastructure exposed to simply being “switched off”.

“We are vulnerable. Others can indicate us and do so daily‚ though we by law during a impulse can't indicate ourselves.”

He pronounced information they gained from a open source services was being collected and collated.

“The problem for now is that a comparison is manual. We are in a routine of formulating programmed systems where this information can be collected and fast verified.

“What is frightful for us is not only disadvantage around hardware and software‚ though also that of personal tellurian information‚ that companies are leaking during unacceptably high rates.”

He pronounced dual South African word companies’ databases were recently detected accessible on a Internet‚ containing a information of scarcely 800,000 clients including hit numbers‚ addresses and salaries.

This information‚ he said‚ done people outrageous targets for criminals.

The Times

Article source: http://www.timeslive.co.za/local/2015/05/28/SA-infrastructure-vulnerable-to-simply-being-%E2%80%98switched-off%E2%80%99

Webmaster @ May 29, 2015

Managed confidence services – who’s tip dog?

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Verizon, HP, NTT Communications, Computer Sciences Corporation and IBM have all been named as leaders in managed confidence services in a Asia Pacific market, following endless investigate by a International Data Corporation.

IDC now announced a formula of a MarketScape report, that comprehensively covers a 16 many distinguished players in a Asia Pacific Managed Security Services Market.

Along with a heading vendors mentioned, IDC identified Symantec, BT, Wipro, Dimension Data, HCL, e-Cop, SingTel, Orange Business Services and AT T as ‘major players’ in a managed confidence services space.

The association used ‘an elaborate and meticulously structured framework’ that assesses how any businessman measures opposite other players to establish who was heading a container in a market.

IDC also records Atos and Telstra are now positioned as clever ‘contenders’ in a marketplace.

Overall, a researcher organisation resolved that all a identified providers offer a ‘comprehensive portfolio’ for managed confidence services.

“Through in-depth interviews with MSSPs and some-more than 20 interviews with their customers, IDC schooled that a MSSPs differ on their pivotal go-to-market capabilities opposite a region,” explains Cathy Huang, investigate manager, services and cloud investigate group, IDC Asia/Pacific, who was a lead researcher for this study.

“These capabilities embody patron services, sales/distribution structure, pricing alignment, partnership and marketing.”  

“IDC has also celebrated a flourishing inflection of cyber confidence being featured as a pivotal subject in business conversations,” Huang says. “We acknowledge that while CIOs direct confidence government that is effective, serviceable and affordable, a formation with their fast-changing IT infrastructure has turn a some-more critical requirement.”

She adds, “We trust a introduction of modernized managed confidence services, ordinarily famous as MSS 2.0, is necessary.

“We prognosticate that this new multiply of services will use large information analytics and automation technologies to accommodate a mandate for active and energetic confidence solutions that would assistance residence CIO’s elaborating risk and confidence government challenges,” says Huang.

Predicting that a 3rd platform-optimised confidence technologies and solutions will radically extend a 3rd Platform’s capabilities and applications, Huang says IDC identified next-generation confidence as one of a creation accelerators in IDC’s 2015 ICT predictions. “This MarketScape investigate has also highlighted a expansion within a managed confidence services space – advising tech patron organisations to acknowledge this expansion and temperament a right MSSPs according to their specific needs.”

The IDC MarketScape analysis is formed on a extensive and severe horizon that highlights a pivotal factors that are approaching to be a many poignant for aligning a vendor’s capability to stream needs as good as aligning vendor’s plan to destiny patron needs.


Article source: http://securitywatch.co.nz/story/managed-security-services-whos-top-dog/

Webmaster @ May 29, 2015

North Korean hackers ‘could kill’, warns pivotal defector

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Kim Jong-un

Prof Kim says around 10-20% of Kim Jong-un’s troops bill is being spent on cyber-attack capabilities

North Korean hackers are able of attacks that could destroy vicious infrastructure and even kill people, a high-profile fugitive has warned.

Speaking exclusively to BBC Click, Prof Kim Heung-Kwang pronounced a nation had around 6,000 lerned troops hackers.

The warning follows final year’s Sony Pictures penetrate – an conflict attributed to North Korea.

Korean record consultant Martyn Williams stressed a hazard was usually “theoretical”.

Prof Kim has called for general organisations to step in to forestall North Korea rising some-more serious attacks.

Military attack

For 20 years Prof Kim taught mechanism scholarship during Hamheung Computer Technology University, before evading a nation in 2004.

While Prof Kim did not learn hacking techniques, his former students have left on to form North Korea’s scandalous hacking section Bureau 121.

The bureau, that is widely believed to work out of China, has been credited for countless hacks.

Many of a attacks are pronounced to have been directed privately during South Korean infrastructure, such as energy plants and banks.

Speaking during a plcae only outward a South Korean capital, Prof Kim told a BBC he has unchanging hit with pivotal total within a nation who have insinuate believe of a military’s cyber operation.

“The distance of a cyber-attack organization has increasing significantly, and now has approximately 6,000 people,” he said.

He estimated that between 10% to 20% of a regime’s troops bill is being spent on online operations.

“The reason North Korea has been badgering other countries is to denote that North Korea has cyber fight capacity,” he added.

“Their cyber-attacks could have identical impacts as troops attacks, murdering people and destroying cities.”

Stuxnet clone

Speaking some-more specifically, Prof Kim pronounced North Korea was building a possess malware formed on Stuxnet – a penetrate attack, widely attributed to a US and Israel, that struck Iranian chief centrifuges before being detected in 2010.

“[A Stuxnet-style attack] designed to destroy a city has been prepared by North Korea and is a possibly threat,” Prof Kim said.

Earlier this year, a South Korean supervision blamed North Korea for a penetrate on a country’s Hydro and Nuclear Power Plant.

“Although a chief plant was not compromised by a attack, if a mechanism complement determining a chief reactor was compromised, a consequences could be unimaginably serious and means endless casualties,” Prof Kim said.

Martyn Williams is a publisher who follows closely a growth of record in North Korea.

He told a BBC: “I consider it’s critical to underline that this is fanciful and probable from non-North Korean hackers too.

“It’s fathomable that hackers would try something and lives could be during risk.

He remarkable an conflict in 2003 on South Korean broadcasters, that he pronounced was “an try to chuck a nation into confusion”.

“If TV had left off atmosphere and afterwards ATMs stopped working, people competence have panicked.”


Inside Bureau 121

When it comes to cyber-attacks, few groups are as scandalous as North Korea’s Bureau 121, that has operated given a late nineties.

Most confidence researchers determine that a organization operates out of China. Specifically, in a groundwork of a restaurant, rated rarely on TripAdvisor for a extensive Korean food.

Prof Kim gave several Bureau 121 members their initial ambience of mechanism science.

While he didn’t learn hacking techniques, Prof Kim gave a students believe of a ins-and-outs of computing, networks and information transfer.

The really best students were after plucked from his march by a troops and given further, some-more dilettante training in cyber security.

Prof Kim told a BBC he feels saddened that some of a great, “bright” minds he nurtured had their intensity channelled “not into improving a internet culture, though to threaten other people regulating a internet”.

But he conceded that his former students substantially enjoyed their task, and took honour in “accomplishing Kim Jong-un’s orders as a cyber warrior”.


‘Off a internet’

Prof Kim has called on general organisations to take movement over North Korea’s cyber-activity.

“We need to collect a justification of North Korea’s cyber terrorism and news them to UN Human Rights Council and other UN agencies,” he told a BBC.

“If North Korea continues to means repairs in this way, an organization such as Icann should anathema North Korea.”

Icann – a Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – manages a placement of domain name including .com and .net.

It could, theoretically, close down a use of North Korea’s domain, .kp.

The Interview ensign being taken down

North Korea was blamed for a penetrate on Sony Pictures that temporarily halted a film’s release

In a statement, Icann pronounced a powers in this courtesy were limited.

“Icann does not have a power, nor remit, to anathema countries from carrying a participation on or entrance to a Internet,” pronounced Duncan Burns, a conduct of communications.

“Icann’s primary purpose is a coordination of a internet’s singular identifiers to safeguard a stability, confidence and resiliency of a internet.

“We rest on law coercion and bureaucratic regulatory agencies to military reported bootleg activity.”

Furthermore, disabling .kp would have minimal outcome if, as is widely believed, most of North Korea’s hacking force conducts a operations outward of a country.

Other measures, such as sanctions imposed by a US in a arise of a Sony Pictures hack, competence have a larger impact.

But Prof Kim added: “This emanate can’t be solved by one or dual countries.

“The general village needs to compensate courtesy to North Korea’s attempts to destroy a internet.”

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Article source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-32925495

Webmaster @ May 29, 2015