St. Mary’s University awarded some-more than $2.6 million grant

Apple to betray ‘iWatch’ on Sep 9: Report

Stacking adult Open Clouds

Two-day discussion on record trends concludes

St. Mary’s University awarded some-more than $2.6 million grant

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SAN ANTONIO – More than $2.6 million was awarded final week to St. Mary’s University to serve a expansion of a School of Science, Engineering and Technology.

The university perceived a grant, that will be given over a march of 5 years, from a U.S. Department of Education. St. Mary’s is one of 3 institutions in San Antonio and 9 in Texas to accept a funding.

“We are beholden for this extend as we continue to respond to a flourishing direct for STEM education,” pronounced University President Thomas Mengler. “It will assistance with required apparatus and renovations, while also enhancing a Catholic magnanimous humanities importance of educating a whole person. We are vehement about a possiblities.”

The university will accept $524,993 in a initial year of a sum $2,624,952. The extend will support in funding:

  • Faculty and staff, including a automatic engineering professor, an educational coordinator, tutors and counterpart mentors
  • Equipment for a materials and contrast and thermo-fluids labs
  • Equipment for production labs
  • Equipment for chemistry labs
  • Renovation of a biology, physiology and microbiology laboratories
  • Renovation of a Learning Assistance Center to support STEM retention
  • STEM Summer Bridge Program

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Article source: http://www.ksat.com/content/pns/ksat/news/2014/08/27/smu-awarded-a-more-than--2-6-million-grant.html

The Messenger @ August 28, 2014

Apple to betray ‘iWatch’ on Sep 9: Report

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Apple is approaching to combine character and innovation, along with sensors and computing power, in a wrist-worn device that links wirelessly to iPhones or iPads.

Apple will betray an “iWatch” in Sep with a builder of a iPhone finally embarking on a much-rumored incursion into wearable computing, record news website Re/code pronounced on Wednesday.

The California tech hulk is approaching to combine character and innovation, along with sensors and computing power, in a wrist-worn device that links wirelessly to iPhones or iPads.

Apple is believed to be formulation a Sep 9 eventuality during that it will deliver a iWatch, along with new-generation iPhone 6 smartphones with increasing shade sizes.

The association has not sent out invitations to such an event, nor — as is customary Apple use — has it commented on reports it will even take place.

Apple’s next-generation iPhones are rumored to have shade sizes stretched to 4.7 and 5.5 inches and have faster processors.

Apple typically updates a product cycle in a second half of a year, removing a lift from holiday sales.

Last year it denounced a iPhone 5S and a lower-priced iPhone 5C in September, removing record sales during a launch.

Apple is tuning a new handling complement that allows for mobile payments and includes a health platform, that could filigree easily with an “iWatch” for tracking activity, sleep, beat and more.

The complement iOS8 is approaching to be in a new iPhones.


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Article source: http://www.khaleejtimes.com/kt-article-display-1.asp?section=technology&xfile=data/technology/2014/August/technology_August34.xml

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Stacking adult Open Clouds

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If there was any slow doubt, it appears a cloud is truly here. Many organizations around a universe have adopted or are holding stairs to adopt cloud computing, with Gartner presaging that scarcely half of all vast companies will be regulating hybrid cloud within a subsequent 3 years.

With advantages such as efficiency, cost-effectiveness and scalability good advertised, this arise in uptake is frequency surprising. As with any other vital organization-wide doing projects, however, adopting a cloud is no travel in a park – and enterprises need to take stairs to suffer a well-spoken and seamless migration.

According to a 2013 TheInfoPro Cloud Computing Study from 451 Research, 83 percent of organizations in North America and Europe pronounced they faced”significant roadblocks to deploying their cloud computing initiatives” – a 9 percent boost from a prior year’s survey. It is engaging to note from a commentary that while IT roadblocks have indeed decreased, non-IT challenges, such as “people, processes, politics and other organizational issues”, are on a arise – indicating that partnership opposite a whole craving is required.

While a trail to cloud adoption can be severe for some, there are a few discipline a CIO can keep in mind to safeguard as well-spoken a routine as possible.

What can we do to safeguard a well-spoken transition to a cloud?

Know what we wish from a cloud

It would positively not be judicious for enterprises to pierce to a cloud simply since everybody else is doing it.

Every classification is opposite and while a cloud can positively yield poignant benefits, it’s critical to know what your organization’s pivotal business needs are and where a cloud fits into a picture. Have a transparent thought of in that areas a cloud can assistance your business, and where a stipulations are. Involve all pivotal stakeholders in a preference creation routine to conduct expectations and keep everybody on a same page.


Choose a right cloud platform

Hybrid, open or private cloud - with so many options, only how do we know that cloud indication to choose?

This should be one of a questions we answer in a initial stages as we finalize your cloud strategy. Each form offers a possess singular advantages and depending on your organization, a distance and a inlet of a operations, there might be a sold indication that best suits.

For example, is your association experiencing fast expansion and scalability is so an issue? Are we looking for preference and palliate of use or are we some-more endangered about carrying control and governance? Be certain to know what you’re looking for before relocating to a cloud.

The 4 things we can do to safeguard a well-spoken transition: Know what we wish from a cloud, select a right cloud platform, give confidence critical care and finally, have a right people on board.


Give confidence critical consideration

The rising digitization of businesses is creation confidence an increasingly high priority, and this is therefore a cause to take into comment when adopting a cloud. The existence is that while a cloud is apropos some-more robust, information breaches can occur. However, carrying a right measures in place can revoke a risks.

Cloud providers commend this and are beefing adult their offerings to reduce a odds of business being affected, though there does need to be some bid on a partial of your classification as well. Your overarching IT confidence process should take a cloud into account, and get a IT group on house to import in and redress a expected risks your craving might face when relocating to a cloud.


Have a right people on board 

It can be tantalizing to trust that your classification has a required in-house talent to promote cloud adoption. However, it is a formidable endeavour in that we simply can’t rest on generalist IT staff to navigate a procedure. The arise of cloud computing means there are now people who are rigourously approved and competent to tackle a technology, so make certain we have entrance to these professionals - either in your staff or outmost specialists.

According to a 2014/2015 Market Insights Salary Guide from IT recruitment organisation Greythorn in Australia, both IT pursuit seekers and employing managers arrange cloud computing as a series one ability indispensable in a zone today. This notice has not altered from a prior year’s survey.

With a right people on your team, we can devise a pierce to a cloud is as stress-free as possible.

Article source: http://www.zdnet.com/making-a-stress-free-migration-to-the-cloud-7000033070/

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Two-day discussion on record trends concludes

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Article source: http://freepressjournal.in/two-day-conference-on-technology-trends-concludes/

Webmaster @ August 28, 2014

TechCrunch: Geek Dreams: Cray CS-Storm Delivers High Performance …

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TechCrunch: Geek Dreams: Cray CS-Storm Delivers High Performance Computing In Million Dollar Package
2014-08-26 1:16am -07:00T
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Cray CS-Storm - Open perspective of super mechanism hardware.Imagine a complement with 22 x 2u servers in a 48u shelve -all cranking on 176 NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU chips providing an startling 250 Teraflops per rack. We’re articulate roar machines and that’s what Cray is delivering in a latest high-performance complement called the Cray CS-Storm. Consider that a 4 cupboard Cray CS-Storm complement is able of delivering some-more than one petaflop of… Read More

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Apple Set To Release Largest iPad Ever
Tech hulk Apple seems to have adopted a mantra “go large or go home.” The association is formulation to deliver a largest iPad ever: a 12.9-inch behemoth that will dwarf a largest existent models.

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Smartphone ‘Kill Switch’ Law in California; Will Other States Follow?
California’s new law — sealed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday — directed during deterring cellphone burglary could meant many mobile phones sole in a U.S. will shortly embody identical “kill-switch” tech.


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IBM Watson: Pioneering a New Era of Computing

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NEW YORK, Aug. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — IBM (NYSE: IBM) currently announced poignant advances in Watson‘s cognitive computing capabilities that are enabling researchers to accelerate a gait of systematic breakthroughs by finding formerly different connectors in Big Data.

IBM Corporation logo.

Available now as a cloud service, IBM’s Watson Discovery Advisor is designed to scale and accelerate discoveries by investigate teams. It reduces a time indispensable to exam hypotheses and delineate conclusions that can allege their work — from months to days and days to only hours — bringing new levels of speed and pointing to investigate and development.

Building on Watson’s ability to know nuances in healthy language, Watson Discovery Advisor can know a denunciation of science, such as how chemical compounds interact, creation it a singly absolute apparatus for researchers in life sciences and other industries.

Researchers and scientists from heading academic, curative and other blurb investigate centers have begun deploying IBM’s new Watson Discovery Advisor to fast investigate and exam hypotheses regulating information in millions of systematic papers accessible in open databases. A new systematic investigate paper is published scarcely any 30 seconds, that equals some-more than a million annually (Source: CiteSeerx). According to a National Institutes of Health, a standard researcher reads about 23 systematic papers per month, that translates to scarcely 300 per year, creation it humanly unfit to keep adult with a ever-growing physique of systematic element available.

In 2013, a tip 1,000 investigate and growth companies spent some-more than $600 billion annually on investigate alone (Source: Strategy). Progress can be slow, holding an normal of 10 to 15 years for a earnest curative diagnosis to swell from a initial investigate theatre into use (Source: Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America). Using Watson Discovery Advisor, researchers can expose new relations and commend astonishing patterns among information that have a intensity to significantly urge and accelerate a find routine in investigate and science.

“We’re entering an unusual age of data-driven discovery,” pronounced Mike Rhodin, comparison clamp president, IBM Watson Group. “Today’s proclamation is a healthy prolongation of Watson’s cognitive computing capability. We’re lenient researchers with a absolute apparatus that will assistance boost a impact of investments organizations make in RD, heading to poignant breakthroughs.”

Leading life sciences organizations are deploying Watson Discovery Advisor to allege discoveries in ongoing investigate projects, including Baylor College of Medicine, Johnson Johnson and The New York Genome Center.

  • In a retrospective, peer reviewed investigate expelled this week by Baylor College of Medicine and IBM, scientists demonstrated a probable new trail for generating systematic questions that competence be useful in a prolonged tenure growth of new, effective treatments for disease. In a matter of weeks, biologists and information scientists regulating a Baylor Knowledge Integration Toolkit (KnIT), formed on Watson technology, accurately identified proteins that cgange p53, an critical protein associated to many cancers, that can eventually lead to improved efficiency of drugs and other treatments. A attainment that would have taken researchers years to accomplish but Watson’s cognitive capabilities, Watson analyzed 70,000 systematic articles on p53 to envision proteins that spin on or off p53′s activity. This programmed investigate led a Baylor cancer researchers to brand 6 intensity proteins to aim for new research. These formula are notable, deliberation that over a final 30 years, scientists averaged one identical aim protein find per year.

“On average, a scientist competence review between one and 5 investigate papers on a good day,” pronounced Dr. Olivier Lichtarge, a principal questioner and highbrow of molecular and tellurian genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology during Baylor College of Medicine. “To put this in viewpoint with p53, there are over 70,000 papers published on this protein. Even if I’m reading 5 papers a day, it could take me scarcely 38 years to totally know all of a investigate already accessible currently on this protein. Watson has demonstrated a intensity to accelerate a rate and a peculiarity of breakthrough discoveries.”

  • Johnson Johnson is collaborating with a IBM Watson Discovery Advisor group to learn Watson to review and know systematic papers that fact clinical hearing outcomes used to rise and weigh drugs and other treatments. This partnership hopes to accelerate analogous efficacy studies of drugs, that assistance doctors compare a drug with a right set of patients to maximize efficacy and minimize side effects. Typically, analogous efficacy studies are finished manually, requiring 3 people to spend an normal of 10 months (2.5 man-years) only to collect a information and ready them for use before they are means to start analyzing, generating and validating a hypothesis. In this investigate study, a group hopes to learn Watson to fast harmonize a information directly from a medical literature, permitting researchers to start seeking questions about a information immediately to establish a efficacy of a diagnosis compared to other medications, as good as a side effects.
  • IBM Watson will be ancillary a investigate in New York Genome Center‘s clinical investigate to allege genomic medicine. The clinical investigate will primarily concentration on clinical focus of genomics to assistance oncologists broach DNA-based diagnosis for glioblastoma, an assertive form of mind cancer that kills some-more than 13,000 Americans any year. Despite extensive discoveries into a genetic drivers of diseases like cancer over a past decade, vast information creates it formidable to interpret DNA information into life-saving treatments. Based on formula from a clinical study, IBM Watson could shortly assistance scale adult a accessibility of personalized diagnosis options.

Industry Implications

Discovering something new is germane to many domains such as medicine, law, finance, etc., that all need low discernment into a vast physique of information and protocols. Cognitive computing will concede tellurian experts to correlate with vast bodies of information and investigate and a believe and discernment of many other experts in their field. For example, Watson could be used to:

  • Accelerate a medical researcher’s ability to rise life-saving treatments for diseases by synthesizing justification and stealing faith on serendipity
  • Enhance a financial analyst’s ability to yield active recommendation to clients
  • Improve a lawyer’s partnership and merger plan with faster, some-more extensive due industry and request investigate
  • Accelerate a supervision analyst’s discernment into security, intelligence, limit insurance and law coercion and guidance, etc.
  • Create new food recipes. Chefs can use Watson to enlarge their creativity and imagination and assistance them learn recipes, training about a denunciation of cooking and food by reading recipes, statistical, molecular and food pairing theories, hedonic chemistry, as good as informal and informative believe

IBM Watson Discovery Advisor has a intensity to renovate industries and professions that rest heavily on data, including law, pharmaceuticals, biotech, education, chemicals, metals, systematic research, engineering, and rapist investigations. For some-more information, visit https://ibm.biz/watsondiscoveryadvisor.

IBM Power Systems serves as a infrastructure bottom of Watson, ancillary a high volume of information indispensable to expostulate cognitive insights.

Photos are accessible around a Associated Press Photo Network and on a Internet during Feature Photo Service’s couple by http://www.newscom.com

IBM Watson: Pioneering a New Era of Computing
Three years after a feat on a TV ask uncover Jeopardy!, IBM Watson has developed to paint a new epoch of computing, earning approval from Frost Sullivan, that presented IBM Watson with a 2013 North America Award for New Product Innovation, and Gartner Inc., that cites IBM Watson in a Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014 and predicts that by 2017, 10 percent of computers will be means to learn as Watson does.

Today, Watson is no longer only a world’s many famous game-playing computer. IBM has put Watson to work in several industries. In healthcare, IBM is co-developing an focus with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and partnering with WellPoint, a University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and a Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. Additionally, IBM has partnered with countless colleges and universities opposite a nation to learn Watson capabilities and cognitive computing record to a subsequent era workforce.

For some-more information on IBM Watson, greatfully visit: www.ibmwatson.com

To join a amicable contention about Watson, embody a hashtag #ibmwatson. Follow Watson on Facebook and see Watson on YouTube and Flickr.

Journalists and bloggers can download a video and images about IBM Watson Discovery by clicking here.

For some-more insights on this story greatfully review these posts on IBM’s A Smarter Planet blog: ibm.co/1tFVdly, ibm.co/XPzxIY, ibm.co/1vj8dQZ

Media Contacts

Tod Freeman
IBM Media Relations
(415) 320-5893

John Connolly
IBM Media Relations
(781) 636-8512

Logo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20090416/IBMLOGO


Article source: http://www.virtualpressoffice.com/publicsiteContentFileAccess?fileContentId=1726355&fromOtherPageToDisableHistory=Y&menuName=News&sId=&sInfo=

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How to interpret cloud computing jargon

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Is it raining lingo during a cloud nearby you?

Illustration: Karl Hilzinger

Many studies have shown that Australian businesses are increasingly adopting cloud computing, with a vast suit of a systems and applications that we use day-to-day migrating to a cloud.

As IT becomes an constituent partial of any business function, it’s increasingly vicious for non-IT professionals to benefit a top-level bargain of technical terms, in sequence to improved govern their possess responsibilities. If your business is deliberation relocating to a cloud, one of a biggest hurdles that we will face is your ability to know all a terms that cloud vendors and ‘techies’ chuck around.

Below are some of a many ordinarily used cloud terms, starting with Amazon’s many renouned Compute, Storage and Database offerings in a Cloud, followed by some other generic, though clearly treacherous terms. For those of us who don’t have a technical background, this list should assistance to get we started and give we a clearer bargain of cloud computing, so you’ll be prepared for your subsequent discuss with IT.

Amazon EC2

EC2 (Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud) is a cloud use that gives businesses entrance to a resizable discriminate ability in a cloud. This creates it easier to scale when we need to, augmenting or dwindling a ability (or volume of servers, estimate energy and storage size) that your site will need to run, in a matter of minutes. This is achieved by changing a series of EC2 Instances that your business is using. In elementary terms, if we need some-more computing energy or your website is experiencing larger demand, we can prove this on a needs basis.

You can compensate for an EC2 instance in 3 ways. An On-Demand Instance lets we compensate for a ability that we use by a hour but a long-term commitment. A Reserved Instance allows we to make a reduce remuneration for a longer tenure joining of 12 or 36 months. A Spot Instance lets business bid on new Amazon EC2 ability and use this additional ability whenever their bid cost is some-more than a stream mark price. It is useful for non time vicious jobs.

Amazon S3

S3 (Simple Storage Service) is Amazon’s many renouned cloud storage service, and is ordinarily used in and with EC2. It radically allows we to supplement total amounts of storage in a Cloud, entrance it during anytime, from anywhere. With S3, a volume we compensate is formed on a volume of storage we use and a series of times that we entrance your data.

Amazon RDS

Amazon’s RDS (Relational Database Service) is a cloud use that creates it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in a cloud regulating possibly Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle or MySQL. In database terminology, a singular list of information is famous as a ‘relation’, and organisation of these is famous as a ‘relational database’. This allows we to take information from a series of family and analyse them together in genuine time and on a needs basis.


VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) is used to logically apart your infrastructure, height and applications in a secure practical network that we define. It is your practical unit retard in a cloud, that houses all of a pieces and pieces applicable to your business. This might embody personalised applications for your business like sales and register government systems, confidence software, additional EC2 instances, email hosting services and online storage.

VPN Connection

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure tie between a VPC and another network, like a home network, mobile computer/tablet or another bureau for your business. It does this by joining your VPC over another network, like a Internet, to other devices/networks. It ensures that all in your VPC is permitted to all staff or applicable parties, during any time and in a secure manner.

Load Balancing

Is a complement used to discharge website trade opposite mixed instances. Rather than relying on one server, incoming requests are offset opposite a operation of servers. That way, your business isn’t relying on a singular server, improving a opening and ensuring high accessibility of your site. You can consider of it as balancing a weights on a set of beam until they are even, that is, if we usually have dual servers – many businesses will have more.

Auto Scaling

This is a routine that configures your discriminate ability (like a size, pattern or architecture) adult or down, according to a conditions that have been defined. It can launch and cancel instances but primer intervention. Using this process, we can be certain that a series of EC2 instances that are being used will boost seamlessly in high trade durations such as when your selling group is using a bustling selling campaign. It will automatically diminution a compulsory ability again afterwards, eventually ensuring there is no spend wastage.


A Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network is a vast network of caching servers that are distributed opposite opposite geographies (in a same nation or opposite mixed countries), holding your web calm closer to a eyeballs that are digesting it. As a direct for uploading and downloading calm to servers is increasing, cloud providers are now creation your cloud permitted from a series of opposite servers in opposite locations, so that we and your calm consumers knowledge increasing opening and decreased latency.


Like a name suggests, a self-healing device or complement is one that has a ability to notice that it is not handling rightly and, but a need for tellurian involvement, make a required changes to revive normal handling function. These discerning systems have done IT servicing and upkeep increasingly cost-effective and reduces use downtime for users.

Utility Computing/Billing

Cloud uses a pay-per-use indication that allows cloud users to collect and select what technologies, services, infrastructure and ability they need, and compensate for these on a needs basis. This improves on normal IT models where we have to henceforth say adequate infrastructure to cope with occasional spikes in traffic. As a outcome of application billing and a commoditisation of infrastructure in a cloud, smaller players are gaining larger entrance to computing power, online storage systems, and website hosting – services that were formerly permitted usually by attention goliaths.

I wish that helps! Are there any cloud terms out there that we still don’t understand?

Mark Randall is arch patron officer of listed cloud services provider, Bulletproof.

NOW READ: BRW’s beam to choosing a cloud computing provider

Article source: http://www.brw.com.au/p/tech-gadgets/how_to_decipher_cloud_computing_QMw6Ohqp06CiiXon4IVwZP

Webmaster @ August 28, 2014

Apple to betray ‘iWatch’ on Sept 9: report

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CONFIRMED?: Apple will betray an “iWatch” in Sep with a builder of a iPhone finally embarking on the much-rumoured incursion into wearable computing, record news website Re/code pronounced Wednesday. — AFP

Article source: http://www.thestar.com.my/Tech/Tech-News/2014/08/28/Apple-to-unveil-iWatch-on-Sept-9-report/

Webmaster @ August 28, 2014

Mara section buys 5% interest in Sanichi Technology

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KUALA LUMPUR: Pelaburan Mara Bhd (PMB), a vital investment and item government arm of Majlis Amanah Rakyat, has bought a 5.14% interest or 18 million shares in Sanichi Technology Bhd on Tuesday.

The 100% government-owned association purchased a shares in Sanichi from a open market, during an estimated 11.5 sen per share.

In April, PMB bought 233 million shares (26.83% stake) in enclosure shipping association PDZ Holdings Bhd for RM41mil.

On Aug 15, Sanichi announced a renounceable rights emanate of adult to 644,891,820 new typical shares of 10 sen each, together with adult to 429,927,880 giveaway detachable waarants during an emanate cost of 10 sen per rights share, on a basement of 3 rights shares together with dual warrants for each existent Sanichi share hold during 5pm on Aug 29.

This is formed on a smallest subscription turn of 90,000,000 rights shares together with 60,000,000 warrants.

It is approaching that PMB would allow to Sanichi’s right emanate share cost bound during 10 sen, that will lead to PMB receiving dual giveaway warrants from each 3 right emanate shares.

Sanichi recently perceived shareholders’ capitulation to variegate a business into a skill growth and skill investment sector, with a merger of a 8,672 sq m tract of freehold land in Malacca for RM7.7mil.

The association is predominantly an investment holding association and a provider of government services while a subsidiaries are especially concerned in a stream core business of conceptualizing and phony of pointing moulds and production for use in a vehicle and electrical industry.

The diversification is approaching to advantage a shareholders, as Sanichi anticipates that a activities in a skill growth and skill investment zone might minister 25% or some-more to a destiny net profits.

Article source: http://www.thestar.com.my/Business/Business-News/2014/08/28/Mara-unit-buys-5-stake-in-Sanichi-Technology/

The Messenger @ August 28, 2014

‘White space’ internet grown to strech farming communities

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Access to super-fast broadband is something many people in a UK take for granted.

However, for people vital in some of a country’s some-more remote areas, it can be formidable to even get a connection.

Developers explain TV white space record might be a answer to this problem.

David Grossman reports from a Isle of Wight, home to a first-ever wireless telegram station.

Article source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-28962232

The Messenger @ August 28, 2014