Consumer Reports: Night-vision automobile technology

Phoseon Technology to Highlight UV LED Curing Products during a Shanghai …

Media Advisory: 10th OpenStack® Summit Takes Europe **SOLD OUT**

The launch of Microsoft Azure in Australia, and how cloud computing can save …

Consumer Reports: Night-vision automobile technology

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Consumer Reports: Night-vision automobile technology. 9NEWS during 4 p.m. 10/29/14.

Article source: http://www.9news.com/story/money/2014/10/29/consumer-reports-night-vision-car-technology/18132857/

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Phoseon Technology to Highlight UV LED Curing Products during a Shanghai …

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HILLSBORO, OR – Phoseon will showcase marketplace heading UV LED restorative products for visual lens and camera procedure manufacturing. UV LED restorative products from Phoseon are good matched for public and cloaking of camera modules, camera lens, earpieces, microphones, and other components.

The ability to yield routine fortitude with unchanging output, even during prolonged run, high-volume jobs, with low feverishness so as not to repairs supportive components, creates UV LED record an effective resolution for these applications.

Shanghai Optical Lens Camera Module Expo is Asia’s initial visual lens and camera procedure event. The eventuality referred to as “LENS CHINA” will move together a heading companies from a camera, lens, camera modules, optics and associated materials, apparatus pattern and manufacturing. Lens China takes place during a Shanghai Mart, Nov 5-7.

While bringing a three-tiered advantages of UV LED restorative (advanced capabilities, handling economics, and environmental advantages), Phoseon’s products supplement additional capability with higher performance, integrated control, and superb trustworthiness for customer’s tough restorative environments.


By Valerie Tullar(info@koreaittimes.com)

Article source: http://www.koreaittimes.com/story/42056/phoseon-technology-highlight-uv-led-curing-products-shanghai-optical-lens-camera-module-

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Media Advisory: 10th OpenStack® Summit Takes Europe **SOLD OUT**

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Media Advisory: 10th OpenStack® Summit Takes Europe **SOLD OUT**

PRWEB.COM Newswire

PRWEB.COM NewswireAustin, Texas (PRWEB) Oct 29, 2014

The Summit

The Summit gathers users, developers, telco leaders and craving CIOs from tellurian 2000 organizations to combine on a destiny of open cloud computing and to establish a roadmap for a subsequent OpenStack program release, approaching in Apr 2015 and codenamed Kilo.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote addresses take place Monday and Tuesday mornings. Selected speakers include:

OpenStack Foundation // Jonathan Bryce and Mark Collier

BMW // Dr. Stefan Lenz, IT infrastructure, dialect manager datacentre

Time Warner Cable // Matt Haines, clamp president, cloud engineering and operations

Linux Foundation // Jim Zemlin, executive director

BBVA Bank // Jose Maria San Jose Juarez, tellurian conduct of creation in technology

Tapjoy // Weston Jossey, conduct of operations

Expedia // Rajeev Khanna, clamp president, tellurian infrastructure services

CERN // Tim Bell, infrastructure services manager

Other Speakers

Many some-more OpenStack users will benefaction box studies and best practices. These embody Bloomberg, Comcast, eBay, Orange, Pac-12, NTT Docomo, Radiotelevisione Italiana, SAP, Symantec, Overstock.com and more. The finish report is online.

Additional sessions topics include:

Enterprise box studies

Best practices on a trail to craving cloud adoption

Sessions for cloud/data core operators

Cloud focus growth and tools

Telco cloud strategies, including network duty virtualization (NFV)

Data government and remoteness issues

Key Themes

Much of a review during a Paris Summit is approaching to revolve around conduit and use provider use cases, cloud user perspectives, program growth roadmap and user box studies.

Media Resources

A daily video outline will be posted by 6pm CST / noon EST / 9am PST. High fortitude photographs are available, and interviews with OpenStack Foundation leaders can be arranged. Contact Jennifer Fowler (AMER/APAC) or Remi Poncelet (EMEA) regulating a hit information below.

About OpenStack®

OpenStack is a many widely upheld open source program for building open and private clouds. OpenStack clouds capacitate businesses to fast hurl out new products, supplement new features, and urge inner systems while preventing record lock-in. Hundreds of a world’s largest brands rest on OpenStack to run their businesses. OpenStack is corroborated by a eccentric OpenStack Foundation and a tellurian village of some-more than 16,000 particular members and 400 ancillary organizations opposite 140 countries. For some-more information and to join a community, revisit http://www.OpenStack.org.

# # #


Jennifer Fowler (AMER/APAC PR)


+1 865 386 6118

Remi Poncelet (EMEA PR)


+34 672 21 17 82

Read a full story during http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/10/prweb12288117.htm

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The launch of Microsoft Azure in Australia, and how cloud computing can save …

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This week, Microsoft strictly launched dual Australian datacentres as partial of a Azure cloud computing platform during a TechEd eventuality in Sydney. Of course, this raises an apparent question: because does it matter to your business?

As I’ve explained previously, during a simplest, “cloud computing” means your files, data, web apps, website or online use is hosted by someone else’s datacentre, rather than on a server in a behind room of your possess office.

That cloud computing use we use competence come in a form of a low-level “virtual machine” (basically your possess server solely on a cloud service), a website hosting service, a cloud storage service, or a higher-level web or mobile app.

If you’ve ever had a Hotmail account, used Office 365, watched a YouTube video, common a print on a amicable media site or relied on a hosting association to horde your association website you’ve used a “high-level” cloud-based use but even realising it.

The choice to regulating a cloud computing is progressing your possess program on your possess computers and servers. For a flourishing business, there are some really genuine downsides to this model.

Aside from a additional IT staffing costs, a vast emanate is scalability. How can we make certain your systems and servers will be means to hoop your business flourishing in terms of staff and customers?

For websites and online services, it also means being means to hoop peaks in direct but crashing.

Historically, a answer has been to make certain we have computing energy and internet bandwidth to hoop your rise load. But this has meant a lot of additional new ability and costs off-peak.

Cloud computing services meant that we compensate for your rise use when we need it, and off-peak, we compensate for what we use. In other words, we don’t need to compensate to have that rise spin ability 24/7. Depending on your business, this can lead to outrageous cost savings.

Some genuine universe examples

Consider a instance of eventuality government program developer Centium Software. It’s a Brisbane-based association with about 70 staff that helped to organize a London Olympic Games.

Cloud computing authorised it to scale adult and afterwards scale down a computing resources for a once-off vital eventuality but shopping a lot of additional ability that would have been as invalid as an Olympic sport track after a eventuality finished.

Another instance is a website such as CarSales. Typically, people looking for new cars do so in a dusk or on a weekend. CarSales receives 20 times some-more trade during rise times than it does in a mornings. With dozens of photos for any car, that’s a poignant volume of data.

In a box of CarSales, progressing that peak-time ability during a mornings would boost a cost of progressing a website by a cause of 10.

A few pivotal things we need to consider

Of course, before jumping in and selecting a cloud provider, there’s a few critical issues we need to consider. Choosing a cloud use means you’re entrusting your information to a third party, and a choice of height is not a preference to be taken lightly.

Running a vast datacentre with tens of thousands of servers – adequate to concede many businesses to scale adult and down on direct – is also a really costly enterprise. In a box of Microsoft’s Azure platform, any datacentre is a same distance as a rugby margin and can reason 600,000 servers – or dual jumbo jets.

In a prior column, we discussed how foe is heightening in a cloud. You need to be means to trust your cloud height provider will be means to say that arrange of infrastructure over a prolonged term.

Scott Guthrie, a executive clamp boss of Microsoft’s cloud and services group, has likely a cloud height marketplace will shortly cringe to 3 pivotal players in Amazon AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure.

In other words, these 3 tellurian giants will rise a scale required to say vast datacentres with adequate resources to scale on direct in a series of countries. Most other “higher level” cloud use providers will eventually, in turn, offer their services on these platforms. we consider it’s an shrewd prediction.

Meanwhile, it’s critical for speed and latency to make certain your cloud provider has their datacentre tighten to where your staff and business are. Overseas datacentres also lift additional risks, such as espionage by unfamiliar governments and a internal regulations in a nation your information is hosted.

For this reason, it is a outrageous advantage to have a cloud datacentre we use physically located in a same nation we do business in.

For tiny businesses, a vast news is that cloud computing can save we genuine income on computing resources as your needs scale – generally if there’s a opening between your rise and off-peak requirements. And with vital height providers such as Microsoft and Amazon opening datacentres in Australia, it’s an choice increasingly value considering.

Andrew Sadauskas attended TechEd as a guest of Microsoft.

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Article source: http://www.smartcompany.com.au/technology/44386-the-launch-of-microsoft-azure-in-australia-and-how-cloud-computing-can-save-your-business-money-control-shift.html

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Spark Digital opens $60m Takanini Data Centre

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Spark Digital currently non-stop one of New Zealand’s safest, many secure buildings though a $60 million Takanini Data Centre is designed to strengthen information not people as Spark Digital continues a investment programme in cloud services.

“At Spark Digital we trust a destiny for New Zealand business is digital and we are bringing about that destiny by investing in infrastructure and expertise,” says Spark Digital CEO Tim Miles.

“It doesn’t matter if we are a start-up business, an SME beavering divided in a engine room of a New Zealand economy or a vital supervision or private craving a operation of Spark Cloud Services can yield a hint that powers your information engine and digital future.”

The Prime Minister, a Right Honourable John Key, non-stop a hi-tech building that facilities confidence tranquil biometric access, a bullet-proofed and fire-proofed confidence centre and a information centre building mounted on rubberised orientation to yield trembler proofing.

Multiple electricity sources fill-in a electricity supply to a information halls while both a electricity and cooling systems are direct related for potency and sustainability. The building’s foundations widen 19 metres down to bedrock while a position on tip of soothing peat protects a gymnasium from quivering – an critical underline for information storage. It’s positioned divided from moody paths though tighten to highway ride and information twine links and is in an area rated as a low risk from tsunami.

“This is as good as it can get in New Zealand with a Tier 3 general rating. That means a business can design 0 to a limit 1.6 hours random down time in a year when utilising a services,” says Mr Miles. “The subsequent turn of general rating is troops class and can’t be built here since we don’t have competing inhabitant electricity networks.

The state-of-the art information centre is a flagship plan in an ongoing $200 million investment by Spark Digital in a Spark Cloud Services. The investment includes a merger of heading cloud use providers Revera and Appserv, a building of a Christchurch information centre to support a rebuild, an ascent to a existent Dunedin information centre and a soon-to-be finished construction of a third information centre in Wellington.

“We’ve been handling information centres for 25 years and with 15 centres opposite a country, related by a high-speed, high class Optical Transmission Network, we have a coherence required to yield services to any New Zealand business.

“The dual pivotal services we are providing are co-location where we yield high quality, high accessibility information centres and infrastructure government for patron owned servers and storage equipment, and cloud services such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

“That’s where we yield a computing energy on a non-static basement to accommodate final and a patron usually pays for what they need. This is a use that we can fast scale adult or down to accommodate a fast expansion patterns that successful digital businesses mostly achieve. Investing in identical capability and confidence of entrance is a substantial cost for many businesses.”

Mr Miles stressed a scalability and coherence accessible from a Takanini Data centre with 4 100 shelve information halls in a stream building and a ability to boost that to 1200 racks to accommodate destiny approaching demand.

“The information gymnasium is indeed a apart pod – it is designed to continue during full capability even if a front partial of a building, a admin and confidence centres, collapsed totally – and a modular construction means it can be fast replicated. There is room for dual some-more pods on a site.

“One shelve can residence a homogeneous of 1600 customary desktop machines so a information halls can enclose a homogeneous of 640,000 servers – or adequate estimate energy for each New Zealander to horde 10 personal websites – definition there is copiousness of coherence to accommodate a needs of tiny businesses as good as a vital craving finish of town.

“When we supplement in a $150 million investment in spectrum to capacitate mobility, a investments in submarine cables that capacitate a general access, a partnership opposite a Tasman with Telstra and a investiture of Qrious with a New Zealand heading information analytics engine, Spark has a operation and coherence of cloud services that is unmatched in New Zealand.”

Article source: http://www.voxy.co.nz/business/spark-digital-opens-60m-takanini-data-centre/5/206064

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Weco, Cisco Unveil Advanced Data Centre

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By Emma Okonji

Weco Systems International, a systems formation company, has partnered Cisco Systems, a worldwide actor in networking, to broach an modernized information centre design called Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) to organisations that are sold about productivity, intelligent and flexible information centre.
The partnership was resolved during a seminar hold in Lagos recently, tagged: ‘Building Smart and Agile Data Centres for Business Transformation.’
Service Provider Systems Engineer, Africa, Cisco Systems, Mr. Olawale Owoeye, said: “Industry shifts are redefining IT during all levels. On-premise, IT expenditure models are changeable to cloud-based services. IT as a use (IaaS) is supplanted by applications as a service. Separate growth and operations are relocating toward integrated growth and operations (DevOps). Box-centric government models are migrating to application-centric management. Business lively requires focus agility, so IT teams need to sustenance applications in hours instead of months. Resources need to scale adult (or down) in minutes, not hours”, he said.
According to him, normal approaches take a soloed operational view, with no common operational indication between a application, network, security, and cloud teams.
“A common operational indication delivers focus agility, simplified operations, positive performance, and scale,” he said.
Owoeye serve explained during his display tagged: “Building a subsequent Generation Datacentre, an focus –Centric approach” that Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) in a information centre is a holistic design with centralised automation and policy-driven focus profiles.

“ACI delivers program coherence with a scalability of hardware performance. Upgrading information centre switches will concede organisations need to among others, broach performance, scale, and ability to accommodate a final of virtualisation, cloud, and vicious applications; facilitate government and operations regardless of architectural preference; make use of built-in, comprehension capabilities to assistance align a network to both business and focus mandate currently and in a future. With virtualization, mobility, and distributed focus acceleration, Weco System’s due Cisco Nexus Series of switches offer a strong earthy and practical networking portfolio,” he said.
Owoeye combined that with these Nexus switches, organisations could build an flexible and fit network substructure that helps broach high availability, effort mobility, and secure multi-tenancy.

The switches assistance residence a needs of distributed applications (such as large data/Apache Hadoop) and information bottom applications such as Oracle and SAP), using on bare-metal and requiring optimal I/O performance.
Cisco Nexus 9000 Series creates a network substructure that allows for a origination of an focus centric infrastructure that can radically simplify, optimise, and accelerate a whole focus deployment lifecycle. The due solution’s fabric-based design accommodates increased, application-level flexibility; this translates into a some-more energetic network infrastructure in that resources can be pooled and openly changed for a some-more scalable, simplified information centre.

Article source: http://www.thisdaylive.com/articles/weco-cisco-unveil-advanced-data-centre/192612/

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Experts contend flourishing BYOD trend in Middle East requires ramped adult information centre …

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BYOD, where employees move their possess smartphones, laptops, tablets and other inclination into a workplace, is a sepulchral marketplace as direct for connected inclination grows. In a Middle East Africa, a BYOD marketplace is approaching to grow from $11.1 billion in 2013 to $38.03 billion by 2019, according to a news by MicroMarket Monitor.

The BYOD marketplace is being driven by an increasingly tech-savvy mobile workforce, with half of all mobile subscriptions in a segment approaching to be for smartphones by 2019, according to a latest Ericsson Mobility Report. Garter Inc. estimates that half of employers worldwide will need employees to supply their possess inclination by 2017.

However, experts advise that while a BYOD trend can boost capability and broach cost assets it also increases confidence dangers, as employees bypass IT admin rules, and mislaid inclination can meant trusted information is unprotected outward a company.

“While BYOD can lead to happier, some-more prolific employees means to work flexibly on inclination they are gentle with, organizations need to commend it also presents confidence risks – from a swelling of malware to confidence policies being bypassed and trusted information exposed,’’ pronounced Savitha Bhaskar, General Manager of Condo Protego.

“CIOs and IT managers are underneath augmenting vigour to strengthen their networks – while handling on ever-tighter budgets – and hence there is a transparent need for most larger recognition about a dangers acted by BYOD.”

“A vital confidence hazard acted by a BYOD trend arises when personal inclination business servers and bypass network process and admin manners that would traditionally request to business-owned devices. This formula in a series of confidence risks, from a swelling of malware and other vulnerabilities that might exist on a personal device onto network servers, to information steam and endpoint confidence issues,” combined Bhaskar.

Devices might also lift trusted and exclusive information, and a mislaid device can meant different exposure. According to Cisco’s new Middle East ICT Security Study, 65 percent of employees don’t know a confidence risks of regulating personal inclination in a workplace.

Companies need to take a series of pivotal considerations into comment when combining a BYOD plan for their business, according to Condo Protego. First is to get a baseline of what a sourroundings looks like by regulating collection that guard a network and yield an register of what is connected to it.

Companies can afterwards conclude that inclination are accessible to bond to a network and secure supportive business applications and information and confirm either or not personal inclination can entrance this content.

Enforcement tools, such as mobile device government (MDM) software, are vicious to residence confidence and correspondence concerns. An MDM apparatus can set policies on when a device can bond to a network and conduct what apps are accessible to employees.

“Employee training is also crucial,” pronounced Bhaskar. “Companies should teach employees about how to reasonably use their possess device in a work place, and what unsure behaviors to avoid.”

Article source: http://www.cpifinancial.net/news/post/28821/experts-say-growing-byod-trend-in-middle-east-requires-ramped-up-data-centre-security

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Samsung Vows Changes After Mobile Profit Plunges

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Associated Press

Samsung Electronics Co. certified imperfect in a smartphone plan and vowed to renovate a handset lineup after distinction from those inclination tumbled final entertain to a lowest in some-more than 3 years.

The South Korean company, that climbed from smartphone slouch to tip seller in a past 3 years, had prided itself on responding fast to marketplace direct and ability to tailor handsets to a needs of users and mobile carriers around a world.

But a fast success with a product difficulty pioneered by opposition Apple Inc. is undergoing an equally overwhelming reversal. Earnings from Samsung’s mobile phone business began disappearing this year, undermined by lukewarm sales of a Galaxy S5 smartphone and a rival assault from cheaper internal brands in China and India. Apple also eroded Samsung’s heading marketplace share in grown nations.

In a singular confirmation of a misstep, a company’s conduct of financier family told an gain discussion call that Samsung had lagged behind changing marketplace conditions. The company’s response “was not discerning enough,” pronounced a executive, Robert Yi.

It skeleton a poignant change in smartphone plan for subsequent year to find some-more “efficiency,” implying that a series of new handset models competence be reduced. That will concede a association to improved concentration on any product and to squeeze components during cheaper prices to save costs.

Unlike Apple’s take it or leave it approach, Samsung boasted that it gave some-more choice to consumers, rising during slightest dual flagship models per year and creation smartphones in a accumulation of shade sizes and several features.

The dump in gain from a mobile business smashed a South Korea company’s quarterly net profit, that tumbled 49 percent to 4.2 trillion won ($4 billion). That was a lowest given a initial entertain of 2012, though above marketplace expectations. Analysts polled by FactSet had likely net income of 3.7 trillion won.

Operating income from a mobile business, that formerly had contributed some-more than 60 percent of a whole earnings, fell to 1.75 trillion won ($1.66 billion) from 6.7 trillion won a year earlier.

Quarterly sales fell 20 percent to 47.4 trillion won while handling income shrank 60 percent to 4.1 trillion won.

Samsung warned progressing this month that a handset distinction had declined notwithstanding a extrinsic boost in shipments. Analysts pronounced a Galaxy S5 smartphone launched in Apr did not sell good while many consumers hold off upgrading their phones, instead watchful for new iPhones.

“High-end smartphone sales outcome was rather weak,” pronounced Kim Hyun-joon, comparison clamp boss during Samsung’s mobile communications business. “We will essentially remodel a product portfolio.”

Samsung defended a heading position in a tellurian smartphone marketplace during a third quarter, though it was a usually tip 5 handset businessman to record a sales decline. Apple, Xiaomi, Lenovo and LG Electronics all posted some-more than 15 percent expansion in their smartphone shipments, according to marketplace investigate organisation IDC.

Samsung’s shipments fell 8 percent to 78.1 million smartphones in a third entertain and a marketplace share eroded to 24 percent from 33 percent a year earlier.

Article source: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/samsung-vows-mobile-profit-plunges-26560347

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Pima Community College could enhance Aviation Technology Center

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10 mins 35 seconds ago by John Patrick

TUCSON – Pima Community College’s Aviation Technology Program is perplexing to enhance their trickery during Tucson International Airport.

This module trains their technicians to keep planes in a atmosphere and with a intensity enlargement to a module a sky is a limit.

With Boeing raised a need for scarcely 600,000 new technician crew universe far-reaching over a subsequent 20 years, PCC is stepping adult to accommodate that demand.

Students in a module like J.R. King and Bobby Diaz are tough during work on a two-year grade that will lead them to apropos entirely approved aviation technicians.

“From a tip to a bottom of a aircraft. That’s what we’re training here,” pronounced King

“Everything we schooled in a military, possibly deployed or state side, there is still a lot for us to learn since in aviation there is always advancements,” pronounced Diaz.

PCC’s aviation module skeleton to keep adult with those advancements by adding 1.5 acres of land to their franchise during Tucson International Airport. Tom Hinman, Program Manager during a Aviation Technology Center, pronounced some-more space will offer adult incomparable category sizes and potentially new curriculum like a moody propagandize and classes on unmanned aircraft.

“That space subsequent doorway will give us lots of choices,” pronounced Hinman. “It’s tough to get people to deposit in your module if they cant prognosticate it and a initial approach to have that is an increasing footprint.”

Boeing projects airlines will need scarcely 37,000 new planes over a subsequent 20 years to a balance of $5.2 trillion. As baby boomers retire, these PCC students will be there to fill a pursuit of progressing these planes.

“There is no one in a center operation age and ability correct to take those positions so we’re endangered about stuffing them,” pronounced Hinman

With companies like Marana Aerospace Solutions and Bombardier Inc. located in Southern Arizona, a income gained from this sepulchral attention will stay in a community.

“We wish to safeguard that we are being an mercantile engine and continue to support those companies that are here with a talent pool that gives them reason to stay here,” pronounced Hinman.

PCC ruling house is approaching to opinion on a enlargement of a module subsequent month.

Article source: http://www.kvoa.com/news/pima-community-college-could-expand-aviation-technology-center/

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Cadence income still on a rise

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Cadence announced Tuesday a 37 percent boost in income in a initial 9 months of 2014 compared with 2013.

Cadence, a agreement manufacturer of new medical technologies for minimally invasive devices, is headquartered in a Green Hills Technology Center in Staunton and has some-more than 200 shareholders.

Sales income was adult to $54.5 million from $39.9 million in 2013.

Net income and gain per share increasing 62 percent over 2013 to $2.42 per share, Tuesday’s proclamation said.

“So far, a year has been one of a best. While direct in a third entertain was a small weaker than a second, 2014 has been a clever year overall,” pronounced Ken Cleveland, Cadence CFO, in a release.

Back in August, Cadence combined 75 jobs after appropriation 3 Plainfield Precision Holdings locations.

“The formation of a recently acquired Plainfield locations continues and is generally going as planned,” Cleveland pronounced in a release. “We trust a capabilities these new locations yield are pivotal elements in a expansion plan and are gratified with a swell to date.”

Plainfield Precision Holdings is an fabricated products provider that integrates hammered steel and molded cosmetic components, a recover said.

The new jobs weren’t combined during Staunton’s plcae in a Green Hills Technology Center, pronounced Chip Harvill, clamp boss of Cadence.

Instead, jobs were combined in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin; Plymouth, Massachusetts; and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Harvill said. The Dominican Republic is a initial plcae for a association outward a U.S.

Follow Laura Peters on Twitter and Instagram. You can strech her during lpeters@newsleader.com or 540-213-9125.

Article source: http://www.newsleader.com/story/news/local/2014/10/28/cadence-revenue-still-rise/18069953/

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