Nakamura to accept Japan’s Order of Culture Award

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Nakamura to accept Japan’s Order of Culture Award

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24 Oct 2014

Nakamura to accept Japan’s Order of Culture Award

University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) Nobel Laureate Shuji Nakamura has been comparison to accept one of Japan’s top honors: a 2014 Order of Culture Award. The medal, that recognizes contributions to a nation’s culture, will be presented by Emperor Akihito in a rite during a Imperial Palace on 3 Nov (which is also Day of Culture in Japan).

Nakamura, a highbrow of materials during UCSB, is among several endowment possibilities comparison by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Chosen from a list of people designated as Persons of Cultural Merit, a recipients of a Order of Culture endowment are motionless by a Cabinet of Japan.

“The Order of Culture endowment is a poignant acknowledgment that highbrow Nakamura’s invention of a initial splendid blue light-emitting diode will continue to be famous a universe over for a long-lasting and inclusive impacts on a tellurian society,” comments UCSB’s chancellor Henry T. Yang. “By creation white LED lighting a reality, he has non-stop a doorway to affordable, energy-efficient lighting… He also has modernized a frontiers of scholarship with his forlorn breakthroughs in physics, materials scholarship and technology,” he adds.

Nakamura is widely famous as a universe colonize in light emitters formed on a wide-bandgap semiconductor gallium nitride (GaN) and a alloys with aluminium and indium.

Picture: Nakamura during a press discussion for his Nobel Prize in Physics. (Photo Credit: Sonia Fernandez.)

The Order of Culture endowment comes in a arise of Nakamura winning a 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics (shared with professors Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano) in approval of a growth of a blue light-emitting diode (LED) which, in turn, paved a approach for a white LED. Amano has also been comparison for a 2014 Order of Culture medal. Akasaki was awarded a Order of Culture in 2011.

Nakamura perceived his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in electrical engineering from a University of Tokushima, Japan. He spent a early years of his career in investigate during Japan’s Nichia Chemical Industries Ltd, followed by a year during a University of Florida as a visiting investigate associate. In 1989, he instituted investigate into blue LEDs regulating group-III nitride materials. In 1993 and 1995, respectively, he grown a initial group-III nitride-based blue/green LEDs afterwards a initial group-III nitride-based violet laser diodes (LDs). Nakamura is now co-director during UCSB’s Solid State Lighting Energy Electronics Center (SSLEEC), where he continues to rise GaN thin-film technology.

Nakamura assimilated a expertise during UCSB in 2000 as highbrow of materials and of electrical and mechanism engineering. He was allocated to a Cree Chair in Solid State Lighting and Display in 2001. Six years after he and his group of researchers during what was afterwards famous as a Solid State Lighting and Energy Center during UCSB achieved lasing operation in non-polar GaN semiconductors. Their proof of a initial non-polar blue-violet laser diodes represented a breakthrough in laser diode development.

Nakamura has formerly perceived other awards and honors including a Millennium Technology Prize (2006), a Nishina Memorial Award (1996), a Materials Research Society Medal (1997), a Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ Jack A. Morton Award, a British Rank Prize (1998), a Benjamin Franklin Medal (2002), a Millennium Technology Prize (2006), a Czochralski Award (2007), a Prince of Asturias Award for Technical Scientific Research (2008), The Harvey Award (2009), a Technology and a Engineering Emmy Award (2011) and a LED Pioneer Award (2012). Also, in 2003 he was inaugurated to a US National Academy of Engineering.

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Visit: www.materials.ucsb.edu/recruitment/Faculty/nakamura/nakamura.php

Visit: www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physics/laureates/2014

Visit: http://ssleec.ucsb.edu


Article source: http://www.semiconductor-today.com/news_items/2014/OCT/NAKAMURA_241014.shtml

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The Walt Disney Company, Panasonic, Dolby Laboratories Make Cornerstone …

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In Recognition of a Society’s Centennial Celebration, SMPTE Next Century Fund Will Support Next-Generation Standards, Membership, and Education Programs

LOS ANGELES — Oct. 23, 2014 — The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers(R) (SMPTE(R)), a worldwide personality in motion-imaging standards and preparation for a communications, media, entertainment, and record industries, currently announced that The Walt Disney Company, Panasonic, and Dolby Laboratories have done contributions totaling $1 million to a SMPTE Centennial Celebration Campaign’s Next Century Fund. These gifts, rigourously famous currently during a SMPTE 2014 Annual Technical Conference Exhibition, are a largest financial commitments in a Society’s history.

“It is a good pleasure to lend a support to SMPTE, both in terms of care and financial support, as a Society prepares for a Centennial Celebration,” pronounced Vince Roberts, executive clamp boss of Global Operations and arch record officer, Disney/ABC Television Group. “For roughly 100 years, SMPTE has played a vicious purpose in advancing a art, science, and qualification of a relocating picture and a sound. We are unapproachable to partner with SMPTE as it continues a groundbreaking work in moving-imagery education, engineering, and research.”

“We can’t consider of any classification some-more estimable of a support than SMPTE,” pronounced Kunihiko Miyagi, director, Professional AV Business Unit, Imaging Network Business Division in Panasonic Corporation’s AVC Networks Company. “The ongoing purpose a Society plays in advancing standards and technical preparation for a attention is positively vicious to a success, and to that of all SMPTE members. Panasonic salutes SMPTE as it enters a second century of advocacy and enrichment for a margin of relocating imagery.”

“SMPTE has done a conspicuous and long-standing fasten to preparation and to a growth of standards that support ever-greater artistic and technical achievements in a margin of suit imaging and sound,” pronounced Pat Griffis, executive executive of record strategy, Office of a CTO, Dolby Laboratories. “The Society’s centennial jubilee is an ideal event to commend this work and a huge change on a industry.”

The SMPTE Centennial Campaign has been determined in approval of a Society’s 100-year anniversary in 2016. The debate is led by an advisory cabinet consisting of Wendy Aylsworth and Chuck Dages (retired) of Warner Bros.; Peter Fannon of Panasonic; Richard Friedel of Fox; Charles Jablonski of SMPTE; Peter Ludé of RealD; William Miller of Miltag Media Technology; Chuck Pagano (retired) of ESPN; Bob Ross of CBS; and Larry Thorpe of Canon.

“Without question, SMPTE’s subsequent hundred years will be really opposite from a first. As a attention evolves, new developments are severe each aspect of a media workflow — from record collection to business models,” pronounced Barbara Lange, executive executive of SMPTE. “With their inexhaustible gifts, The Walt Disney Company, Panasonic, and Dolby Laboratories are providing a extensive boost to a Society’s ongoing enlargement and enlargement opposite a 3 pillars of activity: standards development, membership development, and preparation programs.”

The Next Century Fund will support specific SMPTE standards activities that speed a development, adoption, use, and bargain of new attention standards, as good as formulating collection such as a repository for exam materials that are essential for certifying new IP-based workflows. In a area of membership development, SMPTE’s goals embody general Section enlargement as good as improving programming and networking for students. In education, a Society will concentration on formulating educational programs that support fast changing attention needs; substantiating unchanging discussion events via a world; and building and deploying educational programs that offer all levels of membership.

Further information about a SMPTE Centennial Campaign is accessible during www.smpte100.org.

# # #

About a Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers(R) (SMPTE(R))
The Oscar(R) and Emmy(R) Award-winning Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers(R) (SMPTE(R)), a veteran membership association, is a preeminent personality in a enrichment of a art, science, and qualification of a image, sound, and metadata ecosystem, worldwide. An internationally famous and accredited organization, SMPTE advances moving-imagery preparation and engineering opposite a communications, technology, media, and party industries. Since a first in 1916, SMPTE has published a SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal and grown some-more than 800 standards, endorsed practices, and engineering guidelines.

The Society is postulated by some-more than 6,000 members — motion-imaging executives, engineers, artistic and record professionals, researchers, scientists, educators, and students — who accommodate in Sections via a world. Through a Society’s partnership with a Hollywood Post Alliance(R) (HPA(R)), this membership is complemented by a veteran village of businesses and people who yield expertise, support, collection and a infrastructure for a origination and finishing of suit pictures, television, commercials, digital media, and other energetic media content. Information on fasten SMPTE is accessible during www.smpte.org/join.

All trademarks appearing herein are a skill of their particular owners.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/SMPTE/SMPTE-VinceRoberts_BarbaraLange.jpg
Photo Caption: Vince Roberts, Disney/ABC Television Group and Barbara Lange, SMPTE
Photo Credit: Ryan Miller, Capture Imaging

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/SMPTE/SMPTE-RonMartin_BarbaraLange.jpg
Photo Caption: Ron Martin, Panasonic and Barbara Lange, SMPTE
Photo Credit: Ryan Miller, Capture Imaging

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/SMPTE/SMPTE-PatGriffis_BarbaraLange.jpg
Photo Caption: Pat Griffis, Dolby Laboratories and Barbara Lange, SMPTE
Photo Credit: Ryan Miller, Capture Imaging

Video Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jN2yYrEFMFQ
Video Caption: SMPTE Centennial Campaign: The Next Century Fund

Article source: http://www.tvtechnology.com/thewire.aspx?entryid=3357&add=view

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Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Hopes Up for a Self-Driving Car (California High …

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The initial is perspective a emanate so as to make a ideal a rivalry of a good, and a good a rivalry of a good-enough.

The second is to fetishize a highest, newest, “coolest” record over “old” record (defined roughly as anything that has already existed in a marketplace for any length of time), and in so doing to accept uncritically speculations about a efficiencies and other virtues of a top high tech and to boot anything else (e.g., rail) as somehow inherently obsolete, inferior, undesirable, and usually generally icky.

The problem is that both tendencies fundamentally reflect, and reinforce, idle thinking.

The reader’s topic is that HSR “will be archaic for many of a lifetime.” It’s value observant that zero a reader goes on to contend indeed proves, or even serves persuasively to support, this conclusion, or even defines what “obsolete” means here, or shows since this is bad.

Rather, s/he [JF note: it's a he, and I've altered destiny references accordingly] provides a array of delicious speculations about self-driving tech; if all of them are true—a end that can be reached usually by enchanting in mixed levels of speculation—it still says zero about a ability of HSR to do dual things almost improved than they are finished today: 1) pierce people efficiently, safely and during reasonable cost (yes, with vital collateral investment, though this is loyal of self-driving tech as well), and 2) almost revoke a CO emissions concerned in doing so.

That HSR will do both things has been established, in my view, over reasonable dispute. Whether an as-yet nascent record (self-driving cars) will during some after time—and with a growth of extensive tech infrastructure not nonetheless planned, most reduction executed—be means to do both things and do them better, is not.

Some sold observations about a reader’s mode of evidence [JF note: statements in italics are from a prior pro-self-driving-car argument]:

-Self-driving cars cover ALL highways, not usually one station-to-station route.

This is presumably true, though HSR will though still be almost cleaner and some-more influential than a standing quo, an critical indicate a reader ignores.

-Self-driving cars will be safer and some-more fit than stream pushing since they coordinate with any other.

Again, presumably true, though no safer and some-more fit (perhaps reduction so, in a aggregate?) than HSR.

-Self-driving cars can be faster on highways since they can caravan. For a same reason, they can be some-more energy-efficient.  Because they are point-to-point instead of station-to-station, they get we from source to end faster and with reduction hassle.

This appears to be a comparison between SDC and stream driving, not HSR and stream driving, so even if loyal it proves zero with honour to HSR.

   -Self-driving cars will emanate prolific time since a motorist can attend to other things.

Just like HSR. we float a Acela especially for this reason.

  -Self-driving cars equivocate a singular indicate of disaster (track disruption) since a highway complement and vehicles are distributed.

So SDC record will not be theme to disruptions? There will be zero that would, for instance, retard SDC trade on I-5 for hours during a time? Why on earth would one simply assume this? Has this chairman never had his network go down? Again, this is uncritical acceptance of “new” tech qua new as improved than “old” tech. Fetishization — not science.

- For these reasons, by 2030 or 2040 when HSR is done, a best earthy investment in removing between San Francisco and Los Angeles will be to double a breadth of Interstate 5—much cheaper than a whole new sight system.

I don’t see anything in a reader’s argument, or elsewhere, ancillary this conclusion. How do we know it would be cheaper? And can we means to wait and hope? Here a reader would make a good a rivalry of a good-enough. We can be pretty assured that HSR will make a improvements we seek. We cannot be pretty assured that other technologies (e.g., SDC) will do so. At a stream rhythm point, then, since wouldn’t we ensue with HSR?

- Rail is superb for some functions though it represents aged technology.

Here we get to a crux of a reader’s non-argument: newness for newness’ sake.

My response: So what?

We wish a right technology; it doesn’t matter either it’s a newest. Carrying a reader’s proof to a judicious extreme, rail was “old” fifty or even a hundred years ago and ought to have been deserted then.

In sum, a reader is usually creation another—particular unpersuasive—argument that we should contend no to HSR, do nothing, and hope.

No sale.

Article source: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/10/why-you-shouldnt-get-your-hopes-up-for-the-self-driving-car-calif-high-speed-rail-no-14/381850/

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Apple ponders turquoise options, leaves doorway open for GT

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REUTERS – Apple Inc pronounced on Thursday it is study options for turquoise supply and competence work again with GT Advanced Technologies Inc if a unsettled retailer can revoke prolongation costs for a scratch-resistant material.

GT, a former batch marketplace heavenly and retailer to Apple, filed for failure on Oct 6 in a overwhelming spin of events for a association whose fortunes looked splendid usually a few months ago. Apple pronounced on Thursday that GT’s “ambitious” prophesy of turquoise prolongation was eventually not utterly prepared for primetime.

Few sum have emerged given a failure filing, that wiped out many of GT’s marketplace value and triggered conjecture over what might have soured a attribute with Apple.

But on Thursday, Apple, that had corroborated a growth with GT of a sapphire-manufacturing plant in Arizona, pronounced it will keep an eye on GT’s advances, holding open a probability of doing business with it in future.

“Apple put a lot of bid into an desirous new turquoise prolongation routine with GTAT that is not prepared for production. We’re going to continue evaluating GTAT’s swell on incomparable turquoise boule development, as good as cruise other options for a facility,” mouthpiece Kristin Huguet said, referring to tender cylinders of a material.

At a heart of GT’s failure filing was a understanding struck with Apple in Nov 2013. GT Advanced was to have used a Arizona plant to make scratch-resistant turquoise exclusively for Apple. That turquoise was to have eventually found a approach into destiny mobile devices, such as iPhones – where it’s already in use in their fingerprint sensors – or a arriving Apple Watch.

On Thursday, GT pronounced it will continue “technical exchanges” with Apple on creation larger, next-generation turquoise boules, tender cylinders of a element that effectively boost ability and reduce a section cost of production. GT pronounced it would enhance into boules of some-more than 165 kg, from a stream 115 kg.

On Thursday, GT Advanced also laid out a sum of an agreement struck and described in justice on Tuesday.

Under that pact, GT will stop creation turquoise materials for now and concentration on provision apparatus to make turquoise crystals.

GT pronounced it would be expelled from all exclusivity obligations with Apple and a resource would be supposing for a iPhone builder to redeem a $439 million pre-payment to a company, but interest.

At a conference this week during a U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Springfield, Massachusetts, GT pronounced a approaching understanding with Apple would save income and concede it to be some-more open about a puzzling Chapter 11 filing.

GT pronounced on Thursday it would breeze down a turquoise prolongation factories in Mesa, Arizona and Salem, Massachusetts. It has laid off about 650 employees during a Mesa plant and expects additional pursuit cuts in Salem.

GT will keep control of a egghead skill and will be means to sell a turquoise phony record but restrictions, it pronounced in a statement.

(Reporting by Sayantani Ghosh in Bangalore; Editing by Saumyadeb Chakrabarty and Cynthia Osterman)

Article source: http://in.reuters.com/article/2014/10/23/gtadvanced-tech-bankruptcy-idINKCN0IC24820141023

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Tech and Biotech: Isomark gets NIH grant; OpenHomes to representation in Dublin; Epic …

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The Canary might be means to hail a bit sooner.

Isomark’s Canary, that is — a device that can investigate your exhale to see if we are entrance down with an infection … and maybe even, someday, assistance guard an conflict like a stream Ebola scare.

Isomark, Madison, is removing a two-year, $1.7 million “Fast Track” Small Business Innovation Research extend from a National Institutes of Health to speed growth of a non-invasive breathalyzer.

“This is outrageous for us,” CEO Joe Kremer said. “It’s a validation that what we’re perplexing to do is good.”

Initial tests uncover a Canary breathalyzer can detect a change in a patient’s metabolism and a buildup of defence proteins to quarrel an infection, early on. The goal: to find infections engaged in a hospital, like pneumonia.

But it could also eventually be used to yield an early pen for diseases such as Ebola, Kremer said. He pronounced it’s reduction invasive than a blood exam and it would be distant improved than a stream process authorities are regulating — holding a heat of people who might have been unprotected to a illness.

“We trust Isomark’s Canary would yield a most progressing warning than heat that an infection is environment in,” pronounced Kremer. “It’s like holding a heat of a defence system.”

Kremer pronounced he is anticipating to start enrolling patients in a incomparable commander investigate during UW Hospital soon.

Founded in 2005, Isomark has perceived some-more than $4 million in grants and financier funds, so far.

Global financier pitches

Two Madison companies are removing a possibility to tell their stories to a incomparable audience.

OpenHomes, a Madison genuine estate-oriented start-up, is one of 200 immature companies from around a universe that will benefaction to investors and entrepreneurs during Web Summit, a outrageous record entertainment in Dublin, Nov. 4-6, that bills itself as “the world’s largest and heading start-up and financier event.”

Of thousands of start-ups that applied, OpenHomes is one of 100 early-stage companies — usually 15 of that are from a U.S. — that will contest in a Pitch Alpha foe for start-ups that have lifted $1 million or less.

“It’s a possibility to accommodate and representation in front of dozens of investors, many of whom it would be really formidable to get a assembly with otherwise,” pronounced OpenHomes owner and arch executive Kelda Roys. “As we’re entering a early stages of lifting a subsequent round, a timing is excellent. My wish is simply to bother a seductiveness of some investors so that I’ll be means to get follow-up meetings.”

Founded in 2013, OpenHomes is a height for offered or shopping a home, charging usually a 1 percent commission. Roys, an profession and former state representative, pronounced she practical on a whim.

In all, 200 companies will contest over a three-day discussion during Pitch, presented by Web Summit and Coca-Cola.

Shoutlet, meanwhile, was one of 30 companies that done presentations to a Chicago Venture Summit, Oct. 14-15. Incorporated in 2010, Shoutlet’s height helps companies emanate relations with their business formed on online amicable networking.

Epic seeks contract

Epic Systems Corp., Verona, is one of a companies featured in a Washington Post story this week about a large Defense Department contract.

Epic is teaming with IBM to strive for a agreement estimated during $11 billion, over as prolonged as 10 years, to refurbish a military’s electronic health annals system.

The deadline for bids is Oct. 31 and high-level teams are seeking a action. In further to Epic and IBM, other contenders include: Cerner, Leidos, and Accenture Federal Services; Computer Sciences Corp., Hewlett-Packard, and AllScripts; and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, DSS, MedSphere, and General Dynamics Information Technology.

The Defense Department is approaching to take several months to select a group that will update a health IT complement covering some-more than 15 million active-duty use members and veterans, a essay says.

Article source: http://host.madison.com/wsj/business/technology/biotech/tech-and-biotech-isomark-gets-nih-grant-openhomes-to-pitch/article_e1582dda-512a-5cdd-a745-47a07da7f1d2.html

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Police tests new gunfire tracking technology

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Royals kick Giants, 7-2, to even World Series

Article source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/posttv/national/police-tests-new-gunfire-tracking-technology/2014/10/24/ffaeadc7-3909-40de-acf8-995bba503e17_video.html

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Join a Conversation

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If we like your chapels with stained potion and gargoyles, afterwards stay divided from a “God Box.”

That’s a nickname of master modernist Ludwig Mies outpost der Rohe’s usually eremite building. Its executive name: a Robert F. Carr Memorial Chapel of St. Savior during a Illinois Institute of Technology.

The early 1950s chapel is classical Mies — a elementary box of brick, steel, petrify and glass, nude of emblem and clearly away from history. Which is because postmodernists, smitten of attire and chronological references, hated it.

The chapel’s high-ceilinged interior decently nestles a caller between a devout and healthy — one represented by a immaculate steel cross, a other by a poetic tree manifest by huge windows. The deficiency of emblem all though army we to anticipate and spin inward. You can remove yourself in a Gothic cathedral’s mountainous grandeur. But this modestly scaled room, as Mies so precisely put it, gives a caller “the wish of anticipating oneself.”

Kudos, then, to a Mies outpost der Rohe Society for lifting some-more than $1 million to revive a God Box. The society, that seeks to safety Mies’ buildings on a IIT campus he did so most to shape, assimilated with university leaders recently to rededicate a 62-year-old chapel after a prudent restoration. The plan easy a square of vital architectural history.

Religious groups use a chapel nearby 32nd Street and Michigan Avenue for services, meetings and amicable gatherings. It hosts weddings too. There are no bound pews. Chairs can be organised each that way. Drapes behind a tabernacle can partial in a middle, permitting them to be changed somewhat brazen and cover a prominently displayed cross. Such coherence is as most a partial of a Miesian process as a honest countenance of structure.

Mies, who died in 1969, designed larger buildings, among them New York’s Seagram Building and a Farnsworth House in distant southwest suburban Plano. At a chapel, he done some-more with reduction — a parsimonious bill from a Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, that sponsored a nondenominational chapel. The chapel’s namesake, Robert F. Carr, boss of Dearborn Chemical and a personality in Episcopal church fundraising, died in 1945.

From a heart of a IIT campus along State Street, a track to a chapel’s east-facing front doorway is a kind of surreptitious proceed that Frank Lloyd Wright called “a trail of discovery.” It leads a caller around a behind masquerade of steel and unclouded glass, afterwards past windowless sides of load-bearing blonde brick. When a object shines, shadows of tree trunks and branches renovate these stern walls into a canvas. The front facade, a section walls bookending a executive area of glass, teases we in by divulgence a handsomely proportioned, column-free space within.

There, unprotected steel beams support petrify roof panels. It sounds industrial and cold, though a space is surprisingly tellurian and comfortable — during slightest visually. With usually dual tiny radiators and a eager building providing heat, a God Box can turn an icebox during Chicago’s brutally cold winters.

Led by T. Gunny Harboe of Chicago’s Harboe Architects, a deputy transposed a leaking roof and hundreds of burst extraneous bricks, redid trebuchet joints, remade corroded steel frames, refinished a terrazzo floor, spotless and remade interior brick, and refinished timber doors and benches. Graffiti and cluttering shrubs were removed, as were roughly all of a H2O stains. The pivotal is that a plan concurrently attended to form and function.

To move behind a chapel’s clean-lined, kaleidoscopic look, Harboe private awkward flashing from a building’s top corner and devised a hidden, pointed roof-edge that channels rainwater into a secluded drain. The deputy bricks, taken from a low wall during Bailey Hall, an IIT dorm built 3 years after a God Box, seamlessly compare a originals that line a chapel’s exterior.

The deputy raises a question: Is a God Box a indication for other eremite buildings or a square of a Mies criterion that architects should admire though not emulate? It unequivocally all depends on a designer.

Some conflict opposite a chapel’s minimalism, as did Chicago designer Laurence Booth in a renovated Old St. Patrick’s Church, a Celtic wonderland of stenciling and stained glass. Others pull impulse from Mies’ reductive spirit, as did designer Tadao Ando in his Church of a Light nearby Osaka, Japan. Its signature component is a cross-shaped blank cut into a petrify wall. For Ando and Mies, eremite design is not tangible by ornament’s participation though by a absence.

“It’s so standard Mies — nude of all a eremite decoration,” his grandson, Chicago designer Dirk Lohan, pronounced before a rededication. That “allows we to concentrate, discuss and focus.”

Article source: http://www.lansingstatejournal.com/story/life/faith/2014/10/24/god-box/17854453/

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Light Technology May Be Used to Control Type 2 Diabetes

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The use of sulfonylureas has prolonged been an choice for determining form 2 diabetes. Their use is mostly compared with hypoglycemia and weight gain. A new record seeks to minimize these side effects. Researchers are looking during a antecedent sulfonylurea, JB253, that stimulates insulin recover from pancreatic beta cells usually when unprotected to blue LED light.

After ingesting a medication, it would sojourn dead until a studious switches on a LED light. Researchers advise that usually a tiny volume of light would be compulsory to activate a medication. Once a light has been switched off, a remedy will return behind to a dead state.

According to researcher Dr. David Hodson, “in principle, this form of therapy might concede improved control over blood sugarine levels since it can be switched on for a brief time when compulsory after a meal. It should also revoke complications by targeting drug activity to where it’s indispensable in a pancreas.”

While a record shows promise, it will be many years before it is done available. Current studies have been achieved only on pancreatic cells in vitro. Regardless of a time it might take until capitulation and widespread use is seen, this record is value noting. It can potentially yield improved glycemic control with fewer unintended side effects that is always vicious when selecting a remedy fast for diabetes patients.

Practice Pearls:

  • JB253 is a antecedent sulfonylurea that uses blue LED light to kindle insulin recover from a pancreas.
  • The remedy would sojourn dead until a light is switched on and would be dead once a light is switched behind off.
  • While this record is years divided from being accessible on a market, it could yield tighter glycemic control while minimizing a side effects ordinarily seen in stream sulfonylureas.

Johannes Broichhagen, et al. Optical control of insulin recover regulating a photoswitchable sulfonylurea. Nature Communications. Oct 2014.

Article source: http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/articles/diabetes-news/17061-light-technology-may-be-used-to-control-type-2-diabetes

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AWS launches Frankfurt information centres, expands in European market

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Picture credit: NandorFejer/Flickr

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has non-stop adult a new array of European information centres in a German city of Frankfurt.

The pierce comes to lessen European business they can keep all their information and services on a continent instead of a US, with a German information centres – comprising an whole segment – complementing their other European charity in Ireland. The Frankfurt launch brings a sum series of AWS information centres to 11.

“To survive, businesses contingency be means to contest in today’s digital economy,” pronounced Pontus Noren, co-founder of Cloudreach.

“Unrestricted use of a world’s series one cloud computing height from AWS has turn a essential partial of any organisation’s ability to compete,” he added. “The German segment for AWS will capacitate German businesses to do business in Germany though relocating their information outward Germany.”

It can’t be pronounced a pierce wasn’t coming. Back in Mar a Wall Street Journal article all though named Germany as a subsequent information centre plcae for AWS. The new information centre will have dual apart accessibility zones during launch, and is agreeable with all germane EU information insurance requirements. Customers can also erect their pale design between a dual EU regions.

“Our European business continues to grow dramatically,” pronounced AWS SVP Andy Jassy in a statement. “By opening a second European region, and situating it in Germany, we’re enabling German business to pierce some-more workloads to AWS, permitting European business to designer opposite mixed EU regions, and improved balancing a estimable European growth.”

AWS isn’t a usually infrastructure provider looking to European expansion. IBM, by SoftLayer, launched a London information centre in July, and some-more recently announced enlargement to France.

Earlier this week a news from Skyhigh Networks found that AWS stays a many renouned craving cloud service, forward of Microsoft Office365 and Salesforce.

Find out some-more about a AWS Frankfurt information centre here.

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AWS opens European cloud datacentre trickery in Germany

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AWS has non-stop adult a new cloud datacentre segment in Germany, a second one for a association in Europe.

The region, in AWS parlance, is situated in Frankfurt and will concede German business to run applications and instances on infrastructure located in Germany in suitability with a country’s despotic information government regulations.

Amazon’s initial European datacentres is formed in Dublin. The datacentres will approve with all EU information insurance laws.

The Frankfurt segment will consists of dual apart Availability Zones during launch, in effect, dual datacentres. These datacentres are in separate, graphic locations within a singular segment that are engineered to be operationally eccentric of other Availability Zones, with eccentric power, cooling, and earthy security, and are connected around a low latency network.

Amazon will make accessible a series of a services from a new Frankfurt datacentres including Elastic Compute Cloud, Elastic Block Store, Virtual Private Cloud, Elastic Load Balancing, among others.

The pierce should assistance AWS’ business looking to pierce workloads to a cloud, as prolonged as that cloud stays in Germany.

“Our European business continues to grow dramatically,” pronounced Andy Jassy, comparison clamp boss of Amazon Web Services. “By opening a second European region, and situating it in Germany, we’re enabling German business to pierce some-more workloads to AWS, permitting European business to designer opposite mixed EU regions, and improved balancing a estimable European growth.”

Among a German firms backing adult to use AWS’ new trickery are Talanx, Hubert Burda Media, SAP and Axel Springer.

Helmut Krcmar, a mechanism scholarship highbrow during a Technical University of Munich, pronounced many of these firms were holding off from relocating supportive workloads to a cloud “until they had computing and use comforts on German dirt as this could assistance them approve with their inner processes”.

“This new segment from AWS answers this and we design to see creation among Germany, and Europe’s, companies develop as a result,” he said.

The Frankfurt datacentres are also a business’s initial CO neutral trickery outward of a US.

Article source: http://www.cloudpro.co.uk/cloud-essentials/4573/aws-opens-european-cloud-datacentre-facility-in-germany

The Messenger @ October 24, 2014