US Navy Adopts Fuel Cell Technology For Submersibles

Beyond "solutionism": what purpose can record play in elucidate low amicable problems

3D Technology Distributor Altem Technologies Recognized as a "Small Giant" by India SME Forum

Driving record presents dignified dilemma

US Navy Adopts Fuel Cell Technology For Submersibles

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Article source: http://gas2.org/2016/06/26/us-navy-fuel-cell-technology-submersibles/

The Messenger @ June 26, 2016

Beyond "solutionism": what purpose can record play in elucidate low amicable problems

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Ethan Zuckerman — before of Global Voices, now during a MIT Center for Civic Media — has spent his career perplexing to find thoughtful, effective ways to use record as a push to make certain amicable change (previously), though that means that he also spends a lot of time in a association of people creation dumb, high-profile, mortal suggestions for regulating record to “solve” problems in ways that make them many worse.

Recently, Contently co-founder Shane Smith published a terrible essay proposing that prisons should be refashioned as a array of unique capture cells with Solyent feeds and Oculus VR headsets as a proceed of “solving” a “problem” of prisons, which, in his mind, is jail rape.

Prison rape is a terrible problem. People who done rape jokes about Brock Turner‘s 6-month jail army were effectively advocating for punitive rape, a use of that is a mark on a American demur and a tellurian rights abuse that any one of us should reject.

But jail rape is not a “problem” with America and a penal system. America imprisons some-more people — in genuine numbers and as a suit of a race — than any other nation in a world’s history. It proportions a ascent suit of those people to private prisons where there are probably no counselling, retraining, obsession recovery, or stability preparation services. Worse: these private prisons obstruct some of a increase they reap by subjecting prisoners to inhumane conditions into lobbying for longer bonds terms for some-more people.

Smith’s letter isn’t only a bad resolution to a problem of jail rape (it is, a very, unequivocally bad one), it’s also attempting to solve the wrong problem..

Zuckerman’s take on Smith is a unequivocally critical read, a nuanced and useful demeanour during how, when and that record can assistance with low amicable problems. It takes on a “solutionist” critique due by people like Morozov, who attributes dangerous innocence to people who see record as an critical member of amicable change, and proposes a methodology over nihilist rejecting of tech as partial of programs of amicable reform.

The problem with a solutionist critique is that it tends to mislay technological creation from a problem-solver’s toolkit. In fact, technological growth is mostly a pivotal member in elucidate formidable amicable and domestic problems, and new technologies can infrequently open a formerly bullheaded problem. The arise of inexpensive solar panels competence be an event to pierce nations divided from a dependency on hoary fuels and start obscure windy levels of CO dioxide, many as developments in healthy gas descent and ride technologies have lessened a use of dirtier fuels like coal.

But it’s singular that record provides a strong resolution to a amicable problem by itself. Successful technological approaches to elucidate amicable problems customarily need changes in laws and norms, as good as marketplace incentives to make change during scale. we commissioned solar panels on a roof of my residence final fall. Rapid advances in row record done this a slight investment instead of a luxury, and a existence of rival solar installers in a area meant that marketplace pressures kept costs low. But a panels were eventually affordable since sovereign and state legislation offering taxation rebates for their purchase, and since Massachusetts state law rewards me with solar credits for any megawatt we produce, that we can sell to utilities by an online marketplace, since they are legally mandated to furnish a commission of their sum appetite outlay around solar generation. And while there are absolute technological, marketplace and authorised army pulling us towards solar energy, a many absolute competence be a social, normative vigour of saying a neighbors implement solar panels, withdrawal us feeling ike we weren’t doing a part.

My Yale students who attempted to use record as their primary push for reforming US prisons had a formidable time. One organisation offering a suspicion of an online amicable network that would assistance recently expelled prisoners bond with other ex-offenders to find support, recommendation and pursuit opportunities in a outward world. Another looked during a success of Bard College’s conspicuous module to assistance inmates acquire BA degrees and wondered either online training technologies could concede identical efforts to strech thousands some-more prisoners. But many of a other earnest ideas that arose in a workshops had a technological member – given a ubiquity of mobile phones, because can’t ex-offenders have their primary hit with their release officers around mobile phones? Given a arise of large information techniques used for “smart policing”, can we examination patterns of policing, identifying and expelling cases where officers are overfocusing on some communities?

Zuckerman’s square is so good, we can’t conflict also adding this (but go examination a whole thing):

Disability rights activists have demanded “nothing about us though us”, a aphorism that final that policies should not be grown though a appearance of those dictated to advantage from those policies. Design philosophies like participatory pattern and codesign move this judgment to a universe of technology, perfectionist that technologies designed for a organisation of people be designed and built, in part, by those people. Codesign hurdles many of a assumptions of engineering, requiring people who are used to operative in siege to build extended teams and to know that those many competent to offer a technical resolution competence be slightest competent to brand a need or clear a pattern problem. Codesign is tough and frustrating, though it’s also one of a best ways to safeguard that you’re elucidate a right problem, rather than commanding your elite resolution on a situation.

On a other stick from codesign is an proceed to engineering we competence know as “Make things improved by creation improved things”. This propagandize of suspicion argues that while mobile phones were designed for abounding westerners, not for users in building nations, they’ve turn one of a transformative technologies for a building world. Frustratingly, this evidence is valid, too. Many of a technologies we advantage from weren’t designed for their ultimate beneficiaries, though were simply designed good and adopted widely. Shane Snow’s offer is built in partial on this viewpoint – Soylent was designed for geeks who wanted to skip meals, not for prisoners in unique confinement, though maybe it competence be preferable to Nutraloaf or other horrors of a jail kitchen.

I’m not certain how we solve a dichotomy of “with us” contra “better things”. I’d note that any operative I’ve ever met believes what she’s building is a improved thing. As a result, strategies that count on anticipating a best solutions mostly rest on choice-rich markets where users can ride towards a best solution. In other words, they don’t work unequivocally good in an sourroundings like prison, where prisoners are doubtful to be given a choice between Snow’s siege cells and a jail as it now stands, and are even reduction expected to attend in conceptualizing a improved prison.

The misfortune thing we examination this year, and what it taught me… or Can we pattern sociotechnical systems that don’t suck?
[Ethan Zuckerman]


Cory Doctorow

I write books. My latest are: a YA striking novel called In Real Life (with Jen Wang); a nonfiction book about a humanities and a Internet called Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free: Laws for a Internet Age (with introductions by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer) and a YA scholarship novella novel called Homeland (it’s a supplement to Little Brother). we speak all over a place and we tweet and tumble, too.


Article source: https://boingboing.net/2016/06/26/beyond-solutionism-what-r.html

The Messenger @ June 26, 2016

3D Technology Distributor Altem Technologies Recognized as a "Small Giant" by India SME Forum

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Untitled-1Small and middle businesses, wherever they are, advantage severely from a incomparable network to yield support and resources – generally in an sourroundings antagonistic to startups. In 2011, the India SME Forum was shaped for a purpose of noticing and ancillary tiny and middle businesses, many struggling underneath what a classification calls “the non businessman accessible policies of a government.” In 5 years, a SME Forum, that started with 400 members, has grown to embody some-more than 76,000 MSMEs (micro, small, and middle enterprises), with support from over 270 sectoral and informal associations and partnerships with 35 banks and corporations.

download (15)One approach in that a India SME Forum recognizes a achievements of tiny businesses is by a “India’s Small Giants” award, an oxymoronic pretension that singles out organizations a forum believes have a intensity to turn tangible giants in a future. This year’s endowment was given to 40 companies, selected by a row from a pool of over 1,600 nominees. One of those 40 was Bangalore’s Altem Technologies, a heading retailer of 3D record to Southeast Asia. Founded in 2010, Altem Technologies serves as a distributor for several vital 3D manufacturers including Stratasys, Dassault Systèmes, Artec 3D and more.

Altem also played a purpose in removing people vehement about 3D copy in a nation that, until recently, had been comparatively delayed to adopt a technology. Projects like a origination of a six-foot-tall 3D printed statue of a Hindu God Ganesha not usually wowed people with a capabilities of 3D printing, though gained good broadside for a association and a record they offer. Altem Technologies is also famous for a growth of printmyCAD.com, a use that allows business to try out 3D copy record by carrying their initial 3D pattern printed and shipped to them for free.

Altem Co-Founder Sharath Chandra Receives India Small Giants Award from Hon. Minister Kalraj Mishra

Altem Co-Founder Sharath Chandra Receives India Small Giants Award from Hon. Minister Kalraj Mishra

The enthusiasm, creativity and patron use Altem brings to their business are positively vital factors in their success, and a Small Giants endowment isn’t a initial time they’ve been recognized. They were respected with a “India SME 100” award, that recognizes a tip 100 tiny and middle companies in a country, in 2014, and have also warranted grave accolades from several of their partners.

ISG_logo2“We are really unapproachable to win this prestigious India Small Giants Award,” pronounced Sharath Chandra, co-founder of Altem Technologies. “It is a covenant to a team’s tough work and vision. Altem, given a inception, has been dedicated to formulating recognition about 3D copy technologies in India, and assistance some-more people comprehend a advantages of this record in India. This endowment emboldens us to continue to a work and take it new heights. We appreciate India SME Forum for noticing a efforts with this award.”

It expected won’t be a final endowment they receive, either. The recognition of 3D copy has risen fast in India over a past integrate of years, and Altem Technologies has been mostly to appreciate for that. Let’s plead this new endowment over in a 3D Tech Company Altem Receives Award forum during 3DPB.com.


Article source: https://3dprint.com/139822/altem-technologies-small-giant/

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Driving record presents dignified dilemma

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Posted: Sunday, Jun 26, 2016 12:00 am

Driving record presents dignified dilemma

By George Ayoub


The subsequent time we benefaction students in my college ethics category a dignified dilemma, we will need them to go for a drive.

A investigate published in Science and widely reported from a Wall Street Journal to a Los Angles Times reveals a practical dignified compass resets when a automobile doorway closes.

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Sunday, Jun 26, 2016 12:00 am.

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Article source: http://www.theindependent.com/opinion/columnists/george_ayoub/driving-technology-presents-moral-dilemma/article_77b71944-3b3c-11e6-93a0-274b43048a5f.html

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Alco Electronics’ David Leung on creation gadgets in China

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Car Deals,
See all »

Article source: http://www.usnews.com/news/business/articles/2016-06-26/alco-electronics-david-leung-on-making-gadgets-in-china

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Game Boy disease? Wearable record helps prevent, creator says

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When patients revisit Dr. Vahid Sahiholnasab for a slight check-up, he mostly asks to examination their electronic aptness trackers.

He is training that integrating new gizmos into health regimens can be a steeper stand than convincing people to travel 10,000 stairs any day.

People resist

“It’s bizarre territory,” pronounced Sahiholnasab, who is also a clinical instructor during a University of British Columbia. “You’re going to find a lot of resistance.”

Even so, a Vancouver alloy is on a flog to convince a race that record is good for their health.

He’s among a organisation of entrepreneurs in B.C. who are building innovative gadgets that can be worn, a fast advancing marketplace famous as “wearable technology.”

Sahiholnasab has designed a span of high-tech eyeglasses to forestall children from building bad viewpoint while personification with inclination like smartphones and video games.

Game Boy Disease

He’s rebellious a problem identified by a Dutch spinal surgeon that’s been dubbed “Game Boy Disease,” where kids are increasingly angry of neck and behind pain.

His wearable product, called a EyeForcer, sends a warning to slouching children and shuts a diversion down when they’ve hunched over too many times.

Game Boy

Crunching over to play games is spiteful some children in after life. (Chris Parfitt/Flickr)

“Whether we wish it or not, we are streamer toward far-reaching use of record in health care,” pronounced Sahiholnasab, whose association is called Medical Wearable Solutions.

Other B.C. inventors putting wellness into people’s hands have also detected that cold ideas aren’t always snapped up.

Can a wristband assistance with autism?

“It’s all a small unknown,” pronounced Paul Fijal, a biomedical operative and conduct of product growth with Awake Labs, whose group is building a wearable rope for people with autism.

“(There’s) a whole aspect of it being new and unexplored.”

“Living difficult lives, we are already slaves to a devices, even a latecomers on tech adoption.” 
– Cindy gu

The bracelet, called Reveal, is versed with sensors that magnitude and lane physiological signals in genuine time, providing information on emotions and behaviour. Parents and caregivers can improved read, for example, either a wearer is feeling high anxiety.

Fijal pronounced a crowdfunding debate is doing good as a group continues contrast a antecedent for recover in May 2017. But he has listened concerns about remoteness and basing health caring only off signals transmitted by a bracelet.

Game Boy disease

Slouching over games and tablets is inspiring immature people’s necks and spines. (SWong95765/Flickr)

Luc Beaudoin, an accessory highbrow in cognitive scholarship and preparation during Simon Fraser University, is also a proponent of wearable record to urge lives.

Sleep aids

He designed an app that helps people tumble into low nap and umpire their emotions, though admits “there’s a lot we can do but technology, and it’s also contributing to a problems.”

The MySleepButton app, that requires only a smartphone and earphones, occupies a racing mind before bedtime regulating a technique Beaudoin has coined “cognitive shuffle.”

A chairman fibbing in bed listens to a available voice coaxing them to suppose a method of images in a routine that facilitates descending asleep.

Autism Device

If a device detects heightened stress levels, it will send a presentation to a caregiver’s intelligent phone. (Awake Labs)

“People now have entrance to a lot of believe they can use to urge each aspect of their lives,” he said. “But it’s still critical to see a professional, since scholarship is intensely difficult and it’s easy to go wrong.”

Reveal Autism Anxiety Device

The device, Reveal, would be embedded in an autistic person’s wardrobe and lane their heart rate, heat and persperate levels. (Awake Labs)

Cindy Gu, a automatic operative and approved yoga teacher, founded Ohm GearLab to marketplace a “smart belt” that learns a wearer’s respirating patterns. It compares their respirating with biometrics like heart rate, promulgation feedback as vibrations if their exhale isn’t steady.

She believes skyrocketing sales of several wearables already means that multitude is embracing record to boost health.

“Living difficult lives, we are already slaves to a devices, even a latecomers on tech adoption,” she said.

“When record is put in a hands of people who are ardent about improving a contentment of others, it’s unequivocally a matter of time compartment a genuine change comes.”

Article source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/game-boy-disease-video-games-tech-high-glasses-wearable-technology-1.3653424

The Messenger @ June 26, 2016

Political, Social Fallout of a Technology Revolution

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Quotes are real-time for NASDAQ, NYSE, and NYSEAmex when available. See also check times for other exchanges. Quotes and other information granted by eccentric providers identified on a Yahoo! Finance partner page. Quotes are updated automatically, though will be incited off after 25 mins of inactivity. Quotes are behind during slightest 15 minutes. All information supposing “as is” for informational functions only, not dictated for trade functions or advice. Neither Yahoo! nor any of eccentric providers is probable for any informational errors, incompleteness, or delays, or for any actions taken in faith on information contained herein. By accessing a Yahoo! site, we determine not to redistribute a information found therein.

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Yahoo! – News Network

Article source: https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/video/political-social-fallout-technology-revolution-180149084.html

The Messenger @ June 26, 2016

Kolkata to get Advanced Technology Research Centre

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Heralding a new epoch of DRDO-Academia Partnership, Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) recently sealed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Jadavpur University (JU), Kolkata to settle a Jagadish Chandra Bose Centre for Advanced Technology (JCBCAT).

Secretary, Department of a Defence RD and Director General, DRDO Dr. S Christopher laid a substructure of a Advanced Technology Research Centre during a university campus in Kolkata.


Dr. Christopher in his residence called for focused Research Development during a centre and urged for continued team-work to grasp success in prolonged term. “Novelty in prolongation needs to be designed gripping in mind constraints of time, cost and space”, he said.

The Vice Chancellor of JU, Prof. Suranjan Das welcomed a DG, DRDO and pronounced it is a matter of good honour for a university to be compared with DRDO. He positive a DG that JCBCAT would be a centre of value and support in nation-building.

The Chief Controller RD (Technology Management) of DRDO, Shri MH Rahman in his residence pronounced that JCBCAT would supply itself with modernized and singular investigate comforts and Multi-University partnership for peculiarity investigate outcome that would engage a best researchers.

Research contributions done to DRDO by Jadavpur University and existent investigate intensity in a university led to substantiating this centre of excellence. The MoU will promote DRDO and a Jadavpur University to pursue collaborative modernized research.

The JCBCAT will essentially commence investigate in areas of secure systems and cognitive technologies, destined energy, unmanned and robotics technologies and other unconventional technologies.

The Centre will strengthen DRDO’s attribute with Jadavpur University and with other educational investigate institutions in a region.

DRDO scientists and engineers will get a event to work with a expertise and scholars of a university towards addressing systematic problems and anticipating innovative solutions. DRDO will support and promote modernized investigate and utilize a outcome in building unconventional counterclaim systems.

The researchers will also have a event to work on genuine problems in a modernized areas of Defence technologies. The accordant investigate efforts during this centre will lead to realization of inland technologies in vicious areas and raise self-reliance.

Article source: http://www.oneindia.com/feature/kolkata-get-advanced-technology-research-centre-2137689.html

The Messenger @ June 26, 2016

Fresh and Fit: Technology can’t reinstate a significance of these 5 healthy habits

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We all know record can make a lives improved or worse, depending on how we select to use it. The unconstrained amounts of information and connectivity to a whole universe make elucidate problems and staying in hold probable as never before. However, interacting online can means addiction, and it is changing a approach we consider and understand a outward world. It’s a cautionary story for someone of my or my parents’ generations, though it’s wholly opposite for someone like my 18-year-old brother. His generation, and all a generations after him, won’t know a universe though computers, a internet and smartphones. Whereas record used to be eased into a lives, now we see 2-year-olds with their possess tablets or personification on their parents’ phones.

While we don’t consider we need to unexpected start treating record as a enemy, we do consider it’s vicious to remember some habits and traditions need to continue being practiced, even if during initial peek they seem obsolete. In essence, record will be best used by a scrupulously lerned and cultivated mind. Obtaining that requires these elementary traditions to lift on.

Children need to use scratch and learn cursive.
The how and because isn’t totally known, though what is transparent is this: In a race of low-income children, a ones who had good excellent engine essay skills in prekindergarten did improved after on in school. Brain scans of children before and afterwards after they were taught to imitation letters showed poignant differences in activity levels. Essentially, even when children were still usually commencement to imitation difference themselves, a same tools of a mind adults use for estimate created denunciation were activated, maybe for a initial time.

Not usually is there a advantage to starting to imitation early, there are benefits to carrying children learn cursive in facile propagandize before eventually training to form on a keyboard. It isn’t that children can’t perform though any set of skills, though for best educational opening and bargain of language, any ability can and will element a others.

We need to play outward and get some sun.
Speaking of augmenting a child’s educational performance, zero beats removing outward and using around for a while. Really, it’s good for a whole family. It can urge sleep, revoke or forestall nearsightedness, and assistance forestall incidents of plumpness and Type 2 diabetes. At present, usually about 15 percent of children finish adult removing their endorsed volume of daily exercise, and adults aren’t doing many better. Screen time, however, continues to increase.

On a idle Saturday when we don’t have plans, it can be easy to stay inside examination sports or Netflix for hours on end. We all need a day off once in a while, though a mangle shouldn’t final for a whole day. Even if we do an intense, two-hour examination in a morning, if we lay on a cot and hardly pierce for a subsequent 12 hours, we’re undoing many of a tough work we put in progressing in a day.

We should travel a small extra.
How many times have we seen someone expostulate around a parking lot for 10 mins looking for a mark nearby a front? Maybe we all do it once in a while, possibly out of indolence or habit. It is good to get in and out in a hurry, though a law is that many of us don’t prioritize walking or other forms of use unless we’re during a gym or going for a run. Still, because rubbish time pushing around when we could be station up, walking around and doing your physique a universe of good?

It’s a same with people in stores who are not infirm roving a electric scooters. It might seem easier or some-more available to travel less, though too many healthy people equivocate it during all costs. Walking won’t indispensably take we from fat to fit, though even an additional 10 mins of walking any day could significantly urge your health. It could even meant we finish adult vital longer.

Remember: Nothing beats a face-to-face chat. 
While we can display ourselves to all kinds of believe and information online, a healthiest among us know a pivotal lies in moderation. Sometimes, a phone needs to be put down, and we have to rivet in review with a people around us. The elementary act of hold can urge a mood. It can also palliate a earthy or romantic pain. Pixels on a shade can’t do that. Emails, Skype and texting keep us connected, though they aren’t always going to be good enough.

Talking face to face with another chairman engages and stimulates a minds. We can’t demonstrate tension scrupulously over text, and we can’t surrogate a smiling face looking behind during us with a smiley face on a screen.

Let’s use what we preach.
Most of us consider and feel a approach we do about a universe from experience. Sure, we can review about story or tellurian function online or in a textbook, though what defines us some-more than anything is a universe around us. For instance, children with forward relatives mostly turn overly vicious as adults, while naturally guileless children splash reduction and have fewer instances of delinquency when they live in a understanding and caring home environment. It’s all good and good to know information and facts, though people will always run on emotion. Never concede anyone to feel alone. 

Jay McKenzie loves soccer, story and feeling great. He’s on a query to eat improved and use more, and he wants to share his practice along a way. You can email him at jaymckenzie86@gmail.com with comments or questions. The opinions voiced in this mainstay go only to a author, not Nooga.com or the employees.

Article source: http://nooga.com/173488/fresh-and-fit-technology-cant-replace-the-importance-of-these-5-healthy-habits/

The Messenger @ June 26, 2016

Cheat a taxman and you’ll pay

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