Mozilla defies DHS, will not mislay Mafiaa Fire add-on

IDG News Service – The open-source Mozilla plan pronounced Thursday it won’t approve with a U.S. Department of Homeland Security ask to mislay a Firefox appendage that helps route Web trade for sites that have been seized by a government.

At emanate is a Mafiaa Fire add-on, designed to revoke a efficacy of an antipiracy debate by DHS’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division. When users try to revisit a website whose Internet domain has been seized by ICE, Mafiaa Fire redirects them to a operative site set adult to reinstate a seized domain.

That’s a problem for a DHS, that is perplexing to hit these sites offline permanently. “The ICE Homeland Security Investigations section purported that a appendage circumvented a seizure sequence DHS had already performed opposite a series of domains,” wrote Harvey Anderson, clamp boss and ubiquitous warn for Mozilla, in a blog post Thursday.

In new months, ICE has close down a vast series of websites suspected of offered illegally copied music, cinema or tawdry products. Some free-speech experts have pronounced a seizures competence violate freedom-of-speech protections in a U.S. Constitution.

The DHS did not come to Mozilla with a justice order, and a organisation pushed back, seeking for explanation that Mafiaa Fire is illegal, or during slightest a authorised reason justifying a dismissal of a add-on.

“To date we’ve perceived no response from Homeland Security nor any justice order,” Anderson said. While calm companies see apparent reasons to keep these sites offline, Mozilla sees it as a doubt of supervision censorship, and either similar to these spontaneous requests competence somehow “threaten a open Internet,” Anderson said.

The DHS’s ICE multiplication could not immediately be reached for criticism Thursday. Neither could Mafiaa Fire developers nor Mozilla’s Anderson.

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