Micron launches PCIe SSD card, and other information storage news

Micron Technology Inc. launched a RealSSD P320h solid-state expostulate (SSD) series, a initial PCI
Express (PCIe) SSD

The P320h complement uses Micron’s 34-nanometer single-level dungeon (SLC) NAND peep memory
technology, and is accessible in 350 GB and 700 GB capacities. The P320h has 3 GBps of sustained
data throughput and can hoop 750,000 IOPS for pointless reads and 341,000 IOPS for pointless writes.
The initial products in Micron’s P320h array will be accessible in a full height, half-length form
factor, and Micron is formulation to recover some-more PCIe form
factors this year. Micron develops a whole smoke-stack for a P320h, including a NAND silicon and

Texas Memory Systems extends RamSan family

Texas Memory Systems rolled out a RamSan-710, a 1U complement that uses a TMS Series-7 flash
controller it introduced dual weeks ago with a RamSan-70
PCIe solid-state storage device. The RamSan-710 is a 5 GBps bandwidth complement that includes 4 8
Gbps Fibre Channel or QDR InfiniBand ports and has adult to 5 TB of SLC Flash.

Bocada adds stating facilities to Prism

Bocada Inc. has extended a stating functionality on a Bocada
information insurance stating application. Prism’s new Full Life View stating shows
Symantec NetBackup finish users a extensive list of pursuit information during a server, policy, customer and
schedule levels for a deduplication and duplicating functions.

Nirvanix powers AIS cloud archive

American Internet Services (AIS) pronounced it will offer an e-CloudArchive use by an OEM
deal with cloud
service provider
Nirvanix. AIS skeleton to muster a Nirvanix Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution during its
data core in San Diego as a basement of a new cloud offering. The Nirvanix cloud storage node at
the AIS information core will replicate to and entrance information from 7 other nodes that make adult the
Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network. Nirvanix will conduct a hybrid node, and AIS business will pay
for a storage they use.

Autonomy closes Iron Mountain deal

U.K.-based Autonomy has finished a $380
million acquisition
of Iron Mountain Inc.’s digital backup, archiving and e-discovery
businesses. As partial of a understanding announced final month, Iron Mountain will resell a Connected,
LiveVault and NearPoint products that were partial of a acquisition.

Syncsort gets information insurance patent

Syncsort was awarded a obvious for a Instant Virtualization and Instant Data Access
capabilities that are partial of a NetApp
Syncsort Integrated Backup (NSB)
product. Instant Virtualization provides backup and recovery
of practical appurtenance (VM) images, and facilitates VM migrations from earthy servers. Instant Data
Access offers near-instant liberation of vicious business applications but a need to transfer

Permabit awarded dedupe patents

Permabit Technology Corp. has been awarded 4 patents for information deduplication for secure data
sharing in a cloud. One obvious covers a use of a deduplicating storage repository to allow
out-of-band communication between mixed users of data. Two of a other patents cover retention
of chronological annals in a information storage repository. The final obvious covers a information storage
repository where deduplication is used to revoke bandwidth mandate by permitting information already in
the repository to be stored again by digital fingerprint.

Nimbus S-class gets high-level invulnerability clearance

Nimbus Data Systems Inc. pronounced a S-class
enterprise solid-state storage
height was comparison by OG Systems as a network storage
platform for Site Task Order Requirements Management System (Storms), a Defense Intelligence Agency
(DIA) Web infrastructure portal. The Nimbus HALO storage handling system, customary on all S-class
systems, does snapshots, riposte and deduplication, and has multiprotocol SAN and NAS

Nexsan, DeJarnette Research partner on archiving

Nexsan pronounced record from medical picture interface record businessman DeJarnette Research
Systems has been integrated into a Nexsan
platform. DeJarnette xDL Cross Enterprise Document Librarian helps yield a secure
online repository for medical organizations.

Cloud Cruiser releases cloud cost government beta

Cloud Cruiser began a beta module for it Cloud Optimizer program that measures apparatus usage.
Cloud Optimizer can be used to investigate and allot costs for storage, as good as discriminate and
network resources of private and open clouds.

Caringo, Perfect Search partner on search

Caringo Inc. has partnered with Perfect Search to give business a ability to hunt for
objects stored in Caringo intent storage program (CAStor). The Perfect Search Appliance (PSA)
indexes a metadata and calm of any intent as it’s stored, marks a locators for any piece
of information and shows where a query was found.

Pillar answers church’s storage prayers

Cornerstone Fellowship Church in Livermore, Calif., is regulating Pillar Axiom one storage to
store Microsoft SQL databases and applications in a virtualized environment. The church has 20 TB
of Axiom storage, and used Axiom to quit to VMware vSphere 4.

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