Converged networking gets commoditized during VMworld

With a information core fabric wars fading, converged networking vendors are delivering
server-agnostic, standards-based 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) wares, signaling to IT managers that it
may be protected to cruise in to those waters.

For years, battles raged as how best to intersect storage and network trade over Ethernet, with
Cisco Systems Inc. and a Data Center Ethernet stay on one side, and Hewlett-Packard Co. and the
Converged Enhanced Ethernet folks on a other. Those wars spawned exclusive converged network
implementations, such as HP BladeSystem Virtual Connect FlexFabric and IBM BladeCenter Virtual
Fabric, that many information core managers shunned for fear of vendor

In a end–late final year–the IEEE standards physique validated Data Center Bridging (DCB), an
architectural collection of Ethernet extensions designed to broach a peculiarity of use and
in-order smoothness required to lift storage trade over a network. That liberated networking vendors
to broach cards outward a proportions of their server OEM partnerships, and might prompt IT
architects to give 10 GbE and converged networking a second look.

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HP reloads for converged
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Say hi to DCB, practical partitions
Today during VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas, server
connectivity vendors Emulex and Mellanox announced converged network adapter cards that support DCB
to urge a opening of iSCSI storage. Emulex will showcase a OneConnect 10 Gb iSCSI
adapter operative with a Dell EqualLogic PS6510 and PS6010 10 GbE iSCSI storage arrays.

The new cards also underline partitioning capabilities designed to concede hosts using server
virtualization to make improved use of a cards’ plenty bandwidth.

On a new Emulex OneConnect 10 GbE Universal Converged Network Adapter, a partitioning
technology is called Universal Multi-Channel, and allows a singular 10 GbE pier to be partitioned
into 4 practical network interface cards that can be away configured for protocol,
bandwidth, peculiarity of use and a like. Mellanox too is charity four-way partitioning for its
10/40 GbE ConnectX-3 card, dubbed Multiple Physical Functions (MPF).

By partitioning a cards, opposite trade types, such as storage, live migration, management,
can all share a same 10 Gb link, “without stepping on one another’s toes,” pronounced Shaun Walsh, vice
president of selling during Emulex.

Previously, these sorts of partitioning capabilities were usually accessible as partial of a
proprietary I/O virtualization platform, Walsh said. “Now it’s only partial of a customary card.”

Emulex will be releasing DCB and partitioning support as a motorist download for users of its
OneConnect cards during a finish of September, and Mellanox is sampling a ConnectX-3 label with MPF to
select customers.  

Staying a exclusive course
Meanwhile, HP is staying a exclusive course, enhancing a HP VirtualConnect FlexFabric
offering. At VMworld, a association announced contrast formula for a Intelligent Resilient Framework
(IRF), a record designed to “flatten” networks, so expelling a need for an aggregation
layer and providing some-more direct, aloft throughput connectors between finish points. IRF runs on HP’s
A5830 array of switches, and is enclosed in HP’s new VirtualSystem offerings, also shipping today.
With it, administrators can accelerate practical appurtenance mobility by 40%, and revoke network recovery
times by some-more than 500 times, a association claimed.

HP networking and server opposition Cisco is approaching to announce enhancements to a Unified
Computing System
and Nexus 1000 V practical switching height on Tuesday. According to a session
description, Cisco comparison clamp boss for server, entrance and virtualization record group
Soni Jiandani will report “major new practical networking technology” for a Nexus 1000 V “that
enables business to fast and simply emanate practical networks that scale to support thousands of
virtual machines while augmenting focus opening and confidence in multi-tenant private,
public and hybrid cloud infrastructures.”

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