Week in examination podcast: NexGen Storage releases practical appurtenance system

In this weekly podcast, featuring a roundup of headlines from TechTarget’s Storage Media Group,
we plead a new complement recover from startup NexGen
. As reported by a SearchVirtualStorage.com site, a new practical appurtenance storage
system uses solid-state drives and tough drives, and relates granular peculiarity of use (QoS)
levels to “provision performance” opposite tiers.


SearchStorage.com lonesome NetApp Inc.’s proclamation of an ascent to a entry-level FAS2000
storage height with a FAS2240
unified storage array
. The Storage Soup blog summarized Nexsan Corp.’s launch of a E5510 NAS
that can scale to only over a petabyte, as good as flash
startup Virident
Systems Inc.’s recover of a initial multi-level dungeon solid-state label and
latest appropriation round. Other Storage Soup news enclosed a post about XIO (the newly renamed Xiotech)
announcing that former CEO Alan
is a new authority while Oak Investment Partners ubiquitous partner John Beletic will
take over as CEO.

In lighter news that has been impossibly renouned this week, Senior News Director Dave Raffo
spoke with DreamWorks
Animation SKG staff operative Scott Miller about a studio’s storage needs and because DreamWorks
doesn’t cruise itself a large information shop. Puss in Boots, a studio’s new charcterised 3D movie,
filled hundreds of terabytes on DreamWorks’ storage systems, many of it on a Hewlett-Packard
Ibrix-based NAS cluster.

And finally, SearchSMBStorage.com spoke with Greg Schulz, owner of StorageIO Group, about SSD
, including a latest developments in a record and that industries are holding a
hard demeanour during putting them to work.

This was initial constructed in Nov 2011

Article source: http://www.pheedcontent.com/click.phdo?i=7739e68f5d6949909657b0fa880095e3

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