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Released 09/12/2011

Technology distributor’s new TDActivate-here use creates electronic program activation and downloads accessible to resellers for a initial time

Technology distributor Computer 2000 has launched a new use that creates it easier for resellers to insert program sales to any PC, laptop or inscription sale.

Until now, online downloads and activations have customarily been accessible directly from vendors and during full RRPs. The TDActivate-here use gives resellers and retailers a ability to broach product activation keys to business on program products – customarily within 60 minutes.

Customers can also download program from a TDActivate-here website and many program products are now supposing pre-installed on new PC, laptops and tablets prepared for user activation.

By creation use of a service, resellers can offer a latest program solutions and boost a intensity for attach-sales, but holding batch or carrying to wait for boxed product to be shipped. Retailers can also offer customised activation during a indicate of sale and a complement will capacitate all resellers to offer online activation and set their possess end-user pricing.

Initially, all Microsoft products and a Symantec Norton family of confidence solutions are accessible by a service. It will be extended to cover products from other vendors in a New Year.

James Reed, ubiquitous manager of a program multiplication during Computer 2000, said: “The new use creates activation of program many easier and faster. That means it is easier for resellers and retailers to expostulate attach-sales and offer a many improved use for customers. It means they can always offer a full operation of products and a really latest versions of any one – but purchasing and holding batch in advance.

“Quite simply, online activation is quicker, easier and cheaper. It only creates clarity to do it this approach and we design many B2B resellers, eccentric retailers and e-tailers to cite this method. We’ve invested a lot of time and income into creation this work and capacitate a business to be initial to market.”

Computer 2000 is seeking e-tailer and tradesman partners that are penetrating to offer a service. The company’s systems group will work to confederate systems and safeguard that business accept a many quick and fit service.
Any partners meddlesome in a use should hit Dwayne Earl during Computer 2000 on 0871 800 3344 or by emailing


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