Networking 2012: Vendors envision what’s forward for a industry

As a new year approaches, a array of new hurdles will arrive to confront a networking
industry. SearchNetworkingUK asked vendors for their networking 2012 predictions, and here they
address a transition from wireline to wireless networks, an increasingly mobile workforce, cloud
computing and consumerisation and a effects that all of these changes will have on existing

Trevor Dearing, conduct of craving selling EMEA, Juniper Networks

Over a past few weeks, it has positively been engaging to see a series of 2012 predictions
emerge that concentration on how cloud computing
will be a ultimate diversion changer subsequent year, because companies will be unlocking a value of their
unstructured data
and how a consumerisation
of IT
will turn a reality. It’s roughly predictable.

I’m customarily all for this deteriorate of goodwill, though we can’t lay behind as everybody ignores a key
ingredient that creates all these innovations work — a network.  For CIOs, a plea for
2012 will be a unknowns caused by a adoption of new technologies and business processes, and
how to devise for them. We know that a volume of information that flows by organisations is
greater, as are a points of access, and a speed during that it is consumed is faster. What is
unknown is where a diseased indicate will be and how it will perceptible itself.

For CIOs who wish to have a robust
IT infrastructure
that can cope with changing user final and new technologies, upgrading
legacy networks can’t be ignored. Otherwise, organisations in a subsequent few years are during serious
risk of a network apropos a bottleneck, crude creation and stalling deployments. The network
should instead be noticed as a vicious enabler for record creation rather than only a side

Marcus Jewell, conduct of UK and Ireland, Brocade

2011 has been an engaging period, and business-wise it has altered dramatically given the
beginning of a year. In a early partial of a 2011 there was a good understanding of certainty in the
market, with organisations looking to boost IT investments after what had been a formidable few
years.  More recently, a macroeconomic sourroundings has worsened again, and we now face new
headwinds that were not around 6 months ago.

I trust this presents us, Brocade, and a ubiquitous IT businessman community, with opportunities and
challenges in equal measure. Customers need to do some-more with less, and vendors need to
continually illustrate how they agreeably impact a user’s business. They also need to demonstrate
how they are forward of a creation bend in assembly destiny final — vendors that destroy to do
these things will onslaught in 2012.

Users who buy into businessman selling campaigns and buy solutions blindly will also fail. Instead,
they should cleverly consider offerings and muster what is best for their business. So, what
does 2012 have in store for a market?  we see a few pivotal trends pushing a attention in the
coming 12 months:

  1. BYOD
    (Bring Your Own Device) changes IT procurement
    The association PC is apropos a thing of the
    past, as businesses increasingly allow, and even encourage, employees to pierce their domestic,
    consumer inclination into a workplace and entrance corporate application.
  2. Campus
    LAN gets smart
    : With BYOD, a expansion of smartphone/tablet use among consumers and the
    unified communications market set
    to triple by 2015
    , a campus LAN will have to step adult to a image to accommodate direct — 2012 will
    be a year a campus gets smart.
  3. Rise of ‘Cloud
    Revenue’:  2011 saw organisations solemnly relocating toward a cloud, and this
    pragmatic adoption will continue in 2012 though will also see a arise of a new form of revenue
    generation as enterprises from outward a record zone pierce toward cloud service
  4. Greater commoditisation:
    maturity of server virtualisation
    means that hardware is reduction important; as genuine estate/energy
    costs turn and companies demeanour to revoke capital outlay
    , virtualisation
    will interfuse all companies, and a CXO will turn some-more outspoken in either or not
    the classification has a devise in place.
  5. Data expenditure continues to skyrocket:  Businesses will need to demeanour at
    innovative solutions to boost network fortitude and opening while pushing down costs to
    remain competitive.  Those who omit this trend will face vital problems.
  6. And finally… a year of the
    : Holistic information centre fabrics — from a storage sourroundings by to a Ethernet network — are going
    to be a large trend in 2012.  All my prior predictions will rest on this.

John Ansell, UK nation manager, HP Networking

Organisations will need to facilitate their networking infrastructure to keep gait with the
dynamic needs of business applications:

  • There are substantial changes stressing a network: Enterprises are relocating to cloud; the
    [rise of] consumerisation of IT; increasingly mobile users perfectionist fast services; and users
    expecting their business network to act like a Internet. Historically, a network was static,
    and it approaching users and applications to be static. In today’s IT world, a network needs to be
    more stretchable so applications can be rolled out fast and some-more simply adjust to business
  • Fabrics that facilitate information centre infrastructure with converged network, discriminate and storage
    resources opposite both practical and earthy environments to accommodate hybrid cloud computing
    models are a future. These fabrics contingency be open, scalable, sure, stretchable and rest on a common OS
    for pattern and government consistency.

Jim Morin, product line director, managed services craving during Ciena

If 2011 was a year that enterprises started truly adopting a cloud, afterwards 2012 will be the
year they start realising a need for some-more intelligent networking connectivity to cloud-based
resources and work to exercise such a model.

Several factors are pushing mandate for some-more clever enterprise-to-cloud networks, including
the need to accommodate a fast augmenting information send workloads between enterprise
data centres
and cloud information centres. With a some-more stretchable and intelligent network to a cloud,
enterprises will finally be means to realize a guarantee of a information centre though walls —  or
in other words, a totally practical information centre.

This attention indication will embody of an active/active design that replaces pacifist backup
architectures to capacitate larger mobility, partnership and availability, as good as a operation
of both private and cloud infrastructures and services eccentric of earthy location.
Specifically, this new technical design will underline a server, storage and intelligent
networking infrastructure.

Ian Foddering, Cisco
UK Ireland

The categorical plea a attention will face is balancing user empowerment needs with the
limitations they contingency work to within their infrastructure. The apparent miss of appropriation could hit
hard, and explanation that a network is delivering a suitable lapse on investment will become
imperative before any destiny decisions can be done on boosting a capabilities or speeds, etc.

Networkers will have to turn some-more skilful during operative flexibly and progressing bequest systems
whilst concurrently safeguarding a infrastructure from outmost threats that could come during a
heavy cost during any time. With correct formulation and long-term record investment by traditional
capex models
or by choice investment initiatives, it is probable to change these
seemingly paradoxical goals. There is a clever business box to be done for doing so, in
that IT can turn a vital advantage for companies that align their spending with commercial
productivity needs.

Our possess work as a Official Olympic Network
Infrastructure Provider
operative with  BT will be a large technological
challenge for us, where all eyes will be on us. Security,
reliability and performance
a network
will be
critical, with stability
holding dominance over creativity.

George Humphrey, executive and line of business owner, Avaya

In many companies, voice and information support teams will be converged with a appearance of Internet
Protocol (IP)
telephony; with a deployment of one communications applications, some-more companies will mix their applications teams as well.
IT departments will be compelled by business units and craving users to adopt some-more user-centric
applications and devices, and as IT departments improved know attention best practices around
infrastructure management, they will turn some-more cultured about a services they purchase,
their expectations for clarity into those services and how they reason use providers

Suke Jawanda, arch selling officer, Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG)

As some-more inclination use Bluetooth technology,
both a ecosystem and any device in it boost in value and usefulness, with ever increasing
numbers of Bluetooth inclination means to wirelessly connect. With 5 million new Bluetooth products
shipping daily powered by Bluetooth technology, they will be accessible to interoperate and connect
with a immeasurable Bluetooth ecosystem of billions of inclination worldwide.

I visualize some-more enterprises creation use of this new record and anticipating new and some-more effective
ways of seamlessly pity information over secure networks, that will severely advantage users and
administrators alike. The new hurdles will be outweighed by a stress of a advanced
capabilities supposing by this version.

Lee Ealey-Newman, business growth director, Cryptocard

We see a large event in a cloud computing sphere, quite buoyed by a outrageous amount
of applications entrance out around SAML and a consequential
intrigue this is creating. Clearly, some of a confidence concerns here still need to be addressed
before it can ever turn truly mainstream, though seductiveness in a cloud is set to soar in a next
year, and anticipating ways to make this even some-more effective will be a outrageous area of priority for anyone
involved in networking.

Carolyn Carter, unstable network collection product manager, Fluke Networks

and wireless
is going to turn vicious to executives as they turn some-more pressured to present
information into their networks as a form cause that they can take from a information centre to the
production building to a bureau desktop. Being means to solve network and focus problems faster
and urge altogether IT potency will be pivotal in 2012.

Indeed, a ability to solve both network and focus problems is essential for today’s
network engineers. That need, total with vicious staff levels in many organisations, means
tools that confederate mixed functions and automate a collection of opening information will be key
to larger potency and reduction downtime.

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