AMD announces information centre cloud, hardware upgrades

NEW YORK — Advanced Micro Devices is slicing costs and shortening a series of a information centers worldwide with a assistance of a cloud and hardware upgrades, an AMD executive pronounced Thursday.

AMD will revoke a series of information centers it has to 3 by 2014, of that dual will be in North America and one in Asia, pronounced Farid Dana, executive of IT services during AMD, in an interview. AMD now has 12 information centers, down from 18 in mid-2009 when a converging bid began.

The company’s idea is to cut costs by changeable some-more tasks to a cloud, and by opening information centers in locations that have revoke energy costs and revoke taxes, Dana said. AMD is relocating divided from high-cost-per-watt places like Boston and California and substantiating information centers in places like Suwanee, Georgia.

“We’ve gained some taxation potency from a location,” Dana said. “One of a factors is also disaster recovery. That’s since we have 3 information centers and not one, and we are geographically dispersed.”

Dana has a list of 40 earthy factors to take into comment when determining where to locate a information center, embody vicinity to transit, weather, H2O sources and permitted electricity. Choices have to be done carefully, and something as elementary as a circuitously rail line could means vibrations that mistreat server operations, he said.

But in downsizing, Dana wants to safeguard AMD’s engineers have entrance to a resources indispensable to pattern chips. AMD is perplexing to connect servers and revoke losses such as electric bills by aloft function rates. The association is also shortening network latency so engineers get quicker entrance to servers.

AMD is handling a private cloud that creates pivotal EDA (electronic pattern applications) permitted to engineers worldwide. The company’s engineering tasks are executed in genuine time opposite a practical grid of servers that has 120,000 CPU cores. AMD tries to say tighten to a 100 percent function rate, and virtualization collection assistance all cores seem like one “giant number-crunching machine,” Dana said.

“We wish to do discriminate anywhere — it doesn’t matter where a operative sits as prolonged as they get a opening they need,” Dana said.

Putting applications in a cloud consolidates computing resources and centralizes a computing infrastructure, Dana said. Data is some-more secure since it is stored in fewer, centralized locations.

Many companies offer cloud services, such as Amazon, though AMD kept an inner cloud as it wanted to have stronger control over use of EDA tools. The association has deployed specific collection to lane down where resources need to be assigned, and cloud exchange change by segment as employees worldwide have been reserved opposite tasks, Dana said.

“It’s not cost-effective to do it externally,” Dana said.

Over a past few years, closure of information centers has resulted in outrageous savings, Dana said. The association is timid aged information centers as contracts finish and as hardware retires, replacing it with new apparatus and hardware, that requires a same turn of investment as upgrading existent information centers.

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