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The signs are everywhere. Mobile record is holding over a star of companion computing, spurring growth of an apps star that is a legitimate Internet inheritor to a World Wide Web.

APPNATION is a initial contention to concentration wholly on a business of apps and their transformative impact on consumers and craving technology, devices, commerce, media and amicable interaction. APPNATION will launch their initial TV 3.0 Summit as a new contention exploring TV apps and Social TV.

Thousands of developers, carriers, product/service providers, buyers and investors attended a initial 3 APPNATION conferences in Fall 2010, Spring 2011 and Winter 2011. Each eventuality brought together a pivotal players representing a different app and connected device ecosystem to plead a elaborating business hurdles surrounding amicable and mobile apps opposite all inclination and platforms including smartphones, tablets, amicable media platforms, internet-enabled televisions, and a constant tide of rising collection and technologies. Plus this contention is an sparkling two-for-one eventuality total with a timely new contention exploring all things connected to TVs, TV apps, Over-The-Top (OTT) applications, and Social TV.

APPNATION NYC + APPNATION TV 3.0 SUMMIT will continue this contention and cavalcade deeper into a latest opportunities, risks and ever-changing business strategies defining today’s mobile apps, connected device economy, and Social TV apps.

Join us on May 15-16, 2012, in New York City for dual days of judicious review and well-developed networking with a people and companies defining a business of apps. Use a bonus formula “ANNYVB” to get your 25% bonus on registration here.

The Numbers are Staggering:
• A standard US mobile device contains 18 apps.
• 10% of adult dungeon phone users have downloaded an app within a past week
• 20% of those underneath age 30.
• 8 in 10 Americans possess dual or some-more mobile devices
• Mobile promotion will cranky a $1B symbol in 2011 on a approach to $2.5B in 2014s

We are experiencing a emergence of a App Economy, an ecosystem of platforms, devices, carriers, calm providers, developers and services that is transforming technology, commerce, media and amicable interaction. In other words, a App Economy is changing a world. Find out what’s subsequent and how we can distinction from this burgeoning marketplace. Use a bonus formula “ANNYVB” to get your 25% bonus on registration and join us during APPNATION NYC + APPNATION TV 3.0 SUMMIT.

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