How Oxygen IT breathed life into business on upheaval day

How Oxygen IT breathed life into business on upheaval day

Tuesday, 24 Apr 2012 09:16

After a trembler that ravaged Christchurch in Feb 2011, IT services association Oxygen IT saved countless businesses from disaster by recuperating their servers and retrieving their information quickly.

Oxygen IT, that focuses on cloud computing and Infrastructure-as-a-Service, has about 25,000 users online during any given time. Because staff are underneath heated vigour to keep all regulating smoothly, they rest on StorageCraft’s disk-based backup, recovery, emigration and disaster liberation record to guarantee their customers.

When a upheaval shop-worn buildings via Christchurch’s executive business district (CBD), including Oxygen’s primary information centre, backup images of customers’ data, that had been taken frequently by StorageCraft® ShadowProtect™ were stored on a company’s servers.

Oxygen IT was in a throes of replicating data, applications and settings to a second site opposite town, though still compulsory someone to implement a switch joining a diesel generator to a core network to finish a programmed disaster liberation process.

So disaster loomed when handling executive Stace Hema found himself incompetent to entrance a company’s offices, that were sealed down for reserve and confidence functions immediately after a quake.

However, puncture workers authorised him and his group into a company’s bureau building. He was means to collect a ShadowProtect backup disks and quick revive a finish servers, including all information and applications for all Oxygen’s clients. When friends in non-client companies listened he had entrance to CBD buildings, they swayed him to redeem their ShadowProtect backups too.

“We saved one vast IT association from potentially vast losses,” pronounced Stace. “I had to run adult 3 staircases of a building before realising they were a wrong staircases! But it was value a effort. ShadowProtect shortly had all a servers adult and regulating again.”

Shortly after a quake, Oxygen IT began handling from a partner’s site in Christchurch and replicating systems, information and settings to a second information centre during Palmerston North. The association IT runs a far-reaching accumulation of IBM Blade and X-Series servers with a few hundred remote users on VMware platforms. It also co-locates a accumulation of apparatus for identical IT businesses. Including users on Oxygen’s possess network and co-lo customers, there are tighten to 25,000 users online during any given time.

“With this in mind, and a risks of doing business in Christchurch, we had seen a obligatory need for disaster liberation that is now over totally by StorageCraft technology,” pronounced Stace.

“Time is a profitable commodity for any business: small, middle and vast enterprises all have a vicious need for simplified, programmed business smoothness that takes a risk of information detriment off their plate. Our business need their information to be means to run their business. This is because we suggest they use StorageCraft program for fast, non-intrusive backups and recoveries, such as VirtualBoot™ (system recovery), ShadowStream (ultra-fast replication) and HeadStart Restore (enterprise turn disaster recovery). Every notation of downtime costs income and we can assistance revoke downtime and information detriment to an comprehensive minimum. We have grown a finish offsite disaster liberation resolution leveraging a modernized capabilities of StorageCraft’s record suite.”

Stace pronounced that over a years a company’s prior backup programs always had during slightest one essential area of failure, customarily in a time taken to revive information or services. Yet when a server fails, techs have small time to examine entirely to brand a reasons for disaster – instead they usually need to solve a problem and get systems behind online and into prolongation as quick as probable with as small information detriment as possible. – and during an affordable investment.

“StorageCraft solutions broach sum control and assent of mind for us on Windows servers. VirtualBoot, that has a ability to totally revive any distance server in mins instead of hours or days is a lifesaving and core underline for a customers,” he said.

Stace cites examples where ShadowProtect has delivered well-developed lapse on investment for Oxygen IT and his customers: “If a server crashed previously, a business could potentially remove an whole day’s value of information – now usually 15 minutes’ information is mislaid in many instances; Restoring a singular record used to take over an hour – now it takes usually mins on average; Previously, a server pile-up reduced capability by adult to a whole day or some-more – now a finish revive regulating StorageCraft’s VirtualBoot™ takes usually a few minutes, regardless of a distance of a server; Before ShadowProtect, to quit a server was mostly rarely disruptive to a business and could take days depending on a volume of data. During a emigration process, a systems had to be taken offline and users had no entrance to data. Now regulating ShadowProtect HeadStart Restore, a same emigration happens while users are still accessing stream information on a complement being migrated, roughly expelling downtime and dramatically augmenting capability for a customers.”

“StorageCraft is by distant a best resolution provider in a marketplace for disaster liberation on Windows-based computers,” pronounced Stace. “Their ability to virtual-boot a finish server in mins justifies a investment roughly immediately. VirtualBoot is also an ideal record to be used when formulating a exam or lab sourroundings or to establish a impact of for instance a new patch or focus regulating genuine benefaction information but disrupting prolongation systems. Our business can rest easy, meaningful that their data, databases and finish servers are stable and many importantly recoverable with minimal information detriment and downtime.

More recently Oxygen IT has built a possess ShadowProtect ImageManager repository network, that is accessible to other resellers enabling Oxygen IT to offer, a ability to behind adult their possess clients locally and remotely. Online backup clients replicate their systems to Oxygen’s Christchurch information centre trickery mixed times a day regulating ShadowStream and that trickery afterwards replicates to a Palmerston North information centre any night providing mixed liberation points and liberation locations in a eventuality of a problem or, even worse, a disaster. In a initial dual weeks, 71 business sealed adult for a new service.

Oxygen’s sister company, Oxynet, runs a information centre hosting business. The association buys bandwidth from a vital telco and many of a business and resellers are sealed adult to inner plans. ISP business have 30GB a month devise backup to Christchurch or Palmerston North, radically giving them 30GB of giveaway storage. At benefaction 210TB of information is stored and corroborated adult safely by StorageCraft technology.

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