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a heading provider of cloud-based information governance and payments
sell services, currently announced that U.S.
, lead bank of U.S. Bancorp (NYSE: USB), comparison a company’s
hosted information governance platform, OnPointe®,
to conduct a institution’s regulated communications and business

U.S Bank’s initial idea is to urge a approach it manages, classifies and
governs a ever-growing calm in a email
. With OnPointe
for Messaging, a bank will advantage from extensive and advanced
capabilities within a OnPointe platform, providing such facilities as
tellurian search, influence government and calm analytics. Through
Viewpointe’s information governance platform, a bank will be means to
some-more well collect, analyze, classify, retain, safety and
dispose of a content. Moreover, by changeable information government and
governance functionality to Viewpointe’s private cloud, U.S. Bank will
be means to accommodate a information government goals.

“Over a past decade, Viewpointe has helped us yield world-class
information government capabilities to both a business and
employees,” pronounced Robert Erickson, executive clamp president, conduct of
Infrastructure Services, U.S. Bank. “Our certainty in Viewpointe’s
best-in-class opening done implementing a OnPointe height a
straight-forward decision.”

Expanding Viewpointe’s devoted repository and service, OnPointe integrates
heading record and infrastructure to yield an information
governance height able of handling all forms of craving content
around a cloud. Built as a modular service, OnPointe provides a
extensive height to residence a information governance challenges
typically faced with messaging, record shares, imitation stream, image,
craving applications and eDiscovery. In a box of U.S. Bank,
OnPointe will additionally precedence pivotal components of ZL
Technologies Unified Archive
, providing a seamless resolution to help
a bank:

  • Enforce unchanging focus of influence policies and maintain
    control of vicious data
  • Adhere to legal, regulatory and business mandates
  • Manage costs on a expenditure basis, converting collateral expenditures
    into expense
  • Improve eDiscovery processes

“We trust OnPointe is a best choice to assistance us accomplish our
evident and long-term goals. We are evaluating additional OnPointe
services for other areas such as a network record shares and high volume
imitation streams to offer raise and automate information governance
opposite a bank,” combined Mark Brown, comparison clamp president, Distribution
Technical Services, U.S. Bank.

“We are anxious that U.S. Bank chose OnPointe to assistance a bank manage,
repository and oversee a email content,” pronounced Rich
Walsh, Viewpointe’s President of OnPointe Services
. “We trust that
OnPointe will yield a enablement and coercion height required
to not usually assistance a bank say control over a information to accommodate the
difficult final of a financial services attention – though will also
assistance streamline inner processes and revoke costs – vicious in
today’s economy.”

With one of a largest inhabitant repository of digital information in the
cloud, Viewpointe’s information governance platform, OnPointe, enables
organizations to conduct their craving content, annals and digital
storage around Viewpointe’s private cloud in a secure, scalable and
cost-effective way.


U.S. Bancorp (NYSE: USB), with $341 billion in resources as of Mar 31,
2012, is a primogenitor association of U.S. Bank, a fifth-largest commercial
bank in a United States. The association operates 3,080 banking offices in
25 states and 5,061 ATMs and provides a extensive line of banking,
brokerage, insurance, investment, mortgage, trust and remuneration services
products to consumers, businesses and institutions. U.S. Bancorp and its
employees are dedicated to improving a communities they serve, for
that a association warranted a 2011 Spirit of America Award, a highest
respect bestowed on a association by United Way. Visit U.S. Bancorp on a web


Viewpointe® is a heading provider of multibank infrastructure
solutions for business trimming from credit unions to Fortune 100
financial institutions. With one of a largest inhabitant repository of
check images and digital information in a private cloud environment,
Viewpointe offers repository capabilities, end-to-end check picture exchange
clearing and allotment and Automated Clearing House association
services. Bank Technology News named Viewpointe one of a top
innovators of 2008, an annual ranking of a 25 many modernized people,
companies and technologies in financial services. Since 2006, Viewpointe
has been named to a prestigious FinTech 100, representing a best of
a best in financial record and use providers. For more
information, greatfully revisit

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