New IBM Delivery Center Opens in Costa Rica

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica and ARMONK, N.Y., May 10, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ — IBM (NYSE: IBM) strictly non-stop currently a new Costa Rica Delivery Center, in America Free Zone, Heredia. IBM will deposit US$300 million over 10 years, and intends to occupy adult to 1,000 people by 2014. The new core will yield high-value services for clients around a world, reaffirming Costa Rica’s position as a vital services heart for IBM. The trickery will support clients in a areas of IT security, information storage, business analytics, cloud computing, and other services in approach by IBM clients.

The new core will yield cloud infrastructure support and management, to assistance clients facilitate and raise operational efficiency. Cloud computing provides clients with a ability to revoke their IT infrastructure costs, have a standardized, virtualized platform, and raise their routine automation. Additionally, a core will yield record capabilities that can expect and assistance forestall rascal and IT hacker attempts.

IBM IT experts will support tellurian clients with use management, information storage services, automating information backup and providing support for a accumulation of storage platforms and tools. Business analytics capabilities will assistance clients investigate formidable information and capacitate smarter decision-making.

“With IBM’s state-of-the-art facilities, thousands of Costa Ricans will be means to showcase their talent, pulling Costa Rica serve down a trail of innovation, believe and technology; a trail that we have bravely undertaken with bravery and commitment, though many of all, with good certainty in a talent of a people,” pronounced Costa Rica President Laura Chinchilla.

“This partnership between IBM and Costa Rica, as we rivet in this journey towards a some-more complicated and technological world, is essential to a country. It becomes a pushing force while reminding us of a critical hurdles that distortion ahead,” total President Chinchilla.

IBM has services professionals in some-more than 170 countries with a industry’s largest series of infrastructure experts. The core in Costa Rica opens new opportunities for IBM clients in Latin America. With this center, IBM expands a internal services operations it has been delivering given 2004, in a areas of tellurian resources processes, call center, financial and administration, and common services.

“This opening is really critical for IBM, as a tellurian services are a pivotal differentiator from a competitors,” pronounced Patt Romero Cronin, General Manager, IBM Global Technology Delivery. “The cloud computing capabilities of a new center, total with cloud-based support supposing by IBM from a United States, India and China, are critical to a clients.”

“The IT services that IBM will broach from Costa Rica need finish fluency in new and innovative technologies, that will move along a poignant record send and will concede us to strengthen and scale a appearance in tellurian bondage of high-value technology,” pronounced Anabel Gonzalez, Costa Rica Foreign Trade Minister.

IBM Collaborates with a Costa Rican Education System IBM also announced that it is posterior efforts to build skills in Costa Rica. IBM is operative jointly with a open and private universities, Costa Rica Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE) and a government. The aim is to yield academia with technology, believe and entrance to specialized program to urge training and education, and to strengthen a curricula of IT programs around 4 categorical themes: cyber security, cloud computing, information storage and business analytics. The purpose of a IBM University Program is to yield students with new information record skills that are in high approach in Costa Rica.

“The Ministry of Science and Technology is entirely committed to aligning academia and a IT attention for growth in vital areas such as digital technology,” pronounced Alejandro Cruz, Costa Rica Minister of Science and Technology. “The accent between academia and attention will yield a event to urge technical and aloft preparation in some-more modernized skills of computing scholarship and technology. This initiative, we am sure, will have full support from a categorical open and private educational institutions, that will concede a tellurian collateral to strengthen a competitiveness of Costa Rica for a destiny development.”

“Strengthening a skills and entrance to new technologies, such as a ones used by IBM, will urge a country’s competitiveness as a plcae for unfamiliar approach investment,” pronounced Gabriela Llobet, CINDE Director General. “It will execute a nation as some-more innovative and open to training new technologies, environment us detached from a informal competitors and lifting us adult to a top turn worldwide.”

IBM will offer entrance to IBM collection and technologies, courseware and IT preparation with a growth of highbrow modules over a entrance months. The association intends to rise knowledge, foster creation and sight sublime IT professionals to safeguard a tube of innovative talent.

“The IBM University Program is directed during assembly a needs that arise from a fast changing and formidable universe of information technology,” pronounced James Rutledge, IBM Vice President, Latin America Global Delivery and Costa Rica Site. “Our idea is to work jointly with faculties to urge and boost a rival IT workforce in Costa Rica in line with a idea to rise new skills for a twenty-first century and a Smarter Planet.”

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