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Napa Technolog WineStation 3.0

Restaurants that offer a different wines-by-the-glass list concede congregation to make selections formed on food pairings and suffer their personal favorites but carrying to determine on a singular bottle.

Campbell, CA (PRWEB) Aug 06, 2013

Today’s booze savvy grill congregation design by-the-glass booze menus to yield some-more farrago and value. These are only dual reasons that Napa Technology’s business are stability to implement a WineStation® refuge and pouring systems in mixed locations nationwide.

At Marlow’s Tavern a accumulation of wines by a potion can be enjoyed on their possess and with a chain’s renouned complicated American pub fare. John C. Metz, executive cook and co-founder of Marlow’s Tavern, shares that “We are really vehement about a WineStation systems. We have recently commissioned them in a newest Orlando locations on International Drive and in Winter Park.”

“Since we combined a WineStation in a few name Atlanta locations final year, a guest have famous a increasing joining to peculiarity use of booze and some engaging by a potion offerings to suffer as well. We’ve seen an boost in by-the-glass booze sales during any of these locations and intend on installing a peculiarity WineStation complement during destiny restaurants in Orlando and Atlanta.”

Ordering wines by a glass continues to make strides during restaurants, particularly with Millennials, Boomers and women opposite all age groups fervent to try new varietals. “Our idea during Marlow’s Tavern is to continue to use a WineStation to offer a guest a event to ambience singular wines that they would routinely not be means to get by a potion and do it in a approach that reflects a prolonged station joining to portion booze during a right heat and a tallness of a peculiarity profile.”

The WineStation’s approved 60-day refuge complement uses a thermo-electric cooling complement to keep any booze in a primitive sourroundings and Napa Technology’s exclusive Clean-Pour® dispensing heads discharge upkeep mandate and product contamination. This intelligent plug-and-play booze refuge and dispensing system can boost a limit distinction intensity of any bottle of wine. Restaurateurs can get a complement operable in 30 mins and immediately discharge portion a bad potion of wine, during any cost point.

WineStation, a automated, totalled dispensing and refuge solution, uses record to mix business intelligence, style, and palliate of designation and use. Napa Technology’s WineStation systems poured some-more than 10 million ounces of booze in 2012 and are on lane to some-more than double that series in 2013. For some-more information revisit

About Napa Technology

Napa Technology, LLC is a engineer and manufacturer of Intelligent Dispensing Systems for booze that ensures best mutation with any pour. The company’s breakthrough product, WineStation®, drives income and maximizes a profitability of any bottle. Since 2005, WineStation has been adopted by foodservice and sell operators as a new approach to serve, safety and gain on a consumer seductiveness in and direct for a good peculiarity wines. For some-more information on a Napa Technology WineStation revisit

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