Tweets change dramatically after she says yes

Tweets change dramatically after she says yes

After she says yes, announcing a rendezvous on a micro-blogging site Twitter to a universe can lead to a “New You” — changing your online form following a proposal, finds an Indian-American researcher.

“People began to paint themselves as a integrate rather than as individuals. They are going by a vital change in life and it shows on amicable media as they adjust to society’s expectations of their marital identity,” explained Munmun De Choudhury, associate highbrow during a Georgia Institute of Technology’s propagandize of interactive computing.

For her study, Choudhury used Twitter as a lens to demeanour into a lives of scarcely 1,000 people who used a site to announce their matrimony engagement.

By comparing tweets before and after, she was means to establish how people altered their online personas following a proposal.

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Some differences were separate along gender lines. Others identified how people change a difference they use on Twitter after they are engaged.

The investigate group afterwards looked during any person’s tweets in a nine-month duration before a rendezvous and 12 months following (two million sum tweets).

After people got engaged, tweets with a word “I” or “me” forsaken by 69 percent. They were transposed with “we” and “us”.

Similarly, tweets regulating patrimonial difference such as “future-in-laws” and “children” jumped by 219 percent after a offer (although group tended to wait until after matrimony to twitter family-based words).

The investigate also beheld that group and women rush about any other differently.

The many visit terms used by females when tweeting about their poignant other were tied to emotion.

Men are some-more expected to use earthy descriptors such as sexy, pleasing or beautiful when articulate about their fiancee.

De Choudhury and co-author Michael Massimi also beheld that intent people were most some-more expected to consider and twitter about a future.

“People are some-more expected to post that they ‘are going on a date night tonight’ rather than tweeting that they already did so,” a authors forked out.

The paper will be presented during “iConference 2015″ in Newport Beach, California, Mar 24-27.

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