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Gov. Gregoire to lead commission on trade goal to Ireland, England

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

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  • Governor’s Communications Office, 360-902-4136

For Immediate Release: Jun 13, 2012

OLYMPIA – Gov. Chris Gregoire currently announced she will be heading a commission of aerospace, immature appetite and record leaders to Ireland and England to grow a state exports, inspire unfamiliar investment, and eventually emanate new jobs for Washingtonians.

“Our efforts to boost a state exports are working,” Gregoire said. “In fact, only dual years after announcing my State Export Initiative, exports of Washington-made products jumped to a record $64.6 billion in 2011, an boost of some-more than 20 percent. This isn’t a time to rest. This is a time to build on that success – and continue relocating brazen with proven strategies, including face-to-face meetings with companies looking to do business in Washington state. Washington state has a good story to tell. And we know from past knowledge that pity that story with executives from around a universe leads to new pursuit growth.”

Gregoire will arrive in Dublin, Ireland on Jul 4th, where along with representatives from a Snohomish County Public Utilities District, will debate Open Hydro’s Greenore tidal appetite production facility. In Apr 2009, a PUD comparison OpenHydro to design, build and implement adult to 3 sea turbines during a tidal appetite commander plant in Admiralty Inlet, west of Whidbey Island.

While in Ireland, Gregoire will deliver several of a state’s aerospace supply companies to executives during Bombardier during a Belfast office. Gregoire will use a eventuality to inspire a craft manufacturer to sinecure some-more Washington aerospace supply companies as it builds new aircraft. Gregoire will control a identical assembly with executives during Airbus during a company’s Broughton, Wales office.

In Broughton, Gregoire will also join representatives on a debate of Electroimpact’s engineering support office. Electroimpact is headquartered in Mukilteo, and develops specialized machine used by Boeing, Airbus and other critical aerospace companies to build their products. Airbus, for example, purchased some-more than $300 million in apparatus from Electroimpact for a A380 wing production trickery in Broughton, a site a administrator will also tour. Electroimpact built machines weighing some-more than 1,300 tons in Mukilteo, afterwards shipped and commissioned them during a Airbus Broughton facility.

Gregoire and a commission will afterwards transport to London, where on Jul 9th, she will assistance open a Washington State Pavilion during a 2012 Farnborough Air Show, one of a largest tellurian aerospace events of a kind. More than 50 aerospace companies and several aerospace consortiums representing some-more than 200 Washington aerospace businesses will be exhibiting during a Air Show highlighting Washington state, including a world-class aerospace training programs, a some-more than 700 aerospace companies, and a some-more than 92,000 highly-skilled aerospace workers. At a trade show, Gregoire, Governor’s Office of Aerospace Director Alex Pietsch and Department of Commerce Director Rogers Weed will also accommodate with executives with aerospace companies from around a world, explaining a advantages of doing business here.

“We wrapped adult a atmosphere uncover in Paris final year with evident success stories,” Gregoire said. “I would design something identical during this year’s event. Aerospace companies need productivity, reliability, peculiarity and training. Washington state offers it all – that’s something that can’t be pronounced for other states or regions. That’s what gives Washington state a rival edge, and creates us a premier plcae for aerospace. This uncover ensures a rest of a universe knows that, and helps a efforts to grow this critical industry.”

Following her time during a Farnborough Air Show, Gregoire will pronounce before a Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce to plead Washington state’s mercantile expansion opportunities. Washington’s colourful and low record zone has a tip pursuit expansion in a republic in Seattle, sketch giants including Google, Facebook and Twitter along with up-and-coming origination leaders. Thames Valley is a likewise absolute tech core of a United Kingdom, providing a welcoming sourroundings for Washington companies. Gregoire will also stop by a Transport For London Olympic trade monitoring center, featuring record from Seattle-based INRIX and F5 Networks. There, she will see how Washington state record helps solve travel issues and revoke a economic, environmental and particular fee of gridlock in a world’s many undiluted cities.

“Governor Gregorie’s trade goal is an critical matter to build new business opportunities and production partnerships for Washington companies around a world,” pronounced Liz Lasater, Chief Executive Officer of Red Arrow Logistics, formed in Seattle. “Business outward a borders is critical to pursuit origination and for facilitating trade opportunities, so we find it lovely and enlivening that during this low economy a administrator has stepped adult to yield care where others are laissez faire. The aerospace attention is critical couple to a state’s economy, general trade and my company, Red Arrow Logistics. We will have a eventuality to rivet with tellurian companies who count on services that support a high value, time supportive and regulated needs of their supply chain.”

“Without a state and Gov. Gregoire’s investment to assistance Washington companies do business in Paris final year during a Paris Air Show, a critical expansion plan for a association in Europe would not have occurred,” pronounced Greg Kape, first partner of Bellevue-based Get It Group.

“As a pioneering business in a energetic industry, we find to serve rouse ourselves and a village in terms of record and business maturity,” pronounced Mashawn Drew, Chief Operations Officer, Custom Interface, Inc., Bingen, WA. “Joining Gov. Gregoire’s commission to a Farnborough International Air Show is an sparkling eventuality to rivet with a different operation of intensity customers. This trade goal will concede us brand and bond with new tellurian partners and perspective industries abroad to assistance us stay on a clever expansion trajectory.”

“Accompanying a Governor to accommodate with tip executives gave us a legitimacy that has severely accelerated a expansion of a business relations with a European vehicle manufacturers we visited final year,” pronounced Vincent Dupray, Enprecis General Manager -Europe.

“I accompanied a administrator and other Washington business executives on her trade goal to China to accommodate companies and find mutual mercantile interests in a particular markets. we met with Chinese executives who were really meddlesome in my company’s appetite storage products, and eager about intensity in their domestic renewable appetite markets,” pronounced Dave Curry, President CEO, Demand Energy, formed in Liberty Lake, WA. “I have subsequently done 8 trips to China. Putting together a corner try with a Chinese association that has resulted in a really clever tube of business. we have doubled my full- and part-time employees during a past year, and lifted equity. Trade missions clearly are an critical mercantile expansion plan for Washington companies able of offered their products internationally.”

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Iran: We’re Building Copy of Captured U.S. Drone

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Iran claimed Sunday that it had reverse-engineered an American view worker prisoner by a armed army final year and has begun building a copy.

Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, arch of a aerospace multiplication of a absolute Revolutionary Guards, associated what he pronounced were sum of a aircraft’s operational story to infer his explain that Tehran’s troops experts had extracted information from a U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel prisoner in Dec in eastern Iran, state radio reported.

Among a drone’s past missions, he said, was notice of a devalue in northwest Pakistan in that Osama Bin Laden lived and was killed.

Tehran has flaunted a constraint of a Sentinel, a top-secret notice worker with secrecy technology, as a feat for Iran and a better for a United States in a difficult comprehension and technological battle.

U.S. officials have concurred losing a drone. They have pronounced Iran will find it tough to feat any information and record aboard it since of measures taken to extent a comprehension value of drones handling over antagonistic territory.

Hajizadeh told state radio that a prisoner notice worker is a “national asset” for Iran and that he could not exhibit full technical details. But he did yield some samples of a information that he claimed Iranian experts had recovered.

“There is roughly no partial dark to us in this aircraft. We recovered partial of a information that had been erased. There were many codes and characters. But we deciphered them by a beauty of God,” Hajizadeh said.

He pronounced all operations carried out by a worker had been available in a memory of a aircraft, including upkeep and testing.

Hajizadeh claimed that a worker flew over Osama Bin Laden’s devalue in Pakistan dual weeks before a al-Qaida personality was killed there in May 2011 by U.S. Navy SEALs. He did not contend how a Iranian experts knew this.

Before that, he said, “this worker was in California on Oct. 16, 2010, for some technical work and was taken to Kandahar in Afghanistan on Nov. 18, 2010. It conducted flights there though apparently faced problems and (U.S. experts) were incompetent to repair it,” he said.

Hajizadeh pronounced a worker was taken to Los Angeles in Dec 2010 where sensors of a aircraft underwent contrast during an aerospace factory.

“If we had not achieved entrance to program and hardware of this aircraft, we would be incompetent to get these details. Our experts are entirely widespread over sections and programs of this plane,” he said. “It’s not that we can move down a worker though can't redeem a data.”

There are concerns in a U.S. that Iran or other states might be means to reverse-engineer a chemical combination of a drone’s radar-deflecting paint or a aircraft’s worldly optics record that allows operators to definitely brand apprehension suspects from tens of thousands of feet in a air.

There are also worries that adversaries might be means to penetrate into a drone’s database, as Iran claimed to have done. Some notice technologies concede video to tide by to operators on a belligerent though do not store most collected data. If they do, it is encrypted.

Media reports claimed this week that Russia and China have asked Tehran to yield them with information on a worker though Iran’s Defense Ministry denied this.

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India: Ashok Leyland eyes aerospace sector

Friday, March 30th, 2012

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New Aitech RIU Subsystem Adapts ‘On-the-Fly’ to Fit Different System Profiles

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

CHATSWORTH, Calif., Dec. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Aitech Defense Systems Inc., a colonize in loyal troops embedded and goal vicious computing technologies for environmentally-demanding military, invulnerability and aerospace applications, has expelled a A175, a rugged, self-contained, EMC/EMI-protected Remote Interface Unit (RIU) I/O enlargement subsystem that provides energetic goal form reprogramming.

(Photo: )

The subsystem uses height plcae monitoring built into a on-board FPGA to commend a earthy plcae within a height and promulgate with a categorical goal computer, permitting a section to change a functionality ‘on-the-fly’ or during energy up. 

Doug Patterson, VP, Military and Aerospace Business Sector for Aitech, said, “This remote interface functionality is customary of pier and starboard avionics platforms, where it’s many fascinating to implement a accurate RIU hardware in mixed areas of a height to minimize height logistics and RO (repair and overhaul) costs.”

Patterson continued, “The RIU’s monitoring of pivotal engine parameters, wing bottom loading, fuel levels, smoothness and expostulate sight quivering loading, APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) loads, weapons pods and other vicious functions are generally steady on a aircraft sides.  The singular height plcae guard in a A175 enables usually one hardware section to be used for both pier and starboard, obscure altogether growth and long-term logistics and upkeep costs.”

Also personal as a information concentrator section (DCU), a A175 optimizes SWaP (size, weight and power) with measure of usually 7″ x 7″ x 1.3″ and a weight of reduction than 2.5 lbs (the estimate weight of one 6U conduction-cooled VMEbus board), while sketch usually 10 W, or about a same as a customary domicile illuminated nightlight.

Applications that advantage from a A175’s durable, compress construction and rarely stretchable functions embody manned and unmanned vehicles such as wheeled, tracked belligerent units as good as tactical bound and rotary wing aircraft. In addition, subsurface naval ships as good as above and next rug implementations on naval aspect ships advantage from this arguable MIL-STD subsystem.

A vast accumulation of I/O interfaces and vast user-programmable FPGA for a focus OFP (Operational Flight Program) creates a A175 useful in rarely information centric environments such as a remote interface information concentrator or engine and energy sight information guard as good as in car prognostics information collection and condition formed upkeep (CBM). 

The A175’s expanded I/O includes twin height information channels for tie to a aircraft categorical train with possibly twin GbE channels or one twin surplus MIL-STD-1553B channel.  In addition, there are dual asynchronous RS232/485 sequence ports, 8 singular finished 12-bit A/D submit channels, adult to 8 ARINC-429 drivers/receivers, dual differential 16-bit D/A outlay channels and 4 differential channels with an outmost or inner anxiety voltage. 

The A175 also facilities a crowd of dissimilar submit and outlay channels including 24 GND/OPEN submit channels and 5 GND/OPEN outlay channels. 

Other functions embody an inner elapsed time information recorder and inner heat sensor for high integrity, goal vicious subsystems.  Units have been competent for manned aircraft use with combined gunfire quivering and high shock.

The A175 operates from -40 degrees C to +71 degrees C with healthy convection cooling and is powered from a customary 28 VDC submit per MIL-STD-740D.  In further to EMI protection, continuation opposite shock, quivering and acceleration per MIL-STD 810F as good as impassioned insurgency to altitude, steam and heat are ensured by a subsystem’s imperishable Faraday enclosure design.

Pricing starts during $7,500 in OEM quantities with evident smoothness from batch to 8 weeks ARO.

For some-more information greatfully call 888-Aitech-8 (888-248-3248), revisit or e-mail

For high res download and full text:

For some-more news releases:

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Upcoming Tradeshows: VITA’s Embedded Tech Trends; Jan 16-17, 2012; Cocoa Beach, Fla.


Established in 1983, Aitech offers troops and space-qualified, blurb off-the-shelf (COTS) embedded computing products for imperishable defense, aerospace and astronautics (space) applications as good as provides radiation passive and full MIL-SPEC solutions.  The association provides industry-standard, open design VMEbus, CompactPCI and high speed sequence fabric-based boards, energy subsystems, mass memory, enclosures and hardware subsystem integration along with logistics, pattern control, member obsolescence and earned-value government services.

Having pioneered a growth of loyal troops VMEbus products for use in mainstream invulnerability and aerospace applications, Aitech utilizes a extended bottom of off-the-shelf products and technologies to also rise customer-specific solutions, deliver higher cost-performance and reliability, and assist time to market. 

Applications for a products operation from goal processors, glow control, goal control and unconstrained robotic subsystems for belligerent vehicles as good as aspect and subsurface naval platforms to tactical and vital fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, and low- to high-earth circuit and low space vehicles.

Editorial Contact:Beth Smith or Christina SanchezPhone: (215) 453-8700E-mail:

SOURCE Aitech Defense Systems

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Camp teaches scholarship by space

Sunday, August 21st, 2011
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  • A

Rolla, Mo. (KSDK) — With a few ounces of water, an atmosphere siphon and a wooden contraption, campers during a Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla are means to send these bottles flying.

For these students, a adore of scholarship is what’s unequivocally holding off as two-liters fill a sky.

Bill Pabst, with a University of Missouri Extension, helps classify a camp.

“We started aerospace camp, it’s been about 13 of 14 years ago,” Pabst explained. “A lot of it was to have a event to give center propagandize students a event to play with scholarship during summer.”

Research shows around center school, scholarship stops apropos fun for many students. So a stay has tapped into something that seems to intruigued roughly everyone.

“Almost any child that’s meddlesome in scholarship is meddlesome in space science. So it’s a flattering easy sell. When they see aerospace, there’s a lot of kids that are interested,” Pabst said.

Whether they’re rising rockets or building deviation shields, any doctrine has a “hands-on” element.

“I can indeed see how it is instead of only listening to it, it’s a lot some-more fun, and we consider it catches my courtesy improved so we learn more,” pronounced Alice Evans, a center propagandize tyro from Holden, Missouri.

“It’s a unequivocally fun age to work with, they’re preoccupied with everything, everything’s fun,” Pabst said. “As prolonged as we don’t lay them down and contend we’re going to harangue we for half an hour, they’re adult for anything.”

The space module is about to bear large changes. But stay organizers are assured a fundamentals of scholarship will still apply, and a captivate of space will continue.

“You don’t unequivocally know everything, it’s always a find since we have to find new things. It’s lot of tough work, though we consider it’s unequivocally fun in a end,” pronounced O’Fallon North Middle School tyro Chris Allensworth.

“Research shows that a some-more mostly we get these kids on campus, and get them unprotected to probable careers paths, a some-more expected they are to follow that,” Pabst said.

Click here for some-more information on a Missouri 4-H University of Missouri Extension, a organisation behind a camp. 


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Firan Technology Group Corporation (FTG) Announces a Second Quarter 2011 …

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Firan Technology Group Corporation (“FTG”)

/quotes/zigman/30619 CA:FTG

will recover the
Q2 2011 financial formula after a tighten of trade on Jul 6, 2011.

The Corporation will horde a live discussion call on Thursday, Jul 7
at 11:00am (EDT) to plead a Q2 2011 financial results.

Anyone wishing to attend in a call should dial 416-695-6616 or
1-800-952-6845 and brand that we are job to attend in
the FTG discussion call. The Chairperson is Mr. Brad Bourne. A replay
of a call will be accessible until Jul 21, 2011 and will be
available on a FTG website at . The series to call
for a rebroadcast is 905-694-9451 or 1-800-408-3053, pass code


FTG is an aerospace and invulnerability wiring product and subsystem
supplier to business around a globe. FTG has dual handling units:

FTG Circuits is a manufacturer of high technology, high reliability
printed circuit boards. Our business are leaders in a aviation,
defense, and high record industries. FTG Circuits has operations
in Toronto, Ontario and Chatsworth, California.

FTG Aerospace manufactures bright cockpit panels, keyboards and
sub-assemblies for strange apparatus manufacturers of aerospace and
defense equipment. FTG Aerospace has operations in Toronto, Ontario
and is opening a trickery in Tianjin, China in 2011.

The Corporation’s shares are traded on a Toronto Stock Exchange
under a pitch FTG.


This news recover contains certain forward-looking statements. These
forward-looking statements are associated to, though not singular to, FTG’s
operations, expected financial performance, business prospects and
strategies. Forward-looking information typically contains difference such
as “anticipate”, “believe”, “expect”, “plan” or identical words
suggesting destiny outcomes. Such statements are formed on a current
expectations of government of a Corporation and inherently involve
numerous risks and uncertainties, famous and unknown, including
economic factors and a Corporation’s industry, generally. The
preceding list is not downright of all probable factors. Such
forward-looking statements are not guarantees of destiny performance
and tangible events and formula could differ materially from those
expressed or pragmatic by forward-looking statements done by the
Corporation. The reader is cautioned to cruise these and other
factors delicately when creation decisions with honour to the
Corporation and not place undue faith on forward-looking
statements. Other than as might be compulsory by law, FTG disclaims any
intention or requirement to refurbish or correct any such forward-looking
statements, either as a outcome of new information, destiny events or

Additional information can be found during a Corporation’s website .

        Firan Technology Group Corporation
        Bradley C. Bourne
        President and CEO
        (416) 299-4000 x 314
        Firan Technology Group Corporation
        Joseph R. Ricci
        Vice President and CFO
        (416) 299-4000 x 309            

SOURCE: Firan Technology Group Corporation


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Carpenter Technology Q3 Profit Soars; Shares Rise – Update

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

(RTTNews) – Carpenter Technology Corp. (CRS: News ), pronounced Tuesday a distinction for a third entertain increasing from final year, on good direct for a specialty metals from aerospace, industrial, and appetite sectors. Results also simulate increasing surcharge income and softened handling margin. Carpenter Technology shares are gaining scarcely 10 percent in late afternoon trade.

For a third quarter, net income to a association surged to $28.6 million or $0.64 per share from $2.1 million or $0.05 per share final year. The association pronounced a entertain benefited from a impact of certain taxation equipment totaling $0.11 per share.

On average, 9 analysts polled by Thomson Reuters approaching gain of $0.36 per share for a quarter. Analysts’ estimates typically bar special items.

Chief Executive Officer William Wulfsohn said: “..there is now manifest impact on a bottom-line from a brew government and pricing actions. As we expected, a handling domain softened significantly and we sojourn assured that we will grasp a mercantile year goals for income expansion and distinction improvement.”

The Reading, Pennsylvania-based association posted revenues of $464.2 million, adult 38 percent from $336.9 million final year. Carpenter Technology pronounced a formula for a entertain embody $16 million of sales contributed by Amega West, that a association acquired final December.

Wall Street analysts approaching revenues of $389.28 million for a quarter.

Excluding surcharge, revenues grew to $338 million from $256.7 million.

During a quarter, a association sole 57.86 million pounds of metals, aloft by 16 percent from 49.7 million pounds final year.

Segment wise, Advanced Metals Operation, that forms a bulk of volumes, sales volume softened 13 percent. This shred includes a production and placement of high heat and high strength steel alloys, immaculate steels and titanium.

Premium Alloys Operations shred saw a sales volume boost 47 percent. This shred comprises high strength steel alloys and immaculate steels in a form of ingots, billets, vast bars.

Looking forward to mercantile 2011, Carpenter Technology pronounced it is assured of assembly a strange expansion and gain targets.

CEO William Wulfsohn said, “We continue to see clever direct for a aloft domain products, and are good positioned for poignant expansion in a pivotal finish markets of aerospace and energy. As direct continues to grow, we will need to boost a ability serve in downstream operations.”

CRS is trade during $49.45, adult $4.49 or 9.99%, on a volume of 0.91 million shares on a NYSE.

by RTT Staff Writer

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