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Cisco presumably incubating software-defined network startup

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Cisco would not criticism on a Times story.

Cisco has finished this with dual other inner startups – Andiamo, that done a company’s SAN switches; and Nuova, that grown Cisco’s Nexus data center switches. In all 3 cases, a same 3 Cisco engineers are concerned in a startup association formation, operation and product plan and development: Mario Mazzola, Prem Jain and Luca Cafiero.

The 3 have low roots in Cisco’s Ethernet switching business, dating behind to 1993. Andiamo was acquired by Cisco in 2002, with a squeeze cost formed on SAN switch sales – potentially adult to $2.5 billion, Cisco pronounced during a time. Nuova was acquired in 2008 for between $70 million and $678 million, also contingent on product sales.

But a startup spin-in plan has also stretched family between Cisco and a inner engineering teams who were not comparison to join a startup and afterwards saw their possess teams recruited away. The use led to a departures of these engineers who afterwards started adult their possess companies to contest with Cisco, sources said.

Sources contend Insiemi has already recruited Tom Edsall, a Cisco Fellow and a lead ASIC designer of a company’s Nexus and MDS switching lines (from a Nuova and Andiamo spin-ins); and Ronak Desai, a designer of Cisco’s NX-OS FabricPath and Virtual Device Context software, and of a MDS SAN switch handling system. The startup might also have recruited Michael Smith, a renowned operative who worked on Cisco’s Nexus 1000v practical switch, sources say.

Insiemi has also been postulated full source formula licenses to Cisco’s NX-OS information core network handling system, a sources say. They also contend Insiemi domicile have been determined for now in Cafiero’s Palo Alto home.

Insiemi would rise Cisco’s software-defined networking product line, according to The New York Times. Software-defined networking (SDN) allows an outmost controller to act as a smarts of a switching and/or routing infrastructure, enabling program programmability and configurability though primer involvement on any and each network element.

The Nexus 1000v practical switch would approaching be a initial “touch point” for a Cisco SDN controller, sources say.

SDNs are pronounced to be a approach to epitome a earthy network from a proof with that to work it, and to capacitate easier alteration or underline extension. OpenFlow is upheld by many in a attention as an API and tradition to capacitate SDNs.

Cisco has been tight-lipped on a OpenFlow/SDN strategy. SDNs are pronounced to be a hazard to Cisco’s hardware prevalence and increase in that it opens adult exclusive or customized hardware to plan by an outmost element.

Cisco has pronounced it skeleton to supplement OpenFlow to a Nexus switches, though over that, a association is not elaborating on a plan to possibly welcome or fight SDNs.

In a prior inner startup ventures, Andiamo and Nuova both grown switches featuring tradition Cisco ASICs with program really firmly joined with this ASICs. Indeed, this continues to be Cisco’s strategy, even with SDNs, Cisco CEO John Chambers recently remarkable in a roundtable with trade reporters.

So it’s approaching that Insiemi would rise an SDN controller, and maybe other switching products, that firmly integrate Cisco ASICs to a program control of compared switches. Whether OpenFlow is concerned in a growth – or a Cisco exclusive SDN API and tradition – is misleading during this point.

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