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Tech evolution: IPhones, wall calendars and tellurian hosts

Monday, January 7th, 2013

I got a calendar for Christmas, and we couldn’t remember a final time we indeed hung a calendar
on a wall. My father got another watch (he collects them), though he no longer wears them. Two more
things rendered invalid — during slightest for us — by a iPhones.

Christina TorodeChristina Torode

Add to that list a landline; those once-handy store rewards cards on a pivotal bondage (there’s
an app for that); my digital recorder (also transposed by a smartphone app); and a chalkboard in
our kitchen that once was filled with daily reminders and now sports a loll drawn by my niece
over a summer.

What’s a subsequent tech
that will change my day-to-day life and how we correlate with a world? I’m not sure,
given that things that were once partial of my daily life have solemnly faded in importance. Even more
disturbing? we haven’t been unwavering of a change. Until we saw that bear on a cover of that
Greenpeace calendar staring behind during me, we hadn’t satisfied wall calendars had turn passé for me.
The implications for multitude of a single-device multitude are endless, if not overwhelming. If people
now are reduction expected to hang wall calendars, how most is this spiteful donations to organizations
like Greenpeace? Technology is positively changing a approach a nonprofits find donations, hence the
sector’s comparatively new digital and amicable media effort.

In this digital age, retailers don’t ask for my phone series though for my email, and we have to
stop to cruise that of my 5 email accounts we will give them. Never mind that we get bill
payment reminders texted to me and no longer compensate any of my bills by a U.S. Postal Service —
a mail conduit recently told my mom that her adore of catalogues was gripping him in business. It
is also her goal to assistance cashiers and tellers keep their jobs by never regulating self-checkout for

But she is one person, and tellers, cashiers and presumably a U.S. Postal Service (which
predicts imperative cuts of around $20 billion by 2015, mostly as a direct outcome of technology) will go a approach of wall calendars.

More tech expansion predictions

from IT leaders

How tech
is changing

What a destiny binds for mobile

CIO tech expansion predictions

In 2011, Dan Simpson, CIO during Physicians Mutual Insurance Co., pronounced “Change is sharpening and it
is consistent … .The doubt is, are we prepared to attend in that change and lead that change to
deliver business value in a timely manner?” He was vocalization during a Forrester Research eventuality and
directing that doubt to an assembly of IT leaders. Then a design of graphene, a bendable,
one-atom-thick square that is abounding in inlet and that some envision will reinstate silicon,
flashed on a shade behind him. “When we pierce from a silicon-chip-based universe into something like
this … what kinds of consumer inclination competence we finish adult seeing, and what apps can be created?” he

Indeed. What if this really bendable, notation element was ingrained in people and they became
walking intelligent devices? It’s not that fantastic a scenario, and it takes a intensity of location-based
to a whole new (and weird) level. Think of apps for tellurian hosts that are means to
predict, forestall or diagnose health problems. Doctor’s visits could turn a thing of a past.
What about a intensity for regulating this chip as a approach to forestall crimes by meaningful where a would-be
criminal is unresolved out? Tracking people like we would lane a square of register is a
cringe-worthy idea.

For now, let’s leave it to hotels penetrating on interlude folks from swiping their towels.

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Intel offers a million bucks for app ‘game-changers,’ regulating tech grown in Haifa

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

With a computers of tomorrow, users will no longer have to submit data. Powerful new program is going to capacitate computers and inclination to figure out what information we need, and yield it though even having to be asked. And they will do so regulating cameras, sensors, and microphones that are able of close-range palm and finger tracking, debate recognition, face research and 2D/3D intent tracking.

It’s a subsequent era of Intel technology, designed to boost computing inclination to new levels of capability and productivity. And according to an Intel spokesperson, most of this record is being grown during a company’s Haifa growth center.

The new approach, called “perceptual computing,” refers to equipping PCs, laptops, and other Intel-branded and partnered inclination to turn “context aware.” Instead of passively watchful for we to enter information and “teach” a device, a perceptual computing-equipped device will use a built in hardware and program to “learn” ways that make users’ lives easier.

To that end, Intel is charity developers a million dollars in prizes to come adult with a program of tomorrow, in a Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge. The competition is open to one and all and will prerogative a developer/s who come adult with a applications that take a best advantage of Intel’s new Perceptual Computing platform. The entries will be judged formed on how perceptual an focus is (i.e., how most does it implement a sensors, cameras, etc.), how discerning and easy to use a app is, how expected users are to wish to adopt it, and other factors. Four tip winners will get $20,000 each, with smaller prizes of $5,000 and $1,000 for lesser, though still good, efforts. Altogether, a association will be giving divided a million dollars.

The perceptual computing prophesy was laid out in 2010 by Intel CTO Justin Rattner,at a 2010 Intel Developer Forum. “Imagine a device that uses a accumulation of feeling modalities to establish what we are doing during an instant, from being defunct in your bed to being out for a run with a friend,” Rattner said. “By combing tough sensor information such as where we are and a conditions around we total with soothing sensors such as your calendar, your amicable network and past preferences, destiny inclination will constantly learn about who we are, how we live, work and play.

“As your inclination learn about your life, they can start to expect your needs. Imagine your PC advising we leave a residence 10 mins early for your subsequent appointment due to a trade tie-up on your approach to work. Consider a ‘context aware’ remote control that now determines who is holding it and automatically selects a Smart TV preferences for that person. All this might sound like scholarship fiction, though this is a guarantee of ‘context-aware’ computing and we can already denote most of it in a lab.”

Over dual years later, a record has changed over a lab, and into a growth pack (SDK) that Intel is charity developers to build applications that will take full advantage of a perceptual computing platform. Several weeks ago, Intel announced that it had entirely integrated voice approval into a SDK. And, developers can now sequence an interactive gesticulate camera (developed in partial by Intel and sole by Creative) in sequence to exam their perceptual apps.

Israel has prolonged loomed vast in a Intel universe, carrying been a categorical growth site for many of Intel’s laptop processors; a Sandy Bridge processor, grown in Israel, was obliged for 40 percent of Intel’s sales worldwide in 2011. In return, Intel has been an critical partial of Israel’s tech success. The association has 4 pattern centers and dual phony plants here, with Intel Israel’s largest private zone employer. About 8,000 workers are employed by Intel Israel, and holding into comment a company’s ecosystem – partners, suppliers, support businesses – Intel is obliged for providing jobs to about one out of each 10 Israelis employed in a record sector. And now, Intel’s Israel orator said, Intel Israel is during a forefront of a perceptual computing effort. “Not all of it is being finished here, though a lot of it is, and we’re really unapproachable to have been selected by Intel for this honor,” a orator told The Times of Israel.

The mechanism universe is changing, and Intel is changing as good – though a association skeleton to take Israel along for a ride. Mooly Eden, Intel corporate clamp boss and ubiquitous manager of a PC customer group, who has been with Intel given 1982, was recently allocated CEO of Intel Israel – and he also happens to be conduct of Intel’s Perceptual Computing unit. And in a debate during this year’s Intel Developer Forum, Intel Senior VP David Perlmutter – an Israeli who is among a tip possibilities to reinstate a Paul Otellini as CEO when a latter stairs down subsequent year – discussed a perceptual computing bid in depth, describing a “touchscreens, sensors, cameras and other things we are pushing into tiny devices.” As Intel moves computing to a whole new level, Israel will be relocating along with it.

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Boot up: netbook chowder, inscription truths, criticism stats, ZTE’s newest and more

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

A Happy New Year detonate of 10 links for we to applaud your hangover with, as picked by a Technology team

Tablet Market Update: Dec 2012 Chitika Insights

Covering a duration from 8 to 14 December:

As seen in a above graph, users of a Kindle Fire family of tablets constituted 4.88 impressions per 100 iPad impressions in Dec – a 4.25% share of all inscription Web trade as a whole. This is an boost of scarcely 20% from Kindle Fire’s 3.57% share celebrated in a final Tablet marketplace update.

The Samsung Galaxy family of tablets also gifted a use share increase, despite reduction considerable than a Kindle Fire, flourishing from 2.36% to a 2.65% share of all domestic inscription traffic.

The Google Nexus family of tablets continued to see use growth, with a share rising from 0.91% in Nov to 1.06% in Dec – an boost of some-more than 15%.

Despite these gains by some of a bigger players in a inscription marketplace, there has been a immaterial impact to Apple‘s widespread use share. Users of Apple’s tablets still beget over 87% of US and Canadian inscription Web traffic, entrance down from usually over 88% one month ago.

It’s frequency enlivening news for a Surface, either. Though it is during slightest there. Just forward of a HP Touchpad (discontinued Aug 2011)..

The Guardian publishes stats on a distance of their commenting village

Martin Belam wrangles some data:

But one thing is transparent from a numbers in a article.

At slightest 20% of a comments left on a Guardian website any month come from usually 2,600 user accounts, who together make adult usually 0.0037% of a Guardian’s announced monthly audience.

The other 80% come from a limit (mathematically calculated) of 498,600 accounts, or 0.7% of a sum monthly audience, broadly reaffirming a 90:9:1 rule. (At slightest 80 of those 2,600 are on a Guardian’s Technology site.)

ZTE’s 5-inch full HD smartphone is official: quad-core, LTE, Titanium Body (Video) M.I.C. Gadget

Chinese people don’t have Christmas holiday like other unfamiliar countries, they usually keep operative and working. So, don’t feel warn to hear ZTE has usually launched a 5-inch smartphone in Beijing, dubbed Nubia Z5. Its form cause are a same as HTC Droid DNA and OPPO Find 5, that also sports a 5-inch 1080p display. But there’s some facilities that make ZTE Nubia Z5 utterly extraordinary: 7.6mm of thickness, a MIUI-like user interface, a new built-in camera app, supports LTE, and comes with a special chronicle that done by titanium.

That’s utterly a phone. Photos uncover it as somewhat squarer and shorter than a Galaxy Note, though not much. Runs a tradition chronicle of Android JB 4.1.

iPad Mini in prohibited direct in China — researcher CNET News

The Mini and a 4th-gen iPad debuted in Hong Kong on Nov 2 and in China on Dec 7.

Apple recently non-stop new sell stores in Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Beijing, and now has 8 stores in China, compared with 5 a year ago. Hong Kong now is home to 3 Apple stores from usually one a year ago.

The iPhone 5 is also saying clever direct opposite China, according to [Topeka Capital Markets researcher Brian] White. Unlike a iPad Mini, Apple’s latest phone is accessible for walk-in business as a supply has improved. But a new iPhone seems to be outshining a competition.

“After a Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note I/II became some-more renouned than a iPhone 4S in new months, a discussions now prove that a iPhone 5 has recently turn a many renouned high-end smartphone during a resellers that we spoke with,” White said.

And around it goes. Note that this isn’t website “demand”, though tangible walk-ins to stores. (Thanks @rquick for a link.)

BlueStacks’ App Player for Mac launches beta: now we can run over 750,000 Android apps on Mac TechCrunch

Some mobile developers (whether mobile-first or mobile-only) are late to residence a desktop marketplace entirely. As BlueStacks VP of Business Development John Gargiulo forked out to me, for example, a Mac beta recover means that Mac users can run Flipboard on a desktop for a initial time ever.

For developers, BlueStacks is also anticipating that a Mac launch will assistance make going “Android-first” some-more attractive, Gargiulo explains.

“We demeanour during it from a POV [point of view] of a mobile developer partners – they start out by deciding, what mobile height do we build for first? What’s going to get a many distribution? Now with BlueStacks, building for Android initial means they’ll get on all PCs and Mac,” he says. There are many ways to monetize a Mac distribution, too, in serve to a in-app purchases developers can offer (without pity a cut with Apple). BlueStacks will announce a serve monetization skeleton in Q2 2013.

Wouldn’t Flipboard unequivocally wish a touchscreen? It does have deals with Acer and AMD that will see it pre-installed on Windows machines… with touch. (A Twitter comment: “old Macs will substantially have improved destiny Android app support than many stream local phones will.”)

From 2009: Should Apple make a netbook? If Tim Cook wants to be a CEO, approbation Guardian

February 2009:

If there’s a singular ray of light in a PC gloom, it’s netbooks. Their sales are rocketing while incomparable models’ are tanking. And there’s another hazard to Apple on a horizon: a arriving Windows 7, that those who’ve attempted it contend is many some-more respectable and serviceable than Vista. If Microsoft can get Windows 7 out of a doorway in discerning order, afterwards a possibility that Apple had to convince people to switch from XP, or Vista, to Mac OSX will be gone.

Claim chowder. Get it while it’s hot.

Why we’ve motionless to stop producing TNW Magazine for Android The Next Web

In speculation we simply adjust for a opposite format and height and do a new trade [from a Mag+ program]. But afterwards difficulty starts. As one developer put it to us: “You make a pleasing repository for a iPad, and afterwards we reticent it down for Android’.

That meant stealing movies, sound, interactivity and content. But even afterwards we had to understanding with visit crashes, a reduction discerning interface and a height that is even some-more fragmented than iOS.

Then there was a content. See, we collect cinema from a iTunes store that people can download right to their iPads. We collect song a same approach and books too. Producing for Android meant that we had to redo all that work since all a calm was limited to a iOS platform. That isn’t Android’s fault, of course, though since a height is usually reduction grown and strong we had started out with iOS and optimized for that.

All of that wouldn’t have been a problem if we had seen a marketplace for a repository on Android…We attempted an Android magazine, and found out it usually isn’t value a effort. Does that meant that Android sucks? Ehm, no, and there is no reason to tell us how cold Android is in a comments, since we know it is.

Still watchful for those examples of developers who have given adult building for iOS since Android is so dramatically rewarding.

Big Data: don’t trust a hype Kate’s Comment

Kate Watson-Smyth:

You don’t need to spend lots of income on vast data. First, don’t worry about a storage; storage is really inexpensive these days (it is a poorly-kept tip that Amazon are creation vast increase on EC2 for instance) and a sorts of information sets many people are articulate about are indeed utterly “thin” anyway – not images/movies etc. Even a trillion information points any holding 10 bytes any would usually take 10 TBytes of storage – not so vast we can’t get it on one appurtenance even!

Second, many competant developer-DBAs are some-more than able of utilizing really vast information set, and removing existent staff to tackle such hurdles is a good event to enhance their ability set.

What I’d contend is some-more sparkling is that a ability to collect what were once really vast information sets, of a sequence of billions of items, and that for 99% of a mandate that can be analysed with normal techniques (relational SQL databases) on commodity server hardware.

Fragmented world: what dual years of trade information teaches we about mobile Guardian Developer blog

As we set about redesigning a mobile site, one doubt that came adult again and again was what a trade to a existent site looked like.

We’d always famous mobile to be a “fragmented” space, with a series of handsets expanding clearly by a day, though could we get a improved design of what that fragmentation looked like?

A drop into a information valid instructive.

Note: we’ve looked during a tip 250 mobile phone models ranked in terms of pages viewed. We looked during trade to, a local iPhone and Android apps, and mobile inclination accessing a desktop site. We did not embody trade to a iPad book app.

The perfect series of opposite Samsung inclination by 2012 is remarkable. However…

LG Display seeks to retard sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in South Korea Dow Jones

South Korean arrangement builder LG Display Co. (066570.SE) pronounced Friday it filed an claim seeking to anathema a sales of a inscription mechanism constructed by Samsung Electronics Co. (005930.SE), alleging a panels inside a inscription transgress LG patents.

The claim ask is a latest growth in a ongoing obvious fight between LG Display and a associate of Samsung Electronics that manufactures screens used in smartphones, tablets and televisions. It also signals heightening foe as a dual companies shove for marketplace share.

The claim follows a lawsuit filed by Samsung Display Co. on 7 December, that purported that LG infringed 7 of Samsung’s glass clear arrangement patents. LG, that filed a claim with a Seoul District Court on Wednesday, is aiming to retard a sales of a Galaxy Note 10.1 inscription computer.

So a builder of a Nexus 4 is perplexing to retard sales of a (Nexus) Note 10.1 in a home nation of both makers. Google, looking on, maybe perplexing to figure out that is a slightest favourite child. And of march this is another Android v Android lawsuit – Huawei and ZTE are already fighting.

You can follow Guardian Technology’s linkbucket on Pinboard. To advise a link, possibly supplement it next or tab it with @gdntech on a giveaway Delicious service.

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iOS-ingularity: How iPhones and Macs will mix in 2013

Monday, December 31st, 2012

New hardware updates are inevitable, though could 2013 be a year Apple finally merges OS X and iOS into one one handling system?

Apple had a really singular 2012 adjusting to life after a flitting of co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. Though a association introduced a engorgement of new devices, 2012 wasn’t all organic releases for Apple. Some of a reduce points include: a layoff of Scott Forstall after a Apple Maps debacle, a exasperation with a discerning recover of a iPad 4 after a iPad 3 was usually a few months old, and a miss of updates in a iPhone 5.

Even with these downfalls, Apple was still extravagantly successful, apropos a most valued company in history. In serve to the iPad 3, iPad 4, a year 2012 saw a new iPhone 5, a new MacBook Pro with Retina, and updated iMacs and MacBooks Airs

Apple also expelled Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), a hugely renouned module refurbish that gave us a glance into destiny updates, where Mac OS X and iOS handling systems will solemnly be some-more and some-more alike. Mountain Lion combined pivotal iOS facilities – like Notification Center, Game Center, Notes, Reminders, and iMessage capabilities – to a Mac handling system, serve unifying a two, that is something we can design some-more of in a arriving year.

But, even after such an eventful 2012, Apple could be gearing adult for an even bigger year. So, what can we design from a tech behemoth in 2013? We spoke to a series of experts about a intensity updates Apple competence deliver to a desktop, laptop, and Mac OS X software. Here’s what we think.  

Software updates

In 2013, Apple will deliver Mac OS X 10.9, a still-untitled module refurbish for Macs. There have been numerous media reports regarding 10.9, though one thing is for certain: 10.9 will deliver Siri and Maps to Mac computers. Since Apple has solemnly though usually been introducing pivotal iOS facilities in a Mac handling system, there’s roughly no reason to doubt a reports. But will Siri and Maps be softened for OS X 10.9? Experts contend yes.  


Introduced in a iPhone 4S, Siri has been one of a biggest updates to a iPhone. So what can we design from Siri in 2013? Adam Fingerman, co-founder of app growth association ArcTouch, thinks that Siri will open adult for iOS and Mac developers over usually voice dictation.

Craig Negoescu, CEO of NAKA Media and ex-media executive of Frog Design, has a lot knowledge with Apple products. An inventor, record strategist, and user knowledge designer, Negoescu says integrating Siri in Mac OS X 10.9 is really likely. “Despite a few stumbles, Apple is committed to Siri as a foundational component of user input, along with multitouch,” Negoescu said. “As Siri is some-more entirely integrated into apps and services, it becomes some-more profitable … It’s value increases exponentially a some-more it is tied into services, apps, and data.” Negoescu also thinks Siri will get improved and some-more personal. “Watch ‘Iron Man,’” Negoescu said. “Jarvis is a goal.”

It’s critical to note that a identical underline called Dictation, that allows your mechanism to register content as we speak, is already accessible on Mountain Lion. While Siri is somewhat different, a categorical programming is similar, that leads us to consider that Siri competence be accessible to each mechanism authorised for Mac OS X 10.9. That being said, Apple could use Siri as an inducement for users to buy new Macs, so a underline competence not be accessible to comparison models.  

Apple Maps

As for Apple Maps on Mac OS X 10.9, people are reduction enthusiastic, though Apple users are anticipating that Apple Maps to get a tiny better. According to Negoescu, it’s a “safe bet” that Apple’s “troubled (but improving) maps application” will be enclosed in Mac OS X 10.9. After a Google Maps app on iOS finished a celebrated entrance progressing this month, it creates clarity for Apple to continue to rise Apple Maps in hopes of creation it improved than a Google Maps app. 

Other additions

Apple will expected deliver other facilities in serve to Siri and Maps. In Mac OS X 10.8, Apple had over 200 changes. Some of a updates were big, like a Notification Bar, Notes, and Reminders; and some were small, like updates to a Finder interface. It’s apparently tough to envision some of a smaller changes that Apple will make, though analysts are presaging some-more iOS batch apps to make their approach to Mac OS X 10.9. According to Negoescu, “iOS reader apps will expected pierce over as Apple wants to boost prominence and readership with live synchronization of a repository or book page that’s open on your iPad or iPhone.”

According to Fingerman, serve joining between iOS and Mac OS X is inevitable. “iBooks is a good instance of something that will expected come to Mac OS X,” Fingerman said. “The user-experience of a dual will serve intersect with identical conventions to use and work with a applications.” Fingerman combined that a Launchpad app is a good instance of an iOS-like app that is now usually an choice on Mac computers. He pronounced Launchpad would substantially rise into a default process in destiny versions of Mac OS, with a Finder process of classification by files and apps apropos a fallback option. 

The joining of iOS and Mac OS X

One thing roughly each researcher agrees on is a merging of iOS and Mac OS X, though will there be usually one one handling complement for both computers and mobile devices? In an talk with BusinessWeek, Tim Cook overwhelmed on a rumor, radically squashing it. “We don’t allow to a prophesy that a OS for iPhones and iPads should be a same as Mac,” Cook pronounced in a interview. “As we know, iOS and Mac OS are built on a same bottom … Customers wish iOS and Mac OS X to work together seamlessly, not to be a same, though to work together seamlessly.” 

Since a association doesn’t count on a Macs for income (the bulk of a company’s increase comes from a immensely renouned Apple mobile devices), Apple has a singular ability to be a tiny unsure with a handling systems for a computers. For this reason, Apple can continue to use OS X to favour and rise a “passion projects,” while stability to accommodate consumer final and assembly marketplace trends for a iOS inclination (like a bigger iPhone and a smaller iPad).

iTunes 11, a many new refurbish to a renouned song program, is really opposite from a chronicle on a iPhone and  iPad. To us, it seems like Apple is regulating iTunes 11 and a Mac computers to exam out a destiny UI change to a app on a iOS devices. Perhaps Apple satisfied that not each change it creates will be a renouned one (cough, Apple Maps), so a association is changing a approach it introduces new products.

Apple’s Mac OS X handling complement has a singular ability to withstand consumer change given a association is not contingent on a success. For that reason, and a few others, we envision Apple will continue a tradition of gripping a Mac OS and iOS handling systems separate. 

Hardware changes

Over a past year, Apple has been creation tiny though important changes in a mechanism hardware. The MacBook Airs have gotten lighter and faster, implementing a new Intel Ivy Bridge chip for faster processing; a MacBook Pro combined a code new Retina shade for a 13-inch and 15-inch models; and a iMac became almost as spare as a MacBook Air. Every year, Apple continues to refurbish a renouned MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, and this year should be no different. So what some-more can we design from Apple in 2013?

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

According to analysts, a MacBook Pro and Air will both get updated in 2013. In terms of a Air, we’ll expected see a faster CPU, augmenting RAM, a faster and incomparable solid-state drive, and a serve of a Retina display. We competence even see a 15-inch screen, that would make a lot of clarity deliberation a recognition of a Ultrabook. A some-more costly chronicle of a MacBook Air with a Retina shade is also a possibility, targeting a form of consumer that travels with their laptop and wants a super absolute mechanism – though though a heft of a complicated MacBook Pro.

As for a updated MacBook Pros, we predict an ascent to flash-based memory and SSD, identical to a MacBook Air. Not usually is it faster, though it’s also reduction bulky, that should make a MacBook Pro lighter (and a lighter mechanism is something consumers never protest about).

Updates inside Apple computers

Intel is reportedly operative on an refurbish to a Ivy Bridge processors, one that cuts down on energy use and increases efficiency. The new chips could be adult to 41 percent some-more efficient, augmenting battery life and estimate speeds while thinning in distance and slicing down in energy usage.

Apple is also pronounced to be hiring ex-Texas Instrument employees in Israel to work on formulating and building new semiconductors for a devices. Of course, it wasn’t specified that inclination these engineers would be operative on. While Apple is apparently focused on a mobile market, and has combined a possess chips for a iPhone 5 and a iPad 4, called a A6X, what’s to contend some of these developers aren’t operative on chips for Apple computers? If Apple starts to rise a possess semiconductor chips for a Macs, a tech hulk could drastically refurbish a opening of a computers.   

A touchscreen Apple computer?

With a launch of Windows 8 this year, touchscreen laptops are apropos a subsequent large thing. According to Fingerman, a destiny Mac will have hold capability, possibly with approach hold or by a less-direct way, like what Leap Motion is doing with a gesture-based sensors. “We feel strongly that touch-based gestures (swipe, pinch/zoom, etc.) are a really healthy approach to correlate with computing devices, and not usually phones and tablets,” Fingerman said. He doesn’t design Apple to get absolved of a keyboard for a practical keyboard, like a one it uses in iOS devices, though he does design a initial touchscreen Mac mechanism to be an iMac and not a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

But not everybody agrees that Apple could be streamer for a intensity touchscreen Mac computer. Negoescu predicts a (slightly) opposite destiny for Mac. He argues that a Mac already has good touchscreen formation around third-party module on a iPad and iPhone, and that regulating a “Actions” app on a iPad allows for full hold interactivity with his MacBook Pro. “I consider a keyboard (iPad on a desk) is where a lot of a hold competence go,” Negoescu said. “I have finished identical investigate in a past and an adaptive hold aspect where your keyboard/mouse used to be is an engaging approach to go. Otherwise, we have a big, complicated inscription stranded on your table in a straight 90-degree course and your arms finish adult tired.” 

We consider that a entirely integrated touchscreen on a Mac is a subsequent step in a joining of iOS and Macs, though Apple has so distant remained austere about not wanting too many similarities between a iOS and Mac devices. By adding a touchscreen (and Siri), your MacBook will radically turn an oversized tablet.

Fingerman thinks that, notwithstanding Apple’s open hostility opposite such a device, it’s still a possibility. “I know that Apple has formerly suggested that a Mac/iPad hybrid is not where they are streamer – though that doesn’t meant they won’t,” Fingerman said. “They would never promulgate a radical product instruction like that before publicly introducing it.”

Apple in 2013

In a story of Apple, there’s never been a time where a association takes a year off and coasts. And judging from Cook’s new talk with Brian Williams, we won’t see one anytime soon. Cook radically pronounced that he expects a association to continue to grow for as prolonged as probable interjection to innovative products and a singular ability to figure out what business wish before they do.

 However, since foe from companies like Samsung, Google, and even Microsoft, is drastically increasing, Apple is also starting to comprehend that it needs to urge a products and work on dress like Siri and Apple Maps. Before Windows 8, Apple competence not have had a biggest share in a mechanism handling complement market, though it was always a prettiest. But by producing a absolute handling complement that is also aesthetically pleasing, Microsoft has taken a page from Apple’s book, definition Apple has a lot some-more to contend with in 2013.

With large module changes entrance in Mac OS X 10.9, groundbreaking mechanism concepts, and updates to existent products on a horizon, we’re certain 2013 will be another outrageous year for Apple. 

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Using a MEAP to rise mobile applications

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Today, a many renouned approach to rise mobile applications is to rise them as local mobile
apps. A local app is commissioned directly onto a mobile device and developers emanate a apart app
version for any mobile handling complement and mobile device. The cost of building local apps can
be high, generally when many forms of inclination are in use. Many companies are adopting a bring
your possess device (BYOD) strategy, and as a result, a cost of building local apps increases

Most companies wish to rise local apps when needed, though also wish to rise mobile apps
that can run on many mobile inclination and handling systems though a need to reconstruct a app for
each one. That is, companies wish write once, run anywhere (WORA) mobile apps. There are at
least 3 technologies that give developers varying degrees of WORA mobile apps: mobile
enterprise concentration platforms
(MEAPs), HTML5 and hybrid mobile apps. we concentration on MEAPs.

More on mobile development

Mobile and Agile a
perfect match

Backend as a Service points to a mobile

Enterprise app growth gets consumerized

Stamford, Conn.-based IT investigate organisation Gartner Inc. has grown a Rule of Three whereby
companies are speedy to cruise MEAPs for building mobile apps when they accommodate certain
criteria. For example, companies that support 3 or some-more mobile applications, mobile operating
systems or back-end information centers are speedy to try MEAPs.

MEAP program typically comes in a form of mobile middleware that
connects back-end information sources (enterprise applications and databases) to mobiles devices. It also
offers a set of growth collection such as HTML/CSS/JavaScript and 4GL fast concentration development
tools. MEAP collection yield a ability to build and pattern information models regulating a graphical editor and
then interpret those elements into applications that can arrangement a calm on any form of mobile

Mobile applications grown regulating MEAPs can be deployed from a executive server out to mobile
devices, regardless of a mobile handling system. For instance, your bank can emanate a mobile
application for handling your bank comment that runs on all of your inclination — Android intelligent phone,
Apple iPhone and Apple iPad — though carrying to rewrite a app for any device.

Key takeaways

According to IDC (The Power of Mobile Enterprise Application Platform: Capabilities and
, Jun 2012), a MEAP program marketplace is approaching to grow to some-more than $3 billion in
2015. The marketplace for MEAPs is flourishing and there are several MEAP offerings on a market. One of
the best famous is a Sybase Unwired
. Other MEAP offerings embody Pyxis
and Antenna software.

There are several downsides to a use of MEAP software. For example:

  • MEAPs generally do not take full advantage of local device facilities such as GPS, compass and
  • Developers are during a forgiveness of MEAP vendors and count on them to support new mobile
  • While MEAPs are flourishing in popularity, they are sincerely new and have not been evaluated in
    long-term deployments
  • There are no standards around MEAPs — many MEAP
    offer customization and growth tools, though they change significantly
  • MEAPs are generally on-premises program and might need corporate staff imagination for
    maintenance and troubleshooting

MEAPs also offer several benefits. They include:

  • MEAPs can capacitate employees though a developer credentials to rise some mobile apps
  • MEAPs concede mobile apps to run on many opposite mobile inclination though wanting to rewrite the
  • MEAPs capacitate a growth of some-more affordable mobile apps and faster time-to-market,
    improving worker productivity
  • MEAP government capabilities make it easy to conduct inclination and apps (maintained in a central
    location) and implement and refurbish mobile software
  • MEAPs can make confidence and ensure opposite unapproved entrance to applications and mobile

Once an classification determines that it needs to use a MEAP, it’s critical to weigh each
vendor’s stream capabilities and establish if they can support mandate good into a future.
Organizations should also establish how most upkeep to expect. Will we have to write some
come to repair problems that we confront once a MEAP is installed?

Of impassioned significance is businessman longevity. Many of today’s vendors are in start-up mode and may
not be around prolonged term. Determine how a MEAP offerings are priced. Is pricing on a per-user
basis or per-server basis? For some companies it might be correct to start with per-user licensing,
and if a product solves problems and some-more widespread use occurs, switch to per-server

This was initial published in Dec 2012

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How cloud computing, tablets will reshape a desktop

Monday, December 24th, 2012

IT departments are embracing both cloud computing and mobile inclination for their multiple
benefits. At first, these dual technologies might seem to be sincerely independent; mobile technology
focuses on pushing efficiencies in information centers, while a cloud brings new levels of flexibility
and usability to finish users. Both technologies are profitable on their own, though craving potential
is amplified when mobile and cloud are used together.

Some functionalities that tablets miss can be found in

cloud computing
resources. For starters, many mobile device applications are designed for non-desktop platforms,
like Android and iOS, and
they tend to have a narrower operation of functionality than desktop applications. Though tablets offer
more mobility than even ultra-light laptops, they miss a estimable storage and are not designed
to contest conduct to conduct with workstations or laptops when it comes to compute-intensive operations.
There are a series of ways to mix tablets and cloud computing to broach desktop-like
functionality, and offer alternatives to normal desktop experiences.

There are a series of ways to mix tablets and cloud computing to
deliver desktop-like functionality and offer alternatives to normal desktop

Bringing desktops to a cloud

One approach to precedence a benefits
of cloud computing
for inscription users is to move normal desktops to a tablet. Virtual
desktop infrastructure
(VDI) runs practical desktops in a centralized infrastructure, that can
reduce government overhead, urge coherence opposite desktops, and boost end-user entrance to
desktop environments. In a identical way, admins can use cloud-based
virtual desktops
, famous as Desktop as a
(DaaS), rather than installing and progressing a VDI. With DaaS, finish users can access
their practical desktop from mixed devices, including a tablet.

There are a series of advantages to deploying practical desktops. First, users can access
applications and information on their desktops from a accumulation of devices, including tablets. Second, in
the box of VDI, user information resides in a association information center, and in a box of DaaS, information resides
in a cloud provider’s information center. This frees adult on-premises storage space and eventually saves
enterprises money. And finally, users are not contingent on mobile-designed
for tasks that are best finished with full desktop applications.

and VDI
urge mobility to determined desktop platforms by bringing a desktop to a tablet
— though can IT teams emanate even larger mobility?

Rethinking a desktop for mobile devices

What if instead of bringing existent desktops to tablets, IT teams used a inscription interface as
the starting indicate for deploying craving applications? The cloud is a healthy fit for delivering
those services — as prolonged as IT teams secure a tablet-cloud height and broach a appropriate
apps for finish users.

device government (MDM) systems
can yield critical confidence functions, such as enforcing
tablet pattern policies, whitelisting and blacklisting apps, enabling encryption, and
remotely wiping mislaid or stolen devices. With MDM systems, administrators can control some of the
same forms of item government collection for desktops and servers.

MDMs concede IT teams to control tablets and other mobile devices, though from an end-user’s
perspective, a vital advantage of tablets is a ability to privately configure your possess device. For
example, if a user finds a capability app that reads .xls files, he can download it for data
analysis but watchful for IT to implement a app. The shortcoming of handling inclination is
shared between complement administrators who set and make policies, and finish users who contingency download
apps within a parameters set by association policies.

In further to a change in responsibility, there is a change toward regulating common record formats and
application programming interfaces for applications. Light series crunching can be finished on a tablet
with a spreadsheet app, while some-more concerned statistical research can run in a cloud — assuming
both can entrance and review a data.

Tablets are not a desktop deputy for all finish users. Users of Microsoft Word’s niche
functionality or a modernized functions in Excel, for example, won’t be confident with tablet
office capability apps — during slightest not yet. The multiple of inscription and cloud computing
functionality, however, enables us to rethink a desktop and prognosticate a flexible, useful
alternative that leverages a advantages of both.

Dan Sullivan, M.Sc., is an author, systems designer and consultant with more
than 20 years of IT experience. He has had engagements in modernized analytics, systems architecture,
database design, craving confidence and business intelligence. He has worked in a extended operation of
industries, including financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, program development,
government, sell and education. Dan has created extensively about topics that operation from data
warehousing, cloud computing and modernized analytics to confidence management, partnership and text

This was initial published in Dec 2012

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AnchorFree to Bundle Mobile and Desktop Security Tools

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Photograph by Joseph Eid/AFP around Getty Images

AnchorFree’s services are renouned in countries such as Syria where governments might bury online content.

Silicon Valley startup AnchorFree creates computer-security module that has been downloaded some-more than 100 million times, mostly by people in China and a Middle East looking to by-pass Internet censorship. But as personal computing increasingly goes mobile, a association is rethinking how to package a services.

Starting subsequent month, AnchorFree will let users buy a singular subscription to entrance a Hotspot Shield Elite services for their computers, smartphones and tablets, pronounced Chief Executive Officer David Gorodyansky. The Mountain View, California-based association will continue to offer a giveaway ad-supported applications for PCs and Android devices, he pronounced in an talk yesterday.

AnchorFree will assign $30 a year for a multi-platform bundle, that is a same cost as a stream computer-only plan. For those forgoing computers altogether, a association will continue to offer a apart $12 a year devise for a iPhone and iPad or $20 a year for Android. The iOS app offers a 7-day giveaway hearing before requiring users to pay.

With a corner subscription to AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield Elite, users will accept a special formula to download a apps from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play marketplace after shopping a module for PCs or Macs. The mobile apps have been downloaded 4 million times in a final year.

AnchorFree is releasing a new gold after some-more than doubling income and trade this year, according to Gorodyansky. While he declined to divulge sales, Gorodyansky pronounced a association was essential before it lifted $52 million in a funding spin led by Goldman Sachs in May.

Unlike antivirus module from vendors such as Symantec and Intel’s McAfee, that strengthen inclination from malware by screening websites and programs, AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield encrypts each page a user visits to emanate what is famous as a practical private network. The series of pages noticed by business while regulating a module jumped to 5 billion in Nov from 1.8 billion in January, according to Gorodyansky.

“We’re apropos a mainstream app that people spin on to strengthen their whole Web use,” he said. “We yield security, remoteness and freedom.”

The awaiting for online leisure has struck a chord with dissidents vital in information-constrained nations. AnchorFree’s information centers, located in a U.S., Asia and Europe, gifted a 10-fold boost in Egyptian users — to 1 million — during final year’s Arab Spring Revolution, Gorodyansky said. People there were means to use a module on their computers to entrance Facebook and Twitter, even while those services were blocked.

Most of those protests took place before AnchorFree had mobile apps. Perhaps a subsequent series will be mobilized.

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Computing reversal: Google Maps app earnings to iPhones

Friday, December 14th, 2012

12:00 AM

Computing reversal: Google Maps app earnings to iPhones

It’s many improved than Apple’s maps program and also improved than Google’s prior version.

The Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO – Google Maps has found a approach behind to a iPhone.

Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook, shown in Sep while introducing a new iPhone 5, transposed Google Maps as a device’s navigation complement and extrinsic Apple’s map software. But it achieved so feeble he had to apologize.

The Associated Press

The world’s many renouned online mapping complement returned late Wednesday with a recover of a Google Maps iPhone app. The recover comes scarcely 3 months after Apple Inc. transposed Google Maps as a device’s built-in navigation complement and extrinsic a possess map program into a latest chronicle of a mobile handling system.

Apple’s maps focus valid to be distant defective to Google’s, branch what was ostensible to be a reversal for Google into a vindication.

The product’s shoddiness stirred Apple CEO Tim Cook to emanate a singular open reparation and suggest that iPhone owners cruise regulating Google maps by a mobile Web browser or find other alternatives until his association could repair a problems. Cook also transposed Scott Forstall, a executive in assign of Apple’s mobile handling system, after a company’s maps app became a theme of widespread ridicule.

Among other things, Apple’s maps unnoticed landmarks, ignored towns and infrequently got people horribly lost. In one instance brought to light this week, Australian military derided Apple’s maps as “life-threatening” since a complement directed people looking for a city of Mildura into a breathless remote dried 44 miles from their preferred destination.

Google Inc., in contrast, is hailing a new iPhone app as a vital alleviation from a one evicted by Apple.

“We started from scratch,” pronounced Daniel Graf, mobile executive of Google Maps. Google engineers started operative on a new app before Apple’s Sept. 19 ouster, Graf said, yet he declined to be some-more specific.

Digital mapping is a pivotal bridgehead in mobile computing since a maps get used frequently on smartphones and can pinpoint a user’s whereabouts. That information is so cherished by advertisers that they’re peaceful to compensate many aloft rates for selling messages directed during a impending patron in a sold location, pronounced Greg Sterling, an researcher during Opus Research.

Google’s mapping app for a iPhone doesn’t embody ads, though that will expected change, formed on a solid tide of selling issuing by a Google maps app on Android phones.

The additional collection in a giveaway iPhone app embody turn-by-turn directions. Google’s prior refusal to embody that renouned underline on a iPhone app — while creation it accessible for smartphones using on a possess Android program — is believed to be one of a reasons Apple motionless to rise a possess technology. The augmenting attrition between Google and Apple as they shove for care in a smartphone marketplace also played a purpose in a mapping switch.

Google’s new iPhone mapping app also offers street-level photography of internal neighborhoods for a initial time on Apple’s mobile handling system, as good as three-dimensional views, open movement directions and listings for some-more than 80 million businesses around a world. The app still lacks some of a mapping facilities accessible on Android-powered phones, such as directions inside malls and other buildings.

All those improvements are positives for Apple too, Sterling said, since a accessibility of a some-more extensive mapping choice creates it reduction expected that iPhone owners will switch to Android devices.

“The irony is that Apple finished adult removing a improved chronicle of Google Maps on a complement by booting it off,” Sterling said. “At a same time, we could disagree that Google is creation a jubilant lapse to entertaining crowds. So, in a way, everybody wins in this situation.”


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Amazon throws down a gauntlet for craving IT

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

LAS VEGAS — Amazon executives left no doubt about a company’s craving ambitions during a re:Invent
here this week, though few enterprises are prepared to burst indiscriminate into a open cloud just

Amazon execs pooh-poohed a thought of private cloud during
the keynote, and gave a brief curtsy to hybrid clouds. But
during a row contention Wednesday afternoon, craving IT pros pronounced they still cite a
methodical, hybrid proceed to migration
into a open cloud

For some-more on AWS re:Invent 2012 visit:

AWS re:Invent 2012 cloud
conference coverage

For example, during McGraw Hill, out of 300 craving applications, a subset of 70 has been
earmarked for open cloud, and a association has taken a delicately designed proceed to migrating
applications into Amazon Web Services (AWS).

McGraw Hill started with an “easy win,” a non-mission-critical app, according to comparison director
of vital initiatives Erica Eatmon, and afterwards changed to a some-more formidable business-critical
application, a McGraw Hill Connect Suite.

“The pivotal thing was to safeguard a stakeholders were all in alignment,” she said. “There were
fears that relocating to a cloud would impact a patron experience. The height carries some-more than
2 million students — that was during stake.”

The app was changed successfully into AWS though those fears being realized, though it’s still a
hybrid deployment; an Oracle RAC sourroundings ancillary a Connect Suite still runs in a separate
Datapipe information center.

While a partnership and file-sharing app has been changed to AWS, entrance controls have to remain
in-house, according to Oliver Alvarez, lead craving confidence designer for a World Bank’s
International Finance Corporation.  

Businesses won’t be means to be rival without
moving to a cloud.

Del Wood, President of l33t Logic

“We need to say control and custodianship of information,” he said.

Both panelists also pronounced a emigration to cloud has had a rewards. McGraw Hill’s Connect Suite
grew during 40% a year, and shopping all a hardware to support that expansion was not cost-effective,
according to Eatmon.

The International Finance Corporation found a proceed to emanate a Dropbox-like
for partnership with over 140 opposite countries while still maintaining
appropriate security
and compliance
controls, Alvarez said.

at a show
, consultants who work with craving clients pronounced it’s usually a matter of time
before emigration to a cloud takes place — though that time is still indispensable for craving clients
to get comfortable.

“People are frightened and don’t know it,” pronounced Del Wood, President of l33t Logic, a
consulting organisation located in Waynesboro, Va. “But cost is going to force it — businesses won’t be
able to be rival though relocating to a cloud.”

In a way, Amazon’s lead in a marketplace hurts them, Wood said.

“If there were a tighten competitor, there would be some-more viewed safety; people could split
their eggs between dual baskets.”

Amazon’s assertive representation to a enterprise

While citing a AWS Direct Connect and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud offerings as an accommodation to
hybrid cloud deployments, Amazon’s keynote display was strongly focused on a advantages of a
purely open cloud proceed to computing for enterprises.

The presentation, led by Andrew Jassy, AWS comparison clamp president, was generally withering
toward a craving private cloud concept. 

“Beware a cloud-washers,” Jassy said. “Those descending for ‘private’ cloud are not achieving
their objectives.”

Amazon’s indication of low margins and high volumes simply doesn’t interest to a “old guard” of IT
vendors, and so they’re attempting to insert a ‘cloud’ tag to a same high-margin enterprise
hardware and program products they’ve always offered, Jassy said.

Beth Pariseau is a comparison news author for and Write to her during or follow @PariseauTT on

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Google’s Android Malware Detection Falls Short

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

10 Best Business Tools In Google+
(click picture for incomparable perspective and for slideshow)

Android appears to be on a arena to turn a Windows of mobile handling systems, though there’s a downside to ubiquity. Rising marketplace share means augmenting courtesy from malware authors.

Sophos, a resource confidence company, asserts that there is a growing malware problem for Android devices and that Android inclination are rebate protected than iOS or Windows Phone devices. The FBI has beheld too, issuing a warning in Oct about risks confronting Android users.

Google appears to be wakeful that Android needs improved security. In September, it bought, a association that measures a efficacy of malware showing engines. And Android 4.2 “Jelly Bean” includes a new app corroboration service to assistance brand potentially antagonistic apps.

[ Will Apple products be some-more secure if they are done in a United States? Read Apple Mac To Be Made In USA. ]

But a study published recently by Xuxian Jiang, associate highbrow of resource scholarship during North Carolina State University, finds that Google’s app corroboration use can brand usually 15% to 20% of famous Android malware.

The investigate also found that existent third-party confidence program for Android — from Avast, AVG, TrendMicro, Symantec, BitDefender, ClamAV, F-Secure, Fortinet, Kaspersky and Kingsoft — achieved significantly improved during detecting malware, with correctness trimming from 51% to 100%.

In his study, Jiang says that a app corroboration service’s faith on SHA1 cryptographic hashes to brand malware files “is frail and can be simply bypassed.” Malware authors can simply repackage or change their files to emanate opposite crush values, a fact that had forced a creators of resource confidence products to demeanour over signature-based solutions.

Jiang suggests that Google’s cloud-based proceed to confidence could be protracted by some-more on-device confidence capabilities. In an email, he pronounced a app corroboration use can be deliberate a pierce toward enhancing client-side security, though a “signature-based proceed (adopted in many of stream AV systems) can never keep adult with a speed during that malware is combined and evolved.”

He recommends that Google demeanour into collecting some-more information about apps, inasmuch as remoteness considerations allow. He also says Google should “beef adult a app corroboration use or confederate with some-more modernized server support,” by formation with Bouncer, an app scanning resource that Google introduced in February, or Google’s newly acquired

Google didn’t immediately respond to a ask for comment.

Join Cloud Connect for a giveaway webcast with “Cloudonomics” author Joe Weinman. Cloudonomics is a new approach to plead a advantages of private clouds. Many have focused on a cost rebate possibilities while others have focused on business agility. However, private clouds can play a vital role, as well. The Cloudonomics webcast happens Dec. 12. (Free registration required.)

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