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Tech workers find to use Steve Jobs justification in arriving hearing on no-hire …

Friday, April 18th, 2014
US-APPLE-GOOGLE-LAWSUIT:Tech workers find to use Steve Jobs justification in arriving conference on no-hire accords
Reuters The Apple trademark is graphic during a flagship sell store in San Francisco, California Jan 27, 2014. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

By Dan Levine

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Four vast record companies should not be authorised to extent justification about Apple Inc co-founder Steve Jobs during an arriving conference over no-hire agreements in Silicon Valley, according to a justice request filed late on Thursday by employees suing a firms.

Tech workers brought a category movement lawsuit opposite Apple, Google Inc, Intel Inc and Adobe Systems Inc in 2011, alleging they conspired to equivocate competing for any other’s employees in sequence to avert a income war. Trial is scheduled to start during a finish of May on interest of roughly 64,000 workers in a class, and plaintiffs contend indemnification could tip $3 billion.

The case, that is closely watched in Silicon Valley, is mostly built on emails among tip executives, including Apple’s late arch executive Jobs and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

In one instance, after a Google recruiter solicited an Apple employee, Schmidt told Jobs that a recruiter would be fired, justice papers show. Jobs afterwards forwarded Schmidt’s note to a tip Apple tellurian resources executive with a smiley face appended.

Earlier this week, a 4 companies asked U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh to forestall plaintiffs from foul portraying Jobs as a “bully” during trial. The companies pronounced they did not find to bar Jobs’ communications about a no-hire agreements, though rather justification gleaned from sources like Walter Isaacson’s bestselling autobiography about Jobs.

However, in a filing on Thursday, a employees pronounced such element had been used in apart antitrust lawsuit involving Apple over e-books.

“That a jury competence pull conclusions about Mr. Jobs’ impression formed on justification display a demeanour in that he followed a swindling during a heart of this box is not drift to bar such evidence,” they wrote.

A Google orator declined to comment. Representatives for Apple, Intel and Adobe could not immediately be reached for comment, nor could an profession for a plaintiffs.

The 4 companies concluded to settle a U.S. Department of Justice examine in 2010 that barred them from entering into such no-hire agreements in a future. They have given been fighting a polite antitrust category action, arguing that a plaintiffs can't successfully infer an overarching swindling to impact wages.

In further to justification about Jobs’ character, a tech companies also asked Koh to demarcate contention of a supervision examine during trial. However, on Thursday a plaintiffs argued that a jury should know a reason a companies separated their no-hire agreements.

Additionally, a plaintiffs find to deliver justification about a personal resources of executives like Google co-founder Sergey Brin – and how it could be extended by holding down workers’ salaries and boosting margins, according to a filing.

At a conference final month, attorneys for Google and a plaintiffs pronounced they were “making progress” in allotment talks.

Walt Disney Co’s Pixar and Lucasfilm units and Intuit Inc were also defendants in a strange lawsuit though concluded to a settlement, with Disney profitable about $9 million and Intuit profitable $11 million. A conference on final allotment capitulation is scheduled for May 1.

The box in U.S. District Court, Northern District of California is In Re: High-Tech Employee Antitrust Litigation, 11-cv-2509.

(Reporting by Dan Levine; Editing by Kenneth Maxwell)

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Apple Could Benefit as Samsung and Globalfoundries Standardize Mobile Chip …

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Samsung and Globalfoundries announced yesterday that a dual companies will adopt a same chip prolongation routine as they ascent their prolongation comforts in credentials for a subsequent era mobile devices. (Via Wall Street Journal) This proclamation adds faith to an progressing rumor that Apple was negotiating with GlobalFoundries to start creation a A-Series chip in a company’s Malta, New York Fab 8 facility, with Samsung assisting in a early stages of production.

As partial of a agreement, Globalfoundries has concluded to dump a stream 14 nanometer circuit record and will instead permit Samsung’s 14 nanometer process. This standardization of prolongation processes could have a poignant impact on Apple, that can now source a A-series processors from possibly Samsung or GlobalFoundries but any additional engineering effort.

“What unequivocally gathering us to this agreement was a clever lift from customers,” pronounced Ana Hunter, Globalfoundries’ clamp boss of product management. “They see a value in unequivocally carrying one routine where they have choice and coherence in a prolongation options that they have.”

Intel is a initial association to start producing chips formed on 14-nanometer record with prolongation starting in a stream quarter. Apple retailer Samsung is approaching to start volume prolongation of a 14 nanometer chips in late 2014, while Globalfoundries might deliver a routine in early 2015.

There is no information on how this agreement affects Apple’s current chip prolongation deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC). Apple reportedly engaged with TSMC to start producing a A-series chips in early 2014 regulating 20-nanometer technology. Apple incited to TSMC for a chip prolongation needs as a Cupertino association strives to relieve a faith on Samsung to accommodate a prolongation needs. This change of suppliers helps assuage supply constraints that outcome from prolongation problems during a singular supplier.

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Apple, Google, heading a approach on immature datacentres

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Data Centre

by Michael Moore
03 Apr 2014

However Amazon and Twitter are vouchsafing a side down when it comes to saving a planet, says Greenpeace.

Greenpeace has suggested that of a world’s biggest record companies are effectively utilising immature appetite to appetite their web services.

The charity’s latest name and contrition report, entitled ‘Clicking Clean: How Companies are Creating a Green Internet’, ranked Apple as a association many in hold with a immature side, though remarkable down Amazon and Twitter for their appetite policies.

Using information supposing by 19 heading record companies and utilities to guess how many of a company’s online infrastructure is formed on renewable energy, Greenpeace determined a ‘Clean Energy Index’, that it used to arrange a businesses (a full list of that can be found below). Data centre use has exploded over a final decade as consumers squeeze more and some-more connected devices, that devour and furnish incomparable amounts of information than ever before.

The iPhone and iPad make scored 100% in this Index, and used no coal, oil or gas appetite sources in a information centre operations, withdrawal Greenpeace to announce that a association had “helped set a new bar for a industry”. The association also perceived A grades for a efforts in transparency, renewable appetite process and renewable appetite deployment.

This was a remarkable alleviation on a D and F grades it perceived in a prior “How Green Is Your Cloud” news expelled in 2012, that led to a vital PR debate opposite Apple by a charity.

“Apple is a many softened association given a final full report,” Greenpeace wrote, “and has shown itself to be a many innovative and many assertive in posterior a joining to be 100% renewably powered.”

Google and Facebook also scored rarely in Greenpeace’s report, receiving A and B grades opposite a 4 rankings, with hunt hulk praised for a care in adopting renewable appetite policies and investment in immature appetite sources, both exclusively and by partnership with a application vendors.

Facebook was singled out for a joining towards building a immature Internet, with a recently-opened Iowa datacentre, that led to a largest ever squeeze in breeze turbines in a world, demonstrating a company’s immature credentials.

At a other finish of a spectrum, however, Amazon’s Web Services, that Greenpeace says operates during slightest 18 datacentres around a world, was singled out for being among a slightest committed to renewable energy, earning F grades in 3 out of Greenpeace’s 4 categories.

The association was remarkable as selecting to appetite a infrastructure “based only on lowest electricity prices,” and was slammed as carrying “refused to compensate even mouth use to sustainability and are simply shopping unwashed appetite true from a grid,” pronounced a report.

“While companies like Apple, Facebook and eBay have led a broader zone to be some-more pure about a appetite use, Amazon resolutely refuses to exhibit any sum about a appetite footprint to a business or a public.”

Amazon doubtful Greenpeace’s comment of a datacentre operations, revelation Reuters that a report’s information and assumptions were inaccurate. The association pronounced that datacentres in dual of a categorical regions use “100% carbon-free power”, though did not offer any serve details.

Greenpeace information centre ranking

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Apple wins, Amazon sins in latest Greenpeace information centre appetite report

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Apple, Facebook and Google have all been praised by environmental organisation Greenpeace for their efforts to go green, while Amazon and Twitter have been highlighted for their disaster to act or share appetite use data.

Apple is now powering a iCloud around 100 percent renewable energy, heading a record vendors investigated by Greenpeace as partial of a 2014 Clicking Clean: How Companies are Building a Green Internet report. Apple operates a largest secretly owned solar designation in a US during a North Carolina information centre, according to a report.

The latest news is justification of Apple creation strides in a appetite use over a past dual years. In a before news from Apr 2012, Greenpeace chided Apple about a deleterious effects a information centres were carrying on a environment.

“Highly innovative and essential companies like Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are building information centres powered by spark and behaving like their business won’t know or won’t care. They’re wrong,” Greenpeace pronounced during a time.

For a latest report, Greenpeace evaluated a appetite choices of 19 vital internet and hosting companies.

Facebook was also praised for pressuring a appetite retailer to use breeze energy. This led Iowa-based application organisation MidAmerican to deposit $1.9bn in breeze appetite generation, in partial to accommodate a amicable network’s demands.

Google was also name-checked for pioneering a use of appetite squeeze agreements to foster breeze appetite to run a cloud-based services.

The 3 tech giants all pushed US application Duke Energy to offer renewable appetite options for vast electricity buyers in North Carolina.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) did not transport so good in a report. According to Greenpeace, it usually sources 15 percent of a electricity used for business such as Pinterest, Netflix, Spotify and Vine around purify energy.

The hosting organisation relies on coal, chief and gas for 80 percent of a appetite requirements. Greenpeace criticised Amazon for fuelling a increasing use and construction of spark and gas-burning appetite plants in Virginia, and jeopardising purify appetite expansion in Oregon.

“While companies like Apple, Facebook and eBay have led a broader zone to be some-more pure about a appetite use, Amazon resolutely refuses to exhibit any sum about a appetite footprint to a business or a public,” Greenpeace said.

However, AWS countered Greenpeace’s claims, observant a news misrepresents a appetite usage.

“Greenpeace’s report, ‘Clicking Green’, misses a symbol by regulating fake assumptions on AWS operations and false information on AWS appetite consumption. We supposing this feedback to Greenpeace before to edition their report,” AWS told V3.

“We work tough on a own, and together with a appetite providers all over a world, to offer AWS Cloud services in an environmentally accessible approach in all of a regions. AWS operates fit and rarely utilized information centres opposite 10 opposite regions globally, dual of that (Oregon and GovCloud Regions) use 100 percent carbon-free power.”

Twitter was also named and abashed for not pity any sum about a appetite footprint, and creation no efforts to squeeze cleaner electricity.

Twitter did not have many to contend about Greenpeace’s criticism, instead insisting it is aiming for appetite efficiency. The organisation told V3: “Twitter believes strongly in appetite potency and optimisation of resources for minimal environmental impact. As we build out a infrastructure, we continue to essay for even larger potency of operations.”

EBay is a misfortune of a 19 vendors for a use of purify enery, with usually 6 percent of all appetite used being renewable, though Greenpeace was gratified with a auction site’s clarity over a appetite use. Amazon has nonetheless to respond to a report.

Those in a craving tech space also came out good in a report. Hosting provider Rackspace already runs a UK information centre on 100 percent renewables, while software-as-a-service dilettante Salesforce is due to open a new UK information centre this year, that will do a same.

Oracle did not transport so well, with usually 15 percent of a appetite rated clean, and receiving an F rating for a joining to renewable energy, on a scale of A-F.

Gary Cook, comparison IT researcher during Greenpeace, said: “Apple, Facebook and Google are powering a online lives with purify energy, and building a greener offline universe for everybody in a process.

“Apple’s fast change to renewable appetite over a past 24 months has done it transparent because it’s one of a world’s many innovative and renouned companies,” Cook said. “By stability to buy unwashed energy, Amazon Web Services not usually can’t seem to keep adult with Apple, though is boring many of a internet down with it.”

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Apple Fans May Have to Wait Longer for Larger iPhone

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Source: Thinkstock

The latest iPhone 6 rumors advise that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) will face some arrangement shortages for a next-generation device that is pronounced to be even bigger than a predecessors. Making bigger, phablet-sized smartphones with shade sizes between 5 and 6 inches is a trend that opposition Samsung (SSNLF.PK) has already jumped on, while a latest iPhones have four-inch screens.

Rumors have suggested that Apple is formulation dual opposite shade sizes for a iPhone 6, with a latest measure being 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. Sources who spoke to Reuters said that while prolongation of a smaller device is on schedule, a 5.5-inch phone arrangement could see delays, definition Apple fans could have to wait even longer for an Apple phone-tablet hybrid.

The sources pronounced that a reason for a delays is complications per in-cell technology. In-cell touchscreen record allows for touchscreen smartphones to be thinner than regulating normal touchscreen panels. That record is used in a dual iPhone 5 models. Reuters’ sources pronounced that a 5.5-inch arrangement is confronting prolongation problems due to that technology, and a preference was done to start mass producing a 4.7-inch shade while a issues for a incomparable arrangement are worked out.

That smaller iPhone 6 arrangement could start mass prolongation as shortly as May, while a 5.5-inch shade might not start prolongation until several months later. The iPhone 6 is approaching to be expelled someday in a fall, and if Reuters’ sources are scold about those prolongation issues, a 5.5-inch indication might not be prepared for recover by then.

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Jesse Jackson Takes on Lack Of Diversity in Technology

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

On Monday, Jackson sent a minute to tech heavyweights, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, HP, Google and others saying that: “Technology is ostensible to be about inclusion, though sadly, patterns of ostracism stays a sequence of a day.”

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iOS 8 brings new changes to Notification Center, Messages

Friday, March 14th, 2014

The initial screenshots leaked from iOS 8 applications have been unveiled.

Credit: Apple

Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac has schooled new information about a subsequent Apple handling complement update, a iOS 8, from a arguable source.

The images that were leaked on a net uncover screenshots of an iPhone with several apps.

Based on a pictures, it can be pronounced that 4 new applications could be enclosed in a new chronicle of a system: Preview, TextEdit, Tips and Healthbook.

Healthbook should capacitate a showing of users’ critical parameters (blood pressure, heart rate) regulating their smartphones.

Apple could urge a Voice Memos app in iOS 8, creation it clearer. Some users have complained about a miss of clarity of controls, generally with courtesy to playback of recordings.

CarPlay might shortly also work over Wi-Fi instead of connected by a Lightning connector.

Apple is also pronounced to be contrast a duty that would concede apps to improved promulgate among any other.

Regarding a Game Center application, a news records that Apple is meditative of banning a app from iOS and Mac OS X as it is apparently underused. The app will be integrated directly into diversion apps.

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Apple iPad marketplace share thinning: Report

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Apple iPad marketplace share thinning: Report

Johannesburg: Apple’s iPad marketplace share is reportedly decreasing, a new investigate has revealed.

Despite Apple being a tip inscription vendor, investigate organisation Gartner found that a tech hulk hold 36 percent of inscription marketplace share in 2013.

Although, it is still heading Samsung, that is during 19.1 percent, Apple’s share has tumbled from 52.8 percent in 2012, while opposition South Korean giant’s have rose from 7.4 percent over a same period, News24 reports.

Gartner pronounced that a enlargement and alleviation of a Galaxy inscription portfolio, together with clever selling and promotions, helped Samsung cringe a opening with Apple.

The organisation suggested that while tablets have seen large expansion of 68 percent over a final dual years, PCs have seen their misfortune ever decline, dropping to roughly 10 percent.

The news pronounced that some-more people, quite in building markets, were branch to mobile intelligent technologies like smartphones and tablets during a responsibility of normal PCs.


First Published: Thursday, Mar 06, 2014, 12:04

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Wishful thinking: Why it’d be good if Apple combined a line of Ive-designed bureau …

Thursday, February 27th, 2014



I have a series of friends who can’t know since we compensate what they impute to as ‘the Apple tax’: a reward paid for Apple products over alternatives that offer most a same functionality.

I can disagree about a functionality, of course. The usability, fortitude and (usually!) confidence of OS X are all things value profitable for in my view, yet I’m not ashamed to acknowledge that aesthetics also matter to me. When I’m going to spend 8+ hours in front of a computer, I’d rather we was looking during something neat and pleasing rather than something plastic, nauseous and a duty to use and understand.

I feel a same approach about a other record on my table and in my office, yet it isn’t always easy to find pack that works good and looks a partial too. we can’t assistance meditative there’s a lot of bureau record that could use a Jony Ive hold … 

I’m not just articulate about aesthetics. Anyone who has ever set adult a standard wireless printer will expected remember a pain for some time. As Ive himself has said, pattern is not customarily about how a product looks, yet also how it works. An Apple-specced printer should bond around USB, ask me for my wifi network certification and 10 seconds after tell me it’s configured and we can mislay a cable.

A scanner, likewise, should not need a apart application to be running, we should simply bond it and be means to immediately indicate a document, with OS X seeking me what we wish to do with it, and possibly we wish to do that customarily this once or always.

It also took about 30 seconds for someone to review this post and make this suggestion:

I couldn’t determine more: unequivocally a difficulty that could use some Apple-like usability.

But in ubiquitous it’s easier to find pack that does a pursuit than tech that looks like it belongs on a same table as a Mac.


There are some third-party companies out there that do a good job. My iCube speakers (seemingly now discontinued) demeanour right during home there, as do my B+W P5 headphones. In fact, flattering most anything by B+W or BO would pass a test.

But my printer, scanner and shredder, not so much. The best that can be pronounced about those black cosmetic equipment is that they are inoffensive. Not a cut of anodised aluminum in sight.

It wouldn’t be rare for Apple to make a operation of peripherals. Apple has dabbled in speakers and Bluetooth headsets. In a early days of a Mac, Apple done printers (and indeed was mostly obliged for popularising laserprinters and giving birth to a desktop edition series behind in a late 80s). It of march still creates monitors and wifi routers today. But mostly a online and sell stores act as curators, charity a preference of third-party pack a association thinks creates a grade.

It does this pursuit improved with some product categories than others. There’s a good preference of Apple-like audio pack to select from, for example, and some of a outmost tough drives also parasite a pattern box. But printers …


Scanners …


I’d disagree that a best of them tumble into a ‘inoffensive’ category; nobody is going to mistake any of them for anything designed by Apple.

Apple wouldn’t need to make a tangible technology, any some-more than it does with a Macs, iPhones and iPads. Just emanate a specs, including a user-interfaces, and pattern a casings.

I commend this is pristine unhappy meditative on my part, of course. Macs are now a relatively tiny part of Apple’s business, and a numbers customarily make clarity during all since a normal sell cost is distant aloft than for iDevices. Mac peripherals would be customarily that.

iPhone accessories (beyond cases) competence make some-more clarity in terms of numbers, yet reduction clarity in terms of revenue: a immeasurable infancy of them are low-cost items.

On a other hand, accessories could be noticed like AppleCare: a comparatively easy appendage sale to move in some additional bucks. Offer a relating printer and scanner with 0 pattern alongside a Mac purchase, and I’d have suspicion adequate people would go for it to make it viable.

It competence also go some approach to obliging analysts, during slightest quickly pausing a continuous direct for new product categories. An Apple printer, scanner or orator complement is frequency a insubordinate expansion product, yet they could strike adult a normal value of a sale by a inestimable amount, and analysts caring about dollar signs, not technology.

Am we alone in my day-dreaming here, or would others also be meddlesome in removing their hands on some accessories with a Jony Ive magic? Take a poll, and let us know in a comments.

Apple rigourously appeals ebooks antitrust ruling, asks for guard to be dangling until a new preference is made

Apple releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 with SSL fix, FaceTime Audio, hit blocking, Mail fixes

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12 Responses to “Wishful thinking: Why it’d be good if Apple combined a line of Ive-designed bureau technology products”

  1. Hunter Persse says:

    That would be sweet!

  2. Casey Hancock says:

    Apple would be mocked for creation printers again, yet I’d buy dual of them currently if they were offered. we need a printer during home, and have for about a year, yet we haven’t bought one since we know how bad they are. About any dual weeks we have to assistance my mom with her inkjet printer.

    Everything about personal printers is customarily “broken.” How they work, how they look, a stupidity of ink prices; all of it is absurd. The suspicion of a zero-config printer we could buy alongside my Apple tech and that would come corroborated with Apple’s top-tier patron support.makes me a slobber a small bit. And yes, I’m wakeful of how fanboi-ish that sounds.

    • thejuanald says:

      Ink prices are insanity, pristine and simple.

  3. Fil Aperture says:

    Well, some people do have neat ideas, yet we frequency ever see them in stores. Bit like a judgment cars that customarily demeanour some most improved than their lifeless brood in a showroom…

  4. Mr. Grey (@mister_grey) says:

    Hmmmm … You *really* don’t know since a world’s heading COMPUTER company, that is heading a assign for a paperless bureau wouldn’t have their possess line of paper and coop holders and printers?

    • Ben Lovejoy says:

      I’m 99.9 percent paperless:

      But even we need a printer and a coop spasmodic …

    • thejuanald says:

      Industry will not turn paperless in a nearby future, generally in a sciences. My work has collection annals that are hundreds of page long, and on my project, we make during slightest one of those collection annals any dual weeks. That’s customarily from me, and we work in a heading association in a universe in my field.

  5. Paul Threatt says:

    BO already exists for people that wish high art in a wider operation consumer goods. If Apple wanted to make unequivocally expensive, overly thick anodized aluminum bureau supplies, they’d have really few customers. Apple can remonstrate someone that they could advantage from an iPhone or an iMac that’s value a “apple tax”, yet that representation would turn a fun if you’re articulate about a desktop business label holder.

    • Ben Lovejoy says:

      I’m meditative some-more record than business label holders

  6. pucagaeilge says:

    It’s unhappy to consider that American skill has sunk to such levels that customarily one company, Apple, puts adequate suspicion and caring into any product and into a prolonged tenure ROI that one gets from a truly well-designed product, that no other association comes to mind as a critical competitor.

    Capitalism is good. Competition is good. Why can no other association contest with Apple? Has corporate enlightenment incited into that 1984 commercial?–more of a same, with no genuine ingenuity?

  7. thejuanald says:

    My HP 5150 Photosmart printer was a zephyr to setup wirelessly, on both my Windows 8.1 appurtenance and my Macbook Air. It was roughly accurately what we described as your ideal, solely we never had to bond it around USB. Basically it was customarily Add Printer-Network Printer-pick a customarily network printer that pops up-type in wireless password-done.

    I determine that Jony Ive would pattern some extraordinary peripherals, though, and we would wish they would be concordant with possibly Windows or OSX. we would buy mixed peripherals right away, for a aesthetics alone.

    • Ben Lovejoy says:

      Cool – that’s massively improved than a ones I’ve set up!

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Apple issues repair for vivid confidence smirch on Mac computers

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Apple has released fixes for a confidence smirch in a Macintosh computers that allows hackers to prevent information such as email, patching a vital and annoying glitch that came to light several days ago.


2:30 p.m. CST, February 25, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Apple Inc has released fixes for a confidence smirch in a Macintosh computers that allows hackers to prevent information such as email, patching a vital and annoying glitch that came to light several days ago.

The confidence refurbish for users of Apple’s OS X mechanism handling program follows a repair released for iPhones final week, definition all Apple device users now have entrance to a patch.

  • Related
  • An Apple trademark is seen during an Apple store in Pudong, a financial district of Shanghai

    An Apple trademark is seen during an Apple store in Pudong, a financial district of Shanghai

The smirch authorised enemy with entrance to a mobile user’s network, such as a common unsecured wireless use offering by a cafe, to see or change exchanges between a user and stable sites such as Google Inc’s Gmail or Facebook.

Governments with entrance to telecom conduit information could do a same, experts said.

On Tuesday, Apple pronounced in a matter that a Mac confidence refurbish also softened facilities such as a FaceTime videoconferencing use and email.

The smirch seemed associated to a approach in that well-understood protocols were implemented, and how Apple’s program recognizes digital certificates used by websites to settle encrypted connections.

Researchers have pronounced a bug could have been benefaction for months. Apple has not pronounced when or how it schooled about a smirch in a approach iOS handles sessions, in what are famous as secure sockets covering (SSL) or ride covering security. Nor has it pronounced either a smirch was being exploited.

A orator for a association declined to criticism on Tuesday.

(Reporting by Edwin Chan; Editing by Richard Chang)

Article source:,0,3259705.story