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Google to Grow 30 Percent Faster in India, Eyeing to launch Asia Data Centres …

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Google admirers in India can design a poignant jump in terms of speed and opening of products from Google this year. Reportedly, a program hulk is eyeing to launch a Asia information centers shortly in early 2013, that will speed adult several services rendered by a hunt engine in India.

The nation head, India Products during Google remarked that these information centers will be vicious to a Indian marketplace as a speed of Internet connectivity is not so high in India. Numerous web amicable services inlcuding You Tube, Google Hangouts and some-more will get partially aloft bandwidths. The new information centers would make these services many con giveaway and faster.

Google Will Launch Asia Data Centers Early This Year

The proclamation for building information centers was let famous to a universe in Sep 2011 itself. Google has also invested about $100 million for any facility. The many engaging fact is that it is rising a company-built information centers in Asia-Pacific segment for a initial time.

Google done a matter per this matter that a series of people entrance online bland are augmenting in Asia than any other segment in a universe and a association is looking brazen to creation investments in this segment to optimize this scenario.

The ‘Economic Times’ has reported that a information core in Singapore will turn operational in early 2013. Taiwan is a subsequent nation to be scheduled adult for a information centre according to this report.

The trickery will start functioning in this nation by a second half of stream year. India is not among a list of probable information centre locations done by Google.

The feverishness and steam turn is a reason preventing India from anticipating a place in a list. Google’s information centers need endless cooling and they rest on outward atmosphere for cooling servers. Hence, India would not be ideal for building such a information centre any time soon.


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Data Center Consolidation and Adopting Cloud Computing in 2013 – SYS

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Throughout 2012 vast organizations and governments around a universe continued to onslaught with a thought of consolidating emasculate information centers, server closets, and particular “rogue” servers sparse around their craving or supervision agencies.  Issues dealt with a cost of handling information centers, disaster supervision of information record resources, and of march tellurian factors centered on control, power, or influence of jobs in a fast elaborating IT industry.

Cloud computing and virtualization continue to have an impact on all converging discussions, not usually from a standpoint of providing a many improved indication for handling earthy assets, though also in a intensity cloud offers to solve disaster liberation shortfalls, urge standardization, and inspire or capacitate growth of service-oriented architectures.

Our impasse in projects trimming from local, state, and inhabitant supervision levels in both a United States and other countries indicates a unchanging need for responding a following concerns:

  • Existing IT infrastructure, including both IT and facility, is reaching a finish of a operational life
  • Collaboration mandate between inner and outmost users are expanding quickly, pushing an architectural need for interoperability
  • Decision support systems need entrance to both tender data, and “big data/archival data”

We would like to see an bid within a IT village to pierce in a following directions:

  1. Real bid during decommissioning and expelling emasculate information centers
  2. All information and applications should be fit into an craving pattern horizon – regardless of a distance of classification or data
  3. Aggressive growth of standards ancillary interoperability, portability, and reuse of objects and data

Regardless of a really open failures gifted by cloud use providers over a past year, a existence is cloud computing as an IT pattern and indication is gaining traction, and is not expected to go divided any time soon.  As with any rising use or technology, cloud services will continue to rise and mature, shortening a impact and magnitude of failures.

Future Data CentersWhy would an classification continue to buy individual high powered workstations, individual software licenses, and device-bound storage when a same focus can be delivered to a elementary display, or far-reaching accumulation of displays, with standardised web-enabled cloud (SaaS) applications that store goal vicious information images on a secure storage complement during a secure site?  Why not facilitate the transition from CAPEX to OPEX, permit to subscription, infrastructure to product and use development?

In reality, unless an classification is in a hardware or program growth business, there is really tiny technical justification for building and handling a information center.  This includes secure comforts ancillary troops or other supportive sites.

The cost of building and progressing a information center, compared with possibly outsourcing into a blurb colocation site – or virtualizing data, applications, and network entrance mandate has gained a courtesy of CFOs and CEOs, requiring IT managers to some-more categorically clear a cost of building inner infrastructure vs. outsourcing.  This is fast apropos a really formidable task.

Money spent on a information core infrastructure is mislaid to a organization.  The cost of labor is high, a cost of energy, space, and upkeep is high.  Mooney that could be improved practical to product and use development, patron use capacity, or other income and customer-facing activities.

The Bandwidth Factor

The one vital reduction a IT village will need to overcome as information core converging continues and cloud services turn a ‘norm, is bandwidth.  Applications, such as streaming video, one communications, and information complete applications will need some-more bandwidth.  The telecom companies are creation progress, carrying deployed 100gbps backbone ability in many markets.  However this ability will need to continue flourishing fast to accommodate a needs of organizations wanting to entrance information and applications stored or hosted within a practical or cloud computing environment.

Consider a inhabitant government’s IT requirements.  If a government, like most, are based within a metro area.  The agencies and departments consolidate their particular data centers and server closets into a executive or reduced series of facilities.   Government interoperability frameworks start to make tiny stairs permitting cross-agency information sharing, and particular users need entrance to a accumulation of applications and information sources indispensable to perform their preference support requirements.

For example, a GIS (Geospatial/Geographic Information System) with mixed demographic or other overlays.  Individual users will need to arrangement information that might be drawn from several information sources, by GIS applications, and arrangement a vast volume of formidable information on particular arrangement screens.  Without broadband entrance between both a user and application, as good as focus and information sources, a outcome will be a really bad user experience.

Another instance is regulating a capabilities of video conferencing, desktop sharing, and interactive persistent-state focus sharing.  Without adequate bandwidth this is simply not possible.

Revisiting a “4th Utility” for 2013

The final vision on a 2013 “wishlist” is that we, as an IT industry, continue to acknowledge a need for building a 4th Utility.  This is a thought that broadband communications, estimate ability (including SaaS applications), and storage is a right of all citizens.  Much like a initial 3 utilities, roads, water, and electricity, a 4th Utility contingency be a simple partial of all discussions associated to national, state, or inner infrastructure discussions.  As we pierce into a subsequent millennium, Internet-enabled, or something like Internet-enabled communications will be an essential partial of all a lives.

The 4th Utility requires high capacity fiber ocular infrastructure and broadband wireless be delivered to any location within a nation that supports a village or individual connected to a community.   We’ll have to [pay a price to entrance a application (same as other utilities), though it is a right and requirement to broach a utility.

2013 will be a lot of fun for us in a IT industry.  Cloud computing is going to impact everybody – one approach or a other.  Individual information centers will continue to close.  Service-oriented architectures, craving architecture, routine modeling, and pattern potency will expostulate a lot of innovation.   – We’ll remove some players, benefit players, and and we’ll be in a improved position during a finish of 2013 than today.

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FUJITSU LIMITED : Daiwa Institute of Research, Fujitsu, and KDDI Build … – 4

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Dec 25, 2012
Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.
Fujitsu Limited
KDDI Corporation

Deployed to a Central Bank of Myanmar, cloud-enhanced doing potency will minister to expansion of a nation’s financial markets

Tokyo, Dec 25, 2012 – Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd. (DIR),Fujitsu Limited, and KDDI Corporation now announced that they have collaborated to build a Republic of a Union of Myanmar’s initial cloud computing environment. Built for a Central Bank of Myanmar, a new cloud sourroundings is designed to urge potency in a bank’s operations. It consists of a private cloud height designed, constructed, and operated in correspondence with a Alliance Cloud, a standardised cloud indication approved by a DIR-led Global Alliance for User-driven Cloud Computing, as good as a desktop use that facilities confidence countermeasures.

In allege of a fast-approaching mercantile formation of ASEAN nations scheduled for 2015, Myanmar, now fast implementing approved reforms, has been actively seeking to update a financial zone by relaxing financial regulations, creation preparations to settle a batch exchange() and holding other initiatives. Under these circumstances, doing fortitude during a Central Bank of Myanmar is ever-more essential to a country’s financial complement given a pivotal purpose in arising and doing banking and implementing financial policy.

Up until now, many aspects of a Central Bank of Myanmar’s formidable operations were being achieved by hand. With a volume of a bank’s work approaching to fast boost in line with a country’s mercantile development, doing a aloft volume of paperwork was deliberate a intensity problem. In serve to significantly improving a bank’s operational efficiency, a new computing sourroundings incorporates high-grade confidence levels compulsory by supervision financial institutions, and allows for a discerning and fast doing of financial process measures by a executive bank, thereby ancillary a tolerable expansion of Myanmar’s economy.

In introducing a new computing environment, DIR was in assign of conceptualizing and building a cloud height and depot environment. Fujitsu was obliged for providing hardware equipment, such as servers and mechanism terminals as good as building and delivering palm capillary authentication systems. KDDI was obliged for conceptualizing and building a bank’s internal area network. Going forward, a 3 companies intend to use Japanese-level quality, rarely arguable solutions to foster a adoption of ICT within Myanmar’s financial attention as good as among a accumulation of other companies, thereby contributing to a serve expansion of Myanmar’s economy.

Comment by Takashi Fukai, President, Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.

For many years, DIR has been providing support for a cultivation of Myanmar’s financial markets. In May of this year, DIR and Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc. resolved a chit of bargain with a Central Bank of Myanmar to combine on a investiture of a bonds exchange. This new computing sourroundings paves a approach to build an ICT infrastructure that is indispensable for a modernization of Myanmar’s financial complement and represents an critical miracle toward a investiture of a batch exchange. We are respected that this critical computing sourroundings employs a cloud height and uses a desktop services. As we pierce ahead, DIR would like to precedence a different expertise, such as a knowledge as a consider tank in building financial markets and building systems. We will also be creation a poignant grant to a expansion of Myanmar’s financial markets regulating a bonds business imagination of a Daiwa Securities Group.

Comment by Masami Yamamoto, President, Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu is respected to attend in this plan to build an ICT sourroundings for Myanmar’s financial markets, that will be undergoing fast modernization. Even before to this project, Fujitsu has built cloud platforms that approve with a Alliance Cloud standards, creation an array of proposals that precedence a cloud capabilities. We aim to implement this imagination to support a expansion of Japanese-level peculiarity cloud-based ICT resources in Myanmar and other Asian countries to minister to a tolerable expansion of society.

Comment by Takashi Tanaka, President, KDDI Corporation

For over 51 years, KDDI has had internal subsidiaries in Southeast Asia and supposing solutions to support both a internal companies formed in a segment as good as a internal subsidiaries of Japanese businesses. We wish to use that resources of knowledge and imagination to assistance build a bureau networks of companies substantiating operations in Myanmar. We will also use a KDDI Group’s ICT business knowledge in Southeast Asia to minister to a expansion of Myanmar while delivering services that are homogeneous in peculiarity to a services we yield in Japan.

Overview of a Computing Environment

This sold computing sourroundings is a skinny customer complement contracting DIR’s THiNC desktop virtualization solution, that has a proven lane record in a horde of applications within a Daiwa Securities Group. The complement height for THiNC utilizes a cloud sourroundings that is designed, constructed, and operated in correspondence with a Alliance Cloud, a standardised cloud indication approved by a Global Alliance for User-driven Cloud Computing. A practical desktop sourroundings will be permitted from any skinny customer depot and applications indispensable for carrying out word estimate and work on spreadsheets will be accessible for use only like on unchanging computers.

The sourroundings is stoical of Fujitsu hardware, including PRIMERGY x86 servers, ETERNUS storage systems, and LIFEBOOK cover PCs. A sum of 150 terminals are now in operation during a Central Bank of Myanmar’s bureau in Yangon. For extended security, a secure copy complement has been introduced that uses a Fujitsu PalmSecure palm capillary authentication technology.

The bank’s internal area network is being grown by KDDI, that boasts a extensive lane record of delivering solutions in Southeast Asia, as good as knowledge in ancillary a construction of offices for many Japanese companies in Myanmar. Within a bank’s building, from entrance points to particular terminals, connectors are done around a wireless LAN that maintains a same high confidence standards that can be found in Japan. Moreover, in light of Myanmar’s inconstant supply of power, a complement incorporates capabilities such as uninterruptible energy supply (UPS) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality.

By leveraging a imagination in building and doing systems in Myanmar gained by this project, Fujitsu, DIR and KDDI will essay to accommodate a direct for ICT in Myanmar, that is approaching to grow extremely in a future. As a result, a companies will support a country’s continued expansion by a sustenance of leading-edge services and solutions with Japan-level peculiarity and high reliability.

About a Global Alliance for User-driven Cloud Computing

The Global Alliance for User-driven Cloud Computing is an bid travelling mixed companies that pursues, and implements around cloud computing, ICT services that accommodate a needs of users from a user-driven perspective. One categorical priority of these activities is to move together mixed cloud platforms configured with a farrago of inclination and program and rise a horizon for pity over-abundance resources among these several platforms.

To accommodate this goal, a Global Alliance for User-driven Cloud Computing is collaborating with a far-reaching operation of vendors to exam cloud height technologies able of regulating as mission-critical systems. As partial of this initiative, a organisation is operative to rise virtualization technologies and settle doing discipline that can assistance to cushion differences between inclination used among any platform. It is also building a horizon that will advantage both users and vendors by providing feedback to vendors per problems detected during a tests.

As one instance of how a formula of these tests have been put to use, in Nov 2011 operations commenced for Japan’s initial hybrid cloud platform, agreeable with a Alliance Cloud. The new height is operated from Fujitsu’s Tatebayashi System Center and is connected to Daiwa Institute of Research’s possess datacenter. In addition, in Oct 2012, dual corroboration centers in Kanagawa and Osaka were connected and are now holding continual tests regulating a latest technologies, including a construction and corroboration of a entirely involuntary disaster liberation complement between a dual datacenters.

There are now 3 member companies that form a Global Alliance for User-driven Cloud Computing: Daiwa Institute of Research Holdings Ltd., NS Solutions Corporation, and Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd. Going forward, a multitude skeleton to continue compelling a expansion of cloud platforms and ICT services that are easy to use for users inside and outward of Japan, with an eye toward expanding a efforts in Myanmar and other Asian countries.

Glossary and Notes

On May 29, 2012, DIR, Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc., and a Central Bank of Myanmar resolved a chit of bargain regarding to team-work toward substantiating a batch sell in Myanmar.

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is a heading Japanese information and communication record (ICT) association charity a full operation of record products, solutions and services. Over 170,000 Fujitsu people support business in some-more than 100 countries. We use a knowledge and a energy of ICT to figure a destiny of multitude with a customers. Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported combined revenues of 4.5 trillion yen (US$54 billion) for a mercantile year finished Mar 31, 2012. For some-more information, greatfully see

Press Contacts

Fujitsu Limited

All association or product names mentioned herein are trademarks or purebred trademarks of their particular owners. Information supposing in this press recover is accurate during time of announcement and is theme to change but allege notice.

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Rackspace focuses on Sydney datacentre and building support team

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Partners traffic with Rackspace can demeanour brazen to an even bigger support group subsequent year as a IT hosting association expects to double a series of staff by a second quater of 2013.

Rackspace A/NZ channel manager, Brendon McHugh, says this pierce follows a year of “phenomenal” expansion for a company.

“Our group of internal ‘Rackers’ grew from a handful of staff progressing in a year to a clever support group of 20 and staff,” he said.

The launch of Rackspace’s Sydney datacentre in August means a company’s internal record portfolio will expected enhance subsequent year.

“I will work closely with a channel partners to make certain they maximize a opportunities that come with it,” McHugh said.

As for what tech trends Rackspace will be gripping an eye on subsequent year, McHugh expects businesses to be looking to get some-more from their technology.

That means stretchable solutions will sojourn in high demand, not to discuss businesses will be seeking for Cloud agility and large information analytics.

“Customers are starting to design craving turn support from a channel and a leisure to pierce simply between vendors, and channel players that are incompetent to yield that will be affected,” McHugh said.

As businesses start to recognize a intensity of a Cloud during a front end, all a while meaningful that supportive information is rubbed firmly on private infrastructure, McHugh foresees a series of stretchable hybrid solutions on a marketplace to increase.

Having been tender by a rate during that a Australian channel blending to Cloud record this year, McHugh expects a trend to continue into subsequent year.

“In a case, business generated by a channel has increasing from a tiny commission to half a sales figures, and it will keep flourishing in 2013.”

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Apple to enhance fuel dungeon trickery for information centre

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

If a skeleton submitted to a North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) are approved, a facility, that serves Apple’s Maiden information centre, will be a largest non-utility fuel dungeon designation handling anywhere in a U.S. – a climax that it quickly mislaid to ebay’s 6 MW trickery in Utah – also fuelled by landfill gas. In sum a information centre will pull around 20 MW of appetite during full capacity, of that it will furnish some 60% on-site.

The recently finished Maiden information centre will utilize biogas to equivalent healthy gas use and Apple states that a commissioning of a trickery is partial of a joining to revoke a company’s environmental impact by appetite efficient, immature building design. The building is already intensely appetite fit and has warranted a desired LEED Platinum acceptance from a US Green Building Council. The biogas plant is located adjacent to a information centre and will eventually be powered by 100% biogas providing over 40 million kWh of 24×7 baseload renewable appetite annually.

The association also skeleton to build a nation’s largest finish user-owned onsite solar array on land surrounding a information centre. The 100 acre, 20MW facility, when complete, will supply 42 million kWh of renewable appetite annually.

The focus to NCUC settled that a upgraded trickery would underline 50 particular fuel cells located on a singular site adjacent to a information centre and will be fuelled by destined biogas from landfill – a renewable appetite source as tangible by a Commissions Order.

The projected constant ability of a upgraded plant will be 9.6 MW, with 10 MW being a limit nameplate capacity. The initial 4.8 MW fuel dungeon designation began start-up and contrast in Oct 2012 and a full 10 MW plant is expected to be operational by Jan 2013.

Sunnyvale, California formed fuel dungeon specialist, Bloom Energy will supply a plain oxide fuel cells being commissioned during a plant.

Further information:

Apple (US) Environmental

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Aerial Photos of Apple’s Oregon Data Center Site

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

What’s a ‘tactical information centre’?

Wondering a same thing.

As against to a vital information centre? Who knows?

It’s a temporary/popup datacenter. If we demeanour during a closeup of it, you’ll notice you’ve got one categorical (Rather proxy looking) building, and shipping containers along a side of it. Each of those shipping containers is kitted out a a mini datacenter.

The trailer parked adult behind those, will expected be a backup generator for a proxy server farm.

They are sincerely common now, however unequivocally shouldnt be used for something as important/mission vicious as iCloud IMO. I’ve seen a few providers review to regulating these usually to have it all go titties adult when anything happened continue wise.

I theory it’s all down to how good built they are. Quite a few companies make and use these now. HP, IBM, Sun, Google, Cisco, Toshiba to name a few.

Sun yield a garland of good videos display their ‘Project Blackbox’ datacenter in a shipping container:

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Telus opens internet information centre in Rimouski

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Telus has non-stop a CAD 65 million Intelligent Internet Data Centre in Rimouski. Telus skeleton to deposit an additional CAD 13 million in combined IT infrastructure to move cloud-based services to Quebec and Canadian businesses.

For a construction of a new building, Telus teamed adult with data-centre construction association Skanska, as good as with Callisson, Cosentini and Inertech. The new Tier III design-certified centre is a initial Telus internet information centre built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold standards.

The Telus Intelligent Internet information centre is connected to a company’s inhabitant IP network and is companion with vital information centers opposite a country. Telus chose to build a information centre in Rimouski for a suitable continue meridian permitting some-more fit cooling. This enables healthy cooling scarcely each day of a year. Telus expects a Rimouski Centre to need usually 40 hours per year of cooling around automatic systems.

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Data core design: How to equivocate a $5 million mistake

Friday, November 30th, 2012

During a new patron meeting, we beheld an hapless trend in information core pattern projects.
The boost in apparatus firmness has increased a complexity of information core pattern to a point
where business now believe multimillion-dollar overruns on projects that still tumble brief of
the pattern objectives of N+1 (what’s indispensable to support a load, and one for redundancy)

It is transparent that a plea of designing, building and handling high-density,
high-efficiency comforts doesn’t stop with a pattern and engineering of a facility. It also
requires a well-organized governance structure overseeing a efforts of a specialized, experienced
and unprejudiced team. With millions of dollars during stake, we’ve seen shortcuts interpret into nauseous and
expensive mistakes.

The Importance of Expertise

In this new client’s case, a IT group attempted to do all right in building a facility,
but still ran into vital problems. (As a note, I’m going to change a details to keep the
company anonymous; for a consequence of argument, let’s contend it is a biotech firm.) Essentially, the
company was building a new information center, and it let a comforts group expostulate a vessel in terms of
the pattern and build process. The comforts group had always worked closely with an engineering
company with a lot of believe building purify rooms. Clean bedrooms are flattering identical to data
centers, so how tough could it be? In a good-faith effort, a engineering group did a task to
design a rarely surplus N+1 facility. Unfortunately, though, a finish outcome was a trickery with
multiple singular points of failure. Without a applicable information core experience, a engineers mixed
things adult and designed and built a trickery with 12 2MW backup generators when 7 would have
sufficed. Ouch: That’s a $5 million mistake. To make matters worse, a cooling ability was
insufficient to cold a compulsory 8 MW of IT bucket during an N+1 level. You get a picture: The project
required rarely specialized information core pattern believe to forestall a vital issue; now that same
expertise is being used to repair what could have been finished right a initial time.

The multiple of lunatic governance, inequitable vendors and advisers, and fresh team
members resulted in a unpleasant and costly outcome. IT executives constantly essay to make IT a
strategic component of their business organizations. But overspending on unsound information center
infrastructure creates a veteran hole that is mostly formidable to stand out of.

So what’s a solution? There’s no china bullet, though anticipating devoted advisers with relevant
experience is a good start. Developing a governance indication that elicits submit from a entire
organization creates an sourroundings that enables a successful outcome. Except for a really largest,
most worldly organizations, a possibility of any IT classification carrying all a answers in-house
is small. IT leaders need to know what they’re good during and where to go to get a answers they
can’t supply from within their teams. And many of all, they need to keep seeking a hard
questions—the ones to that they don’t already know a answers.

About a author:
Steve Gunderson is a principal during
Transitional Data Services.

This was initial published in Nov 2012

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Thursday, November 29th, 2012

CSF Group plc

(“CSF” or “the Group”)


For a Six Months Ended 30 Sep 2012

CSF Group plc (AIM: CSFG), a heading provider of information centre comforts and services in South East Asia and the largest provider of information centre services in Malaysia, is gratified to announce a unaudited half-yearly formula for a 6 months finished 30 Sep 2012.

Financial highlights:

•  Group income during RM63.9m (£12.9m*) (H1 2012: RM91.7m (£18.5m*))

· Data centre let income augmenting by 51.4% to RM51.0m (£10.3m*) (H1 2012: RM33.7m (£6.8m*)) especially due to a let of Block A of CX5 commencing Apr 2012

•  Profit before taxation reduce during RM1.4m (£0.3m*) (H1 2012: RM30.1m (£6.1m*)) due to reduce pattern and expansion revenue and a Group’s share of detriment of a jointly tranquil entity

•  EPS reduce during 0.12 sen (0.02p*) per share (H1 2012: 15.53 sen (3.13 p*) per share)

•  Closing money position as at 30 Sep 2012 of RM89.7m (£18.1m*) (31 Mar 2012: RM52.8m (£10.6m)) with certain handling money upsurge of RM41.8m (£8.4m*) (H1 2012: disastrous handling money upsurge of RM3.3m (£0.7m*))

Operational highlights

Our Malaysian information centres, CX1, CX2, CX3 and Block A of CX5 operated on a full occupancy basement around a financial period

•  PT Cyber CSF has finished a fit-out works on a initial 2 levels of CXJ information centre in Jakarta, Indonesia and a series of business have commenced control in Jul 2012

•  Commenced Block B fit-out works during CX5 information centre that is scheduled for execution by a finish of a stream financial year

Advanced negotiations with regards to a expansion of CX Singapore

•  Submitted revised offer to a patron for a expansion of CX6 on a warden agreement basis

•  Ongoing discussions to rise high peculiarity information centres in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand and Indonesia

*        The pro forma balances in pounds Sterling are enclosed usually for convenience. The pro forma balances in pounds Sterling are stated, as a matter of arithmetical mathematics only, on a basement of all stream and before year balances being translated from Malaysian Ringgits into pounds Sterling during a rate prevalent on 30 Sep 2012 of RM4.9629 : £1.00.  This interpretation should not be construed as definition that a Malaysian Ringgit amounts indeed represent, have been, or could be converted into a settled series of pounds Sterling.

Adrian Yong, CEO of CSF Group, commented

“With a determined lane record and marketplace care in South East Asia, we are now good positioned to offer a products and services over a normal geographic range. The direct for a information centres shown by impending customers, including companies shaped in a North America, continues to grow notwithstanding a widely reported severe tellurian mercantile environment.

We continue to rivet network use providers to raise a network connectivity of a comforts to safeguard that we sojourn as a heading provider of information centre comforts and services in a selected region.

Despite carrying temporally crude a expansion of CX6 and CX Singapore, we stays committed to these projects and trust that we are now in a improved position to make estimable swell on these and a series of other projects. Our business therefore stays good positioned for destiny growth.”

For serve information:

CSF Group

Adrian Yong, Chief Executive

+603 8318 1313

Cenkos Securities (Nominated Adviser Broker)

Ian Soanes or Bobbie Hilliam

+44 (0)20 7397 8900


Jeremy Garcia / Gabriella Clinkard

+44 (0)20 7466 5000


The Group has been means to grasp a certain set of formula despite significantly reduce than a analogous duration carrying gifted proxy setbacks in a pattern and expansion business.

Our joining towards enhancing a peculiarity of a services and products has been good perceived by a business as demonstrated by attaining full occupancy of CX1, CX2, CX3 and Block A of CX5 around a financial period. The Group has commenced a fit-out works for Block B of CX5 that is scheduled for execution by a finish of a stream financial year.

We have done substantial swell with CXJ trickery in Jakarta, Indonesia with a execution of a fit-out work of a initial 2 levels of a information centre. A series of business have commenced control in Jul 2012. The Group continues to marketplace a trickery and expects to be means to secure some-more business by a finish of financial year 2013. 

Growth strategy

CSF’s extended plan is to continue to concentration on achieving expansion and augmenting a tolerable revenues, while investing in a longer-term core resources of building additional capacity. The Group continues to rivet with carriers and ISPs to immigrate during a Computer Exchanges. Enhanced network connectivity options will definitely make a Computer Exchanges some-more compelling.

We continue to deposit in building a technical trust to serve settle a care purpose in a information centre attention including standards and best practices. Our technical crew bear internal, bureau and outmost training. The training includes acceptance by authorities such as The Uptime Institute (TUI) and EXIN (formerly famous as Examinations Institute). CSFG is active in constrained attention standards and best practices around a impasse with Outsourcing Malaysia, a newly shaped Data Centre Association of Malaysia and is a initial member of The Uptime Institute (TUI) Asia Chapter.

CSF is also intent in ongoing discussions with intensity business partners in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam to rise information centres during viable cost levels and during locations that assent scalability in terms of space and power. We sojourn on aim to grasp a middle to long-term idea of handling and handling an companion and integrated heart of information centres strategically located opposite South East Asia.


Revenue for a 6 months to 30 Sep 2012 decreased 30.3% to RM63.9m (£12.9m*) (H1 2012: RM91.7m (£18.5m*)) especially due to reduce grant from a pattern and fit out works compared with a expansion of CX5. The volume of income recognized in propinquity to CX5 amounted to RM1.3m (£0.3m*) (H1 2012: RM49.7m (£10.0m*)).  Data centre let income augmenting by RM17.3m (£3.5m*) or 51.4% especially attributable to a let of Block A of CX5 income that commenced in Apr 2012.

The normal sum domain decreased to 25.5% (H1 2012: 42.2%) especially due to the disastrous grant from a let of Block A of CX5 ensuing from a comparatively aloft franchise let cost that covers a information centre space and infrastructure of Block A, a bureau building, as good as a building and common infrastructure of Blocks B and C. The altogether distinction grant from a let of CX5 is approaching to urge when Blocks B and C are rented out.

Profit from operations was RM1.2m (£0.2m*) (H1 2012: RM29.5m (£6.0m*)) and distinction before taxation was RM1.4m (£0.3m*) (H1 2012: RM30.0m (£6.1m*)) especially due to a reduce income and normal sum distinction domain as mentioned above. In addition, a distinction from operations enclosed a Group’s share of detriment of PT Cyber CSF amounting to RM2.7m (£0.5m*) (H1 2012 : Nil). The detriment incurred by PT Cyber CSF was in line with a management’s expectancy that a jointly tranquil entity would catch a detriment in a initial 2 years of operations before apropos essential by FY2015.

The net money generated from handling activities was RM41.8m (£8.4m*) (H1 2012: net money used of RM3.3m (£0.7m*)mainly attributable to a collection of a poignant volume of trade receivables including RM55.0m (£11.1m*) from Integrated DC Builders Sdn Bhd (“IDCB”) in tie with a expansion of Block A of CX5.). Consequently, a Group’s money position augmenting by RM36.9m (£7.4m*) from RM52.8m (£10.6m*) as during 31 Mar 2012 to RM89.7m (£18.1m*) as during 30 Sep 2012.

Data Centre Rental

The Group achieved full occupancy during CX1, CX2, CX3 and Block A of CX5 around a financial period. However, a normal sum distinction domain on information centre let was reduce compared to a analogous duration especially due to a comparatively aloft franchise let cost payable by CSF for Block A of CX5 that also covers a bureau building and a information centre building structures and ubiquitous infrastructure for Blocks B and C. We continue to design a altogether distinction grant of CX5 will urge when Blocks B and C are rented out.

The fit-out works during Block B of CX5 are approaching to be finished by a finish of a stream financial year and we are now negotiating with a series of impending business to franchise a space during Block B of CX5.

The Group’s joint-venture in Indonesia, PT Cyber CSF has finished a fit-out of a initial 2 levels of a CXJ information centre and a series of business have commenced control in Jul 2012. The Group continues to actively pursue a series of impending business in this high-growth marketplace and expects a joint-venture to minister to a Group’s profitability within a subsequent 2 to 3 years.

We are in modernized negotiations with regards to a expansion of CX Singapore and design to be means to embark expansion activities by a finish of this financial year. CX Singapore will supplement to a information centre ability of a Group and will serve connect a position as a marketplace personality in this region.


The Group’s upkeep income remained fast and we continue to pursue new upkeep contracts in sequence to raise a repeated income streams. Our upkeep multiplication has continued to record improvements in a inner pivotal opening indicators that embody measurements of potency in carrying out scheduled upkeep and also ad hoc requests for services.

Design and Fit-out of Data Centre Facilities

CSF continues to raise a marketplace position and a works carried out during CX5 and CXJ are a covenant of a Group’s repute as a heading and arguable solutions provider in a margin of information centre infrastructure services. The Group continues to pursue outmost opportunities opposite a segment operative closely with all business partners.

The Company had approaching expansion work starting on CX6 during a stream financial year. Following discussions with an existent customer, a Company has been asked to redesign a due expansion from 70,000 sq ft. to 120,000 sq. ft, encompassing 4 blocks of 30,000 sq ft. The outcome of this preference is an boost in a sum approaching expansion and upkeep income approaching from CX6 though a check in a approval of this income to a subsequent financial year and beyond. The revised offer is being reviewed by a customer.

Recent initiatives

Marketing to US Based companies

We continue to work on proposals to offer information centre space and compared services to US shaped companies, quite a Cloud Services providers to take advantage of a reduce handling costs in South East Asia. We trust that this beginning will yield a constrained inducement for US shaped companies to immigrate or to raise their information centre comforts and services to a partial of a world.

Enhancement of network connectivity infrastructure

The Group continues to negotiate with third celebration network infrastructure providers to safeguard that CSF is means to offer high-speed connectivity during really rival rates to raise a use offerings of a Group.

Identifying investment targets

As a plan to raise a technical capabilities and to concede a apparatus bottom to cope with a flourishing direct for a information centre space and compared products and services, we will continue to brand merger or investment opportunities. Our comment of merger or investment targets will be shaped on factors including a encouragement of repeated income streams, a broadening and encouragement of technical resources, and reasonable earnings on investment.


The success of CSF and a benefaction status are a formula of a tough work of a people. It is their knowledge, skill, professionalism and joining that drives this association brazen and we would like to appreciate them all for their poignant grant around a period. CSF aspires to be a employer of choice that encourages constructive communication between a government and a other employees and will essay to favour a operative sourroundings shaped on a beliefs of meritocracy, fairness, firmness and responsibility.

The Group continues to hunt and partisan new talents who can minister definitely and to extract in bringing a Group to larger heights.


The Board does not introduce any remuneration of dividends in honour of a 6 months duration finished 30 Sep 2012 (H1 2012: Nil). The Group expects to continue to compensate dividends in honour of a full financial year.

Outlook and stream trading

Our pivotal business concentration for a second half of a financial year finished 31 Mar 2013 is to safeguard that a fit-out works during Block B of CX5 sojourn on report and also to secure business for a control of Blocks B and C of CX5. In addition, a Group has continued to rise a clever tube of intensity business for expansion of new information centres and a change piece stays strong with net resources of RM212.0m (£42.7m*) and money of RM89.7m (£18.1m*) during 30 Sep 2012. The Board is assured that direct for a products and services will be sustained, driven by a repute and determined marketplace participation in Malaysia and South East Asia.

Trading has remained on lane with marketplace expectations given a finish of a halt duration within a Group’s businesses and a Board expects that distinction before taxation for a full financial year will be in line with stream marketplace expectations. The income and distinction for a second half of a financial year are approaching to be significantly aloft than a initial half especially attributable to a fit-out works compared with Block B of CX5 that are in being undertaken in a second half of a financial year.

Resignation of director

Mr Wong Chow Ming tendered his abdication to a Board of Directors and will stop to be a executive of CSF with outcome from 1 Dec 2012, due to health reasons. Mr Wong will continue to be concerned in business expansion activities as an worker of a Group and his benefaction functions as a member of a Board will be insincere by Mr Adrian Yong, a Chief Executive Officer.

The Directors would like to extend their appreciation and thankfulness to Mr Wong for his use and grant to a Board.

Dato’ Ting Heng Peng

Independent Non-Executive Chairman

CSF Group plc

*     The pro forma balances in pounds Sterling are enclosed usually for convenience. The pro forma balances in pounds Sterling are stated, as a matter of arithmetical mathematics only, on a basement of all stream and before year balances being translated from Malaysian Ringgits into pounds Sterling during a rate prevalent on 30 Sep 2012 of RM4.9629 : £1.00.  This interpretation should not be construed as definition that a Malaysian Ringgit amounts indeed represent, have been, or could be converted into a settled series of pounds Sterling.

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Gen-i to build new datacentres in Auckland and Wellington

Thursday, November 29th, 2012


Telecom’s ICT multiplication Gen-i is building dual vital datacentres in Auckland and Wellington, to go live in 2014 and 2015.

Telecom CEO Simon Moutter says a association now has 14 datacentres nationwide, though many are located inside exchanges.“We’re utterly full, and a time to bend out and build some vital datacentres,” he told Computerworld.

The Auckland datacentre, to be located in Takanini in South Auckland, will be open in mid-2014. It will be built to a modular design, with an initial 350 shelve capacity, with a capability to scale adult to broach a 1000 shelve ability as required.

The Wellington datacentre will be located in Upper Hutt and will open in 2014/15. It will also have a modular pattern with an initial ability of 350 racks, and a ability to scale adult to 750 racks.

Moutter would not contend how most a datacentres will cost, citing blurb sensitivity. But when asked if a investment is on a same scale as opposition Datacom – that is building a $30 million datacentre in Hamilton to element a Auckland trickery – Moutter replied: “No, bigger; large ones.”

“We’re in a datacentre game,” he says.

In October, Gen-i announced it will build a 1000 block metre datacentre in Christchurch for $10.5 million that would be open in mid-2013 and residence adult to 180 racks.

Gen-i behaving CEO Jo Allison says a new datacentres will have modernized environmental monitoring and earthy security.

“We get to pattern a datacentre from scratch. When you’re building inside exchanges, a building and a sourroundings are already mostly dynamic for you,” she says.

Allison says Gen-i needs to build new datacentres to assistance a clients precedence a Ultra Fast Broadband rollout. “If we consider about a blast of information that is occurring during an attention turn today, a government and a storage of that information is a poignant emanate for CIOs.”

According to a news from researcher organisation IDC expelled this week, a internal IT services marketplace grew 4.4 percent year-on-year for a initial 6 months of 2012, reaching NZ$1.7 billion. It says Gen-i stays during a tip with a marketplace share of 13.9 percent, though Datacom overtook HP to benefit second place, with a 10.3 percent marketplace share.

The datacentre investment signals that Telecom is committed to a Gen-i business. The multiplication now employs 2,500 staff.

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