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Powwownow expands information centre infrastructure to keep businesses in touch

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Conference call provider Powwownow has rested a information centre infrastructure in sequence to support a in-demand voice and video conferencing services and broach business continuity.

Powwownow’s IT infrastructure is now widespread opposite a firm’s domicile in Richmond and dual London information centres, including a new TelecityGroup facility. 

The association pronounced it comparison carrier-neutral European information centre provider TelecityGroup since it offering a resilient, surplus and scalable infrastructure indispensable to support Powwownow’s services. Carrier-neutral information centres concede occupants to switch network providers and bond to some-more than one network.

The UK-based discussion service– founded in 2004 and used by a likes of a BBC and Oxfam – operates in 15 countries including a UK, a US, Canada, and other European markets. In 2012, it achieved 20 percent year-on-year growth and some-more than one million mins of patron discussion job per day on some days.

One of a latest products, Powwownow Engage, is a genuine time partnership apparatus that allows users to lift out HD video conferencing, phone and VoIP calls, benefaction messaging and shade pity by one singular interface.

The organisation pronounced a new set-up will enable it to grasp larger geographical farrago in a IT infrastructure to support a business smoothness planning, yield closer vicinity to pivotal BT exchanges, and entrance to a connectivity benefaction in TelecityGroup’s carrier-neutral environment.

Powwownow operational manager Tim Davies told Techworld: “The Telecity information centre enables us to grow as a ability mandate change and will play a elemental purpose in a expansion skeleton over a subsequent 5 to 10 years.

“One of a elemental collection of a conferencing business is to have approach entrance to BT lines and to be means to supplement additional BT lines to a infrastructure as a association grows.”

TelecityGroup’s UK handling director, Rob Coupland, claimed a craving operative sourroundings has altered significantly in new years.

“Due to a conflict of stretchable and easy-to-use consumer technology, employees now expect a same of craving operative tools,” pronounced Coupland. “Powwownow has capitalised on this event by a sustenance of hassle-free discussion and video calling, and this business indication is reliant on being means to yield a volatile and always-available service.”

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Five new virtualization challenges

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Five new virtualization challenges

As virtualization capabilities are built into networking, storage, applications and databases giving figure to a program tangible information centre, problems with government and prominence opposite information centre bounds will emerge. A new consult by SolarWinds suggested that some-more than 700 IT professionals in 6 countries opposite a creation concluded that virtualization record contributes significantly to government challenges, indicating a impact is definite and vast.

With a program tangible information centre transition an approaching reality, a following 5 government hurdles outset from a consult should be deliberate by each business smoothness manager:

Virtual mobility impacts network optimization
Virtualization has typically operated within a contained apportionment of a network such that changes in a virtualization sourroundings didn’t customarily impact a broader network. With improvements and increasing adoption of effort mobility technologies like Metro vMotion and storage vMotion that make it easier to pierce workloads geographically, a quick transformation of workloads could means new problems for a altogether craving network.

Storage tries to keep adult with practical mobility software-defined networks
If both discriminate and networks turn some-more software-defined and stretchable afterwards storage can get left behind. Advanced formulation and record investments will be compulsory for storage to make certain that a storage systems can hoop a mobility enabled by server virtualization and software-defined networking.

The practical I/O blender becomes goal critical
Storage I/O has been a tying cause for virtualizing many I/O complete applications, such as databases. With technologies like plain state hoop (SSD) opening a doorway to many of these goal vicious applications, failures in opening and ability government will have an even larger impact on a business and finish users. Further, IOPS direct combined by desktop virtualisation can be significantly opposite than server virtualization, requiring some-more low-latency, and customarily some-more costly hardware.

Application control meets real-time automation
Most failures are caused by something changing. As a result, applications teams have traditionally put really parsimonious controls on changes to goal vicious focus systems. Virtualization and automation on a other hand, make it really quick and easy to emanate new systems or make changes to existent systems or even whole clusters of systems and focus stacks. These dual cultures will have to find ways to precedence a energy and coherence of virtualisation but introducing instability into vicious virtualized applications.

Virtualization reaches opposite silos
Network, storage, applications, and discriminate all come together during a virtualization layer. While server virtualization is by distant a many mature member of a program tangible information centre, a subsequent plea will be to demeanour outward a discriminate bounds to figure out how to best conduct and coordinate changes/actions with other record areas. As a gait of change increases opposite all a associated technology, a IT professionals handling a virtualization covering will increasingly have to be a coordinating ‘glue’ to keep other teams aligned.

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CtrlS Certified Compliant To ISO 22301.2012

Monday, August 12th, 2013

CtrlS Certified Compliant To ISO 22301.2012

by Staff
12th August, 2013
in Datacenters



Due to a course in peculiarity assurance, tolerable standards and, a patron government systems, CtrlS, a heading IT enabled MSP (managed services provider) that owns a Asia’s largest Tier 4 datacentres, has been approved as agreeable to a ISO 22301.2012 certification. CtrlS is a initial datacentre in India to accept a certification. Both a comforts during Hyderabad and Mumbai have been approved for 3 years.

The ISO 22301 is a new general customary for Business Continuity Management. ISO 22301 identifies a fundamentals of a business smoothness government system, substantiating a process, beliefs and vernacular of business smoothness management. It provides a basement for understanding, building and implementing business smoothness within a organization and gives a certainty in business-to-business and business-to patron dealings.

“At CtrlS, we essay for attaining unmatched use standards, to advantage a customers, employees and industry, during large.  The ISO acceptance reaffirms a customary of services that we yield to a business to safeguard they continue to work during a many severe and astonishing circumstances. Understanding that business smoothness is of peerless significance to customers, a ISO customary ensures business keep running, notwithstanding any disruption,” pronounced Edwin Kolen, COO of CtrlS. This will assistance CtrlS raise certainty in clients also minister to lifting a size of this industry, fostering top-class practices to say a tolerable environment, and optimising a use of appetite sources by some-more fit techniques to equivocate waste.

Tags: CtrlS, ISO 22301.2012, Business Continuity, Datacentres



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Cloud computing causing rethinking of disaster recovery

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Richard Cocchiara

Network World – Cloud computing gives organizations a eventuality to rethink many normal IT practices, though it competence be a particularly
good fit for disaster liberation and business continuity. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix held adult with IBM Distinguished
Engineer Richard Cocchiara, who is CTO and a Managing Partner of Consulting for IBM’s Business Continuity Resiliency Services,
for his viewpoint on a subject. Cocchiara leads a worldwide group who work with clients on systems availability, disaster
liberation planning, business smoothness government and IT governance.

What are a opposite roles cloud can play in disaster liberation and business continuity?

Probably a many simple thing is subsidy adult information offsite. Most vast companies have some arrange of a backup strategy, though more
mostly than we competence consider we find companies who are not promulgation their information offsite or not promulgation it distant adequate offsite.
When we ask if they have checked to see what intensity informal issues they competence have, infrequently they find some geological
or continue or some other form of intensity risk that would impact their ability to redeem locally. Cloud gives them a ability
to store information some place remote, store it online, and to typically redeem faster than from tape.    

Then there are services that concede clients to fail-over servers. The cloud is really good now for Wintel servers, where you
can replicate your information and fail-over comparatively quickly. So in further doing riposte of information to another server, we still
suggest backup since we can redeem particular files to a indicate in time. With server riposte we will destroy over,
though we competence not be means to go behind as distant as we wish unless you’ve got a trickery such as a Virtualized Server Recovery,
that allows we to take snap shots.  

[ALSO: Top 10 cloud tools]

So a cloud gives companies backup of data, fail-over of servers, and a ability to have a delegate core distant adequate away
to concede for informal disaster recovery. And one other thing we should mention, a cloud also gives companies a ability
to store their business smoothness skeleton offsite. we know it seems like a nit, though you’d be astounded how mostly business continuity
skeleton are mislaid in a disaster. Those skeleton are vicious and if they’re stored on a complement in a primary center, how are you
going to run a liberation if we can’t get to that system? The cloud gives them a ability to store those skeleton and a notification
scripts on a server they can entrance from their laptop anywhere they can entrance a cloud, like a Starbucks. And for a business
smoothness manager that’s vicious to their success.

Larger companies take business smoothness severely and have extensive skeleton in place, though for companies that could do
more, does cloud offer adequate advantages to get them off a dime?
The cloud gives tiny and medium-sized business a same capabilities that incomparable companies have had for years. Many larger
companies have delegate information centers they can use for information backup and recovery, since many smaller companies don’t. Smaller
companies – with, say, 25 to 100 servers – really mostly behind adult to tape. Maybe they store a tapes locally and they competence not
have a worldly disaster liberation devise and strategy. Now, a cloud gives them same capabilities as vast companies.
They can behind adult information or replicate servers to a remote site, and afterwards fail-over a servers and network to a remote site
in a eventuality of a disaster. So it’s giving tiny and medium-sized businesses most some-more sophistication.  

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Improving BC devise exercises

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Planning and conducting business smoothness (BC) devise exercises is one of a many important
activities in a business
continuity program

Conducting one or

some-more BC devise exercises annually is a pivotal member of a business
continuity supervision complement (BCMS)
. Exercises should be scheduled and integrated with other
BCMS activities, such as devise updating, puncture group training, process reviews and audits, business impact
analyses (BIAs)
, risk
assessments (RAs)
, and recognition programs.

A BC devise use is not a same as a disaster
recovery test
. For instance, we don’t indeed failover in a BC devise exercise.
That’s what we do in a standard record disaster liberation test, that addresses a liberation of
IT systems, data, databases and so on. This is particularly business continuity.

When formulation a BC exercise, a following are priorities:

  1. Decide privately what we devise to exercise, e.g., a whole devise or tools of a devise such
    as incident
    procedures or a depletion plan.
  2. Secure a plcae to control a exam that is divided from any probable interruptions, and
    encourage use participants to spin off their mobile inclination if probable so they can
    concentrate on a exercise. If possible, control a use outward a participants’ offices in
    a reduction celebrated location. If this is not possible, it might make clarity to report a exercise
    outside of normal work hours or maybe over a weekend.
  3. It might be useful to entice participants other than a use developer(s) and
    representatives of a department(s) or activity being exercised, such as staff from IT,
    operations, risk management, tellurian resources, legal, peculiarity declaration and inner audit, though this
    is not mandatory. A inference to this is to have a “right” participants in a exercise. This
    means mouth-watering people who have a loyal interest in safeguarding their department, as good as a company.
    Inviting comparison supervision to an use is mostly avoided given a fear is that a senior
    manager might get too concerned (e.g., try to take over a exercise) and other use participants
    may revoke their turn of appearance in esteem to a executive.
  4. It’s not required to finish a “successful” exercise. Completing a successful exercise
    doesn’t indispensably meant that a devise ran perfectly, a puncture group is entirely prepared or that
    employees are prepared to respond. It’s distant improved to brand flaws in a use proof and
    supporting activities now, rather than after (e.g., during an incident), when a flaws
    could outcome in critical consequences.

You should also allot someone as a timekeeper and scribe, so that a record of a use can
be produced. This is critical from an review viewpoint and also for regulated organizations like
banks or firms that are scrutinized by supervision agencies, such curative companies and the
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And, it’s a good use for all exercises.

While not customarily a priority, cruise rising a
surprise use in further to scheduled exercises
. This is maybe a best approach to determine
if your puncture teams are unequivocally prepared to respond to a business-threatening incident. Some
advance formulation (e.g., warning) is advised, generally if your use affects other departments,
such as IT or facilities. Also, if other departments, such as IT, have scheduled exercises a same
time as your warn event, it might be advantageous to reschedule. Of course, in genuine life, there will
be no allege warnings or pleasantness calls alerting we and others of an imminent disaster.


Well-planned and conducted BC exercises are critical investments in a company’s long-term
success and survival. Knowledge of frequently scheduled exercises can also raise a firm’s
reputation and rival position, generally given some-more organizations currently need information about a
prospective vendor/partner’s business smoothness and disaster liberation activities.

About a author:
Paul Kirvan, CISA, FBCI, works as an eccentric business smoothness consultant/auditor and is
secretary of a Business Continuity Institute USA section and member of a BCI Global Membership
Council. He can be reached during

This was initial published in Mar 2013

Article source:

VaultLogix Doubles Cloud Data Backup Storage Limits for Partners, SMBs for …

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

a business-class cloud
use provider for SMBs and resellers,
currently announced that it is doubling a normal cloud information backup storage
boundary for free
to competent businesses of a services that take place
during Mar 2013.

Since 2002, VaultLogix has helped businesses grasp fast information recovery
on a variety
of computing platforms
while assembly many regulatory and security
mandates. With thousands of clients and millions of successful backups
and restores, VaultLogix defines data confidence and reliability.

VaultLogix provides:

  • Fully programmed backup solutions that pierce information to an offsite data
    core for fast record restoration.
  • Secure online send of entirely encrypted and dense data.
  • Rapid and arguable information liberation as partial of business smoothness plans.
  • Cost-effective solutions with predicted monthly use charges.
  • 24 x 7 US-based live patron support — not only a call center.

According to Tim Hannibal, owner and CEO, VaultLogix, “To ensure
business smoothness in a eventuality of a disaster, companies are still
utilizing procedures that rest on internal and dangerous mechanical
inclination such as fasten backup and fasten vaulting procedures as a approach to get
information offsite. Storing information onsite does not strengthen opposite media
failure, tellurian error, sabotage, healthy disaster and viruses. Another
problem arises when companies need to redeem information or files fast to
safeguard business continuity. Given these issues, it creates clarity now more
than ever to take advantage of a giveaway hearing and strengthen business data
before a vicious eventuality occurs and information is lost.”

Interested parties can obtain some-more information about and pointer adult for
this special giveaway two-week hearing offer during

About VaultLogix
Since 2002, VaultLogix has specialized in
providing businesses with cloud backup and information insurance services. The
association offers online backup solutions to accommodate a information insurance and
regulatory mandate for a far-reaching operation of businesses. VaultLogix
prides itself in charity a latest backup services for SMBs and
resellers. Visit us during
or by job 877.828.5856.

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Continuity of operations vs. business continuity

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Is a smoothness of operations devise a same thing as a business
continuity plan
? If not, how are they different?

Continuity of operations is generally noticed as a same as business
, despite a primary concentration is supervision and open sectors. Policies and procedures
in both models are designed to safeguard that an classification can recover from a potentially
destructive occurrence and resume operations as fast as probable following that event.

From a supervision perspective, a National Continuity Policy Implementation Plan (NCPIP) and a National
Security Presidential Directive-51/Homeland Security Presidential Directive-20 (NSPD-51/HSPD-20) define
and charge a minute routine to particular executive departments and agencies to safeguard that
primary goal essential functions (PMEFs are a vicious activities that supervision agencies
must be means to perform but disruption) continue to be achieved during a far-reaching operation of
emergencies, including localized acts of nature, accidents and technological or attack-related

This was initial published in Jan 2013

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Five information centre tips for business smoothness formulation – CIOL

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Below are a 5 information centre tips for business smoothness planning

Shibu Paul

BANGALORE, INDIA: Business smoothness formulation (BCP) should cover an organization’s ability to equivocate vicious business intrusion from a disaster while addressing a principal concerns of business risk mitigation, and safeguarding and preventing mislaid data. Business exchange delivered from a datacenter poise vicious hurdles to business continuity. Connectivity in datacenter infrastructure and a networks can be adversely influenced by bottlenecks or finish disaster due to network outages, hardware failures, tellurian blunder and healthy disasters.

Application smoothness controllers (ADCs) strengthen these vicious corporate resources and keep a network adult and running. Below are a 5 information centre tips for business smoothness planning.

1. Server bucket balancing ensures focus availability, facilitates tighter focus integration,
and cleverly and adaptively bucket balances user trade formed on a apartment of focus metrics and health checks. It also bucket balances IPS/IDS inclination and combination IP-based applications, and distributes HTTP(S) trade formed on headers and SSL certificate fields.

The primary duty of server bucket balancing is to yield accessibility for applications running
within normal information centres, open cloud infrastructure or a private cloud. he server bucket balancer redistributes trade to healthy systems formed on IT-defined parameters to safeguard a seamless knowledge for end-users.

2. Link bucket balancing addresses WAN trustworthiness by directing trade to a best behaving links. If one couple becomes untouched due to a bottleneck or outage, a ADC takes that couple out of service, automatically directing trade to other functioning links.

Link bucket balancing ensures undeviating connectivity from a information centre to a Internet and
telecommunications networks. Link bucket balancing might be used to send trade over whichever couple or links infer to be many cost-effective for a given time period. It might also be used to approach name user groups and applications to specific links to safeguard bandwidth and accessibility for business vicious functions.

3. Geographical bucket balancing provides trustworthiness between geographically diluted information centres.

ADCs route trade to a best behaving sites formed on latency, site opening and user
location. Global bucket balancing delivers high-availability; if one site goes down, trade will
automatically route to other operative sites.

Global server bucket balancing is endangered with a probability that whole information centre might be taken offline due to variable resources and events over IT control.

These events might embody healthy disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and fires or downtime caused by conflict or sabotage. If information centres are intact, they are mostly overloaded with increasing trade in a arise of business smoothness events. Global server bucket balancing is means to discharge requests to reduction trafficked information centers in sequence to say business processes.

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Tips on selecting BC/DR software

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

When rising business smoothness and disaster liberation initiatives, cruise regulating specialized
BC/DR program to assistance we grasp your goals.

BC/DR program helps build BC and/or DR plans

    When we register for, you’ll also accept targeted emails from my group of award-winning editorial writers. As we know, an stop can bluster your classification during any time – and it’s a idea to safeguard you’re armed with a right tips and information to assistance we safeguard a quick recovery.

    Rich Castagna, Editorial Director

general skeleton or skeleton for specific straight markets, such as universities or government
agencies. Some also promote risk assessments (RA) and business impact
(BIAs), a formula of that can be used to build BC/DR plans. Since incident
management (IM) is a pivotal partial of BC/DR plans, many systems can assistance rise IM plans. More
sophisticated systems have their possess programmed puncture presentation (EN) capability, while others
may have intelligent links into determined EN products. Some systems can assistance promote exercises
and support recognition and training activities.

Examples of pivotal players in a marketplace embody Everbridge, COOP
, Strategic BCP, Binomial International, eBRP
, IBM, Paradigm Solutions International, SunGard and TAMP Systems. For budget-friendly BC/DR software, please
check out a Rothstein Disaster Recovery Online

Today’s systems come finish with absolute relational databases and predefined templates to
write only about any kind of plan. Systems that promote BIAs can pattern a BIA questions,
distribute questionnaires to users, afterwards collect and investigate a information gathered. Your complement can run
on a PC or laptop, server or even a mainframe. Most of a prohibited products are platform-type systems
accessed around a Internet or cloud-based solutions.

Pricing ranges from underneath $500 for a CD-based complement (such as a one found in a Rothstein
bookstore) to hundreds of thousands of dollars for multinode networked systems (e.g., SunGard’s
LDRPS). Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) might find a low-cost products appealing given the
results are customarily unchanging with good BC/DR use and are budget-friendly. At a other end
of a spectrum, it might be improved to select possibly a premise/server-based complement to safeguard proper
management oversight, or a Web-based resolution that is simply scalable and requires minimal to no

Tips for selecting a right BC/DR software

1. Define your mandate before investigate program options. If we have no BC/DR at
all, cruise a CD-based products. If we already have a system, establish what enhancements you

2. Ask internally for before experience. Inquire among your colleagues and others in
the classification to see if any of them have formerly commissioned BC/DR
, maybe with a before employer.

3. Engage a consultant. Find someone who has knowledge planning,
installing and handling BC/DR software
. Hopefully, we can obtain a comparatively unprejudiced opinion
on specific products and solutions.

4. Prepare and discharge a Request for Information (RFI). This proceed helps we gather
information about impending vendors. From this exercise, we might be means to brand some
prospective candidates. If possible, try out demo systems (or live systems if available) to get a
feel for a accumulation of solutions.

5. Prepare and discharge a Request for Proposals (RFP). This is mostly a subsequent step
after an RFI and is designed to denote your loyal seductiveness in procuring
BC/DR program solutions
. Be certain to report minute demonstrations of operative customer systems
(not specifically configured demo systems) as partial of a RFP process.


The routine for selecting
BC/DR software
is identical to selecting flattering most any other kind of software. Since your
investment could simply get into a tens of thousands of dollars, do a research, ask a lot of
questions and make your choice formed on your stream and expected needs.

About a author: Paul Kirvan, CISA, FBCI, has some-more than 24 years of knowledge in
business smoothness government (BCM) as a consultant, author and educator. He has finished dozens
of BCM consulting and review engagements that residence all aspects of a business continuity
management complement and that are aligned with tellurian standards, including BS 25999 and ISO 22301.
Kirvan now works as an eccentric business smoothness consultant/auditor and is the
secretary of a Business Continuity Institute USA section and a member of a BCI Global
Membership Council. He can be reached at

This was initial published in Oct 2012

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HP Helps Diversified Agency Services Transition to Cloud Data Center

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

HP now announced that it is assisting Diversified Agency Services (DAS), a selling services organization, urge operational efficiencies and business smoothness by consolidating business-critical information from a some-more than 100 eccentric selling communications agencies in 71 countries to 3 cloud information centers in Atlanta, Phoenix and London.

Prior to a converging effort, a DAS sourroundings consisted of decentralized networks with information staying in firm silos. Using HP solutions, DAS is centralizing a infrastructure to offer a larger turn of service, opening and confidence to a agencies and their clients.

Through HP Converged Infrastructure solutions, including servers, storage, networking, program and services, DAS well delivers applications and information around a cloud to mixed locations in genuine time. In addition, HP networking solutions will capacitate DAS to connect and quit hundreds of business-critical practical appurtenance (VM) workloads to speed patron services.

“To safeguard a employees could yield a best use possible, DAS indispensable to emanate a centralized and combined information core to conduct a manifold group networks,” pronounced Jason Cohen, tellurian arch information officer, Diversified Agency Services. “With HP technologies and patron support, DAS agencies will boost operational efficacy and urge business smoothness to capacitate a employees to concentration on delivering a higher patron knowledge opposite mixed locations.”

Centralizing and Consolidating Siloed IT Networks

To urge network operations and boost scalability, DAS commissioned HP 12518 Switches during a networking core, along with a HP 5900 Switch Series for 10-GbE top-of-rack servers. The outcome is a some-more seamless user knowledge for DAS’ tellurian agencies. By providing wire-speed opening to all ports, a networking solutions will urge data-center efficiency, permitting services to be delivered some-more fast and enabling larger business agility.

In addition, DAS deployed a HP 5830 Switch Series for fast deployment of new cloud applications and services while ensuring 0 downtime opposite a business groups. All switches underline built-in HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF), an creation that allows mixed switches to be virtualized and work as a singular switch.

For a new Atlanta information center, HP Technology Services delivered a rapid, seamless deployment, enabling DAS to grasp a entirely operational network in a timely manner.

DAS manages a Atlanta information core from one plcae with HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC). This provides a “single mirror of glass” government height for earthy and practical multivendor inclination opposite a information center, so a association can guard a network to safeguard that it is regulating uniformly during all times.

For a secure 24/7 network perimeter, DAS deployed HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS), that automatically and consistently protects practical and earthy environments opposite a network.

Improving Data-Center Uptime and Agility for Data Growth Across Multiple Locations

To urge data-center uptime, DAS deployed HP ProLiant G7 DL360, DL380 and DL580 servers, that also capacitate DAS to conduct data-intensive workloads. This frees adult complement bottlenecks and increases discriminate opening opposite a information center.

HP StoreOnce Backup Systems urge information insurance during a routine of migrating and consolidating information from any remote plcae to discharge inefficiencies and revoke costs compared with DAS’ destiny information growth. To serve boost information efficiency, DAS deployed a HP 3PAR P10000 V800 Storage Systems and HP ESL G3 Tape Library, both of that scale to support increasing storage-capacity final that can outcome from indeterminate information growth.

DAS is regulating HP Proactive 24 Services to support and say a HP Converged Infrastructure, to assistance safeguard that it runs 24/7. Additionally, HP Mission Critical Services keep DAS’ vicious information accessible and a business adult and running.

A web array documenting each theatre of a DAS 18-month networking tour is accessible during Videos one by 4 are now available, with part 5 premiering on Sept. 10. Additional episodes will be launched in tumble 2012.

HP’s premier Europe, Middle East and Africa patron event, HP Discover, takes place Dec. 4-6 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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