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‘Scan All Your Veggies, Young Lady’: Produce Gets Mobilized

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Yeah — even your fruit might be scannable now. A new information bar record from Greenscans uses a small irritating stickers on all of those fruit and vegetables in a furnish aisle to broach to
consumers a operation of information about a fruit or veggie.

In a understanding with Chelan Fresh of Washington state, Greenscans activations will seem on sixteen opposite apples from a company.
When a user downloads a iPhone app and scans a furnish they get videos of a Chelan Fresh farms. It is a pleasing adequate experience. The formula on a Gala apple gave me about a notation of video of
one of a workers on a plantation articulate about Galas but charity most in a approach of useful info. It is another formula for code’s consequence exercise.

But generally Greenscans is earnest in
that it uses a standardised GS1 information trustworthy to these pre-existing databars to give a consumer some baseline information about all with a tag. Partners can opt in to layering new
custom information for customers.

The thought of activating furnish is not a bad one. My mother buys offbeat fruits and vegetables on peculiar looks alone only as an journey and a challenge. It would
be good to know that a thing she thinks looks cold unequivocally take 5 days to prepare or has a bombard a density of a NORAD bunker.

Greenscans says that a thought here is for furnish harvesters
and distributors to use a little genuine estate they have on a side of a square of fruit to good advantage. The codes can couple a user to recipes and information about a product, of course. Well, you
need to get these companies to build a back-end information and find crafty ways to captivate people in to download. Retailers can download material from Greenscans to use for in-store promotions.

Greenscans says that eventually a app and a plcae recognition can be used for information mining and pools of information about a furnish supply sequence and usage.

The idea with all scanning, of
course, is to broach to consumers comparatively unchanging practice from scanning any 2D formula on a product. While users of some third-party barcode scanners might know that any UPC should render
something, few people would consider nonetheless to indicate a banana. And yet, because not? In a universe done truly clickable by mobile technology, a phone is a rodent and all earthy objects can and should describe data
or opportunities for communication and sharing.    

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