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China Voice: Drop Cold War genius on China’s cyber security

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

BEIJING, Apr 22 (Xinhua) — As China celebrates 20 years of Internet development, it is mocking that China, as a largest plant of cyber confidence threats, has suffered illogical accusations over hacking other countries.

Twenty years after it embraced a Internet, China boasts 618 million Internet users, roughly twice a race of a United States. But a nation is still distant from being a cyber power.

China annually imports mechanism chips value some-more than 200 billion U.S. dollars, that distant exceeds a value of a wanton oil imports. Its marketplace for pivotal technologies, including CPUs, handling systems, databases, high-end servers and telecommunications facilities, is dominated by Western giants such as Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Intel and Apple.

Disadvantages in cyberspace have unprotected China’s government, troops and corporate networks to serious intensity threats of intrusion, espionage and hacking.

Facing threats to a cyber confidence or even inhabitant security, China does not have adequate opposite measures during a disposal. The usually resolution is to beef adult a Internet strength by apropos some-more innovative and cultivating talents in a prolonged run.

All of China’s operations to arise Internet capabilities and technologies belong to domestic and general laws and merit no distrust or critique from cyber powers.

However, no matter how open and pure China is on cyberspace issues and no matter how unequivocally China seeks general team-work to tackle cyber crimes, Western countries do not devise to do a same.

Rather, some reason influence and feeling toward China’s cyber development.

Certain powers are even waging cyber offensives, as shown in new revelations of electronic espionage by a United States National Security Agency, including reports that a view use hacked into Chinese telecommunications association Huawei’s network.

In a arise of this news, accusing China of melancholy cyber confidence amounts to a same pomposity as a burglar yelling, “Stop thief!” or a criminal job for justice.

It is loyal that team-work and foe coexist in general cyberspace. It is equally loyal that some powers’ office of a long-term Internet corner can't be a reason for them to retard others’ development.

Cooperation should transcend fight as a universe faces common cyber threats.

As a dual largest economies, China and a United States have conducted many vehement and effective dialogues. But we can't repudiate that distrust and attempts to reason China behind sojourn inbred in a mindset of U.S. politicians.

Unless they expel divided a Cold War genius of branch cyberspace into a bridgehead to quell China’s rise, it will be unfit to build a only general sequence or equivocate high-risk function in cyberspace.

With central claims that a United States “does not find to militarize cyberspace” and “will say an proceed of patience to any cyber operations outward a U.S. supervision networks,” there is a expectancy that such difference be translated into petrify policies and actions.

If not, a Internet will never turn a “catalyst for leisure and prosperity,” as a United States hopes.

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China Telecom deploys SDN in datacentre

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

China Telecom has deployed what it claims is a world’s initial indiscriminate program tangible network

China Telecom has deployed what it claims is a world’s initial indiscriminate program tangible network

China Telecom has deployed program tangible network (SDN) record in a datacentre run by a Beijing auxiliary Beijing Telecom.

The solution, deployed by Huawei, comprises components including a intelligent network controller (SNC), that is powered by a carrier-grade SDN control algorithm, and a NetMatrix orchestrator, that optimises trade for datacentre nodes.

The SDN doing will capacitate China Telecom to improved accommodate use customisation mandate of tenants, urge utilization of resources and operations, and optimise network regard and dimensions efficiency, pronounced Huawei. Despite claims that Beijing Telecom’s datacentre is already a “data hub” for north China, a user has taken a lead in deploying SDN record on a network to serve raise a competitiveness.

According to a vendor, operators’ business models are underneath augmenting vigour to pierce from offered bandwidth resources to charity “datacentre-as-a-service” offerings.

On tip of a infrastructure a user has launched “DC-one” for practical apparatus services, “DC-care” for declaration services, “DC-keeper” for auxiliary services like minute trade reporting, and DC-private for customised services.

According to Zha Jun, boss of Huawei’s bound network business unit, Huawei has an endless story of partnership with China Telecom. He pronounced that this deployment demonstrates a operator’s foreknowledge in identifying critical new technologies as good as faith in Huawei’s strengths in SDN.


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Hackings in China from US soar in 2013 – Peninsula On

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

BEIJING:  Hacking attacks on Chinese computers in 2013 rose by some-more than half compared with a prior year, with attacks entrance from a United States creation adult a poignant proportion, China’s tip Internet confidence group pronounced yesterday.

Beijing and Washington have been squaring off for months over a emanate of cyber-attacks, any accusing a other of hacking into supportive supervision websites. China has prolonged singled out a United States as a tip source of penetration on a computers. China’s National Computer Network Emergency Response Coordination Centre, pronounced a country’s Internet faced “many confidence threats,” formulating a “challenge” for China’s altogether security. 

Japan to bid farewell to 747 

TOKYO:  Japanese craft buffs will contend a lustful farewell to a “jumbo jet” this month as a Boeing 747 creates a final scheduled moody in a country.

The two-deck carrier, desired for a broad-shouldered look, will packet holiday-makers and aviation enthusiasts on an All Nippon Airways moody from Naha, in Okinawa, to Tokyo’s Haneda airfield on Mar 31.

The jumbo jet — 70 metres prolonged and 60 metres far-reaching — was initial introduced to a nation by Japan Airlines (JAL) in 1970 and became a workhorse on both domestic and general routes.

Fukushima clean-up stops

TOKYO:  A workman during Japan’s wrecked Fukushima chief plant died yesterday after being buried underneath sand while digging a ditch, call a user to postpone cleanup work for reserve checks.

Tokyo Electric Power Co pronounced it was a initial time a jack-of-all-trades had died as a approach outcome of an collision inside a plant given a chief disaster in Mar 2011, a world’s misfortune given Chernobyl in 1986. 

An trembler and tsunami struck a plant, 220kms northeast of Tokyo, sparking triple chief meltdowns, forcing some-more than 160,000 residents to rush from circuitously towns and contaminating water, food and air.                        Agencies


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China Mobile Profit Hit by Competition, 4G Costs

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Associated Press

China Mobile Ltd., a world’s biggest phone association by subscribers, pronounced Thursday a distinction final year tumbled 5.9 percent due to aloft costs and heated competition.

Earnings declined to 121.7 billion yuan ($20.3 billion), a Beijing-based association said. That was notwithstanding a 5.4 percent benefit in income to 590.8 billion yuan ($98.5 billion) and an 8 percent arise in a series of patron accounts to 767 million.

China Mobile is spending heavily to hurl out fourth-generation service. It faces aloft costs since it was reserved China’s home-grown mobile standard, that boundary a ability to pull on unfamiliar technology.

China’s state-owned telecoms attention was rearranged in 2008 into China Mobile and dual competitors, China Telecom Ltd. and China Unicom Ltd., in an bid to foster competition. Each has a brew of mobile and fixed-line assets.

Despite rising direct driven by a recognition of mobile Internet, foe is “complex and intense,” pronounced China Mobile authority Xi Guohua in a statement.

China Mobile announced an agreement in Dec to support a iPhone, apropos a final of a 3 Chinese competitors to forge a partnership with Apple Inc.


China Mobile Ltd.:

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China Sanitary Ware Industry Report – Forecasts to 2017 – SYS

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

DUBLIN, March 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

Research and Markets ( has announced a further of the “China Sanitary Ware Industry Report – Forecasts to 2017″ report to their offering. 

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Accompanied by mercantile growth, accelerated urbanization, improving disposable income of residents and a flourishing direct for housing, China spotless ware marketplace has seen burgeoning expansion with a marekt distance mountainous from RMB44.1 billion in 2007 to RMB94 billion in 2012, an normal annual expansion rate of 16.3%. Compared with grown countries, China stayed during a low turn in terms of a per capita expenditure of spotless ware products. And a spotless ware marketplace of China is approaching to continue a movement of fast development, with a targeted marekt scale hittng RMB171.6 billion by 2017, an AAGR of 12.8%.

In general, spotless ware falls into ceramic spotless ware and non-ceramic spotless ware. In 2012, a invasion rate of spotless ware in China claimed 45.7%. And a figure is approaching to arise steadily, interjection to China’s full-blown urbanization. The guess shows that a invasion ratio by 2017 will burst to 59.3%, and that a marketplace scale will strike RMB101.8 billion


  • Overview of China Sanitary Ware Industry: Development History, Policies Regulations, Market Scale, Regional Market, Export, Development Outlook, etc.
  • Analysis on Future Development of Related Industrial Chain: Market Scale and Development Prospect of Housing and Home Decoration Industries and a Like;
  • China Sanitary Market Segments: Market Scale of Ceramic, Non-Ceramic Sanitary Ware, etc., Segmented Products, and Competition Pattern;
  • Profile, Finacial Data, Hit Products, Layout of Bases, Technologies, and Latest Development Strategies of 15 Industrial Players Including KOHLER, TOTO, ARROW, DongPeng, HCG, JOYOU and Seagull.

Key Topics Covered: 

1. Introduction of Sanitary Ware

2. Sanitary Ware Concerned Industries in China 

3. China Sanitary Ware Market 

4. Regional Market 

5. Leading Sanitary Ware Producers 

Companies Mentioned:

  • Appollo
  • Arrow
  • Bolina
  • Dongpeng
  • Faenza
  • Gaoming Annwa Ceramic Sanitary Ware
  • Hcg
  • Hegii Sanitary Ware
  • Joyou
  • Kohler
  • Lixil (American Standard, Inax)
  • Seagull
  • Sunlot Shares
  • Toto
  • Ying

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Media Contact: Laura Wood, +353-1-481-1716,

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China Dental Industry Report – Forecasts to 2016 – SYS

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

DUBLIN, March 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

Research and Markets ( has announced a further of the “China Dental Industry Report – Forecasts to 2016″ report to their offering. 

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The dental attention refers to medical industrial sequence on a basement of verbal medical consumption, consisting especially of dental appliances (equipments and consumables), dental medical services, etc. with a synergy of deepening doing of new medical reform, flourishing per capita disposable income and lifting open recognition over health, China dental attention has witnessed strong expansion in new years. 

Dental Appliance: in 2012, a income of China dental apparatus attention increasing by 6.7% year-on-year to RMB2.7625 billion; in Jan.-Oct., 2013, it reported a income of RMB4.2094 billion, adult 92.9% year-on-year. Domestic industrial players, including Xianyang Northwest Medical Instrument (Group), Runyes, Shinva Medical Instrument, Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group), Hefei Meiya Optoelectronic Technology, and Fujian Meisheng Medical Science Technology, are increasingly heightening their competitiveness. Xiya Optoelectronic Technology, for example, denounced a CBCT in 2012, dismantling corner of unfamiliar brands such as Carestream from US, Kavo and Sirona from Germany, New Tom from Italy, Planmeca from Finland, Vatech from South Korea, and Morita from Japan. In 2012 and H12013, a sales of a association from CBCT strike RMB1.15 million and RMB5.53 million, respectively, with a bent to reinstate alien brands. 

Dental Medical Service: in 2006-2011, a sum income of China’s stomatological hospitals soared from RMB2.37 billion to RMB6.5 billion, with a CAGR of 22.4%. By sum margin, stomatological hospitals have been ranked tip 3 among specialized hospitals of all kind for many uninterrupted years, with a array in 2011 reaching 11.8%. In care of a fact that a income generated by stomatological hospitals is released from that generated by a dialect of stomatology of ubiquitous hospitals that array around 18,000, and that private clinics such as Arrail Dental and iByer Dental Group are some-more active in marketing, a altogether verbal medical attention performs improved than a above information in terms of industrial scale, expansion rate and sum margin. 

Thanks to a array of active policies and strong demand, China has fostered national verbal medical use institutions represented by TC Medical, Arrail Dental, iByer Dental Group, and Jia Mei Dental that can be many founded in economically grown regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong, as good as flagship sequence brands represented by Yafei Dental, Ai Kang Jian Dental, Changsha Haoyayi, and Dalian MEIER DENTAL.

Key Topics Covered: 

1. Overview of Dental Industry 

2. Status Quo of China Dental Industry 

3. Development Prospect of China Dental Equipment Industry 

4 Development Outlook of China Dental Medical Market

5. Development Prediction of China Stomatological Hospitals

6. Leading Dental Equipment and Materials Enterprises in China 

7. Major Private Stomatological Hospitals in China

Companies Mentioned:

  • Ai Kang Jian Dental
  • Arrail Dental
  • Fujian Meisheng Medical Science Technology
  • Hefei Meiya Optoelectronic Technology
  • Jia Mei Dental
  • Runyes
  • Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group)
  • Shinva Medical Instrument
  • TC Medical
  • Weigao Holding (WeGo)
  • Xianyang Northwest Medical Instrument (Group)
  • YaFei Dental
  • iByer Dental Group

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China’s dilettante mechanism organisation bets on home market

Monday, March 10th, 2014

EVOC, a heading dilettante mechanism manufacturer in China, sees flushed destiny in a country’s domestic marketplace with cyber confidence emanate apropos a tip supervision priority.

Chen Zhilie, authority of a house of a Shenzhen-based firm, pronounced China’s domestic marketplace is warming adult to internal industrial mechanism makers given President Xi Jinping privately took assign of a new supervision physique overseeing a country’s cyber confidence in late February.

Chen pronounced during a sideline of a annual domestic advisory event that his company, that produces both industrial and troops use computers, has seen an boost in a series of orders. However, he refused to exhibit a accurate figure.

Chen pronounced his Hong Kong-listed association is a third-largest actor in this zone in a world. “However, many of a computers used in Chinese government, troops and in pivotal application companies, such as a State Grid, are done in a United States,” he said.

According to him, internal specialized mechanism manufacturers in China comment for only 15 percent of a country’s market.

“On a other hand, a other universe leaders in this margin occupy some-more than 95 percent of their home markets,” he said, adding that a sales of Chinese players are projected to boost fast in a entrance years.

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China’s Lenovo stairs into ring opposite Samsung with Motorola deal

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

The understanding will concede Lenovo to step outward a China comfort section and resolutely into other regions, including a United States, where Chinese smartphone makers have struggled, and Latin America, where Motorola stays a clever brand.

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New $100m Ireland-China account aims to constraint a serve $200m for Irish tech firms

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Mark Paul, Business Affairs Correspondent

Summit Bridge Capital, a new $100 million joint-venture investment account between Ireland and China, is aiming to attract adult to $200 million in serve investment from other supports to plough into Irish record companies looking to mangle into a Chinese trade market.

The fund, launched yesterday with $50 million injections from a National Pension Reserve Fund (NPRF) and a China Investment Corporation (CIC), expects to take minority stakes in adult to 15 determined Irish record companies over a subsequent three-to-five years.

It will be co-managed by Dublin organisation Atlantic Bridge Capital and Chinese outfit WestSummit Capital. Elaine Coughlan, a ubiquitous partner with Atlantic, pronounced a new account would demeanour to co-invest in Irish exporters to China with other general funds.

“A $100 million account could typically move in additional investors of between $100 million and $200 million. The account won’t itself steal to invest, though it would be leveraged in a clarity that a money is used to attract some-more equity,” pronounced Ms Coughlan.

She pronounced a account already had a “solid pipeline” of 5 or 6 intensity investments lined up, given Atlantic had worked on substantiating a account given it was initial mooted in 2012. It hopes to make a initial investment in a initial half of a year.

Ms Coughlan pronounced it would concentration on determined record companies with expansion intensity that are “market ready” for China.

“We won’t only demeanour during normal record and program companies. We have also looked during sectors that are quite suitable for exporting into China, such as agri-tech, food-tech, and pointing engineering.”

CIC is one of a largest emperor resources supports in a world, with about $580 billion of resources – two-and-a-half times a distance of a Irish economy – underneath management.

The Government and a NPRF have been in negotiations with CIC to launch a account for about dual years, dating behind roughly to a time a afterwards Chinese vice-premier Xi Xinping visited a State.

At a fund’s launch in Dublin yesterday, a Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, pronounced a investiture was partial of a Government plan to pull some-more non-bank sources of collateral for Irish companies.

“In a US, 70 per cent of appropriation for a economy comes from non-bank sources. We identified this as a problem in a Irish economy,” pronounced a minister.

He pronounced a NPRF-CIC corner try was partial of a plan to lower mercantile links between a dual countries, that he hoped would eventually lead to a State drumming China to buy Irish emperor bonds.

“A lot of Asian supports would like to deposit in Irish supervision bonds, though they need all a ratings agencies to have Ireland during investment class first. But we have no doubt that, before too long, there will be supports issuing from China to a Irish sovereign.”

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Forrester: Top Five Predictions for China Tech Outlook in 2014 – SYS

Monday, January 6th, 2014



Since 2012, China has taken a place as a second-largest economy and
third-largest IT marketplace in a world, though IT spending per capita in
China is still reduction than 5 percent of that in a US. For CIOs in
China to succeed, they need to go over maintaining “control” of
technologies and concentration on maintaining and winning customers. Forrester
Research, Inc.
(Nasdaq: FORR) recently published a China
Tech Market Outlook: 2014
report. Here are a tip 5 predictions
that CIOs in China should take note of:

  • Technology spending is negligence down in China and internal vendors will
    advantage share.
    Forrester estimates that China’s craving IT
    purchases will grow by 6 percent in 2013, to RMB 698 billion, and a
    offer 8 percent in 2014, to RMB 752 billion. Local vendors like
    Huawei, Inspur, and Lenovo will expected advantage from a NSA/Snowden
    issue. These companies will advantage share mostly in a hardware space,
    including server, storage, and networking, in 2014.
  • China will turn a world’s largest eCommerce market. The
    series of online buyers in China alone will strech 356 million in 2014
    — leading a whole US population. The Chinese online retail
    marketplace will continue to grow, to $604 billion in 2017.
  • Smartphones will turn life hubs for many Chinese consumers. For
    many consumers in China, a smartphone will start to resemble a “life
    hub” — a connected heart for people’s lives. Forrester estimates that
    48% of all Chinese mobile phone subscribers will possess smartphones in
    2014, and this series will grow to 64% in 2017.
  • Customer knowledge will swell as a priority. With
    technologies disrupting a approach organizations offer and communicate
    with their customers, patron knowledge will turn a prohibited subject for
    CIOs in a hypercompetitive Chinese market.
  • Big information and analytics will advantage popularity, though few IT
    organizations will accommodate business demands. 
    Forrester believes
    that patron rendezvous will expostulate BI, large data, and analytics
    investments in China in 2014, generally during banking/finance and retail
    organizations. CIOs during many other Chinese organizations will face a
    broader large information agenda, including large information architecture, use box for
    predictive analytics, and large data-related skills and training issues.

“Success in a age of a patron is some-more than only record — it
hinges on organizations changeable their cultures, organizational
structures, and mindsets to win in this new era,” says Bryan Wang, Vice
President and Country Manager for China, Forrester Resesarch.
“Businesses will call on CIOs and their teams to support these changes
and enlarge their range over IT (infrastructure) to include business
record (BT)
 — technologies, systems, and processes to win,
serve, and keep customers.”

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