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Cyber attacks pierce to cloud with increasing adoption, news shows

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Cyber attacks on cloud environments have roughly reached a same turn as attacks on traditional
IT, with augmenting adoption of cloud-based services by a enterprise, a investigate shows.

The 2014 Cloud Security Report by security-as-a-service
provider Alert Logic is formed on an research of information from
cloud and on-premise infrastructures of 2,200 customers.


In a past year, beast force attacks on cloud environments climbed from 30% to 44% of
customers, and disadvantage scans augmenting from 27% to 44%, a investigate found.

Brute force attacks typically engage a vast series of attempts contrast mixed common
credential failings to find a approach in, while disadvantage scans are programmed attempts to find a
security debility in applications, services or custom implementations that can be exploited.

These forms of incidents have been distant some-more expected to aim on-premises environments in the
past, though are now occurring during near-equivalent rates in both environments.

The pivotal anticipating of a news is that attacks seem to be augmenting opposite all environments,
and, in parallel, a forms of attacks in a cloud are increasingly unchanging with those
experienced on premise.

Malware botnet attacks, historically a many common attacks in a on-premises datacentre, are
on a arise in cloud environments, a investigate found, going from 5% to 11% in a past year.

“As some-more craving workloads have changed into cloud and hosted infrastructures, some traditional
on-premises threats have followed them,” pronounced Stephen Coty, arch confidence preacher during Alert

“This reinforces a prerequisite for enterprise-grade confidence systems privately designed to
protect cloud environments,” he said.

The news is also formed on information from “honeypot” mechanism systems set
up on a internet. These attract enemy to observe conflict forms and frequency.

 The news records that 14% of malware collected by a honeypots was considered
undetectable by 51 of a world’s tip antivirus suppliers as enemy re-package variants of
malware like Zeus or Conficker.

This means that cloud-specific confidence systems contingency enclose modernized confidence calm and
analytics unchanging with a conflict vectors prevalent in a cloud.

“This shows a need for a defence-in-depth plan that aims to strengthen each covering of the
stack,” pronounced Coty.

“Antivirus still has a purpose as it detecting a other 86% of malware, though organisations have to
do a lot some-more than that to safeguard they can locate a malware that antivirus will not,” he told
Computer Weekly.

Worldwide, attacks on Microsoft-DS (Port 445) accounted for a infancy (51%) of honeypot

Microsoft-DS (port 445) supports approach hosted “NetBIOS-less” server summary block (SMB) trade and
file-sharing in Windows environments, and it represents an easy target, when open, for accessing
files and providing a ability to taint systems.

The residue of a attacks was separate comparatively uniformly among Microsoft-SQL (Port 1433), MySQL
(Port 3306), HTTP (Port 443), RPC (Port 135) and FTP (Port 21).

According to a report, widespread acceptance of cloud computing in craving IT increases the
need to secure cloud infrastructure in a approach that rivals insurance of a traditional

To accommodate this requirement, a news pronounced IT and confidence professionals contingency know the
types of threats targeting cloud computing environments, and either normal security
technologies can perform effectively in cloud environments.

“They contingency also know that cloud is a common shortcoming between a use provider
and a customer,” pronounced Coty.

“The cloud provider is obliged for foundational services and things like hardening the
hypervisor, though users sojourn 100% obliged for all during a focus layer, including
security,” he said.

According to Coty, this means cloud consumers still need to consider about facilities such as secure
coding, entrance management, program practical patching, monitoring applications and security

Cloud consumers also need to speak to their providers about what they need to do from a security
point of view, and ask questions about their encryption strategies and how they patch their

“Finally, it is critical to stay sensitive about a kinds of intensity threats to your cloud
environment to capacitate we to ask a right questions of your use provider,” pronounced Coty.

“Knowledge is energy since meaningful what we are exposed to will assistance we to urge your
environment a lot some-more well and work improved with your use provider,” he said.

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Why a Aereo Case Has Cloud Computing Companies Worried

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

In a copyright quarrel between broadcasters and Internet TV startup Aereo, cloud computing companies like Dropbox and Google are stuck uncomfortably in a middle.

Tech companies will be examination closely on Tuesday as a Supreme Court hears arguments in a Aereo box since they’re disturbed that a detriment for a startup could means them authorised problems in a future.

Broadcasters don’t have problems with cloud computing companies like Dropbox, Amazon or Google, though those companies could still find themselves influenced by a TV attention brawl since Aereo offers a cloud-based service. Tech companies, consumer advocates and even broadcasters themselves have flooded a justice with briefs on since a justices shouldn’t order broadly on a legality of cloud-based storage services.

“Under a hood, what Aereo is doing is storing TV programs during a ask of a user and transmitting to a user’s device,” pronounced Mitch Stoltz, a staff profession during a Electronic Frontier Foundation. ”You put those together and that’s a lot like what a lot of cloud services do, too.”

Aereo provides entrance to internal TV stations over a Internet for a little monthly fee. Consumers lease entrance to little remote antennas and record network TV shows to watch live or after on tablets, smartphones or PCs.

Broadcasters have sued a company, observant Aereo is hidden their calm and a association should compensate chartering fees like wire companies. Aereo contends that it is simply renting consumers entrance to remote antennas and a DVR use that allows them to watch giveaway over-the-air TV channels.

Aereo argues that it is giving consumers a possibility to watch private broadcasts of TV shows, while hire owners say a association is unequivocally transmitting open broadcasts. It’s an critical eminence since private broadcasts are accessible underneath copyright law though open broadcasts aren’t.

“The box here eventually asks what does it meant to publicly perform a work? That matters since if what a cloud computing companies are doing by creation your calm accessible behind to we is publicly performing, that means they need to get a permit to do that,” pronounced Matthew Schruers, clamp boss of law process during a Computer and Communications Industry Association, that has filed in preference of tech companies in this case.

Broadcasters brawl a idea that a feat for their side opposite “Aereo’s Rube Goldberg-like contrivance” would be a problem for a cloud computing industry. “There is an apparent disproportion between a use that provides a means to store, copy, or entrance calm granted by a user and a use that provides a calm itself,” a broadcasters* wrote in a brief final week.

“Contrary to Aereo’s contentions, no one has suggested that these ‘virtual locker’ services indispensably are probable for transgression whenever they are used to store calm that was not ‘lawfully’ acquired,” a broadcasters continued.

But in a corner filing, a Center for Democracy and Technology, a wireless attention and a Information Technology Industry Council (which represents Google, Apple, IBM and Facebook, among others), argued cloud computing services count on a authorised bargain that remote storage and spread of information is not a open performance.

“If that bargain were thrown into doubt, cloud computing services would face a critical predicament: Their core functions would turn receptive to copyright claims from a probably vast category of probable claimants, with a intensity for incriminating orthodox damages,” a trade associations wrote in a brief. Tech companies also don’t wish to be put in a position of carrying to establish either customers’ calm is infringing copyright protections.

BSA, a Software Alliance that represents Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit and 22 other tech companies, charity similar comments, suggesting that a justices defer to Congress to solve any “concern that existent standards somehow askance a change between copyright owners, innovators and a public.”

There have been shrill adequate concerns lifted by the tech village that a Justice Department asked a justices to wade delicately by a cloud computing issue.

Obama administration lawyers pronounced a justice should not “call into doubt a legitimacy of innovative technologies that concede companies to use a Internet to store, hear and perspective their possess rightly acquired copies of copyrighted works,” in a filing that upheld a broadcasters’ arguments. Finding on interest of broadcasters “need not bluster a legality of cloud computing,” a Justice Department said.

Aereo is approaching to make a evidence Tuesday that a use is simply creation it easier for consumers to see local, giveaway over-the-air TV broadcasts. The association argues that it’s not spiteful broadcasters’ categorical income tide — promotion — since they’re simply permitting consumers to watch internal stations.

It’s an evidence echoed by consumer groups, that told the justice in early Apr that “Aereo should not be probable for charity a cloud-based apparatus let use that merely enables consumer control over how and when to rivet in official private performances of giveaway [over-the-air] promote television.”

Station owners have to yield consumers giveaway entrance to internal stations around antennas since they are regulating open airwaves for free. Broadcasters can, however, assign pay-TV companies a “retransmission” price for entrance to their channels.

Those fees have turn an critical partial of a promote business in new years as hire owners have successfully prodded wire and satellite-TV companies to cough adult some-more money. Such fees, that accounted for about one percent of broadcaster income in 2006, will arise to roughly 13 percent of income by 2016, according to investigate organisation SNL Kagan.

It’s that income tide that broadcasters are perplexing to strengthen with this case.

* NBCUniversal is a celebration in this case. It is an financier in Revere Digital, Re/code’s primogenitor company.

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Be The Best Host Out There w/Amazon Web Services

Monday, April 21st, 2014


With this march we will be removing an in-depth travel through on how to implement a wide range of Cloud Computing services that Amazon provides.

This educational will learn we what is accessible in AWS, and how to use it effectively for your possess needs. After we start by training accurately what Cloud Computing is, and since we should be regulating it, we will be shown all a smashing facilities that AWS brings to your digital life.


Once we have finished a video training crouse, we will be fully able of formulating and deploying your possess Web Applications regulating a services and skills we only learned.

We adore this march since Cloud Computing is fast apropos a customary process of creating scalable, docile Web Application Services so we will have a leg adult on a competition!


  • Over 51 lectures and 5 hours of content
  • Learn how to take advantage of amazons strong and scaleable resolution to horde your web sites
  • Gain a plain bargain on how to build, configure and administrate web and cloud services regulating AWS
  • Create and handling EC2 instances
  • Use Elastic Load Balancers, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, S3, RDS and Dynamo.
  • Learn about CloudFront services, ElastiCache, VPC, SNS, SES, SQS and Route 53
  • Create a 3 tier scalable Web Application regulating a collection learned


Windows or Mac Computer

THE EXPERT – Infinite Skills

Infinite Skills is a Canadian formed association that offers an ever flourishing operation of high peculiarity eLearning solutions that learn regulating studio peculiarity narrated videos backed-up with unsentimental hands-on examples. The importance is on training genuine life skills that are essential in today’s blurb environment.

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Three Things Missing from Most Enterprise Cloud Strategies

Friday, April 18th, 2014

According to an IBM announcement, organizations that advantage rival advantages by cloud adoption reported roughly double a income growth.  The investigate claims these organizations have scarcely 2.5 times aloft sum distinction expansion than counterpart companies that are not as assertive around a use of cloud computing. The consult was conducted with some-more than 800 business preference makers and users worldwide.

Thank you, “Captain Obvious.”  Even if we consider job IBM a neutral third celebration is a bit laughable, a investigate rings loyal to me.

It’s transparent that a use of cloud computing has a certain advantage on a bottom line of many organizations who deposit in this technology. The problem is, many organizations don’t, and, those that do, deposit in a wrong places.

It’s been my trust that many companies get cloud computing wrong. Although many on staff know what cloud is and can do, a problems typically arise around doing of this technology. Large issues do not get addressed, and so many enterprises destroy in a cloud.

The core problem is that some things are blank in craving cloud computing strategies, and these things are mostly not addressed or accepted until it’s too late. My lot in life newly has been removing on airplanes and explaining this to many organizations that find their cloud strategies passed in a water, typically since they ignored some fundamentals.

So, save yourself a craft fare. Here are 3 of a many ignored equipment that go blank from many craving cloud computing strategies. As we explain them, count how many are blank within your possess organization.

Cloud Governance, including both services and resources, is mostly overlooked. Why?  Few people know it, and fewer still can write a plan.  This devise provides we with a ability to control open and private cloud services, such as cloud-based APIs.  Also blank from a standard list is a ability to control resources, such as allocation and provisioning of storage and discriminate resources from open and private clouds.

While many in craving IT trust that they can only toss record during this problem, such as a many cloud government platforms (CMPs) that are starting to emerge, we contingency initial bargain with a bargain and formulation aspect of this form of governance.

Unfortunately, a P-word (planning) is about as fun as year-end budgeting, and many only equivocate it altogether.  However, skip of formulation means skip of a trust we need to name a right trail to cloud services and resources governance. Thus, you’re only sharpened in a dark. Unless reticent fitness plays a part, you’re going to miss, and it will cost we time.

Training and employing devise is typically missing, that means you’re not approaching to have a required talent around when your clouds are up-and-running, or maybe even when you’re conceptualizing and building them.  Things are changing, and chances are really high that you’ll need specialists in cloud security, cloud governance (see previous), as good as a brands of private and open clouds we leverage.

While many enterprises trust that we can sinecure on-demand, good fitness in a rising universe of cloud computing. Skills are going fast, and for large money. Also, don’t give adult on your existent staff. Make certain they have a training opportunities that will concede them to swell toward a insane cloud skills that you’ll need.

Operations formulation is mostly an afterthought.  No matter how good we did your planning, architecture, and record selection, when we go into production, there is small or no operations and maintenance.  Can we say, “Slow though certain death?”

Work with a ops teams to make certain there are adequate people to monitor, fix, and say your new open and private clouds. Typically, those are not a people who now run a information centers, and, behind adult one step, we do need to make certain a right skills are in-house by employing and training.

Some of a new processes and record that will be in place embody governance (see above), identity-based security, opening management, and cost monitoring. Somebody needs to flog a servers when they go down, even when they are housed in Microsoft or Amazon information centers, thousands of miles away.

Cloud computing fails due to a skip of trust some-more mostly than it does since of some disaster with a technology. Hey, we’re flattering new during this, so it’s to be approaching in some cases.  However, as a IBM investigate points out, a destiny of a business is on a line, related to your success with cloud computing technology.  This is not your normal record refresh; it’s a systemic change in computing as a whole, and should be given a right weight and importance.

Photo pleasantness of Shutterstock.

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The Explosive Growth of Cloud Computing [Infographic]

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Today we have an infographic from a UK formed internet use provider called Eclipse Internet all about a expansion of cloud computing.

The 1st partial of a infographic is about a expansion of cloud computing, from a initial pregnancy in 2008 to a widespread adoption we see today. There is a draft that shows that in 2008 a cloud computing attention was estimated to be value $46 billion and in 2014 it is estimated to be value some-more than $150 billion.

The 2nd territory teaches us that 75% of a people that Forbes surveyed, used some form of cloud computing height for several things and that a many used cloud computing platforms are Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

Next adult we have information about a destiny of cloud computing including statistics, like some-more than 50% of all information record will be in a cloud within a subsequent 5-10 years.

Finally there is a graph that shows that forms of information are many ordinarily stored on a cloud including records and research, music, addresses and more.

Here is a infographic people, suffer and let me know what we consider on Facebook or Twitter.

The Explosive Growth of Cloud Computing [Infographic] picture cloud computing infographic 550

Infographic by Eclipse Internet

This essay is an original contribution by David Eaves.

Find out how we can turn a partial of Business 2 Community.

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What are a advantages of regulating a giveaway Panda Cloud Antivirus?

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

The giveaway Panda Cloud Antivirus program has been primarily expelled behind in November, 2009. Even yet many people during a time suspicion that a cloud computing antivirus use would usually be negligence down your personal mechanism some-more and some-more people are switching to regulating a antivirus software. However, what accurately are a advantages of regulating a cloud antivirus insurance software?

In box we have been vital on Mars or are usually not that meddlesome into a approach things work, cloud computing is a rather new hosting record that allows developers to yield people with some-more worldly web applications. In cloud computing, instead of renting a singular volume of computing energy for a certain web focus or user, a hosting use shares a computing energy with all applications and distributes it in a approach to let each user suffer their knowledge with a certain web application.

Using a cloud computing technology, instead of scanning your files locally, a giveaway Panda Cloud Antivirus performs a consistent record send and scans them on a remote server. Although this competence be negligence down some users with slower internet connecting, a normal tie speed and due to a program design of a giveaway Panda Cloud Antivirus many users are hardly feeling a presence. Moreover, even yet it uses internet connection, it lets we suffer your computing energy to a fullest.

In further to not regulating your computing power, a giveaway Panda Cloud Antivirus is a usually antivirus program now accessible that facilities a special Collective Intelligence complement that provides we with a many present insurance opposite threats. Moreover, if your internet tie breaks down, your personal mechanism will still be stable from threats since of a antivirus backup complement and internal cache that contains information about a many common threats that are in circulation.

The Panda Cloud Antivirus has both a giveaway and a paid version. However, as a paid chronicle is designed with companies and tiny businesses alike, a giveaway chronicle is adequate for a common user. If we wish to be means to use a many of your mechanism power, while carrying a many present insurance opposite malware, viruses and other threats, a giveaway Panda Cloud Antivirus program is really for you.

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Inspur’s Latest Strategy Enhances Cloud Computing Penetration In China

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Inspur logo

China’s Inspur Group announced a business plan for a entrance year, and a association will concentration on enhancing a cloud computing products and solutions provider position; accelerating a transition to being a cloud computing services provider; and implementing general strategies.

The association pronounced it will continue to lift a heading position as a cloud computing products and solutions provider in China. It will yield extensive solutions from simple core apparatus to focus to supervision clouds, corporate clouds and industrial clouds, while accelerating a transition to a cloud computing services provider.

Inspur has sealed cloud computing vital team-work agreements with 34 Chinese cities, covering Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Hainan, Shanxi, Guizhou, and Yunnan. Those agreements strech several industries such as health, broadcasting, government, water, electricity, and open security.

In addition, Inspur’s cloud computing center, that claims to be a largest fourth-generation information core in Asia, was recently opened. Based on Shandong, this new ccenter will offer cloud computing services to supervision units and enterprises opposite a whole country. In a future, Inspur skeleton to build 10 such information centers in China. The company’s Beijing cloud use core is now being built, that will yield cloud computing services to inhabitant ministries and state-owned enterprises.

In 2013, a company’s investigate and expansion investments increasing by 36.1% year-on-year and it filed 1,152 patents, including 691 invention patents and 10 general patents. Meanwhile, it claims to have led and participated in a plan of 4 general standards, 27 inhabitant standards, and 7 industrial standards.

Inspur pronounced that in 2014 a association will boost investigate and expansion investments, accelerate a expansion of vital new products, and say competitiveness by technical innovation.

For a general business, Inspur now wants to continue enlargement into 59 countries and regions. The association pronounced they will serve speed adult abroad business expansion and lift a ratio of approach abroad sales while reinforcing existent abroad businesses.

Total investments designed for 2014 to comprehend all this expansion were not expelled by a company.

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Global Micro Server Market Report

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

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April 11, 2014 —

DUBLIN, April 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

Research and Markets ( has announced a further of the“Global Micro Server Market Report”report to their offering.

(Logo: )


Global Micro Server Market Report

The analysts foresee a Global Micro Server marketplace to grow during a CAGR of 63.76 percent over a duration 2012-2016. One of a pivotal factors contributing to this marketplace expansion is a augmenting expansion of structured and unstructured data. The Global Micro Server marketplace has also been witnessing a fast adoption of cloud computing and cloud-based services. However, a augmenting use of virtualized servers could poise a plea to a expansion of this market.

The report, a Global Micro Server Market Report, has been prepared formed on an in-depth marketplace research with inputs from attention experts. The news covers a marketplace in a Americas, and a EMEA and APAC regions; it also covers a Global Micro Server marketplace landscape and a expansion prospects in a entrance years. The news also includes a contention of a pivotal vendors handling in this market.

Cloud computing and cloud-based services are fast elaborating and being adopted by enterprises opposite a globe. Cloud computing requires many information centers versed with high-performance computing apparatus to support a sundry operation of applications. There are many large-scale information centers being determined opposite a creation with modernized computing capabilities. These information centers are being versed withmicro serversand blade servers, that devour reduction energy and broach high-performance computing services.

According to a report, a augmenting expansion of structured and unstructured information is a vital expansion driver. Structured information has a pre-defined information structure, since unstructured information has no specific inner information structure. Enterprise applications are generating vast volumes of information, and this is approaching to continue in a future. The infancy of corporate information sources embody a information generated from craving applications, along with newly generated cloud-based data, amicable network data, and device data.

Further, a news states that one of a categorical hurdles is a augmenting use of virtualized servers. Virtualization is anticipating augmenting doing in craving networks. The use of virtualized apparatus has augmenting considerably. Virtualization of a servers reduces a need for additional server apparatus to hoop augmenting workloads.

The investigate was conducted regulating an design multiple of primary and delegate information including inputs from pivotal participants in a industry. The news contains a extensive marketplace and businessman landscape in further to a SWOT research of a pivotal vendors.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. List of Abbreviations

3. Introduction

4. Market Research Methodology

5. Scope of a Report

6. Data Center Server Market Overview

7. Global Micro Server Market Landscape

8. Web 2.0 Data Center Market Overview

9. Geographical Segmentation

10. Vendor Landscape

11. Buying Criteria

12. Market Growth Drivers

13. Drivers and their Impact

14. Market Challenges

15. Impact of Drivers and Challenges

16. Market Trends

17. Key Vendor Analysis

18. Other Reports in this Series

Companies Mentioned:

  • Acer Inc.
  • Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
  • Applied Micro Circuits Corp.
  • ARM Holding plc
  • Calxeda Inc.
  • Cavium Inc.
  • Dell Inc.
  • Fujitsu Ltd.
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co.
  • Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
  • Ingram Micro Inc.
  • Intel Corp.
  • Marvell Technology Group Ltd.
  • Mitac International Corp.
  • Nvidia Corp.
  • Oracle Corp.
  • Penguin Computing Inc.
  • Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd
  • Sandisk Corp.
  • SeaMicro Inc.
  • SuperMicro Computer Inc.
  • Tilera Corp.
  • Tyan Computers Corp.

For some-more information visit

Media Contact:Laura Wood , +353-1-481-1716,

SOURCE Research and Markets

Copyright 2014 PR Newswire. All Rights Reserved

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Cloud for Europe – White paper – SYS

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

cloudforeuropeHere is a initial chronicle of a new white paper : Cloud for Europe.


Cloud for Europe is headlined by the EU investigate investment program, chartered by industry consortia and being driven by procurement initiatives.

The EU Cloud Strategy is introduced here, including describing how it has implemented a Cloud Partnership Team for Europe, and by a Standards for a Cloud initiative, published a standards horizon for EU Cloud Computing.

They have identified 5 million jobs and €1 trillion of mercantile advantages and are environment out to grasp them by pioneering this beginning to move together stakeholders opposite Europe into a large-scale adoption program.

Also they have their Horizon 2020 funding program, directing a huge $1 billion of creation investigate appropriation towards all a compulsory core record areas and best use hurl outs that this module calls for, so it’s positively a powderkeg of expansion about to be unleashed.

Read the latest blogs.

Trusted Cloud Europe – Best practices

The EU recently published a poignant request imprinting their ambitions and skeleton to turn a universe personality in a margin of Cloud Computing, their Trusted Cloud Europe program.

This facilities a white paper as a fortitude to a program, a request that calls for a Cloud best practices horizon to be unconditionally adopted opposite Europe, as a means to expostulate a EU to turn a universe personality in a ICT sector.

Our possess white paper is a response to this document, detailing a plan for how this pan-European Cloud best practices horizon could be achieved, featuring:

Download: Cloud for Europe


The post Cloud for Europe – White paper seemed initial on Cloud Computing Best Practices.

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Cloud and datacentre bodies combine on trust agenda

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

The dual forums are ordering to teach users

The dual forums are ordering to teach users

Trade bodies a Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) and Data Centre Alliance (DCA) on Tuesday assimilated army to expostulate best practices among a cloud use provider community, privately compelling trust, confidence and clarity within a sector.

Under a terms of a agreement, both organisations will settle a reciprocal, universal fondness partnership to inspire best use as good as educating finish user organisations on all cloud computing issues.

“The information centre is increasingly being seen as a vicious member in a cloud “stack” in terms of resiliency, security, governance and cost base. This critical new partnership between a Cloud Industry Forum and a Data Centre Alliance reflects a joining towards XaaS (everything-as-a-service) and represents a poignant step brazen in a expansion of a digital infrastructure industry,” pronounced Professor Dennis F Kehoe, CEO of AIMES Grid Services and DCA house member.

Simon Campbell-Whyte, executive executive of a DCA, said: “The far-reaching widespread adoption of cloud computing has highlighted a need for a common customary that ensures transparency, capability and burden among both cloud use providers and information centres – secure and fit cloud infrastructures count on an proceed that addresses each layer.”

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