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Facebook and Open Compute wish a biodegradable server chassis

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Facebook is sponsoring an Open Compute Foundation competition with Purdue to rise a some-more tolerable server chassis. The idea of the contest is to build a biodegradable box — instead of steel surrounding — to reason a innards of a server. Since many companies reinstate their servers each dual to 3 years (the Purdue competition site says four), because not make a box out of something that doesn’t need to be recycled during a finish of a rather brief life?

From a pattern plea web site:

Servers are typically transposed about each 4 years. This is required to say fast, arguable equipment. Unfortunately, this formula in a lot of waste. Open Compute wants to change this starting with a server chassis. These are typically done of steel, that is recyclable, though even recycling generates waste. What would occur if these framework could be placed in compost instead?

Purdue University’s College of Technology entrepreneurship program, called Tech Ventures, will work with a Foundation and a amicable network to get students to rethink a common chassis. The plea will start with a Computer and Information Technology (CNIT) march during Purdue in a open semester. I, for one, can’t wait to see a card server chassis, nonetheless in some ways we consider eliminating a framework and creation a shelve a protecting unit for a play and components competence make some-more sense.

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‘League of Legends’ crowns $1M champions

Sunday, October 14th, 2012


It had all a makings of an Olympic event: an indoor arena, play-by-play announcers, 7,000 eager fans, uniformed competitors from opposite a creation and swarms of cameras capturing any angle of a action. However, when a throng erupted into a screaming frenzy any time a actor met his demise, it felt many some-more like “The Hunger Games.”

The dizzying universe championships of a online conflict locus diversion “League of Legends” resolved Saturday night inside a University of Southern California’s Galen Center, that typically hosts basketball – not video – games, with loser Taiwan’s Taipei Assassins defeating South Korea’s Azubu Frost to win a tournament’s $1 million grand prize.

Taipei Assassins members Chen “MiSTakE” Hui Chung, Kurtis “Toyz” Lau, Alex “Lilballz” Sung, Cheng Bo “Bebeisadog” Wei and Wang Jun “Stanley” Tsan bested Azubu Frost members Jung “RapidStar” Min-sung, Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-woo, Hong “MadLife” Min-gi, Jang “Woong” Gun-woong and Park “Shy” Sang-myeon in 3 of 4 championship rounds.

The foe served as a latest instance of a augmenting recognition of rival gaming – or e-sports, as it’s called. Unlike many multi-game e-sports competitions, such as a World Cyber Games and Major League Gaming, a second deteriorate universe championships of “League of Legends” were orderly directly by a game’s developer, Riot Games Inc.

Brandon Beck, a Riot Games CEO who co-founded a studio with boss Marc Merrill in 2006, acknowledges that “League of Legends” was always designed to be some-more like a foe than an interactive film or practical party park. He pronounced given there’s no “turnkey solutions” for organizing e-sports, Riot Games motionless to reason a foe themselves.

While e-sports have been around for some-more than 15 years, a genre has nonetheless to grasp mainstream success in North America, yet it’s many a inhabitant party in South Korea. That’s shifted over a past few years, as record has evolved, Internet speeds have turn faster and some-more arguable and a era of spectating gamers have grown up.

“If we pile North America and Europe together, e-sports are dramatically on a rise,” pronounced Beck. “They’re starting to locate up, though it’s nowhere nearby as mainstream as they are in some of these other territories. It’s not odd to have a large, single-digit commission of a Korean race examination a `League of Legends’ final on TV.”

Each compare of “League of Legends” facilities dual teams of 5 players picking superhero-like characters with special powers called Champions from a list of some-more than 100, afterwards attempting to massacre any other and destroy their jungle locus bases. Riot Games mostly creates income with a free-to-play diversion by offered practical equipment and characters.

The studio recently announced “League of Legends” as a “most played diversion in a world” with 70 million players hailing from 145 countries induction for a diversion given it debuted in 2009. Riot Games remarkable an normal of 12 million players are now logging on any day, some-more than “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3,” “World of Warcraft” or any Facebook game.

It’s a large strech when compared to other games – giveaway or otherwise. “FarmVille 2,” a stream many renouned diversion on Facebook, has 8.5 million daily users. The online role-playing tale “World of Warcraft” has 10 million subscribers. “Modern Warfare 3,” a successful first-person shooter for diversion consoles, strike a rise during 3.3 million daily players.

“We were newbs during a starting-a-studio thing,” pronounced Beck. “As we competence imagine, we dramatically underestimated a lot of a execution hurdles along a way. We founded it out of a lifelong passion for rival games. We done large mistakes along this journey, so many in fact, we incorporated a thought of creation mistakes into a culture.”

The mostly immature masculine throng inside a Galen Center was clearly rooting for a Taipei Assassins, immersion them with steady “T! P! A!” chants and station ovations any time a organisation took down Azubu Frost, who found themselves mired in debate final week after they were indicted of peeking during beyond displays to benefit an advantage during a playoffs.

“We never fanciful ourselves as joining commissioners,” pronounced Beck, who graduated from USC with Merrill. “I don’t consider it was on anyone’s Top 50 list of things they wanna do, though as we substantially saw this past weekend, we’ve already had to make some really severe decisions. We get it. We’re formulating a veteran sport. It’s partial of a job.”

Riot Games fined a group $30,000, about 20 percent of their semifinal winnings. It wasn’t a usually glitch during a playoffs, that were also bogged down in connectivity issues that forced some of a remaining matches to be changed from a LA Live party formidable in downtown Los Angeles to Riot Games’ offices in Santa Monica, Calif.

Dustin Beck, Riot Games’ conduct of e-sports, pronounced a developers toiled divided after a playoff failure to emanate a height for a universe championships that would sojourn live even if a Internet went down in a Galen Center. It worked, and a teams competed behind curtains, outward a perspective of a monitors that promote their positions to a audience.

Saturday’s universe championships went off but any issues, both in chairman and online where they were live streamed. While e-sports have been promote on U.S. radio in a past, it never held on. Organizers have forgone a old-school middle in preference of streaming matches online, where they can sell their possess promotion and assign subscription fees.

“We remove a lot of income on e-sports,” pronounced Merrill. “It’s not something, currently, that we do to expostulate lapse or profitability or whatnot. It’s bringing value to a players. Maybe, down a road, that will change. This is something that we believe, as a company, philosophically, if we move value to a players, they’ll prerogative us with engagement.”

Other gamemakers seem to be holding notice. “Call of Duty” publisher Activision Blizzard Inc. recently announced new features, such a picture-in-picture mode, for a arriving “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” that would make it friendlier to e-sports, and Microsoft Corp. is creation “Halo 4” accessible during a Major League Gaming foe before to a Nov. 6 launch.


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AWS announces sixth Global Start-Up Challenge

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Friday 14 Sep 2012 | 18:22 CET | News

Amazon Web Services, an company, has announced a call for entries to a sixth AWS Global Start-Up Challenge, a competition to recognize innovative start-ups that are built on AWS’s cloud computing platform. This year, AWS will name 4 grand esteem winners, one from any of a following categories; Big Data High Performance Computing, Gaming, Consumer Applications and Business Applications. Each grand esteem leader will be awarded USD 50,000 in cash, USD 50,000 in AWS credits, AWS Support services during a business-level tier for one year and technical mentorship from AWS. AWS Global Start-Up Challenge entries will be decider on their doing and formation of AWS services, newness and creativity of business, odds of long-term success and scalability and how good a business addresses a need in a marketplace. Entries contingency be perceived no after than 09 November. Semi-finalists will be announced in early Dec and finalists will be announced in early Jan 2013. Eligible contestants contingency have generated no some-more than USD 10 million in sum annual revenues and no some-more than USD 10 million in outward appropriation and start-ups submitted for a competition contingency use a cloud computing services offering by AWS.

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Technology luminary Guy Kawasaki to revisit Sydney to decider App Aid contest

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Technology luminary Guy Kawasaki to revisit Sydney to decider App Aid foe    Screen Shot 2012 09 10 during 11.51.51 AMOne of a tech industry’s best famous commentators is to revisit Sydney after this month as partial of a plan directed during formulating apps for charity.

Guy Kawasaki worked as Apple’s arch evangelist, has created several books about amicable media and has done a series of investments in Silicon Valley startups. He is also a inclusive tweeter with some-more than 1m followers.

He will be in Sydney as a decider for a Vodafone Foundation’s App Aid plan that sees charities and developers brought together to ‘code for a cause’.

The 48 hour plan will see charities including St John Ambulance, a Leukaemia Foundation, Oz Harvest, Starlight Children’s Foundation, NSW Wires and The Centre for Volunteering operative with developers to build apps to assistance support their communities. The Vodafone Foundation will present $30,000 to a winning gift to rise a app. Also on a jury is Vodafone CEO Bill Morrow.

The foe takes place from Sep 20-22.

More infromation is accessible on a Vodafone Foundation App Aid page.

Sep 10th, 2012 during 12:54 pm

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2012 Junior Beef competition winners announced

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation recently announced a winners of a 2012 Junior Beef Excellence Program during a special awards module during a Southern Oklahoma Technology Center.


Fifty-five students entered 63 steers in this year’s event, that highlights a body consequence of steers shown during youth stock shows in 8 southern Oklahoma counties.


The tip 10 entries were awarded a sum of $12,500 as partial of a annual contest.


Sam Ivory, Marlow 4-H, entered this year’s champion steer. As a 1st place finisher, Ivory warranted $2,500 and a tradition jacket.


The 2nd by 10th place winners are:


2nd place, Rance Jones, Lindsay 4-H, $2,000


3rd place, Will Shelby, Madill 4-H, $1,500


4th place, Grayson Kuehny, Elmore City FFA, $1,250


5th place, Morgan House, Tishomingo FFA, $1,000


6th place, Sunni Moore, Milburn 4-H, $950


7th place, Chance Sweeten, Dickson 4-H, $900


8th place, Bryson Crosthwait, Tishomingo FFA, $850


9th place, Carlee Albrecht, Wapanucka 4-H, $800


10th place, Seth Cleary, Lindsay FFA, $750


All participants are from Carter, Garvin, Jefferson, Johnston, Love, Marshall, Murray or Stephens counties.


All steers contingency have been shown in their county youth stock uncover before to entry.

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Microsoft acquires 20 new Windows confidence ideas for $13400 each

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Microsoft has perceived 20 submissions in a $268,000 competition it hopes will outcome in new confidence technologies being baked into Windows, a association confidence strategist pronounced Tuesday.

The “BlueHat Prize” contest, that debuted in Aug 2011, offers $200,000 as a initial prize, $50,000 for second, and a subscription to Microsoft’s developer network for third place. The 3 winners will be flown to Las Vegas this July, when Microsoft will announce a formula during a Black Hat confidence conference.

Microsoft collected 20 entries before a Apr 1 deadline, pronounced Katie Moussouris, a comparison confidence strategist lead during Microsoft, on a company blog yesterday.

Between now and Black Hat — that runs Jul 21-24 — Microsoft will weigh a submissions and collect winners, Moussouris said.

BlueHat Prize was not a bug annuity system, where disadvantage experts are rewarded for uncovering specific flaws in program — though instead was designed to poke researchers to invent novel technologies that would strengthen Windows from whole classes of memory bugs.

When Microsoft rolled out BlueHat Prize final year, some experts insincere that a association was after a record or technique to improved or during slightest inhibit exploits of “return-oriented programming,” or ROP vulnerabilities.

ROP bugs can be used by enemy to avoid stream Windows anti-exploit technologies like ASLR, or residence space blueprint randomization.

All submitters — not usually a winners — will keep egghead skill rights to their work, though contingency permit their technologies to Microsoft on a royalty-free basis. Entries had to yield a antecedent 2MB or smaller that ran on Windows and was grown regulating a Windows SDK (software developer kit).

The chartering sustenance creates BlueHat Prize an careful approach for Microsoft to acquire new confidence ideas. Even if half of a entries are duplicates or simply not adult to snuff, Microsoft could gain 10 technologies or techniques for underneath $27,000 each, or reduction than a entertain what Google paid dual researchers final month for vulnerabilities and compared exploits in a Chrome browser.

“It’s a inexpensive approach to compensate someone else to innovate,” pronounced Andrew Storms, executive of confidence operations during nCircle Security, in an talk today.

“Google and others compensate for vulnerabilities,” combined Storms. “Microsoft has never finished that. Instead they’re compensate for innovation. So instead of profitable someone to mangle their stuff, they are profitable someone to make it better.”

A row of Microsoft employees from a Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC), a Windows organisation and Microsoft’s investigate arm will decider a entries.

In another blog final week, Moussouris pronounced that a apportion and peculiarity of a entries — adult to during that indicate usually 10 — had “exceeded a expectations.”

She did not name a participants, though did contend that they enclosed confidence researchers “with good lane records,” people or teams from academia, and others.

From her account, many contributors worked tighten to a Apr 1 deadline: Half of a 20 sum submissions were filed in a final 9 days of a contest, and one squeezed in underneath a handle with usually 9 mins to gangling final Saturday.

In fact, Microsoft deserted a acquiescence that missed a deadline by usually 8 minutes. Moussouris cited “fairness to a others” as good as Washington State competition manners as a reasons because a association wouldn’t bend.

Although there’s probably no possibility that anything Microsoft receives from BlueHat Prize could make it into Windows 8 — this year’s ascent will expected strech a “release to manufacturing” milestone usually weeks after a competition winners are suggested — a association could hurl some of a technologies into a Windows 8 use container subsequent year, Storms pronounced in a 2011 talk when BlueHat Prize debuted.

Microsoft has finished something identical in a past: In mid-2004, it revamped Windows XP’s confidence with Service Pack 2 (SP2).

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Cambridge University teen wins GCHQ hacking contest

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

March 13, 2012

Computerworld UK

The second annual UK Cyber Security Challenge has been won by Cambridge University tyro Jonathan Millican, 19, who emerged as a best all-rounder from a prestigious GCHQ-backed competition.

After several tough rounds over a final 6 months, a final Masterclass pitted 30 finalists opposite one another in hurdles including fortifying an organization opposite a unnatural cyberattack.

Computer scholarship undergraduate Millican was awarded a tip mark with an RAF engineer, Russ Taylor, a tighten second.

Sponsored and judged by HP, PricewaterhouseCoopers, BT, QinetiQ and Cassidian and corroborated GCHQ itself, Millican wins sponsorship to do a Masters grade during educational tech hotspot, Royal Holloway, University of London.

The foe is seen as one approach to pull courtesy to a vital confidence problem of new years, namely a miss of skilled, lerned experts operative in critical tools of a open zone in particular. Until recently, a problem has tended to be seen as simply as a miss in a underlying record rather that a practitioners.

Last year’s foe was won by Wakefield postman Dan Summers, subsequently offering a pursuit for a Royal Mail’s infosec team.

“It is by initiatives such as this that organisations, be they in a open or private sector, can continue to rise and say a heading corner in cyberspace by being means to partisan a right people with a right skills,” pronounced GCHQ executive ubiquitous for cyber security, Jonathan Hoyle.

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Williston girls place second in inhabitant video contest

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

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Amazon start-up plea kicks off, outrageous prizes on offer

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Nominations are now open for a fifth annual Amazon Web Services (AWS) Start-Up Challenge, with 15 informal prizes and one tellurian grand esteem adult for grabs by innovative start-up businesses.

The competition recognises innovative start-ups built on AWS’ cloud computing platform, that enables them to cost-effectively and fast innovate and build a infrastructure compulsory to run their businesses.

Amazon has stretched a plea worldwide, and will select 15 informal semi-finalists from a Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, a Middle East and Africa.

From a informal semi-finalists, tellurian finalists will be selected and awarded a package of $10,000 in AWS credits and a outing to attend a final turn of judging and awards ceremony.

The tellurian leader will be awarded $50,000 in cash, $50,000 in AWS credits, AWS reward support services and technical mentorship for one year, as good as a probable investment offer from Amazon.

AWS Start-Up Challenge entries will be judged on their doing of AWS solutions; newness and creativity of a business; odds of long-term success and scalability; and how good a business addresses a need in a marketplace.

Entries contingency be perceived no after than midnight US Pacific Time on 2 Oct 2011. Regional semi-finalists and tellurian finalists will be announced in November.

At a final AWS eventuality in November, finalists will benefaction their businesses to a row of AWS executives, try capitalists and an assembly of record attention leaders.

“Within a AWS community, we’re saying hotbeds of creation emerge via a world. AWS has leveled a personification margin as smaller companies benefit a resources to contest in ways that were really costly and mostly cost restricted in a past,” Amazon Web Services Vice President Adam Selipsky said.

“AWS allows business to compensate usually for a resources they use with no up-front investment, enabling entrepreneurs to put their ideas to work as fast as their businesses scale.”
All authorised contestants will accept $25 in AWS use credits to kick-start a routine of building their businesses on AWS. To learn some-more about a AWS Start-Up Challenge, revisit

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Students win bronze during tellurian computing contest

Sunday, July 31st, 2011


Two internal students won medals during an ubiquitous mechanism programming foe hold in Thailand.

Jamie McCloskey and Logan Glasson, of Canterbury University and Burnside High School in Christchurch respectively, both won bronze medals during a annual International Olympiad of Informatics foe that was hold in Pattaya, Thailand final month.

The foe involves 300 of a world’s tip mechanism scholarship students, who are comparison by inhabitant computing contests.

McCloskey and Glasson were partial of a four-member group representing a county in a two-day contest. Each foe event took 5 hours and competitors demonstrated their skills in problem solving, a pattern of algorithms and information structures, programming and testing. They were given an altogether measure for their opening and a highest-scoring students won bullion medals, followed by china and bronze.

The other students that represented New Zealand were Tom Levy of Hillcrest High School in Hamilton and Tony Sun of Christ’s College in Christchurch.

The students trafficked to Thailand with assistance from a Royal Society of NZ, University of Canterbury, University of Auckland, Solnet and Internet NZ.

More information about a International Olympiad of Informatics 2011 can be found here and a ubiquitous overview of a foe can be found on Wikipedia.

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