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KT wins KRW 20 bln information confidence agreement in Rwanda

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

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Shell Renews Contract with T-Systems

Monday, December 17th, 2012

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands and FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Germany, December 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

– Cloud services for hosting and storage
– Renewal extends strange understanding from 5 to 10 years

Deutsche Telekom’s corporate patron section T-Systems announced currently a renovation of their business with Shell for another 5 years by signing a agreement for worldwide hosting and storage services. Under a agreement, T-Systems will continue to yield Shell with information centre infrastructure and computing services around a world. Shell has changed tellurian energetic SAP services into a cloud, so bettering a use of information and communication record to business demand, boosting potency and shortening cost.

“We are gratified that Shell has renewed a agreement with T-Systems. we appreciate Shell for their certainty in us”, pronounced Reinhard Clemens, member of Deutsche Telekom’s Board of Management and T-Systems CEO. “T-Systems is a truly general use provider with a extended spectrum of secure cloud computing services.” Deutsche Telekom aims to strengthen a expansion with cloud services over a subsequent few years. According to analysts Telekom is forward of a margin with managed clouds for corporate customers.

Under a 2008 contract, T-Systems implemented a dedicated tellurian smoothness group in all pivotal Shell locations to safeguard a strong IT sourroundings around a clock. Additionally, some 900 rarely learned Shell specialists assimilated T-Systems and contributed to fulfilling a high use commitments to Shell.

About Deutsche Telekom
Deutsche Telekom is one of a world’s heading integrated telecommunications companies with over 131 million mobile customers, 33 million fixed-network lines and some-more than 17 million broadband lines (as of September 30, 2012). The Group provides fixed-network, mobile communications, Internet and IPTV products and services for consumers, and ICT solutions for business and corporate customers. Deutsche Telekom is benefaction in around 50 countries and has over 230,000 employees worldwide. The Group generated income of EUR 58.7 billion in a 2011 financial year – over half of it outward Germany (as of December 31, 2011).

About T-Systems
Drawing on a tellurian infrastructure of information centers and networks, T-Systems operates information and communication record (ICT) systems for multinational companies and open zone institutions. T-Systems provides integrated solutions for a networked destiny of business and society. The company’s some 48,200 employees mix attention imagination a

Deutsche Telekom AG
Corporate Communications
Tel.: +49-228-181-4949

Further information for a media at: and

SOURCE T-Systems

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Cloud Computing in a EU: ICO Releases Guidance on Personal Data and …

Friday, December 14th, 2012

The United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recently released Guidance on Personal Data and Cloud Computing, charity best practices for companies that are regulating – or deliberation regulating – cloud computing services to store or routine personal information and information per how to heed to a UK’s Data Protection Act (DPA).

At a outset, a ICO’s Guidance reiterates that while they might outsource their information storage and estimate to third parties by cloud computing services, organizations sojourn as obliged underneath a DPA for how personal information is stored, used and stable as if they stored and processed a information on their possess servers. The Guidance also warns that regulating cloud computing services to store and routine personal information might entail information confidence risks of that businesses might be unaware, and suggests issues that businesses should cruise and movement stairs they should take before to constrictive with impending cloud use providers.

The DPA relates to a “processing” of personal data, that is tangible so broadly that many of a operations that are expected to start in a cloud, including elementary storage of data, would tumble within a definition. Depending on a services that cloud use providers undertake, they might also be deliberate “data controllers” and therefore theme to a mandate of a DPA, rather than merely information processors on interest of their customers. According to a Guidance, a cloud patron determines a functions for that and a demeanour in that any personal information is processed, and therefore a cloud patron many expected will be a information controller and have altogether shortcoming for complying with a DPA. The accurate purpose of cloud providers in any box determines either they merely act as “data processors” on interest of information controllers or either they are information controllers with primary shortcoming underneath a DPA as well.

The Guidance suggests a series of movement stairs and includes a checklist for businesses deliberation relocating information to a cloud. The checklist includes:

  • steps for assessing a risks of relocating information to a cloud (understanding a personal information a business might reason and how a information will be processed in a cloud);
  • the confidentiality of a personal information in a cloud (encryption for both storage and delivery of data; third-party audits of a use providers’ systems; timescales for information creation, retention, cessation and deletion; either any information is common with third parties or opposite other services a providers offer; and how a providers residence vulnerabilities that might be identified in their systems);
  • the firmness of cloud providers’ systems (whether a cloud provider can yield information in a useable format on request, how quick a provider can revive information from a backup, and either a provider provides review trails in sequence to perspective who has accessed a data);
  • the accessibility of both a use and a data, and how interruptions expected will impact business operations; and
  • the authorised aspects of relocating to a cloud, including agreement terms (the Guidance warns opposite providers that emanate “take it or leave it” terms) and any intercountry send of data.

The Guidance also offers additional suggestions on consumer transparency, recommending that businesses that agreement for cloud services be open and pure with their business about a estimate arrangements they have done and a rights their business have to entrance their personal information and to intent to a estimate of their information for certain purposes. In further to requiring a created agreement with cloud computing services providers, a Guidance also suggests that businesses rivet in continual monitoring of a provider’s performance.

For some-more information about a calm of this alert, greatfully hit Ieuan Jolly.

This customer warning is a announcement of Loeb Loeb LLP and is dictated to yield information on new authorised developments. This customer warning does not emanate or continue an profession customer attribute nor should it be construed as authorised recommendation or an opinion on specific situations.

Circular 230 Disclosure: To assure correspondence with Treasury Department manners ruling taxation practice, we surprise we that any recommendation (including in any attachment) (1) was not created and is not dictated to be used, and can't be used, for a purpose of avoiding any sovereign taxation chastisement that might be imposed on a taxpayer, and (2) might not be used in tie with promoting, selling or recommending to another chairman any transaction or matter addressed herein.

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Secret Service launches review into ‘immense’ confidence breach

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

The information detriment happened in 2008 when a agreement worker operative for a firm
that had been hired to ride a tapes volunteered to take them to the
safe in Olney, Maryland as he lived nearby.

When he realised his error, a Secret Service told movement military and the
Department of Homeland Security, though they were incompetent to locate a tapes.

According to Fox News, that initial reported a incident, they contained “personally
identifiable information” on employees including phone numbers, bank
comment numbers, pass numbers and biometric information. They also
contained backups of a “mishmash of everything” from computers at
Secret Service HQ.

The occurrence is a second time in 8 months a Secret Service has been
broke by a possess staff.

In April, 12 agents were put underneath review for regulating prostitutes in
Cartegena, Columbia, on a eve of President Barack Obama’s central revisit –
in a really hotel where he was staying.

Eight quiescent from their posts while a others were privileged of “serious
misconduct”, call a President to code them “knuckleheads”.

Amid a fallout, former Secret Service agents and commentators concluded that it
was a misfortune liaison to strike a organization in decades.

In a statement, Secret Service orator Ed Donovan said: “In Feb of
2008, a agreement worker whose duty was to maintain, secure and
ride this form of information mislaid dual ‘backup’ tapes on a DC Metro
while transporting them to an off-site facility.

“These backup tapes were not noted or identified in any approach and were
stable by mixed layers of security.

“They could not be accessed but a correct equipment, applications
and encoding.”

However, another source contradicted this and told Fox News: “It was very
simple encryption. Let’s only contend it wouldn’t take a talent to moment it.”

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Legal concerns quell corporate cloud adoption

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Computerworld – The initial time a customer brought egghead skill warn Janine Anthony Bowen a cloud computing agreement to demeanour over, her greeting was, essentially, “These people contingency be nuts.”

“I review a proviso observant a use provider would bear no guilt for anything that went wrong with a service, and even if something did go wrong, my customer would still be responsible,” recounts Bowen, lead partner during Jack Attorneys Advisors in Atlanta.

To redeem any losses, her customer would have had to move suit, and a extent liberation volume equaled no some-more than a fees paid for 12 months of service. That volume wouldn’t even start to come tighten to a value of a information loss. Bowen’s comment of a agreement was blunt: “The terms were offensive,” she says.

Tanya Forsheit, with whom Bowen common a dais during a Practising Law Institute convention on cloud computing in San Francisco final summer, says she has identical concerns. “The cloud providers try to communicate a take-it-or-leave-it opinion for their contracts, awaiting people to click by a ‘I accept’ options a proceed people click by a iTunes website,” says Forsheit, a first partner of InfoLawGroup who works out of a firm’s Manhattan Beach, Calif., office.

Because of a take-it-or-leave-it proceed of cloud providers, IT professionals are regulating into problems with a authorised professionals charged with mitigating a risks that their organizations face. That’s a box during a Port of San Diego, where Deborah Finley only began meditative about regulating a tiny vendor’s cloud-based email archiving service.

“We’re a medium-size classification yet a precedence a incomparable classification competence enjoy. The vendor’s agreement had a reduction of guilt for a cost of a contract, while a authorised dialect has customary denunciation about indemnification,” says Finley, a Port’s executive of business information and record services. “To change that language, we would need house approval.”

After some behind and forth, Finley and a Port lawyers reached a compromise, yet she’s demure to go to a house each time she wants to pointer a cloud computing contract.

For Finley and many other IT execs, a bottom line is this: Cloud computing is ostensible to make things easier and cheaper for IT, yet instead, it’s branch lawyers and CIOs — dual groups with some-more common belligerent than they comprehend — into adversaries, during slightest temporarily.

The lawyers, whose pursuit is to advise a association on legal, risk and correspondence issues, wish to extent contracts that omit or shimmer over matters associated to information loss, privacy, confidence and e-discovery. CIOs, whose pursuit is to advise a association on technological issues, wish to yield computing capabilities to business units as fast as possible.

As cloud computing becomes some-more prevalent, a dual groups can find themselves during loggerheads — yet both are essay to offer a business.

As an IT leader, how can we come to terms with your company’s authorised counsel? How can a dual of we work together to make your company’s transition to a cloud cultivatable rather than fretful? The routine is sincerely simple, cloud pioneers say: Ask lots of questions and practice a healthy sip of due industry — all of that can lay a grounds for destiny teamwork in a cloud.

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NEC thinks it can condense information centre power

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012





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Voice, Data, and IP

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Howard Solomon
 On: 27 Nov 2012 For: ComputerWorld Canada 


(Image from Shutterstock)

Heat is a information centre’s mortal enemy. However, notwithstanding increasingly energy-efficient servers customarily it costs a poignant volume of income to quarrel behind by atmosphere conditioning.

NEC Corp. thinks it has found a improved solution: Using convection to manipulate atmosphere upsurge between a inside of a information centre and outside.

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Howard Solomon
I’m assistant editor of ComputerWorld Canada covering network infrastructure, communications and supervision IT issues. An IT journalist  given 1997, I’ve written … more

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Former Hillary Clinton IT arch bringing high tech to Prince George’s government

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Still, Wright has a prolonged proceed to go to update an IT infrastructure that connects a $2.7 billion county government.

“Anyone who knows me knows that we am a initial to acknowledge that we have not been rival in terms of IT,” Wright said. “We were really reactionary. We are operative to put a county on a turn personification margin with Montgomery, Fairfax and D.C.,” Wright said.

Wright, 39, a lifelong Prince George’s resident, won unanimous capitulation Tuesday from a County Council to rigourously take assign of a $33 million Office of Information Technology and Communications. He earns $145,000 annually.

Wright had been on a pursuit given Jan as a behaving record chief, replacing Tanya Gott, a holdover from a Jack B. Johnson administration.

Brad Seamon, a county’s arch executive officer, lauded Wright’s proceed to a job.

“I have been . . . energized by his leadership,” pronounced Seamon, a tip assistance to County Executive Rushern L. Baker III (D). “He has always voiced a certainty in a ability to get a arms around a formidable challenge, and we are now in a routine of doing that.”

Wright oversees 69 employees and contingency coordinate with a county’s several agencies, all of that need to promulgate with one another and share data.

One of his vital projects this year was a origination of a 311 center, an online and write call-in complement that county residents use to place requests for service, board complaints and obtain information. Baker had betrothed when he ran for bureau that he would emanate a 311 system, something that Montgomery County and a District have put in place.

Prince George’s 311 online core non-stop Jul 1, and a call core on Oct. 1 in a groundwork of a county administration building in Upper Marlboro. It has logged some-more than 19,000 calls and some-more than 10,000 online requests.

And Wright and his staff are personification pivotal roles in speeding adult a constrictive and buying processes, by substantiating a database with a list of prequalified contractors. If a executive is on a list and is awarded a contract, a new complement fast provides information about a association that a county needs to emanate a contract, potentially shortening delays by weeks.

“One of a biggest complaints we get is that it takes too prolonged to emanate a contract,” Wright said.

Two vital hurdles sojourn on Wright’s to-do list. Wright, who perceived a bachelor’s grade in business administration from a University of Maryland, is formulation to set adult a data-collection room to make certain that online information is being collected in a format that can be review and accepted by many agencies, as good as a public.

His other plan is an renovate of a county’s mercantile information systems for payroll, timecards, grants and other information related to payments. Fairfax and Montgomery have redone their systems for tracking information and disbursing supports in new years, spending as most as $40 million. Wright says he thinks he can get it finished for reduction since of a state of a economy. “I consider we can come in underneath $30 million,” he said.

Wright pronounced a county wants to emanate online elements such as interactive maps so residents and businesses can inspect information for specific communities.

The users would be means to demeanour adult information about open propagandize exam scores, occurrence of crime, skill values, county services, circuitously parks and other information.

The information also will assistance surprise process decisions and bill proposals.

“The thought is to have all a information in one place so that we can report, brand trends and request resources to delineate a budgets,” he said. “It will give us a good feel where problems are and will concede us to use information to make some-more sensitive decisions.”

That data-collection complement is vicious to Baker’s Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative, begun progressing this year. It targets high-crime areas and tries to step adult supervision and amicable services, as good as urge peculiarity of life by improved coordinating rabble pick-up and enormous down on problems such as bootleg dumping.

“It can change a proceed we do business,” Wright said. “It is some-more formidable than it sounds. The information is in so many opposite places, in so many opposite conditions.”

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UXC scores $40 million Gold Coast Hospital contract

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

ASX-listed UXC (ASX:UXC) has landed a $40 million understanding to supply and implement ICT infrastructure for a new Gold Coast University Hospital.

Queensland Health intent Lend Lease as a handling executive to erect a hospital’s campus and facilities. In turn, Lend Lease intent UXC as a solitary retailer of a hospital’s ICT infrastructure.

The work concerned includes datacentre, connected network, wireless LAN, one communications and IP telephony, genuine time plcae services and mobile duress; firewalls and confidence and a studious party system.

In a statement, UXC handling director, Cris Nicolli, pronounced it was a poignant win for UXC, showcasing a ability to win vast scale and formidable projects.

“This plan will be instrumental in building and fluctuating the infrastructure and burgeoning health capabilities,” Nicolli said. “ It is also a poignant event to settle the attribute with Lend Lease and enlarge the attribute with Queensland Health.”

The Gold Coast University Hospital is due to open in Sep 2013 and will offer dilettante services for oncology, neurosurgery, cardiac and pediatrics.

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Cutcliffe: No seductiveness in Tennessee – WATE

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Former Tennessee descent coordinator David Cutcliffe is happy during Duke and has voiced no seductiveness in holding over for Derek Dooley in Knoxville.

A source told WATE 6 Sports on Monday that Cutcliffe is expected looking during a agreement prolongation in Durham.

The Blue Devils have won 6 games and will play in a postseason.

Duke has a singular story of play games, personification in only eight. Their final coming was in a Hall of Fame Bowl after a 1994 unchanging season.

Cutcliffe is in his fifth deteriorate in Durham.

He is a former conduct manager during Ole Miss and served as an descent coordinator twice during Tennessee– both times underneath conduct manager Phillip Fulmer.



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UXC wins $40m agreement for Gold Coast hospital

Monday, November 19th, 2012

UXC has won agreement with Lend Lease value some-more than $40 million to yield and implement ICT apparatus during a new Gold Coast University Hospital during Southport.

UXC will supply all ICT infrastructure for a hospital.

The agreement includes a information centre, connected network and wireless LAN, one communications, IP telephony and firewalls and security.

“This plan will be instrumental in building and fluctuating the infrastructure and burgeoning health capabilities. It is also a poignant event to settle the attribute with Lend Lease and to enlarge the attribute with Queensland Health…” Cris Nicolli, UXC handling director, pronounced in a statement.

“This is a poignant win for UXC.”

The sanatorium is scheduled to open in Sep subsequent year.

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