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Craig Venter to Speak during Future in Review Opening – SYS

Friday, May 18th, 2012

FRIDAY HARBOR, WA — (Marketwire) — 05/18/12 — Strategic News Service reliable this week that famed scientist J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., will be a Opening Speaker during a tenth anniversary of Future in Review (FiRe). This will be Venter’s second coming during a annual record and economics conference, that brings together a tight-knit village of tellurian suspicion leaders to plead rising markets, tellurian problems, and technology-based solutions.

J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., is regarded as one of a heading scientists of a 21st century for his countless useful contributions to genomic investigate that embody a initial sequencing of a tellurian genome, a initial finish diploid tellurian genome and a initial fake cell. He is owner and authority of a J. Craig Venter Institute, a not-for-profit investigate classification dedicated to genomic research, and owner and CEO of Synthetic Genomics Inc, a secretly hold association commercializing and building genomic-driven solutions to solve a accumulation of tellurian needs.

“As a initial chairman to emanate fake life, Craig is again severe all of a imaginations in bargain how a scarcely gigantic series of biological processes, unexpected collection on a shelves, might be put to use in aiding humans. While there is no extent to a reward, there are some fundamental risks concerned in this extraordinary new pursuit. We are gay to have Craig join us to assistance irradiate a potentials he is in a routine of realizing,” pronounced Mark Anderson, FiRe Chair and SNS CEO.

The Strategic News Service provides a weekly online newsletter presaging tellurian trends in record and economics. It is a many accurate publicly-graded predictive newsletter covering a mechanism and telecom industries. Recent calls embody a 2007 tellurian mercantile meltdown, a presentation of “Currency Wars” and of “Economic Cyberwar,” together with augmenting tellurian IP burglary by China, among other vital tellurian trends. SNS is delivered any week to a subscriber bottom of C-level tellurian record and financial executives, and to suspicion leaders in technology, scholarship and economics.

It is also a horde of Future in Review (FiRe). FiRe attendees assemble any year with a idea of elucidate vital universe problems; a idea that is consistently met by FiRe’s partnership opposite manifold industries and a egghead and vital superintendence of FiRe Chair and SNS CEO, Mark Anderson. Now in a tenth year, Future in Review 2012 will take place May 22-25th during a pleasing Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, California. The Economist has called FiRe “The best record discussion in a world.”

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Strategic News Service was founded by Mark Anderson in 1995 as a initial paid online news service. Since a inception, SNS has proven a many accurate predictive newsletter covering a mechanism and telecom industries. Its subscribers embody tip managers during record companies opposite a globe, including Microsoft, Dell, HP, Cisco, Intel, Sun, Google, Telstra, Orange and others.

SNS has been handling a annual FiRe Conference for 10 years. The Economist calls FiRe “the best record discussion in a world.” FiRe exposes universe experts and participants to new ideas, producing an accurate mural of a destiny and focuses on formulating record solutions to stream internal and tellurian problems. FiRe 2012 will take place May 22-25, 2012 during a Montage in Laguna Beach, CA. For some-more information go to

Future in Review™ is a Strategic News Service™ conference. Future in Review™, and Strategic News Service™ are purebred general trademarks. The SNS newsletter is a many accurate publicly ranked predictive newsletter in computing and communications.


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Altech targets R10bn in new expansion areas

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

As a object sets on a West African operations, listed ICT organisation Allied Technologies (Altech) says it will aim new expansion areas, including cloud computing and tellurian telematics within a existent groups of Altech Autopage and Altech Netstar to clear R10 billion in intensity revenue.

On Wednesday (April 25), Altech reported a extrinsic arise in income to R9.97 billion, from R9.65 billion before, and handling distinction from collateral equipment of R649 million, from R787 million.

Adjusted title gain declined to 388 cents, from 529 cents in 2011.

Chief record officer and arch plan officer, Willie Oosthuysen pronounced that Altech would pursue new synergies within Altech Netstar in sequence to grow a geographical footprint.

Altech CEO, Craig Venter pronounced that a organisation would continue to pursue general business expansion opportunities, observant that a word telematics marketplace supposing a clever expansion awaiting for a year ahead.

The organisation combined that value-add services in swift government – including energetic routing and a business use – were underneath development, and discussions were persisting with Octo Telematics in Italy per a destiny partnership.

Venter has formerly settled that Netstar has been exploring a probability of an merger in Latin America. On Wednesday, a association conduct pronounced that it was in modernized stages of a ‘major acquisition’ in Latin America that would make Netstar a biggest car tracking association in a world.

Oosthuysen pronounced that Altech would also demeanour to precedence opportunities within cloud computing by a subsidiary, Altech Autopage, and a information centres in Kenya.

Both Oosthuysen and Venter settled that as most as R10 billion in income would be practicable by new expansion areas, in tandem with existent businesses within a group.

Lehlohonolo Mokenela, information and communication technologies investigate researcher during Frost Sullivan remarkable that, while Altech’s operations in East and West Africa disappointed, it posted some-more certain numbers in a internal operations, as both Altech Autopage and Altech Netstar grew their subscriber bottom and available aloft gain – 2.8% and 6.8% higher, respectively – from a prior period.

Mokenela expects to see a some-more certain opening from a organisation in a entrance period, as new government in a East Africa units start to settle in. “Altech has a clever participation in East Africa, where it is a largest information network provider with poignant investments in dual undersea cables,” Mokenela said.

“Through Kenya Data Networks, a association also has a good height to yield information centre services in a region.”

Venter also remarkable that Altech Sameer East Africa Data Centre was now generating income and would minister to formula going forward. He combined that partnership opportunities were also being explored for Altech East Africa.

The CEO pronounced that a sale of Altech’s west African operation was in modernized stages, with a execution date between 6 and 8 weeks away.

In 2011, Venter pronounced he was assured that Altech could turn a R20 billion association within 5 years. On Wednesday, he said: “Even if government achieved 70% of that target, we would be happy with that. we do trust we can do that.”

Venter pronounced that partial of that R20 billion idea would embody cloud computing and tellurian telematics. “We competence not grasp R20 billion, though we wish that it gets damn close,” he said.

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Altech, Kenya lead with broadband

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Independent Newspapers

Kenyan President Raila Odinga greets Altech arch executive Craig Venter and Sameer authority Naushad Merali.

Allied Technologies’ (Altech) operations in East Africa are staid to minister to a third of a primogenitor company’s annual earnings, according to Craig Venter, a arch executive of a JSE-listed Altech.

Venter’s faith in a segment stays clever notwithstanding receiving a inundate of critique from investors for a unit’s gloomy opening during Altech’s 2010/11 financial year. Altech blamed bad management, and a unit’s handling group was transposed with South African information record (IT) stalwarts.

Venter, vocalization during a central launch of Altech Kenya Data Networks (Altech KDN) final week, said: “The pivotal thing for us here is a economies are growing, a domestic sourroundings is quick and Kenya as an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sourroundings is advanced.”

He pronounced information download speeds were faster and that a high-definition film was prepared to be noticed within 8 mins in Kenya.

“Kenya has already deployed twine to a home while in South Africa it has not nonetheless been liberalised,” Venter said.

Connectivity in a segment is increased by a proliferation of undersea cables Eassy and Seacom, including Teams, all of that Altech has bought ability in.

Altech spent $75 million (R560m) in 2008 when it bought 51 percent of KDN and dual other internet use providers in a region, SwiftGlobal and Infocom. It has laid about 3 000km of twine ocular wire and Altech KDN manages some-more than 6 200km of twine ocular wire in East Africa. At a time it committed $10m in operative collateral and Sameer Group $20m to rise a information centre investment.

Altech’s certainty in a expansion of ICT in East Africa has spurred it to dedicate a serve $20m collateral investment over a subsequent 3 years in Altech KDN, pronounced to be a initial dedicated information centre in Kenya.

To date a trickery has captivated Kenya’s Equity Bank and Airtel, a vital Indian telecoms user in Africa, as a categorical clients.

The bomb-proof, flood-proof and earthquake-proof groundwork in a centre will also be home to some Kenyan supervision annals when that territory is built in Altech’s new financial year, commencement in March.

“Altech views easterly Africa as a expansion engine for a company,” Venter said.

Shahab Meshki, a arch executive of Altech KDN, pronounced a information centre authorised usually one notation downtime a week or 52 mins a year. Each turn consumes 1 500 kilowatts of electricity an hour, “which is adequate appetite to cover some-more than 121 households for an whole year”, Meshki said.

In Mar 2008 Altech bought a 51 percent interest in Kenya Data Networks. “A tier 3 information centre plays a vicious purpose in Kenya’s financial services sector. A opening counter of 10 milliseconds can cost tens of millions of shillings a year,” Meshki explained.

Francis Njoroge, a information centre manager, pronounced a facility’s generator ability could yield adult to approximately 4 days of backup electricity. Njoroge pronounced skeleton were in place to embody solar appetite as an choice appetite source. The site in Nairobi already hosts several solar panels while a roof is angled during a 5º angle to accommodate destiny solar panels.

Construction was ostensible to take place in Dec though has been behind until a new financial year.

The information centre clients hover Kenyan borders into beside Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi. Clients move their servers and routers and Altech hosts a equipment.

Guest orator during a launch Raila Odinga, corner Prime Minister of Kenya, pronounced a country’s IT zone had already available “tremendous growth” over a past decade and it was projected to grow during an normal of 20 percent a year.

“(The sector) has combined a poignant change in a economy.”

Odinga pronounced a many poignant expansion had been a appearance of mobile money, privately M-Pesa, a Kenyan-derived product by Safaricom, a Vodafone auxiliary that is anticipating traction in Africa.

He pronounced 3 out of 4 adults in Kenya were regulating M-Pesa, that was essentially combined to deliver a unbanked to simple electronic banking services though also used by a banked to send income and for payments.

South Africa’s Vodacom, also a Vodafone subsidiary, has successfully grown a product in a Tanzanian market, though M-Pesa has gifted hurdles to benefit movement in South Africa.

Odinga, who speedy new unfamiliar investment such as that of Altech, said: “There is really small trade within Africa. The usually approach we can foster this trade is by partnership on road, railway and telecoms… we should mislay bureaucracy, understanding with a emanate called crime and keep loyal to a guarantee to foster efficiency.”

According to Vitalis Ozianyi, a Kenya-based eccentric communications and record analyst, a prospects for 20 percent an annum expansion for Kenya’s ICT attention “is shabby by a government’s process of 0 rating many ICT services, that allows avocation and VAT giveaway importation of new entirely fabricated computers and laptops.

Consumers and businesses do not compensate VAT for locally grown program and ICT systems”.

The Kenyan supervision is constructing a Silicon Valley-type centre in Machakos, a city about 64km south-east of Nairobi as partial of it’s wider initiative, Vision 2030.

The state has consecrated a girl entrepreneurship programme that considers ICT as a pivotal area for origination and pursuit creation.

“Konza City would be a business centre identical to Sandton that would yield complicated comforts to accommodate a flourishing direct from internal as good as unfamiliar investors. Investments in state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure and systems will accommodate stream and destiny communication needs of businesses,” pronounced Ozianyi.

Middle-class suburbs in Kenya are connected by a quick wire broadband link, related to a internet around visual fibre. Ozianyi pronounced a fibre-link supposing for backhaul for wire trade from any home.

“Cable users can allow to radio as good as internet services. The latter is many popular, since a 2 000 Kenyan shilling (R177) per month for quick uncapped internet is good value for money,” he said.

“The wire use has seen entrepreneurs converting their homes into SoHos (an craving with reduction than 10 employees) for a ICT SMEs,” Ozianyi said. – Asha Speckman

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