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Acquisition of Interest in DREAM Unlimited Corp. Pursuant to Plan of Arrangement – SYS

Friday, May 31st, 2013

TORONTO, ONTARIO — (Marketwired) — 05/31/13 — In suitability with regulatory requirements, it is announced that Mr. Ned Goodman, a President and Chief Executive Officer of Dundee Corporation (“Dundee”) and a Chair of DREAM Unlimited Corp. (“DREAM”) has acquired directly and indirectly 2,426,822 Class A Subordinate Voting Shares of DREAM and 3,086,583 Class B Common Shares of DREAM (collectively, a “Shares”), representing approximately 3.34% of a sum series of superb Class A Subordinate Voting Shares of DREAM and 99.05% of a sum series of superb Class B Common Shares of DREAM, respectively. The Shares were acquired pursuant to a corporate restructuring of Dundee by a taxation fit devise of arrangement (the “Arrangement”), a sum of that are described in a government information round of Dundee antiquated Apr 16, 2013. DREAM was determined as a new open genuine estate association as a outcome of a Arrangement and Mr. Goodman did not formerly possess any bonds of DREAM.

Mr. Goodman’s seductiveness in DREAM might be increasing or decreased in a destiny in light of investment criteria, marketplace conditions and other factors in suitability with a supplies of germane bonds legislation.

Dundee Corporation
Ned Goodman
President and Chief Executive Officer
(416) 365-5665

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Google creates MIT professor’s dream of ‘$100 laptop’ a reality

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child Foundation unsuccessful to accommodate his desirous target, that critics pronounced would be unfit to accommodate when he set it. His XO laptop now sell for about $200.

Still, he is widely credited with assisting to launch a epoch of low-cost unstable computing.

The origination of comparatively low-cost laptops from his substructure pressured attention giants including Intel Corp , Microsoft Corp, Hewlett-Packard Co and Dell Inc to rise inexpensive versions of their products such as a netbook.

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Google creates MIT professor’s dream of ‘$100 laptop’ a reality

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child Foundation unsuccessful to accommodate his desirous target, that critics pronounced would be unfit to accommodate when he set it. His XO laptop now sell for about $200.

Still, he is widely credited with assisting to launch a epoch of low-cost unstable computing.

The origination of comparatively low-cost laptops from his substructure pressured attention giants including Intel Corp , Microsoft Corp, Hewlett-Packard Co and Dell Inc to rise inexpensive versions of their products such as a netbook.

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A information centre that takes caring of itself? It’s…the dream

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

On paper a advantages of information centre automation are easy to see. But we don’t build information centres on paper.

That is because a Regcast on 23 Jan during 11:00 GMT examines how to build a information centre and say it around a life in a private cloud environment.

What, if anything, has a cloud changed? What are a costs of using a sub-optimal environment? How will we conduct your possess cloud and do we have a right processes prepared to demeanour after it? Should we fear for your job, or your sanity, when we embark on this form of project?

Joining Tim Phillips on a Regcast will be researcher Tony Lock from Freeform Dynamics and Peter Mansell from HP.

So, if we are feeling a pain of deficits in information centre management, join us live to share your practice and get unsentimental recommendation from a experts around a ongoing QA.

Cool, eh?

You can join us live from a proportions of your desk, for free, by clicking right here. ®

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Google creates MIT professor’s dream of "$100 laptop" a reality

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Mon Dec 10, 2012 4:29pm EST

BOSTON (Reuters) – Google Inc began offered simple laptop computers to schools during a cost of $99, assembly a cost indicate that distinguished MIT highbrow Nicholas Negroponte famously hold out in 2005 as pivotal to bringing computing energy to a masses.

The Internet hulk pronounced on Monday that it will be charity a high educational bonus on Series 5 Chromebooks from Samsung Electronics Co by Dec 21. They typically sell for $249.

Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child Foundation unsuccessful to accommodate his desirous target, that critics pronounced would be unfit to accommodate when he set it. His XO laptop now sell for about $200.

Still, he is widely credited with assisting to launch a epoch of low-cost unstable computing.

The origination of comparatively low-cost laptops from his substructure pressured attention giants including Intel Corp, Microsoft Corp, Hewlett-Packard Co and Dell Inc to rise inexpensive versions of their products such as a netbook.

Information on a module that Google is charity a computers is accessible during (here)

(Reporting By Jim Finkle; Editing by Bernard Orr)

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“My BlackBerry Bold fell into a water.”

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Ashish Garg is now a Director of Zync Global Private Limited – a association that markets inscription PCs and other IT peripherals. In his role, he is obliged for a altogether enlargement and enlargement of a company.

How tech-savvy are you?

we like to be good wakeful of a latest developments that are holding places around me. Whether it’s checking out restaurants circuitously by Zomato or job your desired ones on their birthday or formulation your day on a digital calendar, record has been a bonus in these day-to-day affairs.

What gadgets do we use?

we customarily use Zync Z-999 tablet, Zync Z-5, Blackberry Bold 4, Apple MacBook Pro, iMac and use a iPad to watch videos on YouTube and entrance amicable networking sites.

What is a latest tool we picked up?

My latest tool possession is a Blackberry Bold 4.

What is your dream machine?

My dream appurtenance would be to have an Apple MacBook Air any maybe possess a Lamborghini one day.

What do we not like about technology?

Seldom, a inclination that we use solidify and we don’t like rebooting and reloading a program in a gadget.

What apps do we use regularly?

we use several personal as good as veteran apps. we mostly use navigation apps to find a location, continue apps . we also like to use Microsoft Outlook to check my work e-mails while we am on a go. In my giveaway time, we also use apps like Facebook and LinkedIn and watch videos on YouTube. we am always glued on to by BlackBerry Messenger to stay in hold with friends and co-workers for my personal and veteran work.

What’s a biggest tech disaster according to you?

The biggest tech disaster that happened to me is when we mislaid my information when my BlackBerry Bold fell into a water.

What’s a biggest tech success according to you?

Being from a credentials in steel and spark mining, we motionless to start Zync Global that is a colonize in inscription PCs, accessories and other IT peripherals. With a consistent creation and upgradation of record that a universe has seen, Zync was a right choice for us to enter a low-cost inscription marketplace and support to a girl during large. This according to me is a biggest tech success and we wish to move cutting-edge record for a users during a many affordable price.

One instance where record solved your problem.

There was an instance where my photographs on my MacBook Pro got deleted by mistake. we used a information liberation program to redeem a mislaid data. we trust that record plays a really critical purpose in a daily lives. we consternation how a universe would be but technology!

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"Technology has taken divided spontaneity"

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Catch a biggies in city speak about their ambience in tech

What gadgets do we use?

My HTC One X and my Nexus 7 inscription are essential gadgets that we can't do without. we picked a One X for a neat looks and minimalist design. But a some-more we use it, we comprehend that there’s really some-more to a device than only a looks! It offers a absolute performance, with high-speed browsing and good pattern quality, interjection to a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor powering it. Similar opening is what we get from my Nexus 7 tablet. we am certain we see since these dual gadgets accompany me everywhere – even on holiday!

Which is a latest apparatus we picked up?

The Google tablet, Nexus 7. we like a wider shade space and discerning pattern that creates accessing e-mails and papers distant easier for me, quite when we am on a move. It’s also a good party device given it integrates with Google Play. Catching adult on e-books, films, games and song on a Nexus 7 is a totally beguiling experience.

What is your dream machine?

The new BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is a sleekest and fastest sedan on a market. Needless to say, a BMW code is what it is currently since of a tender of pushing pleasure with a tip efficiency. But a ActiveHybrid 7 takes this thought several notches aloft with a new kind of intelligent appetite government – charity speed with economy. It is really my dream machine.

What do we not like about technology?

Technology has taken divided a lot of a impetuosity that finished life unpredictable, severe and interesting. It has reduced a need for creativity and ability opposite a immeasurable array of domains.

For instance, there was a time when a golfer could have a good game, going by his knowledge and tummy feel, and personification with a healthy or acquired skill. Today an array of high tech aids, including downloadable apps, assistance players to brand their cadence type, magnitude a dash and impact angle and envision a instruction of breeze. In my opinion, it takes divided half a fun – and all of a plea – in a game.

Which apps are we dependant to?

Pulse, a new mobile news reading app, helps me keep on tip of things – both attention updates as good as ubiquitous news. For unwinding from worklife, we also use TegraZone app that helps me locate a best android games that we can play on my Nexus 7.

LinkedIn is one of my adored collection when it comes to my veteran networking requirements. Among all amicable media platforms, we consider LinkedIn has grown into a absolute apparatus and a force to reckon with for a whole worldwide business community.

What’s a biggest tech disaster according to you?

I would contend HD-DVD. We had dual competing standards (HD-DVD and Blu-Ray) on one side, corroborated by several vital players. And on a other side we had consumers who were happy to download HD video and demure to compensate high prices for discs, creation possibly format irrelevant! Today we watch HD cinema possibly around streaming or downloaded onto my inscription and it’s so many some-more convenient.

One humorous / sentimental version relating to tech (or a miss of it)

The whole movement around cloud computing and mobility have been a dual many extraordinary record advancements of a decade. It means a smooth, seamlessly functioning universe where we no longer have to hear an executive say; “Sorry, we can't get this finished for we as a manager is travelling.”

Cloud computing has been only as radical – it has given businesses a level-playing margin by permitting them entrance to a latest record during affordable costs and collateral investments.

One instance where record solved your problem.

Technology solves a problems each day of a lives. Today, all from engagement my moody tickets, formulation my transport itinerary, creation a bank send or profitable my bills – can be finished online, while we am seated right in my office. And a internet and broadband connectivity are creation this possible. we consider that’s a biggest preference that record provides me.

(As told to S. Ronendra Singh)

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Composing for loudspeakers: mechanism song colonize John Chowning visits MIT

Friday, October 12th, 2012

In 1967, late one night in a eucalyptus-scented hills of Palo Alto, John Chowning stumbled opposite what would turn one of a many surpassing developments in mechanism music. “It was a find of a ear,” says Chowning, who gave a harangue and unison on Oct. 11 sponsored by a Media Lab and a Center for Art, Science Technology (CAST). While experimenting with impassioned vibrato in Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, he found that once a magnitude upheld out a operation of tellurian notice — distant over what any cellist or show thespian could ever dream of producing — a vibrato outcome left and a totally new tinge materialized.

What Chowning detected was FM synthesis: a elementary nonetheless superb approach of utilizing a elementary waveform to furnish a potpourri of new and formidable sounds — from sci-fi warbles to lead beats. Frequency modulation (FM) singularity works, in essence, by regulating one sound to control a magnitude of another sound; a attribute of these dual sounds determines either or not a outcome will be harmonic. Chowning’s classically lerned ear had sounded out a materialisation whose mathematical motive was subsequently reliable by his colleagues in physics, and would stock a auditory landscape with a kind of cyborg sounds that gave a 1980s a low-pitched identity.

Chowning protected and law his invention to a small famous Japanese association called Yamaha when no American manufacturers were interested. While a existent synthesizers on a marketplace cost about as many as a car, Yamaha had grown an effective nonetheless inexpensive product. In 1983, Yamaha expelled a DX-7, formed on Chowning’s FM singularity algorithm — and a rest is history. The obvious would turn one of Stanford’s many lucrative, surpassed usually by a record for gene-splicing and an pretender called Google.

With a user-friendly interface, a DX-7 gave musicians an entrée into a star of programmers, opening adult a new palette of possibility. Part of a rising waves of technological developments — such as a introduction of personal computers and a low-pitched lingua franca MIDI — FM singularity helped broach digital song from a laboratory to a masses.

The early dream of mechanism music

The preface to Chowning’s work was a investigate of scientists such as Jean-Claude Risset and Max Mathews during ATT’s Bell Telephone Laboratories in a 1950s and ’60s. These organisation were a early anatomists of sound, seeking to expose a middle workings of a structure and perception. At a heart of these investigations was a elementary dream: that any kind of sound in a star could be combined out of 1s and 0s, a new ideal denunciation of code. Music, for a initial time, would be liberated from a constraints of tangible instruments.

As Mathews wrote in a ship records of Music from Mathematics, a initial recording of mechanism music, “the low-pitched star is now unerring usually by man’s perceptions and creativity.”

“That generation,” says Tod Machover, a Muriel R. Cooper Professor of Music and Media during a MIT Media Lab, “was a initial to demeanour during a mechanism as a middle on a own.” But both a unwieldy, costly apparatus and a clumsiness of a ensuing sounds — dual problems that Chowning helped overcome — indifferent these early efforts (by Chowning’s calculations, as he remarkable in his lecture, a Lab’s massive IBM 7090 would be value approximately 9 cents today). But by a mid-1960s, a investigate had progressed to a indicate where scientists could start to carve a automatic bleeps and bloops into something of low-pitched value.

Frequency modulation played a large part. Manipulating a magnitude unbarred a secrets of timbre, that many puzzling of sonic qualities. In reproducing timbre — a particular essence of a note — Chowning was like a puppeteer bringing his puppet to life. The effects of FM singularity conveyed “a really tellurian kind of irregularity,” Machover says.

The destiny of music

Today, a several — and mostly astonishing — applications of FM singularity are omnipresent, integrated so totally into bland life that we mostly take them for granted– a toll cellphone, for instance. Yet while digital technologies became some-more and some-more pervasive, Chowning’s conference began to wear and he solemnly withdrew from a field. For a composer whose work intent a many pointed and granular of sonorities, this conference detriment was devastating.

Now, interjection to a new conference aid, Chowning is behind on a scene. The eventuality during MIT on Thursday — patrician “Sound Synthesis and Perception: Composing from a Inside Out” — noted a East Coast premiere of his new square Voices featuring his wife, a soprano Maureen Chowning, and an interactive mechanism regulating a programming denunciation MaxMSP. Chowning sees a square as a kind of come-back to those who once doubted a “anachronistic humanists” who feared a narcotic encroachments of a computer. In Voices, he says, a “seemingly evil appurtenance is being used to accompany a many tellurian of all instruments, a singing voice.” The square also sums adult a lifetime of Chowning’s low-pitched preoccupations, his innovations in a bargain of sound and a perception, and a inclusive cultured possibilities in a dialogues between male and machine.

At MIT, Chowning enjoyed assembly a subsequent era of scientists, programmers and composers, glimpsing into a destiny of music. “The machine is no longer a limit,” he announced to a crowd. Indeed, MIT has a possess abounding story of origination in a field, as embodied by total such as Professor Emeritus Barry Vercoe, who pioneered a origination of fake song during a Experimental Music Studio in a 1970s before going on to conduct a Media Lab’s Music, Mind, and Machine group. “MIT is in many ways a singular institution,” Chowning says, where, “cutting corner record interacts with rarely grown artistic sensibilities.” In a Media Lab, Chowning saw a dreams of his era pushed forward. One thing, in his mind, is clear: “music has humanized a computer.”


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35 Sabahans accept Shell scholarships

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

KOTA KINABALU: It is a dream come loyal for Norhayati Abd Latif, 20, who will be withdrawal her comfort section to serve her studies in England.

Deputy Chief Minister and Resource Development and Information Technology Minister Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai congratulating grant recipients during a Shell Student Excellence Award, including Norhayati Abd Latif (front row, second from right), in Kota Kinabalu yesterday.

The former matriculation student, from Kampung Batu Putih in Sandakan, will be enrolling during Sheffield University in September, withdrawal behind her family.

She was among 35 immature Sabahans to accept full scholarships from Shell Malaysia to pursue their pre-university or first-degree studies during authorized institutions locally and abroad.

“I am really vehement about this scholarship. Studying abroad is a dream come loyal for me. we have been watchful for this event all my life.

“I come from a bad family and being awarded a Shell grant has open adult a doorway for me to try out and uncover people that I, too, can be successful in life,” pronounced Norhayati.

The usually daughter among 4 siblings, Norhayati shows a outrageous seductiveness in automatic engineering, adding it could assistance move mercantile changes to a people.

“My relatives work a tiny food case and we also wish to benefit believe and use it to emanate a record that can assistance rise a food industry.”

Shell Malaysia also presented bursaries to 82 students who had achieved glorious educational formula in a 2011 Penilaian Menengah Rendah yesterday.

Deputy Chief Minister and Resource Development and Information Technology Minister Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai and Shell Malaysia corporate affairs ubiquitous manager Frank Saing were benefaction during a Shell Student Excellence Award.

Another recipient, Mohd Khairul Safuan, 19, pronounced a grant had assistance to revoke a weight of his parents.

“My father was a motorist and my silent is a housewife. They have given their unconstrained support to us and this is my present for them,” pronounced a Tawau-born kid from Kampung Ranggu.

Khairul directed to pursue his investigate in Petroleum Engineering with a Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, in his debate delivered by Dr Yee, pronounced Shell’s bid in providing scholarships and bursary awards serves as a good instance of how a private zone can effectively support a country’s tellurian collateral requirement.

“We contingency continue to maintain and support propagandize leavers who are penetrating to pursue their tertiary education, and who will, tray believe and qualifications, expostulate a nation’s serve mutation in future.

“We also contingency yield support and inspire students from bad families to stay in propagandize and mangle a cycle of misery that their families are in.”

Musa combined preparation opportunities for all adults would assistance safeguard a opening between farming and civic areas was narrowed.

This year, Shell Malaysia had committed RM10 million towards a grant programme for gifted students opposite a country.

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A plantation with a new out-of-date Little Red Bar in Spicewood – Austin American

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

By Nicole Villalpando


From their home in Hawaii, Mary Frances and her daughter Nikki Mackenzie bought a Spicewood farmhouse from a inventory on a Internet in 2003. It seemed like a ideal place for them and Mackenzie’s dual daughters.

They changed to Austin and built a plantation life on a six-acre skill off Texas 71, usually easterly of a Pedernales River, as good as a 10-acre adjoining skill that Frances lived on and after sold. Mackenzie combined to a mystique by building a six-stall red-and-white stable that is a “Little Red Barn” children’s book brought to life.

Not usually did they have horses, they also had a dickey named Otis, a pig named Rudy and a goat named Wanda.

“We had so many fun out there,” Frances says. “It was like Old MacDonald’s farm.”

Now a children are older, and Mackenzie is operative prolonged days in Austin.

They have changed closer to Austin and have put a plantation during 3814 Deer Trail on a marketplace for $493,000 with Lynn Robin of Capital City Sotheby’s International Realty.

Driving down a nation highway that is Deer Trail puts guest into a mood for loose nation living. The skill is gated, permitting animals to ramble safely around a land. A white picket blockade surrounds a stone-façade house.

Inside, many of a residence has been redone. Wood laminate floors upsurge via a categorical vital areas. To one side is an bureau apartment that can be used as guest buliding or a third bedroom. The lavatory offers Saltillo tile floors, white tile bathtub and counters, and white beadboard accents.

The other dual bedrooms are during a other side of a residence and share a identical bathroom.

Glass double doors apart a bureau apartment from a categorical vital space. The dining area, vital room and kitchen mix in an open building plan. The kitchen is creatively updated with slab counters that camber many of a 4 sides of a kitchen and a core island. The opposite that faces a vital room offers bar-stool seating. White beadboard runs along a walls, cabinets and ceiling. New immaculate steel appliances give a well-planned room a complicated touch. Mackenzie flashy with rooster accents, reminding of a plantation setting.

Steps divided from a kitchen are a vast cupboard and application room. On a other side of a kitchen sits a dining area.

The vital room area offers a mill fireplace, a brook window and entrance to a behind patio. The lonesome square with unresolved pitch juts out with rafters and a roofline that compare a rest of a house. This diagnosis creates a space feel like an outside vital area.

Mackenzie combined several enclosed gardens, some with lifted beds, some by a duck coop. The backyard also facilities a tree residence built around a large tree.

Steps divided from a picket-fenced yard is a two-car isolated garage. It was a strange stable and still has dual tiny stalls that can be used for smaller animals or storage.

The gem of a skill is a monitor-style barn. Mackenzie searched all over to find a builder who could do a timber stable instead of a steel one. Several internal craftsmen contributed to building a barn. It became rather of a internal steer and it was not surprising for people to expostulate adult to take a demeanour inside.

At one time, Mackenzie had 7 horses there including a discovered Clydesdale and Shetland ponies.

Selling a residence and generally a stable was a preference that tore during Mackenzie. But eventually, she satisfied that operative a full day and afterwards cleaning out stalls during 11 p.m. was impossible.

“It breaks my heart,” Mackenzie says. “It was my dream. Ialways consider that a timber stable has a soul. Some people dream of a vessel or a imagination car, it’s always been my dream to have a large red barn.”

The lyrics of Patsy Montana’s “I wish to be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart” are stenciled into a limit above a stalls. The barn’s half-bathroom is finished in cowgirl accents. A rinse area with a fridge and penetrate facilities a opposite with cinema of ancestral cowgirls Mackenzie collected over a years. This area also has a cat doorway for a stable cat. The hook room is circuitously and offers mixed levels of built-in hooks to reason blankets, hook and saddles. Two of a barn’s stalls modify to foaling stalls by stealing a core wall. One of a stalls was used for feed storage. Each case had feverishness and fans to hoop impassioned temperatures. Sliding doors are designed to concede horses to have entrance into and out of a barn.

Recreation doesn’t finish during a barn. The still area has entrance to a vessel launch on Lake Travis.

The home is in a Lake Travis propagandize district and is about 15 mins from a Hill Country Galleria.

Frances will skip a plantation life and sitting on a behind porch swing. “It’s such a pacific place,” she says. “It has that feel about it.”

Robin will have an open residence currently from 2 to 4 p.m.; 912-5900

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