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Explosion, glow during Sherbrooke plant causes critical injuries – Regina Leader

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Twitter photos of Guatemala earthquake…

A 7.4 trembler struck Guatemala on Nov 7, 2012…

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Magnitude-5.3 upheaval rocks Bay of Plenty

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

A magnitude-5.3 trembler struck a Bay of Plenty early this morning.

According to a GNS Science GeoNet Data Centre, a upheaval strike during 2am and was centred 30km easterly of Murupara during a abyss of 60km. It was felt opposite central-eastern areas of a North Island.

Two smaller quakes struck final night – initial a magnitude-3.4 about 20km southwest of New Plymouth and afterwards a magnitude-2.9 upheaval in Lyttelton.

There were no evident reports of damage.


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Zenga Reaps Rewards by Embracing a Cloud

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Remember when people in Bangalore felt a tremors of a trembler that happened of a seashore of Indonesia around April? That was utterly an astonishing and rather jarring experience. No matter where we were – during home or a bureau – people wanted to know a border of a problem and what serve problems, if any, were to be approaching in a entrance hours. People were accessing a internet possibly by a PC or by their mobiles and were checking adult on a applicable information and updates.

Having a ability to entrance content, generally video streaming, on your mobiles is a genuine bonus for a finish consumer. However if we are a use provide, there are a issues that go together with providing such services that can possibly financially make or mangle a video streaming company. How most storage are we going to allot for a video streaming; how are we going to understanding with remarkable surges in traffic; These are some of a infrastructure compared issues that companies in a video streaming spectrum have to come adult with a applicable resolution for.

Consider a trembler shock unfolding mentioned in a beginning. The series of viewers perplexing to entrance a sold news channel competence unexpected boost in a matter of hours if not tiny minutes. How will a association understanding with such a fast boost in video direct but stretching it’s infrastructure to a limits?

Being means to yield a good knowledge to your patron and creation certain that your operations are using in a successful and financially viable approach is what all companies aim for. As Shabir Momin, CEO Zenga Media, points out, many companies in a media streaming business are now using on losses. So how did Zenga conduct to revoke their operational costs and not concede on a user experience?

The Organization
Having primarily set adult Zenga Media in 2008, all a services — including a pull mail use called Zenga Mail — were run from a internal datacenter. They were going to knowledge first-hand a accumulation of problems that accompany carrying to conduct a internal datacentre. As Momin put it, doing a datacenter was “a really tough, costly and unwieldy pursuit … (you have) to understanding with a smallest to a largest of issues.”

The advantages of relocating to a cloud can be seen in how doing anniversary promote events like a IPL, became most easier.

In additional to being an costly proposition, Zenga also found that appropriation “equipment” was easier than removing “good resources” to conduct that equipment. Getting a right resources to conduct a datacenter was a poignant problem that Zenga faced during a initial first days.

So while Zenga in 2008 had a most smaller setup than it has now — 1/100th of a tide distance – it still had a group of 35 people doing and looking after a datacentre and a compared activities.

Video Overload
Zenga media has available 421 million video views for 2011, a large burst from 150 million figure reached for a year 2010. As Zenga CEO Shabir Momin puts it, on an overage Zenga is now saying tighten to 60-70 million video views per month – and by a finish of a year they “expect to see tighten to 600-700 million views”. 

These statistics are utterly staggering. And if doing 100 channels wasn’t enough, Zenga had formerly been streaming IPL matches in 2009 over a mobile. Having to yield video streaming services for such a renouned anniversary eventuality can put a complicated aria on your infrastructure for a generation of that event. 

The Need for Change
In midst 2008, Zenga TV was started as a commander use from a datacentre, and a following aloft loads on a network along with a occasional spikes in trade was when Zenga realised that they indispensable a new complement to accommodate these changes. So in early 2009, Zenga changed to cloud resolution supposing by Rackspace.

The genuine procedure for relocating to a cloud however came when Zenga got a rights to tide a IPL matches for 2009. The preference was taken to pierce to Amazon to usually accommodate a IPL compare streaming – while all a other services were kept on Rackspace.

Given that a 2009 IPL tide went smoothly, Zenga motionless to change all a other services on to Amazon as well. One of a vital reasons for this pierce was that Rackspace supposing dedicated servers that were to be committed to on a monthly/yearly basement – a indication that was rather limiting to what Zenga indispensable and financially utterly burdensome. Amazon, on a other hand, supposing for a let joining on an hourly basement that ideally fit into Zenga’s indication of wanting varying capacities via a year/month/day.

The Benefits
One of a biggest advantages that Zenga reaped out of relocating to a cloud was that a IT dialect was reduced from a strength of 35 to a tiny 5 members. Not usually has a pierce to cloud helped revoke a IT investment, it has authorised for a new group members to be allocated to “other some-more engaging work in RD,” as Momin puts it, thereby adding value to a company.

On a financial assets of a pierce to a cloud, Momin mentions that he has been means to save adult to 80% on a “resources front” and as distant as a “infrastructure side of things go,” he has been means to grasp assets of anywhere around 50-60 percent.

The advantages of relocating to a cloud can be seen in how doing anniversary promote events like a IPL, became most easier. As Momin elaborates, “If we were to do IPL, for that tiny instance of IPL, we had to buy 50 servers. Those 50 servers that we buy for that spike, we won’t be means to use them after IPL, so they will distortion idle for no reason. It is a complicated CapEx investment; a business indication that would concede for (such) an investment and use it usually for 2 months in a year was not viable. Now we am not disturbed about all this as we can scale to 500 servers when we need and even come down to 5 servers as needed.”

Moreover, Momin went on to elaborate on a serve and indicate of carrying changed on to a cloud. “I gained a lot since of a bandwidth costs in India are intensely high. At a turn that we are operative with right now, series of users, series of video views we are doing per month, to have that in India would have been really expensive, during slightest 10 times some-more costly than what we am profitable today. Because bandwidth internationally is cheaper than it is in India. So that is a large advantage we drew out of relocating to cloud,” he explains.

This has been a win-win conditions for all involved, as a business also benefited from this pierce as they were means to relief improved connectivity when streaming calm online.

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Japanese investigate vessel sets low sea drilling record

Sunday, April 29th, 2012


Research vessel sets low sea drilling record

A investigate vessel with a Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology has set a record for a deepest undersea investigate drill, reaching a abyss of 4.8 miles in waters off Miyagi Prefecture, a group said. The Chikyu, a 56,700-ton deep-sea investigate vessel, pennyless a record of 4.4 miles set by a U.S. vessel in a Mariana Trench in 1978. The Chikyu is study a focal regions on a seabed around a Japan Trench, that is believed to have generated a outrageous tsunami on Mar 11 final year after a large 9.0 bulk earthquake.


Antibiotic to provide disease gets nod

U.S. regulators have authorized a use of a absolute Johnson Johnson antibiotic to provide plague, an intensely rare, sometimes-deadly bacterial infection. The Food and Drug Administration also authorized Levaquin, famous generically as levofloxacin, to revoke risk of people removing disease after bearing to a germ that means it. Called Yersinia pestis, a germ are deliberate a intensity bioterrorism agent. People can get disease from bites from putrescent fleas or hit with putrescent animals or humans. About 1,000 to 2,000 tellurian cases start worldwide any year.


Suspect’s physique found in bunker

After a scarcely 23-hour standoff, military blew adult a tip of an elaborate fort in a Cascade Mountains on Saturday and found a physique of a male inside — believed to be that of Peter Keller, 41, a gun fan and survivalist wanted in a slayings of his wife, Lynnettee Keller, 41, and daughter, Kaylene Keller, 18, final weekend. The think seemed to have shot himself, King County sheriff’s Sgt. Katie Larson said. Officials were available marker of a body. The dual women were both shot in a conduct during home.


Britain warned over airfield delays

Airport authorities pronounced Britain’s supervision contingency urgently residence disharmony during a borders to forestall intrusion for Olympic visitors. Lawmakers and a aviation attention have lifted concerns amid extensive waits during immigration desks after flights into a British capital. Passengers faced a wait of adult to an hour on Friday during Heathrow’s Terminal 5. BAA Ltd., that operates Heathrow and Stansted airports in London, pronounced Saturday that Britain’s limit group was not providing adequate staff to speed adult checks.


Quake rattles tools of California

A assuage trembler rattled Southern California Saturday morning, jolt homes opposite a Inland Empire segment and causing buildings to lean in downtown Los Angeles. The bulk 4.1 upheaval struck during 8:07 a.m. The U.S. Geological Survey pronounced it was centered along a San Andreas Fault about dual miles northwest of Devore, in San Bernardino County. Some buildings convinced in downtown Los Angeles, about 60 miles to a west. A San Bernardino County Sheriff’s runner pronounced there were no calls about repairs or injuries.


Kiev, Ukraine: A Ukrainian justice on Saturday deferred a conference in a second rapist box opposite a jailed former primary apportion and antithesis personality Yulia Tymoshenko, whose diagnosis in jail has lifted concerns in Europe.

Times wires

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China Briefly an Internet Island

Friday, April 13th, 2012

As (possibly) moves brazen with plans to cut itself off from a tellurian Internet, and Beijing rails opposite online rumours, a mysterious hour-long intrusion of web trade in and out of China set off flurries of shaken conjecture on Thursday. From The Guardian’s Tania Branigan:

Xu Chuanchao, an executive during Sohu, one of a country’s biggest internet portals, wrote on his microblog: “This malfunction is caused by a disaster of China’s fortitude network and is underneath renovation.”

But one company, Data Centre for China Internet, posted: “Latest news: many unfamiliar websites can’t be accessed. Analysis: for ordinarily famous reasons, a vast series of unfamiliar URLs are blocked. It is probable that a good firewall is undergoing some readjustment, incorrectly adding many unfamiliar websites to a restraint list. The sum are misleading ….”

“My tummy feeling is that it was a program upgrade. The fact it was updated in a integrate of hours suggests someone woke adult and realised …” [said David Wolf of Wolf Group Asia.]

One renouned speculation was that a major trembler off a Indonesian seashore on Wednesday had disrupted submarine twine ocular cables. In a past, events as comparatively teenager as an unfortunately placed ship’s anchor have caused outages inspiring tens of millions of people. But nonetheless a circuitously Malacca Strait is a vital bottleneck for submarine cables, a upheaval seemed incompetent to explain Hong Kong users’ siege from a mainland, or since lesser-known VPNs seemed reduction exceedingly influenced than some-more distinguished ones.

On Friday, China’s dual telecom giants both avowed stupidity of a brownout’s cause. From Charles Custer during Tech In Asia:

… [Both] Telecom and Unicom have strictly denied that a issues were caused by infrastructure problems on their ends. Both companies contend that during a outage there seemed to be zero technically wrong with their networks, and they aren’t certain what caused a problem.

Unicom officials pronounced a company’s internet reports showed a trembler had not interfered with underwater cables that assistance bond China’s internet to a outward world. An consultant during Telecom echoed that a problem was not with a network. This is poignant since all Chinese internet trade contingency be routed by Telecom or Unicom’s network infrastructure to get overseas.

Tech In Asia had formerly asked readers abroad to exam a series of China-based websites, and posted a results. China Real Time’s Josh Chin collected a operation of comments from Twitter and Sina Weibo, while “Chinese official” @relevantorgans positive a Twittersphere that a Internet would lapse to normal “just as shortly as there are no rumors or unfamiliar press reports on it.” But a blockage finished earlier than that, but explanation. From Paul Mozur during China Real Time:

Did someone pull a wrong symbol on China’s Internet filtering system? Did a country’s network infrastructure finally fall underneath a weight of all those searches for a Kate Winslet bare stage that Chinese censors took out of a mainland chronicle of “Titanic 3D”? Chinese Internet and telecommunications companies have so distant motionless to stay wordless on a matter.

While a accurate means of a trance stays unclear, a part did illustrate only how jumpy China watchers and Chinese Internet users have turn in new days, as Beijing attempts to conduct a new rain of Communist Party star Bo Xilai by arising increasingly strident statements about a need to conduct a widespread of rumors online.

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Advance trembler warning record could save lives: researchers

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

There’s been no necessity of speak about a trembler risk in this province. We are overdue for a large one, though no one knows when or where it competence strike.

Devastating earthquakes in India, Italy and Japan have shown that no volume of credentials can avert gigantic repairs and thousands of fatalities with no trembler early warning complement in place.

Now B.C. is looking during a warning complement that’s going by trials in a United States.

It’s a kind of “first alert” that would get a summary out automatically to puncture services and give we only adequate time to ready yourself for a jolt to come.

Researchers from Vancouver Island, where a 6.4-magnitude upheaval struck only dual weeks ago, contend an early warning complement is vicious for B.C., and are closely examination a new developments south of a border.

“We know that it works since it takes seismic waves a certain volume of time to transport from where an trembler occurs to where people live,” says seismologist John Cassidy during Pacific Geoscience Centre in Sidney, B.C. “And a over divided we are from an earthquake, a longer it takes for those waves to transport and a some-more warning we have before they arrive.”

The warning would automatically be disseminated by television, radio and content messages.

A retreat 9-1-1 call to homes is also being considered.

The complement could also be connected to sensors on bridges, tunnels and energy plants, shutting down pivotal infrastructure to revoke risks.

Cassidy says it can be as elementary as alerting glow halls to open their doors, that can get shop-worn and stranded during vital shaking, loitering rescues.

The modernized warning could take as most as 5 mins or as small as 30 seconds, depending on how tighten we live to a epicenter of a quake.

“It does not sound like a lot of time, though if we have 20 or 30 seconds of warning, we can pierce divided from windows that competence mangle during an earthquake,” says Cassidy. “You can pierce divided from complicated cabinets that competence tumble over, get underneath of a table and reason on. So we can be prepared.”

The new early warning complement is now being tested in California.

It’s approaching to be operational in Washington State in 3 years.

B.C. researchers contend it’s too early to make a preference on either a complement will be implemented here.


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Pacnet set to open new HK information centre – Comms

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Telecommunications hulk Pacnet is set to build a new information centre in Hong Kong featuring high speed network tools in sequence to cope with a rising direct for cloud computing services.

Following a trembler and tsunami in a nation in March, many firms mislaid in-house servers and are subsequently looking to switch to a cloud.

The new carrier-neutral information centre, that will support 800 server racks, will be connected to a largest secretly owned network in Asia – Pacnet’s pan-Asian subsea wire network.

Bill Barney, Pacnet’s arch executive, said: “We are building this capability in Hong Kong to offer Asia’s flourishing ardour for cloud services.

“By locating a information core on a site of a Cable alighting Station we are means to broach high-speed connectivity and a network excess to support their flourishing business demands.”

A new news from Gartner suggested that a information centre and web hosting marketplace in Asia Pacific will be value $4.5 billion (£2.76 billion) by 2015, from $2 billion in 2010.

News supposing by Comms Express, series one for Ethernet cables on a net. 

Last Updated: 29/07/2011 16:42

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Israelis privileged of espionage claims

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

The response of a Israeli supervision to a 3 deaths appears extraordinary. In a hours after a 6.3 upheaval struck:

* Prime Minister John Key fielded a initial of 4 calls that day from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

* Israel’s Ambassador in a South Pacific, Shemi Tzur, who is formed in Australia, requisitioned flights to Christchurch, where he visited a morgue.

* Israel’s polite counterclaim arch left Israel for Christchurch.

* A finish Israeli civic hunt and rescue patrol was fabricated and flown to Christchurch, nearing about a same time as …

* Three people who had dejected their approach out of a outpost dejected by a petrify post in a executive city, withdrawal a fourth chairman passed in a vehicle, arrived behind in Israel.

Those 4 Israelis – Ofer Benyamin Mizrahi, 23, from Kibbutz Magal nearby Haifa, Michal Fraidman, Liron Sade and Guy Jordan – would after turn a primary concentration of a SIS investigation, along with a Israeli hunt and rescue patrol and a organisation of debate analysts from Israel that worked in a Christchurch morgue assisting to brand trembler victims.

The four, dual group and dual women, had been selling in a executive city on a morning of a trembler and had returned to their van, parked in Gloucester St, when a upheaval hit. Mizrahi, a driver, was killed instantly, and Jordan, in a front newcomer seat, dejected a window and climbed by a hole to escape. The dual women, Fraidman and Sade, who were sitting in a behind seat, also managed to yield out.

They were incompetent to strech Mizrahi and, after holding photographs of a dejected van, done their approach to Latimer Square, where Israeli officials had set adult an puncture assembly point. Within 12 hours they had left New Zealand.

On Sunday, Feb 26, Mizrahi’s physique was recovered from a outpost and taken to a morgue where, during slight temperament checks, he was reportedly found to be carrying during slightest 5 passports.

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Amkor Technology gain take a strike from Japanese earthquake

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Amkor Technology Inc.

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Emerson puts cooling product by seismic testing

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Emerson Network Power has taken trembler control over a information core perimeter, removing seismic acceptance for a cold water-based mechanism room atmosphere doing section Liebert CW.

It pronounced by behaving with a International Building Code (IBC), California Building Code and California Office of Statewide Health formulation and Development (OSHPD) standards, a cooling complement will now be means to assistance safeguard that vicious comforts such as hospitals can continue to run in a box of an earthquake.

Emerson Network Power Liebert VP of selling Fred Stack pronounced a acceptance covers all configurations of a Liebert CW, with a sold concentration on healthcare.

“As a initial pointing cooling complement of a kind to be seismically approved by IBC and OSHPD, a Liebert CW can assistance information core managers safeguard accessibility and equivocate dear downtime during seismic activity,” Stack said.

“This is generally good news for medical comforts in California, that are mandated to follow a seismic pattern mandate of a OSHPD.”

Most building codes in a past have looked privately during buildings themselves, ensuring they are resistant to earthquakes and concede for protected evacuation.

Stack pronounced new codes, however, have addressed non-structural components that need operation after an event.

The Liebert CW cooling resolution had to bear shake contrast by an eccentric laboratory to uncover it could hoop seismic events and be operational after.

The Liebert iCOM control complement can capacitate mixed control algorithms depending on a sensors connected, and allows information core managers to control cooling systems boldly to adjust airflow patterns by tranquil a speed of a EC block fans.

It is now approved in suitability with IBC 2006 and 2009, CBC 2007, a American Society of Civil Engineers Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures, ASCE 7-05, OSHPD CAN 2-1708A.5 and ICC-ES AC 156 (2007).


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