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Texas breeze energy designation to be largest sovereign breeze farm

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Ground has been damaged for an designation in Texas that will be a sovereign government’s largest breeze farm.

Siemens Government Technologies, Inc., partial of a Siemens organisation of companies, will be constructing a breeze plantation in Amarillo, Texas for a National Nuclear Security Administration.

The designation will include of 5 2.3 megawatt Siemens turbines and will be located nearby a N.N.S.A.’s Pantex plant, a chief weapons and disassembly facility. Construction began on Aug 13 and is approaching to be finished by a summer of 2014.

The Pantex Renewable Energy Project is approaching to beget around 47 million kilowatt-hours of purify appetite annually that is around 60 percent of a appetite compulsory by a Pantex plant.

By regulating a purify appetite from a breeze farm, a plant is looking during appetite assets on normal of $2.8 million annually over a 18-year agreement term.

Using an Energy Savings Performance Contract, Siemens will be paid a cost of a P.R.E.P. plan by these pronounced appetite savings.

The N.N.S.A. is a semi-autonomous group within a Energy Department that is obliged for enhancing inhabitant confidence by a troops focus of chief science.

The breeze plantation will play a pivotal purpose in assisting a N.N.S.A. and a D.O.E. grasp stream United States President Barak Obama’s gauge that a sovereign supervision lead a approach in purify appetite and appetite efficiency. The administration has set a idea of assembly 20 percent of a appetite needs of a sovereign supervision with renewable sources.

“This eventuality commemorates a many singular and poignant breeze appetite plan ever undertaken by a sovereign government. We are really unapproachable of a inhabitant confidence goal here during Pantex, and this sovereign partnership with Siemens will yield nonetheless another dimension of dedicated and obliged use to a nation,” pronounced Steve Erhart, Manager, N.N.S.A. Production Office.

Siemens Government Technologies, Inc. is a heading integrator of Siemens products, technologies and services for a needs of U.S. sovereign customers. – EcoSeed Staff

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Australia Cloud Computing Policy Announced

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

Australia Cloud Computing Policy Announced

The Federal Government in Australia has announced cloud computing process by confirming a reserve and confidence of personal information. This will guarantee a Government can urge potency and revoke information storage costs. Proper insurance of personal information over cloud will guarantee outmost storage and estimate of information safely.

( —  Jul 23, 2013) Sydney, Australia — Australia’s Federal Government has done proclamation of a cloud computing policy. Usage of cloud computing will say a privacy, integrity, confidence and accessibility of personal information.

Attorney General Mark Dreyfus QC and Senator Kate Lundy, a apportion aiding for a Digital Economy, announced a policy. They pronounced that as a partial of a government, this process would turn a personality in a correct use and focus of cloud services. “The preference makers can simply establish when they should concede outsourcing or off shoring on a basement of case-by-case since of this policy,” says Dreyfus. 

According to Senator Lundy, cloud hosting is a record that provides cost assets along with scalability, coherence and agility. It is in fact, changing a notice about communications record and a application. “We as a partial of a Government, enthusiastically support latest record like cloud computing as it plays a critical purpose in facilitating supervision business and really helps to beget best value for a taxation payer,” says Lundy.

She also sensitive that cloud computing is able of revolutionizing a use of digital technology, generally when a National Broadband Network has rolled out. They are profitable courtesy to a personal information confidence and assure that each classification including Government sector, will understanding it with top care. They are also incorporating required measures to guarantee personal information before it is stored in a cloud. To store such personal information in cloud, it is critical to get capitulation of Minister of remoteness and a Minister obliged for a information. 

Dreyfus pronounced that they are happy to deliver a process to support a Government agencies to entrance confidence and remoteness risks that competence take place in cloud. This will assistance them to confirm when correct cloud arrangement should be done to accommodate business needs. 

“The process will really assistance people like me to yield information in cloud for any supervision group but worrying about any steam of my personal details. It is really a acquire pierce by a supervision to keep gait with a technology,” says Mike Taylor, businessperson, Sydney. 


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Veteran-Owned IT Firm and Woman-Owned Mapping Technology Company Win … – SYS

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013



8(a) Graduate Firm of a Year, Industry Leaders Also Honored

WASHINGTON, June 21, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A service-disabled veteran-owned tiny business executive from Colorado and a woman-owned mapping record association from Minnesota have been named a National Prime Contractor of a Year and National Subcontractor of a Year by a U.S. Small Business Administration.  The awards were announced during a breakfast eventuality as partial of a SBA’s National Small Business Week celebration.


“When sovereign contracts get into a hands of tiny businesses, it is a win-win for a sovereign government, tiny businesses, a economy and a pursuit market,” pronounced SBA Administrator Karen Mills.   “The sovereign supervision awarded scarcely $100 billion in sovereign contracts to tiny businesses like a ones being respected today.  These businesses and a attention leaders who agreement with tiny businesses assistance boost a nation’s economy and they are stellar models of how to successfully navigate a sovereign constrictive arena.”

This year’s winners are:

  • Small Business Prime Contractor of a Year:  Michael Lee Anderson, President of INTECON, LLC, determined a service-disabled veteran-owned tiny business in 1999, to yield telecommunication, IT, upkeep and operation, engineering hardware and module services, and advisory assistance services to supervision and blurb customers.  The association has 81 employees and achieved $17.6 million in revenues final year.  
    INTECON supports operationally personal programs in a US, Korea, Afghanistan and a Middle East.  Special achievements for INTECON include:  monitoring and providing research of deviation decay from a shop-worn Japanese arch reactor during a Japanese earthquake/tsunami recovery, providing interpretation and research on a Mexican supervision sponsored Web site dedicated to anti-drug efforts and introducing a Health Service Support Estimate Process now famous as a National Integrated Catastrophic Health Events-Preparedness and Response System (NICHE-PRS) to a Federal Emergency Management Agency, that resulted in an invitation to exam a complement in a inhabitant turn exercise. 
  • Small Business Subcontractor of a Year:  Founded in 1987, Pro-West Associates (PWA) is a woman-owned tiny business that is also approved in a U.S. Small Business Administration’s Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) program. The organisation specializes in Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. This record is used exclusively to create, conduct and daydream geographic information that typically can usually be seen on maps. The organisation provides tradition and semi-custom GIS applications, geo-database design, and Structured Query Language (SQL) designed for database supervision and cartographic products.  PWA has conducted multi-million dollar inner feasibility studies and provides GIS assistance to a Environmental Protection Agency.
    The association has been awarded supervision contracts trimming from several thousand dollars to some-more than $5 million to yield solutions and services that embody desktop, web mobile mapping applications, complement pattern and integration.

The dual tiny businesses were comparison from among 10 informal primary contractors and 10 informal subcontractors of a year.  The awards respect tiny businesses that yield superb products and services to a sovereign supervision as primary contractors or as subcontractors. 

SBA’s 8(a) Business Development module is a nine-year module that provides socially and economically disadvantaged firms entrance to supervision constrictive opportunities and specialized business training and conversing to assistance them turn viable competitors in a sovereign marketplace. 

  • 8(a) Graduate Firm of a Year:  Ronald Bene Woods primarily founded Woods Group Architects, Inc., in a tumble of 1992, as Architecture Innovations Group after winning a agreement for a 30,000 block feet multi-purpose formidable for Philander Smith College, Arkansas’s oldest Historically Black College and University. Today, Woods Group Architects, Inc. is one of a largest minority-owned architectural organisation in Arkansas and a connoisseur of a U.S. Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development Program.  The organisation has 6 employees, and revenues in additional of $800,000.  Its projects embody high-profile open facilities; educational facilities, from K-12 to colleges and universities; blurb sell developments; eremite facilities; and tradition residential designs. 
    Woods Group Architects, Inc. entered a SBA’s 8(a) Business Development Program in 1996 and perceived several contracts from a U.S. Department of Agriculture and a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development during a tenure.  The association recently collaborated on a William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library and a new depot enlargement for a Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. 

Other buying awards announced currently include:

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for Excellence, noticing vast primary contractors that have excelled in function of tiny businesses as suppliers and subcontractors.  The recipients are:

  • Clark Construction Group, of Bethesda, Md; Wesley Stith, clamp president, tiny business relationship (Construction Category).
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory, of Lexington, Mass; Dr. Eric Evans, director, (Research and Development Category).
  • Tetra Tech Technical Services, Inc. of Pasadena, Calif; boss arch handling officer, (Services Category).
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation of Bethesda, Md; clamp president, Global Supply Chain, (Manufacturing Category).

To perspective a list of a informal primary contractors and subcontractors of a year, visit:

Every year given 1963, a U.S. Small Business Administration takes a eventuality to prominence by National Small Business Week a impact of superb entrepreneurs, tiny business owners, and others from all 50 states and U.S. territories.  This year’s eventuality will be hold June 17-21, in Seattle, Dallas, St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. charity tips, collection and training for tiny businesses to start, attain and grow.  In further to in-person events, tiny business owners can attend in online-only row discussions on prohibited topics like amicable media and business financing starting daily during 4 p.m. ET. All events, in-person and online, will be streamed live on The eventuality hashtag is #SBW2013.

Small Business Week 2013 sponsors include: Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, National Association of a Self Employed (NASE), Arlington Texas Chamber of Commerce, ATT, ADP, AARP, LegalShield, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders (NAGGL),SCORE, Western Pennsylvania Small Business Network, Staples, Dun Bradstreet Credibility Corp., Visa, Women Impacting Public Policy(WIPP),Staples, SuperMedia, TXU Energy, Verizon, Vox Global, Business Forward and Office Depot.

The U.S. Small Business Administration’s appearance in this cosponsored activity does not consecrate an demonstrate or pragmatic publicity of any cosponsor’s, donor’s, grantee’s, contractor’s or participant’s opinions, products or services. All SBA programs and cosponsored programs are extended to a open on a nondiscriminatory basis. Reasonable arrangements for persons with disabilities will be made, if requested during slightest dual weeks in advance, by contacting Cosponsorship Authorization #SBW2013.

Contact: Tiffani Clements (202) 401-0035
Internet Address:
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Release Number: 13-41

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Sequestration stymies sovereign supervision cloud ambitions

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

This year’s bill confiscation has stirred some sovereign agencies to cruise cloud computing,
but other agencies competence miss a bill to even examine new technologies, according to IT
industry experts who work in a sovereign supervision space.

Sequestration, or bill cuts to sold categories of sovereign spending, began Mar 1. One
of a many effects of confiscation is that certain municipal crew are operative four-day weeks,
essentially holding a 20% compensate cut.

If it’s not mission-critical right now, a income for cloud
projects is substantially not going to flow.

Whitney Vickrey,
CSO, Global Capital enterprises

This necessity of staff and bill presents a ideal event for agencies to cut costs
with cloud computing, according to Maria Horton, owner of EmeSec, a third-party
assessment organization
(3PAO) advising blurb companies in a Washington, D.C. area.

“3PAOs and cloud are flourishing in a customarily prosaic sovereign market,” Horton said. “We are saying a
number of agencies that are relocating really fast to a cloud, implementing a cloud-first

But others who work in a sovereign supervision contend that bill cuts have been so low in some
cases that there aren’t supports to entirely examine new initiatives, such as the cloud.

“I had one dialect move us in for a presentation, though since of a sequester, they just
didn’t have a income to do anything,” pronounced Whitney Vickrey, arch use officer for Washington,
D.C.-based financial Software as a
provider Global Capital Enterprises (GCE).

There are several initiatives afoot
that aim to streamline a government’s IT operations and inspire a use of cloud computing
practices. The Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative‘s idea is for agencies to close
40% of a sovereign government’s information centers, with adult to 962 sum closures approaching by mercantile year

There’s also a Federal Cloud Computing Initiative and a Federal Risk and Authorization
Management Program (FedRAMP),
which provides one-time comment and gift discipline for cloud computing providers so
each group doesn’t have to repeat a request-for-proposal process.

GCE already has a Department of Labor and a 13 sub-agencies as clients, though that project
took 18 months between 2008 and 2010 to go live.

At other agencies, “nobody wants to be a pioneer,” Vickrey said.

“If it drastically impacts fight fighters or a confidence of a homeland, a income is probably
there,” pronounced a sovereign tech executive vocalization on condition of anonymity. “But if it’s not
mission-critical right now, a income for cloud projects is substantially not going to flow.”

Typically, appropriation and purchasing in supervision are dense toward a finish of a budget
cycle, so there might be some-more spending after on this year, this executive said, though in a meantime,
“there’s not a lot that agencies can do though keep a lights on.”

For agencies that are posterior cloud, obstacles still remain, including a fact that so far
FedRAMP has identified usually 3 Infrastructure
as a Service
companies that are authorised for supervision contracts. Amazon
Web Services
was only competent this week.

Beth Pariseau is comparison news author for Write to her during or follow @PariseauTT on

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Security experts advise supervision is creation a Internet unsafe

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Government-mandated program vulnerabilities would make computers and a Internet a lot reduction safe, warned a bloc of 20 computer-security experts.

The FBI has warned of a “Going Dark” problem for several years, a unfolding underneath that law coercion loses a ability to electronically lane rapist suspects since of unsound authorised collection as good as a miss of team-work from use providers.

The sovereign supervision is looking for ways to pill this problem.

The origination of mandated vulnerabilities — holes, fundamentally — in a consumer-facing program of companies like Facebook would concede sovereign law coercion to guard suspects.

Staking their explain in a report (.pdf) released during a finish of final week, a confidence experts argued that these vulnerabilities would also be exploited by criminals and unfamiliar agents, withdrawal people, companies and supervision agencies during risk of fraud, burglary and all demeanour of critical exploitation.

In a nutshell, hackers demeanour for vulnerabilities by that they can enter and take control of a mechanism system, and a supervision would need accurately such vulnerabilities.

The reports authors hailed from The Tor Project, Princeton University, Silent Circle, and so forth.

“Requiring program vendors to build prevent functionality into their products is foolish and will be ineffective, with a outcome being critical consequences for a mercantile contentment and inhabitant confidence of a United States,” they wrote.

“These experts are on a front lines perplexing to make a Internet some-more secure,” pronounced Center for Democracy Technology President Leslie Harris.

“When they contend a FBI offer would open adult confidence vulnerabilities, Washington should listen,” pronounced Harris. “At a really time a republic is so disturbed about cybersecurity,” she said, “we should not be origination computers, software, and networks weaker.”

The FBI declined The Daily Caller’s ask for comment.

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Feds Update Cybersecurity Compliance Handbook

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Inside DHS' Classified Cyber-Coordination Headquarters
(click picture for incomparable view)
The sovereign supervision has scarcely finalized a initial vital renovate to a primary text to sovereign cybersecurity standards in scarcely 4 years, and a many poignant refurbish given a initial recover of that text in 2005.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on Wednesday expelled a final open breeze of a 455-page final open draft of NIST Special Publication 800-53, Revision 4, Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations, and announced that it was seeking comments on a document.

Special Publication 800-53 is a decisive catalog of confidence controls required to accommodate a sovereign government’s inner cybersecurity mandate such as a Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), and has begun to be adopted even by state and internal governments and some private companies.

The latest chronicle of a request focuses on a two-fold proceed to security: secure growth followed by continual monitoring. “There’s a offset proceed here,” pronounced NIST associate Ron Ross, who heads a sovereign government’s doing of FISMA. “It’s only as critical to build a stronger IT infrastructure as it is to guard it when it’s in place.”

[ What is a supervision doing to frustrate cyber criminals? Read New Defense Budget Aims To Improve Cybersecurity. ]

Information record and cybersecurity have undergone poignant change over a final 4 years, both inside of supervision and out, and Revision 4 includes changes to comment for a augmenting ubiquity of mobile record and a softened majority of cybersecurity monitoring tools. However, there are no apart controls for cloud computing — those are contained in support for a GSA-managed FedRAMP confidence authorisation program.

Revision 4 includes a new erect called “overlay” that allows agencies to muster only a subset of a 800-plus cybersecurity controls depending on their goal and record needs. It also increases a concentration on building secure record a initial time around by ensuring things like secure coding, and includes a new appendix of remoteness controls.

Special Publication 800-53 is a product of a partnership among NIST, a Department of Defense and a U.S. Intelligence Community, as good as a submit of thousands of comments perceived from a ubiquitous open after release of a initial open draft of Revision 4 in Feb 2012.

Comments on a final breeze of Revision 4 are due Mar 1, and Ross pronounced that NIST skeleton to tell a final request by a finish of April. Ross pronounced he doesn’t expect vital changes to a request before then, though adds that NIST will be looking for errors and “showstopper issues” as partial of a examination of a final turn of comments.

Whatever a case, destiny updates expected won’t take 4 years to complete. To keep adult with a fast changing hazard landscape and record in a cyber realm, Ross said, Special Publication 800-53 competence pierce to a indication of visit updates.

InformationWeek’s 2013 Government IT Innovators program will underline a many innovative supervision IT organizations in a 2013 InformationWeek 500 emanate and on Does your classification have what it takes? The assignment duration for 2013 Government IT Innovators closes Apr 12.

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Feds tie pass security, prominence history

Friday, October 26th, 2012

OTTAWA The sovereign supervision will announce a long-awaited new pass Friday with extended confidence facilities that will also prominence a countrys history, QMI Agency has learned.

The sovereign supervision had already announced a goal to discharge a new pass subsequent year with a mechanism chip built into it.

On Friday, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird will uncover off a array of watermarks that etch scenes from Canadas history. The images will fill a now-blank pages of passports

One page, for example, facilities a sketch of a commemorative during Vimy Ridge, France, a stage of a nation-building First World War battle. Another shows Samuel de Champlain, a French path-finder mostly called a father of New France.

The watermarked images will also act as an additional confidence prevision dictated to deter counterfeiters.

Over 4.8 million passports were released by a sovereign supervision final year.

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Saturday, October 20th, 2012

The Multi Use List (MUL) aims to promote and facilitate a take adult of cloud and cloud-like solutions by sovereign supervision agencies. While targeted during smaller agencies, a MUL also contains scalable solutions suitable for incomparable agencies.

Emantra’s handling director, Ross Dewar, pronounced a association is enclosed in a AGIMO list since of a proven ability to broach a catalog of bound cost private cloud solutions that has been grown over 7 years of successful blurb experience.

“Our solutions, that are directed during common group business problems, will concede agencies to develop divided from specific and singular systems towards a some-more consolidated, customary and common environment. A pivotal advantage will be cost saving,” Mr. Dewar said.

Emantra offers a extended operation “Microsoft-as-a-Service” catalog covering applications such as: Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Dynamics CRM; platforms such as Virtualised Hyper-V servers, Managed SQL or Webserver farms; and infrastructure services such as Virtual Servers on Demand, Remote Back-up and DR capabilities.

Importantly, these services are not resold versions of offshore hosted products. Emantra’s services are supposing underneath Microsoft’s partner-hosted model, hosted within top-tier ACT information centres that are listed on AGIMO’s Data Centre Facilities Panel and entirely managed and upheld by Emantra in Australia. The services precedence a looseness eligibility underneath a sovereign government’s Microsoft “VSA” looseness programme by possibly assignment or looseness mobility provisions.

The services are all connectible to ICON, lay behind Emantra’s possess Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) that is DSD Certified to Protected level, and are routable yet other authorized SIGs.

Mr. Dewar pronounced Emantra looks brazen to seductiveness and take-up from sovereign supervision agencies.

“We acquire a event to infer that a potency and mercantile advantages that this indication has proven in a blurb globe can be realised only as good in a supervision market,” he said.

About Emantra

Emantra is an Australian privately-owned managed IT use provider determined in 2005. It is a leader of countless Microsoft Partner of a Year and other attention awards, and listed 4th in Longhaus Consulting’s “Trusted Australian IaaS providers” 2012 consult is a top Australian association ranked on that list. Based in Brisbane, Emantra has a inhabitant customers of enterprise-size corporate and supervision entities. For serve information revisit


For serve information greatfully contact
Ross Dewar
Managing Director
Mobile: 0406 335 993

Produced and released by Infotech Marketing Communications. For serve information greatfully hit Mike Vanderkelen. Mobile 0408116911 Email:

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Lockheed Martin Selected By GSA To Provide Government Agencies With …

Monday, September 17th, 2012

ROCKVILLE, Md., Sept. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — The General Services Administration (GSA) comparison Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) to contest for charge orders on a new Email as a Service (EaaS) contract.  Sixteen other companies also were comparison to support this Blanket Purchase Agreement program, a government-wide cloud computing beginning that helps accommodate sovereign mandates for migrating information record to a cloud.

(Logo: )

The five-year EaaS module has an estimated roof value of $2.5 billion for all contractors.  It is accessible to federal, state and internal supervision agencies around GSA’s IT Schedule 70. Through this procurement, Lockheed Martin will contest to yield secure cloud-based email service, bureau automation (virtual office), electronic annals management, emigration services and formation services by private, secret, supervision village and open cloud computing environments.

“As a largest provider of IT services to a sovereign government, Lockheed Martin is singly competent to assistance agencies get a limit advantages of cloud computing,” pronounced Vicki Schmanske, clamp boss of Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems Global Solutions-Civil IT Security Solutions line of business. ”With a mission-focused, stretchable approach, sovereign business will have easy entrance to secure, affordable and innovative cloud solutions.”

Lockheed Martin will support EaaS charge orders with a proven Solutions as a Service (SolaS™) secure cloud smoothness innovation, that combines domain expertise, proven processes and intelligent technology.  The house began a investment in cloud resolution growth in early 2008, with a initial cloud doing in early 2009. Since then, Lockheed Martin has been on a front lines of a cloud evolution, building creation centers, stretchable cloud computing solutions and alliances with partners to yield a many extensive solutions to customers.

Lockheed Martin’s ISGS is a heading sovereign services and IT executive with a clever birthright of delivering world-class solutions and modernized record opposite a extended spectrum of domains. The ISGS-Civil product line is obliged for IT systems and services in areas such as energy, healthcare, transportation, information and cyber security, citizen insurance and space exploration.

Headquartered in Bethesda, Md., Lockheed Martin is a tellurian confidence and aerospace association that employs about 120,000 people worldwide and is predominantly intent in a research, design, development, manufacture, formation and sustainment of modernized record systems, products and services. The corporation’s net sales for 2011 were $46.5 billion.

For additional information, revisit a website:

SOURCE Lockheed Martin

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Calls for online purchases tax

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

THE National Retail Association has called on a Federal Government to pass laws requiring unfamiliar online retailers to compensate a same taxes and duties as Australian businesses.

An Aussie Retail Jobs Act was vital, a NRA said, to strengthen a livelihoods of thousands of Australian workers.

The call followed a recover of a news by a Federal Government’s Low Value Parcel Processing Taskforce that was charged with addressing concerns about a taxation diagnosis of unfamiliar online retailers.

Under a Federal Government’s taxation regulation, famous as a Low Value Threshold, foreign-based online sell giants now do not compensate any taxes or duties on equipment value reduction than $1000 that they sell into Australia.

“Australians can no longer stomach foreign-based online sell giants such as Amazon, eBay and Macy’s flourishing during a responsibility internal tiny to middle sized businesses that so many Australians rest on,” NRA executive executive Gary Black said.

“The existence is a Federal Government has a legislative energy to stop a detriment of thousands of sell jobs opposite Australia,” Mr Black said.

A news by Ernst and Young, that was consecrated by a National Retail Association progressing this year, found that a delay of a Federal Government’s stream taxation regulations for online products could cost a Australian sell attention 33,400 internal jobs and see unfamiliar formed online retailers constraint 75% of Australia’s online sell marketplace by 2015.

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