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eHostingDataFort’s datacentre services assistance Dunia Finance

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Dunia hosts a possess finish state-of-the-art prolongation and growth IT infrastructure during eHDF. This includes hosting of all concentration environments (production, growth and test), upkeep and government of firmware and handling systems, on-demand SAN storage, ability monitoring, occurrence management, change management, confidence monitoring, finish of day collection automation monitoring and backups.

Involving eHostingDataFort from a pregnancy of a plan has authorised Dunia entrance to a rarely specialised technical group during eHDF, facilitating sensitive decisions on IT doing strategies.

BarlasBalabaner, CIO and Operations Head, Dunia Finance, said, “Most organisations typically tend to work in silos, with a product concentration instead of a patron focus, implying that there is no holistic resolution being offering to business to accommodate their needs. However, during Dunia, a whole design is built around integrated patron attribute government with IT systems creation patron information now accessible for preference making.

“Starting a business with a vacant line-up helped us exercise a singular patron centric indication from day one. We worked with eHDF, a valued partner, to conduct a infrastructure effectively, that is core to a strategy. The streamlining has enabled Dunia to position itself as a heading financial establishment that has a singular and differentiated proceed to traffic with customers. With eHDF, it is roughly as if we have a second heart ticking outward a body.”

Yasser Zeineldin, CEO during eHostingDataFort, said, “Managed services capacitate financial institutions to entrance on-demand record and services but a need to purchase, build and confederate surplus information centres, servers, applications and networks. In today’s rival scenario, banks are driven to cut down costs by routine optimisation, extended solutions and formalised procedures.

“The vigour to benefit additional assets has promoted financial institutions to keenly try a advantages of a managed services arrangement. Organisations also realize that handling non-core functions such as IT is not a best use of resources, while outsourcing can raise vital decisions, revoke costs, boost operations and offer an corner in an increasingly rival business.”

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eHosting DataFort’s Datacentre Services Help Dunia Finance Deliver Focused …

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Dec 22 2012

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Dubai-UAE: 22 December, 2012 – Technology is a pivotal height for enabling
Dunia Finance
, a heading financial institution, to exercise a entirely integrated and customer-centric IT landscape that supports a banking operations. As partial of a expostulate to build an fit routine and patron attribute government environment,
Dunia Finance
has selected
eHosting DataFort
) as a managed IT services provider.

eHosting DataFort
provides finish managed information centre services to
, ensuring that all their systems are accessible 24/7 in sequence to broach seamless patron attribute management. The high accessibility sourroundings enables
to support and exercise a renowned customer-centric services in a market. Additionally, a financial establishment is improved means to consider patron needs and offer holistic financial solutions in a consistent, arguable and predicted demeanour opposite a patron lifecycle.

hosts their finish state-of-the-art prolongation and growth IT infrastructure at
. This includes hosting of all concentration environments (production, growth and test), upkeep and government of firmware and handling systems, on-demand SAN storage, ability monitoring, occurrence management, change management, confidence monitoring, finish of day collection automation monitoring and backups.

eHosting DataFort
from a pregnancy of a plan has allowed
entrance to a rarely specialised technical group at
, facilitating sensitive decisions on IT doing strategies.

Barlas Balabaner, CIO and Operations Head,
Dunia Finance
, said: “Most organisations typically tend to work in silos, with a product concentration instead of a patron focus, implying that there is no holistic resolution being offering to business to accommodate their needs. However, at
, a whole design is built around integrated patron attribute government with IT systems creation patron information now accessible for preference making.

“Starting a business with a vacant line-up helped us exercise a singular patron centric indication from day one. We worked with
, a valued partner, to conduct a infrastructure effectively, that is core to a strategy. The streamlining has enabled
to position itself as a heading financial establishment that has a singular and differentiated proceed to traffic with customers. With
, it is roughly as if we have a second heart ticking outward a body.”

Yasser Zeineldin, CEO at
eHosting DataFort
, said: “Managed services capacitate financial institutions to entrance on-demand record and services but a need to purchase, build and confederate surplus information centres, servers, applications and networks. In today’s rival scenario, banks are driven to cut down costs by routine optimisation, extended solutions and formalised procedures.

“The vigour to benefit additional resources has promoted financial institutions to keenly try a advantages of a managed services arrangement. Organisations also realize that handling non-core functions such as IT is not a best use of resources, while outsourcing can raise vital decisions, revoke costs, boost operations and offer an corner in an increasingly rival business.”

eHosting DataFort
has determined itself as a marketplace personality in a margin of hosting and managed IT services with a state-of-the-art information centres, volatile and scalable infrastructure and round-the-clock managed operations. The association has been famous year-on-year as a ‘Best Managed Service Provider of a Year’ in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, as good as Best Colocation Facility in 2010 and 2011.

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About eHosting DataFort

eHosting DataFort
is a entirely owned auxiliary of TECOM Investments and is a heading provider of Managed IT services. The classification has performed a series of important projects to broach world-class Managed IT services to vital enterprises opposite GCC, MENA, US and Europe.
eHosting DataFort
‘s proven lane record for handling an enterprise’s IT infrastructure includes some of a largest organizations e.g. Dubai Financial Market, Arcelor Mittal (World’s largest Steel manufacturer), Tejari, Axiom Telecom, Khaleej Times, Panasonic, Dubai e-government and du.

Website:; Email:; Phone: +971 4 391 3040; Fax: +971 4 391 3050

Dunia Finance

Dunia Finance
) is an Abu Dhabi headquartered Finance association in a UAE, that is a vital investment and fondness combined by heading players namely:

  • Fullerton Financial Holdings Pvt Ltd (FFH) – a unconditionally owned auxiliary of Temasek Holdings in Singapore
  • Mubadala Development Company PJSC (Mubadala) – a unconditionally owned investment car of a Government of a Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in a UAE
  • Waha Capital PJSC – a holding association intent in owning, selling, leasing and investing in several forms of bound and mobile resources worldwide
  • A.A. Al Moosa Enterprises LLC – one of a heading and distinguished business groups in a UAE

aims to concentration nationally on a pivotal Affluent, Mass Affluent and Mass Market segments in a Consumer Financial services side, and on a SME and Small business business on a Business Finance side.
will aim by a national participation in a UAE to yield a full-function product range, including a operation of cumulative and unsecured loans, credit cards and financial formulation services, as good as deposits for non-individual customers.

is singular in a use of a customer-centric proceed that aims to broach a differentiated, nonetheless relevant, singular value tender that caters to a holistic product, convenience, experience, and use expectations of clients in a UAE. All this will be delivered sustainably and predictably to a customer, by processes and tender upheld by investment in state-of-the-art record and capabilities, and partnerships with use providers who surpass in their particular areas of expertise.
is led by a comparison government group comprising of gifted and seasoned business leaders with a resources of tellurian experience.

means ‘the world’ in Arabic and in several other languages oral in a UAE, and
aims to offer a business a universe of opportunities.

For some-more information, greatfully contact:
Nancy Sudheer
APCO Worldwide
Tel: + 971 4 369 2834
Mob: + 971 50 7055290 /+ 971 55 9548681

For some-more information, greatfully contact:
Nancy Sudheer
APCO Worldwide (JiWin Public Relations)
Tel: + 971 4 369 2834
Mob: + 971 50 7055290/+ 971 55 9548681

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Camco Clean Energy to sell renewables technology

Monday, November 5th, 2012


Camco Clean Energy has started production and selling a new appetite storage device, highlighting flourishing diversification from a CO marketplace background, it has revealed.

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Yahoo CEO’s quip devise hones in on technology, not media

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

October 21, 2012   ·  



Marissa Mayer, who warranted a repute for wilful movement and power during her 13-year army during Google Inc, has spent her initial months as Yahoo Inc CEO sensitively relocating a Internet colonize behind to a roots in technology.

Long ripped between either it should concentration on media calm or on collection and technologies, Yahoo underneath Mayer is being positioned resolutely in a latter camp, according to sources inside and outward a company.

Her hires, merger musings, and other early moves spirit during an ambitious, technology-driven quip devise designed to reanimate aging though well-trafficked properties such as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Sports.

Yahoo has been criticized for permitting these sites to stagnate – they demeanour really most like they did 5 years ago, and do not have many bells and whistles to inspire users to spend some-more time on them.

Mayer, 37, wants to make Yahoo’s properties most some-more interactive, on PCs and on mobile devices, regulating amicable media collection to personalize a user knowledge and new technology to boost promotion sales. Her obvious concentration on user pattern is approaching to outcome in a simpler, less-cluttered email and home page, one source said.

Yahoo declined to criticism for this article. Mayer, who gave birth to her initial child weeks ago, will betray sum of her quip devise when Yahoo reports quarterly formula on Monday.

Mayer’s concentration on technology in many ways reverses a march set by her predecessors, who had strong on media calm deals, such as those that gave primary billing to Walt Disney Co’s ABC News or CNBC, or to move an strange module starring actor Tom Hanks to a website.

The new devise is not though risks: it positions Yahoo precisely opposite Facebook Inc and Google. It also risks alienating a large, media-focused fortuitous that is already enervated by a depart of Ross Levinsohn, who had championed a media-centric proceed when he was halt CEO before Mayer’s attainment in July.

Mayer has been assembly with Internet gurus including AOL Inc CEO Tim Armstrong, another ex-Googler; Silicon Valley counsel Larry Sonsini; and Wall Street investment bankers, according to people informed with a matter.

Bankers have pitched Mayer and her organisation on a slew of intensity acquisitions, and they seemed to uncover seductiveness in grill reservation site OpenTable Inc and promotion technology companies PubMatic, Turn and Millennial Media, one of a people said.

Caterva, a tiny start-up whose technology analyzes amicable media activity, has also been in low-level talks with Yahoo, pronounced another source informed with a situation.

OpenTable and PubMatic declined comment. Millennial Media and Caterva did not respond to requests for comment.

With some-more than $2 billion in income and short-term securities, Yahoo has a income to acquire engineering talent or bolt-on services. Two forms of deals are underneath consideration: companies that will boost user engagement, including on mobile, and those that will boost promotion returns, source said.

“What they’ve signaled so distant is that a deals will be some-more niche in nature, smaller deals that maybe have a lot of promise,” pronounced Ken Allen, a executive during Blackstone Advisory Partners.


Many courtesy insiders trust Mayer is Yahoo’s final wish for reversing a years-long decrease from a apex it once achieved as a heading gateway to a Internet. Four of her predecessors have attempted in vain to right a boat – Yahoo’s marketplace value of $19 billion, is reduction than half a $44 billion value in 2005.

Mayer, who warranted a masters grade in mechanism scholarship from Stanford University specializing in synthetic intelligence, has changed fast on a crew front, shelling out abounding compensate packages to attract ex-colleagues from Google and elsewhere.

She brought in ad technology systems guru Henrique de Castro as arch handling officer; a new financial arch in Ken Goldman, who also has tech chops, to reinstate Tim Morse; and Jacqueline Reese to assume a twin purpose of employing and acquisitions, suggesting a start of a sight of “acqui-hires” or shopping tiny companies for their engineering talent.

“She’s spending roughly all her time with a product folks. She’s spending it on technology. She’s articulate about engineering hires,” a chairman tighten to Yahoo pronounced about Mayer’s early days.

Yahoo’s promotion technology products, headed for a auction retard before Mayer’s arrival, are behind in favor. De Castro, her highest-profile hire, is famous for a deep-understanding of a formidable promotion landscape, where dozens of businesses and technology providers are interlinked.

Mayer has also shown an seductiveness in a company‘s ad tech platform, including Right Media, an programmed sell that allows marketers to blast ads opposite a network of websites.

The organisation has been a long-standing source of multiplication among Yahoo’s management, including with Levinsohn, who was penetrating on divesting a unit, according to dual sources tighten to a matter. But shortly after Mayer’s arrival, Yahoo told AdAge that it had no goal of offered Right Media.

Yahoo’s promotion salesforce, obliged for signing splashy home-page ad deals and reward selling campaigns, has perceived meagre courtesy from a new CEO, contend people tighten to a company. Michael Barrett, Yahoo’s arch income officer hired by Levinsohn shortly before Mayer’s arrival, recently announced his resignation, according to a source informed with a matter.


Roughly 700 million users revisit a Yahoo website each month – putting it in a tip ranks globally. But a volume of activity people rivet in on many sites is customarily declining, and a smartphone offerings are deemed lackluster.

“The largest change is to be lethal critical about mobile,” pronounced a former Yahoo manager who stays in hold with people during a company.

Yahoo faces tough foe from Facebook and Google, dual companies that have taken consumers’ time, engineering talent and marketplace value from Yahoo. They are also perplexing to make a transition to mobile, though it has been difficult.

Some contend a instruction signaled by Mayer is not so opposite than strategies espoused by prior CEOs that Yahoo has consistently struggled to implement. A fragmented enlightenment in that short-term finances customarily trump product skeleton is to blame, according to those who know a company.

The new depart of CFO Tim Morse could vigilance a change in approach, pronounced several former Yahoo employees.

Morse was deliberate a force behind Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group and Yahoo’s $7.6 billion understanding over a summer, that saw Yahoo sell about half of a 40 percent interest in Alibaba after years of wrangling over terms.

But now Yahoo’s Asian partners, including Yahoo Japan Corp, are not on a front burner for Mayer, one source informed with a conditions said.

Whether Wall Street has a calm for nonetheless another Yahoo reconstruction devise stays to be seen.

“Every CEO needs time to have their full prophesy articulated and understood,” pronounced Dan Rosensweig, a former Yahoo arch handling officer, who now serves as CEO of online text let company “To count Yahoo out would be an huge mistake, since a users have not counted Yahoo out,” he said. “It’s not like MySpace, where all a users went away.”


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Department of Finance and Deregulation inks second information centre contract

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Australian supervision agency, a Department of Finance and Deregulation has sealed an $8.6 million agreement to use information centre services supposing by informal telco TransACT, an iiNet subsidiary, roughly 4 months after inking a incomparable agreement with Canberra Data Centres (CDC).

This is a Department of Finance and Deregulation’s second agreement underneath a Australian Government Information Management Office’s (AGIMO) Data Centre Facilities Panel, that was combined in Mar 2011. The existent 10-year understanding with Canberra Data Centres is value $45.6 million.

The Department of Finance and Deregulation joins sovereign supervision superannuation director ComSuper as a initial agencies to pointer information centre leasing agreements with TransACT and CDC. It is believed that other agencies are looking to pointer contracts soon.

Under a AGIMO panel, a supervision uses a common purchasing energy to advantage entrance to high peculiarity information centre facilities. Agencies aren’t compulsory to proceed a marketplace themselves and advantage from improved agreement terms and pricing.

Mundi Tomlinson, partner secretary, vital sourcing, Australian Government Information Management Office, Department of Finance and Deregulation, wrote in an AGIMO blog entrance that a smallest mandate for a information centre franchise is 500m2 of information centre space and/or 500kw of energy supply for a 10-year period.

“These minimums were determined as a indicate where a supervision is benefitting from a concurrent shopping power,” Tomlinson said. “AGIMO is obliged for building consortia for agencies that are incompetent to accommodate a smallest requirements.”

Ivan Slavich, TransACT’s arch of sovereign supervision and ACT, pronounced that agencies were now means to squeeze tailored volume of information centre space by simplified buying procedures.

“Ten year agreements concede organisations to deposit with certainty and this extensive agreement is explanation of a peculiarity of TransACT’s locally-based infrastructure,” Tomlinson pronounced in a prepared statement.

iiNet Group, that acquired TransACT in Nov 2011, has also invested in a 4.5MVA energy and support infrastructure upgrade, augmenting a ability and resilience of a information centre facilities.

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Sify Reports Revenues of INR 1974 Million for First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2012-13 – SYS

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012



Technologies Limited
(NASDAQ Global Markets: SIFY), a leader
in Managed Enterprise, Network and IT Services in India with growing
tellurian smoothness capabilities, currently announced a combined results
underneath International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for a first
entertain of mercantile year 2012-13.

Performance Highlights Q 1 FY 2012-13:

  • Sify reported revenues of INR 1974 million for a entertain finished June
    30, 2012 opposite a income of INR 2259 million for a corresponding
    entertain of a prior year. As formerly reported, initial quarter
    final year’s income enclosed a one-time System Integration devise of
    INR 486 million; practiced income expansion incompatible this one-time
    devise was 11% over same entertain final year.
  • EBITDA for a entertain augmenting to INR 179 million, as
    compared to INR 109 million in a analogous entertain prior year.
  • Net detriment for a entertain was INR 68 million, as opposite a net
    detriment of INR 111 million in a analogous entertain prior year.
  • Capex during a entertain was INR 230 million. Cash change during a end
    of a entertain was INR 534 million.

Mr. Raju Vegesna, Chairman of a Board, CEO MD, said, “As
we benefaction a initial financial formula for this year, we am blissful to
underscore that a service-led strategy, charity Network, IT, and
Software on a use model, has continued to be an effective approach
in a rarely rival market. We are now saying aloft sales, better
up-selling and quicker turn-around times. Leveraging a imagination in
providing mission-critical solutions to vast craving customers, we
have been means to muster attention heading solutions on a pay-as-you-go
basement that is really appealing in a Indian market. With a strong
infrastructure concentration on one side and a prophesy of delivering a complete
ICT eco system, we are among a initial choice of companies that are
looking for affordable end-to-end IT, ITES and ICT solutions.

“Our Network services perceived a top confirmation with a
poignant sequence from a Government. Sify is gratified to have won the
certainty of pivotal preference makers in a supervision in being entrusted
with such vast orders. With IT enablement being an constituent concentration of
both state and inhabitant governments, we see many some-more opportunities to
request a services portfolio in this sector.

“Of course, Large and Emerging Enterprises sojourn a core focus. Our
PoP footprint now extends to over 800 towns and cities and a base
hire count stands during over 1500. This singular network strech allows us
a coherence to strech out to a SOHO/SMB marketplace in Tier II III
cities, that are among a fastest flourishing markets. Sify also continues
a care in Hosting and Cloud computing services. As one of its
beginning evangelists in India, Sify currently has partnerships with some of
a best players in a business, and enjoys a certainty of many of
a long-standing clients.”

Mr. MP Vijay Kumar, Chief Financial Officer, said, “Our
clever concentration on optimizing cost has resulted in continued positive
handling money flow. As we have done poignant investments over the
past 2 years, a devise for a entrance buliding involves optimizing
income from a existent and rising infrastructure in a shortest
probable time frame. With clever approach for hosting services, we are
accelerating commissioning a new Data Centres in Noida and Mumbai that
will be open to business in a third entertain of this mercantile year.

“The entrance buliding will also see poignant collateral and operating
output to support a vast supervision agreement referred to by the
Chairman. With mercantile fortify determined from day one, we are
carefree of realizing a targeted income expansion and returns, as this
devise reaches scale.

“Cash change during a finish of a entertain was INR 534 million.”


Unaudited Consolidated income matter as per IFRS

(In INR millions)














Quarter ended



Quarter ended



Quarter ended



Year ended


































Cost of Revenues










Selling, General and Administrative Expenses























Depreciation and Amortisation expenses










Net Finance Expenses










Other Income










Profit / (loss) before taxation and before share of affiliates










Share of Affiliates









Profit / (loss) Before tax










Income Taxes





Profit / (loss) for a period






















Reconciliation of Profit / (loss) with EBITDA (Non-GAAP


Profit / (loss) for a period










Depreciation and Amortisation expenses






Net Finance Expenses






Other Income










Share of Affiliates




















Network services

  • Network services showed unchanging growth, with Data revenue
    augmenting by about 8% over same entertain final year
  • International Voice business has shown a 38% expansion over the
    analogous entertain final year.
  • With a opening of a sixth International PoP in Dubai, we are now
    means to yield rival networking solutions to a Middle East.
  • The business accessible vital wins with 3 vast PSU Banks for large,
    prolonged tenure contracts.
  • Our portfolio of communication services was serve extended with the
    launch of “Videomeet” video conferencing service. This, along with our
    audio conferencing trickery launched final year gives business an
    end-to-end partnership solution.
  • Our domestic network coverage now stands during 1500 and bottom stations
    opposite 800 towns and cities.
  • Our SOHO/SMB patron bottom grew by 4% over a prior quarter,
    opposite mixed industries, including Manufacturing, Dealers,
    Professionals, Cyber cafes and Retail chains; a channel devise is
    gaining traction, with approach sales agents and channel sales
    contributing 37% of revenue, adult by 7% over final quarter.

IT Services

  • Adjusted expansion of IT services is 11% incompatible a one-time System
    Integration devise remarkable above.
  • Hosting, Managed Services and Cloud services have grown 38% over same
    duration final year.
  • System Integration services is reduce due to a one-time System
    Integration devise requisitioned in a same entertain final year.
  • The business has cumulative multi-year contracts from clients in BFSI,
    Retail, IT, Healthcare, Travel and Logistics, including a significant
    agreement from an Indian Aeronautics PSU major.
  • New services launched in a initial entertain embody IP Video
    surveillance, Cloud DR as a service, and Desktop as a Service. We also
    announced a portfolio of Professional Services, including Network
    Consulting, Security Consulting, Data Center Design, DR/BCP Consulting
    and PMO Services.
  • Sify won awards from a Government of Maharashtra for a best
    Government to Government Initiative of a Year for a Social
    Justice Cloud
    devise and a best civic ICT beginning of the
    year 2012 for a Mhada Online Lottery Cloud project.
  • Our Data Centres also won a “Best Managed Services Data Centre” and
    “Best Data Centre” during a 6th National Telecom Awards 2012.

Software Services

  • The eLearning group accessible poignant sales in a Pharmaceutical
    industry, with projects for eLearning growth and Learning
    Management Systems from a universe leader, and a Retail industry, with
    a devise for one of Europe’s largest sequence of online pet animal
  • Content and product engagements also contributed significantly to the
    altogether revenue.
  • portal grew 28% in terms of singular visitors over a final 12
    months. Sify Sports is rated a series 2 sports site in India in user

About Sify Technologies

Sify is among a largest integrated Managed Network, IT and Software
services companies in India, charity end-to-end solutions with a
extensive operation of products delivered over a common telecom data
network infrastructure reaching some-more than 750 cities and towns in India.

A poignant partial of a company’s income is subsequent from Corporate
Enterprise Services, that embody Network and IT services,
Connectivity, Security, Network supervision services, Enterprise
applications, Hosting and Remote Infrastructure Management Services. A
sundry product portfolio during mixed cost points allows Sify to also
support to a burgeoning final of a SMB/SOHO village and a retail
consumer; many of it on a cloud platform.

Sify is a famous ISO 9001:2008 approved use provider for
network operations, information core operations and patron support, and for
provisioning of VPNs, Internet bandwidth, VoIP solutions and integrated
confidence solutions, and ISO / IEC 20000 – 1:2005 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005
approved for Internet Data Center operations. Sify has also built a
convincing repute in a rising Cloud Computing marketplace and is today
regarded as a domain expert. Sify has licenses to work NLD (National
Long Distance) and ILD (International Long Distance) services and offers
VoIP backhaul to prolonged stretch subscriber telephony services. With the
Sify Cable alighting hire and a partnerships inked with several cable
companies globally, Sify is benefaction in roughly all a spheres of a ICT
eco system.

The association has an expanding bottom of Managed Services customers, both in
India and overseas, and is also India’s initial craving managed
services provider to launch a Security Operations Center (SOC) to
broach managed confidence services.

Sify Software develops applications and offers services to improve
business efficiencies of a stream clients and impending client
bases. Sify also offers services in a specialized domains of eLearning
for-profit, not-for-profit and supervision institutions both in India and
globally. The business also operates dual of a many renouned portals in
India, and

For some-more information about Sify, revisit

Forward Looking Statements

This press recover contains forward-looking statements within the
definition of Section 27A of a Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and
Section 21E of a Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. The
forward-looking statements contained herein are theme to risks and
uncertainties that could means tangible formula to differ materially from
those reflected in a forward-looking statements. Sify undertakes no
avocation to refurbish any forward-looking statements.

For a contention of a risks compared with Sify’s business, please
see a contention underneath a heading “Risk Factors” in a company’s
Annual Report on Form 20-F for a year finished Mar 31, 2011, that has
been filed with a United States Securities and Exchange Commission and
is accessible by accessing a database confirmed by a SEC during,
and Sify’s other reports filed with a SEC.

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IPO Watch: Square Hires Former Goldman Sachs Exec As CFO

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

In a pierce that positions a association for a intensity destiny initial open offering, Square has hired former Goldman Sachs and executive Sarah Friar as arch financial officer.

Friar was many recently comparison clamp president, financial strategy at Salesforce, though maybe some-more relevant, before that she spent some-more than 10 years during Goldman Sachs. She worked during Goldman in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and equity research, and was conduct of a Technology Research group. She also worked during McKinsey. Not a bad chairman to have on house if Square needs to tell a story to Wall Street, not to discuss ready a company’s finances for an IPO.

And it seem some-more and some-more transparent that a association will eventually be doing so. The association has now upheld a $6 billion annual run-rate on exchange by a service. More than 1 million businesses and people can now accept Square payments. Over a past year a association has grown from 80 to 300 employees. Square is reportedly seeking a new financing turn during about a $4 billion valuation, after lifting appropriation during a $1 billion gratefulness only one year ago. It’s misleading if a association will lift during that high $4 billion valuation. But if it does lift in that operation it will make it utterly formidable for any other association to acquire Square, quite during a mixed that would make a try capitalists happy. In other words, start meditative about an IPO. 

Co-founded in 2009 by Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey, Square enables people to accept credit label payments on iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Square also has a consumer Square Card Case product for consumer payments and Square Register, that enables businesses to use iPads as a indicate of sale device. Meanwhile, eBay’s PayPal section recently launched a credit label reader that competes with Square. And there are a series of smaller startups and incomparable players looking to contest with Square, including Google.

Square is corroborated by about $138 million First Round Capital, Khosla Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global, Visa and a series of particular investors.

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Finance and Investment Forum for Australia Announced

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

A new Finance and Investment forum for datacentres has been announced for Australia

London/Sydney 26 Apr 2012 – A new Finance and Investment forum for datacentres has been announced for Australia ( It follows on from a successful general forum array that takes place in London any year, and some-more recently in Hong Kong. The new forum will have law organisation Gilbert and Tobin as Patron of a event.
Now a forum will take place in Australia, reflecting a poignant enlargement that has occurred in a sector. Recent commentary from a launch book of a new tracker use Finance and Investment for datacentres (FI) suggested that datacentre ability has stretched almost in a initial entertain of 2012, with a mature markets of North America, UK and Australia who continue to browbeat activity.
Researched and constructed by consulting organisation BroadGroup, a initial forum took place during a Cass Business School in London in 2007 and given afterwards it has turn famous as a premier annual general assembly indicate for investors, operators, veteran intermediaries and authorised warn focused on a datacentre sector.
The design of a one-day forum is to move together stakeholders and players in a zone opposite a financial and investment community, conduit neutral and conduit owned operational companies, supervision and informal investment authorities, skill interests, law firms and supply led organizations, to consider where a zone is streamer and brand pivotal opportunities.
“With a exponential expansion in cloud services and datacentre direct opposite a Asia Pacific region, datacentre projects form an critical partial of a authorised use – advising a extended operation of developers, use providers and corporate customers”, says Gilbert + Tobin partner Bernadette Jew. “Gilbert + Tobin is gay to partner with BroadGroup to horde a initial Finance and Investment forum for information centres in Australia.” 
“The datacentre zone has begun 2012 in bullish conform reaffirming a long-term certainty and confidence suggested by prior analysis,” commented Philip Low, executive of BroadGroup. “Australia is a marketplace we have lonesome in studies over a past 3 years, and a significance is reflected in a new forum that takes place in Sydney in November.”
BroadGroup also publishes Finance and Investment for Datacentres (FI), a tracker of financial and investment in a datacentre sector.


Gilbert + Tobin
Finance and Investment
Contact Information Philip Low MD BroadGroup (44)

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KFH-Bahrain awarded ISO 27001 Certification for the Data Centre

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Apr 15 2012

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Kuwait Finance House Bahrain

The First for an Islamic Bank in Bahrain

Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain (
) Data Centre has been awarded a prestigious information confidence acceptance ISO 27001, following a difficult review by an general acceptance body. It is a initial Islamic bank in a Kingdom to grasp this milestone.

The ISO certificate was presented to Mr. Abdulhakeem Alkhayyat, a Managing Director and CEO of

“We are gay with this accreditation as it clearly demonstrates
‘s care in a Information record locus of Islamic banking and financial zone in Bahrain. With this certification, a Bank will, Allah willing, be means to launch innovative electronic services for a sell and corporate customers. With a flourishing need for information confidence and IT Risk in a area of information technology, a significance of this feat can't be overstated”, pronounced Mr. Abdulhakeem Alkhayyat.

“We have always been wakeful that a information centre, network infrastructure and other compared services play a critical purpose in using banking services. We therefore motionless to adopt tellurian best practices and exercise ISO controls in a categorical Data Centre and network to lessen a risk of intrusions and disruptions”, he added.

The purpose-built and scalable dedicated Data Centre makes
a initial bank in a Kingdom to have virtualization record that is able of providing a error tolerant, constant and stop giveaway operation.

The Data Centre infrastructure is formed on an integrated rack, energy and cooling resolution finish with modernized government and monitoring hardware and software. The Data Centre significantly softened a altogether trustworthiness and accessibility with finish network redundancy, EMC information storage within a VMware virtualization environment.

This state-of-the-art infrastructure will sustain
‘s technical mandate for a subsequent 10 years with an integrated ability for destiny expansion and IT transformation. This will also have a certain impact on a Bank’s business by softened IT services, aloft accessibility of banking channels and a rebate in a Bank’s handling risks, gripping in mind that a Data Centre provides a services and support 24/7.

ISO 27001 has been acclaimed zodiacally as a critical apparatus to conduct and minimize a operation of threats to that information is frequently subjected.

About Kuwait Finance House, Bahrain
Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain is a heading provider of Islamic blurb and investment banking services. Established in 2002 as a unconditionally owned auxiliary of Kuwait Finance House (Kuwait) — an attention personality for some-more than 30 years —
specializes in building and bringing to marketplace a top peculiarity Islamic agreeable banking and investment products, all of that are delivered by a staff of gifted and dedicated professionals with a low bargain of a marketplace and a clients we serve.

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Treasury Board says vicious information centres have been changed to new locations for …

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Two information centres that upheld IT systems during Treasury Board, Privy Council Office and a Department of Finance were changed late final year, Treasury Board says, definition that they are no longer on a verge of failure.

The cost of a move, that took place between Sep and Dec 2011, was $2.7 million.

The information centres, one during a L’Esplanade Laurier building in downtown Ottawa, and a other a few blocks south, were valued during about $15 million. The L’Esplanade Laurier information centre, before a move, was “rated during high risk for imminent, serious and extensive complement outages,” a Treasury Board central remarkable in a Jan 2011 report, expelled to Ottawa-based researcher Ken Rubin underneath entrance to information laws. The L’Esplanade Laurier information centre was in such a bad state since of problems gripping it powered and cool, issues with fighting any fires that might have started in a hardware, as good as problems with a centre’s “physical structure.”

The second information centre carried reduction of a risk for failure, though a miss of an eccentric backup energy source lifted a risk level, a news said.

The information centres upheld 3 networks:

  • Trinet, that supports core Treasury Board Secretariat applications.
  • GreenNet, that supports output supervision applications during a Treasury Board.
  • And CAC-SS, that support common IT services for 4 supervision departments (Treasury Board, Privy Council Office, Finance, and a Canadian School of Public Service.)

The research of a information centres was enclosed in a review Treasury Board officials conducted on sovereign IT systems. That examination found that some-more than one-tenth of a sovereign government’s many vicious IT systems that broach services to Canadians are so aged they might be on a verge of “total failure.”  The examination found that 11 per cent of a 2,100 “mission-critical” systems carried high risks for disaster and that updating them could cost roughly $1.4 billion.

Of those 2,100 systems, a report’s authors resolved that “less than 130″ systems could be “of seductiveness to Canadians or Canadian businesses.” Included in that series were Employment Insurance programs and a Old Age Security system, according to a Jun 2011 assessment.

A Treasury Board orator pronounced in an e-mail that many departments and agencies establish a risk turn of their systems by regulating their in-department criticism tools. Treasury Board grown an criticism apparatus for those departments that don’t have their own, and consider a system’s risk formed on a “business risk, upkeep and operations risk, and technological design risk,” Pierre-Alain Bujold pronounced in an email this week.

So is it still a box that 11 per cent of a 2,100 mission-critical systems during high risk are still during high risk?

“Departments and agencies are obliged for progressing their systems and ensuring that suitable investments are in place to do so,” Bujold said. He also pronounced a dialect wouldn’t criticism on confidence issues.

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