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New information centre to move about 18 jobs to city

Friday, April 6th, 2012

A new information centre slated to open in Jun will emanate new jobs and strengthen a city’s explain as a information heart in Canada.

“The Kamloops site is going to be a inhabitant site for all a managed services,” pronounced Fred Stearman, CEO of Burnaby-based Next Layer.

Stearman toured a new collocation centre, a recycled building during 765 Lorne St., with Jobs Minister Pat Bell on Thursday.

“We’re awaiting to see about 18 jobs over a subsequent series of months as a outcome of this new information centre,” Bell pronounced afterwards. “It’s a new kind of business for a Kamloops segment that has outrageous potential.”

Next Layer is a third association to locate a information centre here after Telus announced final month it will start construction of vast information storage trickery on McGill Road after this season. Q9, a Canadian company, has operated a centre on circuitously Bunker Road for a past integrate of years.

Next Layer, a auxiliary of North Vancouver-based Navigata Communications, operates 4 other information centres in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. It originated as partial of B.C. Rail in 1957 and will shortly be spun off by Navigata amid skeleton for enlargement over a subsequent 18 months. Kamloops is partial of that expansion devise with additional jobs entrance this way, Stearman said.

“Kamloops is going to be a high-tech corridor, so it’s something to be unapproachable of,” he said. “I can see us offered out of a space down on Lorne Street within dual years. We’re already meditative forward of another building.”

The existent centre was built a decade ago, one of 40 telecommunication centres grown by a association called 360 Network during a dot-com bubble. After a burble burst, a centre stood empty until New Layer purchased it.

Colocation offers an choice to web hosting for tiny and medium-sized businesses that have singular technical resources. Next Layer’s Cloud Services yield business with a centralized computing sourroundings to horde their business applications.

The city has 3 pivotal attractions that make it a good fit for information centres. For a start, it offers a extensive volume of energy redundancy, that means energy outages are unlikely. Second, a segment has as most entrance to fibre-optic as anywhere in a country, that will capacitate Next Layer to daub into incomparable centres opposite Canada.

“Third, since you’re a really seismically fast area compared to Coast, a possibility of an trembler is comparatively low. The earthquakes on a seashore of B.C. emanate genuine problems for vast information centres.”

Then there is TRU, that graduates record professionals, providing a prepared source of pursuit recruits.

“About two-thirds of a practice expected will come from there and that only creates it that most better,” Bell said.

The zone as a whole employs about 84,000 people in B.C. and has a payroll of $5.3 billion.

“Companies like Next Layer are a large partial of the success.”

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