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Green economy: ‘Research indispensable to brand opportunities’

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Seminar patrician ‘Green Economy,
Does it Include You?’, organised
jointly by a Environment Protection
Department and a International Union for Conservation of Nature


Research and growth can assistance brand sectors where some-more environment-friendly technologies can be used to relieve a glimmer of immature residence gases, Environment Secretary Saeed Wahla pronounced on Friday.

He was vocalization during a seminar, patrician ‘Green Economy, Does it Include You?’, organized jointly by a Environment Protection Department and a International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The secretary pronounced a supervision had so distant motionless to exercise environment-friendly policies in transport, agriculture, appetite generation, construction, land-use formulation and industrial record sectors.

In a ride sector, he said, a supervision dictated to reinstate fuel-intensive means with fuel fit ones and urge highway infrastructure to urge fuel potency of vehicles.

The secretary pronounced hydroponic cultivation (plantation regulating vegetable nutrients in water, but soil) should be promoted in a range in perspective of a necessity of H2O and cultivatable land.

He pronounced now 57.2 per cent of a province’s land was being used for farming.  The irrigation complement consisted of 12 headworks and barrages assembled during several points on Rivers Indus, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi and Sutlej. He pronounced cultivation contributed 53 percent to a country’s sum domestic product.

In industry, a secretary said, wastewater diagnosis plants and atmosphere wickedness control equipments could be commissioned to relieve a inauspicious impact on a environment. He pronounced record should also be used to urge fuel potency of industrial equipment. “Use of involuntary heat control; and water, light and occupancy sensors and recycling of rubbish products are some other ways to be sourroundings friendly,” he said.

Secretary Wahla pronounced a EPD had, in a Environment Protection Act, formulated manners and regulations for opposite sectors of a economy, simplified a procession for IEEs and softened monitoring and investigation methods.

“Green economy means meditative out of a box and anticipating some-more tolerable methods in businesses,” he said, “The supervision will have to take a lead by devising pro-environment policies before requiring a businesses to use environment-friendly technologies.”

Ahmed Rafay Alam, a Lahore Electric Supply Company chairman, briefed a assembly on a appetite direct in a nation and measures that could assistance revoke dependency on non-renewable resources.

He identified travel and H2O and rubbish supervision as sectors that compulsory evident courtesy in terms of their impact on a environment.

Dr Muhammad Nawaz Chaudhry pronounced consumers also indispensable to share shortcoming with businesses if a change was to be done to a immature economy.

AR Saleemi pronounced a judgment of foe should be transposed with team-work if a some-more critical bid was to be instituted for charge of environment.

Senior Assistant to Chief Minister on Environment Mansha Ullah But, a arch guest, pronounced a supervision would use all accessible resources to foster environment-friendly polices. He pronounced some-more such seminars should be organised to teach people about threats to a environment.

Published in The Express Tribune, Jun 2nd, 2012. 

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The immature appetite debate

Monday, December 26th, 2011

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