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GSA hires assistance to pierce supervision to cloud computing

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

The General Services Administration has tapped a American Association for Laboratory Accreditation to speed adult a government’s pierce to cloud computing, according to Nextgov.

As partial of GSA’s FedRamp module for pre-approving cloud providers, a organisation will oldster inspectors of blurb information centers, sovereign officials say. All contractors that wish to sell cloud services to a supervision contingency bear analysis by an accredited examiner by Jun 2014. Typically confidence consulting firms, such as KPMG, have practical for these auditor spots.

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Security crack exposes trusted information of firms seeking supervision …

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

All sovereign vendors purebred with a General Services Administration had their companies’ trusted information unprotected in a large mechanism confidence screw-up, a group said.

The GSA, a buying arm by that supervision agencies buy products and services, is conducting a “full review” of a System for Award Management after a intolerable confidence breach, sovereign officials told The latest emanate with a IBM-administered system, that has been tormented with problems given it was implemented final year to confederate some 8 opposite buying systems, was reported to GSA officials on Mar 8. A program patch was implemented to tighten a bearing of both open and non-public data, including names, taxpayer marker numbers, selling partner information numbers and bank comment details.

“All purebred SAM users were done wakeful of a situation,” GSA Deputy Press Secretary Jackeline Stewart told in an email. “At this time, GSA is endeavour a full examination of

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Lockheed Martin Selected By GSA To Provide Government Agencies With …

Monday, September 17th, 2012

ROCKVILLE, Md., Sept. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — The General Services Administration (GSA) comparison Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) to contest for charge orders on a new Email as a Service (EaaS) contract.  Sixteen other companies also were comparison to support this Blanket Purchase Agreement program, a government-wide cloud computing beginning that helps accommodate sovereign mandates for migrating information record to a cloud.

(Logo: )

The five-year EaaS module has an estimated roof value of $2.5 billion for all contractors.  It is accessible to federal, state and internal supervision agencies around GSA’s IT Schedule 70. Through this procurement, Lockheed Martin will contest to yield secure cloud-based email service, bureau automation (virtual office), electronic annals management, emigration services and formation services by private, secret, supervision village and open cloud computing environments.

“As a largest provider of IT services to a sovereign government, Lockheed Martin is singly competent to assistance agencies get a limit advantages of cloud computing,” pronounced Vicki Schmanske, clamp boss of Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems Global Solutions-Civil IT Security Solutions line of business. ”With a mission-focused, stretchable approach, sovereign business will have easy entrance to secure, affordable and innovative cloud solutions.”

Lockheed Martin will support EaaS charge orders with a proven Solutions as a Service (SolaS™) secure cloud smoothness innovation, that combines domain expertise, proven processes and intelligent technology.  The house began a investment in cloud resolution growth in early 2008, with a initial cloud doing in early 2009. Since then, Lockheed Martin has been on a front lines of a cloud evolution, building creation centers, stretchable cloud computing solutions and alliances with partners to yield a many extensive solutions to customers.

Lockheed Martin’s ISGS is a heading sovereign services and IT executive with a clever birthright of delivering world-class solutions and modernized record opposite a extended spectrum of domains. The ISGS-Civil product line is obliged for IT systems and services in areas such as energy, healthcare, transportation, information and cyber security, citizen insurance and space exploration.

Headquartered in Bethesda, Md., Lockheed Martin is a tellurian confidence and aerospace association that employs about 120,000 people worldwide and is predominantly intent in a research, design, development, manufacture, formation and sustainment of modernized record systems, products and services. The corporation’s net sales for 2011 were $46.5 billion.

For additional information, revisit a website:

SOURCE Lockheed Martin

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A cloud’s genuine CO footprint

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

The cloud is widely due as a latest resolution for during slightest 3 pivotal media and business applications:

●Storage as a use (STaaS)

●Software as a use (SaaS)

●Processing as a service

In prolongation and promote environments, all 3 applications are infrequently seen as viable answers to a needs of a fast-paced media prolongation center. Even so, it’s a storage as  a use product that is saying a early focus in a video prolongation arena.

Storage as a use (STaaS)

Some common blurb products of STaaS embody Instgram, DropBox and Carbonite.  Professional STaaS services are permitted from Amazon with a Amazon S3, Microsoft’s SkyDrive and EMC’s Atmos, among others.

All of these products do flattering most a same thing; we upload your information and a association stores it. The services rest on users with a customary desktop, laptop or even a skinny customer to entrance to a data. If your focus needs to store Exabyte’s of information these services can be useful and inexpensive.

With storage costs dropping, one competence ask because not build your possess storage focus and residence a information on-site. The other side of that same silver is, “Why bother, let someone else hoop a data.” There are several reasons pro and criminal to storing information locally. Without descending into a rabbit hole of arguments, they can be epitomised as follows:

Why we competence wish to store your possess information locally:


Fast transfer

Full control


Why we competence wish to pierce information to an off-site provider:

Potentially revoke operational costs

No hardware upgrades or complement management

Access from anywhere


A prolonged discuss can be had on any of a above points, though we will let them offer as their possess a basement for contention over this array of articles.

Is cloud storage unequivocally some-more appetite efficient?

There is, however, an often-touted advantage of regulating a cloud for information storage and that is appetite savings. Broadcasters are usually now apropos wakeful of a significance of determining appetite costs. Moving forward, technical managers can design federal, state and internal supervision bureaucrats to increasingly expostulate companies to use rebate electricity. One due approach to revoke electrical costs is to pierce large-scale information storage off site to a server farm.

A outrageous server plantation might be some-more efficient, have newer servers immoderate rebate appetite and work with revoke costs than can a internal prolongation or promote house—right? Cloud storage providers might tell we so, though a genuine answer requires a bit of investigation.

To get an thought of how cloud storage influenced a handling costs of one vast user, let’s demeanour during a real-world example. In July, 2011 a General Services Administration (GSA)—announced it was a initial sovereign group to totally quit a email complement to a cloud. The company overseeing a project, Unisys, claims to have finished a pierce of 17,000 employees to Google Apps for Government. The whole complement now runs on Google’s cloud-based storage and email system. The acclimatisation routine compulsory usually some-more than a year.

According to Google, that plan saved a GSA 93 percent on GSA’s annual server appetite costs.  Google claims GSA’s annual electrical operational costs forsaken from $307,400 to usually $22,000. See Table 1.


Table 1:

With regards to a GSA project, Google/s Senior VP for technical infrastructure, Urs Hoelzle wrote, “Last year, we crunched a numbers and found that Gmail is adult to 80 times some-more energy-efficient than using normal in-house email…Our results show that a standard classification can grasp appetite assets of about 65-85% by migrating to Google Apps…

[For instance, the]  (GSA), that recently switched a approximately 17,000 users to Google Apps for Government… We found that a GSA was means to revoke server appetite expenditure by scarcely 90% and CO emissions by 85%. That means a GSA will save an estimated $285,000 annually on appetite costs alone, a 93% cost reduction.”

Not so quick Hoelzel says Tom Raferty, another appetite expert. The law might not be so simple  and a haze of statistics might censor some other critical considerations.

First, a GSA opted to plantation out all computing to Google. The group select to not refurbish a possess servers and information centers. However, according to a above mentioned source, a 30 percent alleviation in server potency could have been had by simply replacing 5-year aged server record with a latest versions.

Second, What is wholly blank from a above Google calculation is a cost of information transfer. For media applications, relocating vast files adult to a cloud and down again involves 3 things; crew time (transfer wait), electrical appetite for a internal desktop/laptop and switches and progressing sufficient storage in a cloud. As we’ll see, for applications that need steady user communication with a data, send appetite costs are not insignificant.

Don’t forget a other costs

A new news from Energy Facts Weekly suggests that cloud proponents might be fudging a contribution when it comes to claiming usually how “green” cloud computing unequivocally is.

In an Aug 22 report, a newsletter quoted from an IEEE Proceedings paper, Green Cloud Computing: Balancing Energy in Processing, Storage and Transport, “…under some resources cloud computing can devour some-more appetite than compulsory computing on a internal PC”. A impending doubt to be asked is what are a “circumstances”?  In a array of articles we are going to inspect some-more closely a explain that cloud computing is some-more appetite fit and therefore some-more environmental friendly.

To provoke readers to continue following this array of articles, inspect a following chart.


Figure 1 (above) shows that as a series of record transfers between a desktop and a cloud increases, a commission of sum appetite consumed in a send routine increases. Says a report, “For a private cloud storage service, during a download rates above one download per hour, servers devour 35%, storage consumes rebate than 7%, and a remaining 58% of sum appetite is consumed in transport [Emphasis added.] These formula advise that float dominates sum appetite expenditure during high use levels for open and private cloud storage services.

The appetite consumed in transporting information between users and a cloud is therefore an critical care when conceptualizing an appetite fit cloud storage service. Energy expenditure in servers is also an critical care during high use levels. The commission of sum appetite consumed in servers is larger in private cloud computing than that in open cloud computing. In both open and private cloud storage services, a appetite expenditure of storage hardware is a tiny commission of sum appetite expenditure during middle and high use levels. [Emphasis added.] In other words, for applications where vast amounts of information contingency pierce between desktop and cloud, some-more appetite is required.

Where to store a data?

Before continuing, let’s ask because wouldn’t a prolongation trickery usually confirm to store all their information (video) on site? After all, in-house is safe, permitted and controllable. But, cloud proponentssay cloud storage is cheaper. Maybe not. Despite a dropping costs of MB/square mm of platter, servers sojourn costly for countless reasons.

Storage researcher Fang Zhang HIS predicts “Maximum areal densities in tough hoop drives (HDD) are approaching to some-more than double during a five-year duration from 2011 to 2016… HDD areal densities measuring data-storage capacities are projected to stand to a limit 1,800 Gigabits (Gb) per block in. per platter by 2016, adult from 744 Gb per block in. in 2011…”

Storage will turn rebate costly per GB, though other environmental and workflow issues remain. So comprehend that media storage cost calculations should engage some-more than usually what it costs to buy some tough disks. There is a cost of a tender storage, afterwards a designation and maintenance. Finally, there’s a cost of cooling.

Back to Google

All this haze means that genuine storage costs are formidable to calculate. While a stats promoted by Google sound impressive, Tom Raftery, author of a Green Monk appetite blog, records a few holes in a above claims.

Raftery points out that anyone replacing bequest servers with newer record would see identical opening improvements. Second, he urges engineers to cruise also a cradle-to-cradle factors in server manufacturing. Manufacturing creates a possess set of CO emissions so usually plugging in a newer super-efficient server is not 0 Co2. And, don’t forget a Co2 costs in building and handling an Exabyte-sized storage facility.

As Raftery records in a Table 2 below, that notwithstanding Google’s explain to be 0 net emissions given 2007, Google’s new GSA server plantation is rebate Co2 fit than a aged GSA facility.


Table 2:

While Google’s servers do furnish fewer Co2 emissions per year than did GSAs, (7.69 contra 4.75). Google’s comforts seem to be some-more CO complete than were a GSA’s (14.5 contra 10.63). Source:

The bottom line is that there are many factors to cruise before jumping into a cloud. As anyone who’s indeed flown by a cloud knows, a float is mostly bumpy.


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Questionmark Announces U.S. GSA Listing – SYS

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012



has been combined to a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) federal
supply list as a provider of contrast and comment technologies and

“We are gratified to have a event to offer a supervision and
troops business by a GSA,” pronounced Questionmark CEO Eric
Shepherd. “The GSA inventory will streamline a squeeze of a solutions
a business need in sequence to run scalable, secure online assessments.”

Now listed on GSA agreement series GS-35F-0380Y, a Questionmark
comment supervision complement capacitate users to create,
schedule, discharge and news on comment trimming from surveys and
quizzes to high-stakes tests, exams and certifications.

Listing on a GSA news will concede federal, state and internal agencies
to some-more simply gain Questionmark technologies, technical support and
training. GSA schedules are open-ended contracts inventory a prices the
supervision has negotiated to compensate for suppliers’ products and services.
Vendors contingency bear a strong examination routine in sequence to grasp GSA
listing; agencies procuring Questionmark technologies and services
by a GSA news agreement advantage from reduced acquisition
timelines, pre-negotiated rates and terms, and a simplified alternative
to normal RFP and capitulation processes.

About Questionmark

Questionmark technologies and services capacitate organizations to measure
knowledge, skills and attitudes for certification, regulatory
compliance, successful training outcomes, opening alleviation and
talent management. Questionmark’s comment supervision system,
accessible OnDemand or for on-premise deployment, enables collaborative,
multilingual authoring; mixed smoothness options including mobile
devices; trustable formula and extensive analytics that provide
stakeholders valuable, actionable data.

, a scalable, rapidly-deployable SaaS solution, offers
99.9+% uptime, accessible 24/7 support, and a peace-of-mind of a
secure, Cybertrust-certified, SSAE 16 audited datacenter. Questionmark’s
stretchable APIs and support of vital attention standards ensure
interoperability with a accumulation of craving systems.

Complete sum are accessible during
The Questionmark
provides assessment-related news, interviews, insights and best

All names, product names, and trade names are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their particular holders.

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ethosIQ is Awarded GSA Contract

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

ethosIQ™, a marketplace personality in business routine acceleration, announced that it has been awarded a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 70 Contract for Information Technology services (contract series GS-35F-0277Y) to assistance hit centers with special concentration on a customer’s knowledge facilitate a patron bid today.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) Apr 06, 2012

ethosIQ™, a marketplace personality in business routine acceleration, announced that it has been awarded a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 70 Contract for Information Technology services (contract series GS-35F-0277Y) to assistance hit centers with special concentration on a customer’s knowledge facilitate a patron bid today.

Many agencies settle Government-wide contracts, that facilitate a buying routine for sovereign agencies by permitting them to acquire a immeasurable array of products and services directly from blurb suppliers. The largest Government-wide contracts are determined by a U.S. General Services Administration underneath a GSA Schedules Program (also referred to as Federal Supply Schedules and Multiple Award Schedules). State and internal governments also use a GSA schedules for purchasing products and services.

ethosIQ™ is a Business Process Accelerator that provides a holistic government proceed focused on aligning all aspects of an classification with a wants and needs of clients. ethosIQ™ promotes business efficacy and potency while essay for innovation, flexibility, and formation with technology.

Scott Walker Managing Partner and CEO of ethosIQ pronounced “GSA Schedule 70 offers competent agencies a ability to sequence an array of services. As a premier System Integrator, ethosIQ blends a patron rendezvous products and services with marketplace heading program products to yield extensive corporate solutions. All of a partners are delicately selected to safeguard seamless integration, strong functionality and well-developed cost of ownership. We enabled organizations answer pivotal concerns and commission them to benefit answers a following questions:

    What would a ideal routine demeanour like?

    What do business wish to see?

    What do employees wish to see?

    How do best-in-class companies do it?

    What can we do with new technology?

“More importantly when we ask business because they are selecting ethosIQ™ and a proven methodology enabling ‘Business Process Acceleration’ (BPA) here is what they say:

    Rate of change is augmenting and a incremental proceed is not enough

    Customer expectations are surpassing stream capabilities

    New technologies are enabling new business processes

    Revenue opportunities are being mislaid and operation cost are rising

“ethosIQ™ Business Process Acceleration allows enterprises to:

    Increase revenues

    Increase efficiencies

    Decrease handling cost

    Improve use and support

    Maintain ability for expansion change

“For organizations that are struggling to accommodate large volume of mandates and compliance, ethosIQ™ GSA agreement car can yield a vicious solutions needed.”

GSA Schedules yield entrance to some-more than 11 million blurb reserve (products) and services during volume bonus pricing that can be systematic directly from GSA Schedule contractors or by a GSA Advantage! online selling and grouping system.

About ethosIQ, LLC

ethosIQ™ is a full use Business Process Accelerator (BPA) headquartered in Houston, TX with offices via a US and Canada. Focused on Fortune 1000 companies, ethosIQ architects and implements craving formed solutions. For some-more information greatfully revisit

For a strange chronicle on PRWeb visit:

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Baker Concludes Negotiations with GSA for DHS…

Friday, December 9th, 2011

08:05 GMT, Dec 9, 2011 PITTSBURGH | Michael Baker Jr., Inc., an engineering section of Michael Baker Corporation, announced currently that it has resolved a negotiations with a General Services Administration (GSA) for a formerly announced Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) agreement for a Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Information Technology (US-VISIT) Program. The IDIQ agreement includes one bottom duration with 4 one-year options and a limit grouping reduction of $50 million for a whole agreement period. In addition, Baker perceived a initial Task Order underneath a IDIQ agreement to yield a operation of technical support services. The agreement value of this initial Task Order is $3.6 million.

Baker’s G. John Kurgan, P.E., executive clamp boss and COO, said, “We’re intensely gratified to have resolved a traffic routine and to have perceived a initial Task Order underneath this critical contract. Baker’s group looks brazen to furthering a attribute with DHS and is good prepared to continue a support of a US-VISIT Program.” 

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Homeland Security Moves To Cloud by GSA IaaS BPA

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Image around Wikipedia

This week noted a major GovCloud event with a Department of Homeland Security’s preference to adopt cloud computing by a General Services Administration’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service sweeping squeeze agreement. Mary Davie,  Assistant Commissioner, GSA Office of Integrated Technology Services (ITS), announced this step-change in Federal IT by a blog post on Friday:

“I’m anxious to announce that a Department of Homeland Security has awarded a initial charge sequence regulating GSA’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). DHS is consolidating and migrating many of a primary open websites to a cloud to revoke costs and approve with a Administration’s Cloud First policy. To accomplish this, they awarded a five-year, $5 million agreement to CGI Federal Inc. CGI is one of 4 companies – Apptis Inc., Computer Literacy World, and Eyak Tech LLC are a others – that now have an Authority to Operate (ATO) on this streamlined, pre-competed contract. We are now operative with a remaining 8 vendors to finish a ATO routine by year-end. The ATOs are processed in suitability with NIST 800-37 and 800-53 (rev 3) and can be supposed by any sovereign group for cloud storage, practical machines, and web hosting during a Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Moderate Impact Level or lower.”

This pierce clearly indicates that a risk-reward change for leveraging cloud computing for open websites for DHS is auspicious when regulating a GSA IaaS BPA. Providers underneath this agreement are compulsory to approve with a nonetheless to be finalized, Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). FedRAMP allows corner authorizations and continual confidence monitoring services for Government and Commercial cloud computing systems dictated for multi-agency use. Joint authorisation of cloud providers formula in a common confidence risk indication that can be leveraged opposite a Federal Government. The use of this common confidence risk indication provides a unchanging baseline for Cloud formed technologies. This common baseline ensures that a advantages of cloud-based technologies are effectively integrated opposite a several cloud computing solutions now due within a government. The risk indication will also capacitate a supervision to “approve once, and use often” by ensuring mixed agencies advantage a advantage and discernment of a FedRAMP’s Authorization and entrance to use provider’s authorisation packages.

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Cloud Computing Services: Feds Get On The Bandwagon

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

(click picture for incomparable view)
After a check due to a difficult vendor-authorization process, a General Services Administration (GSA) is finally charity cloud computing services around a website.

Federal agencies now can sequence from a menu of 3 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings–cloud storage, virtual machines and Web hosting–from use providers that have perceived GSA authorities to work (ATOs) to offer them.

More Government Insights

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  • Data-enabled Government: How Well is Our Personal Information Used and Protected?
  • A Practical Guide for Retiring Legacy Applications




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It was a routine of appropriation ATOs that behind a GSA’s skeleton to offer IaaS on But final week, GSA Portfolio Management Division Director Bill Lewis pronounced a initial services would be accessible in July, and, loyal to his word, they are. on Friday was updated to yield minute information on any use and a list of vendors providing them, in further to stepping agencies by a grouping process. That process, however, is not accurately as easy as boring and dropping a use into an online selling basket, if instructions on a site are any indication.

Each use provider is charity a possess cloud services and bundled pricing, and agencies can peruse a packages on offer before creation a decision.

Services are billed by a month–as against to by a discriminate hour, as blurb cloud provider Amazon Web Services typically does it–and a routine includes agencies removing quotes for a form of use they are looking for by a GSA eBuy complement before creation a purchase.

Those quotes will afterwards be awarded to one of a ATO contractors for a service, that is obliged for contacting a group to assistance staff configure and conduct a use from their possess website.

To be fair, Lewis pronounced final week that a GSA is operative to revoke transaction time and a complexity of purchasing cloud solutions, an try that might engage a growth of online collection for agencies that concede for on-demand self-service or a ability to boost or diminution a distance of their purchase.

Even with a complexity, a GSA is now for a initial time permitting agencies to buy on-demand computing energy by use providers that already have a sovereign stamp of approval, that should make supervision adoption of cloud computing easier and some-more efficient.

Agencies now can select from 5 use providers charity cloud storage: Apptis, Computer Literacy World, Eyak Technology, Insight Public Sector, and Computer Technologies Consultant.

The practical appurtenance use provides even some-more choice, with 10 vendors on a list: Autonomic Resources, Carahsoft Technology, CGI Federal, Computer Literacy World, ATT, Eyak Technology, General Dynamics, Verizon Federal, Computer Technologies Consultant, and Savvis Federal Systems.

Finally, 5 use providers are charity Web hosting around CGI Federal, Computer Literacy World, Eyak Technology, Computer Technologies Consultant, and Savvis Federal Systems.

What attention can learn supervision about IT creation and efficiency. Also in a new, all-digital emanate of InformationWeek Government: Federal agencies have to change from annual IT confidence assessments to continual monitoring of their risks. Download it now. (Free registration required.)

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EyakTek First to Receive GSA Approval to Accept Orders for Cloud Computing

Friday, July 1st, 2011

EyakTek initial to accept Assessment Authorization Certification

DULLES, Va., July 1, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Eyak Technology LLC (EyakTek) and their partner, Horizon Data Center Solutions, were recently told by a General Services Administration (GSA) that they have been postulated an Authority to Operate (ATO) on GSA’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). This acceptance enables agencies to immediately start grouping from this cloud-based agreement by EyakTek and not have to wait until FedRAMP standards are finalized.

The EyakTek group is a initial of a twelve IaaS BPA awardees to finish a difficult Assessment and Authorization (AA) process, a overpass to a due FedRAMP standards being jointly combined by GSA, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Defense. The AA routine certifies that confidence controls are in place to safeguard that a sovereign supervision can safely use a hosted sourroundings for cloud services, permitting agencies to exercise a cloud resolution but carrying to away plead and impute a resolution themselves.

“We are anxious that a group is now means to respond to a restrained direct of a customers’ cloud requirements,” pronounced Jodi Kohut, Director of EyakTek’s Cloud Services practice. “GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service Office of Integrated Technology Services has demonstrated extensive care during a AA process, that will capacitate agencies to accommodate a deadlines determined by a Office of Management and Budget’s 25 Point Implementation Plan.”

The IaaS BPA focuses on 3 use offerings, or lots, accessible within a open cloud deployment model. The EyakTek group can broach on all 3 lots, that embody Cloud Storage, Virtual Machines, and Cloud Web Hosting.

“For a past dual years EyakTek has been during a forefront of providing cloud computing to a sovereign supervision and we are unapproachable to be heading a beginning to renovate supervision IT,” pronounced Quang Le, EyakTek’s President and CFO. “As underdogs compared to many attention titans racing to be in a cloud computing space, being initial out of a embankment with this AA acceptance shows that small, nimble companies like ours are means to concentration on being manageable to a government’s needs and possess a high turn of imagination compulsory to lead a way,” Le added.

About Eyak Technology, LLC
Eyak Technology, LLC (“EyakTek”) provides award-winning solutions in communications, information technology, healthcare, and vicious infrastructure services. As a famous personality in a industry, EyakTek has consistently been ranked as one of a tip 100 sovereign contractors. An Alaska-native owned tiny business, EyakTek also provides socio-economic advantages for their village of local shareholders.

Melissa Zelinger

SOURCE Eyak Technology, LLC

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