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What ‘post-PC’ era? 10 products that have us still vehement about computers

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

From MacBook Pros with Retina displays to Windows 8 and automobile laptops, here are some of 2012’s best computing products.

According to a headlines, mobile technologies boomed and stole a limelight from normal computing in 2012, creation it a down year for PCs proper. Balderdash! If a PC industry’s dying, it’s doing so in style, shipping an estimated 367 million units in 2012 and stuffing store shelves with legions of top-notch products that blew a pants off prior generations of computers and resource components alike.

What, we wish examples? we have examples. After spending a year tinkering with a best ­– and misfortune –the courtesy has to offer, I’ve managed to slight a margin down to only 10 engaging and intriguing products that reason my eye and reason my courtesy in 2012. These, folks, are a cream of this year’s computing crop.

Windows 8

I competence as good get a argumentative collect out of a approach first. Yes, Windows 8 looks a lot opposite from Windows 7, and yes, a new (and rather non-intuitive) interface works best on touchscreens –touchscreens that many normal laptops and desktops don’t have. And where are all a apps?

However, once we hurl adult your sleeves, replace a blank Start menu, and pick adult a few tips and tricks, Windows 8 becomes a lot some-more palatable. In fact, we roughly never lay cave eyes on a argumentative Start Screen; and once we discharge a complicated UI from your life, Windows 8 is fundamentally a faster, improved chronicle of Windows 7. Try booting adult a Windows 7 PC after removing used to Windows 8′s lightning-quick start – it’s roughly as bad as examination paint dry.

Is Windows 8 a must-have ascent for confident Windows 7 users? No, not during all. In fact, many mainstream forms – I’m looking during you, mom – would be improved off avoiding it until positively necessary. But if we take a thrust and don’t mind creation a integrate of usability tweaks, you’ll find a lot to like in Microsoft’s latest OS.

Dell XPS 12

Speaking of Windows 8, a handling complement shines on tablet/laptop hybrids, that assistance overpass a opening between a touch-focused UI and a keyboard-and-mouse capability chops Windows is famous for. I’ve tested a infancy of a variety expelled so distant and a Dell XPS 12 is a hands-down standout, sporting an appealing (and lightweight) CO fiber design, a overwhelming 1080p IPS display, glorious ergonomics, and a best tablet-to-laptop acclimatisation resource I’ve seen. It’s pricey – starting during $1,200 – yet it’s rapid and an early resplendent star for a mostly “meh” Windows 8 lineup.

In a nutshell, a Dell XPS 12 simply warranted Digital Trends’ Editors’ Choice award. ‘Nuff said.

Raspberry Pi

All that being said, a breakthrough computing star of 2012 wasn’t a Windows hybrid or a fancy-schmancy, multi-thousand-dollar, multi-core, water-cooled behemoth of a gaming system. No, a many intriguing resource of 2012 was a Raspberry Pi: a credit card-sized PC built with medium specs and a goal of bringing resource programming to a masses interjection to a cost tab of $25 to $35.

It worked. There’s been a consistently prolonged wait time to buy a Raspberry Pi given a launch during a finish of final Feb as youngsters, extraordinary minds, and hardcore enthusiasts comparison took to a device in droves. Initial orders came in during some-more than 700 per second. Even if you’re not meddlesome in training Python or hooking your Pi adult to an Arduino microcontroller, a mini-PC offers plain value as a low-cost 1080p media pennon or even a elementary network trustworthy storage device (with a assistance of an outmost tough drive). The possibilities truly are unconstrained with a Raspberry Pi.

Intel Core i5-3570K

When it comes to resource processors, it’s all too easy to give a climax to a biggest, baddest CPU around and call it a day. There’s one problem, though: many people don’t need a tender energy of a Hyper-Threaded Core i7. Intel’s 3.4GHz Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge processor delivers a best crash for your fan buck, delivering 4 cores of overclockable, Turbo Boosted energy that can hoop many tasks yet violation a metaphorical persperate – and that includes cutting-edge gaming. This chip beats during a heart of my many new PC build.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 670

Mainstream gamers will find their itches scratched by a some-more modestly labelled AMD Radeon 7850 and Nvidia GeForce GTX 660, yet for my bottom dollar, Nvidia’s GTX 670 was many intriguing GPU of 2012. GTX 670 graphics cards can now be found for around $370 and broach support rates scarcely on standard with a opening pushed out by AMD and Nvidia’s high-end offerings, notwithstanding costing $70 to $200 reduction than pronounced high-end offerings.

Samsung 840 SSD

Upgrading to a rapid solid-state expostulate can make your resource feel like new again. If you’re in a marketplace for an SSD, a Samsung 840 is a one to buy. The expostulate delivers blazing quick review and write times, and facilities easy-to-grasp program that alleviates many of a really amiable headaches compared with SSD ownership. Combine it with one of those newfangled 4TB tough drives and you’re good to go for years to come. Of course, a 1TB tough expostulate works too, if your PC building bill some-more closely mirrors cave and we don’t mind subsidy off from a draining edge.

NOFAN CR-95C Copper

A pacifist (read: fanless and silent) CPU cooler this large might be unreal for many builds, yet a Nofan CR-95C Copper is zero reduction than a thing of beauty. It fits all a latest mainstream Intel and AMD sockets, and with a 95W Thermal Design Power rating, it should theoretically cold even a beefiest of Ivy Bridge chips. Just don’t design to get many overclocking done.

MacBook Pro with Retina display

In box we didn’t get a spirit by this point, I’m some-more of a PC man than a Mac guy. That being said, a Retina displays on a new MacBook Pros are jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and they’re corroborated by absolute hardware to boot. MacBook Pro with Retina Display, we still move me down, yet your flattering face tickles me with enviousness nonetheless.


What The Walking Dead did for zombies on TV, DayZ did for zombies in video games. A mod built atop a hyper-realistic ARMA II troops shooter, DayZ drops players into a likewise hyper-realistic Russian state populated by zombies and bandits. The diversion has one elementary goal: survive. It’s harder than it sounds, generally when we cruise a game’s authentic hunger, thirst, and repairs mechanics, and a fact that a other players we run into in this multiplayer recover might be some-more dangerous than a zombies themselves. (Getting reason of a sniper or attack purloin helps.)

It’s awesome, and there’s zero else utterly like DayZ. Don’t take my word for it: DayZ’s recognition propelled a three-year-old ARMA II to a tip of a Steam sales charts and stirred Bohemia Interactive – ARMA’s developer – to waylay adult DayZ’s creator for a stand-alone DayZ diversion entrance in 2013.

Razer Tiamat headset

While you’re unctuous your approach by a zombie apocalypse, it helps to have full recognition of your surroundings. The long-delayed Razer Tiamat is a initial gaming headset to container 10 directional drivers for loyal 7.1 approximate sound and a low-end drum punch that puts many competing cans to shame. Make certain we have a motherboard or sound label able of 5.1 or 7.1 approximate sound, yet – during $180, we don’t wish to deposit in these bad boys if you’re going to be stranded on stereo sonics.

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Amsterdam information centre cools with groundwater

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

EVGA’s GTX 690 we’re reviewing currently is no opposite than a anxiety indication of GTX 690, so all you’ve schooled about…


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NVIDIA nTeresting News: 9 Dec 2011

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

In this issue

  • GeForce GTX is a best GPU for Batman…and all other games for that matter.
  • NVIDIA launched a GeForce GTX 560 Ti with 448 cores this week… happy holiday gaming!
  • People adore a Tegra 3-based Asus Eee PC Transformer Prime notebook/tablet hybrid.
  • CUDA on ARM enables cold new things like space scrutiny and greener Super Computers.
  • A tweak beam for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim hits a streets.

GeForce GTX = ‘Best for Batman’ and Everything Else

Reviewers are contrast nonetheless some-more games, and this time it is Batman: Arkham City.  HardOCP has already announced GeForce GTX best for Battlefield 3, Deus Ex, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, F1 2011 and Rage.  So what contend they of a new Batman diversion everybody is playing?

“An NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 will yield a best gameplay knowledge Arkham City is now means to deliver. For gamers with a tighter budget, a GeForce GTX 570 is a illusory performer and will concede a tip PhysX environment during high resolutions. For gamers with smaller displays, a GeForce GTX 560 Ti is still a illusory option.”

And they also overwhelmed on a ‘graphics plus’ underline offering usually on GeForce GPUs, NVIDIA PhysX technology.

PhysX, on a other hand, creates a vast disproportion in Batman: Arkham City. Its doing in a open city is limited, nonetheless in a Museum, Police Department, Steel Mill, and other idea areas, it’s all over a place. Objects on a building pierce when they are disturbed. The smelter in a steel indent is belching sparks like there’s no tomorrow. Money on a building of Strange’s safe flips and flows around Catwoman’s raging fighting and whipping. Ice clear shards fly everywhere during fight with Mr. Freeze and when regulating his ice grenades. It is satisfactory and accurate to contend that PhysX has a good understanding some-more to offer in Arkham City than DirectX 11.”

You can see PhysX in movement for yourself in this SlashGear review.

Batman also creates use of NVIDIA 3D Vision.

Rocksteady and NVIDIA 3D prophesy has finished this diversion one of a many beautiful and noted practice in all of my gaming years.”

People adore a combo.

Much like Batman Arkham Asylum however, NVIDIA’s PhysX and 3D Vision technologies once again take core stage with softened opening and a significantly distinguished turn of interactivity.”

Even when a foe gets a second chance, like with Skyrim, they still can’t win.

“In comparison to a competition, we have consistently found current era NVIDIA GPUs to yield a fastest and smoothest experience in this game. We have also found that GTX 580 SLI can't be kick by permitting 8X MSAA + FXAA + 8X TR SSAA. If we wish a comprehensive best picture peculiarity and opening in this game, that is where it is at.”

NVIDIA GPUs yield opening that is second to none, nonetheless they are about some-more than only support rates.  GeForce GTX GPUs yield a ton of ‘graphics plus’ facilities like SLI, PhysX, and 3D Vision. If we wish a best gaming knowledge in a all a cold games entrance out for a holidays, we improved Gear adult with GeForce GTX.

GeForce GTX 560 Ti Turns 448

The GeForce GTX 560 Ti with 448 cores launched this week in a U.S., Canada, UK, France, Germany, Russia and a Nordics.  Perfect for high clarification gaming on this fall’s tip games, a GTX 560 Ti with 448 cores is here only in time for a holidays.  It should be during a tip of your selling list. 

“…the GTX 560Ti 448 Cores Classified Edition video is a label to get for a holiday upgrade.” 

“Gaming correct a 448 core competence just be what a alloy ordered for a latest diversion titles though, it has a cube of additional memory that Battlefield 3 unequivocally likes, it has that small additional punch that Crysis 2 likes so many and as such it can be looked during as a unequivocally good 1920×1080/1200 fortitude graphics card.”

“…if I were building a new gaming mechanism today, a GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 core graphics label from MSI or EVGA would be on a top of my list for sure.” 

It delivers kickass opening and ‘graphics plus’.

“With good facilities like PhysX and a second era of 3D Vision, we can be positive of immersive gaming by picking this label for 1080p or even aloft resolutions.  If we now diversion on an comparison era video card, you will do yourself a vast preference by upgrading.”

It is also a strike for a 3-way SLI crowd.

“But that aside, a 448 Core GTX 560 Ti exceeded each expectation. With some-more tender appetite and an violent volume of overclocking finished from factory, this label will not let we down. Plus with a squeeze cost that is marginally reduce than a GTX 580, a beastly 3-Way SLI setup is within your grasp though violation a bank. we will many unequivocally be picking adult another one of these video cards when they strike a market.”

And it does it all though sounding like a root blower.

“…well built, quiet in use, ultra-cool and means to broach glorious 1080p performance.”

The GeForce GTX 560 Ti with 448 cores has already perceived awards from Alienbabeltech, Benchmark Reviews, Bit-Tech, Gamers Daily News, Guru 3D, Hardware Canucks, Hardware Heaven, Hexus, Hitech Legion, Hot Hardware, Overclock3D, Overclocker’s Club, PC Perspective, Tweaktown and others.

Tegra 3 Is Prime Time

The world’s initial quad-core inscription launched final week, a ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime, featuring NVIDIA Tegra 3. Reviewers got to check it out and came divided impressed.

“The Asus Transformer Prime, a world’s initial quad-core tablet, is removing regard from reviewers, who contend it competence be a best Android tablet yet.”

What does quad-core do for you?

It’s one of a initial tablets to use NVIDIA’s new quad-core processor, a Tegra 3. That’s important, since now we’re articulate laptop-like horsepower.”

That horsepower means it is responsive!

            “Same cost as a iPad 2, nonetheless with twice a estimate power.”

“As a initial inscription with a quad core processor, a ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime lives adult to a hype. Whether we were personification perfectionist games such as Riptide, streaming videos, sharpened breathtaking images, or only surfing a web, a Prime’s Tegra 3 CPU supposing the best opening we’ve seen on a slate.”

And, a horsepower doesn’t reprove we during a pump. In fact, press saw prolonged battery life, interjection to Tegra 3’s vSMP architecture.

“In my experience, a Transformer Prime didn’t disappoint. Over 3 true days of assuage to complicated use — and though bothering to appetite down a inscription during night — I didn’t have to block it in a singular time.”

The mixed of appetite and character is a diversion changer.

“… a ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime is a best Android inscription on a market. All accost a new king.”

“This is a fastest, many absolute inscription we’ve ever tested. And yes, that includes a iPad 2. The tip part is NVIDIA’s five-core Tegra 3 chipset.”

You might have only found your new tablet!

CUDA Goes to a Moon and Gets Greener

CUDA allows we to use a together estimate appetite of GPUs for some-more than only graphics.  You can use it to do computing.  And with a new ARM-based processors, a footprint to strap a appetite CUDA is removing smaller.  That means cool, new things, like space exploration.

“In sequence to rise a lunar rover, Team Synergy Moon was assimilated by Martin Peniak, immature scientist famous for his work on a Mars Rover Simulator grown in and with ESA (European Space Agency). Impressed with an essay about neural network regulating NVIDIA’s GPU acceleration, Martin comparison CUDA to be a bottom of all destiny work.

One of his projects is a Tesla Lunar Rover and Tesla Surveyor, both of that are going to utilize mixed Tegra systems to grasp liberty of movement.”

It is good documented that GPUs are already creation Super Computing some-more eco-friendly.

Fourteen other accelerator-based machines turn out a 20 greenest supercomputers in a world, all with GPU accelerators from NVIDIA Corp., including institutions trimming from academia such as Tokyo Institute of Technology; from centers and supervision labs such as Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Sandia National Laboratories; and unknown attention submitters.”

But CUDA on ARM means Super Computing is removing smaller and removing greener.   One instance is a Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), who is building a new hybrid supercomputer that, for a initial time, uses energy-efficient NVIDIA Tegra ARM CPUs, together with high-performance NVIDIA CUDA GPUs.

“BSC is formulation to rise a initial vast scale complement formed on this technology, with a nearby tenure idea of demonstrating dual to 5 times alleviation in appetite potency compared with today’s many fit systems. BSC’s ultimate investigate idea is to broach exascale-level opening while regulating 15 to 30 times reduction appetite than stream supercomputer architectures.”

To make it happen, we have a new CUDA on ARM growth pack that we have not named yet.  That is where we come in.  Help us out by suggesting a cold formula name here.

Getting Tweaky with Skyrim

NVIDIA strives to be a full use PC gaming advocate.  We do it with hardware. We do it with developer family tools.  We do it with a ‘The Way It’s Meant to Be Played’ program.  We do it with  Now we are doing it with tweak guides.

“Sure, Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been removing soap-box reviews for a gameplay and pleasing visuals – nonetheless what if that’s only not good enough? GPU manufacturer NVIDIA has we covered, edition an endless tweak guide for a Windows chronicle of a diversion that aims to maximize a graphics you’re removing out of your PC. Put together by”s Koroush Ghazi, a beam provides explanations of each choice in a game’s settings menus, from basis like fortitude and antialiasing to anisotropic filtering (which improves a clarity of textures) and actor / weed blur (the indicate when pronounced objects disappear in a distance). Both a visible advantages and opening hits are explained, with a full set of .ini record and console authority tweaks supposing for those who unequivocally wish to get their hands dirty.”

Grab your beam here.

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Zotac Introduces GeForce GTX 580 Infinity Edition – VR

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

The Zotac GeForce GTX 580 Infiinity Edition uses a watercooling pack from CooIT that allows adult to 25% diminution in temperature. The Infinity Edition GTX 580 has an overclocked core magnitude of 815MHz and memory magnitude of 4100MHz. Other facilities embody 512 tide processors, 1.5GB memory size, 384-bit memory interface, 1 x mini HDMI outlay and 2 x DVI outputs. 

See some-more specifications during a Zotac website.


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