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Tech trends to watch in 2013

Monday, December 31st, 2012

The genuine partial of this trend to demeanour for is to see possibly or not 2013 is a year that mobile wallet or contactless payments take off — by NFC (near-field communication) chips in smartphones or other technologies. More smartphone makers are including these kinds of capabilities in their phones, yet retailers — and therefore normal shoppers — have been slower to adopt them. The arise in mobile remuneration use shows that people have reduction squeamishness about profitable by their phones as they have in a past, so it will be engaging to see if consumer direct pushes any swell on this front in 2013.

Health care: Health caring is a pivotal area for companies to make their symbol in a “Internet of Things,” or a ever-growing Web of connected devices. There is copiousness of useful information for aptness devices, high-tech medicine bottles, food beam and other connected inclination to lane for their users. Users can also lane pivotal metrics, such as blood sugar, on their phones and yield physicians with some-more and some-more information.

On a attention side, companies are scrambling to yield physicians with some-more record tools, such as improved remote teleconferencing options to speak to patients remotely before creation possibly celebration take on a responsibility (time, income or otherwise) to transport to an appointment.

3D printing: The price of 3D printers continues to drop, and a possibilities for these devices, that weave objects together out of plastic, are scarcely endless. More consumer-friendly prices for these printers strike a marketplace in 2012 — yet a large name printers are still good over $1,000. Still, a some-more impassioned enthusiasts in a DIY set are insane about these printers and expostulate communities like Thingiverse, where they can find skeleton for all from Christmas ornaments to earbud holders. And if that sounds tiny scale to you, here’s a fun fact: a makers of a latest James Bond flick, “Skyfall,” used a 3D-printed chronicle of Bond’s iconic Aston Martin in a film’s bomb special effects.

Smartphone battles: Expect a smartphone wars to get some-more intense, quite as companies quarrel for a #3 spot. Yup, while Apple will continue to quarrel it out with smartphone makers who use Google’s Android system, a some-more engaging conflict will be holding place only next a large two.

Both Microsoft and Research in Motion are staid for make-or-break runs during a smartphone market, with business consumers hold resolutely in their sights. The business marketplace will be a one to watch in 2013, as it’s a developed area of expansion for smartphone makers. But, quite with a flourishing trend of carrying employees move their possess phones and tablets to work, all consumer wiring makers will have to change business needs and personal needs in sequence to succeed.

New user interfaces: Expect some-more touchscreens, suit control and other engaging controls to cocktail adult on consumer inclination — quite on desktops and laptops. The introduction of Windows 8 has put touchscreens on some-more computers, that had been roughly totally a domain of a rodent and keyboard.

Other engaging mechanism control ideas embody some-more creation with gesticulate control, such as a movements that let users work a Kinect appendage on a Xbox, with a concentration on creation it easier and some-more discerning to work bland inclination with a call of your hand.

More modernized cyber attacks: Not all tech trends are rosy. Several tip confidence firms are warning that cyber attacks will continue to turn some-more sophisticated, with bad actors focusing on a mobile market.

McAfee Labs, for example, pronounced that 2013 will see a continued arise in mobile malware that installs bad apps on users’ phones, as good as “ransomware” that thatch users’ phones and data, afterwards final remuneration for a release. According to a confidence firm, hackers are already offered any other processed “kits” that make it easy to commit these attacks.

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2012 health caring trends: Disaster liberation response, PACS and more

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Health caring organizations in 2012 continued their record initiatives and adoption efforts
as health IT became some-more inbred in a smoothness of caring via a year. Here is a demeanour back
at some of health IT’s milestones.

Meaningful use theatre 2 manners were finalized and expelled this summer by a

for Medicare and Medicaid Services
. The recover was one of a biggest health IT stories of the
year. The final order done few changes to a due manners and modernized some of a regulations
put in place by a theatre 1 rules. Eligible professionals and hospitals will have to attest
to theatre 2
when a order goes into outcome in 2014. Stage 3 is already being discussed, with a
number of expectations on a horizon. EHR
implementation strategies
continue to develop as order updates change a standards for receiving
incentive payments.

The Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) is a health IT record that some
facilities have adopted to combine their digital detailed studious data. PACS interoperability is
the picture homogeneous of EHR systems’ interoperability. PACS
also extends to archived data, with comforts anticipating an repository that is
able to store and send archived information to and from several sources. Having one
central PACS
also allows studious information to be stored in one place, instead of carrying to
access opposite systems to collect assorted images. PACS integration, yet challenging, can be
achieved by a delicately designed and light implementation.

Other tip stories from 2012

stays adult to physicians

AHIMA attendees on ICD-10

Expert says cloud
is a destiny of health IT

bid moves forward

Use of mobile inclination is another common trend in health care. Doctors, as good as patients, want
remote entrance to data. Hospitals and other caring comforts have worked to urge their confidence to
ensure usually certified crew have entrance to supportive data. The iPad continues
to be a ordinarily used tool
by physicians. It can be used to record and share information with a
patient during a visit. Its portability is equal to that of created charts, though with an iPad,
doctors can reason distant some-more information in their hands. It is a handheld device that offers
the storage space
of a computer, that cuts down on a series of inclination with that doctors
must correlate and maximizes a time they spend on studious care.

Hurricane Sandy put an importance on disaster liberation this year. The charge helped offer as a
wake-up call for those who don’t have a disaster liberation devise in place. Planning for disaster
recovery helps safeguard business continuity
after a disaster such as a hurricane. Some breakdowns are destined and tough to devise for, such as
when a New York sanatorium mislaid energy and suffered
a unsuccessful backup generator
as a outcome of Hurricane Sandy.

Person-to-person communication is compulsory to explain some issues in a box of something as
urgent as disaster
recovery response
. Health IT initiatives are worthwhile, generally if they are being put into
practice by prepared and well-prepared professionals.

Let us know what we consider about a story; email Alex DelVecchio, Assistant Site Editor or
@SearchHealthIT on Twitter.

This was initial published in Dec 2012

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Kentucky Medicaid clients’ information competence have been breached

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

A mechanism confidence crack competence have resulted in a recover of information on 1,090 Kentucky Medicaid clients, including some Social Security numbers.

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services announced Friday that a clients will be receiving letters explaining a breach.

According to a cabinet, an worker of Carewise Health, a Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services subcontractor that manages Medicaid’s information government system, responded to a write mechanism fraud in mid-November. That resulted in unapproved remote entrance of a mechanism system.

There is no justification that a trusted essence were accessed, though a hacker did have entrance to a employee’s laptop for a brief period. The database that could have been accessed contained health and other information, including Social Security numbers for about half of a 1,090 people impacted.

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services is arranging for those influenced to accept giveaway credit monitoring for a year to detect temperament theft.

The cupboard is compulsory to forewarn clients away of any intensity crack involving some-more than 500 by a sovereign Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, some-more ordinarily famous as HIPAA.

Individuals who trust their information competence have been concerned or who need additional information should hit Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services during 1-877-298-6108 (select choice 1). The phone series will be active for 90 days.

Mary Meehan: (859) 231-3261. Twitter: @bgmoms. Blog:

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UXC wins $40m agreement for Gold Coast hospital

Monday, November 19th, 2012

UXC has won agreement with Lend Lease value some-more than $40 million to yield and implement ICT apparatus during a new Gold Coast University Hospital during Southport.

UXC will supply all ICT infrastructure for a hospital.

The agreement includes a information centre, connected network and wireless LAN, one communications, IP telephony and firewalls and security.

“This plan will be instrumental in building and fluctuating the infrastructure and burgeoning health capabilities. It is also a poignant event to settle the attribute with Lend Lease and to enlarge the attribute with Queensland Health…” Cris Nicolli, UXC handling director, pronounced in a statement.

“This is a poignant win for UXC.”

The sanatorium is scheduled to open in Sep subsequent year.

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Amazon open cloud prepared for craving primary time, partners and business say

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Amazon channel partners and business have a summary for IT pros with slow concerns: Get
with a times.

People aren’t gripping up.

Kent Langley,
vice president, SolutionSet LLC

Amazon open cloud business contend they’ve been gratified with a company’s confidence documentation
and patron service. And Amazon
Web Services
(AWS) partners contend changeable IT pros have an sense of Amazon that is outdated
at best.

“It’s a finish misconception that we can’t run your prolongation database workloads on Amazon,” said
Kent Langley, clamp boss of San Francisco-based digital consultancy SolutionSet LLC. “It’s what
every aspirant to Amazon wants we to believe. It’s usually not true.”

Why select Amazon open cloud?

The Cambridge Health Alliance indeed chose AWS since of a confidence features. Steve Carter,
senior executive of Web growth and business analytics during a Massachusetts-based health care
system, pronounced he went with Amazon after reading a detailed confidence whitepaper. He schooled that Amazon’s information centers’ security
credentials embody a SAS70 Type II and ISO 27001 certifications, that was adequate to make him
feel gentle about security.

In a whitepaper, Amazon also advises users to exercise their possess encryption for information in
transit and during rest within a system, a requirement Carter found acceptable. In general, Amazon’s
security indication as minute in a paper seemed mature, he said.

Special report: Amazon’s craving picture problem

Part 1: Amazon
, correspondence worries are still vital obstacles

Part 3: More education, formation will boost Amazon

The Cambridge Health Alliance runs 3 servers on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2): a
Microsoft SQL Server instance and an instance hosting REDCap investigate software, both of that are dedicated to collaborative work,
and a third server that hosts a website. Hosting those internally would have compulsory complex
configurations to concede entrance from outward organizations, Carter said. “EC2 has a good firewall
setup during a server level, and it was usually a distant easier process,” he said.

Customer use has also been a pleasing surprise. Amazon says it can take adult to 24 hours to
return support calls, though Carter pronounced he customarily hears behind within usually a integrate of hours. Still,
his practice with a Amazon open cloud haven’t dispelled all doubts. When it comes to
application opening and loyal cost assets on a wider array of workloads, a jury’s still out,
he said.

AWS partners discuss notice vs. reality

The notice that a Amazon open cloud is usually fit for Web-based startups and exam and dev
environments stems from early deployments of AWS, that had poignant I/O problems between Amazon
machine images and storage networks, SolutionSet’s Langley said. “Almost all those have been
addressed with successive releases,” he said. “People aren’t gripping up.”

Fears about correspondence with several regulations — many commonly, a Payment Card Industry Data
Security Standard, or PCI DSS, and a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
— mostly come adult as reasons because enterprises won’t use Amazon or other open cloud services. But
these days, Amazon and a AWS partners are means to accommodate many requirements. Amazon even has a
whitepaper describing how to set adult HIPAA-compliant environments on AWS.

“HIPAA is one of a slightest formidable certifications we understanding with,” pronounced Kris Bliesner, CEO of
2nd Watch Inc., a cloud computing consultancy and systems integrator formed in Liberty Lake, Wash.
Bliesner also has set adult PCI DSS-compliant environments on AWS. Amazon is a PCI Level 1 service
provider, definition that it stores, processes and/or transmits some-more than 300,000 financial
transactions annually, according to Amazon’s security and
compliance website
. If business are peaceful to pointer a nondisclosure agreement with Amazon,
they can get some-more sum about a correspondence practices, a liabilities it’s peaceful to accept
and a certifications, he said.

SolutionSet’s Langley’s AWS business embody Fortune 500 and even Fortune 50 organizations that
are using prolongation workloads on EC2 though are demure to pronounce publicly about their
experiences. A Fortune 50 customer grown a business comprehension and business analytics
application that runs on AWS, and a Fortune 500 customer changed a corporate calm management
system to Amazon’s practical private cloud, he said.

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On a highway to medical interoperability -– are we there yet?

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Seamless interoperability between different medical IT systems has been followed for many years. President Obama’s re-election has all though cumulative continued concentration on interoperability by supervision inducement programs. Achieving interoperability has been rather difficult, however, and doesn’t seem to get easier notwithstanding a accessibility of mature standards. On tip of that, a arise of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) has combined engaging new dynamics that have a intensity of negligence down interoperability efforts. But some-more about this a small later.

First, let’s demeanour during how interoperability is ordinarily defined. HIMSS defines it as a border to that systems and inclination can sell data, and appreciate that common data. For dual systems to be interoperable, they contingency be means to sell information and subsequently benefaction that information such that it can be accepted by a user.

According to a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), 20 percent of preventable medical errors are caused by a miss of evident entrance to health information, and one of each 7 primary caring visits is impacted by blank medical information. Given these statistics, it’s no consternation that interoperability is heavily followed by private as good as supervision initiatives. Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) in sold have gotten a lot of courtesy over a final few years. According to a recent survey by a eHealth initiative, there are now tighten to 300 HIE initiatives in a US, adult from 255 a year earlier.

Given all of this, because are we still nowhere nearby widespread health interoperability? While there are technical challenges, they are not indomitable and not during a heart of a problem. There now are strong standards permitted that foster not usually a sell of data, though also a semantic interpretation that enables a bargain of health information opposite different EHR systems. Examples are a Continuity of Care Document (CCD), quite with a HITSP C32 constraints, IHE Patient Care Coordination and many recently, a Consolidated CDA customary that is mandated by a Meaningful Use Stage 2 rules.  

Furthermore, what is mostly ignored is that we already have a ideally interoperable studious record in a form of account clinical notes. While we might not determine that these unstructured blobs of content validate as ‘interoperable’, this is usually loyal if we omit new advances in Natural Language Understanding that make dissimilar clinical contribution within those records permitted and shareable electronically. Most of all, physicians get some-more clinical value out of a extensive account note compared to a dissimilar EHR record.

The Meaningful Use (MU) inducement module – that is providing supports to authorised physicians and hospitals to adopt approved EHR record underneath a government’s HITECH act – is quite focused on achieving interoperability. But as with any supervision program, MU is politically charged and indicted of being ineffective. Members of a House of Representatives recently sent this letter to a Secretary of HHS, expressing their concerns over a Meaningful Use Stage 2 manners and reporting that “we are no closer to interoperability in annoy of a scarcely $10 billion spent.”  However, President Obama’s reelection suggests a MU module and appropriation will continue as planned.

The National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Dr. Farzad Mostashari – who is in assign of a MU module – has recently done it really transparent in this posting that MU theatre 2 manners are focused on overcoming barriers to health information exchange:

we will compensate tighten courtesy to possibly a mandate in a order are sufficient to make vendor-to-vendor sell receptive for providers. If there is not sufficient swell or we continue to see barriers that emanate information silos or “walled gardens” we will revisit a suggestive use proceed and cruise other options to grasp a process intent.

The plea he is hinting during is a confirmed position of EHR vendors, who have small inducement for enabling a pity of health information opposite businessman boundaries. In a stream environment, it is in their best seductiveness to foster pity of information regulating usually their possess monolithic systems as against to subordinate interoperability standards. Compare that to other industries like banking (where we can travel adult to any ATM from any businessman to collect money from any bank) or telephony (where we can place a call from your device of choice to any other device, cellular, landline or IP phone from any other vendor) with seamless interoperability.

Recent commentary in a New England Journal of Medicine by dual eminent professors during Harvard Medical School creates a box for putting some-more vigour on a EHR businessman village to welcome innovation, support sell standards and to mangle down information silos in support of loyal cross-vendor interoperability.

Interestingly, a pull for hospitals, clinics and medicine practices to combine some-more closely and form Accountable Care Organizations also has a intensity of negligence down cross-vendor interoperability efforts. As hospitals have done multi-million dollar investments into their EHR complement of choice, they tend to pull their subordinate clinics and medicine practices into adopting that EHR complement as good to clear and replenish during slightest some of their investment.

As Jonathan Bush — a CEO of use EHR businessman athenaHealth — settled in a recent gain call:

So they [the hospitals] go out and arrange of do some Bush Doctrine saying, in 3 years we’re going to be live with this thing, it’s going to cut and bones and move universe peace, and you’re possibly going to be on it or not authorised in a hospitals.

Until we overcome these dynamics that safety monolithic systems and compared information silos, suggestive and actionable sell of health information opposite systems and vendors will sojourn around a subsequent hook on a highway to loyal interoperability.

Juergen Fritsch serves as a Chief Scientist during M*Modal and is obliged for all creation activities around M*Modal’s debate bargain and clinical support workflow solutions.

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HealthStream agrees to selling understanding with Boxwood Technology

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

In an arrangement not common to a internal health caring industry, HealthStream (Ticker: HSTM) has sealed a understanding — financials for that were not disclosed — with Boxwood Technology, a Maryland-based online career services company.

The contractual arrangement calls for Boxwood to foster HealthStream’s talent government and associated services to Boxwood’s scarcely 300 National Healthcare Career Network organisation clients.

“Our NHCN partners now have a event to enhance sales of their courseware by HealthStream’s national placement network of medical organizations and offer HealthStream’s training programs to their members around their possess Web sites,” John Bell, Boxwood CEO, pronounced in a organisation statement.

Boxwood Technology will confederate a association–focused height with a career centers of a health caring associations, privately those for a advantage of nurses, associated health professionals, physicians, surgeons and others.

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HealthStream agrees to selling understanding with Boxwood Technology

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

In an arrangement not common to a internal health caring industry, HealthStream (Ticker: HSTM) has sealed a understanding — financials for that were not disclosed — with Boxwood Technology, a Maryland-based online career services company.

The contractual arrangement calls for Boxwood to foster HealthStream’s talent government and associated services to Boxwood’s scarcely 300 National Healthcare Career Network organisation clients.

“Our NHCN partners now have a event to enhance sales of their courseware by HealthStream’s national placement network of medical organizations and offer HealthStream’s training programs to their members around their possess Web sites,” John Bell, Boxwood CEO, pronounced in a organisation statement.

Boxwood Technology will confederate a association–focused height with a career centers of a health caring associations, privately those for a advantage of nurses, associated health professionals, physicians, surgeons and others.

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Vendors Should Improve EHR Tools for Physician Practices, Article States

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Health IT vendors should rise improved electronic health record record for medicine practices, according to an article published in a Journal of a American Health Information Management Association, Clinical Innovation Technology reports.

Blair Butterfield — author of a essay and boss of cloud-based EHR businessman VitaHealth Software — wrote that before a thoroughfare of a HITECH Act, EHR record in medicine offices mostly resembled bequest models used in hospitals. Such record “did not interpret and scale down effectively for practices,” Butterfield wrote.

Citing a Mayo Clinic research of how 3 tiny medicine practices were regulating EHR systems, Blair settled that EHR vendors targeting ambulatory settings should concentration on:

  • Ability to impersonate paper-based processes;
  • Compatibility with mobile devices;
  • Customization;
  • Integrated clinical preference support; and
  • Usability (Gale, Clinical Innovation Technology, 10/31).

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8(a) and present data; not a bad place to be

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

8(a) and present data; not a bad place to be

Genova Technologies uses a set-aside module to build IT prowess

The direct for information during your fingertips is pushing a destiny for Genova Technologies.

Market Advice(a)

2012 Top 25 8(a) slideshow

Inside MicroTech’s winning 8(a) strategy

How Neany pennyless $100M in primary contracts

4 things we should know about a Top 25

Top 25 8(a) methodology

The association scored a No. 23 mark on a 2012 Top 25 8(a) list, with $25.7 million in primary contracts.

“For a foreseeable future, a universe is going to have an omnivorous need for information, appetite and food,” pronounced Dawn Ainger, Genova boss and CEO. And given Genova Technologies, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, lives within a informational and rural market, Ainger believes she and her association are in a good place.

Its lines of business are module and plan management, mandate analysis, business routine displaying and reengineering, focus development, network design, information record formulation and veteran staff augmentation.

The association is also in a good place since it does things that multitude craves. “We are removing some-more and some-more accustomed to removing information right when we need it, right where we wish it,” Ainger said.

Ainger sees such direct as being ever-increasing. As record grows some-more and some-more advanced, and as new technologies make their debut, a direct for quick information send will rise.

Information used to be “built for whoever indispensable it during that time,” Ainger said.

Now that information record has modernized so much, “there will be some-more formation of that information and opposite people wanting that information sliced and diced in opposite ways,” Ainger said. Genova can do that.

She brought adult a instance of health care. If a studious is being treated by a physician, it is critical that a alloy knows what remedy a studious is using. Digitized health annals can put that information during a fingertips of a health caring provider.

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