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Inside a Bitcoin mines

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

On a prosaic lava plain of Reykjanesbaer, Iceland, nearby a Arctic Circle, we can find a mines of Bitcoin.

To get there, we pass by a fortified embankment and enter a featureless yellow building. After checking in with a ensure behind bulletproof glass, we face 4 some-more confidence checkpoints, including a supposed male trap that allows thoroughfare usually after a doorway behind we has shut. This brings we to a core of a operation, a fluorescent-lit room with some-more than 100 whirring china computers, any in a sealed cupboard and any cooled by blasts of Arctic atmosphere shot adult from vents in a floor.

These computers are a laborers of a practical mines where Bitcoins are unearthed. Instead of overhanging pickaxes, these custom-built machines, that are regulating an open-source Bitcoin program, perform formidable algorithms 24 hours a day. If they come adult with a right answers before competitors around a universe do, they win a retard of 25 new Bitcoins from a practical currency’s decentralized network.

The network is automatic to recover 21 million coins eventually. A small some-more than half are already out in a world, yet given a complement will recover Bitcoins during a gradually slower rate, a work of mining could take some-more than 100 years.

The nonesuch — along with a suppositional insanity that has grown adult around digital income — has finished any new Bitcoin value as many as $1,100 in new weeks.

Bitcoins are invisible money, corroborated by no government, useful usually as a suppositional investment or online currency, yet formulating them commands a surprisingly vast real-world infrastructure.

“What we have here are money-printing machines,” pronounced Emmanuel Abiodun, 31, owner of a association that built a Iceland installation, cheering above a hubbub of a computers. “We can't risk that anyone will get to them.”

Mr Abiodun is one of a series of entrepreneurs who have rushed, gold-fever style, into large-scale Bitcoin mining operations in usually a final few months. All of these people are origination outrageous bets that Bitcoin will not collapse, as it has threatened to do several times.

Just final week, moves by Chinese authorities caused a cost of a Bitcoin to dump fast next $500. If a complement did crash, a new computers would be radically invalid given they are custom-built for Bitcoin mining.

Miners, though, are among a virtual-currency faithful, desiring that Bitcoin will spin into a new, cheaper approach of promulgation income around a world, withdrawal behind a stream standing as a mostly suppositional commodity.

Most of a new operations popping adult ensure their privacy closely, yet Mr Abiodun concluded to uncover his designation for a initial time. An aspiring immature Briton, with a infrequent conform ambience of a tech cognoscenti, he was a mechanism programmer during HSBC in London when he motionless to deposit in specialized computers that would lift out consistent Bitcoin mining.

The computers that do a work eat adult so many appetite that electricity costs can be a determining cause in profitability. There are Bitcoin mining installations in Hong Kong and Washington State, among other places, yet Mr Abiodun chose Iceland, where geothermal and hydroelectric appetite are abundant and cheap. And a arctic atmosphere is giveaway and piped in to cold a machines, that mostly overheat when they are pushed to a outdoor boundary of their computing capacity.

The appetite compulsory to run these computers is huge, and has led to critique that Bitcoin mining is wasteful, not to discuss socially useless. The operation can perplex even those entrusted with a care. Helgi Helgason, a burly, bald Icelandic male who oversees a information core that houses a machines, pronounced that when he initial listened that a Bitcoin mining operation was relocating in he approaching something really different. “I suspicion we’d move in machines and put bags behind them and a coins would tumble into them,” pronounced Mr. Helgason, with a laugh.

Since then, a preparation he has perceived about Bitcoins has been enlightening, yet usually to a point.

“It’s a bizarre business,” he said, “and we can’t contend that we know it.”

Until usually a few months ago, many Bitcoin mining was finished on a home computers of digital-money fanatics. But as a value of a singular Bitcoin skyrocketed over a final few months, a foe for new coins set off a foe that fast incited mining into an industrial enterprise.

“Even if we had hardware progressing this year, that is apropos obsolete,” pronounced Greg Schvey, a co-founder of Genesis Block, a virtual-currency investigate firm. “You are articulate about order-of-magnitude jumps.”

The work a computers do is same to guessing during a lottery number. The faster a computers run, a improved possibility of guessing that right series and winning profitable coins. So mining entrepreneurs are shopping chips and computers designed privately — and usually — for this work. The machines in Iceland are value about $20,000 any on a open market.

The appetite compulsory to run these computers is huge, and has led to critique that Bitcoin mining is wasteful, not to discuss socially useless. But Mr Abiodun prides himself on regulating renewable power, during slightest in Iceland.

When Mr Abiodun initial listened about Bitcoin mining in 2010, he suspicion it was a scam. Begun in 2009 as a talented origination of an unknown programmer (or organisation of programmers) famous as Satoshi Nakamoto, it was primarily small some-more than a tech universe curiosity. As early users connected their computers into a network, they became a partial of a decentralized infrastructure that hosts Bitcoin’s open-source program. The computers fasten a network immediately began capturing practical coins. The network’s custom was designed to recover a new retard of Bitcoins any 10 mins until all 21 million were released, with a blocks removing smaller as time goes on.

If a miners in a network take some-more than 10 mins to theory a scold code, a Bitcoin module adapts to make a nonplus easier. If they solve a problems in reduction than 10 minutes, a formula becomes harder.

Mr Abiodun’s opinion of Bitcoin altered in January, when he saw a cost rising. He commissioned a giveaway focus on his home mechanism that related him into a Bitcoin network and set it to mining, harnessing a appetite of his graphics card, that is a partial of a normal mechanism best matched to doing a formula work.

Mr Abiodun’s mechanism was in a guest room of his residence in southeast London. Working during HSBC during a day and tinkering with his Bitcoin complement during night, he satisfied if he wanted to make any money, his mechanism would have to run around a clock.

The consistent computing, however, overheated a graphics label and pushed a computer’s empty fans into overdrive. When he combined another graphics card, afterwards a new computer, a room became too loud for guest to sleep, and a windows had to be kept open to recover a heat. That did not make his wife, Gloria, who was profound during a time, really happy.

“It usually combined a unfolding where there was no approach a relatives would come over to stay,” he said. “I did offer to put her relatives in a hotel, yet that didn’t go down well.”

Mr Abiodun’s mother finally gave him an final — possibly a computers had to go, or he did. At a same time, he was origination money, and friends were seeking if they could deposit in his mining operation.

In February, Mr Abiodun used a investors’ income to buy machines from a startup dedicated only to production specialized mining computers. The foe for those computers is so heated that he had to compensate for them and wait for delivery.

When a delays became lengthy, however, he went on eBay and paid $130,000 for dual high-powered machines, that he set adult in Jun in a information core in Kansas City, Kansas.

This was a commencement of Mr Abiodun’s company, Cloud Hashing, that rents out computing appetite to people who wish to cave though shopping computers themselves. The tenure hashing refers to a repeated formula guessing that miners do.

Today, all of a machines dedicated to mining Bitcoin have a computing appetite about 4,500 times a ability of a United States government’s mightiest supercomputer, a IBM Sequoia, according to calculations finished by Michael B Taylor, a highbrow during a University of California, San Diego. The computing ability of a Bitcoin network has grown by around 30,000% given a commencement of a year.

“This whole new kind of appurtenance has come into existence in a final 12 months,” pronounced Professor Taylor, who is study mining hardware. In a follow for a propitious formula that will transparent new Bitcoins, mining computers are also verifying and assigning singular identifying tags to any Bitcoin transaction, behaving as accountants for a practical banking world.

“The network is providing a infrastructure for origination certain a banking is being eliminated between people according to a rules,” Professor Taylor said, “and origination certain people aren’t formulating banking illegally.”

Even before Mr Abiodun’s machines in Kansas City were adult and running, it was transparent that they wouldn’t be enough. So he systematic about 100 machines from a start-up in Sweden and, in October, had them changed to a trickery in Iceland.

In usually a few months, that designation has generated some-more than $4 million value of Bitcoins, during a stream value, according to a company’s comment on a open Bitcoin network.

At a finish of any day, a booty are divided adult and sent to Cloud Hashing’s customers. Last Wednesday, for example, a whole operation unbarred 225 Bitcoins, valued during around $160,000 during new prices. Cloud Hashing keeps about 20% of a ability for a possess mining.

The unregulated Bitcoin-mining attention is developed for abuse, and ventures that sound identical to Cloud Hashing have incited out to be scams. Mr Abiodun’s association has valid itself real, yet it is still misleading if it is a good understanding for customers. Cloud Hashing charges $999 to lease a small apportionment of a company’s computing appetite for one year.

That’s an costly cost for a computing ability they are getting, yet Mr Abiodun argues that it’s a good value given particular miners would not be means to buy his complicated machines outright. It’s a small like shopping a fractional tenure in a private jet; we competence not wish shortcoming for a jet itself, and it’s out of your cost operation anyway. He also says he provides a upkeep and keeps divided thieves and hackers.

Some Cloud Hashing business have also complained on internet forums that it can be tough to get a response from a association when something goes wrong. But this has not stopped new contracts from pouring in. Cloud Hashing now has 4,500 customers, adult from 1,000 in September.

Mr Abiodun acknowledges that a association has not been prepared to understanding with a fast growth. He pronounced he had used $4 million lifted from dual angel investors to supplement patron use member to offices in Austin, Texas, and London. Cloud Hashing is now scheming to open a mining trickery in a information core nearby Dallas, that will reason some-more than $3 million value of new machines being constructed by CoinTerra, a Texas start-up run by a former Samsung chip designer.

The aloft appetite costs — and compulsory air-conditioning — in Texas are value it for Mr Abiodun. He wants his operation to be widely distributed in box of appetite shortages or regulatory issues in one location. But he is also expanding his Icelandic operation, shipping in about 66 machines that have been regulating for a final few months nearby their manufacturer in Ukraine.

Mr Abiodun pronounced that by February, he hopes to have about 15% of a whole computing appetite of a Bitcoin network, significantly some-more than any other operation.

Inside a Iceland information center, that also hosts servers for vast companies like BMW and is rhythmical and confirmed by a association called Verne Global, chubby Icelandic group in black outfits were during work recently environment adult a racks for a machines entrance from Ukraine. Gazing over his creation, Mr Abiodun had a demeanour that was somewhere between honour and anxiety, and spoke about a virtues of this Icelandic trickery where a appetite has not left down once.

“We don’t wish downtime — ever, never,” he said. “Not with what we paid. Not with Bitcoin.”

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Icelandic phone app stops we dating tighten relatives

Monday, September 30th, 2013

In Iceland, there has been small immigration over a years.

This means there is not as many genetic farrago as on incomparable land masses. Go behind a few generations and many Icelanders will find they are associated to any other.

Spencer Kelly explores how Icelandic people are regulating record to make certain genetic similarities do not get too close.

Watch some-more clips on a Click website. If we are in a UK we can watch a whole programme on BBC iPlayer.

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Why a information centre in Iceland done clarity for RMS

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Risk Management Solutions, a cloud use provider for businesses in a word and re-insurance industry, knows a thing or dual about risk analysis. So it was a warn for some when a Silicon Valley firm, with offices in 9 time zones around a world, motionless to build a tellurian information centre in Iceland.

Many were undetermined generally given a preference came not prolonged after a Nordic country’s
Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted and a republic was mired in a critical financial predicament that saw all 3 of a inhabitant banks collapse, according to John Standford, executive of cloud design and engineering for RMS.

RMS non-stop in Sep 19 a RMS Cloud sourroundings in some 45 mins from a country’s collateral Reykjavík. The 17.8-hectare trickery is in a site of a former NATO authority centre.

That says a lot about a confidence of a location, pronounced Lisa Rhodes, vice-president of corporate plan and marketplace growth with Verne Global, that owns and operates a facility.

If NATO’s deemed it suitable for storing missiles afterwards it contingency be good adequate for a information centre, she said.

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200361973-001 An Intel Avoton chip wafer email

Stanford pronounced in sequence to attract unfamiliar businesses, Iceland’s supervision charges no value-added taxation to companies handling in a country.

The nation is also enlivening such companies to partner with Icelandic firms. Stanford finds this profitable for RMS since Iceland has a rarely prepared workforce.

The plcae also puts a RMS information centre in tighten vicinity to Amazon Web Services’ information centre in London and Dublin. The island also has surplus wire links to Europe, Boston that is good for latency, pronounced Stanford.

Other certain factors in foster of a locations are:

  • Iceland claims unchanging temperatures all via a year
  • Close vicinity to North America and Europe
  • New appetite grid and solid supply of renewable appetite (geothermal, hydroelectric and solar)

Even if there is another volcanic eruption, prevalent winds will blow a remains towards Europe, pronounced Rhodes.

Read a whole story here


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Iceland-Scotland information wire gets ascent from Farice

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

The submarine wire complement joining Iceland and Scotland has been updated to accommodate rising direct in a UK and Iceland.

Farice, a categorical provider of general information ability from Iceland to mainland Europe, has deployed network dilettante Ciena’s 100G visual ride record in sequence to accommodate a flourishing and indeterminate direct of both a normal telecommunications conduit business and a flourishing Icelandic datacentre industry, that is being driven by a country’s inexpensive and immature appetite sources.

Farice comparison Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform, powered by 100G WaveLogic 3 Coherent Optical Processors, and GeoMesh visual bypass for deployment on a 1,200 km submarine wire system, Farice-1, that has been in use given Mar 2004.

Farice claims this will yield high-bandwidth connectivity between Reykjavik and Keflavik, Iceland to Dunnet Bay, Scotland and capacitate it to yield high-speed, arguable and stretchable on-demand use delivery.

“After endless lab and margin testing, it was transparent that Ciena’s awake visual record and GeoMesh resolution is a best choice to accommodate the mandate since we can precedence the existent assets,” said Farice’s VP of sales and business growth Orn Orrason.

Ciena’s submarine systems VP, Ed McCormack, added: “Ciena’s 100G-based GeoMesh resolution allows Farice to emanate a seamless network of human and submarine links that is some-more responsive, volatile and scalable, with reduction incurred network latency.”

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Why aren’t all information centres in a Arctic Circle?

Friday, August 30th, 2013

It’s increasingly select to build your information centre somewhere cold and remote, where cooling is giveaway and renewable appetite flows thick and quick from H2O or breeze power. Iceland is a quite renouned end right now, with a likes of Colt and BMW shipping out to a cold climes. But if it’s so great, given isn’t everybody doing it?

“The guys handling out of Iceland are perplexing to attract business there, a pivotal drivers being cooling,” says Gary Boyd, executive of information centre plan engineering during managed hosting organisation Rackspace.

“But one thing to bear in mind is if we have a really cold sourroundings externally, we also need to use appetite to comfortable adult a air, to keep it during a certain temperature.”

“You also have to spend some-more income to humidify a atmosphere [as dry atmosphere can means immobile electricity that can grill components], as it’s really dry a colder it gets. So it’s not always a box that a colder it is, a improved it is.”

But violation by civic misconceptions about cooling isn’t tip of Boyd’s agenda. For him and Rackspace, who still run a infancy of their information centres in a UK, a genuine exam for a business box is on how accessible handling resources are in far-flung areas of a globe, no matter how appealing a temperature.

“Can we get a applicable learned people?” asks Boyd. “We’re a managed hosting company, and as a outcome of that we need people on-site 24/7, so it’s not surprising for us to need a information centre that can residence 50 or 60 people operative in change patterns.

“And that’s people obliged for a chemical electrical systems and also looking after server operations and network operations. So we’d need to be means to find those people, with a applicable skills and knowledge that could work a centres and yield a support we need for a customers.”

Boyd is assured that to keep perplexing to partisan from remote, underpopulated areas is a resolution with singular shelf-life – generally as distant out as a arctic.

Jeff Monroe, CEO of Iceland-based information centre association Verne Global doesn’t – maybe unsurprisingly – determine with many of these assertions.

Iceland in particular, Monroe argues, is in a ascetic “sweet spot” that offers honestly year-round giveaway cooling.

“Iceland also has twin appetite sources in geothermal and hydroelectric, both abounding and both inexpensive,” he says. Compared to a North Pole, that Monroe states, in agreement with Boyd, would be “less fit given we have to humidify a air”, building a information centre in Iceland is a no-brainer in terms of cooling which, he maintains, “usually depends for adult to 40 per cent of a cost”.

Specifically, Monroe maintains that BMW, that uses Verne Global’s information centres for processes such as pile-up make-believe information research and CAT engineering, has indeed achieved an 82 per cent saving “on appetite alone” given it began regulating Verne Global.

Monroe is also rarely defensive of Iceland as a recruitment area, conflicting with Boyd’s indicate about holding on staff too distant from home.

“Iceland privately has a really prepared workforce,” he says.

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Could Iceland turn a information centre heart for Canadian business?

Friday, May 31st, 2013

When we cruise of information centres; Iceland substantially isn’t tip of mind.

But that competence change. A new eccentric investigate from BroadGroup Consulting found that Iceland is positioning itself to turn an general information centre hub. What Iceland is charity businesses that already outsource information centres is this: purify appetite reserves, plain infrastructure and dramatically reduce prices.

That final fact might motivate resolution providers to cruise relocating to Iceland. And, a chairman who we spoke to about this Iceland event told me there are many businesses in North America already exploring a prospect. I’m certain these are tire kickers, though we never know since during a finish of a day income talks.

The investigate also found that appetite in Iceland is 100 per cent renewable. Iceland produces electricity regulating exclusively hydro-power, geothermal appetite and onshore wind. These are tolerable and immature resources with subsequent to 0 CO trade-offs. So if your association has a immature charge Iceland could be ideal. But we all know that cost will be a biggest factor.

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Steve Wallage, handling executive of BroadGroup Consulting, who conducted a study, pronounced information centre costs are closely related to appetite prices in Iceland. Typically appetite accounts for 20 to 40 per cent of information centre handling costs.

Iceland is perplexing to tempt resolution providers to cruise their information centre comforts with fixed-rate, prolonged tenure contracts. They will even go a step serve and top prices for a 10 year duration or even longer if it’s a greenfield project.

One open quote we got offering a bound rate of $43/MWh for a 12 year contract. The European normal was $65/MWh in 2011. You would have to cruise prices will boost any year so a close in rate will move some predictability to resolution providers.

Certainly this is something of an oddity situation. Saying we are relocating your relocating your information centre to Iceland is like relocating it to a moon, though I’m certain people had a same greeting to outsourcing call centres to non-English vocalization countries in a 80s. What resolution providers have to take into comment is Iceland’s location. Iceland is some-more than distant away. This isn’t a information centre in a hilly plateau of Colorado, that a lot of Canadian resolution providers now use.

Iceland is located between a North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans and a nation is usually south of a Arctic Circle. This means it will not be cost effective if we have to make a revisit for any reason as Iceland is closer to Europe than Canada or a U.S. It also means we will have to totally trust in your Icelandic partners. So a subsequent doubt is one of what’s a imagination turn in Iceland. Will a Icelanders have a information centre imagination we need for your customers?

Another intensity problem is Iceland’s population. There are usually 320,000 people in a whole island. Another peculiar factoid is that of these 320,000 people; a vast apportionment of a race are immature about one out of 5 people are 14 years-old or younger. we am saying a apparent here, though we simply don’t wish teenagers using or handling your information centre.

Still an engaging new event for Canadian resolution providers robust adequate to outsource their information centre to a partial of a universe they never would have dreamed of visiting let alone operative with.

One discerning strike before we go. The former conduct of plan BCE and Bell Andrew Smith has resurfaced. Smith is about to launch Strum. He claims it’s a world’s initial customer-to-business amicable network. Smith spent a final 6 months recruiting people for pattern and growth for Strum. He says that Strum will solve a outrageous problem: providing an easy approach for business to bond with businesses in a demeanour designed for customers. When Strum gets strictly launched demeanour for Smith to announce a vital partnership with a vital Canadian retailer. Don’t be astounded if it’s SportsChek. Strum has grown a approach line of communication between business and internal businesses.

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Case study: How Advania maintains a low PUE in the Icelandic datacentre

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

When Advania Data Centres wanted to build an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective IT
facility, it comparison Iceland as a location, both for a country’s ambient cool
and a geothermal energy. 

Today, Advania’s Icelandic datacentre has a PUE of
1.16, that many European organisations can usually dream of.

Nordic IT services association Advania got into a datacentre business when it acquired Thor Data
Center in Reykjavík. Since a merger in 2011, Advania has been regulating and handling a Thor

The datacentre site now contains dual modular datacentre
, though has room to accommodate 4 some-more containers. Unlike normal datacentres,
which come with their possess array of complexities, customisations and considerations, a modular
datacentre is a pre-configured datacentre-in-a-box that can be ecstatic and set adult anywhere in
the universe where there are cooling comforts and a connectivity network.

With Visa and Opera Software as a biggest open clients, some-more than 44 million users go
through Advania’s Icelandic datacentre each day.

Keeping datacentre appetite mandate low

One datacentre enclosure is exclusively for one of a customers, Opera Software. “Opera wanted
an individual, private, cloud-like set-up, and it runs a lot of CPU-intensive applications, so we
have one whole modular
dedicated to Opera,” says Benedikt Grondal, arch record officer of a Advania
Thor datacentre.

The appetite mandate for a trickery dedicated to Opera are aloft too, he says. The Opera
datacentre processes about 20Tbit of information per second and needs 14KwH of cooling capacity.

The other enclosure is used to offer other customers, including Visa, UK educational institutions
such as a Hertford Regional College, and some internal companies. This trickery requires 8KwH of
cooling power.

The company’s datacentre trickery uses
outside atmosphere for cooling and draws on Iceland’s geothermal energy
to appetite a servers and other

Half of a datacentre’s appetite is used for cooling. “With giveaway atmosphere cooling, we cut a appetite use
by half, saving a lot of money,” says Advania’s Kolbeinn Einarsson.

According to some experts, datacentre operators over-cool
their infrastructure
, that creates it energy-inefficient. Each increasing grade in temperature
requires reduction cooling, so reduction appetite is needed, creation a datacentre some-more energy-efficient and
slashing appetite bills for a enterprise.

Advania keeps a feverishness during around 20-21ºC, rather than sub-20ºC. In addition, a Advania
Thor datacentre site uses surreptitious giveaway atmosphere cooling. “We have feverishness exchangers and atmosphere filters that
help us control a steam and a atmosphere quality,” says Grondal. Purer atmosphere and tranquil humidity
also safeguard longevity of a servers, he adds.

Even if atmosphere is during a feverishness suitable for cooling, it still has to be treated
to safeguard a right humidity
and filtered to locate particulates that could means problems in
the datacentre. For instance, a high dampness turn in a atmosphere can lead to decrease of some
metals in a server units, while atmosphere that is too dry can lead to issues with immobile electricity,
as good as a expansion of dendrites.

Iceland’s renewable appetite is slot and environmentally-friendly

But since did Advania select Iceland for a datacentres? 

“We could have selected Sweden, that also offers giveaway atmosphere cooling and meets many of a needs,
but Iceland was a usually one charity us renewable appetite in a form of hydro and geothermal
energy,” says Einarsson.

Using renewables to appetite a datacentre brings down a cost serve since it is cheaper than
electricity constructed in a rest of Europe regulating other means, such as chief appetite plants.

“The appetite prices in Iceland were another large cause that slanted us in foster of Iceland,” says
Einarsson. It is probable to close appetite prices for a 15-year duration in Iceland.

“On a contrary, appetite prices in Europe are constantly rising by about 20% each year. If we
were to build a same datacentre in a UK, it would have cost 30-50% more, and it wouldn’t be as
green as it is now.”

While a datacentre has a power
usage efficacy (PUE) of 1.16
, potency could be serve softened if use of the
datacentre space was optimised.

Individual containers have a reduce PUE, though a altogether datacentre is still not full to
capacity, so a lot of cooling is squandered on dull space, according to Grondal. When Advania adds
more datacentre containers, a PUE will come down even further, he says.

PUE, combined by a members of The
Green Grid
, is a metric used to establish a energy
efficiency of a datacentre. It is
calculated by dividing a sum appetite used opposite a whole of a datacentre by a volume of
energy used to appetite a IT equipment.

The Uptime
estimates that many comforts could grasp 1.6 PUE regulating a many efficient
equipment and best practices. But a attention normal PUE of datacentres in a UK is around 2 to

Advania’s Icelandic datacentre is a Tier 3
. The tiered system, grown by a Uptime Institute, offers companies a approach to
measure lapse on investment and performance. The standards are comprised of a four-tiered scale,
with Tier 4 being a many robust. “It is so fit that we call it Tier 3+,” says


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Firms cooling IT costs in Iceland – ihotdesk

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

A flourishing series of European firms are shortening their costs and their CO footprints by outsourcing their IT to datacentres in Iceland, it has been claimed.

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Category IT Outsourcing
Article date 06 Mar 2013
Firms cooling IT costs in IcelandA flourishing series of European firms are shortening their costs and their CO footprints by outsourcing their IT to datacentres in Iceland, it has been claimed.

A investigate conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers found that a using output of a 10,000 sq ft datacentre in a Nordic nation over a 15 year duration is $130 million (approx. £86 million) cheaper than in a UK.

Einar Hansen Tomasson, plan manager for Invest in Iceland, a supervision physique that aims to attract abroad investment in a country, points out that a biggest cause in datacentre costs in a UK is cooling.

However, in Iceland businesses can use free-air cooling systems all year round.

In further to that, Icelandic datacentres are mostly powered by renewable appetite sources, such as hydro and geothermal electricity.

“You would design a collateral output to sojourn a same as it would be a same series of space and servers, though using costs embody appetite and Iceland offers thespian assets in a prolonged run,” Mr Tomasson told Computer Weekly.

Thordur Hilmarsson, a executive of Invest in Iceland, pronounced that cost isn’t a usually thing that is attracting firms from all over Europe to cruise Iceland as a viable choice for their IT.

Many nations are now enforcing taxes formed on a potency of companies so a pierce to Iceland shows they are committed to immature information storage.

Power is many cheaper in Iceland than in many tools of a continent, with electricity costing an normal of 3-36 cents per kWh (kilowatt per hour). In many of Europe a normal cost is twice that figure.

Firms investing in Iceland are also given a choice of regulating their appetite costs for adult to 20 years, something that is apropos quite appealing as appetite firms seem to be on a continual arise in many other nations.ADNFCR-8000229-ID-801552095-ADNFCR

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Cheap appetite and immature certification captivate business to Iceland datacentres

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

As flourishing numbers of European businesses demeanour to revoke their CO footprint, many are
turning to Iceland to build datacentres and make use of cheaper appetite and healthy cooling
resources to urge their immature credentials.

“A fifth of datacentre costs are spent on appetite and half of that is used for cooling. But in
Iceland, businesses can use free-air cooling all year turn and save on cooling costs,” pronounced Einar
Hansen Tomasson, plan manager during Invest in Iceland, a supervision physique that aims to attract
foreign approach investment to Iceland.

In further to regulating free atmosphere cooling,
Icelandic datacentres are powered regulating renewable appetite with healthy hydro
and geothermal appetite resources

A Pricewaterhouse Coopers investigate of long-term datacentres found that a handling or running
expenditure of a 10,000ftdatacentre in Iceland over 15 years is $130m cheaper
than using it in a UK, according to Invest in Iceland.

“You would design a collateral output to sojourn a same as it would be a same series of
space and servers, though using costs embody appetite and Iceland offers thespian assets in a long
run,” Tomasson said.

While cost is one of a vital factors attracting datacentre investment in Iceland, carbon
footprint is also forcing European datacentre owners to cruise Iceland, pronounced Thordur Hilmarsson,
director of Invest in Iceland.

“Carbon footprint is commencement to harm now,” Hilmarsson said. “As CO taxes start to bite,
companies are looking during Iceland as a long-term choice to denote their joining to green

“Everything we put in a grid is 100% renewable that can give businesses a truly green datacentre,”
Tomasson said.

While healthy appetite resources and free-air can be used to cold datacentres, an IT trickery also
needs appetite to keep apparatus running. But appetite too is cheaper in Iceland than in a UK and
continental Europe.

“Power in Iceland costs 3-3.5 cents per kWh (kilowatt per
since it costs around 7 cents in executive Europe and about a same in a UK,” Tomasson
said. This is since a appetite is done adult of healthy hydro and geothermal energy.

Also, application prices in Europe are rising, he said. “In Iceland, datacentre builders can lock
energy prices for 20 years and have a transparent bargain of their handling losses in a long

But for datacentre operators, low latency, high
resilience and minimal downtime are other essential factors while selecting a datacentre site.

Iceland datacentres offer 99.999% uptime, said
Kristinn Haflidason, also a plan manager during Invest in Iceland. “That means a downtime of 5.3
minutes in a year. And appetite companies are peaceful to put 99.999% uptime in a contract

“We are saying a lot of seductiveness from Germany, UK and a US,” Tomasson said.

Global, a indiscriminate retailer of datacentre space, pronounced it is expanding a comforts in
, with 500m2 of UK-made modular datacentres.

The trickery will not use water cooling or
mechanical cooling equipment, such as compressors. Instead, it will use appetite from Iceland’s
renewable appetite sources and free-air
 technology to minimise CO emissions.

Despite a attractiveness, now only 26% of Iceland’s GDP comes from FDI. Currently, only
medium-sized businesses and co-location comforts are building datacentres in Iceland while bigger
IT companies still cite Nordic countries such as Sweden.

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Verne Global Expands Iceland Data Centre With More Colt Modules

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Verne Global has stretched a renewable-powered data centre in Iceland regulating Colt‘s modular design.

Verne’s information centre during a former NATO atmosphere bottom in Keflavik, Iceland, is built regulating modules that are shipped from a Colt bureau in a UK. The association has only sealed for some-more modules that will be done and shipped, so new ability can go live inside a Verne building – effectively a room – in a third entertain of 2013. 

Verne Global Colt Data Centre Iceland Ship us some-more modules!

Launched in 2010, Colt’s modular information centre, now branded as ftec, pre-fabricates a information centre in sections that can be shipped to their contingent home in May and bolted together on-site. The proceed combines a mobility of a container-based system, with a potency of a custom-designed building, Colt says. 

Verne reports augmenting direct for a information centre that uses renewable appetite from dual sources – hydroelectric and geothermal – and creates use of augmenting fibre-optic bandwidth between Iceland and a US and Europe. Iceland’s cold heat enables a information centre to work but atmosphere conditioning, shortening a PUE (power use effectiveness) potency magnitude to around 1.2. 

“As cloud, mobile and large information applications expostulate organisations to demeanour for slicing corner solutions for their information storage needs, seductiveness in a Icelandic trickery continues to benefit movement and we find ourselves wanting to enhance a stream footprint,” pronounced Jeff Monroe, CEO for Verne Global. Verne’s business embody BMW, that changed a supercomputing to a Verne site in 2012. 

TechWeekEurope visited a Keflavik site in Feb 2012 (pictures below), as good as holding a demeanour at Iceland’s renewable appetite sources. The comapny also constructed a time relapse video of a information centre’s building – embedded below.

“It’s a consumerisation of a information centre,” Bernard Geogheghan, Colt’s clamp boss for information centre spaces told us during a launch event. “We have a tangible build, during a tangible price. We tell we accurately what it will do. PUE has always been a ‘design PUE’ – we move we a tangible PUE”.

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Verne Global Colt Data Centre Iceland

Verne Global Colt Data Centre Iceland

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