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MIT tyro from Rhode Island dies in India

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — A Rhode Island local who was operative on her doctorate during a Massachusetts Institute of Technology has died in India after she reportedly slipped while jogging and fell several hundred feet off a cliff.

MIT officials announced Sunday that 28-year-old Kaitlin Goldstein was found passed Saturday in a depth next a route in a remote area of northern India famous as Ladakh where she went using on a morning of Jun 14. Her relatives told MIT officials that Goldstein, famous as Kate, apparently slipped on some lax rock.

MIT says a Providence local was in India to attend in a seminar on appetite and growth workshop. She also was going to assistance implement solar panels during a Buddhist monastery.

Goldstein was a fourth-year connoisseur tyro during MIT study architecture.

This story was posted during 11:53 a.m. and final updated during 2:08 p.m.

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India, a second largest LinkedIn user base

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

At around 26 million users, India is a second largest user bottom for veteran networking site LinkedIn. China, however, might be tighten on a heels given that usually over 5 months into a launch of a Chinese chronicle a user bottom has already overwhelmed 5 million.

India, that leads in a APAC (Asia Pacific) region, accounts for 8.6 per cent of a tellurian user base, behind a U.S. that accounts for 33 per cent. Most of a enlargement was witnessed in a past 4-5 years, when recognition about veteran networking has grown, pronounced Ganesan Venkatasubramaniam, conduct of engineering during LinkedIn Technology Center, India. “India is, of course, a pivotal concentration area for us. For a longest time, a concentration was on a U.S. that was, of course, a vast user base. But today, two-thirds are from outward a U.S. Of these, India is big, and we are doing a lot to learn what works here and what are a needs of users specific to this geography,” he explained.

Engineering team

The engineering team, that includes a Slideshare group (the New Delhi-based association it acquired dual years ago), is about 40-member strong. India is a usually embankment outward a U.S. where all functions from investigate to sales and operations are carried out.

Though there are skeleton to enhance this, and certain pivotal products are being worked on here, Mr. Venkatasubramaniam did not share any enlargement highway map for a country. Mr. Venkatasubramaniam let on that a lot of pivotal facilities — a abounding media facilities that concede we to upload presentations — are done by a Slideshare group in New Delhi. The association employs 540 people opposite tech, operations, sales and support here.

Mobility focus

While no specific highway map to boost rendezvous in India was shared, a association is gung-ho on a concentration on mobile. At present, 43 per cent of a trade is from mobile devices, a figure, a association hopes, will hold what it terms as “mobile moment”. “We wish shortly to cranky a indicate where some-more than half a trade is from mobile devices. So, we are focussing on mobilising,” he said, adding that he approaching a trends to be identical in India.

Apart from mobility, other India-specific facilities that have been introduced embody a filter for India hiring, called a recruiter app that presents a approach for tellurian companies to get specific information on India hiring. Other tweaks embody introductions such as a Blackberry app, that was launched gripping India and Brazil markets in mind.

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Good news for kids

Sunday, June 8th, 2014


When tech hulk Amazon launched a latest avatar of a e-book reader, a Kindle Paperwhite in India, it addressed flattering most a same territory of consumers that it targets world-wide — upwardly determined immature adults — or mature buyers who wanted to review on-the-go and no longer cared to projection half a dozen doggy-eared paperbacks, while on operative tours or on holiday.

Then a humorous thing happened. Parents found in a Kindle Paperwhite only a arrange of apparatus that would be rated “cool” by their kids — and hopefully ‘kindle’ in them a renewed seductiveness in a probably archaic art of reading.

Youngsters pathologically antithetic to doing anything solely a unclothed smallest of compulsory reading, were happy to be seen doing it on an electronic screen. Quick to precedence this trend, Amazon skilfully responded this vacation deteriorate by highlighting some kid-friendly facilities that they had built into a Kindle:

A wording builder: Words looked adult are automatically combined to a personalised dictionary.

FreeTime: It lets relatives emanate a reading list and endowment their children when they have finished a reading.

Panel view: It lets children review comics or striking stories, row by panel.

More importantly, relatives can now extent children’s entrance to endorsed and protected resources in a Kindle Store or indeed on a Web.

The Kindle e-book store binds a collection of over 250,000 books labelled Rs 99 or reduction and over 1 million labelled Rs299 or less.

The good thing about e-books is that we will never run out of supply. And a ability to switch from content to cinema to animation to video, is technology’s present to a immature of today. The WiFi chronicle of a Kindle Paperwhite costs Rs 10,999, while a Wifi+3G chronicle that provides giveaway 3G tie to a Web in India, for a life of a device costs an additional Rs 3,000.

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The seed shred is the destiny expansion area: Davor Pisk

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

In India, normal landholding declined from 2.3 hectares in a 70s to 1.32 hectares in 2000-01. If this rate continues, normal landholding will tumble to 0.68 hectares by 2020 and a small 0.32 hectares by 2030. Currently 86 per cent of Indian farmers, accounting for 44 per cent of a country’s farmland, reason reduction than dual hectares; their grant to plantation outlay exceeds 50 per cent. Small landholders offer outrageous intensity for capability enhancement. But for this, a multiple of chemicals and integrated solutions is vital, says Davor Pisk, arch handling officer, Switzerland-based Syngenta International AG, in an talk with Dilip Kumar Jha. Edited excerpts:

Owing to regard about a tumble in consumption, agrochemical producers are diversifying towards hybrid seeds. What is Syngenta’s strategy?

The destiny is about relocating divided from a ‘single-product paradigm’ to integrated solutions, that will tackle these problems differently. This will produce some-more extensive answers to a problems a rancher confronts today. It will make plantation government easier, cheaper and cleaner. Through a integrated strategy, announced in 2011, we began to build on a sum strengths of a stand insurance and seeds businesses and started building entirely integrated offers on a tellurian stand basis. The seed shred is a destiny expansion area.

With a introduction of many flood- and heat-trait seeds and a concentration on organic farming, do we predict a decrease in agrochemical demand?

With a race of about 1.2 billion, India requires a robust, modernised cultivation zone to safeguard food security. The range for augmenting cultivable land is limited. To accommodate a food pellet mandate of a nation, rural capability and a expansion has to be postulated and improved. Judicious use of agrochemicals is really critical for a postulated expansion of a Indian cultivation and economy. We need all accessible rural technologies, including biotechnology, to accommodate a stream and projected tellurian direct for food, feed, twine and biofuels.

Organic cultivation is lucky due to consumer preferences. But it alone can't offer a resolution to residence capability and sustainability hurdles and produce food to an additional 3 billion people.

India has authorised margin trials of 11 varieties of genetically mutated (GM) seeds. Is GM a destiny of cultivation growth, generally when many European countries haven’t authorised GM crops?

India’s preference to concede margin trials of 11 varieties of GM crops is welcome, as it paves a approach for a much-needed pull to investigate and expansion in a agri biotech sector. This pierce by a Ministry of Environment Forests comes during an well-suited time.

Agricultural biotechnology can urge productivity, secure yields and urge a peculiarity of crops, while minimising a impact on a environment. If India is to feed an estimated 1.7 billion people by 2050, GM and other record options should be accessible to farmers. Discovery and expansion of genes are critical to arise rural traits useful for farmers—herbicide tolerance, insect and illness insurgency and water- and nutrient-use efficiency. These can be useful for farmers who favour 100 million hectares of rain-fed land and are losing 20 million hectares to dirt salinity.

What are Syngenta’s destiny skeleton for India?

Our recently launched ‘good expansion plan’ is quite applicable to India, as cultivation is a buttress of a country’s economy and provides practice to some-more than half a population. Farmers will have to grow crops some-more efficiently, preserve existent land, urge biodiversity and confederate a immeasurable crowd of smallholders now holding reduction than dual hectares any into a mainstream. Per-hectare capability in South Asia is low compared to other regions. A sum of 98 per cent of a accessible rural land is already underneath cultivation and some-more than 80 per cent of a arise in prolongation will have to come from produce increases. For ensuring nutritive security, it is not usually critical to boost per-capita accessibility of food grain, though also to safeguard a right volume of food equipment in a common man’s food basket. In India we will urge capability of pivotal crops such as rice, wheat, cotton, corn, tomato, potato and soybean 20 per cent.

Which are Syngenta’s clever areas in India? How do we devise to quarrel competition?

We are environment adult 44 anxiety farms opposite India. These will concentration on rice, wheat, cotton, corn, tomato, potato and soybean opposite 15 states. Also, new technologies for crops such as cotton, soya, rice and vegetables are on a cards. We are innovating and building a seed side. We have perceived a series of new registrations for products in a chemicals segment, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides, covering pivotal crops. We feel a multiple of a seeds portfolio, new chemicals and a singular integrated offer in Tegra, that helps overcome some work necessity issues in transplanted rice, will assistance expostulate poignant expansion in a business in a entrance years.

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Geometric introduces CAMWorks® Virtual Machine during DieMould 2014

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Geometric introduces CAMWorks® Virtual Machine during DieMould 2014

Geometric Limited (BSE: 532312, NSE: GEOMETRIC), a personality in modernized production software, will premier CAMWorks Virtual Machine along with a latest chronicle of a programming solution, CAMWorks® 2014, during DIEMOULD INDIA 2014 in Mumbai, India from Apr 17-20, 2014.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, Apr 3, 2014 /India PRwire/ Geometric Limited (BSE: 532312, NSE: GEOMETRIC), a personality in modernized production software, will premier CAMWorks Virtual Machine along with a latest chronicle of a programming solution, CAMWorks® 2014, during DIEMOULD INDIA 2014 in Mumbai, India from Apr 17-20, 2014.

CAMWorks Virtual Machine enables users to determine a loyal G-code, not usually a CL data, and save changed emporium building time by checking on formidable appurtenance settings, sub-programs, canned cycles and work offsets in a practical environment. This allows a user to preview a whole machining routine and make any required changes or adjustments before a partial goes to a emporium floor, preventing time-consuming errors and dear collisions; thus, potentially saving hundreds of hours for a business and ensuring make of tools right a initial time. In addition, it is integrated totally with CAMWorks, creation it a single-click corroboration and easy to use.

Visitors during DieMould India will get an event to bond with solutions experts and learn how they can minimize their smoothness time with CAMWorks. CAMWorks’ feature-based machining enables die and cover attention users to automate poignant portions of their CNC partial programming, so shortening programming time by as many as 90%. With CAMWorks VoluMill™, users can grasp machining time assets of adult to 80% even in formidable to appurtenance apparatus steels. This finish resolution addresses a end-to-end needs for any CNC programming requirement of a customers.

“Our attention heading record enables business to significantly save programming time. Today, a die and cover attention is handling in an intensely rival environment.” says Sameer Kondejkar, a conduct of Geometry Technology Solutions during Geometric. “By covering a whole value sequence with reduced programming time, reduced setup time and reduced machining time, we assistance a business stay forward of a curve.”

Notes to Editor

About CAMWorks

CAMWorks, a parametric, solids-based CNC programming module system, brings in a insubordinate approach to assistance machinists around a universe to module quick and appurtenance faster. CAMWorks significantly reduces programming time and removes a grind from CNC programming by regulating law Feature Recognition record in and with full toolpath to solid-model associativity and knowledge-based machining. In further to accelerated programming regulating CAMWorks, organizations can be positive of a many fit toolpaths regulating CAMWorks VoluMill to revoke cycle times and say their rival corner in a marketplace. CAMWorks is a initial Gold Partner CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) resolution designed to work in SolidWorks®, one of a many widely used CAD packages. CAMWorks for Solid Edge® runs within Solid Edge leveraging synchronous technology. CAMWorks is also accessible as a standalone CAD/CAM package that includes CAMWorks Solids, an integrated plain modeler. For some-more information on CAMWorks, revisit

About Geometric

Geometric ( is a dilettante in a domain of engineering solutions, services and technologies. Its portfolio of Global Engineering services, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, Embedded System solutions, and Digital Technology solutions enables companies to formulate, implement, and govern tellurian engineering and production strategies directed during achieving larger efficiencies in a product fulfilment lifecycle.

Listed on a Bombay and National batch exchanges in India, a association available combined revenues of Rupees 10.20 billion (US Dollars 187.57 million) for a year finished Mar 2013. It employs about 4600 people opposite 13 tellurian smoothness locations in a US, a UK, France, Germany, Romania, India, and China. Geometric was assessed as CMMI 1.1 Level 5 for a module services and is ISO 9001:2008 approved for engineering operations. The company’s operations are also ISO 27001:2005 certified.

The copyright/ trademarks of all products referenced herein are hold by their particular companies

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India to declare information blast in mobile telephony: Ericsson

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

With prices of 3G enabled mobile handsets descending and accessibility of some-more spectrum in a segment, India is approaching to declare a information blast that hitherto contributes usually 10 per cent of a revenue, a tip Ericsson central has said.

“That’s a large event here. 10 per cent of income on normal is from data, 90 per cent is still voice. we consider there’s a large event there for data”, Head of Region India, Ericsson, Chris Houghton said.

“I also see that a prices of 3G enabled smartphones are consistently descending that means that they are some-more accessible to people. We’re going to have a information blast in India though question,” Houghton told PTI here recently.

Earlier usually 5 Megahertz (MHz) was accessible on 3G for operators to use and now some-more spectrum is there, he said.

“I come from markets where it is 20 MHz. The nonesuch of spectrum was a means (for reduction information usage). More spectrum has been done accessible usually recently,” he added.

Emergence of 4G

Asked about 4G (or Long Term Evolution/LTE) services, he pronounced a record will play a partial though in a brief tenure it is approaching to be 3G record only.

“In a brief tenure it will substantially be 3G for a masses as many people will be on 3G, though 4G will really play a partial given spectrum will be accessible and hence record will be available.

“We have China, US, Japan and Korea investing in 4G and when we get a rarely populous countries investing afterwards a chip prices of a LTE enabled inclination fall.”

Houghton pronounced prices for regulating 3G services have been descending given a prolonged time.

“For 4G it will sojourn higher, though will tumble in a shorter time given really populous countries like China and India are going to use these technologies”, he said.

Houghton pronounced tumble in handset prices is good for all.

He pronounced India is going to be a really sparkling marketplace over a subsequent few years as there was a successful auction of spectrum recently and that people are now prepared to invest.

“Also, there is a small some-more clarity on a mergers merger process in India,” he added.

Ericsson in India

Speaking about company’s enlargement skeleton in India, Houghton pronounced Ericsson is articulate with all operators for roll-out of 3G services.

“We’re articulate to all operators. We are always looking for opportunities, looking for business…Hopefully, we can grow a business together with their business,” he said.

Nasdaq-listed Swedish organisation Ericsson is a provider of communications record and services opposite a globe.

It offers program and infrastructure services within Information and Communications Technology for telecom operators and other industries.

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Luxury Hotel in Chandigarh, India Turns Business Into Pleasure With New … – SYS

Monday, March 10th, 2014

CHANDIGARH, INDIA — (Marketwired) — 03/10/14 — Business, as it turns out, doesn’t have to be boring. When a assembly is hold in an outlandish plcae and within superb bedrooms where a ceilings soar roughly as high as a group’s common imagination, or a cook is on-hand to fuel a good minds collected during a table, well, work can spin officious exciting. And this is precisely a meditative behind a new business package accessible during a JW Marriott Hotel Chandigarh.

As one of a many state-of-the-art business hotels in Chandigarh, India, this skill would attract assembly planners even but promotional packages. A immeasurable 16,500 block feet of assembly space unfolds indoors and out in a many artistic of ways. In The Living Room, for example, an open kitchen — full with a cook prepared to whip adult a break of one’s choice — open corridor and lounging area yield space where guest can relax, take breaks and refuel. (The kitchen is easily stocked with beverages, health bars, bite-size pastries, sandwiches and uninformed fruit.) Productivity is serve extended by a assembly rooms’ tech-savvy comforts like a large, drop-down shade with lift projector; a surround-sound A/V system; and wiring for both wire and wireless Internet.

For those who cite some-more normal assembly spaces, a hotel outshines other conference halls in Chandigarh once again. Its Grand Ballroom comforts mountainous ceilings during 6 meters, a dimension matched by a immeasurable block footage. (It spans some-more than 6,000 block feet to accommodate adult to 900 people.) Once again, cutting-edge record that includes A/V equipment; wireless, high-speed Internet access; and multimedia conferencing comforts is accessible to safeguard a success of each event.

No matter that room a organisation selects, everybody can be positive of a seamless experience, interjection to a on-site eventuality planners who yield 24-hour service.

Enhancing these already appealing spaces is a hotel’s latest business package, that includes an endless menu, a 20-percent bonus on A/V requirements, discussion stationery, floral arrangements and deals on libation packages. Rates are formed on organisation distance according to a following format:

  • INR 1400++ for 30 to 50 guest
  • INR 1300++ for 51 to 100 guest
  • INR 1200++ for 100+ guests

In further to charity top-notch business facilities, a hotel is nearby all a best places to revisit in Chandigarh, so guest can demeanour brazen to squeezing in some sightseeing during downtime. As one of a few five-star hotels nearby a Panchkula Golf Club, for example, a skill also puts visitors tighten by to a Zakir Rose Garden and Sukhna Lake Chandigarh.

At a JW Marriott Hotel Chandigarh, business has strictly spin fun.

For reservations, greatfully contact: 91-172-395 5623/24

About a JW Marriott Hotel Chandigarh
Luxury greets visitors around each spin during a five-star JW Marriott Hotel Chandigarh. With 164 friendly guest bedrooms and suites, 7 restaurants, a aptness center, an acclaimed sauna and dual pools (including one on a roof), guest can knowledge a best of Chandigarh in this singular artistic property. Spacious guest bedrooms embody oppulance bedding, wire television, CD players, Internet access, coffeemakers and mini-bars. Elsewhere on property, visitors will find mouthwatering Indian cuisine during Saffron, Italian Fare during Oregano Restaurant Bar and whiskies from around a universe during Whiskey 111. The 16,500 block feet of inventive, high-tech duty space includes indoor and outside options for memorable meetings and events, comforts that are good within gripping of this hotel’s proceed to hospitality.

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JW Marriott Hotel Chandigarh
Anshul Kashyap
91-172-395 5555
Email Contact

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Yahoo India revamps website, adds read-it-later feature

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Yahoo launched a revamped chronicle of a homepage in India on Friday. The new website facilities a cleaner demeanour and gives we entrance to improved personalisation features. The new homepage has been modelled on Yahoo’s US page.

Foremost among a new facilities is unconstrained scrolling. The homepage now loads news stories as we scroll, expelling a need to click for some-more content. One can also see internal weather, horoscope, trending stories, Flickr photos, bonds and arriving birthdays (through Facebook sign-in). The new homepage comes days after Yahoo motionless to retard Facebook and Google sign-ins to use a services.

If we pointer in to Yahoo, we can also save stories to review later. Every story has a “Y” symbol subsequent to it. Stories are saved when we click that button.

“The new Yahoo homepage has a cleaner look, is easy to use and lets we personalise a page to fast find stories we like. A group of editors picks tip stories, while a algorithms uncover a rest of a stories formed on what we have clicked. For example, you’ll see a lot of record associated stories in my feed since we follow tech regularly,” Nitin Mathur, comparison executive and conduct of marketing, Yahoo India and Southeast Asia, said.

Apart from India, a revamped homepage is now accessible in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

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INF/Autorun.gen and LNK/Agent.AK – Top Threats Affecting ESET Users in India

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

INF/Autorun.gen and LNK/Agent.AK – Top Threats Affecting ESET Users in India

ESET Advice Users to Keep a systems Up-to-date with System Patches, Disable Autorun and not to use Unsecured Shared Folders

Bengaluru, Karnataka, Feb 28, 2014 /India PRwire/ ESET, tellurian provider of confidence solutions for businesses and consumers, announced tip dual threats INF/Autorun.gen and LNK/Agent.AK inspiring ESET users in India. ESET also advices users to keep a complement rags adult to date, to invalidate autorun and not to use unsecured common folders.

INF/Autorun.gen:This record contains information on programs meant to run automatically when removable media (often USB peep drives and identical devices) are accessed by a Windows PC user. ESET confidence program heuristically identifies malware that installs or modifies autorun.inf files as INF/Autorun unless it is identified as a member of a specific malware family.

LNK/Agent.AK is a couple that concatenates commands to run a genuine or legitimate application/folder and, additionaly runs a hazard in a background. It could turn a new chronicle of a autorun.inf threat.

Top Computer Threats in India for a month of Jan 2014

Source: ESET ThreatSense.Net® (January 2014)

Notes to Editor

About ThreatSense.Net®

ThreatSense.Net®is ESET’s in-the-cloud malware collection complement utilizing information from users of ESET solutions worldwide. This continual streaming of information provides ESET Virus Lab specialists with a real-time accurate image of a inlet and range of tellurian infiltrations. Careful investigate of a threats, conflict vectors and patterns serves ESET to fine-tune all heuristic and signature updates ̶to strengthen a users opposite tomorrow’s threats.

About ESET

Founded in 1992, ESET is a tellurian provider of confidence solutions for businesses and consumers. ESET’s flagship products ESET NOD32 Antivirus, ESET Smart Security and ESET Cyber confidence for Mac are devoted by millions of tellurian users. ESET NOD32 Antivirus binds a universe record for a series of Virus Bulletin “VB100″ Awards, and has never missed a singular “In-the-Wild” worm or pathogen given a pregnancy of contrast in 1998.

The Company has tellurian domicile in Bratislava (Slovakia), with informal placement domicile in San Diego (U.S.), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Singapore. ESET has malware investigate centers in Bratislava, San Diego, Buenos Aires, Prague (Czech Republic), Krakow (Poland), Montreal (Canada), Moscow (Russia), and an endless partner network in 180 countries.

In India ESET products are exclusively granted and upheld by “ESS Distribution Pvt Ltd”. The sales of ESET products are executed by a Channel Partners opposite India. Website:

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Modi wants traders to ascent technology, go online

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

New Delhi, Feb 27 (IANS) — Traders contingency adopt new record and pursue online format even as a distrust of taxation authorities opposite them contingency go, Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) primary ministerial claimant Narendra Modi pronounced here Thursday.

“We have to modify hurdles into opportunities. Do not be fearful of new challenges. Technology can urge smoothness systems. Adopt record and emanate practical malls in your shops. Now, even people in tiny towns demeanour for branded goods,” Modi said.

“Use record to support to that. If required do attend workshops to learn a way. Do not run away,” he said, addressing a All India Traders Convention here. “Our children have widespread IT opposite a globe. We have to accept record to urge businesses.”

He pronounced a BJP has a picture of a traders’ party. He praised a entrepreneurship of traders and pronounced no chairman can pursue it unless he or she has risk-taking ability. “We will take your (traders) suggestions for a manifesto.”

Regarding trust, or a miss of it, between a supervision and a people, Modi pronounced a pronounced traders were mostly looked on as thieves, quite by a taxation authorities, and that this was not a approach to provide them.

“People should rest on any other. That should be a approach ahead. After that if there are any loopholes, law is there to take caring of it.”

Modi also criticised a unfamiliar process of a republic towards abroad trade and said: “Our outmost affairs method is operative in an aged fashioned way. The trend of using a republic from Delhi contingency stop. They contingency consider of trade tact and commerce.”

He pronounced it was also critical to recognize a strength of each state.

Modi, now a Gujarat arch minister, also pronounced a production industries in a republic contingency also improve, as it will boost a purchasing energy ability of a people, essential for traders to flourish.

“Manufacturing activities will have to be given a push. And a supervision will have to take clever measures to urge production in a country. There will afterwards be a sequence that will be set adult and urge linkages.”

IANS 2014-02-27 15:10:13

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