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Massachusetts OKs mobile-friendly fishing licenses

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

— People anticipating to do a small fishing in Massachusetts this year have an easier time shopping and displaying recreational licenses and permits.

The Department of Fish and Game has announced that a state’s chartering complement is now mobile-friendly, creation it probable for people to fast obtain licenses and permits regulating mobile inclination such as iPhone and Android smartphones.

The initial proviso of a plan gives business a ability to use smartphones to obtain saltwater fishing permits, freshwater fishing licenses and trapping licenses.

Hunting and sporting licenses are not accessible for squeeze regulating mobile inclination during this time, though will be accessible after in in a year.

A new electronic signature will concede business to download a licenses and permits to their mobile inclination but carrying to imitation and pointer a documents.


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5G Technology Got Tested by NTT DoCoMo – When Can We See It?

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

If 4G is now on all operators from Europe and a United States, in Japan, a user DoCoMo is already contrast a 5G technology.

Support for contrast a 5G record is offering by industrial giants telecommunications, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Fujitsu, NEC, Nokia and Samsung, participating in these tests with both mobile inclination able of 5G and required infrastructure of such speeds. Samsung says they use 64 antennas to grasp 1Gbps speed, and even so, this speed is utterly tiny compared to a record specifications. The association did not plead what date a record will be accessible on mobile inclination and operators, though many expected we plead a doing by a finish of this decade. So we have adequate time to suffer a 4G, and by 2020 it will be implemented in scarcely 100% of a planet.

5G will move information delivery to a limit of 10 Gbps, about 10 times a send speed of earthy network cards on laptops and motherboards today. The operative magnitude of this 5G record will be some-more than 6 GHz band. Compared with a 4G it should be in theory, adult to 1000 times faster, in further to a fact that it will yield a probability to bond concurrently a series of inclination on a same antenna. Internal tests have already begun in a investigate core DoCoMo in Japan and outmost ones will be started in early 2015.

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Keeping Secrets: Privacy and Security in an online age

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Keeping Secrets: Privacy and Security in an online age

rapid arise in a use of mobile inclination such as smartphones
and tablets raises issues of confidence and privacy,
especially for Android users. So how can consumers protect
their remoteness and confidence given a Android operating
system has turn a tip aim for antagonistic code?

rapid arise in a use of mobile inclination such as smartphones
and tablets raises issues of confidence and privacy,
especially for Android users. So how can consumers protect
their remoteness and confidence given a Android operating
system has turn a tip aim for antagonistic code?

In a second of a annual Gibbons Lecture series,
senior techer in Computer Science during a University of
Auckland, Giovanni Russello, discusses a special issues
involving confidence with a widespread adoption of mobile
computing devices.

Smartphones versed with the
Android handling complement paint 82% of a very
competitive worldwide marketplace for mobile devices. However,
Android has turn a tip aim for antagonistic formula because
the Android customary confidence resource has unique

Dr Russello’s harangue discusses
problems with a Android confidence indication and internal research
intended to assistance solve these issues.

Dr Russello’s
research imagination is in a fast-evolving margin of system
security for both mobile and cloud platforms. He has
authored or co-authored good over 50 investigate papers and
books and binds 4 provisional patents. Dr Russello’s
recent investigate has strong on building novel
security solutions to residence vulnerabilities of mobile
devices – he is a owner and CEO of Active Mobile
, a start-up association saved by UniServices, the
University’s blurb arm.

Dr Russello binds a
PhD from Eindhoven University of Technology in the
Netherlands and an MSc from a University of Catania in
Italy. He assimilated a Auckland Computer Science Department in
2012 from CREATE-NET in Trento, Italy, where he was the
leader of a Security Group after completing a
Post-Doctoral Fellowship during Imperial College London.

Lecture details: 6pm (for a 6.30pm start) Thursday 8
May, Room OGGB3/260-092, Level-0, Owen G Glenn Building,
University of Auckland, Grafton Rd. Public parking is
available in a groundwork of a Owen G Glenn Building during 12
Grafton Rd.

The Gibbons Public Lecture array is
held annually and open to a public. Entry is free. The
lectures in this array will be streamed live.

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Samsung Xpress array printers bond to intelligent devices

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Samsung Xpress array printers bond to intelligent devices

With a stream trend of companies enlivening and even implementing their possess BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programmes, it creates clarity to build a complicated bureau around these mobile devices. Samsung recognises a impact of personal mobile inclination during wo

Samsung Xpress array printers bond to intelligent devices

With a stream trend of companies enlivening and even implementing their possess BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programmes, it creates clarity to build a complicated bureau around these mobile devices. Samsung recognises a impact of personal mobile inclination during workplace, generally in SMEs, with a introduction of a possess line of duplicate solutions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.
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Samsung Malaysia Electronics introduced a NFC-enabled colour laser printer and multi-function printers (MFPs) Xpress series. The array consists of a C410W colour laser printer, a C460W colour laser MFPs with print, duplicate and indicate functionality, and a C460FW colour laser MFPs with print, copy, indicate and fax capabilities. All 3 models can imitation adult to 18 pages per notation (ppm) in black and white and 4 ppm in colour.

The Xpress array connects firmly with mobile inclination and allows users to facilely imitation high peculiarity photos and papers with a elementary daub on intelligent devices. Users can sync their contacts from their intelligent inclination with a printers, nonetheless I’m not certain if that’s a good idea, and will even be means to fax papers over from a C460FW. Scanning of papers can be finished from a user’s intelligent inclination and with a Samsung Mobile Print App, they can imitation PDF files and papers from Microsoft Office apartment too. Being Samsung products, a printers concede GALAXY smartphones and Galaxy Tab array inclination to imitation images from a gallery app, documents, email and web browser pages.

Our latest duplicate solutions are grounded in business owners’ enterprise to imitation photos and papers directly from their intelligent devices,” pronounced Lee Dong Yong, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd. He added, “As enterprises fast raise their businesses, we wish to commission them with innovative record that helps them to develop and grow their business with a rival edge. The Xpress C410W array that support NFC are a good instance of how Samsung is pioneering a mobile duplicate resolution and NFC printer market, as good as demonstrating how we raise consumers’ practice generally in a SOHO and SMEs sector. Samsung will continue to raise NFC-enabled mobile duplicate solutions to tiny to middle business users.”

The setup of these wireless printers is painless, is finished in 3 easy stairs and doesn’t need a USB tie between a printer and computer.

Samsung also introduced a Enterprise turn duplicate solutions with a MultiXpress series: CLX-C9251NA (A3 Colour MFPs), SCX-8128NA (A3 Mono MFPs) and K2200ND. These printers are installed with features, have compress and ergonomic designs, yield modernized controls and nonetheless are easy to operate.

The extensive operation of printers is suitable for home, SMEs and vast corporations. Together with a Xpress series, Samsung Malaysia Electronics now has 53 models that are labelled between RM220 to RM35,000.
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Op-Ed: Report — Major threats aim mobile cyber security

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Barca send skeleton continue intact, insists president

Op-Ed: Report — Major threats aim mobile cyber security

Though cyber confidence is generally associated with normal channels, a mobile series has warranted a courtesy of a cybercrime industry. McAfee warns that mobile users and sites are now a aim of a flourishing cybercrime community, that aims to collect and feat user data. This is quite shocking since smartphones tend to be users’ go-to devices, storing hit information, passwords, email, and other supportive information on them. Most users also trust that internet use around their phones is usually as protected – maybe even safer – than computers. Cybercrime, however, is some-more guileful and some-more modernized than many realize.

Smartphone sales now surpass customary mechanism sales, that provides enemy with new and softened opportunities for exploitations. However, they continue to occupy comparison tactics. Mobile inclination are exposed to phishing attacks, for instance. A virus-laden email can be non-stop on a smartphone usually as simply as it can on a computer, and these scams now extend over usually email. “Visching” refers to phishing around voicemail, and “smishing” is a use of SMS to phish.

Cell phones are, of course, still receptive to theft, yet practical hijacking can start in several other ways as well. For example, mobile apps can be combined and designed by anyone, creation them receptive to antagonistic use. Many of these applications, as good as clearly legitimate updates and utilities, are dangerous.

Mobile Banking

The use of mobile inclination for banking brings a possess singular issues. Management during reduction than one in 4 banks believes a institutions are means of doing confidence breaches. Furthermore, banks are generally usually investing in reserve measures to a border that they can say patron trust – even yet they are wakeful of a bulk of their confidence risks.

Overall, banks also tend to work in isolation. Approximately seventy-eight percent of financial institutions do not find outward assistance for assistance safeguarding opposite cyber attacks. These practices prove that banks are rarely reactive, responding sensitively and minimally to confidence issues and wavering to deposit in medicine measures.

Mobile Wallets

Financial risks associated to a use of mobile inclination are not specific to banking institutions; practical wallets are ordinarily stored on smartphones, and they are fast gaining popularity. They are used to make purchases, send funds, make check payments, and even routine coupons and register for sales events and information.


Identity burglary and unapproved credit label purchases continue to be pervasive issues, yet a heightened regard for mobile confidence stems from their popularity, messy confidence measures, and a default of information that exists within them. Once mobile inclination are attacked, information is sent to enemy and manipulated for serve ill-use, such as a fake use of financial and banking information. Furthermore, when depraved inclination are connected to a PC, they can widespread infections to PCs. An putrescent PC can lead to a snowball outcome of pathogen transmission, quite if mixed inclination are connected to it.

Steps for Security

Although cybercrime is a really genuine risk, there are measures that can be employed to raise practical safety. Consider a following:

• Enhance all device’s confidence settings

• Do not click questionable email or content links

• Do not share mobile numbers online

• Avoid different or open Wi-Fi networks, that can change smartphones’ levels of security

• Remove all personal information from a device before dispatch it

The shortcoming to take protecting measures does not rest totally on a shoulders of consumers. The wireless attention is expected to take stairs toward safety, too. For instance, encryption is a apparatus that should not be neglected, and certificates are useful means of ensuring legitimacy of mobile applications.

The fallibility of mobile inclination shouldn’t be taken for granted. Smartphones don’t typically come versed with firewalls and antivirus software, and a remoteness controls on mobile apps are not scarcely as consummate or firm as they are on customary computers. Quite commonly, a confidence measures accessible on mobile inclination are mostly not enabled by their users.

When it comes to customary website security, involuntary disadvantage scans and other reserve measures taken by many web hosting companies can significantly waken websites, and they can assistance secure mobile sites as well. Many are also means to mislay malware immediately on detection, plead sites, and countenance businesses.


In an epoch where online comprehension and anonymity has no limits, don’t blink a inclusive energy of cybercriminals. It’s needed not usually to consumers’ reserve to take counsel and endless protecting measures – it has turn vicious to a confidence of others as well.

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How #GenMobile can boost capability and foe in business

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Aruba Networks is job for businesses to start looking for a signs of #GenMobile – a new form of mobile-driven worker that’s entering a workforce.

According to Aruba, employers need to be means to mark and conduct #GenMobile effectively in sequence to capacitate a prolific workforce, and imperatively a rival position in an ever changing business environment.

The company’s #GenMobile study, that garnered a responses of 5,000 18-to-35-year-olds, found that fact that 65% of respondents now have 3 or some-more connected devices, display a transparent change towards mobile computing.

Also, 57% elite to bond around Wi-Fi compared with 3G/4G or connected networks. However, maybe many engaging is a perspective of what respondents were peaceful to give adult in place of mobility.

29% of a respondents would give adult coffee before giving adult their mobile devices. Finally, 53% pronounced they would give adult a aloft profitable income in sell for being means to work from home 2 – 3 days a week.

TechRadar Pro spoke to Chris Kozup, Director of Global selling during Aruba Networks about his views on Aruba’s investigate into this new multiply of employee.

TechRadar Pro: How do we feel a arise of #GenMobile will advantage both employers and employees?

Chris Kozup: The arise of #GenMobile brings with it a change in how people work, live and correlate with one another. This new mobile lifestyle creates it easier for people to change their veteran and personal lives. Having entrance to a resources and information we need whenever and wherever we are allows us larger flexibility.

This enterprise for particular coherence can also be a advantage for a employer. Those employers who offer a conditions sought after by #GenMobile are some-more expected to attract and keep a best talent. Furthmore, happy employees will make for prolific employees – a advantage employers are certain to appreciate.

TRP: What were a many engaging trends we saw emerge from this survey?

CK: There were a series of mount out commentary in this study. Firstly, a fact that 65% of respondents now have 3 or some-more connected inclination shows a transparent change towards mobile computing. Also, 57% elite to bond around Wi-Fi compared with 3G/4G or connected networks.

However, maybe many engaging is a perspective of what respondents were peaceful to give adult in place of mobility. 29% of a respondents would give adult coffee before giving adult their mobile devices. Finally, 53% pronounced they would give adult a aloft profitable income in sell for being means to work from home 2 – 3 days a week.

TRP: BYOD has been a articulate indicate for a while, are employers finally relocating towards elucidate this to capacitate some-more coherence for employees?

CK: The adoption of BYOD strategies still varies by segment within Europe. Countries like Germany and France are on normal slower to welcome a use of worker owned devices. In a UK, we have seen some really vast institutions pierce to welcome BYOD as a trend.

Those industries heading a trend tend embody financial Services, word and veteran services. Of march preparation has been enabling BYOD for years.

Irrespective of a grade to that a organization is ancillary BYOD initiatives, IT contingency still use collection to benefit prominence of that inclination and applications are accessing a network. Once a finish perspective is attained, IT can settle and make policies for corporate and/or worker owned devices.

TRP: Our personal and operative lives are apropos confused due to a proliferation of connected devices. Do we consider there is still a place for normal offices and operative hours?

CK: Yes. The judgment of normal offices and operative hours will still exist. The pierce towards a some-more stretchable work sourroundings is driven by certain forms of employees and is some-more prevalent in certain attention segments.

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Transcend Releases Small Form Factor M.2 and mSATA SSDs for Mobile …

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

New Delhi, Feb 28, 2014 – Transcend Information, Inc. , a heading manufacturer of industrial-grade products, currently announced a recover of a SATA III 6Gb/s N8S750 M.2 and MSA340 mSATA plain state drives (SSD). Featuring ultra compress measure and a subsequent era SATA III 6Gb/s interface, Transcend’s N8S750 and MSA340 SSDs are best matched to residence a despotic distance stipulations and high opening needs of today’s modernized unstable devices.

N8S750 SATA III 6Gb/s M.2 SSD
The N8S750 SSD’s space-saving 80mm M.2 form cause (80.0mm x 22.0mm x 3.5mm) is designed to accommodate destiny marketplace final of ultra-thin and light mobile inclination that need an SSD, including Ultrabooks, notebooks, tablets, unstable gaming systems, and smartphones. It facilities a latest SATA III 6Gb/s specification, DDR3 DRAM cache, and is comprised of high-quality MLC NAND Flash chips. With well-developed send speeds of adult to 520MB/s review and 330MB/s write, a N8S750 simply handles bland computing tasks as good as perfectionist multimedia applications.

Transcend’s MSA340 mSATA SSD is 78% smaller than a customary 2.5” SSD and measures a small 50.8mm x 29.85mm x 4.0mm. As a result, manufacturers can advantage from larger pattern coherence when building space-restricted embedded applications such as tablets, smartphones, Ultrabooks, eBook readers, navigation systems, set-top boxes, palm hold scanners, mini PCs, and slim servers. The MLC NAND Flash MSA340 supports a latest SATA III 6Gb/s specification, boasts high speed DDR3 DRAM cache, and is built around a absolute controller to broach blazing quick send speeds of adult to 520MB/s review and 280MB/s write, and long-term reliability.

DevSleep and ISRT
The N8S750 M.2 and MSA340 mSATA SSDs offer full support of SATA Device Sleep Mode (DevSleep) and Intel Smart Response Technology (ISRT). Portable mechanism users mostly make use of low energy states such as standby to save time watchful for a handling complement to foot behind up. However, this comes during a responsibility of battery life. DevSleep allows concordant mobile inclination to totally energy off a SATA interface when not in use while progressing a quick response time of reduction than 100ms (0.1 second), charity instant-on capabilities same to a smartphone. With ISRT, users can configure their mechanism complement with an SSD used as cache memory between a tough hoop expostulate and complement memory. This provides a advantage of carrying a tough hoop expostulate for limit storage ability while delivering an SSD-like altogether complement opening experience.

Continued Reliable Performance
Despite their extra-small dimensions, a N8S750 and MSA340 come versed with modernized facilities such as TRIM and NCQ support, built-in ECC and wear leveling, intelligent retard management, support for extended S.M.A.R.T. commands, and glorious startle resistance; providing well-developed long-term trustworthiness and information protection.

Transcend’s SATA III 6Gb/s N8S750 M.2 SSD is accessible in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities while a SATA III 6Gb/s MSA340 mSATA SSD is accessible in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities.

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One-second film downloads on subsequent mobile network

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

Worldwide information trade generated by people’s mobile inclination will greaten 11-fold by 2018, according to US telecommunications apparatus manufacturer Cisco.

 When a subsequent super-fast mobile network launches in 2020 we will be means to download a high-definition film in one second flat.

But a destiny fifth generation, or 5G, network is not unequivocally being designed for you.

In fact, it will be built for your car, fridge, smartwatch, toothbrush, lightbulb and a horde of other bland objects to promulgate with any other online, a materialisation famous as a Internet of things.

Handling a new trade is a pivotal plea for network operators entertainment during a four-day Mobile World Congress opening Monday in Barcelona, Spain.

Worldwide information trade generated by people’s mobile inclination will greaten 11-fold by 2018, according to US telecommunications apparatus manufacturer Cisco.

But a trade generated between connected objects, supposed machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, will already be larger than all a world’s mobile telephones total by 2015, it pronounced in a study.

Mobile networks will need to boost ability by 1,000 times by 2020 to cope with a outrageous expansion in M2M trade if loiter time is to be avoided, pronounced Ulrich Dropmann, comparison executive during Finnish mobile services organisation Nokia Solutions Network (NSN).

Many objects will usually send a drip of information though a total information upsurge will be “considerable” pronounced Dropmann.

The 5G networks will launch in 2020, with a broader rollout from 2025, pronounced Frederic Pujol, conduct of mobile broadband during consultancy organisation IDATE.

The awaiting of 5G networks might seem apart in countries where 4G has nonetheless to be deployed, though in countries during a slicing corner of record such as South Korea, operators are already installing an modernized chronicle of 4G to hoop a demand.

“If we don’t ready now for a subsequent generation, we will shortly strech a boundary that 4G can offer,” pronounced Thibaut Kleiner, confidant to a Europe Union’s digital bulletin commissioner, Nelly Kroes.

“It comes down to a doubt of care in technological innovation,” he told a conference.

The stakes could be huge in a universe increasingly reliant on mobile networks, a universe in that Europe risks apropos a slouch — a final large success in a margin dates behind to a origination of a GSM, or 2G, network during a finish of a 1990s.

To get behind in a game, a European Commission launched late final year a 5G public-private partnership to rise a new network.

Known as 5G PPP, it brings together apparatus makers and network operators.

Brussels has allocated 700 million Euros ($960 million) adult to 2020 for a project, a sum that is to be matched by a private sector.

South Korea’s scholarship method announced final month a launch of a 5G growth plan with a bill of 1.6 billion won ($1.5 billion/1.1 billion euros).

“Countries in Europe, China and a US are creation assertive efforts to rise 5G record … and we trust there will be extreme foe in this marketplace in a few years,” a South Korean method pronounced during a launch.

But over a blurb conflict to come, network builders and handset manufacturers wish to determine on a technological customary to concede economies of scale and tellurian roaming, pronounced Viktor Arvidsson, conduct of plan for France during Swedish multinational Ericsson.

Such an agreement is a idea of METIS 2020 project, that brings together operators such as Orange or Telefonica and apparatus makers like Alcatel Lucent and Huawei, a Chinese association that announced final year it would spend $600 million on 5G investigate and growth by 2018.


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Irish chip engineer Movidius signs mega-deal with Google

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Movidius, a cutting-edge Dublin chip designer, has teamed adult with Google to pierce visible recognition to a subsequent era of Android-based intelligent phones in a pierce that will open adult insubordinate new avenues for indoor navigation and immersive gaming.

3D sensors
The record hulk announced in California tonight that it skeleton to use Movidius’ Myriad 1 prophesy routine height to energy what it is job Project Tango, a devise to implement intelligent vision-based applications regulating modernized 3D sensors in Android intelligent phones and other mobile devices.

Last July, Movidius lifted $16 million (€12.3 million) in a appropriation turn led by DFJ Esprit, Atlantic Bridge and Robert Bosch Venture Capital, a German fund, as it geared adult to launch a new record and grow a business in a United States.

“Project Tango strives to give mobile inclination a human-like bargain of space and suit by modernized sensor alloy and mechanism vision, enabling new and extended forms of user practice – including 3D scanning, indoor navigation and immersive gaming,” Johnny Lee, technical lead during Google’s modernized record projects team, pronounced in a matter final night.

“Movidius has supposing a pivotal member towards enabling entrance to these facilities in a tiny mobile platform, with a chip designed with visible intuiting and battery life in mind,” Mr Lee added.

“Google has paved a destiny instruction for intelligent mobile prophesy systems and we’re vehement to be operative with a association that shares a prophesy to chaperon in a subsequent call of applications that essentially change how a mobile device is used to knowledge a universe around us,” Remi El-Ouazzane, arch executive of Movidius said. “Project Tango is truly a groundbreaking platform.”

Silicon Valley
Movidius recruited Mr El-Ouazzane as arch executive final year and allocated Dan Dobberpuhl as authority during a same time, as it non-stop a US domicile in San Mateo in Silicon Valley.

Mr El-Ouazzane was formerly a comparison executive during Texas Instruments in a US, while Mr Dobberpuhl was a owner of PA Semi, a association bought by Apple for $278 million 6 years ago.

Movidius employs 15 people in Dublin out of a sum of 50 employees in Europe and America. It was founded in 2005 by tech veterans Sean Mitchell, David Moloney and Val Muresan, who all still work with a company.

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Digital lovers in a dangerous time

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

With reduction than dual weeks until Valentine’s Day, confidence businessman McAfee (soon to be Intel Security) has expelled a commentary of a 2014 Love, Relationships Technology survey and, as Bruce Cockburn would say, it’s a story of lovers in a dangerous time.

The investigate looked during how 1,500 tellurian consumers, including 575 Canadians, are pity and storing insinuate information on their mobile devices, examining a pity of sexts, exposed photos, revealing videos and passcodes.

How many lovers are removing risque on their devices? While 97 per cent of Canadian smartphone owners take cinema with their mobile inclination – no warn there – 47 per cent certified to promulgation or receiving insinuate content, such as risque video, photos, emails and messages. With only 65 per cent of smartphone owners and 62 per cent of inscription owners securing their inclination with a password, that’s a lot of uncertain insinuate material. And many who do use passwords share them with their poignant others or use a same cue opposite mixed devices.

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Actress Lily Collins is McAfee's Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity of 2013.

“With all a stories we’ve listened about insinuate photos being leaked, it’s tough to trust people are still pity their passwords,” pronounced Brenda Moretto, Canadian consumer sales manager during McAfee Canada, in a statement. “Ultimately, they’re augmenting a risks of these photos apropos open and presumably jeopardizing their temperament and reputation. Consumers contingency take precautions and use mobile confidence to safeguard that what should be private stays private.”

Other nuggets from a survey: 18-24 year olds are a many expected to have perceived intimately pithy calm from someone during 60 per cent, 40 per cent of Canadian group (vs. 37 per cent of women) use their inclination to send insinuate content, and 16 per cent contend they’ve sent risque calm to a sum stranger. Men are some-more expected to strengthen their inclination than women, and 70 per cent of group contend they’d purchased embedded biometric confidence facilities like facial recognition.


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