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FTIL slumps for second day, down around 15 percent

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Fri Aug 2, 2013 12:11pm IST

MUMBAI (Reuters) – Shares in Financial Technologies (India) Ltd (FITE.NS) slumped as many as 45 percent to a record low after a section National Spot Exchange Ltd this week dangling trade in many of a brazen contracts and deferred payments on customer trades.

As of 12:03 p.m., Financial Technologies shares were down around 15 percent after progressing attack a record low of 105.45 rupees.

Shares in a record provider had slumped 64.5 percent on Thursday.

(Reporting by Himank Sharma; Editing by Rafael Nam and Supriya Kurane)

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The Quest to Build a Silicon Brain

Friday, May 24th, 2013

The day he got a news that would renovate his life, Dharmendra Modha, 17, was supervising a group of laborers scraping paint off iron chairs during a internal Mumbai hospital. He felt happy to have a position, that betrothed solid compensate and confidence — a many a bad teen from Mumbai could practically aspire to in 1986. 

Modha’s mom sent word to a pursuit site shortly after lunch: The formula from a statewide university opening exams had come in. There seemed to be some arrange of mistake, given a confusing telegram had arrived during a house. 

Modha’s scores hadn’t only placed him atop a city, a many densely inhabited in India — he was No. 1 in math, production and chemistry for a whole range of Maharashtra, race 100 million. Could he greatfully ensue to a propagandize to arrange it out? 

Back then, Modha couldn’t detect what that telegram competence meant for his future. Both his kin had finished their drill after a 11th grade. He could count on one palm a series of kin who went to college. 

But Modha’s ambitions have stretched extremely in a years given those exam scores paved his approach to one of India’s many prestigious technical academies, and a successful career in mechanism scholarship during IBM’s Almaden Research Center in San Jose, Calif. 

Recently, a petite operative with a fuzzy black eyebrows, closely cropped hair and eyeglasses sat in his Silicon Valley bureau and common a prophesy to do zero reduction than renovate a destiny of computing. “Our goal is clear,” pronounced Modha, now 44, holding adult a rectilinear circuit house featuring a golden square.

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CtrlS to open 3rd trickery this year

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

CtrlS, a Hyderabad-based datacentre, will open a third trickery in New Delhi this calendar year. It runs dual datacentres in Hyderabad and Mumbai. It has crossed payments revenues of Rs 100 crore (the values of orders booked) in a year opposite Rs 48 crore in a prior year.

The five-year-old association pronounced it could cranky a Rs 100-crore symbol in 6 months of rising operations in Mumbai. Datacentres play an critical purpose in providing cloud services by clients, besides behaving as redundancies (alternative locations to store essential to sentinel off information detriment in times of healthy and synthetic disasters) and assisting firms outsource their mechanism information storage requirements.

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MTNL opens the second information centre in Mumbai

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Days after a glow in Airtel’s Malad information centre disrupted services, MTNL, a state-owned telecom player, on Friday non-stop a second information centre for Mumbai during Belapur and summarized skeleton to set adult dual some-more centres in Delhi and Chennai.

Set adult in partnership with IIT Bombay, a Belapur centre will offer as a disaster liberation fill-in for MTNL’s Worli information centre.
The centre, that is 100% glow norms compliant, skeleton to have stand-by government in a box of a mishap. MTNL now has information centres in dual seismic zones, that would be of assistance in box of any calamity.

A K Garg, authority and handling director, MTNL, said, “With information use increasing, we expect direct for information centre services to grow exponentially in a nearby future, and hence are looking during rising a information centres in Delhi and Chennai in a entrance months. While a partnership in Delhi has not nonetheless been fixed, in Chennai we will be restraining adult with STPI (Software Technology Park of India).”

The Belapur information centre has a latency of 10 microseconds to strech mixed business during any given indicate of time. It will also offer server and space comforts that embody IT and financial services virtualisation and cloud services. These services will be supposing to particular corporates and rates will be jointly decided.

Garg also announced that MTNL would hurl out a prepaid BlackBerry services in Mumbai from Jan 15. The association skeleton to ascent a 3G services over a subsequent 9-12 months and enhance 3G coverage within a year.

On fibre-to-the-home (FTTH), or high-speed broadband services that confederate voice, information and video, MTNL is now seeking private investment and skeleton to bond 5,000 homes in Mumbai with FTTH by March.

In a bid to boost a benefaction broadband subscriber bottom of 76,000 users in a city, MTNL has launched 4 new broadband skeleton in Mumbai, charity 8-16 GB total downloads during a smallest speed of 2 Mbps. The association is providing a rent-free landline with any of these new plans.

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After mishaps, Bharti faces horde of questions

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Airtel has bad news to reckon with forward of a gain season.

The glow that pennyless out during a information centre in Malad on Wednesday, disrupting services for around 36 lakh business in Mumbai, is estimated to have cost it Rs4 crore a day — that’s Rs12 crore for a final 3 days, and counting.

It is not nonetheless famous how most a association will have to recompense a high value clients as compensation.

This is a third time Airtel’s services have been disrupted in new times — services in Delhi were strike 4 months back; in Mumbai, a glow had damaged out in Jul 2008 during a Peninsula Tower bureau (incidentally, a association had taken a month to redress a emanate during that time).

Customers see a critical counterbalance in Airtel’s claims of charity a best patron service, with tweets flaying a ‘apathy’ — a some-more apropos tenure in this context.

“The outage in Delhi 4 months ago, bad peculiarity services and likewise magnitude in Airtel’s network disruptions, are things that Airtel contingency recognize if it wants to keep a picture as a infallible brand,” pronounced Kunal Bajaj, executive – India during tellurian telecom investigate and consultancy firm, Analysys Mason.

The repeated problem also shows that a fill-in systems that Airtel claims to have set adult have unsuccessful to flog in.

“More than revenues, a bigger emanate here is because didn’t a excess resource that is precisely commissioned for puncture situations such as these not flog in? This shows critical pattern flaws, that a association urgently needs to demeanour into,” pronounced Kamlesh Bhatia, investigate executive during Gartner.

“The other doubt is, what is a association doing to recompense customers, generally those for whom essential services intrusion has meant a outrageous detriment in business? So far, a association has not mentioned anything about compensation, and nonetheless this might not be a means for business to switch networks, these repeated incidents will no doubt have an impact on their altogether patron knowledge and compensation provided,” pronounced Bhatia.

To be sure, dual days after a fire, a association has been means to revive services usually partially. BlackBerry and other information services such as 3G, GPRS and CDMA services are still not entirely functional, yet voice job has been mostly restored, exclusive remote areas, according to an Airtel official.

On Friday, many users complained of few breaks in service, with a network going prosaic several times during a day.

Said an irritated Ameya Dalvi, “On Wednesday, we woke adult to 0 signal, with Airtel earnest to revive services by evening. However, on Thursday, we was still incompetent to make effusive calls or send SMSes. On Friday, for some time in a afternoon, again we had no network. we am not certain when a vigilance will go off.”

While this could be attributed to vigilance contrast and liberation by a company, it is intriguing that Airtel has still not been means to brand a source of a fire.

“All mobile, DSL (digital subscriber line) and mobile information services have mostly normalised. However, some business might be confronting few network overload in some legs during a network stabilisation process. We continue to work on a craving services delivery, that will start normalising soon,” a association pronounced in a statement. It even took out advertisements to this effect.

However, association officials could not contend for certain when a services would be entirely easy yet they were “working night and day.”

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Fire during information centre disrupts Airtel services – domain

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Bharti Airtel, a country’s largest telecom use provider services, in a western segment were disrupted yesterday after a glow pennyless out in a information centre during Malad, a second in three-years.   

In Jul 2008, a glow had damaged out during Airtel’s Peninsula Tower bureau in a city.    

The misfortune strike were a information services, yet GPRS, 3G and BlackBerry services were also impacted. The operator’s internet
services and information centre government services to corporate business in Mumbai were also affected.    

Customers also complained of voice calls disruptions and vigilance failures on amicable networking sites, including Twitter.   

“There was a network outage in a Western segment this morning as a outcome of a glow in a executive POP (point of presence) in Malad, Mumbai. Our teams have been operative given morning to normalise all influenced services. Mobile voice, BlackBerry and SMS services have mostly been easy and are stabilising,” Airtel pronounced in a statement.   

“We are operative towards restoring 2G and 3G information services after tonight. However, for a craving services like IPLC
(international private leasedline circuit), leased lines and Internet services, a replacement work is in swell and these services are expected to be easy in a subsequent 24 hours,” it added.   

Airtel’s Western segment includes Mumbai, Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat telecom circles.     The segment accounts for about 17 per cent of Airtel’s 174.69 million users as on 30 November, 2011, with Mumbai contributing about 4 per cent of a company’s revenues.    

However, by Tuesday dusk voice, BlackBerry and SMS services had been mostly been restored.

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Fire during Airtel information centre in Mumbai, network hit

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Millions of Airtel mobile phone business opposite Mumbai and other cities in western India were incompetent to make calls, send content messages, use Blackberry services and craving information networks for several hours, triggering furious rumours about a timing of a outage as it occurred on a day Anna

Hazare began his three-day quick in Mumbai on Tuesday.

Airtel attributed a glitch to a glow in one of a locations in Mumbai, inspiring network servers blacking out services.

“There was a network outage in a Western segment this morning as a outcome of a glow in a executive POP (point of presence) plcae in Malad, Mumbai. Our teams have been operative to normalise all influenced services. Mobile voice, Blackberry and SMS services have mostly been easy and are stabilising,” a association pronounced in a statement.

“As subscribers from other operators could not speak to Airtel subscribers, a business started suspecting that a services of all a telecom use providers are effected, might be due to some supervision directive,” pronounced an central of a vast telecom use provider and a aspirant of Airtel.

The association pronounced it had easy a mobile voice, BlackBerry and SMS services.

“We are operative to revive 2G and 3G information services after tonight. However, a replacement work is in swell for a craving services like leased lines and Internet services. These services are expected to be easy in a subsequent 24 hours,” a association orator said.

Flooded with complaints, Airtel apologised to business on Twitter.

Article source: solves technical problems, though questions on cloud computing!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

By Sayani Pradhan
Mumbai- Inc settled that it has solved many of a technical problems that had cropped adult final week and that had flooded a business in Web services and impelled countless websites to possibly perform solemnly or pile-up it completely.

The association recently faced a malfunction with a information core that led countless companies to change to strait skeleton while watchful for a full recovery. Following a technical problems slow via a weekend, Amazon supposing tiny standing updates on their website.

Amazon settled that they are perplexing to hit a business and is gripping no mill unturned to learn a base means behind a shutdown that took place final week and will benefaction a minute story in a future.

Kay Kinton, orator of Amazon settled in a mail that he will follow adult as shortly as there is some-more news to be shared. The association suggested on Thursday that they were experiencing blunder rates, latency and instance connectivity with one of their information centers in northern Virginia.

Because of Amazon’s technical issues final week, start-ups including Quora, Foursquare and Reddit had to bear use problems.

However, these 3 sites are currently handling regularly. At benefaction a shares of is 0.3% during $185.42.

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