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Tieto invests EUR 10 million in information centre Espoo

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

The feverishness constructed by a energy-efficient information centre is distributed by Fortum’s district heating network.

The Finnish IT use association Tieto is investing EUR 10 million in a information centre in Espoo, southern Finland. The trickery won a Green Enterprise IT (GEIT) Award in 2011 and is one of a many appetite fit information centres in a world. The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of a information centre in Espoo is 1.2 – 1.3. Typically, information centres PUE ranges from 1.8 to 3.0. 

According to Tieto, it is expanding a information centre and doubling a capacity, creation it probable to close down dual other information centres that are apropos outdated. By expanding ability during a greenest information centre, Tieto is aiming to make a information centre services even some-more environmentally friendly.

Heat distributed around district heating network

Tieto is operative with a Finnish appetite association Fortum during a information centre in Espoo that now produces 30 GW of heat, homogeneous to a annual feverishness requirement of about 1500 houses. The new investments will boost a volume significantly. The feverishness from a information centre will be distributed to homes in Espoo around Fortum’s district heating network, replacing some fossil-fuel formed feverishness production.

“We will continue to deposit in tolerable technology. Demand for cloud services continues to grow and, as we have launched a new Tieto Cloud Server, we will need some-more space in a information centres,” says Mikko Pulkkinen, Vice President, Tieto Managed Services. “Our idea is to reinstate emasculate record with an energy-efficient IT ability service. Investing in a new information centre also ensures a peculiarity of a ability services.

Source: Tieto

04 Jan 2013

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More cloud jobs will be accessible in entrance years

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

More cloud jobs will be accessible in entrance years


Although a new news by a International Data Corporation showed that there are many cloud computing jobs open and even some-more to come, a workforce and their ability turn might not be means to sufficient fill these openings. Enterprise network management can assistance companies that wish cloud imagination though haven’t had most fitness anticipating peculiarity employees.

IDC reported that one in 4 IT positions are now not occupied, with 28 percent of those being cloud associated jobs. An estimated 1.7 million cloud jobs are open right now and there will be 7 million opposite a universe by 2015.

“This says something about a worldwide IT economy that’s unequivocally interesting,” pronounced Cushing Anderson, clamp boss of IDC. “There are a lot of positions available, adult to 1.7 million jobs worldwide, and there are distant fewer than 1.7 million people who are now learned to take these positions.”

Anderson pronounced this skills opening is singular and will be severe to solve, as a cloud brings with it a need for a whole new set of skills that have not been indispensable in a past. Businesses carrying a tough time anticipating competent workers might wish to demeanour to a provider for their cloud computing solutions.

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UK Web Host Pulsant Acquires Scottish Colocation Firm ScoLocate

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Pulsant has acquired Scotland colocation provider ScoLocate for an undisclosed amount.Pulsant has acquired Scotland colocation provider ScoLocate for an undisclosed amount.

UK cloud and web hosting provider Pulsant announced on Wednesday it has acquired Scotland colocation provider ScoLocate for an undisclosed amount.

The pierce continues a company’s clever movement given launching Pulsant’s newly rebranded association in March, following a merger of DediPower, Lumison and BlueSquare Data in Oct 2011.

Earlier this month, Pulsant finished a vital $6.1 million enlargement during a Tier 4 information core in Milton Keynes, UK, that is located 45 miles northwest of London.

Pulsant is also now expanding a information centers in Reading, South London and Scotland, adding a serve 2,000 racks to boost a UK ability in vital locations.

The partnership of ScoLocate, that includes a 75,000 block feet information core and dedicated support team, is partial of Pulsant’s vital expansion module to “become one of a UK’s heading information core services provider,” according to a press release.

ScoLocate’s information core in Edinburgh hosts over 30 telecommunication carriers.

Prior to a acquisition, Pulsant served 3,000 business from a 8 UK information center. The partnership of ScoLocate will pierce Pulsant’s sum series of information centers adult to 10.

The expanding network will give business some-more coherence by enabling them to entrance mixed informal information centers that offer many high accessibility options, while creation Pulsant a initial retailer to be means to broach services from wholly-owned, twin sites in Scotland.

Pulsant now has 240,000 block feet in information core space, a sum shelve ability of some-more than 4,000, and a ability to use over 3,000 open and private zone clients directly.

ScoLocate’s staff of 25 employees will join Pulsant’s group of 150 information core services personnel, enabling a association to some-more effectively broach managed hosting, cloud infrastructure, managed network and colocation services.

Pulsant also creates it a indicate to note in a press recover that a government group is “experienced in successful partnership and operational integration,” carrying successfully shaped Pulsant from a partnership of DediPower, Lumison and Blue Square Data.

The partnership of ScoLocate brings Pulsant’s total 2012 income to over $65.14million.

“ScoLocate is a illusory partnership for Pulsant – and a good fit in terms of culture, customer-centric proceed and facilities,” pronounced Pulsant CEO Mark Howling. “Not usually does it support a UK information centre participation by adding superb network connectivity and additional information core capacity, it also provides us with a clever group of like-minded, highly-skilled people who are experts in ancillary information core services. This moves us serve towards a idea of being a information core services partner of choice for UK businesses.”

Talk back: Are we now a patron during a Pulsant information center? Do we consider a ScoLocate partnership was a intelligent pierce on Pulsant’s part? Will it infer to be jointly profitable for both companies? Let us know in a comments.

Justin Lee


Justin Lee has been a staff researcher with theWHIR given 2004. He writes about a operation of web hosting and IT-related issues confronting a attention on a WHIR website, as good a imitation chronicle of a WHIR magazine. Follow him on Twitter @Justin_theWHIR.

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Security could bluster – or assistance – a cloud industry

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Security could bluster – or assistance – a cloud courtesy


There have prolonged been worries about a confidence of cloud-based services, yet many are starting to demeanour during a courtesy differently now. Computer Weekly pronounced many companies and suppliers are starting to see a cloud as something that could give business a rival corner by mitigating formerly different online risks. Much of how a cloud will impact confidence might count on how businesses use it, as doing will play a large purpose in a turn of confidence in cloud computing solutions.

“For utterly some time confidence researchers have been observant signature-based technologies can no longer cope with a latest threats,” a website said. “Because attacks are so frequently updated, by a time something is famous as a threat, a new various has been expelled digest any signature-based confidence systems impotent. … At a really least, [one confidence firm] believes cloud computing is pivotal to a destiny of defenses opposite malware.”

A comparison craving product selling manager for this association pronounced cloud infrastructure can make it easier for companies to indicate program with a accumulation of malware databases to see if there are any problems, according to Computer Weekly. Rather than putting usually one antivirus use on any device or endpoint, companies can have a some-more extensive confidence use that might be means to detect and stop mixed forms of malware.

To behind adult a confidence claim, a association pronounced a benchmark exam achieved by PassMark scored a 97.5 percent contra a closest competitor’s 69 percent score.

Many companies saying cloud’s confidence benefits
CSO Online pronounced companies are starting to comprehend that a cloud might have some-more secure advantages than their possess infrastructure, as businesses are now relocating many vicious applications off their network and into open or private clouds. Businesses should be meditative this pierce by though, as cloud-based services have certain mandate that companies might not have considered.

“Compared to inner IT infrastructures, a open cloud requires some-more courtesy to components such as network firewalls, bucket balancers and network residence interpretation to censor a open IP addresses many cloud providers allot to servers,” a news source said. “But whatever a model, a automated, unchanging processes compulsory for large-scale cloud deployments not usually boost a efficiency, trustworthiness and opening of these environments, yet also urge security.”

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London Internet Exchange doubles network ability with Telehouse London … – SYS

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

10 Dec 2012, London – The London Internet Exchange (LINX) has successfully finished a final proviso of a network modernise devise including a designation of a full LINX PoP regulating co-location comforts supposing by tellurian information centre and managed ICT services provider Telehouse.

As partial of a destiny expansion plan, LINX redeveloped a networks opposite a Telehouse sites to concede for approaching expansion and increasing direct in network capacity. This comes roughly 18 years after a initial LINX peering switch was located during Telehouse North.

LINX is now using with a doubled ability of 9.6TB, formulating some-more expansion and direct from within Telehouse to fill this now a ascent has been completed. With a vast series of LINX’s 430 members situated during Telehouse, Telehouse forms a core partial of LINX’s operational strategy.

The ascent concerned a deployment of dual apart high-performance Ethernet switching platforms using on Extreme Networks and Juniper, to yield an additional turn of fault-tolerance. The switches were implemented opposite 10 locations via a UK during a theatre where a aged network was reaching ability and were commissioned in time for a London 2012 Olympics.

Derek Cobb, CTO during LINX commented: “Telehouse have helped us to boost a network growth. They were quick when we indispensable additional energy to a apartment and useful when formidable last-minute situations arose.

“Telehouse has been there with LINX given a really commencement and continue to be undeniably important. The new vital upgrades of a LINX PoPs during Telehouse North, East and West are covenant to a strength of this relationship.”

Michelle Reid, Sales and Marketing Director during Telehouse comments on a pivotal project, “We are unapproachable to promote this vital step that LINX has taken to grow a network ability in London and beyond. Our prolonged station attribute done us a suitable partner in realising this singular devise and as we share a identical prophesy of a some-more connected society, we wish a business continue to grow with us to try a intensity of a internet”.

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About Telehouse
Telehouse provides tellurian Tier III information centres, connectivity and managed ICT solutions, providing secure and volatile infrastructure for mission-critical IT systems. Established in 1989, Telehouse became Europe’s initial conduit neutral colocation provider. Today, a association is during a heart of a Internet and telecommunications infrastructure, portion over 1,000 vital companies worldwide, opposite a far-reaching operation of industries including supervision and financial institutions. Telehouse is a information centre auxiliary of Japanese house KDDI, a $45 billion Global Fortune 300 telecommunications and systems formation provider. In 2012, Telehouse in and with KDDI launched a possess code of cloud services charity dedicated and hybrid IAAS.

E:, Tel: +44(0) 207 512 0550, W:

Press contacts:
Spreckley Partners Ltd
Tel: 0044 (0)20 7388 9988

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Macquarie Telecom to build Intellicentre 4 information core in Canberra

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Macquarie Telecom, an Australian managed hosting and telecommunications company, currently announced a goal to build Intellicentre 4 (IC4) Bunker, a confidence information core in Canberra for supervision internet gateways and hosting.

The launch comes as Macquarie Telecom moves to deposit approximately AU$14m towards network, hosting and confidence capabilities to support a Australian Government’s Lead Agency Gateway (LAG) program.

This module aims to urge cyber-security and shortening a series of internet gateways used by supervision agencies from 124 to eight. Macquarie Telecom has won a initial of these Gateways, signing a conduct agreement with a Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) in Oct 2012.

“Recent developments like a Australian Government’s Internet Gateway Reduction Program prominence a fast expansion in public-sector direct for secure and volatile hosted services,” pronounced Macquarie Telecom’s Government Security Executive, Glen Noble.

Macquarie Telecom’s repute for world-class information and network hosting services puts it in good stead to accommodate this flourishing demand, as already evidenced by a new opening of Intellicentre 2 (IC2) in Macquarie Park in Sydney.”

This $60m trickery has been built to ASIO T4 antagonist resistant, PCI (Payment Card Industry), ISO 27001 and a Uptime Institute Tier III pattern standards.

The initial proviso of a Intellicentre 4 campus will see Macquarie Telecom building a managed confidence information centre in Canberra, with best-of-breed confidence and networking technology, to surpass ISO, DSD (Defence Signals Directorate) and ASIO specifications. 

Additional Infrastructure to support these sovereign Government initiatives will be deployed in IC2 Sydney for augmenting resiliency and patron entrance options.  

Through a insurance of these secure internet gateways, Macquarie pronounced it will precedence a Australian owned, operated and managed comforts to support supervision mandate for managed hosting, storage and cloud services.

“Being formed in Canberra, a Intellicentre 4 Bunker outlines Macquarie Telecom’s dedicated investment in secure hosting for government, one that reaffirms a joining to be a devoted provider joining a open zone in Australia to a universe far-reaching web.” Noble said.

“We see expansion in ICT investments for supervision as a core event for Macquarie Telecom to build on a longstanding repute for delivering hosting environments that accommodate severe public-sector standards for confidence and reliability, as good as augmenting concerns around user remoteness and information sovereignty.”

The Bunker is approaching to open for business in midst 2013.


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Pulsant Expands Data Center North of London

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

    UK cloud and colocation association Pulsant announced that it has finished a £3.8 million (~$6.1 million) enlargement during a tier 4 information core in Milton Keynes, north of London.

    The 37,000 block feet information core enlargement will support both vast and tiny UK businesses, and  will yield additional space for Pulsant’s existent craving and large-scale financial use tenants to grow. The Milton Keynes trickery provides higher resilience by mixed application sources, modernized appetite government and worldly operational and complement monitoring. It is designed to minimize environmental impact as 100 percent of a appetite is from renewable and tolerable resources.

    “This is a flagship information centre in a primary ‘out of London’ plcae for businesses seeking an established, high quality, rarely secure and PCI agreeable facility,” pronounced Mark Howling, CEO during Pulsant. “It operates to ISO27001, supports high shelve appetite densities adult to 15Kw, is connected by a resilient, multi-carrier high speed network with 0.2ms of network latency and is within one hour of a Capital.”

    The enlargement will also be used to yield multi-site capability for Pulsant’s recently launched Enterprise Cloud platform. The new height was built with HP servers, Intel E5 processors and VMware virtualization.

    “Many businesses, quite in financial services, sell and craving sectors, as good as Software as a Service providers, are looking for Tier 4 comforts that offer a right multiple of resilience, 100 per cent accessibility and 24/7 service,” combined Howling. “At Milton Keynes, Pulsant is means to yield flexible, cost-conscious information storage solutions that accommodate a extended operation of needs. For those whose information is positively essential for sales, CRM or business operations, a extended Tier 4 comforts offer unmatched resilience, opening and support to keep their websites, databases and networks live during all times. That’s because over 100 business already trust a Milton Keynes site.”


    John Rath is a maestro IT veteran and unchanging writer during Data Center Knowledge. He has served many roles in a information center, including support, complement administration, web growth and trickery management.

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    Competitive + glorious benefits

    Thursday, December 6th, 2012


    Cisco Systems


    Competitive + glorious benefits



    Job term


    Job hours

    Full time

    It’s an sparkling time to work during Cisco. Every day we bond people to a network and make it come to life. The judgment of a network as a height for transforming life’s practice is no longer a possibility: It is fast apropos a reality. And Cisco is heading a experience.

    Cisco is seeking a Data Centre Product Sales Specialist obliged for Data Center technologies, specializing in x86 Servers, network and storage infrastructure. In this position, we will be facilitating a success of Cisco and partners in offered specific information core products and technologies associated to Unified Computing, virtualisation, IP and SAN connectivity, with quantifiable sales objectives. This is a dilettante position on a Data Center team. In this role, we will be obliged for building a business devise to accommodate and surpass reserved quota. A successful Cisco PSS will work with both Cisco Partner’s and end-users to expostulate adoption of Cisco’s Nexus, Unified Computing and SAN technologies. The successful claimant will need to support several partners and sales opportunities both internally and outwardly opposite a region. The ideal claimant will be discerning to brand opportunities, means to conduct people, strategize engagements and prioritize activities. A rarely learned devoted confidant and coach to salespeople, committed to improving a competency of a team.

    Skills and Experience Required
    – Sales knowledge with 2+ years of success in selling
    – Proven lane record in managing, enabling and and winning with partners, with a ability to work unsupervised; ability to correlate as a value-added group member
    – Ability to effectively benefaction and clear business benefits
    – Ability to combine with mixed teams and mixed levels of a organizations (account managers, technical leaders, partners, channels, etc.)
    – Requires a solutions sales approach
    – Ability to conduct a prolonged and formidable sales cycle
    – Experienced in multi-level selling, gentle conversion CxO, IT Managers, Purchasing, etc.
    – Excellent created and written communications skills
    – Good listening and clever display skills
    – Position requires a passion for pushing strategies, enabling partners; a clever celebrity with demonstrated care skills operative in a formidable pattern organization
    – Experience of offered Data Centre technologies is preferred, however will cruise other IT Sales background.

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    Windstream to open new information centre in Nashville, Tennessee

    Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

    Provider of enterprise-class managed hosting services, Windstream Hosted Solutions, has announced skeleton to enhance a national network of information centres with a construction of a new information centre in Nashville, Tennessee. The new enterprise-class information centre, that is scheduled to open in 2013, is being built to hoop a increasing direct for information centre and managed use from Windstream’s business opposite a US.

    The new trickery will be 21,000 block feet with 10,000 block feet of lifted building information centre space. The new information centre will underline a Tier III modular pattern for easy ability enlargement as needed, 2500kVa of application capacity, expandable to 5 times that amount, surplus OC-192 10Gbps circuits joining any centre to mixed Windstream core POP sites with entirely surplus peering, onsite network operations centres (NOCs) and full staffing 24x7x365, providing comforts and network monitoring, security, technical and remote-hands support.

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    Security firms advise of swelling Windows AutoRun malware

    Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

    November 30, 2012


    Antivirus vendors are warning business of a swelling malware that can taint computers by a obvious bug in a Windows AutoRun program used to automatically launch programs on a DVD or USB device.

    The poignant boost in infection is extraordinary since Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs will not launch autorun.inf files, and Microsoft has expelled dual rags for comparison systems. Therefore, confidence experts trust infections are function by a multiple of unpatched computers, common folders and files and amicable media.

    Someone inserting a USB expostulate or memory hang carrying a malware can taint unpatched PCs. On other systems, an infection can start once a malware travels to a network share and someone clicks on an putrescent record or folder. Trend Micro reported that malware was also swelling on Facebook.

    Other vendors tracking a malware embody McAfee, Symantec and Sophos. While it is engaging that cybercriminals are still exploiting a four-year-old AutoRun bug, Sophos says many corporate PCs are being putrescent by network sharing.

    Clicking a malware on Facebook would positively open a discerning trail to a common folder on a corporate network, pronounced Chester Wisniewski, a comparison confidence confidant for Sophos.

    [How to: 10 commandments of Windows security]

    “I would contend a AutoRun partial of it is substantially not a source of a infancy of infections,” Wisniewski pronounced on Friday. “It’s only an engaging note that [criminals] are still regulating it. we consider swelling by a record shares is substantially a primary matrix to get people in trouble.”

    Microsoft released an AutoRun patch in 2009, a month after a U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) released a warning that Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003 did not scrupulously invalidate a feature. Microsoft had patched AutoRun a year progressing in Vista and Windows Server 2008.

    The infamous Stuxnet malware combined an autorun.inf record to taint computers around USB drives. Stuxnet, combined jointly in 2009 by U.S. and Israel, reports The New York Times, shop-worn Iranian chief facilities.

    The latest malware disguises itself as files and folders in writeable network shares and removable devices, while stealing a originals. The focus will also emanate .exe files named “porn” and “sexy” and a folder called “passwords,” to tempt people to click on them, Sophos said.

    The malware adds a registry key, so it can start when a PC is booted up. Variants of a focus will invalidate Windows Update to forestall a plant from downloading rags to invalidate a malware.

    Once a PC is infected, a focus follows a standard procession for such antagonistic software. It contacts a command-and-control server for instructions and to accept other applications. Malware downloaded embody Trojans in a Zeus/Zbot family, that steals online banking credentials, Sophos said

    To fight a malware, confidence experts suggest disabling AutoRun on all Windows handling systems and restricting write permissions to record shares. Depending on a AV vendor, a malware has several names, including W32/VBNA-X, W32/Autorun.worm.aaeb, W32.ChangeUp and WORM_VOBFUS.

    The latest conflict arrives about a year and a half after Microsoft reported large declines in AutoRun infection rates. In a initial 5 months of 2011, a series of AutoRun-related malware rescued by Microsoft fell 59% on XP computers and 74% on Vista PCs, compared with 2010.

    Read some-more about malware/cybercrime in CSOonline’s Malware/Cybercrime section.

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