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CloudCast Weekly: Cloud computing opportunities, and a monthly recap

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

There are copiousness of cloud computing opportunities out there for providers, though how can they
choose a right one? It can be a daunting preference for cloud providers only starting out, and
given a need to get into this marketplace immediately, partnerships might be a approach to go for this

Join Site Editor Jessica
 and News Writer Gina Narcisi
as they plead this and some-more in this week-in-review podcast for a week of Nov. 5, 2012, in
addition to a special monthly wrap-up for October:

  • Cloud
    opportunities abound
    , though with so most foe out there, use providers like Fujitsu
    are partnering with some-more determined cloud providers to boost time to market.
  • Cisco
    casted a support for CloudStack
    , a opposition open source cloud height to OpenStack originally
    spearheaded by Citrix. For providers eying CloudStack, Cisco could move some much-needed
    networking expertise to a lesser-known project.
  • Other partnerships aren’t only about time-to-market. Recent partnerships
    between telcos and cloud storage providers
    — ATT and IBM, CenturyLink and Nirvanix —
    could assistance urge craving cloud adoption by enabling these providers to boost their own
    portfolios with a other’s strengths.
  • Cloud computing is forcing use provider IT professionals to beef adult their skillsets, but
    that doesn’t meant all their stream skills are extinct. Find out how some providers are having
    different teams cranky sight any other while other providers send new recruits true to cloud
    boot stay in this two-part
    feature on cloud provider pursuit skills
  • There are dual reasons to do virtual
    machine (VM) backups
    , and one of them will expostulate revenue. Find out how being some-more diligent
    about VM backups can be a moneymaker.
  • A new TechTarget consult suggested a top
    10 cloud services
    enterprises and small- and medium-sized businesses wish to buy. Where do your
    services fall?
  • Carriers are no strangers to building a lot of their possess systems, though it’s mostly finished as a
    point of separate — not desperation. When it comes to hardware and program supporting
    cloud services, operators
    say required vendors have failed
    on countless counts.

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Windows Server 2012 storage underline drill-down

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

At final count, eccentric Windows Server consultant and Microsoft MVP Anil Desai remarkable some-more than 50
new Windows Server 2012 storage capabilities. In this podcast, he gives an overview of built-in
storage automation, reliability, opening and accessibility improvements designed to broach data
center operational efficiencies and a cloud computing-compatible environment.

What new storage capabilities are built into

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Server 2012

Anil Desai: What Microsoft is doing is bringing traditionally high-end storage facilities that are
related to availability, opening and trustworthiness and adding those facilities into a Windows
Server 2012 height core products so organizations don’t need endless third-party utilities and
drivers to get those kinds of features.

Can we cavalcade down into Windows
Server 2012 storage features
in propinquity to how they mount to urge information center

Desai: The altogether information core plea that Microsoft is perplexing to residence — and they are
pitching [Windows 8] as a cloud-based OS — [is that] a lot of things that we call a private cloud
[and] open cloud — regardless of what they’re called — [are] another evolutionary step in what
we would do with virtualization anyway. Once we’ve used virtualization to urge a portability
of virtual
(VMs, it creates judicious clarity to automate a infrastructures afterwards as well. So rather
than only carrying a ability to pierce a practical appurtenance quick and automatically between host
servers, we also wish a ability to be means to reconfigure storage and a associated networking
settings and we wish all that to pierce with a VMs. It’s a covering of automation.

More on Windows Server 2012 features

Windows Server 2012 enables Active
Directory cloud

Microsoft delivers first
Windows Server 8 beta

Microsoft targets VMware with System
Center 2012 licensing

To capacitate all that, certain forms of storage capabilities [are needed]. Historically, people
would deposit in SANs, generally in incomparable environments, they have investments in ISCSI,
Fibre Channel or Fibre Channel over Ethernet-type architectures in sequence to get facilities [such as]
multipassing, a ability to do discerning involuntary failovers, discerning duplicating between storage arrays and
replication between sites.

In Windows Server 2012, Microsoft has combined a lot of these facilities to boat in a box. An
example of that is built-in
network interface teaming
that’s partial of a core handling system, so we no longer require
third-party drivers in sequence to do that. There is also a invariably accessible record server role.
This provides support for craving facilities [such as] remote direct
memory access
quick transfers between systems and servers. You also have a ability to support
, rarely accessible record servers and involuntary failover. There is multipassing to make
sure we don’t have singular points of failure, since it creates certain we can have mixed network
adapters that are connected to mixed switches going to mixed storage arrays, and we have all
of those facilities accessible as partial of a Windows Server product.

Listen to a rest of a podcast to hear how Windows Server 2012 will assistance CIOs benefit data
center efficiencies and revoke information core operational costs, and how Microsoft has designed
Windows Server 2012 to support a

About a expert: Anil is a author of some-more than 20 technical books focusing on the
Windows Server platform, virtualization, databases and IT government best practices. He is also a
frequent writer to IT publications and conferences. For some-more information, greatfully revisit or email him during

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Tech Weekly Podcast: Preparing for the digital death

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

On a uncover this week Aleks Krotoski explores a thought of digital genocide forward of a Digital Death Day conference holding place in London on 6 October. Aleks is assimilated by co-organisoer Andriana Cassimatis and a developer of a Legacy app, Victoria Moore, to plead because we need to cruise what happens to a flourishing digital resources when we die.

Aleks is assimilated by Guardian record editor Charles Arthur to plead new fines for those who send spam texts and a latest formula from BlackBerry builder RIM.

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Porn attention innovates itself to death

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Podcast not working? Click here to download a file.

The online publishing attention has adopted new technologies so successfully that it’s in risk of innovating itself out of existence, according to author Jeff Sparrow.

“Increasingly, a porn industry’s been dominated by racy versions of YouTube — several file-tube sites — that total content. And, of course, a initial people to do this make squillions of dollars since they get so most traffic, though a indication itself is not financially sustainable,” Sparrow said.

“It’s rather same to what The Huffington Post, say, is doing to a news media.”

Sparrow, a investigate associate during Victoria University in Melbourne, is a author of a new book called Money Shot: a tour into porn and censorship.

As Sparrow explains in this week’s Patch Monday podcast, a porn attention has always taken advantage of new technology, from analog film and videocassette by to digital technologies, like DVD to internet downloads, and now live streaming to personal mobile devices.

“If we demeanour during a story of a internet, an awful lot of a sold technologies, from video streaming to credit label encryption facilities, was driven by a porn industry,” he said.

“The large Hollywood prolongation studios are unequivocally regressive when it comes to new technology, since they’ve got so most invested in it, since it’s pornographers who are prepared to pull a envelope.”

But now, record has reduced prolongation costs, and all though wiped out placement costs, that has been Australia’s normal purpose — to discharge a US’ content. Add this to a palliate of formulating giveaway content, and a attention is doing it tough.

“In a uncanny kind of way, a porn attention now is starting to turn a plant of a possess success,” Sparrow said. “The people that we spoke to suggested that a porn attention during a impulse is going by a serious downturn.”

Sparrow also discusses internet censorship, quite Australia’s attempts to introduce internet filtering.

“There’s no easy approach that any of these proposals for filters are ever going to work. There’s always possibilities to get around them if we want,” he said.

Just like child-protection consultant Karen Flanagan from Save a Children Australia told us in March 2010, Sparrow believes that it’s improved to commission people to understanding with a intensity risks of pornography, rather than try to anathema it and, inevitably, fail.

But while Sparrow is opposite a thought of censorship, his outlook is distant some-more nuanced than “internet leisure good, Australian Christian Lobby bad”.

“The Australian porn laws are a weird historically developed strata, and it’s unequivocally critical to know that history, since they don’t make any clarity but it,” he said, quite per a subtleties of what depends as an excusable X-rated film and what is effectively criminialized as Refused Classification.

To leave an audio criticism on a program, Skype to stilgherrian, or phone Sydney +61 2 8011 3733.

Running time: 41 minutes, 30 seconds.

Disclosure: Stilgherrian supposing Jeff Sparrow with some delinquent recommendation on and contacts associated to a politics of internet censorship.

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The Sports Bruu Podcast Episode 16: NBA Finals, Buzzer Beaters …

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

By Mike Bruu, TSB Sports Writer

The Sports Bruu Podcast earnings with co-host Father Michael Hoffman fasten Mike, as a guys plead several sports and party topics. The squad reviews a NBA Finals and answer who they would build a authorization around, Kevin Durant or LeBron James?

In partial two, a Buzzer Beaters are behind with some really peculiar stories, including a discontented rapper and a offered of diversion used equipment from an ancestral game. 

In partial three, a guys speak about how record has shabby today’s sports coverage, including Mike’s story of how his Game 1 watch event went terribly wrong.

Listen to tools one and dual below.

Click here for partial three.

Download The Sports Bruu Podcast on iTunes by acid ‘Sports Bruu’ and subscribing today! Take TSB on a highway with you!

Follow Sports Bruu @TSBSportsBruu.

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New mLink PCI-E to Thunderbolt Enclosure Shown Off during NAB 2012

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

  • 4/25 @ 7pm PDT / 10pm EDT
    PC Perspective Podcast
  • 4/26 @ 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT
    This Week in Computer Hardware

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Santa Claus

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

The 404 866: Where we refrain from earthy activity (podcast)

Today outlines a commencement of a weekend spent indoors to shun a feverishness and a smell entrance from a sewage plant in Harlem that’s been spewing millions of gallons of untreated New York sewage into a Hudson River given final Wednesday. On today’s episode, we’re chatting about a puzzling likeness between a trailers for a new Spider-Man film and Mirror’s Edge, a slot urinal elucidate a diminutive problem, and some-more tips on how to assistance Jeff’s father bucket songs onto his iPod.

The 404 Digest for Episode 866

Episode 866

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Originally posted during The 404 Podcast

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Week in examination podcast: Dell income dips with new changes

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

In this weekly podcast, featuring a roundup of headlines from TechTarget’s Storage Media Group,
Senior News Director Dave Raffo and Executive Editor Ellen O’Brien plead dual of a tip stories
we had on a Storage Soup blog this week. Dell
has dropped, and CEO Michael Dell addressed a stream information storage meridian on a
conference call Tuesday night. The dual Storage editors also plead because floods in Thailand, which
occurred approximately dual months ago, might meant difficulty for NetApp. had news that National Geographic is embracing
tape archiving
to store petabytes of information in a long-term fasten archive. National Geographic
Global Media uses a Spectra Logic T950 fasten library to safeguard a insurance of a 5 terabytes
to 10 terabytes of media calm it stores each day. The site also brought us a announcement
that Quantum Corp. has enhanced
its information backup system
for a DXi8500 hoop device and Scalar i6000 fasten library products.

The Storage Soup blog continued with news that DataDirect Networks launched a SFA
12K series
to reinstate a prior SFA 10K product. The SFA 12K facilities storage processing,
giving business a ability to hide record systems or applications inside a new appliance. The
blog also had news that Fusion-io doubled a ability and softened a opening of a ioDrive
Octal flash-based
accelerator card

And lastly, from opposite a pond, wrote about London-based Risk Management
Solutions deploying 300 terabytes of ability in a DataDirect Networks S2A9900 high-performance
computing (HPC) storage subsystem

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Week in examination podcast: NexGen Storage releases practical appurtenance system

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

In this weekly podcast, featuring a roundup of headlines from TechTarget’s Storage Media Group,
we plead a new complement recover from startup NexGen
. As reported by a site, a new practical appurtenance storage
system uses solid-state drives and tough drives, and relates granular peculiarity of use (QoS)
levels to “provision performance” opposite tiers. lonesome NetApp Inc.’s proclamation of an ascent to a entry-level FAS2000
storage height with a FAS2240
unified storage array
. The Storage Soup blog summarized Nexsan Corp.’s launch of a E5510 NAS
that can scale to only over a petabyte, as good as flash
startup Virident
Systems Inc.’s recover of a initial multi-level dungeon solid-state label and
latest appropriation round. Other Storage Soup news enclosed a post about XIO (the newly renamed Xiotech)
announcing that former CEO Alan
is a new authority while Oak Investment Partners ubiquitous partner John Beletic will
take over as CEO.

In lighter news that has been impossibly renouned this week, Senior News Director Dave Raffo
spoke with DreamWorks
Animation SKG staff operative Scott Miller about a studio’s storage needs and because DreamWorks
doesn’t cruise itself a large information shop. Puss in Boots, a studio’s new charcterised 3D movie,
filled hundreds of terabytes on DreamWorks’ storage systems, many of it on a Hewlett-Packard
Ibrix-based NAS cluster.

And finally, spoke with Greg Schulz, owner of StorageIO Group, about SSD
, including a latest developments in a record and that industries are holding a
hard demeanour during putting them to work.

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Week in examination podcast: Dell-EMC attribute ends; some-more headlines

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

In this weekly podcast, featuring a roundup of headlines from TechTarget’s Storage Media Group,’s executive editor Ellen O’Brien and comparison news executive Dave Raffo plead the
entrance to a tighten after 10 years of partnership. Although Dell will continue to
give support for all of a customers, it will no longer sell EMC products.

From, learn about Pivot3 and GreenBytes fluctuating their iSCSI SAN
product lines with systems that are optimized for VDI
storage systems
. Also in a headlines this week was startup association Trinti upgrading a VMware
storage appliance
to a incomparable capacity, dual-controller system. The complement includes a reporting
tool that identifies latency from a guest handling complement in further to a VM auto-alignment
feature. has news of Coraid appropriation cloud
association Yunteq. In a initial half of 2012, a storage businessman skeleton to
incorporate a Yunteq program with a ATA over Ethernet (AoE)-based EtherDrive SANs.

The Storage Soup blog has an proclamation per Symantec upgrading a FileStor
N8300 clustered, scale-out NAS appliance. The ascent includes deduplication for primary storage
and file-level cloning.

Senior news author Sonia R. Lelii reported from Storage Networking World (SNW), that took place
last week in Orlando, Fla., about SAN association Brocade
showcasing a new 1860 Fabric Adaptor. Despite a upgrade, that includes a choice to implement
16 Gbps Fibre Channel, 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) or Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
connectivity, Brocade product selling manager James. D. Myers told Lelii he doesn’t see many
companies implementing FCoE right now.

Lastly, for those looking for a freebee, a Data Defenders blog has a dip on Tandberg
charity a giveaway chronicle of Altaro Software’s Hyper-V Backup program that comes included
with a RDX QuikStor removable hoop system.

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