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Trinergy resolution introduced onto SA market

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

A high-power, modular and scalable 200 kW to 1 200 kW uninterruptible appetite supply (UPS) resolution for business-critical smoothness applications is now accessible in South Africa from power-generation and UPS services provider Master Power Technologies.
The Trinergy UPS is grown and made by business information record (IT) networks and integrated information centre solutions provider Emerson-Chloride.
Master Power Technologies sales and selling manager Neill Schreiber says a Trinergy complement incorporates 3 customary configurations – limit appetite control, appetite saving and high potency and appetite conditioning in one high-power UPS.
“This is a singular multiple of technolo- gies, that allows a UPS to guard a sourroundings and handling conditions of a categorical network and cleverly name a duty mode that best suits a line conditions. This enables a complement to work during increasing potency and, during a same time, ensuring limit confidence to a bucket during all times,” he says.
The resolution is means to grasp poignant appetite savings, while progressing good opening and increasing appetite insurance with a high turn of flexibilty, appetite potency and adaptability, in line with a European Union formula of control on best practices.
“The Trinergy pattern comprises a series of 200 kW UPS modules, any finish with a rectifier, inverter and immobile bypass switch. These 200 kW modules are located in a common cabi- net together with an input/output (I/O) row rated during possibly 400 kW, 800 kW or 1 200 kW. The pattern is modular and an additional 200 kW modules can be combined as a bucket direct grows. The complement is routinely operated in an N+1 configuration, that means that components (N) have during slightest one eccentric backup member (+1), providing poignant reliability,” he explains.
As an example, a 1 200 kW I/O row can be commissioned with 3 200 kW modules giving 400 kW N+1 secure outlay – one procedure can destroy and a remaining modules will continue provision a 400 kW load. As a bucket direct increases, serve 200 kW modules can be combined adult to a limit of 5 modules, that will afterwards yield 1 000 kW N+1 output.
The association reports that a singular underline of a pattern ensures that usually a series of modules compulsory to safely supply a bucket in an N+1 condition are kept operating. If a complement detects that a bucket is low, one, dual or even some-more modules are placed in standby mode. Should a bucket direct increase, a procedure or modules will switch on to full handling mode instantaneously, ensuring full insurance to a load.
Another underline of this standby mode ensures a handling modules and a standby modules are rotated during unchanging intervals to safeguard all modules work for a same series of hours over a lifetime of a system.
The Trinergy pattern ensures that collateral costs are good managed in that usually a appetite modules compulsory to accommodate a initial bucket instead of shopping a full complement adult front to accommodate anti- cipated destiny demand.
The product’s modular design and high potency revoke a distance of a electrical infrastructure, circuit insurance inclination and cabling.
Apart from information centre and IT network appli- cations, a Trinergy complement will also support vicious atmosphere conditioning loads, routine control systems, bureau lighting systems and track floodlights, besides other applications.
Up to 8 1 200 kW Trinergy systems can be operated in tandem, providing adult to 9 600 kW of secure power, with one of a lowest sum cost-of-ownership systems now accessible on a market.

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