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Manmohan for coming formidable issues by debate, analysis

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Debate over chief appetite and genetically mutated food has come to a front again, with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday observant such “complex” issues should be approached by a structured discuss and analysis, than being driven by faith or fear.

“Complex issues, be they genetically mutated food or chief appetite or scrutiny of outdoor space, can't be staid by faith, tension and fear though by structured debate, investigate and enlightenment. A systematic proceed and bargain of these issues are, therefore, as critical as a core systematic capabilities,” he said.

Speaking during a 100th annual event of a Indian Science Congress, that non-stop here on Thursday, he pronounced there was need to raise systematic rage in a republic by larger investment in popularising science, not usually in schools and colleges, though also homes, workplaces and a village during large.

The Prime Minister urged a systematic village to give tip priority to investigate in rural prolongation and productivity, appetite security, sanitation, sustenance of protected celebration water, work complete make and concept health caring during affordable costs. “Our grant and investigate contingency be sensitive by a penetrating recognition of a simple amicable and mercantile realities. Given a singular resources that we, as a nation, are means to persevere to systematic research, it is needed that we give priority to assembly those challenges, that are elemental to a mutation of a economy,” he said.

Dr. Singh lucky a holistic organisational proceed with cross-fertilisation of disciplines and synergy among a stakeholders. Research in private laboratories contingency addition government-sponsored research, and academia and investigate systems contingency encourage creation and enterprises and couple adult with those meddlesome in blurb development.

He asked scientists to work for bridging a opening between a haves and have-nots. Referring to general partnership in grant and technology, he asked a systematic village to not usually partner with determined leaders, though also with rising creation powerhouses. Dr. Singh expelled a much-waited science, record and creation policy, that seeks to position India among a tip 5 tellurian systematic powers by 2020. He paid tributes to a first fathers of Indian Science Congress Association — Ashutosh Mukherjee, J.L. Simonsen and P. S. MacMoban — and stalwarts such as Acharya Prfaulla Chandhra Ray, R.N. Mookerjee, Jagdish Chandra Bose, M. Visvesvaraya, C.V. Raman, SN.N. Bose and Meghnad Saha who, he said, done it a car for swelling believe and growth of India.

Shiv Sahay Singh writes:

At a coronation rite of a Indian Science Congress, President Pranab Mukherjee pronounced a Nobel Prize in a sciences was prolonged overdue for India.

He called on a systematic companionship of a republic to arise to a plea and work to achieving a goal.

“It has been 83 prolonged years given C.V. Raman won a Nobel Prize for Physics. Another Nobel Prize in a sciences is prolonged overdue for India. we call on a systematic village collected here to arise adult to this plea and work towards this idea in a time-bound manner,” he said.

Referring to a Nobel Prizes awarded to Ronald Ross, Rabindranath Tagore, C.V. Raman and Mother Teresa, he pronounced all of them were “somehow related to a city of Kolkata.”

The beginning associations compared with a sciences, such as a Asiatic Society, a Indian Association of Cultivation of Science and a Indian Science Congress Association, were set adult in a State. Luminaries such as Sir J.C. Bose, Prof. S.N. Bose, Meghnad Saha and many others emerged from there to build a edifice of complicated grant in a country.

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Borlaug Fellows Gather in Des Moines for World Food Prize

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Last month, hundreds of people from around a universe collected in Des Moines, Iowa, to respect this year’s World Food Prize Laureate, Dr. Daniel Hillel, for his pioneering systematic work in micro-irrigation. His season record revolutionized a proceed farmers watered crops and increasing food prolongation in a dull regions of a Middle East and other tools of a universe for a past 5 decades.

Dr. Hillel’s approval desirous many in assemblage including Dr. Rajashekhara Rao Korada, a comparison scientist from India now in a United States for a Foreign Agricultural Service’s (FAS) Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship Program, a module named in respect of a “Father of a Green Revolution.” During his 12-week brotherhood during Louisiana State University, he’s study harassment government strategies for honeyed potato crops.

Dr. Daniel Hillel (left), leader of a 2012 World Food Prize for his pioneering work in micro-irrigation, greets Dr. Rajashekhara Rao Korada, a Borlaug Fellow from India, after a World Food Prize rite final month. Dr. Korada was one of 38 Borlaug Fellows from 18 countries who attended a annual Borlaug International Symposium and World Food Prize eventuality Oct. 17-19. Since 2006, a Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) has invited fellows to a eventuality to accommodate stream and former World Food Prize Laureates and to learn about vicious rural issues confronting a universe today. (Courtesy Photo)

Dr. Daniel Hillel (left), leader of a 2012 World Food Prize for his pioneering work in micro-irrigation, greets Dr. Rajashekhara Rao Korada, a Borlaug Fellow from India, after a World Food Prize rite final month. Dr. Korada was one of 38 Borlaug Fellows from 18 countries who attended a annual Borlaug International Symposium and World Food Prize eventuality Oct. 17-19. Since 2006, a Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) has invited fellows to a eventuality to accommodate stream and former World Food Prize Laureates and to learn about vicious rural issues confronting a universe today. (Courtesy Photo)

Dr. Koranda hopes his studies capacitate him to one day minister to universe food confidence on as good a turn as Dr. Hillel has. I have a mission, yet in an juvenile stage, to feed a desirous and a lowest of a poor. This goal has been serve desirous by Dr. Hillel,” he pronounced after assembly Dr. Hillel during a ceremony.

Dr. Korada was one of 38 Borlaug Fellows from 18 countries who attended a annual Borlaug International Symposium and World Food Prize rite Oct. 17-19. FAS has invited a fellows to a eventuality given 2006 to accommodate stream and former World Food Prize Laureates and to learn about vicious rural issues confronting a universe today.

On Oct. 17, Dr. Hillel gave a keynote residence during an FAS side eventuality that stressed a holistic proceed to cultivation that takes into comment several systematic disciplines and policies to boost rural productivity. FAS Deputy Administrator Patricia Sheikh chaired a row of speakers for a FAS event, that enclosed Dr. Elizabeth Obeng, a Borlaug Fellow from Ghana study agro-forestry and meridian change during a University of Missouri – Columbia. Dr. Obeng presented on interest of a fellows their innovative strategies for enchanting girl in agriculture.

The fellows also met Norman Borlaug’s granddaughter, Julie Borlaug, who told intense stories about her grandfather during a luncheon that desirous a fellows to lift a flame for creation in agriculture. Borlaug Fellows also met with other members of a Borlaug Family, past World Food Prize Laureates and other high-level rural researchers and policy-makers who attended.

Julie Borlaug, granddaughter of Norman E. Borlaug, tells intense stories about her grandfather to enthuse Borlaug fellows to lift his flame for creation in cultivation during an FAS-sponsored luncheon during a annual Borlaug International Symposium and World Food Prize event. Since 2006, FAS has invited fellows to a eventuality to accommodate stream and former World Food Prize Laureates and to learn about vicious rural issues confronting a universe today. (Courtesy Photo)

Julie Borlaug, granddaughter of Norman E. Borlaug, tells intense stories about her grandfather to enthuse Borlaug fellows to lift his flame for creation in cultivation during an FAS-sponsored luncheon during a annual Borlaug International Symposium and World Food Prize event. Since 2006, FAS has invited fellows to a eventuality to accommodate stream and former World Food Prize Laureates and to learn about vicious rural issues confronting a universe today. (Courtesy Photo)

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US, French physicists win Nobel for quantum work

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

NEW YORK — A Frenchman and an American common a Nobel Prize in production Tuesday for inventing methods to counterpart into a weird quantum universe of ultra-tiny particles, work that could assistance in formulating a new era of super-fast computers.

Serge Haroche of France and American David Wineland non-stop a doorway to new experiments in quantum production in a 1990s by display how to observe particular atoms and particles of light called photons while preserving their quantum properties.  

Quantum physics, a margin about a century old, explains a lot about inlet yet includes some weird-sounding function by individual, removed particles. A molecule resists a thought of either-or: it’s not here or there, it’s arrange of both. It’s not spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise, yet a bit of both. It gets a transparent plcae or spin usually when it’s measured.  

Working separately, a dual scientists, both 68, grown “ingenious laboratory methods” that authorised them to conduct and magnitude and control frail quantum states, a Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said.

Wineland traps ions — electrically charged atoms — and measures them with light, while Haroche controls and measures photons.

“Their ground-breaking methods have enabled this margin of investigate to take a really initial stairs towards building a new form of superfast mechanism formed on quantum physics,” a academy said. “The investigate has also led to a construction of intensely accurate clocks that could turn a destiny basement for a new customary of time.”

Haroche is a highbrow during a College de France and Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris. Wineland is a physicist during a National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST, and a University of Colorado in Boulder.

Haroche pronounced he was out walking with his mother in Paris when he got a call from a Nobel judges.

“I was in a travel and flitting a dais so we was means to lay down,” Haroche told a news discussion in Stockholm by telephone. “It’s really overwhelming.”

He pronounced his work in a area of quantum production could eventually lead to unimaginably quick computers. “You can do things that are taboo by a laws of exemplary physics,” he told The Associated Press.

Haroche also pronounced quantum investigate could assistance make GPS navigating systems some-more accurate.

Wineland told a AP he was sleeping when his mother answered a phone during 3:30 a.m. internal time in Denver. He was definitely repelled even yet his name had come adult before.

“But indeed we hadn’t listened anything this time around. It was positively startling and kind of strenuous right now,” he said. “I feel like we got a lot smarter overnight.”

Asked how he will celebrate, Wineland said: “I’ll substantially be flattering ragged out by this evening. I’ll substantially have a potion of booze and tumble asleep.”

Wineland took heedfulness to note that many people are operative in a field. “First of all, a lot of people have been operative on modernized computers and atomic clocks for a prolonged time. It’s a bit annoying to concentration on only dual individuals,” he said.

Wineland told reporters that he thinks that in a subsequent decade or so, quantum computers will cranky a threshold and be means to hoop problems that are bullheaded on today’s computers.

“At this indicate we wouldn’t suggest anybody buy batch in a quantum computing association … yet we’re optimistic,” he said.

The Nobel judges pronounced quantum computers could radically change people’s lives in a approach that exemplary computers did final century, yet a full-scale quantum mechanism is still decades away.

“The calculations would be impossibly most faster and accurate and we would be means to use it for areas like … measuring a meridian of a earth,” pronounced Lars Bergstrom, a secretary of a esteem committee.

Christopher Monroe, who does identical work during a Joint Quantum Institute during a University of Maryland, pronounced a awarding of a esteem to a dual group “is not a large warn to me. … It was arrange of apparent that they were a package.”   

Monroe pronounced that interjection to a weird properties of a quantum world, when he and Wineland worked together in a 1990s, they were means to put a singular atom in dual places simultaneously.

At that time, it wasn’t transparent that trapping singular atoms could assistance pave a approach to superfast quantum computers, he said. That whole margin “just fell into a laps.”

In an typical computer, information is represented in bits, any of that is possibly a 0 or a one. But in a quantum computer, an particular molecule can radically paint a 0 and a one during a same time. If scientists can make such particles work together, certain kinds of calculations could be finished with blazing speed.

One instance is factoring, a routine of finding what numbers can be double together to furnish a given number. That has implications for violation codes, Monroe said.

The production esteem was a second of a 2012 Nobel Prizes to be announced, with a medicine endowment going Monday to branch dungeon pioneers John Gurdon of Britain and Japan’s Shinya Yamanaka. Each endowment is value 8 million kronor, or about $1.2 million.

Only dual women have won a production esteem given it was initial awarded in 1901: Marie Curie in 1903 and Maria Goeppert-Mayer in 1963.

The prizes are always handed out on Dec. 10, a anniversary of esteem owner Alfred Nobel’s genocide in 1896.

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Nobel Prize for physics: The twin that non-stop a doorway to quantum computers

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012


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Nobel Prize winners Serge Haroche, left, and David Wineland, right. Credit: Haroche, © CNRS Photothèque/Christophe Lebedinsky

Today a Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded a Nobel Prize in production to American David J. Wineland and Serge Haroche of France, who pioneered dual identical initial techniques for watching and determining systems of quantum particles. “The Nobel laureates have non-stop a doorway to a new epoch of investigation with quantum production by demonstrating a approach regard of particular quantum particles but destroying them,” pronounced a academy in a press release. The physicists’ efforts, described as “bringing to life a wildest dreams of scholarship fiction,” could make probable computers some-more absolute than any seen before.

To know Wineland and Haroche’s achievement, it helps to know a quantum speculation of superposition as illustrated in a famous instance called “Schrodinger’s cat.” Imagine a cat in a hermetic box that contains a unwholesome vial of gas that has usually a 50 percent possibility of murdering it. Until a box is non-stop and a cat can be observed, it is both passed and alive; it is in what is called a superposition of states. That is, “there is no singular outcome unless it is celebrated … [Schrodinger’s cat demonstrates] a apparent dispute between what quantum speculation tells us is loyal about a inlet and function of matter on a little turn and what we observe to be loyal about a inlet and function of matter on a perceivable turn — all manifest to a unaided tellurian eye.”

Such is a inlet of quantum states. Particles can reason mixed states during once (such as energy, for example), and a ensuing state will not be famous until a complement is observed. Wineland and Haroche designed and built quantum systems equivalent to Schrondinger’s cat and were means to experimentally determine a probabilistic inlet of their quantum systems. They grown initial methods that removed particular ions and atoms in sequence to manipulate their specific quantum states and directly exam fanciful quantum mechanics.

While both scientists managed to by-pass a unique antithesis of a examination (how can we magnitude something if unfortunate it changes a inlet of it?), they did so in opposite ways. Wineland and his group during a National Institute of Standards and Technology removed particular ions in electromagnetic traps, used laser light to excite a ions into superposition states, and totalled a rate during that any probable outcome occurred. Haroche topsy-turvy a purpose of light and atoms, regulating a mirrored form to trap particles of light, called photons, and delicately injected singular atoms in a form to change a state of a atom.

Accessing and utilizing vast arrays of particular superposition states of quantum particles could have a vast impact on computing. Our stream computers work formed on switches, famous as transistors, any containing dual probable states: on and off. Due to materialisation of superposition, quantum-based processors could have many programmable states, heading to much, most faster computational times. However, isolating some-more than several quantum switches during a time is intensely difficult, and a covenant to a achievements of this year’s winners.

Kenneth Evans is a connoisseur novice for Kirstin Matthews, associate in scholarship and record process during a Baker Institute. He is operative toward a Ph.D. in practical production underneath Douglas Natelson, a highbrow of production and astronomy during Rice University.

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Paper Provides Glimpse Of Nobel Prize Winner’s Work Toward Quantum …

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

A glance of Nobel Prize leader David J. Wineland‘s work, can be seen in a paper he co-wrote with Deitrich Leibfried, published online in Jan 2011.

David J. Wineland, who along with Serge Haroche, a highbrow during Collège de France and École Normale Supérieure, in Paris, were jointly famous by a Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and awarded a Nobel Prize for Physics Oct. 9, 2012, for their particular work in watching and examining a elemental interactions between light particles and matter.

In Wineland’s and Leibfried’s paper, “Quantum information estimate and metrology with
trapped ions,” a dual scientists explain their work in formulating algorithms regulating subatomic particles in a step that could lead mechanism scientists one step closer to quantum information processing.

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Announcing a EGI Writing Prize 2013 in organisation with iSGTW

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

The hunt for a Higgs boson was positively a grid computing story of 2012. Help us find a subsequent vast thing for 2013 and win €500 value of dream gadgets!

The European Grid Infrastructure is gratified to announce a EGI Writing Prize 2013 in organization with iSGTW.

We entice researchers and scholarship writers from all over a universe to send us enchanting articles about unsentimental applications of grid computing in science. The foe is separate into dual categories:

• Researchers: PhD students and early career scientists (up to 7 years after finishing PhD) who have used or are regulating grid computing for their research. We’ll cruise all fields of investigate from humanities to geology or anything else.

• Writers: This difficulty includes everybody with an seductiveness in scholarship essay (bloggers, freelancers, journalists); scholarship communication students we’re looking during you!

The esteem for any difficulty is €500 value of electronic gadgets of your choice. You collect a gadgets, we collect adult a bill. You will also get your essay published on EGI’s website and newsletter and on iSGTW – a weekly online repository specialised in e-Science. The winners will also accept a giveaway sheet to a EGI Community Forum in Manchester, where a endowment rite will be held.

Entries contingency be emailed to by 25th Jan 2013 and contingency be no some-more than 800 difference long. The winning entries for any difficulty will be comparison by a row of EGI and iSGTW staff. You can find out some-more on a foe website.


Notes for editors:

About a European Grid Infrastructure (EGI)
The European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) ( is a association of apparatus providers set adult to broach sustainable, integrated and secure computing services to European researchers and their general partners. is an organization set adult to coordinate and conduct a infrastructure (EGI) on interest of a participants: National Grid Initiatives (NGIs) and European Intergovernmental Research Organisations (EIROs). EGI-InSPIRE (EGI-Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Research in Europe) is a four-year plan involving 50 partners in over 40 countries. The plan is co-funded by a European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme (contract number: RI-261323) to assistance lay down a EGI operational and support processes, as good as to build a tolerable e-Infrastructure, eccentric from plan cycles. By a time EGI-InSPIRE finishes in 2014, EGI will be a tolerable and constant provider of computing resources for European scientists and researchers.

About International Science Grid This Week

iSGTW is an general weekly online announcement that covers distributed computing and a investigate it enables.

We news on all aspects of distributed computing technology, such as grids and clouds. We also frequently underline articles on distributed computing-enabled investigate in a vast accumulation of disciplines, including physics, biology, sociology, earth sciences, archaeology, medicine, disaster management, crime, and art. (Note that we do not cover stories that are quite about blurb technology.)

In a stream incarnation, iSGTW is also an online end where we can horde a form and blog, and find and disseminate announcements and information about events, deadlines, and jobs. In a nearby destiny it will also be a place where we can network with colleagues.

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WinZip(R) to Hit 1 Billion Downloads

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

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WinZip Says Thanks with Free WinZip(R) Courier(TM) 3.5 Giveaway and HDTV Prize Draw

August 23, 2012 —

MANSFIELD, CONNECTICUT — (Marketwire) — 08/23/12 —

Editors Note: There are dual photos compared with this press release.

WinZip Computing, a Corel company, is on a approach to achieving 1 billion downloads of WinZip within a subsequent 4 weeks. As a appreciate we to a customers, WinZip is celebrating with a Countdown to 1 Billion Downloads Giveaway. From now until Sep 14, 2012, download WinZip 16.5 for Windows from to accept a free, full chronicle of WinZip Courier(TM) 3.5 and a possibility to win a 60-inch Samsung TV.

In today’s universe of pity and online storage, users need a improved approach to conduct a distance of their files and keep a information they save in a cloud secure. WinZip draws on a core strength as a #1 zip program to broach a energy of application and confidence to where it’s indispensable many – email, mobile, amicable media and online. More applicable than ever, WinZip’s offerings embody apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 8 on a way, along with a ZipSend(TM) and ZipShare(TM) online services.


“Every month, millions of people download WinZip on their favorite device or spin to a ZipSend and ZipShare services to simply and firmly share and broach information. As we applaud a extraordinary feat of a initial billion downloads, a latest era of products and services move together WinZip’s core strengths of application and confidence with a partnership of a Web,” Patrick Nichols, President of WinZip Computing.

Prize Draw Details

WinZip invites a business to applaud a 1 billion downloads miracle by holding partial in a Countdown to 1 Billion Downloads Giveaway. To enter, revisit to find a Prize Draw Official Rules Celebrating Over One Billion WinZip Downloads! and download WinZip 16.5 or a WinZip 16.5 hearing to validate for a free, full chronicle of WinZip Courier 3.5 and enter a Prize Draw for a possibility to win a 60-inch Samsung HDTV. Customers already using a latest chronicle of WinZip can still qualify. The Countdown to 1 Billion Downloads Giveaway runs until Sep 14, 2012. See a Prize Draw Official Rules Celebrating Over One Billion WinZip Downloads! for sum at:

About WinZip Computing

Since a introduction in 1991, WinZip has been famous as a world’s heading provider of record application technology. WinZip Computing, a Corel company, offers WinZip, a world’s many renouned Zip utility, and other innovations including a ZipShare(TM) Facebook service, a ZipSend(TM) record smoothness service, WinZip apps for iOS and Android, and WinZip Mac Edition. For some-more information about WinZip, greatfully revisit

Copyright 2012 WinZip Computing SL. All Rights Reserved. Corel, a Corel trademark and a Corel balloon trademark are trademarks or purebred trademarks of Corel Corporation and/or a subsidiaries. WinZip, a WinZip logo, Courier, ZipSend and, ZipShare are trademarks or purebred trademarks of WinZip International LLC. All other product names and any purebred and unregistered trademarks mentioned are used for marker functions usually and sojourn a disdainful skill of their particular owners.

To perspective a photos compared with this release, greatfully revisit a following links:

Media Contact
WinZip Computing
Jessica Gould
613-728-0826 x 5405

Copyright @ Marketwire

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Cloud computing bookshelf: Great summer reads

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

With record-high temps boiling many of a U.S., it’s a ideal time to spin off the
computer, squeeze a book and strike a beach. So we asked a few of a cloud computing
experts and SearchCloudComputing staff to share their book recommendations.

Our cloud computing bookshelf has something for everybody — from tech reads about amicable media,
cloud computing and large information to some good novella and non-fiction page turners. So squeeze your lawn
chair, slather on a sunscreen and take some time to relax a small before this summer’s out of reach.


I don’t unequivocally review technical books; we review nonfiction books. And a many new nonfiction
book we review was Rather
by Dan Rather. 

I review about dual novella books a week, mostly mystery, thriller, crime books. we usually finished The
, by Jo Nesbo, a Norwegian writer. He is one of a few unequivocally good Scandanavian
writers, such as Henning Mankell and a late Stieg Larsson.

One specific quote that has stranded with me from Dan Rather’s book is simply one word: “steady.”
Rather spoken a word “steady” over and over to himself while he sat during his CBS News Anchor desk
reporting 9/11 as it unfolded. His son lived down in a World Trade Center area and he had to
report on a happenings as they seemed on video. He was so romantic that he did not trust he
would be means to keep from violation down on inhabitant TV. He was means to overcome this by saying
“steady” over and over to himself. we have attempted this in a integrate of situations given we review the
book in early Jun 2012, and it works.

I rarely suggest The Snowman and Dan Rather’s book. Rather was a colonize in covering
hurricanes, a Civil Rights movement, a Vietnam War, a Kennedy assassination in Dallas, the
Afgan-Russian fight and Watergate. Often CBS was a usually news classification covering some of these
events in any detail, and mostly that was since of Rather. His book also describes a pressure
politicians place on news organizations to not news certain events. Rather also goes into great
detail about a story that he and his cohorts had on President Bush and his troops record as a
pilot, or miss thereof. This story got Rather and several others during CBS fired.


An industry-related book I’m reading is Hadoop: The
Definitive Guide, 3rd ed.
, by Tom White (O’Reilly Media). It covers Hadoop core,
MapReduce, HDFS, Pig,
Hbase, Zookeeper and
Sqoop in 600 pages with a foreword by Doug Cutting, a creator of Hadoop.
Tom worked on Amazon Web Services’ Elastic MapReduce doing on AWS Elastic
Compute Cloud (EC2)
and Amazon
Simple Storage Service (S3)
and is now a member of a Hadoop Project Management Committee.
Although I’m usually 200 pages into a book, we find his Hadoop
to be comprehensive nonetheless being pedantic.

As for non-industry books, I’m reading The Dream of a Celt by Mario
Vargas Llosa, Peru’s many famous complicated author and leader of 2010’s Nobel Prize for Literature. His
popularity in El Norte is a product of a “Latin American Literature Renaissance” of a 1960s,
which also introduced Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Colombia; my favorite author of all time), Carlos
Fuentes (Mexico) and many other Latin American writers to North American and European audiences. My
Spanish is rather limited, so I’ve also systematic a English translation.

If you’re looking for a good review this summer, I’d suggest Llosa’s The Green
, that reminds me of Garcia Marquez’ works, as good as El Senor
and The Mirror of Lida
: Tales Based on Mayan Myths and Guatemalan Legends by Miguel Angel Asturias, who
also won a Nobel prize. Asturias’ Men of
: The Modernist Epic of a Guatemalan Indians is also a good review if you’re
interested in Mayan enlightenment (as we am).


My many new tech review is “OpenFlow,” published by Wiley. The subject of OpenFlow design is key; this is a
digest of element accessible from a array of sources. I got an email from a customer suggesting
that we review it. I consider it’s useful to those who don’t wish to worry with extent of
research accessible online, nonetheless it doesn’t allege a state of a art.

My stream party review is Cautious
: Franklin D. Roosevelt, American Public Opinion, and a War opposite Nazi
, by Steven Casey. I’m reading this one on my Kindle.

Tom nolle, cloud expert


Books from Manning and O’Reilly seem to browbeat my bookshelf (a.k.a. iPad) these days. At the
top of a smoke-stack are Allen Downey’s Think
, Nathan Yau’s Vizualize
: The FlowingData Guide to Design, Visualization and Statistics, and Paul
Teetor’s R
. I’m spending a lot of time on data
analysis and large data
so that explains a concentration on statistics books. I’ve usually started Sean
Owen and Robin Anil’s Mahout
in Action
, and we wish to start on Nathan Marz’s Big Data soon. 

For fun, my family is bending on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. Three of us
are reading a array now. I’m about median by A
Game of Thrones
, a initial in a series. We gave adult pity a singular duplicate of a first
book and we any have a possess now. (This has been a clear and for family tranquility.) In case
I don’t get adequate dispute and adversary in A Game of Thrones, one of my sons gave me
Nicholas Pileggi’s Casinoabout
organized crime in Las Vegas. I’ve usually started Manning Marable’s Malcom
X: A Life of Reinvention
, another benefaction from one of my sons. It’s good to have a birthday at
this time of year to settle your summer reading list.

I’d suggest A Game of Thrones — even if you’ve seen a TV series, Game of
on HBO. There is some-more in a book than could be prisoner in a show. On a technical
side, I’d suggest Visualize This. I spend a lot some-more time meditative about information structures
and algorithms than about how to make formula respectable to finish users. This book helps address
that deficiency. 

Michelle Boisvert
Senior Site Editor
I’m reading dual books right now for pleasure. we chose to review a initial one, The
Way of a Peaceful Warrior
by Dan Millman, when we started training for my second Ironman
triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) in June. we indispensable some motivation, and this
book helped to remind me that if we put in a time and trust in yourself, we can do anything
you set out to do. And, overtly after reading The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and a rest
of a Millennium
, we indispensable something a bit some-more uplifting!

The other book I’m reading for pleasure is Cloud Atlas, by David
Mitchell. And as many as it sounds like it’s associated to a cloud
computing market
, it isn’t. It’s a novel about a clearly unrelated, nonetheless surprisingly
interrelated lives of 6 people. A good crony of cave endorsed it, nonetheless he warned me it’s
not a light read. we find myself carrying to take a step behind to unequivocally grasp what’s going on in each
chapter and with any character. Might be some-more concerned than your normal beach read, nonetheless it’s
worth picking up.

I’m reading The Way of a Peaceful Warrior on my Kindle, that suggests noted quotes
and passages for a reader. And that unequivocally annoys me. we frequency ever determine with them and a ones
I do find noted are never noted as such. One quote in this book that’s stranded with me was,
“There are no typical moments.” Every impulse has a specific reason behind it — we usually have to
look. And as we form this, we see a irony in it all. Maybe we should go behind and give those
suggested passages another chance.

bridget botelho, cloud news director

Bridget Botelho
News Director
I’m not reading any cloud
industry-specific books right now, nonetheless we do accept them from publishers from time
to time. (Virtualization for Dummies comes to mind. How insulting!) we typically get my
information online from reports, tech news, blogs, e-books and from my intelligent IT sources.

I switch between a array of opposite books during a same time, and as a soon-to-be initial time
parent, a few of them tumble underneath a “How not to irreparably repairs a child” genre. we am reading What to Expect When
You’re Expecting
, that should be personal as Horror as any section is some-more terrifying
than a next.

I’m also re-reading A
Thousand Splendid Suns
by Khaled Hosseini. we review The Kite Runner (like
everyone else on a planet) and wanted some-more from Hosseini. The male is a genius. The poetry is so
gorgeous it creates me wish to spin in my author card; I’ll never come tighten to delivering a story
anywhere nearby that level. It’s humbling. There are so many relocating passages in A Thousand
Splendid Suns
that it’s formidable to select one, nonetheless this stood out: “Like a compass needle
that points north, a man’s accusing finger always finds a woman.”

I suggest this book (and Hosseini’s other novel The Kite
) because it offers a glance into a lives of a people of Afghanistan — a
place we’ve listened about roughly each day for a past decade in newspapers and on television, but
really know small about. This book also put into viewpoint a opportunities and a advantages
we take for postulated as Americans. It stirs adult gratitude.

Stuart Johnston
Senior News Writer
Right now we spend many of my reading time usually perplexing to stay stream with a latest news developments in cloud computing.
For a residue of my reading time, we typically review history. Right now, I’m reading A
World Undone
: The Story of a Great War, 1914 to 1918 by G.J. Meyer.

WWI shaped many of a informative and chronological substructure for a 20th century,
helped pave a approach for a arise of a U.S. as a universe power, and led to WWII and a Cold War. So
many books have been created about WWI that many, if not most, shimmer over a plan and strategy.
This is a one-book story that covers many of what’s blank from many others on a topic.

Caitlin White
Associate Site Editor
I recently bought Socialnomics by
Erik Qualman, about how social media affects
our minds and how we live. we also bought a book Amazon kept recommending for me — as if it could
see into my iPhone-addicted essence — called The
Winter of Our Disconnect
about a family that utterly literally pulled a block on all a electronic
for 6 months to see how it would impact communication. Ironically, it is accessible on
the Internet-enabled Kindle.

I’m always vacant during a volume of classical novels we haven’t nonetheless read. Summer, for me, has always
been a good time to puncture into that must-read-before-I-die classics list. And with many being
inexpensive, or even free, on a Kindle, we can bucket it adult for a beach. Currently, I’m about
shoulders-deep in a
copy of Brideshead Revisited
we got for Christmas. Evelyn Waugh’s novel is famous for
speaking to a decrease of a upper-class in England as a 1920s incited to a 1930s, and the
concurrent confrontations with religion, nonetheless where a book unequivocally gets to me is how it speaks
about memory and nostalgia — ideal summer themes.

The memory thesis comes into play on my favorite passage, a hauntingly elementary line that’s echoed
through a book: “I’ve been here before.” we even embellished a thoroughfare on a board for my fiancé’s
birthday present. Though we can’t pronounce to a initial dual yet, I’d really recommend

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Microsoft Security Toolkit Delivers New BlueHat Prize Defensive Technology

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012






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The FINANCIAL — Microsoft Corp.’s Trustworthy Computing Group currently released
the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 3.5 Technology
Preview, that includes new Return Oriented Programming defenses
inspired by BlueHat Prize foe finalist Ivan Fratric.


The EMET 3.5 Technology Preview is a openly accessible confidence apparatus that creates it some-more formidable for enemy to feat vulnerabilities and benefit complement access. The BlueHat Prize competition, a module directed during nurturing creation in feat mitigations by awarding some-more than $250,000 in money and prizes, was launched by Microsoft one year ago during a Black Hat confidence discussion in Las Vegas.


As Microsoft reported, a foe sealed Apr 1, 2012, and a 3 finalists were named on Jun 21, 2012. The association will announce either Fratric or another BlueHat Prize finalist will accept a grand esteem of $200,000 during a company’s Researcher Appreciation Party on Thursday, Jul 26, during approximately 10 p.m. PDT.

“In reduction than 3 months, we successfully integrated one of a BlueHat Prize finalists’ technologies with EMET 3.5 Technology Preview to assistance make program significantly some-more resistant to exploitation,” pronounced Mike Reavey, comparison executive of a Microsoft Security Response Center during Microsoft . “As a risk of rapist attacks on private and supervision mechanism systems continues to increase, we’ve been means to accomplish a idea with a BlueHat Prize contest, incentivizing researchers to deposit in defensive investigate and rise technologies that could be put into play to assistance make a computing ecosystem safer.”

Fratric, who warranted a Ph.D. in mechanism scholarship and is a researcher during a University of Zagreb located in Zagreb, Croatia, submitted a singular resolution called ROPGuard, that hinders attacks that precedence ROP. ROP is an modernized technique that enemy use to mix brief pieces of soft code, already benefaction in a system, for a antagonistic purpose. ROPGuard defines a set of checks that can be used to detect when certain functions are being called in a context of antagonistic ROP formula and can assistance strengthen opposite attacks exploiting memory reserve vulnerabilities.

“Developing a antecedent is one thing, though carrying it integrated with an tangible product such as EMET 3.5 Tech Preview is something else entirely,” pronounced Fratric when he schooled that his BlueHat Prize entrance was incorporated into a toolkit. “I’m unequivocally vehement about my record anticipating a approach to users and wish that it will assistance make them some-more secure opposite stream threats.”

EMET 3.5 Technology Preview builds on a recently expelled EMET 3.0 toolkit that enclosed facilities for craving configuration, deployment and eventuality logging that assistance concede for real-time presentation of exploitation attempts. This is partial of a continued growth bid and a response to approach feedback from EMET business seeking some-more options for a craving environment. Additional sum on this bid have been published currently in a paper “Building a Safer, More Trusted Internet Through Information Sharing.”



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Microsoft Announces Finalists of Inaugural $250000 BlueHat Prize

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012


By Bill Klump | @TheKlumper

Microsoft Corp.’s Trustworthy Computing Group currently announced a tip 3 finalists of a BlueHat Prize, a foe that awards researchers some-more than $250,000 in money and prizes for building new, innovative mechanism confidence insurance technologies. Microsoft will announce the grand esteem winner at a Researcher Appreciation Party on Jul 26, 2012, following a Black Hat briefings in Las Vegas.

In an bid to lessen whole classes of vulnerabilities, Microsoft presented this plea to a attention final August, spurring some of a brightest confidence minds opposite a globe. Microsoft was happy to see appearance from opposite a investigate village and academia. After in-depth analysis of a entries, Microsoft comparison 3 finalists who any grown singular solutions that impede attacks that precedence Return Oriented Programming (ROP). ROP is an modernized technique that enemy use to mix brief pieces of soft code, already benefaction in a system, for a antagonistic purpose.

The following, in alphabetical order, are a 3 finalists:

  • Jared DeMott – DeMott is a researcher obvious for training a march patrician “Application Security: For Hackers and Developers” during confidence conferences. DeMott submitted a BlueHat Prize entrance called /ROP that checks to safeguard that aim addresses of lapse instructions, that ROP exploits use, are safe.
  • Ivan Fratric – Fratric warranted a Ph.D. in mechanism scholarship and is a researcher during a University of Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia. Fratric’s entry, named ROPGuard, defines a set of checks that can be used to detect when certain functions are being called in a context of antagonistic ROP code.
  • Vasilis Pappas – Pappas is a Ph.D. tyro during Columbia University in a City of New York who actively researches information security. Pappas’ submission, called kBouncer, is a ROP slackening technique that detects aberrant control transfers regulating common hardware features.

“Microsoft applauds these researchers who met a plea and grown defensive solutions that go above and over required confidence practices focused on finding particular issues,” pronounced Mike Reavey, comparison director, Microsoft Security Response Center. “We can’t wait to see how this beginning will enthuse others to try defensive record investigate in sequence to potentially lessen whole classes of vulnerabilities.”

Microsoft will exhibit some-more information on a entries during a company’s Researcher Appreciation Party. The association will endowment one finalist $200,000 for a grand prize, while a initial runner-up will win $50,000 and a second runner-up will win an MSDN Universal subscription valued during $10,000.

“Historically, a confidence attention has focused on rewarding researchers for identifying and stating particular vulnerabilities,” pronounced Brad Arkin, comparison director, security, Adobe products and services. “The BlueHat Prize represents a new and sparkling proceed that motivates researchers to come adult with solutions that will assistance lessen whole classes of attacks opposite customers.”

The central BlueHat Prize foe manners and discipline are accessible during Microsoft supposed 20 competition entries from Aug. 3, 2011, until Apr 1, 2012, with a final entrance being perceived only 8 mins before a deadline. After all a entries were submitted, a row of Microsoft confidence engineers judged a submissions formed on a following criteria: practicality and functionality (30 percent); robustness — how easy it would be to bypass a due resolution (30 percent); and impact (40 percent).


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