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Chipmakers dream of China as they conduct to Spain’s smartphone gala

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014
US-MOBILE-WORLD-CHIPS:Chipmakers dream of China as they conduct to Spain s smartphone gala
Reuters Handout picture expelled by shows a Qualcomm MDM9615M chip on a house of a new iPhone 5 in Melbourne, Australia Sep 21, 2012. REUTERS/

By Noel Randewich

SAN FRANCISCO/BARCELONA (Reuters) – The world’s biggest mobile brands will shove for a spotlight during a premier mobile attention eventuality this week in Spain, though divided from a glitzy displays chipmakers will be rapt with China, a largest mobile marketplace on a planet.

From Qualcomm and Intel to MediaTek, Marvell and Broadcom, a suppliers of a essential components that energy smartphone applications and expostulate high-speed wireless connectors are scrambling to gain on opportunities holding figure as Chinese brands and telecoms carriers such as China Mobile rigging adult for 4G LTE, or Long-Term Evolution.

China’s pierce to LTE, a customary now adopted mostly in a United States, gives Intel and other chipmakers a singular possibility to hit widespread LTE chip retailer Qualcomm off a perch.

The Mobile World Congress will be a pivotal battleground.

With some-more Chinese companies than ever arrangement adult in Spain – 99 exhibitors from China this year, adult from 70 final year – a eventuality presents an eventuality for chipmakers to uncover off their best products.

Companies including Intel and Qualcomm will entrance new and arriving LTE-oriented microprocessors in Barcelona. Many are designed to devour reduction energy and will be labelled reduce than prior cutting-edge components, creation them ideal for mid-range and cheaper phones renouned in China and other rising markets.

That concentration will be pervasive opposite a muster floor.

Qualcomm has combined a Chinese chronicle of a Mobile World Congress smartphone app for a eventuality and has posted translations of signs around a arrangement area. It’s even promulgation pre-show emails in Chinese destined during Chinese visitors.

“We’re going to have a lot of demos targeted during China, a lot of demos on LTE,” pronounced Executive Vice President Cristiano Amon. “Qualcomm looks during a eventuality of LTE and a smartphone emigration in rising markets as a unequivocally large opportunity.”

Taiwan’s MediaTek, small famous in a United States notwithstanding being a tip smartphone chip actor in a immeasurable Chinese market, is rising a branding debate directed during a event’s 75,000 attendees, with ads prominently displayed during a airport, gathering core and other areas around a city.

Billboard ads arrangement calm smartphone users opposite a operation of ethnicities underscore MediaTek’s devise to precedence a low-cost business indication to turn a some-more tellurian actor and contest serve opposite Qualcomm.


Thanks to an early record advantage, Qualcomm has been probably a solitary provider of LTE chips for smartphones for scarcely 4 years. The adoption of LTE in some-more countries is approaching to fuel direct for chips.

“They’re unequivocally good during LTE,” MediaTek Chief Marketing Officer Johan Lodenius said. “What’s in a preference is that all a operators worldwide are unequivocally looking for an alternative. They don’t wish to be single-sourced with Qualcomm.”

Following engineering setbacks, Intel, MediaTek, Broadcom and other Qualcomm challengers in Barcelona are also compelling new and arriving LTE offerings, nonetheless few of those chips are approaching to uncover adult in smartphones that will be on arrangement this week.

Santa Clara, California-based chipmaker Marvell has done some early progress, with a LTE components selected for a handful of arriving low-priced phones directed during a fast-growing China market.

On Monday, Intel announced a new LTE chip it’s contrast with vital wireless carriers. Intel Marketing Director Julie Coppernoll pronounced that chip would be used in phones sole after in 2014.

If so, that would be a vital step brazen in a Santa Clara, California, company’s smartphone business after it was delayed to commend a mobile series sparked by Apple’s initial iPhone in 2007.

“There are a lot of people creation a lot of sound about removing these things to market. We’re unequivocally removing ours to market,” Coppernoll said. “We have done radical shifts in swell and improvements in a products and a operative relationships.”

Like other chipmakers, Intel has been redrawing a roadmap to concentration some-more on smartphones retailing next $300 and reduction on components for high-end phones like a iPhone 5S, that in a United States retails for $649 and aloft but a contract.

Broadcom this month debuted a new LTE chip directed during mid- to low-priced smartphones.

Worldwide shipments of high-end phones are approaching to grow a scanty 4 percent a year by 2018, according to ARM Holdings, a British association behind most of a record used in mobile processors.

But shipments of mid-range phones and entry-level smartphones are approaching to grow 14 and 17 percent a year, respectively, ARM believes.

For a part, Qualcomm on Sunday denounced dual arriving mobile chips, both of that embody LTE and are directed precisely during China. Manufacturers are also set to announce some-more than 10 new Qualcomm-based devices, including several LTE phones, pronounced a Qualcomm spokeswoman.

Even Microsoft – an also-ran in a mobile record space – is penetrating to enhance a participation in a China handset market. It announced a new anxiety pattern module to make it easy for manufacturers to fast launch Windows-based smartphones regulating Qualcomm chips.

(Reporting by Noel Randewich; Editing by Ken Wills)

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Qualcomm talks adult a information centre

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

2014 The year connected TVs go simple

Sony, LG, Hisense, and TCL enjoyed a CES spotlight for a false creation in TVs: …

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Intel Eyes A Larger Share In Mobile Computing

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

While Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) has been a world’s widespread PC Microprocessor builder for over dual decades, it has had problem perspicacious newer processor markets for tablets and smartphones, in that Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) and Samsung (PINK:SSNLF, including Apple) are dominant.  As a result, a company’s expansion has declined significantly in new quarters, given a enervated state and capricious arena of a PC attention (perhaps now bottoming).

Intel is no longer contingent usually on PCs—it subsequent usually 62% of a income from a PC marketplace in a many new quarter. It has prolonged had a really clever and flourishing position in a marketplace for Server Microprocessors (the Data Center Group). And a Atom Microprocessors (the Other Intel Architecture Group) have had substantial traction in a markets for Embedded Systems and, for a time anyway, Netbooks.  Yet a efforts to enter a Handset  advanced proof marketplace with a Atom processor have been thwarted, even as a presentation of an Adroid/iOS nearby duopoly in Smartphones has driven even once widespread players (such as TI) from a market.  Yet leveraging a care in routine record and a pierce to SOC-based designs, a association perseveres with some success.

Intel marked a many new bearing in a mobile marketplace with a merger in 2011 of Infineon’s Wireless Solutions Business.  This gave it a nearby tip ranking in a marketplace for mobile baseband processors, even as Qualcomm and Samsung achieved their prevalence by Apple and Android. With substantial investment and effort, it has built on this and a Atom-based SOCs now appetite around 12 smartphones and 15 tablets during present, since heading actor ARM Holdings accounts for tighten to 90% of a market. [1] The association skeleton to significantly boost a investment in chips for a fast-growing inscription marketplace and reduce investment in a core PC processor business.

Intel continues to concentration on producing some-more appetite fit chips and adding facilities for connectivity and security. Indeed, that was a subject of a company’s Analyst Day yesterday, by that government supposing a minute update. We are still reviewing a saturated element though note a some-more trained investment in targeted markets (i.e. focusing many where it has traction) should furnish larger success.  Despite rising competition, we trust that an expanding mobile portfolio will assistance Intel boost its penetration in a smartphone and inscription market. Listed subsequent are certain points reiterating a faith in a same.

Our stream cost of $29 for Intel is during a 10% reward to a stream marketplace price.

See a finish research for Intel

New Chips To Spur Future Demand

Intel’s progressing Atom SoC formed on Clover Trail and Clover Trail+ platforms were benefaction in a comparatively tiny series of tablets. Backed by some new high form pattern wins such as a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a association now accounts for 4%-5% of a tellurian inscription market. [2]

Intel intends to quadruple a series of tablets, trimming from subsequent $100 to $400, with a chips to some-more than 40 million subsequent year. [3] It believes that a arriving products and platforms can fuel attention direct in a future.

– Intel recently introduced its Silvermont chip, that offer three times improved opening or identical turn of opening regulating 5 times reduction power compared to a Atom chips. Supporting both a Windows as good as a Android platforms, Intel believes that Silvermont is one of a biggest chip pattern advances in a history. Its first quad-core Atom SoC (Bay Trail) for tablets and the Merrifield height for smartphones will be formed on a new architecture. Intel intends to extend its product line opposite shade sizes and cost points in tablets. Process migrations to finer geometries probably assure poignant advances in appetite potency forward of a competition.

– Intel aims to boost a mobile chip striking opening by fifteen times and a CPU opening by 5 times by 2016. At a researcher conference, it introduced dual arriving mobile chips (Cherry Trail Boxton) from a Atom-based SOC line that will be done regulating a 14 nm process. Expected to boat during a finish of 2014, Cherry Trail is a high opening mobile chip that underline Intel’s subsequent era graphics, as well.

– Cherry Trail will be succeeded by a faster and some-more power-efficient chip, code-named Broxton, that will seem in inclination from 2015 onward. Broxton has a opposite chip pattern compared to a predecessors and is built into what Intel executives called a “chassis” to that other components can be simply connected.

LTE Capability To Expand Footprint In The Smartphone Market

Intel’s multimode, multiband 4G LTE resolution (XMM 7160) started shipping commercially during a finish of final month. Prior to that a association was usually shipping the single-mode 4G LTE information solution. XMM 7160 is one of a industry’s smallest and lowest-power multimode-multiband LTE solutions that supports smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks. It provides seamless connectivity, supports 15 LTE bands concurrently and is voice-over LTE (VoLTE) capable. Intel’s XMM 7160 is featured in a LTE chronicle of a Samsumg Galaxy Tab, that is now accessible in Asia and Europe.

4G/LTE is a destiny of wireless connectivity for mobile devices, generally smartphones, and a dominance in a prolongation of LTE chips has enabled Qualcomm to lead the smartphone marketplace so far. Of a several technologies that are pushing a marketplace currently, LTE is saying a strongest expansion as carriers around a universe increasingly change to a new customary for wireless communication. Competing firm Nvidia estimates a LTE marketplace to some-more than double by 2016. [4]

Despite unbending foe in a mobile computing space, we trust that LTE formation will capacitate Intel to make a deeper incursion in a smartphone market.

Expanding The Contract Manufacturing Business

At a researcher discussion this week, Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich announced that he skeleton to enhance a company’s Foundry (i.e., agreement manufacturing) business by permitting some-more chip designers to daub into a world’s many modernized routine technology. The association is approach forward of foe in building a 14 nm and 10 nm production technologies.

The Foundry business now serves tiny vendors and does not minister most to Intel’s revenue. This will change with a additional of Altera’s  FPGAs during 14 nm.  The further of  a  high-volume engineer of mobile processors could change things dramatically. The association voiced larger honesty to Arm-based pattern during this week’s meeting. And many observers consternation if and when Apple will wish to precedence Intel’s leadership, that would furnish poignant change.   Even absent this, we trust a pierce can accelerate Intel’s expansion in mobile computing processors, despite as it lags behind heading smartphone and inscription chipmakers.

Understand How a Company’s Products Impact a Stock Price during Trefis


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Qualcomm Analysts Still Positive But See Challenges

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Qualcomm batch fell Thursday following third-quarter formula and superintendence that suggested a cellphone chipmaker is being pinched by downward shifts in pricing.

Qualcomm late Wednesday exceeded income estimates for a mercantile fourth entertain finished Sept. 29, though a gain missed. The gain skip was a outcome of a 10-cent assign stemming from litigation, as IBD reported.

Qualcomm’s superintendence for a stream entertain was next Wall Street expectation, though a opinion for a mercantile 2014 remained in line with accord estimates. Qualcomm superintendence for a full year is mostly formed on expectations for new products and flourishing strength in China.

 View Enlarged Image

But Qualcomm batch was down 4.5%, nearby 66.50, in afternoon trade in a batch market Thursday.

“The association is saying vigour in a high finish as a shred appears to be undergoing a product shift, that is approaching driven by Samsung,” wrote Kulbinder Garcha, an researcher with Credit Suisse, in a investigate report. “However, Qualcomm’s position in this shred appears solid, with (4G) LTE in China ramping in a behind half (of a year).”

Kulbinder confirmed an outperform, or buy, rating on Qualcomm.

Romit Shaw, an researcher with Nomura Equity Research, also confirmed a buy rating.

“The mobile handset marketplace is softer than we approaching in a Dec period,” Shaw wrote. “While sales are lower, Qualcomm is demonstrating some-more precedence than we expected.”

Qualcomm estimated chip shipments in a Dec entertain in a operation of 195 million to 210 million units, next Shaw’s foresee of 212 million units. The guess on handset device sales was also next his forecast.

Qualcomm is a heading provider of chip record used in cellphones, including a Apple (AAPL) iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and inclination that run on a Google (GOOG) Android platform. It licenses record other companies use to make chips formed on a widely used CDMA height that Qualcomm pioneered.

“We sojourn certain on Qualcomm and a brazen outlook,” wrote Brian Blair, an researcher with Wedge Partners. “We trust that a association stays a best-positioned actor in a flourishing tellurian smartphone market.

“While Wall Street might retaliate a shortfall nearby term, we see event for income and chip conveyance upside in a stream entertain and we say a certain opinion for 2014, quite in a still nascent 4G market.”

Related: Samsung, Apple Remain Smartphone Leaders.

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Qualcomm behind pedals, says 64-bit computing in Apple’s A7 processor is no …

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Apple A7 slide

Back when a iPhone 5s was announced, Apple done a large understanding about Apple’s all new A7 processor and a 64-bit capabilities therein. While usually charity singular advantage during this indicate in time (no program to implement it, not adequate RAM in mobile inclination to matter), it was a bigger number. One that a foe simply couldn’t offer, and one that radically destiny proofed a 5s.

Last week, Qualcomm’s CMO Anand Chandrasekher common his thoughts on Apple’s new A7 SoC, job a 64-bit capabilities as 0 some-more than a “gimmick”. Ouch. In an interview, Chandrasekher explained:

“I know there’s a lot of sound since Apple did [64-bit] on their A7. we consider they are doing a selling gimmick. There’s 0 advantage a consumer gets from that.”

Of course, a quote done headlines around tech circles and it didn’t take prolonged for Qualcomm PR group to start doing a small repairs control. In a matter released today, Qualcomm privately addressed Chandrasekher’s comments on a A7′s 64-bit processor, job them “inaccurate”.

According to Qualcomm, mobile program is already relocating towards 64-bit. It’s a pierce Qualcomm is already eying in a nearby destiny (gimmick or not) with their arriving Cortex A53 and A57 chips. As a smartphones are only now attack 3GB of RAM, 4GB is expected right around a corner. Just wait until we see subsequent year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


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Qualcomm Becomes Founding Technology Partner Of FIA Formula E …

Monday, September 9th, 2013

BERLIN, Sept. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ:QCOM) currently announced a multi-year agreement with Formula E Holdings (FEH) to turn an Official Founding Technology Partner of a FIA Formula E Championship, a new ubiquitous championship featuring racing cars powered exclusively by electric energy. The agreement will concede Qualcomm and FEH to showcase mobile and Electronic Vehicle technologies globally by an refreshing competition and denote how stream and destiny generations all over a universe can advantage from wireless, tolerable record on- and-off a track.

To perspective a multimedia resources compared with this release, greatfully click:

As a personality in a mobile space, Qualcomm will advise FEH in their query to incorporate new and some-more tolerable technologies into a racing series. As a start, Qualcomm HaloWireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) record will be blending to be propitious into a 2014/2015 FIA Formula E Championship reserve cars so they can be wirelessly charged. The wireless charging complement will be done accessible to a competition cars from deteriorate two. Qualcomm Halo WEVC record uses musical captivating initiation to send appetite between a ground-based pad and a charging pad on a electric vehicle. Drivers simply park over a bottom pad and charging commences automatically. As partial of a advisory role, Qualcomm will weigh a connectivity and mobile record of any of a 10 venue cities around a world, providing solutions to assistance raise a witness knowledge around a circuit such as live streaming to fans, video gaming and amicable media.

“Our partnership with a FIA Formula E Championship is not usually a good event to showcase Qualcomm technologies, such as a Halo WEVC system, though to weigh and urge wireless connectivity and EV record opposite a globe, generally in a horde cities,” pronounced Anand Chandrasekher, comparison clamp boss and arch selling officer of Qualcomm. “We wish this arrangement will precedence mobile record to raise a fan knowledge and impact a tellurian transformation toward some-more tolerable living.”

“The FIA Formula E Championship is going to turn a showcase for electric automobile technology,” pronounced Alejandro Agag, arch executive officer of Championship Promoters Formula E Holdings. “As a tellurian personality in mobile technology, Qualcomm’s impasse will not usually assistance us rise new advances in EV tech, though also to yield a fans and a world’s EV village with a best competition observation knowledge possible. New technologies in connectivity, wireless and mobile fit ideally with a Championship open to new technology, not usually for a cars though for all around a venue.”

For some-more information, greatfully revisit

About Qualcomm Incorporated
Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ:QCOM) is a universe personality in 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless technologies. Qualcomm Incorporated includes Qualcomm’s chartering business, QTL, and a immeasurable infancy of a obvious portfolio. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a wholly-owned auxiliary of Qualcomm Incorporated, operates, along with a subsidiaries, almost all of Qualcomm’s engineering, investigate and growth functions, and almost all of a products and services businesses, including a semiconductor business, QCT. For some-more than 25 years, Qualcomm ideas and inventions have driven a expansion of digital communications, joining people everywhere some-more closely to information, party and any other. For some-more information, revisit Qualcomm’s website, OnQ blog, Twitter and Facebook pages.

About FIA Formula E Championship
Formula E is a code new FIA championship featuring Formula cars powered exclusively by electric energy. It represents a prophesy for a destiny of a engine attention over a entrance decades, portion as a horizon for investigate and growth around a electric vehicle, accelerating ubiquitous seductiveness in these cars and compelling sustainability. Commencing in Sep 2014, a Championship will contest in a heart of 10 of a world’s heading cities – including London, Beijing and Los Angeles – racing around their iconic landmarks. For a initial season, 10 teams, any with dual drivers, will go head-to-head formulating a singular and sparkling racing array designed to interest to a new era of motorsport fan. Operating as an ‘open championship’, a array gives automobile manufacturers and constructors a event to showcase their electrical appetite innovations in a racing environment, conceptualizing cars to a technical specifications set out by a FIA.

Qualcomm is a heading of Qualcomm Incorporated, purebred in a United States and other countries. All Qualcomm Incorporated trademarks are used with permission. Other products or code names might be trademarks or purebred trademarks of their particular owners.

Qualcomm Contacts:
Tina Asmar, Corporate Communications
Phone: 1-858-845-5959

Warren Kneeshaw, Investor Relations
Phone: 1-858-658-4813

Formula E Contact:
Tom Phillips, Press Officer
Phone : +44 (0) 7812 206260
Email :

SOURCE Qualcomm Incorporated

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3G Is Cost-effective, Will Bridge Africa’s Technology Gap —Dadson

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Mr. Alex Dadson, Managing Director, Qualcomm West Africa in this discuss with LEADERSHIP’s Chima Akwaja  in Lagos  spoke on several blazing issues in a telecommunications attention in Nigeria.

What are a advantages of 3G to Africa?

Third Generation (3G) offers entrance to toll-quality voice and broadband services over a far-reaching area, and regulating a singular network. This wide-area coverage means that operators can offer services opposite vast geographic areas, permitting them to strech some-more subscribers. Subscribers advantage by being means to entrance these services in some-more places, permitting them to make phone calls and entrance a Internet in any place and during any time.

Operators and consumers have a vast preference of 3G inclination from that to choose. There are some-more than 1,000 affordable and innovative 3G inclination in a market, including a far-reaching accumulation of mobile phones, personal digital assistants, smartphones and wireless broadband information cards. 3G provides a many efficient, tolerable and cost-effective resolution to overpass Africa’s record opening and expostulate entrance to broadband services in farming and remote areas opposite Africa.

Deployment and use of wireless technologies, such as 3G, have overtaken fixed-line installations since deployment is faster and some-more economically efficient. Today, wireless networks offer arguable voice and information communications services in several African countries, and both a series and scale of use deployments are flourishing rapidly.


Why is GSM/3G (WCDMA) flourishing faster while CDMA is shrinking?

Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) adoption continues to grow globally, with about a half-billion subscribers around a world. Some of a largest operators in a universe have deployed CDMA to offer their customers. The success or disaster of a business or record is a duty of many things, including business strategy, a rival landscape and invested capital.

Since CDMA does not suffer a same scale of economies, it is rather distinct that certain strange apparatus manufacturers (OEMs) will select to residence a CDMA event later. Others see CDMA as a flourishing niche that should not be ignored. With that said, we see a arise in multi-mode inclination as chipset providers are means to embody some-more functionality during small incremental cost. CDMA is enjoying a richer accumulation of inclination now that OMH-enabled inclination can be many-sided opposite mixed networks.


What is a future  of  CDMA in Nigeria and Africa?

It could be that in some markets, CDMA would find some-more distinction opportunities in wireless broadband and appurtenance to appurtenance (M2M) for example. The pivotal to success, as we are saying with operators all over a world, is to rise innovative use strategies. There is no need to follow a “me too” devise in a competition to 0 voice normal income per user (ARPU). CDMA has a plain evolutionary trail that enables operators to offer gradually faster, some-more fit services for a prolonged time to come, and so an user can sojourn rival alongside operators regulating other technologies.

Deploying collateral to account upgrades and network enlargement is elemental to this business. For that reason, it is critical that CDMA operators also work with financing partners to grow. Starcomms, for example, was saved by dual private equity firms that afterwards took it public. Visafone came about by acquisitions and a syndicated loan from 13 internal banks. It is critical for members of a CDMA ecosystem to continue deploying collateral as indispensable to say competitiveness.

We have always been committed to providing a technologies that best accommodate a needs of customers, regardless of that record trail they choose. We also yield network support for many forms of broadband wireless networks and devices. It is common for operators to use a accumulation of network technologies in opposite markets, and we trust there will be a accumulation of atmosphere interfaces and multi-mode inclination to offer opposite needs among Africa’s consumers opposite a continent.

With that said, CDMA has determined a extensive story of field-proven performance, vendor-proven device offerings and market-proven success around a world. CDMA was once a fastest flourishing 3G record in Nigeria and there is still range to build a abounding business on CDMA in a country.


Are information on CDMA faster than WCDMA 3G in Nigeria?

We have to compute between fanciful rise rates and tangible normal information rates gifted by users in genuine universe networks on accessible devices. The user knowledge depends on several factors. One customary might explain a top rise information rates, though another could have an altogether higher normal information rate gifted by a genuine universe user. Starcomms during one indicate had a top series of broadband wireless business on a Rev A network (peak rate 3.1Mbps) since a user knowledge was deliberate really good in this market.

At that time, there were High Speed Downlink parcel Access (HSDPA) networks deployed too with rise rate 3.6Mbps. It should be remarkable that both technologies have their expansion devise by to LTE. The patron should buy whatever device and get whatever use from a user that best serves their needs. Someone looking for low-tariffs might be captivated to one operator, while another who is looking for trustworthiness will go to another.

The device itself is partial of an altogether use that will differ from user to operator. At one point, Nigerians bought CDMA phones and use since CDMA was believed to have improved call completion. It’s enlivening that a CDMA attention continues to float down a same device cost bend since this suggests cost will no longer be a differentiating factor.


What are we doing about a proliferations of “Chinese” handsets in a Nigerian market?

Handsets are done all over a world. Neighbouring Ghana has an OEM that assembles handsets locally. In several countries, there are manners in place on what gets alien and if offer contrast is required. Several OEMs and distributors go by these processes in Nigeria (e.g. form approval) to validate their inclination for a market. There are others that don’t. QLAB is an organization sponsored by Qualcomm that assists in a contrast and subordinate of devices. By subjecting inclination to such tests, Nigeria can attract peculiarity inclination over time and Qualcomm stands prepared to help.


What is Qualcomm doing in Africa?

We have committed ourselves to a expansion and growth of a ICT zone in Africa by partnering with operators and supervision entities, enabling them to yield modernized 3G mobile devices, applications and services. We recognize that delivering on a guarantee of anywhere, anytime wireless voice and information services in Africa will not be a brief project; it will take time, resources and tighten partnerships with process makers and operators to make this prophesy a reality.

This is because in Jul 2006, we non-stop bureau in Johannesburg to offer as a heart for activities in Sub-Saharan Africa, and we also non-stop an bureau in Lagos, Nigeria to offer a burgeoning West Africa 3G market. Our operations in Africa not usually simulate Qualcomm’s long-term joining to a continent, though also concede us to say tighten vicinity to a people, governments and critical attention events that are pushing a African telecommunications attention forward.


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Alcatel posts second-quarter beat, signs Qualcomm partnership

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Demand for supposed IP products, that assistance approach information trade inside telecom networks, grew neatly and pushed adult profits, ancillary Combes’ preference to put them during a core of his plan to broach a miscarry that has eluded his successors.

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Soon, tech that offers HQ videos on low bandwidth

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

BANGALORE: Before this year end, get prepared to watch double a series of videos or films on your smartphones during a same bandwidth your phone already has. “Even if we have a phone that has a bandwidth of 2 mbps, we can watch a few ultra high-definition cinema on it or double a series of customary clarification movies,” explains Srini Rajam, authority and CEO of Ittiam Systems.

What will promote this swell is a new video application record that has a capability of compressing vast visible and audio formats which, in turn, can be transmitted during a fragment of their size.

This new video encoding technology, called H.265, is nonetheless to be validated as a standard. But tellurian chip-maker Qualcomm is in a routine of facilitating this on their latest chip Snapdragon 800, with a program height offering by Bangalorebased Ittiam Systems. Semiconductor players like Qualcomm and Broadcom and program providers like Ittiam, among others, are tweaking their chipsets and solutions to offer high peculiarity video on mobile inclination and intelligent TVs.

While Qualcomm and Ittiam are operative on a H.265 technology that ensures high-quality video with reduction streaming, improved audio clarity, requires low bandwidth and maintains a good battery life, Broadcom is ramping adult a Wi-Fi capabilities of a chips.

Broadcom will be bringing out latest 5G Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones in a initial entertain of 2013. Both these semiconductor players are prepared with their particular technologies so as not to remove out in a competition when these technologies enter a marketplace for mobile devices, generally a smartphone market, in a large way.

The smartphone marketplace has seen an uptick in direct for chips from dual of a biggest players, Samsung and Apple. Samsung and Apple together consumed $45.3 billion of semiconductors in 2012, an boost of $7.9 billion from 2011, to paint 15% of sum semiconductor demand, while a sum semiconductor marketplace decreased by 3% overall, states Gartner. Broadcom depends Samsung and Apple as a customers.

With smartphone sales flourishing by 38% final entertain to strech 217 million units worldwide, and over 700 million units for a whole year, according to reports, vital chip-makers are gearing adult to punch a large share of this marketplace by their record edge. Talking of a new H.265 technology, Dr Murthy Renduchintala, executive vicepresident, Qualcomm Technologies and co-president of Qualcomm Mobile and Computing, says: “Smartphone users can watch ultra HD peculiarity films and audio marks though worrying about a battery life of a phone.

Qualcomm Snapdragon processors broach this capability to lift a knowledge of mobile users during really rival energy contra opening equation.” Ultra HD (2160 pixel) offers double a design clarity compared to a HD format (1080 pixel). This elaborating video application record is a new landmark. It started with a MPEG1 chronicle that was seen in video compress discs.

This developed into a MPEG2 chronicle as is seen in DVDs, to a MPEG4 chronicle as seen in camcoders, to a H.264 chronicle that relies on a internet. In a latest customary — H.265 — a volume of bandwidth consumed by a smartphone/smart TV can be cut by 40-50%, explains Srini Rajam. The new video record also reduces buffering to a good extent, he says.

To boot, it is now prepared for strange apparatus manufacturers to confederate into phones, says Rajam. The further of this reward underline is approaching to lift a cost of handsets, though it is left to a OEMs to confirm that, he says. Smartphones with H.265 functionality are approaching in a marketplace in a second half of this year, after a record gets ratified, says Murthy of Qualcomm.

“The vital precepts involving this record are prepared and a technical turmoil is over,” he says. Asked either this record can pull adult sales of Snapdragon 800, Murthy says, “it could be one of a many stimuli”. Qualcomm, saw a 36% arise in net distinction in a initial entertain of mercantile 2013 since of an uptake in a direct for 3G/4G inclination in rising markets like China.

Meanwhile, Broadcom, that creates chips that assistance mobile inclination bond to a internet better, is dabbling with a new Wi-Fi standard, called 5G Wi-Fi, that a association has already demonstrated in a intelligent TV operation during a Consumer Electronics Show final month. Broadcom had brought out a industry’s initial finish 5G Wi-Fi combo chips for smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks and other mobile inclination in July, 2012.

However, a initial 5G Wi-Fi enabled smartphones will be shipped in a initial entertain of 2013, says Rahul Patel, VP of wireless connectivity combos during Broadcom’s Mobile Wireless Group. These chips have a ability to step adult bandwidth roughly four-fold and can assistance users tide calm like videos to a phone, inscription or PC quickly. Besides, a series of inclination can be connected to a existent network.

Data can be accessed during any indicate of a residence or bureau since 5G Wi-Fi has a broader coverage. At a same time, it ensures longer battery life, says Patel. The pivotal reasons that are pushing a need for a transition to 5G Wi-Fi is a blast of video consumption, says Patel. Reports guess that video accounts for approximately half of a sum internet trade today.

Video trade is estimated to comment for 90% of a tellurian consumer trade by 2015, he says. Beside this, with 55% of a video being watched around tablets, smartphones and smart TVs, a stream wireless networks will not be sufficient to hoop rising bandwidth needs.

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CES 2013: What We Want To See

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Why does a consumer wiring attention select to flog off CES, a annual four-day review of new toys, pound in a center of a BCS National Championship game? If member unequivocally wanted to tie a uncover to a vital sporting event, afterwards maybe they should cruise Mar Madness in — that’s right — March. Seriously, can we consider of a improved approach to subdue your business than to uncover them all your cold new things during a initial full week of January, hardly dual weeks after they finished unwrapping your aged stuff?

I’ll never know that. But here are a few things we do wish to have a hoop on by a time we leave Vegas:

Pen interface.
Pen computing has gotten a bad swat over a past decade, and deservedly so. But a record has come a prolonged approach given then, and a lot of brainpower is focused on creation it feel usually like coop on paper. It’s not there yet. But it is distant adequate along that we don’t have to adjust a approach we write. Today, a record is worldly adequate that we can rest your wrist on a arrangement but e-smudging, for example.

Pen computing is going to be huge. It is to a keyboard what hold is to a mouse: a some-more natural, discerning approach to correlate with a PC. (Just so we’re clear: they’ll complement a keyboard and mouse, not reinstate them.) Systems vendors like Fujitsu, Lenovo, Samsung and Sony are starting to make it accessible in laptops and tablets. Is this a year it finally takes off?

[ CES isn’t usually about consumer toys. For some-more on a show’s aptitude to IT, see 10 CES Trends That Matter To Business. ]

The lapse of hi-fi.
No, that’s not a typo. we meant hi-fi, as in high fidelity. Back in a day, we bought good audio apparatus for a peculiarity sound experience. For some-more than a decade, though, peculiarity has taken a behind chair to portability: How most can we lift with you, and in how tiny a package?

The pendulum is starting to pitch a other approach now. Consumers increasingly are profitable some-more for headphones and speakers that raise playback of MP3s and other dense audio codecs. (Notice we didn’t contend iTunes? It’s like we always say: there’s no ‘i’ in MP3 …)

Flash storage capacities are to a indicate that high-quality media players ancillary lossless audio codecs like FLAC are apropos viable. Are they prepared for primary time? How prolonged will it take before a whole family wants one?

Wireless power.
Wouldn’t it be cold if we could usually dump your smartphone onto your automobile console or table and it would start charging? Who wouldn’t wish to strew all a energy cords?

A year ago, this judgment seemed some-more like a scholarship plan than product development. But it’s modernized really quickly. Already there is a preference of high-end smartphones from suppliers like HTC, LG and Nokia that support wireless charging.

Emerging UI enhancements.
Speaking of scholarship projects, a attention is always building new ways to correlate with a wiring devices. Touch is now hackneyed on phones and tablets, and is now migrating to personal computers. Next on daub is voice and gesticulate control. The state of any is improving, yet they’re substantially not prepared to bust out in 2013. But give me a week and we competence change my mind!

Really intelligent phones.
Contextual recognition — that is, a ability to know we and to expect your needs — is an exciting new area with good promise. There are a lot of good hardware and program minds focusing on this, and we can’t wait to see what they have to uncover off, both in booths and behind sealed doors.

The state of CES.
For a initial time this century, a opening keynote — remember, a one that’s scheduled to start right around halftime of a Alabama-Notre Dame diversion — is not being delivered by a Microsoft CEO. Microsoft has deserted a participation during a show, along with many other players in a PC ecosystem. Instead, Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm’s CEO, will flog off a show.

It substantially creates clarity for Qualcomm to step in, during slightest for this year. But Ground Zero for a smartphone and inscription world, Qualcomm’s wheelhouse, is migrating fast to a Mobile World Congress in Barcelona during a finish of February. So who knows? By this time subsequent year, Qualcomm might have motionless to modify a selling dollars into euros and spend them in Spain.

And afterwards what for CES? The uncover will need to reinvent itself if it wants to be applicable in 3 years. Maybe a change in a report to Mar wouldn’t be a bad initial step? Just saying…

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