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OWC Launches Mercury Aura Pro: The First SSD Update for MacBook Pro with …

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

OWC Launches Mercury Aura Pro: The First SSD Update for MacBook Pro with Retina Display(Photo: Apple)


Other World Computing (OWC) has expelled an SSD ascent for a newly expelled MacBook Pro with Retina arrangement on Aug. 14.

Named Mercury Aura Pro, a SSD is a initial non-factory-installed ascent for a 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina Display and targets users of a 256GB SSD indication who are looking to ascent a device for some-more storage ability options.

The refurbish is accessible immediately on a pre-order basement for $579.99 MSRP. Shipping will start on/about Aug. 21, announced a company. Interested buyers can place a approach sequence on OWC by Sept. 30, 2012 and they will accept a OWC Envoy Pro USB 3.0 bus-powered unstable enclosing (a $59.95 value) for re-tasking a rMBP’s bureau peep procedure as an outmost drive. The outmost Envoy Pro enclosing will be shipped alone to all subordinate business by a finish of 2012.

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“We’ve perceived poignant user feedback that 256GB only doesn’t yield adequate ability for this appurtenance and in fact, some users have maxed out a bureau expostulate space,” said Larry O’Connor, CEO, Other World Computing. “Offering scarcely double a ability along with a ability to reuse a bureau expostulate as a high speed outmost expostulate is an unbeatable multiple ascent value.”

While Apple’s 512GB indication costs roughly same as OWC’s 480GB upgrade, OWC says that it’s expostulate will strech 500MB per second compared to Apple’s 461MB per second review speeds.

Moreover, OWC claims that a “Mercury code SSDs are means to yield adult to 100x aloft information insurance than standard SSDs, as good as heading enterprise-class tough hoop drives. By mixing a top turn of Error Correction Code (ECC) and SandForce RAISETM (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements) record along with 7% over provisioning, OWC Mercury SSDs yield RAID-like information insurance and trustworthiness but detriment of send speed due to parity.”

Prominent tech reviewers have pronounced that a OWC SSD offering “excellent performance” over 500MB/s and that these SSDs “excel in rarely compressible information contrast that is a bread and butter of standard consumer use.”

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OWC announces SSD upgrades for Retina MacBook Pro

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Other World Computing Tuesday introduced a Aura Pro SSD for Apple’s 2012 MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display. The resolution allows users to boost inner storage of a new Retina MacBook Pro. The product is a 480 GB SATA-III/6Gbps storage, that OWC says offers adult to 500 MB/second opening regulating SandForce SSD.

The SSD ascent can be achieved by MacBook Pro owners. The pack includes all collection required to install, and OWC is says they’re operative on an instruction video to support customers. OWC is also charity a giveaway outmost Envoy Pro enclosing to residence customer’s aged SSD blade. The enclosing is approaching to boat in December, and it will spin a private SSD blade into a USB 3.0 storage device.

The 480 GB Aura Pro ascent sells for $579.99.

Other World Computing



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OWC Announces First SSD Upgrade Solution for New Retina Display MacBook …

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Other World Computing announced currently a OWC Mercury Aura Pro as a industry’s initial high-performance Solid State Drive ascent for 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina arrangement (rMBP) computers.

Available in 480GB capacity, a 6G (6Gb/s) SandForce Driven Mercury Aura Pro offers rMBP owners 87.5 percent some-more ability than a bureau 256GB model. Additionally, business shopping a $579.99 MSRP Aura Pro approach from OWC until Sep 30, 2012, will after accept a OWC Envoy Pro USB 3.0 bus-powered unstable enclosing (a $59.95 value) for re-tasking a rMBP’s bureau peep procedure as an outmost expostulate during no additional cost.

OWC “Unlocks” a Factory Capacity Limit
When introduced this past June, a MacBook Pro with Retina arrangement bottom indication offering a 256GB SSD pattern with no ascent option. Now, instead of being “factory locked”, rMBP owners can supplement 87.5 percent some-more ability with a 480GB Mercury Aura Pro SSD. The usually other and distant some-more dear and time-intensive choice for rMBP owners, as detected by The SSD, is to ascent a SSD by an certified dealer. Making this an even reduction fascinating choice is a fact that a strange 256GB peep procedure is defended and sent behind to Apple.

Pricing, Availability
The Mercury Aura Pro for 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina arrangement is accessible immediately on a pre-order basement for $579.99 MSRP with shipping to embark on/about Aug 21. Orders placed approach with OWC by Sep 30, 2012, will accept a OWC Envoy Pro USB 3.0 bus-powered unstable enclosing (a $59.95 value) for re-tasking a rMBP’s bureau peep procedure as an outmost drive. The outmost Envoy Pro enclosing will be shipped alone to all subordinate business by a finish of 2012.

“We’ve perceived poignant user feedback that 256GB only doesn’t yield adequate
capacity for this appurtenance and in fact, some users have maxed out a factory
drive space,” pronounced Larry O’Connor, CEO, Other World Computing. “Offering nearly
double a ability along with a ability to reuse a bureau expostulate as a high
speed outmost expostulate is an unbeatable multiple ascent value.”

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Begun, The Retina Wars Have

Saturday, May 12th, 2012


As we proceed a E3, a electronic gaming uncover in early June, we think that a value of “retina” high-resolution displays will shortly turn apparent. While a awaiting of retina Macbooks is all though inevitable, we have reached a plateau when it comes to ubiquitous computing and, some-more important, vital room media.

The initial doubt is, in short, because do we need a retina Macbook? Presumably it would be a aloft knowledge for video and print modifying and offer designers distant some-more genuine estate on a vast screen, generally when observation photos during reduce resolutions. As evidenced by a iPhone’s retina display, gaming will turn extremely some-more compelling. This presupposes a abounding and colourful OS X gaming ecosystem.

The second doubt is also utterly interesting: If console manufacturers start to guarantee 4K (4096 × 3072) video output, what does that meant for TV manufacturers? As we good know, a 3D disturb was, only that, a craze. 3D hype was distant artificial though 4K hype will be even crazier. Selling a few 3D screens would have been nice. Selling millions of 4K screens is a necessity. After all, 4K displays will be extremely some-more costly and distant reduction primarily renouned than even 3D. 3D was an iterative update, though 4K is a large investment.

The marketplace enlargement of aloft fortitude displays is fortuitous on a few things. First, manufacturers need to be means to retool prior production comforts to furnish 4K screens. This isn’t difficult, only a regard in a conditions where 1080p and other resolutions are still widely popular.

Second, a tellurian economy will need to be means to support a full ascent from 1080p to 4K. Hard-core gamers will many unequivocally group to a new resolutions, though will ubiquitous users? Although a retina Macbooks will be arrange of a gateway drug to aloft resolution, convincing a conspirator of radio owners to ascent will be tough, generally if they’ve only been burnt by Blu-Ray (a dying, if not dead, format) and 3D.

It will also be pleasant to hear all of a marketing-speak behind newer displays. While “retina” is out, design HP, Samsung, and Dell to offer “High-Rez” laptops and maybe even “SuperPlasmaWonderDisplay” phones. Display selling will count reduction on pixels and some-more on capricious difference stranded together.

We still have a while to go before 4K is even a “thing,” aloft fortitude screens are entrance and console makers and gaming PC manufacturers will substantially be a initial to pull it by into a mainstream. Whither go gamers, a open follows and, nonetheless this is only a guess, we think a initial “cheap” 4K screens will arrive around CES 2015 and unequivocally strike stores by 2016 – copiousness of time to get a final few years of use out of your PS3 and Xbox 360, not to discuss your heavy-duty gaming PC.

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New iPad Arrives in South Korea & 11 Additional Countries This Week – SYS

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Apple® currently announced a new iPad®, a third era of its
difficulty defining mobile device, will arrive in South Korea and 11
additional countries on Friday, Apr 20. The new iPad facilities a
overwhelming new Retina™ display, Apple’s new A5X chip with quad-core
graphics and a 5 megapixel iSight® camera with modernized optics for
capturing extraordinary photos and 1080p HD video. The new iPad still delivers
a same all-day 10 hour battery life* while remaining amazingly thin
and light.

In further to South Korea, a new iPad also will be available
commencement on Friday, Apr 20 in Brunei, Croatia, Cyprus, Dominican
Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Malaysia, Panama, St Maarten, Uruguay
and Venezuela. Beginning on Friday, Apr 27, a new iPad will be
accessible in Colombia, Estonia, India, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania,
Montenegro, South Africa and Thailand.

The new iPad Wi-Fi models will be accessible in black or white for a
suggested sell cost of $499 (US) for a 16GB model, $599 (US) for
a 32GB indication and $699 (US) for a 64GB model. The iPad Wi-Fi + 4G
models will be accessible for a suggested sell cost of $629 (US) for
a 16GB model, $729 (US) for a 32GB indication and $829 (US) for a 64GB
model.** The new iPad will be sole by a Apple Online Store (
and name Apple Authorized Resellers. Additionally, iPad 2 is available
during a some-more affordable cost starting during usually $399.

*Battery life depends on device settings, use and other factors.
Actual formula vary.

**4G LTE is upheld usually on ATT and Verizon networks in a U.S. and
on Bell, Rogers and Telus networks in Canada. Data skeleton sole separately.

Apple designs Macs, a best personal computers in a world, along with
OS X, iLife, iWork and veteran software. Apple leads a digital
song series with a iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has
reinvented a mobile phone with a insubordinate iPhone and App Store,
and is defining a destiny of mobile media and computing inclination with

NOTE TO EDITORS: For additional information revisit Apple’s PR website (,
or call Apple’s Media Helpline during (408) 974-2042.

© 2012 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, a Apple logo, Mac, Mac
OS, Macintosh, iPad, Retina and iSight are trademarks of Apple. Other
association and product names might be trademarks of their particular owners.

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New iPad review: Once again, Apple sets a customary for inscription computing

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Not surprisingly, 2.3 million additional pixels make a outrageous disproportion for any tablet, let alone a iPad.

For Apple, it means once again a association has once again tangible a customary for inscription inclination in a demeanour that keeps it 6-12 months brazen of a competition.

There are several notable changes with a new iPad, many noticeably:

  • 9.7-inch, 2048 x 1536 Retina Display
  • Quad-core A5X processor
  • New iSight 5MP back camera, means of 1080p video
  • Voice dictation support built into a unsentimental keyboard
  • Support for 4G LTE (via Verizon and ATT)

It’s easy to separate out specifications and new features. And while faster, better, stronger depends for a lot, when we cruise that many workers and business are still in a center of reckoning out a best approach to muster and use tablets, attempts to quantify a impact of these new facilities isn’t easy.

This said, a new iPad is amazing. Is it value a income to upgrade? For particular consumers, a answer is an undeniable yes. The aloft fortitude shade alone is value a cost of admission. The poignant boosts to opening are also appealing.

But what about businesses? Is it improved to save $100 per device on a now comparison iPad 2 or jump into a future?

As always, that depends on where you’re entrance from, what your business needs are, and what your bill is. For a minute analysis of a new iPad’s many distinct features, review on.

Initial Impressions: The new iPad is a same, though different

It’s funny; for all a hype and hoopla about a iPad’s new looks, a sincerely monochromatic tinge of designation and setup feels a tiny anti-climactic.

Thankfully, existent iPad and iPhone users can discerning revive all their existent settings and information regulating iCloud and a Wi-Fi (or 4G LTE) connection.

Upon setup, one of a device’s new features—voice dictation—immediately creates a participation known; we are stirred to select either or not you’d like to use it.

It’s tough not to lift out a new iPad and equivocate chuckling about how it looks accurately a same as a iPad 2. It does, with one tiny variation. The new arrangement and quad-core processor forced Apple to use a somewhat incomparable battery, and a finish outcome is that a new iPad is about a half millimeter thicker and a tenth of a bruise heavier.

This means that while a existent Apple intelligent cover still fits fine, roughly all snap-on back protecting cases do not.

How vast a disproportion can a new iPad’s Retina Display make?

Much has been done about a new iPad’s 2048 x 1536 Retina Display, that inherently promises that a tellurian eye will know no pixels on a screen.

I’ll acknowledge to feeling doubt per how vast a disproportion this new aloft fortitude arrangement could make. But after spending usually 20 mins with a new iPad, it’s transparent that a hype is merited. Is it essential? No. But it certain is dramatic. And it looks most improved than a iPad 2.

It doesn’t double a quality, though if we had to put a commission on a improvement, I’d rate it about a 60% improvement.

In some ways, a delta between a dual devices’ displays is a tiny ironic. As shortly as we forsaken into iOS, we immediately beheld that calm on a iPad 2 looked pixelated and somewhat becloud in comparison to a new iPad.

Given how most reading and operative many people do on these devices, it’s a kind of alleviation that can’t unequivocally be over-stated. But how bizarre that, all of a sudden, this inscription and this arrangement that we had been formerly smitten with gets unprotected as being aged and fuzzy?

Here’s a some-more approach approach of quantifying a difference. Know how a idol for Apple’s Newsstand displays micro versions of a magazine/newspaper issues it contains? The new iPad’s fortitude allows we to see particular disproportion on these micro thumbnails. On a iPad 2, we can’t collect adult any calm whatsoever.

Granted, being means to detect minuscule-sized calm on a 150×150 app idol is not practical. But after questioning websites, graphics, and more, it became transparent that a new iPad is distant aloft to other tablets in displaying a kinds of tiny calm we all confront online on a daily basis. If we spend a lot of time on a web on your iPad, your eyes will be severely appreciative.

Ideally matched for web browsing and tiny text

Small or large, for reading calm this is a staggering jump forward. For developers and calm providers, this is utterly relevant. You can do things on and with a new iPad that literally can’t be achieved on any other mobile device.

To be fair, a extended clarity of calm and images diminishes once we get about 2 feet divided from a device. So if for some reason your primary use occurs during larger distances, we might not need to upgrade.

Another pointed disproportion bears mentioning. It’s not transparent either a new 2048 x 1536 fortitude is a cause, though there’s a pointed palette change around displayed colors. In a calendar view, on a iPad 2, a app’s brownish-red borders seem in a somewhat deeper brownish-red than they do on a new iPad.

This pointed disproportion can be seen in other apps and interface screens. It’s conjunction bad nor good.

The new Retina Display positively cements a iPad’s personality status. It also begs an engaging question. How prolonged will it take other inscription manufacturers to recover 2048 x 1536?

It’s tough to suppose relocating most serve over this fortitude in entrance years, that’s for sure.

Same turn of opening and power, with one exception

Given a participation of dual additional computing cores in a new iPad’s quad-core A5X processor, we approaching to see a tiny faster opening around web and information downloads around Wi-Fi. This is not a case; in all instances a new iPad achieved during a same rate as a iPad 2

The usually difference to this order is a 4G LTE connection, that offers an astonishingly discerning connection. A few months ago, we tested Motorola’s Xyboard and found that while connected to Verizon’s 4G LTE network, we was saying download speeds even faster than my office’s Wi-Fi connection.

The same goes here—on ATT’s 4G LTE network, we consistently witnessed information rates surpassing 20Mbps. And in comparison to 3G network speeds, well, there’s no genuine comparison to be made.

(If we formerly owned an ATT or a Verizon chronicle of a iPad 2, you’ll be happy to know that we can simply send your use from one iPad to another by entering your email residence and cue for a prior wireless account.)

Heavy users will conclude that a additional estimate energy and 4G LTE tie don’t cost anything in terms of battery life. In a shortened testing, we witnessed really identical battery opening to a second-generation iPad. Very impressive, when we cruise a additional pixels a CPU is pulling around.

Will a new 5MP iSight camera change a approach we use inscription cameras?

The new iPad’s 5MP back camera is means of producing HD still images and 1080p video. When total with a all-new iMovie modifying apparatus ($4.99, iTunes), it unexpected becomes probable to fire and revise together some flattering worldly videos.

Overall, a camera doesn’t utterly strech a peculiarity of a iPhone or other 8MP cameras, though it’s a much-needed improvement.

The usually downside of a new iPad’s camera is that a front-facing camera is a same as before. Simply put, it’s not that great—particularly for businesses that make complicated use of videoconferencing.

Voice dictation: Endless possibilities?

The unsentimental keyboard on a new iPad now allows we to enter calm around voice dictation. To do so, all we have to do is click on a new microphone idol to a left of a space bar.

With a wish that we can start component emails or even inputting tools of stories with my voice, we spent a lot of time contrast this new feature. we was speedy by a results. For discerning emails and/or brief sentences, it’s flattering most perfect. You contend what we wish to type, strike a mic symbol during a end, and a iPad transcribes your disproportion with startling accuracy.

One tip: You have to foreordain punctuation for durations and commas to appear.

Based on all a reviews I’m reading, I’m not certain that people know accurately how vast a diversion changer a voice dictation facilities represent, generally for business.

Voice dictation also seems like it could be a outrageous event for developers. It’s not transparent how easy it will be to use voice dictation outward of a keyboard itself, though it’s easy to see some ground-breaking uses, from elementary transcription to some-more desirous denunciation translation.

The Bottom Line

The new iPad presents some engaging ramifications for businesses and industries.

For starters, publishers and advertisers will immediately be means to take advantage of a transparent transparent calm a new iPad enables. But we’ll all have to spend time deliberation a best approach to benefaction opposite sizes of images, and a impact these images will have on download times.

Developers—particularly diversion publishers—suddenly have a possibility to make a vast dash and a lot of dollars by discerning optimizing their apps for a aloft resolutions. The initial call of app udpates is already here. The NY Times, Amazon, Evernote, The Daily, and some-more have all already updated their apps to support a new resolutions.

Other businesses will find substantial efficiencies and assets in a 4G LTE connection. Even during $30 for 2GB and $50 for 5GB of information per month, highway warriors will save income and knowledge faster download speeds than they will on a common connectors offering in hotels and discussion rooms.

Ultimately, however, a genuine bottom line is this: The new iPad is a new de facto customary for inscription computing. We substantially won’t see as critical a product recover in this space for during slightest dual some-more years.

$499, $599, $699 for 16GB/32GB/64GB Wi-Fi version
$629, $729, $829 for 16GB/32GB/64GB Wi-Fi with 4G

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