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Samsung Electronics pledges aloft division after record payout

Friday, January 24th, 2014
UK-SAMSUNG-EARNINGS:Samsung Electronics pledges aloft multiplication after record payout
Reuters Students travel out of a salon during a domicile of Samsung Electronics in Seoul Oct 28, 2011. REUTERS/Jo Yong-Hak

By Miyoung Kim

SEOUL (Reuters) – Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, underneath vigour to damp investors who have berated it for hoarding a booty of fast growth, has affianced to palm out even some-more distinction after roughly doubling a full-year multiplication to a record $2 billion.

The categorical opposition of Apple Inc has amassed $51 billion in gangling money in new years by offered as many as one of each 3 smartphones, though a volume of distinction reaching shareholders strike a lowest in 2012 in 5 years.

Some investors have called for some-more returns, though a biggest builder of TVs, smartphones and memory chips, has been demure to change a payout process mostly given it needs supports for complicated investment.

The builder of Galaxy smartphones, on stating a initial quarterly handling distinction decrease in dual years on Friday, doubled a 2013 multiplication produce as designed to 1.0 percent. Investors indicate out that is still half of Apple’s 2.0 percent.

“Our idea on multiplication payout for this year is to have that significantly boost from 2013, though we can’t contend for certain how most we’ll be paying,” Robert Yi, conduct of Samsung’s financier relations, told analysts after a gain release.

The South Korean manufacturer announced a 14,300 won per share multiplication for 2013, or a sum welfare of 2.1 trillion won ($2 billion). The volume is 79 percent some-more than a year progressing though is only 6.9 percent of 2013 profit.

“Samsung is clearly underneath flourishing vigour to lapse some-more to investors,” pronounced Park Jung-hoon, a comment manager during HDC Asset Management.

“With a shares trending down, we cruise Samsung will have to cruise additional measures like a share buyback during some indicate to residence shareholder pressure.”


Samsung posted a 6 percent on-year decrease in handling distinction for October-December to 8.3 trillion won ($7.7 billion), a association pronounced on Friday, relating a prior estimate.

The figure was brought down by an 800 billion won special worker reward to commemorate 20 years given Chairman Lee Kun-hee announced a government plan that a association regards as a matter to a new growth.

A stronger domestic banking also knocked off around 700 billion won.

“It will be severe for Samsung to urge a gain in a initial entertain as a diseased seasonality of a IT attention will put vigour on direct for components and TV products,” a association pronounced in a statement.

Shares of Samsung, value $204 billion, edged adult 0.54 percent after a gain release, compared with a benchmark index that fell 0.64 percent. The batch has depressed 8 percent in a past month on regard over negligence smartphone growth.


The chip builder pronounced a collateral expenditure, a barometer of broader record attention direct for production collection such as chip equipment, will be identical in 2014 to a 23.8 trillion won of 2013. Spending on marketing, however, will decrease relations to revenue.

“We’ll actively precedence tellurian sports events such as a Sochi (Winter) Olympics and a sell channels… though we will try to lift a potency of a offered spend and reduce a altogether mobile offered bill to income this year compared with final year,” Kim Hyunjoon, comparison clamp boss of Samsung’s mobile business, told analysts.

Operating distinction during a money cow mobile multiplication stood prosaic during 5.47 trillion won, though slipped 18 percent from July-September’s record 6.7 trillion won as Apple’s new iPhones drew divided sales during a year-end holiday period.

Weaker-than-forecast sales of a Galaxy S4 left smartphone screens sitting in a register of section Samsung Display, where handling distinction tumbled 90 percent to 110 billion won.

The association is fresh for worse foe with Apple in vital markets this year, generally in China where a U.S. organisation started offered iPhones by China Mobile Ltd, a world’s biggest conduit by subscribers.

Apple is also widely believed to be operative on bigger-screen smartphones, Samsung’s buttress products.

Samsung pronounced smartphones will comment for 70 percent of sum mobile product shipments this year and that it would enlarge a inscription choice with mid- and low-end models and incomparable screens. ($1 = 1073.9500 Korean won)

(Editing by Christopher Cushing)

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From Fish Trader to Smartphone Maker

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

The Founding Lee Byung-chull founds Samsung Sanghoe. The organisation exports fruit, vegetables and fish. Becoming Samsung Electronics Samsung-Sanyo Electronics, that after becomes Samsung Electronics, is established. The Move Into TVs

The initial Samsung Electronics-branded TV is expelled in Korea in 1972.

Once famous for hairy black-and-white sets that were thrown in giveaway with repository subscriptions, Samsung began creation TVs that took honour of place in vital bedrooms around a world.

Putting in Personal Wealth

Mr. Lee buys a 50 percent interest in a association called Hankook Semiconductor.

The pierce is deliberate so unsure that he has to use his possess cash, rather than Samsung’s money, for a investment. It starts Samsung’s transition into a plumb integrated consumer wiring giant.

Inheriting a Throne Lee Byung-chull dies; his son Lee Kun-hee is named authority of a Samsung organisation of companies. Talk to Me Samsung introduces a initial mobile phone. ‘Frankfurt Declaration’

Frustrated by a bad peculiarity of Samsung’s products and a squalid picture of a brand, Mr. Lee summoned scores of executives to Frankfurt, Germany. In a hotel discussion room, a routinely reticent aristocrat went on a three-day rant, summed adult in an warning that has turn partial of Samsung’s institutional lore:

“Change all though your mother and children.’’

Making 256 Megabits The association develops a world’s initial 256-megabit DRAM chip. Burning Products Mr. Lee, dissapoint about bad quality, orders 150,000 phones, fax machines, and other inclination to be burnt in front of employees during a bureau in Gumi, South Korea. Bringing Digital to a Masses Samsung introduces world’s initial mass-produced digital TV. Decanting Its ‘Bordeaux’ The association introduces a Bordeaux line of televisions and becomes a tellurian marketplace personality in TV. Powered by Android The i7500, a company’s initial Android-powered smartphone, is introduced. Reaching Global Domination Samsung becomes a world’s biggest smartphone provider. Getting Into Wearables

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch, that acts as a messenger to a smartphone, is introduced.

It is not a initial supposed smartwatch, though Samsung draws substantial courtesy with it by violence Apple to market.

The device allows users to accept e-mails, share cinema and use innumerable apps designed for it.

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Apple’s Latest iPhone Puts Focus Back on Fingerprint Security

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Technology giants are making a large pull to move some-more hand-held inclination to consumers during a faster pace, formulating uninformed ammunition in a cutthroat tool wars. Apple, prolonged seen as a dignitary in smartphones, has been wrestling with an picture problem lately. Samsung Electronics, meanwhile, is perplexing to means a movement with a entrance recover of a subsequent Galaxy phone.

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Pranav Mistry: Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is packaged with technologies …

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

BERLIN: Samsung Electronics denounced a rarely expected digital wristwatch that can snap photos, lane workouts and use an array of apps – gadgetry that a association hopes will mortar it into a marketplace of intelligent unstable inclination that leave cellphones in users’ pockets.

Named a Samsung Galaxy Gear, a supposed smartwatch will join Google Glass as a latest instance of wearable technology. The watch is synced to a cellphone, permitting users to answer calls and accept content messages from their wrists. The timing of a recover could also give Samsung a leg adult over Apple, that has nonetheless to betray a identical device though has prolonged been rumored to be operative on one.

At a much-hyped phenomenon rite forward of Berlin’s Internationale Funkausstellung, one of a world’s largest trade shows for consumer electronics, Samsung’s conduct of mobile communications, JK Shin, introduced a device by sanctimonious to accept a content summary on stage.

“Don’t forget to discuss Android,” Shin’s summary read.

He afterwards lifted his left arm, exposing a watch to acclaim from both a Berlin throng and people in Times Square in New York, who were patched into a eventuality around a video stream. Like other smartphones and tablets Samsung produces, Gear runs on Google’s Android handling system.

From a Gear’s tiny screen, that measures 1.63 inches diagonally, users can also accept emails, share cinema and use apps designed for Gear. It does not, however, duty as a stand-alone device and contingency be interconnected with a Samsung phone or tablet.

Pranav Mistry, a conduct of investigate during Samsung Research America, pronounced a watch was “packed with technologies from a subsequent decade.”

The watch has a rubbery wristband in that a tiny 1.9-megapixel camera is embedded. Its arrangement aspect has immaculate steel bezels with 4 manifest screws in any corner.

The watch is activated by dire a symbol on a outdoor right side of a arrangement or aiming a wristband lens during an object. A peaceful appropriate downward fast turns on a camera, a underline Samsung calls a “Memographer.”

“This is a underline that changes a approach we interact, a approach we demonstrate and a approach we capture,” Mistry said.

From a home screen, swiping ceiling brings adult a series pad where a user can make a call. Because a gyroscope and accelerometer detect a Gear’s movement, a user can answer calls by lifting his wrist to his ear.

“We have singly positioned a speakers and microphones so we can speak as we would on a unchanging phone,” Mistry said.

The Gear is set to be expelled worldwide subsequent month, nonetheless conjunction Shin nor Mistry gave a date. Also underneath wraps was a cost, something many trust could be a final cause in either a next-generation record hits home with consumers who have historically been demure to adopt such “wearables of tomorrow,” as Mistry called a Gear.

Samsung, that overtook Apple final year as a world’s largest writer of smartphones, got into a watch business in 1999 with a indication that consumers shunned.

Galaxy Gear has 512 megabytes of RAM and an inner memory of 4 gigabytes. It has an 800-megahertz, single-core executive estimate section and weighs 2.6 ounces. Available colors embody orange green, oatmeal beige, furious orange, mocha gray, jet black and rose gold.

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Samsung shares tumble notwithstanding forecasting record profits

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Shares in Samsung Electronics fell on Friday, notwithstanding a association forecasting it would news a record quarterly distinction for a second entertain of 9.5tn won (£5.5bn), adult 47% on a year ago.

But a news fell brief of analysts’ expectations and a shares fell by scarcely 4% on a Seoul batch market.

The association was scheming to announce 20m shipments of a new Galaxy S4 phone, dual months after a recover though analysts are increasingly endangered that Samsung, like a principal smartphone opposition Apple, is confronting jam-packed markets in a grown universe as tenure passes 50% in many countries.

Average smartphone tenure in a US and Europe is streamer towards 60%, withdrawal few new buyers to enhance a business during a high end. Mobile network operators are also slicing subsidies for phones, creation high-end phones some-more expensive.

South Korean networks cut subsidies for new phones this year, contributing to weaker Galaxy S4 sales in Samsung’s home marketplace and aloft offered spending for a handset maker, pronounced Seo Won-seok, an researcher during Korea Investment Securities.

China is a fastest expansion area in smartphones, though during low prices with rarely rival markets. Samsung has been releasing cut-down versions of a S4 to try to strengthen a marketplace share from rivals such as ZTE and Huawei.

The superfluity during a tip finish of a marketplace seemed to be reflected in Samsung’s Galaxy S4 figures. Though shipments of a S4 in a initial month after recover were twice as high as for final year’s Galaxy S3, a time it took to strech a 20m symbol suggested shipments were negligence to a arise of usually 60%.

The association still dominates a smartphone and “featurephone” business, shipping about half of all smartphones and a entertain of all mobile phones worldwide. It is a biggest seller of phones using Google’s Android software, holding about 95% of all increase in a Android space.

Samsung pronounced sum sales in a wiring multiplication had grown 20% to 57tn won (£33.2bn). It will announce a full audited quarterly formula this month.

Analysts suggested that high offered costs – that exceeded those for investigate and expansion for a initial time in 3 years – might have strike a distinction figure, notwithstanding a clever first-month sales.

“Because of a offered costs, a telecommunications business was substantially weaker than expected,” pronounced CW Chung, an researcher during Nomura Financial Investment in Seoul. “Semiconductor and other businesses seem to have softened from a prior quarter.”

Analysts cut their sum final month for a sum numbers of S4 phones Samsung will boat this year from 80m to 60m.

“Apple is pang from iPhone fatigue, while Samsung is pang from Galaxy fatigue,” Neil Mawston, executive executive of Strategy Analytics, told Bloomberg before a financial announcement.

Samsung is increasingly reliant on a mobile business for growth. Samsung’s multiplication creation and offered mobile phones, tablet computers and cameras contributed 75% of a handling income in a initial entertain of this year. Analysts surveyed by FactSet pronounced 60% of Samsung’s second-quarter sales substantially came from a mobile business.

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Samsung Electronics’ second-quarter misses foresee as smartphone worries …

Friday, July 5th, 2013

By Miyoung Kim

SEOUL (Reuters) – Samsung Electronics Co Ltd missed already medium expectations for a quarterly gain superintendence on Friday, deepening worries that a smartphone business might have peaked, as expansion in sales of a blockbuster Galaxy phones starts to decline and new rivals emerge to eat divided during a marketplace share.

The Galaxy S, powered by Google’s giveaway Android platform, propelled a South Korean organisation into a tip arrange of smartphone makers in 2012, overtaking Apple Inc whose iPhone had set an courtesy customary 5 years earlier.

Now investors fear Samsung might also follow in a footsteps of Apple and other once-mighty players that are struggling with timorous margins, in an courtesy where companies live and die by their ability to stay brazen of a creation curve.

“Is Samsung’s smartphone story now over? Not utterly yet. It’s expansion is indeed negligence due mostly to unsatisfactory sales of a S4,” pronounced Jung Sang-jin, a account manager during Dongbu Asset Management, that owns Samsung shares.

“Yet we consider Samsung has some sparkling things adult a sleeves. The problem is no one is certain either these products can unequivocally wow investors and consumers.”

The unsatisfactory gain guess by Samsung, that has had a lane record of violence even a many bullish forecasts, sent a shares down some-more than 3 percent on Friday.

They have forsaken 17 percent given early June, strike by a array of brokerage downgrades. The share cost reflects concerns about Samsung’s handset margins, with a mobile business generating 70 percent of a tech giant’s sum profit.

The tumble in a share cost equates to a dump in marketplace value of 39 trillion won ($34.2 billion), or value a sum marketplace capitalisation of Sony Corp and LG Electronics Inc.

“One of a biggest risks for Samsung Electronics going brazen is that 70 percent of sum handling distinction comes from mobile business. Diversification is key. Samsung needs to rivet in active business transition until end-2014,” pronounced Jeff Kim, an researcher during Hyundai Securities.


To be sure, Samsung’s 9.5 trillion won ($8.3 billion) handling distinction forecast, adult 47 percent from a year ago, is a record and it is approaching to news aloft gain in a stream and fourth buliding as sales of a latest Galaxy S4 phone collect adult and new products strike a stores. Prices of memory chips, another courtesy that Samsung binds a lead, are also approaching to sojourn strong.

“Samsung’s got diversified businesses. When one business lags, it’s got others outperforming and propping adult a altogether profit,” Jung during Dongbu said.

“The member business is widely approaching to collect adult a tardy in a second half when smartphones slow, though now worries are also ascent that a member business’ liberation could be short-lived.”

The guidance, expelled brazen of full quarterly formula due on Jul 26, was worse than an normal foresee of 10.16 trillion won in a check of 43 analysts by Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

“I consider Samsung spent some-more on selling losses than approaching since of a launch of Galaxy S4 smartphone, that led a company’s formula to skip a marketplace consensus,” HMC Investment Securities researcher Nho Geun-Chang said.

Samsung spent some-more on selling than RD in 2012 for a initial time in during slightest 3 years, and a S4 was launched in Mar with a Broadway-style uncover in New York.

The association also invested heavily in placement channels including opening code shops in 1,400 Best Buy stores in a United States.

But a glitz and glorious has unsuccessful to detain a slip in handset sales growth, and shipments are seen rising usually 4 percent to 8 percent in a second entertain from a prior quarter.

Handset margins are also being squeezed, as consumers in countries like China – a world’s biggest smartphone marketplace – opt for stripped-down cheaper devices.


Competition is removing heated with Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and ZTE Corp creation belligerent in a renouned mid- to low-end market.

Nokia Oyj, once a handset king, denounced dual back-to-basics 3G phones this week. They concede entrance to renouned applications such as Facebook and Twitter, and sell for only $68.

“There’s still a large doubt about how Samsung will respond to a low-end market,” pronounced Brian Park, an researcher during Tong Yang Securities, referring to a skeleton to launch a device formed on a open-source Tizen handling system.

Wearable gadgets will also be essential to a company’s hopes of roving a new call of unusual distinction growth.

Apple has practical for a heading for “iWatch” in Japan, signaling a iPhone-maker might be relocating brazen with skeleton for a watch-like device as a courtesy spin a courtesy to wearable computers.

Samsung has also filed a heading for “Samsung Gear” in a Untied States for a operation of wearable devices.

“The (expected launch of) wearable inclination won’t be means to reinstate Samsung’s smartphone business, though it’s some-more expected to element a gain during best,” pronounced Byun Han-joon, an researcher during KB Investment Securities.

($1 = 1139.2000 Korean won)

(Additional stating by Joyce Lee and Hyunjoo Jin; Editing by Stephen Coates)

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Samsung Estimates Disappointing Q2 Profit

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Even after environment a record high profit, Samsung Electronics unhappy investors who increasingly doubt a buttress smartphone business can contend fast growth.

Samsung Electronics Co. on Friday estimated a April-June handling distinction during a record high of 9.5 trillion won ($8.3 billion). That is a 47 percent burst from a year progressing and 8 percent expansion from a prior quarter.

But it fell brief of forecasts by analysts who hold aloft expectancy for a world’s largest smartphone maker.

Analysts surveyed by FactSet, a financial information provider, foresee handling income of 10.2 trillion won on average. Samsung shares forsaken scarcely 4 percent in Seoul.

Samsung pronounced sales grew 20 percent to 57 trillion won ($50 billion).

Sales of a latest iteration of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, a Galaxy S4, strike 10 million units in May, reduction than a month given a debut. Sales of a S4 strike a 10 million symbol about 20 days faster than a prior model.

Analysts contend high selling costs substantially weighed on Samsung’s mobile business notwithstanding a strong sales in a initial month.

The South Korean association will announce net income and sum of quarterly financial formula after this month.

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Samsung Takes Over SSD Caching Software Developer. – X

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Samsung Electronics pronounced Friday that it acquired secretly hold Nvelo, a colonize of solid-state drives caching software. The merger of Nvelo will capacitate Samsung to extend a ability to yield SSD associated storage solutions to business and also rise and sell several hybrid storage solutions, essentially for businesses.

“We demeanour brazen to accelerating storage creation in tighten team-work with Samsung storage experts as we assistance to broach entirely integrated SSD solutions to a market.” pronounced Jiurong Cheng, boss and arch executive officer of Nvelo.

By cleverly handling and optimizing a use of SSDs in a storage subsystem, SSD caching has turn an appealing resolution for both consumer and craving computing platforms. The timely formation of Nvelo’s flagship storage record into Samsung’s SSD technologies will give Samsung business entrance to an ever-evolving and some-more diversified portfolio of NAND storage solutions suitable for a extended operation of computing platforms.

“We are gratified with this transaction as a employees of Nvelo share a prophesy to take SSD storage into a next-generation of opening and reliability,” pronounced Young-Hyun Jun, executive clamp boss of peep product and record during Samsung Electronics.

Since Samsung has sole a tough expostulate business to Seagate and now does not sell HDDs itself, it is expected that a association will try to rise multi-layer enterprise-oriented storage sub-systems. Given that Samsung does not have knowledge in this business, it is expected that a association will co-develop such solutions with other marketplace players with a clever brand-name in enterprise-class storage.

The merger involves all record and personnel. Further sum of a agreement were not disclosed.

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Apple’s corkscrew record patents ruled invalid

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Apples corkscrew record patents ruled invalid
London: US authorities have pronounced that one of a smartphone patents during a core of a authorised brawl between Apple and Samsung Electronics, that awarded outrageous indemnification to a US-based iPhone maker, ‘lacked novelty’.

In Aug a California justice awarded Apple 1.05 billion dollars in damages, after statute Samsung had infringed patents.

Apples corkscrew record patents ruled invalid

But a US Patent and Trademark Office has ruled that 20 patents relating to corkscrew record ‘are invalid’, a BBC reports.

The supposed rubber-banding patents, also famous as overscroll bounce, impute to a bouncing animation that takes place when a user scrolls past a finish of a page.

According to a report, Samsung has submitted a rough statute from a obvious bureau to Judge Lucy Koh, who is deliberation appeals.

The rough statute follows an unknown ask in May to re-examine some of Apple’s patents for touch-screen heuristics.

Some of a patents were deserted since there was not adequate of an resourceful step between a before record and Apple’s patent.

Apple will have a possibility to interest opposite a decision, a news said.


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Samsung skeleton to supplement iPhone 5 to obvious war

Friday, September 21st, 2012

SEOUL: South Korea’s Samsung Electronics pronounced Friday it was deliberation adding Apple’s new iPhone 5 to a obvious transgression box as partial of a long-running tellurian authorised conflict between a opposition smartphone giants.

Samsung officials pronounced a association would demeanour into amending a side of an ongoing obvious lawsuit in a US justice to embody a latest Apple gadget, that went on sale opposite Asia Friday and is due to strike US stores after in a day.

“Our association considers adding Apple’s iPhone 5 to a (patent infringement) case… though we can't contend when,” a Samsung orator told AFP.

“Our preference will be done after a association has analysed a iPhone 5 to see what aspects of a device constitutes obvious infringement.”

South Korea’s Yonhap news group quoted marketplace watchers as observant Samsung might use a long-term expansion (LTE) obvious portfolio to conflict a iPhone 5 — a initial Apple phone to use a fourth-generation telecom network.

Samsung and Apple — respectively a world’s series one and dual smartphone makers — have been during loggerheads over dozens of obvious lawsuits in 10 nations, accusing any other of duplicating technologies and designs.

Last month, a California justice systematic Samsung to compensate $1.05 billion for obvious infringement. The South Korean organisation has appealed a decision.

Samsung, in a matter late Thursday, indicted Apple of stability to take “aggressive authorised measures that will extent marketplace competition”.

It added: “Under these circumstances, we have small choice though to take a stairs required to strengthen a innovations and egghead skill rights.”

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