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Samsung Delivers Premium In-Room Experience with New Curved Smart TVs …

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Electronics America
currently denounced a new 890 Series during HITEC 2014,
including dual new winding LED TV models and a new 75-inch model,
representing one of a largest TV format in hospitality. Samsung will
be showcasing this new lineup of products for a liberality market,
that facilities a LYNC™ SINC calm government complement along with its
subsequent era Smart TV platform, during a Los Angeles Convention Center,
Booth #949, from Jun 23-26.

“Samsung has a birthright as a worldwide personality in consumer display
technology, and we are stability to lift a bar for a hospitality
marketplace with reward in-room party options that residence the
direct of hoteliers looking to broach some-more engaging, memorable
party practice for their guests,” pronounced Jonas Tanenbaum, vice
boss of liberality during Samsung Electronics America. “Our new HC890
caters to a high expectations of today’s hotel guest with its
pleasing cultured and high design quality, while also versed with
a required program solutions that make handling these technologies
seamless, cost effective and fit for hoteliers.”

The 890 Series combines high design peculiarity and extended energy
potency with a edge-lit LED record in a neat form cause to
assistance hoteliers broach a ultimate in-room guest experience. Available
in 46″, 55″, 65″ and a new 75”, a largest TV format in hospitality,
a 890 Series meets a needs and space of probably any hotel
environment, from a customary room to a suite. In addition, any display
is versed with Smart TV 2.0 technology, giving guest a whole new
turn of interactivity that is disdainful to Samsung. With Smart TV 2.0,
hotels can now offer guest mobile device support, with embedded
facilities and entrance to a crowd of apps and widgets as partial of the
in-room party and calm experience. The HC890 Series will be
accessible in early August.

Key facilities include:

  • Premium Edge-Lit Ultra-thin LED Technology – edge-lit LED
    record provides a luminosity and appetite saving advantages of LED
    technology, along with a uniform liughtness found in CCFL displays.
    This creates it probable for hoteliers to ascent their bedrooms to LED
    record for a cost allied to that of CCFL technology.
  • Samsung LYNK ™ SINC 3.0 – this IP-based calm management
    resolution delivers extended HTML and abounding calm with protocols that
    capacitate communication between Samsung Interactive TVs and a hotel’s
    skill government software. Facility managers have a ability to
    totally customize a in-room party by unlocking rich
    calm from a Samsung Hospitality Widget Library, including
    Facebook, Twitter, AccuWeather, Google Maps and Netflix. Enhancements
    for 2014 embody new UI growth options and Interactive Program
    Guide (IPG) features, as good as an integrated moody checker and
    continue widgets.
  • Samsung LYNK REACH 3.0 – a Samsung REACH 3.0 (Remote Enhanced
    Active Control for Hotels) calm government complement facilities a new,
    entirely customizable user interface that provides hoteliers with a more
    cost-effective and fit resolution for managing, delivering and
    progressing guestroom TV calm from a singular location. LYNK REACH
    3.0 can be used to seamlessly promote branded content, hotel
    information by an IPG, while also handling a TV’s software
    settings, firmware and counterpart chronicle from a executive location. Its
    harmony with existent coaxial-based infrastructure enables
    properties to grasp reduce labor and handling costs.
  • H-Browser Compatibility – a new 890 Series offers Samsung’s
    exclusive H-Browser platform, that is done accessible through
    partnerships with approved complement integrators providing guest with a
    reward interactive experience. Built on a HTML5 customary with
    Flash® support, H-Browser is a loyal Smart TV resolution that features
    both giveaway and video on direct (VOD) content. It is means to interface
    directly with a conduct finish but a use of a set tip box.
  • Mobile Device Integration around AllShare Cast – Samsung AllShare
    Cast creates it probable for hotel guest to seamlessly share content
    opposite DLNA connected Samsung devices, including WIDI, but the
    need for a network wire or a joining device. AllShare Cast also
    allows shade mirroring and video streaming to capacitate seamless content
    pity between personal mobile device, such as a smartphone or
    tablet, to a hotel room television.

Additional resources:

For some-more information about Samsung’s Hospitality TV solutions, please
or call 1-866-SAM-4BIZ.

About Samsung Electronics America Enterprise Business Division

As a tellurian personality in Information Technology, Samsung’s Enterprise
Business Division (EBD) is committed to introducing new business
practice opposite a different spectrum of industries from sell to
healthcare, liberality to sales. We trust record brings business
and business together — to improved share, combine and learn new
opportunities. With a market-oriented proceed to innovation, EBD is a
multiplication of Samsung Electronics America, Inc. (SEA), a U.S. subsidiary
of Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd. (SEC). For some-more information, please
call 1-866-SAM-4BIZ or follow Samsung EBD around Twitter:

About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a tellurian personality in technology, opening
new possibilities for people everywhere. Through relentless innovation
and discovery, we are transforming a worlds of TVs, smartphones,
tablets, PCs, cameras, home appliances, printers, LTE systems, medical
devices, semiconductors and LED solutions. We occupy 286,000 people
opposite 80 countries with annual sales of US$216.7 billion. To discover
more, greatfully revisit

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Samsung 845DC EVO unveiled, SSD for information centres

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Samsung has suggested a new operation of SSDs directed precisely during information centres, with a 845DC EVO braggadocio a common chops in terms of trustworthiness and endurance.

The 845DC (Data Centre) EVO drives occupy Samsung’s 10nm-class 3-bit NAND peep memory, with a firmware and controller being formed on a Samsung PM853T solid-state drive.

Want some stats? Samsung is claiming consecutive review speeds of adult to 530 megabytes per second, and 87K IOPS for pointless reads. The organisation is charity a 5 year warranty, and adult to 600TB of information written. Power expenditure is rated during around 4W, so spare adequate as we would design for a information centre environment.

Unsoo Kim, comparison VP of branded product selling during Samsung, said: “As connected inclination are accessing some-more and some-more online information, information centre managers are looking to SSD record as an effective apparatus to assistance urge a speed of portion information to all these users, while enhancing investment potency over a shorter duration of time. The Samsung 845DC EVO SSD choice addresses this need by delivering an optimised resolution that combines low-latency with low-energy use for information centres.”

The 845DC EVO will come in 240GB, 480GB and 960GB models, with accessibility starting after this month and no pricing nonetheless confirmed.

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Which is a must-have smartphone of 2014 so far?

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

A organisation of flagship smartphones – pronounced to be a best of a best – have usually been released, packed with new technology, so it’s time to ask: is a iPhone 5S still a best smartphone? And that is 2014′s must-have?

When looking for a new phone, there are a dizzying series to select from, and all value a flattering penny. A quarrel is distracted between Apple and Samsung, yet reward contenders from Sony and HTC could take a show, and Nokia’s photography bravery still can’t be matched.

There has never been a improved time to buy a phone, so here’s a discerning beam to where to put your money.

Sony Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2
Great vast screen, usually watch out for fingerprints. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs/The Guardian

Big screen, vast camera, vast phone, £550 yet contract

Sony’s latest and biggest has a largest shade of a tip 5 here – a whopping 5.2in on a diagonal. Thankfully, it’s vast and beautiful, with abounding colours and superb observation angles, which, interconnected with stereo front-facing speakers bracketing a screen, creates examination cinema with friends a good experience.

The phone is waterproof down to 1.5m, that means we can go paddling with it, if we must, while a battery will final all day on a assign or many longer with power-saving activated.

The Xperia Z2 packs arguably a second-best camera in this group, with a 20.7-megapixel shooter on a behind able of imagination tricks such as fixation charcterised dinosaurs into your photos and video. Happily, a point-and-shoot mode is illusory and will make we demeanour like a pro.

The usually emanate with a Xperia Z2 is that it unequivocally is usually a tad too vast for normal hands, so this is one to try before we buy.

Verdict: fast, feature-packed and waterproof, yet a bit vast to reason in one hand.

Sony Xperia Z2 full review: a good phone, usually a bit too big

Nokia Lumia 1020

nokia lumia 1020 smartphone
It’s all about a camera with a Nokia Lumia 1020. Photograph: Timothy Clary/AFP/Getty Images

41-megapixels of camera during your disposal, £360 yet contract

Clad in a splendid cosmetic box with a sizeable gush on a back, Nokia’s top-of-the-line Windows phone is all about a camera. The Lumia 1020 packs a beast 41-megapixel camera, co-developed with a photography masters during Zeiss.

While pristine megapixel count means nothing, a “PureView” camera complement gives photographers entrance to a 3x lossless digital wizz while progressing intelligible images regulating some imagination “supersampling” image-processing technology.

As a byproduct, a 41-megapixel super-sized images give life to that stupid “enhance” thing people in American crime dramas always do, branch that tiny CCTV picture into an unblemished close-up of a person’s face or looseness picture number. You can keep zooming in and a picture is still pin-sharp.

The Windows phone program powering a 1020 is decent, yet lacks a few apps and competence not be everyone’s crater of tea. This is one for people who wish a best mobile phone camera on a market, or something opposite from Android or Apple.

Verdict: powerful camera and a plain choice to Android or a iPhone.

Nokia Lumia 1020 full review: it’s a phone, it’s a camera – what a camera

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5
Fingerprint scanner positively leads to on-screen smudges. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs/The Guardian

Market-leading Android wrapped in plastic, £560 yet contract

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is a latest flagship Android phone from Korea. Packing a shining camera that can refocus a print after capture, a charming 5.1in high-definition shade and adequate battery life to see it absolutely by a day – maybe even dual – a S5 is a good all-rounder.

The star of a uncover is a fingerprint scanner underneath a home symbol that unlocks a phone with a appropriate of a thumb. It can also be used to substantiate payments by PayPal with your fingerprints preventing some tiny tike perplexing to buy something on eBay with your money.

The Galaxy S5 is waterproof too, so a discerning asperse down a loo won’t stop it.

Not everybody is a fan of Samsung’s cosmetic pattern or cutesy take on Android software, yet a S5′s good change between vast shade and docile device distance creates it easy to hoop for a vast phone.

Verdict: fast, feature-packed and waterproof, yet cosmetic feels reduction premium.

Samsung Galaxy S5 full review: bigger, faster – yet still plastic

Apple iPhone 5S

apple iphone 5s
The best fingerprint sensor out there. Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A complicated classical that’s looking a tiny prolonged in a tooth, £550 yet contract

Apple’s latest and biggest iPhone 5S is indeed 7 months old, yet is still a aristocrat of iOS for during slightest another 3 months. Its TouchID fingerprint sensor underneath a home symbol is forlorn in palliate of use and correctness (despite other phones carrying something similar), while a speed and facilities are on a standard with a best of a rest. It has a decent, if not fantastic camera, and Apple’s iOS 7 is polished and colourful.

Its one differentiator is size; a iPhone is over an in. smaller than many of a competition, creation it easier to handle, yet some-more fiddly to form on.

The iPhone’s tiny shade distance creates it somewhat reduction able as a video screen, while people with reduction than ethereal fingers competence find it close to operate. Apple’s iOS 7 creates full advantage of a tiny screen, though, while a slim, lightweight support means a iPhone isn’t a prominent behemoth in your pocket.

Verdict: great fingerprint sensor, yet a bit on a tiny side.

Apple iPhone 5S full review: Apple shows a touch

HTC One M8

HTC One M8
Beautiful front and back. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs/The Guardian

All-metal and simply pleasing design, £550 yet contract

HTC has achieved something no one else can do right now; a new One M8 Android phone is roughly all metal.

The smooth, curved, aluminium behind is both pleasing to demeanour during and pleasing to hold, wise easily in a palm with a pleasingly comfortable feeling – reward pattern during a finest.

The One M8′s shade is one of a best ever propitious to a smartphone too, while a front-facing “BoomSound” speakers are impressively loud, creation examination videos with friends a joy.

A five-megapixel selfie-camera can constraint each scrape and wrinkle. But a HTC One M8′s celebration square has to be a Duo Camera, that puts a abyss sensor on a back, creation imagination print effects seamless and after-the-fact concentration possible, even if a photos aren’t always pin-sharp during usually 4.1-megapixels (yes, a selfie-cam is aloft resolution).

With adequate energy to hoop anything we chuck during it, a One M8 will final all day on a singular charge, stretching approach over dual days’ battery life with some power-saving facilities activated.

Verdict: pleasing design, pleasing shade and Impressive speakers, engaging camera, good battery life.

HTC One M8 full review: a lighting-quick, five-star smartphone

Best of a rest

Not everybody has £500 to spend on a smartphone, yet luckily there are many good options costing a poignant cube of change less.

The Google Nexus 5, that costs usually £300 for a loyal flagship smartphone experience, is a estimable contender. It’s quick with a good 5in shade in a device that’s indeed utterly compact, while it runs Google’s Android program with nothing of a tweaks or bloatware other manufacturers put on their phones.

Google Nexus 5 full review: a best Android smartphone going for underneath £300

Also value looking during is a Motorola Moto G – a mid-range smartphone costing a discount groundwork £135 or less. While it’s not as absolute as a rest, nor is a camera as good, a knowledge is identical for reduction than half a price.

Motorola Moto G full review: a best bill smartphone is usually £135

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Wearable Technology News: Pebble Dominates Global Wearable Market For 1Q …

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Wearable Technology News, Update: Based on a new news on marketplace share of a world’s best offered wearables, a smartwatch code Pebble led a tellurian intelligent wearable marketplace for a 1Q of 2014 accounting for 35% of shipments. Analytics organisation Canalys reported that Kickstarter-funded code was means to outship both Sony and Samsung during a Jan to Mar duration of this year.

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After Pebble, Sony follows with 29% share, followed by Samsung with 29%. Pebble began a New Year with a new immaculate steel chronicle of a watch and with a Pebble App Store accessible for both iOS and Android.

In a simple code difficulty of wearables, Fitbit is a aristocrat according to Phone Arena. The code accounted for 50% of shipments in a initial quarter. The tool and tech examination site pronounced that a product achieved a mastery notwithstanding a remember of Fitbit Force due to skin exasperation that was reported by some wearers. The annoy was subsequently blamed on hit rash caused by a element used to make a device.

The code Jawbone also had a clever initial quarter, while Nike’s FuelBand’s share forsaken 10%. The sports and conform association is now relocating divided from a hardware finish of a business, yet Canalys expects Nike’s program to be used for a arriving Apple iWatch. The wearable by a Cupertino tech hulk is approaching to make an coming in a second half of this year.

SlashGear remarkable that a wearable market, yet still new, is scheming for bigger players. The site pronounced that as Android Wear comes to delight and aptness wearables like a JayBird Reign make their approach to a burgeoning market, it’s probable to see some disturbances in a numbers.

Some events that might change these numbers includes a approaching consumer launch of Google Glass, a attainment of a MotoWatch 360 and a accessibility of a rarely expected and progressing mentioned iWatch by Apple.

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Could a time finally be right for smartwatches?

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Over a initial 3 months of 2014, Samsung alone has shipped 500,000 smartwatches, according to Strategy Analytics’ latest news into wearable technology. That competence not sound like a outrageous number, and in all truth, it isn’t. For example, Apple sole 10 million iPhone 5S and 5C handsets in a singular weekend this September.

However, a smartphone is a well-established, clearly defined, fascinating tech product. The smartwatch is still a unequivocally niche product in a decline and one but a unequivocally transparent use case. Just underneath 2 million smartwatches shipped in a whole of 2013 in sum from all manufacturers.

Yet, in usually 3 months, Samsung has managed to boat some-more than a entertain of that sum and in doing so has snagged 71% of a market. Sony and Pebble comment for another 11.4% with both companies shipping 80,000 units while Qualcomm’s Toq, that was rushed out to marketplace usually before a finish of 2013, accounts for 1% of a stream smartwatch landscape, carrying shipped 10,000 watches.

More considerable still is that these total usually run adult to a finish of Mar and therefore don’t comment for a launch of Samsung’s latest smartwatches, a Gear 2 and Gear Neo, that usually went on sale in Apr and are many higher to a company’s initial try during a smartwatch, a Galaxy Gear.

As good as new Samsung devices, a marketplace is about to be flooded by watches that use Android Wear, a special take on a smartphone handling system, optimized by Google to work on wearables. The initial watches to use it, a Moto 360 and LG G Watch, are both set for launch before a finish of a summer.

Thanks to a classical pattern and use of reward materials, a Moto 360 is already generating utterly a hum too. In fact, a approach a makers have been articulate it up, a Moto 360 is going to have to be implausible in each approach to live adult to a hype.

Earlier in May, Motorola’s Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Operations pronounced during an talk with Trusted Reviews that the: “Moto 360 is a unequivocally cold device that we consider solves a lot of problems that no one else has solved in a wearables space.” He went on to report all stream smartwatches as “pretty crappy.”

So, if a Moto 360 is a strike afterwards a smartwatch marketplace could raze in 2014 after all. However, many consultant trust that it would take a launch of an Apple branded wearable — a iWatch — for a device to get past a geeky and turn embraced by a mainstream.

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Decoding a latest Apple-Samsung dispute

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Many of today’s smartphones share identical features, from manageable touchscreens that let users clear a phone with a crack of a finger, to pop-up animations that offer a by-pass to dialing a series or storing it in a digital residence book.

Those similarities are during a core of an array of obvious disputes as Apple and Samsung Electronics sue any other in courts and trade offices around a world.

The companies’ most-recent authorised scuffle all though resolved on Friday, when a California jury found that Samsung copied some of Apple’s smartphone features. The row also resolved that Apple illegally used one of Samsung’s patents in formulating a iPhone 4 and 5.

All told, a jury awarded Samsung $158,400 and Apple $119 million, distant reduction than a $2.2 billion a association sought.

Jurors were systematic to lapse to justice Monday to continue deliberations on a teenager matter that could outcome in a aloft endowment for Apple.

Before last either a companies copied phone technologies, jurors had to cruise several patents. Here’s a demeanour during name patents and a jury’s conclusions:

Patent  5,946,647

Official description: System and routine for behaving an movement on a structure in computer-generated data.

What it unequivocally means: In a mobile device, a record described in this obvious is used to arrangement a pop-up menu of options. One example: When we prominence a phone series on a touchscreen and a program gives we a prompt of options.

The jury’s verdict: The jury found that Apple valid Samsung infringed on a obvious opposite several mobile devices, including a Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S III and Stratosphere.

Patent 6,847,959

Official description: Universal interface for retrieval of information in a mechanism system.

What it unequivocally means: This obvious covers a routine that’s identical to a duty of a hunt engine. It enables a mobile device to entrance information from a accumulation of locations, while usually inventory applicable information for a user.

One of a facilities in a obvious is a striking interface arrangement a “Go-To” menu choice in a content submit window.

The jury’s verdict: Apple unsuccessful to infer Samsung infringed on this patent.

Patent 7,761,414

Official description: Asynchronous information synchronization among devices.

What it unequivocally means: This obvious involves a approach to synchronize information opposite computers and mobile devices. In a box of a smartphone, this could request to synchronizing residence books on your phone with online storage.

The jury’s verdict: Samsung did not transgress on Apple’s patent.

Patent 8,046,721

Official description: Unlocking a device by behaving gestures on an clear image.

What it unequivocally means: This obvious refers to a approach of determining an electronic device with a touch-sensitive display. Specifically, Apple claimed Samsung infringed on a underline of a obvious that describes a swipe-and-unlock underline on iPhones.

The jury’s verdict: Apple done a box that certain Samsung devices, including a Admire, Stratosphere and Galaxy Nexus disregarded patents. But a row deserted claims regarding to Samsung’s Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch and Galaxy S II Skyrocket.

Patent 5,579,239

Official description: Remote video delivery system.

What it unequivocally means: Samsung’s obvious describes a complement for digitizing, compressing and transmitting audio and visible signals and afterwards reversing a routine for broadcast.

The jury’s verdict: Apple did not transgress on a territory of Samsung’s obvious that covers transmitting video in genuine time over a mobile frequency.

Patent 6,226,449

Official description: Apparatus for recording and reproducing digital picture and speech.

What it unequivocally means: This Samsung obvious refers to a kind of twin digital camera that’s turn customary in many smartphones. As described in a patent, a user is means to change a instruction of a camera.

The jury’s decision: Apple infringed on Samsung’s obvious on several versions of a iPhone and iPod Touch.


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Samsung baits developers with $1.25m cheat for Tizen wearable technology

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Basking in a excellence of a quarterly results, a inexhaustible Samsung is charity a $1.25 million (£743,000) esteem pot for wearables developers wishing to pattern apps for a Tizen mobile handling system.

Tizen is not now commissioned an any Samsung device, though a Korean association recently announced that a handling complement will find a home on a subsequent era of Galaxy Gear smartwatches.

The Galaxy Gear App Challenge, then, is an try by Samsung to attract gifted developer seductiveness in Tizen and to beget a stew of sparkling apps for a new system. According to a post on Samsung’s developer website, this is a initial in a array of app hurdles that will take place via 2014.

This sold plea will start on 8 May, holding place opposite a universe in a form of hackathons and developer events.

It’s a intelligent pierce by Samsung, that clearly realises that developer seductiveness is a pivotal part in a handling system’s success. By interesting developers now to emanate apps for a wearable record movement, it sets adult a organisation of professionals it can call on when it releases Tizen smartphones during 2014.

With a marketplace dominated by Android and iOS, Tizen will need glorious apps to contest with a determined giants. For more, see because Samsung needs to change from Android to Tizen.

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S5: The expansion of a Galaxy

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

With annual flagship refreshes of nineteen-to-a-dozen brands, times have spin flattering chaotic for reviewers. It’s that time of a year again and we start off with a Galaxy S5, one of a many awaited phones during this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Feel and design

While many other manufacturers have jumped on to a unibody bandwagon (first popularised by Apple), Samsung has refused to nudge nonetheless again. Yes, a S5 sports a removable behind cover and battery, with expandable storage. And, it’s waterproof and shockproof to boot.

The behind cover sports a patterned look, provides an easy hold and fit simply in my hand. There were only dual concerns with a removable behind cover. One, a cover needs to be bound behind resolutely (and a phone program does advise one about it) so there are no gaps and a phone stays waterproof. Two, it would have been good if a microSIM container was spring-loaded.

The 16-megapixel (MP) behind camera has a LED peep placed right subsequent it, with a Samsung trademark only below. The singular orator grille is benefaction only above a bottom-left edge.

The S5 – like a predecessor, a S4 – has a power/lock pivotal on a right and a volume rocker on a left. The informed earthy home symbol stays only subsequent a 5.1-inch screen. The form cause of a S5 is identical to a S4, nonetheless it sports a bigger shade since of a slimmer bezel on a sides of a screen.

The front camera and sensors are to a right of a earpiece grille, while a presentation LED is to a left. The bottom corner sports a microUSB (supporting USB 3.0) port, that is lonesome with a flap, to strengthen a innards from H2O and dust. Considering that one would need to entrance a phone regularly, it is a pain opening a flap, generally if you’ve clipped your nails recently.

The tip corner of a phone sports a headphones jack and infra-red port, that helps a phone to be used as a remote.

The essentials

Start a S5 and one is met with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface, despite a latest version. Besides a time, date and weather, a close shade also sports a pedometer (showing a series of stairs you’ve walked) and a camera shortcut, that takes some removing used to.

I routinely cite Google’s batch interface yet we utterly favourite a one a S5 sports. Of course, one needs to get used to it – for example, a settings being divided orderly underneath several heads with colourful, nonetheless classy, icons –  not once did we knowledge any loiter or feel a interface was clunky. I’ve always been a fan of Samsung’s call menu: Along with a strike details, one can also entrance a final summary sent to a chairman and has a choice of job as good as promulgation a summary on a same screen. 

I was also happy that Samsung has used a possess messaging app for texts instead of a default Hangouts app, that is a pain. Calls done from a phone were of good peculiarity and we were means to hear a other celebration even in a loud sourroundings outdoors.

The batch browser on a S5 has a series of facilities like Google’s Chrome, such as incognito mode, and installed pages utterly discerning on an Airtel 3G connection. 

Key features

One of a biggest upgrades of a S5 over a S4 has been a introduction of a fingerprint scanner subsequent a Home key. But, distinct a TouchID of Apple’s iPhone 5s, one needs to appropriate down with one’s finger in sequence to clear a device. While adult to 3 fingers can be stored in memory, swiping a finger regulating a phone station in a swarming place single-handed requires a satisfactory bit of bid and not all such swipes are successful. Once we get a hang of it though, you’ll be swiping right though many fake attempts.

Another vast ascent for a Galaxy S5 was S Health, which, besides a pedometer and other stuff, now bundles in a heartbeat monitor. One measures a heartbeat by fixation one’s index finger over a LED flash. But one needs to stay still to get an accurate reading. 

One some-more new underline is Download Booster, that can mix information connectors (that is, 3G and Wi-Fi) to download vast files from a internet. While it’s a nifty app, we run a risk of finishing a information extent on your devise in a jiffy, unless we have an total information connection.

Interface and screen

The new TouchWiz interface retains a drop-down discerning entrance menus, with some additions. For example, there’s a Toolbox option, that radically puts a floating widget with entrance to 5 oft-repeated programs such as calculator, records and voice recorder, only a hold away, over other apps.

On possibly side of a Home symbol are a capacitive behind pivotal and a multitasking key, that was formerly a menu key. The menu can now be accessed by a prolonged press on this key. These keys, however, do not light adult compartment they are pressed.

Then there are a power-saving modes – Power saving and Ultra energy saving – both of that can spin your device into a greyscale one.  After a utterly chaotic day with apps, videos, gaming, music, email, calls and, of course, a ubiquitous pedometer app, we were staring during battery life during only 9 percent. With Ultra energy saving mode incited on, we were means to keep a phone alive for scarcely 3 hours (using it sparingly) compartment we got home. What is engaging is even in this mode, one could crop websites and tweet.

While both modes unequivocally widen a battery life, it would be good if they switched on automatically after a battery’s assign forsaken subsequent a certain level.

Samsung has jumped on to a feeds bandwagon with My Magazine, that is radically a chronicle of Flipboard. While it was engaging to accept feeds by only swiping right, what wasn’t considerable was a heads underneath that one was asked to select feeds. Delving a bit deeper, we chanced on a informed Flipboard interface and were finally means to customise a feeds to a satisfaction. HTC’s BlinkFeed, in a opinion, is a improved bet.

The Super AMOLED shade of a S5 is a pleasure to use, both indoors and outdoors, yet we did notice it somewhat heating adult when a lot of apps were regulating concurrently. But colours are reproduced vividly and examination videos is easy on a eyes. With Adapt Display incited on, a shade blending simply to a prevalent lighting conditions and it was a pleasure to perspective videos both indoors and outside.

A caveat: Please switch off multi-window mode before examination cinema or we won’t be means to watch in full-screen mode.

Gaming and camera

The absolute specifications of a S5 promises this would be a good gaming device. We weren’t unhappy when we played Subway Surfer and Asphalt 8 Airborne, that looked generally good on a shining screen. But when we played Real Racing 3, we faced a small bit of lag. A discerning reboot and we were behind to a best level.

The Isocell camera is improved than a S4 and captures photos in clear detail. As touted, a autofocus is utterly discerning and we were means to constraint some flattering fast-moving objects. However, a camera takes a flattering prolonged time to glow up. The Selective Focus duty is something of a strike and miss, as a processor takes prolonged to routine a image. In intensely low light, photos clicked were only right regulating HDR mode.

Battery life

The S5 comes with a improved battery, a some-more fit processor and a improved yet bigger shade than a S4. Thus, with unchanging use, a battery should final by a day. In box we see battery life dropping drastically, switch off a few apps or switch on a energy saving mode; it will final we compartment a subsequent recharge, with prudent use. Road warriors, of course, have a choice of carrying a gangling charged battery.


The Galaxy S5 checks all boxes for a flagship device and afterwards some more. It will really be counted as one of a best phones of this year and if we wish a best-in-class phone among Androids, we have a choice of picking this or a likewise labelled HTC One M8. If we are a revolutionary Samsung fan and can do with final year’s technology, a Galaxy S4 creates for a improved value proposition. But, if cost is of no concern, go for a savage during Rs 54,000.

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Samsung says destiny of smartphone record is evolution, not revolution

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

Waterloo Region Record

TORONTO — If tech reviewers contend Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 isn’t as grand as some of a company’s comparison phones that’s excellent with Paul Brennan.

The comparison vice-president of mobile and craving for Samsung Canada admits it’s removing harder to wow tech-savvy consumers with any new release.

And so Samsung is calm to concentration on constantly improving a core facilities and trace some new ones into any new model, rather than overhanging for a fences each time.

“I consider we will continue to see ‘wow factors’ come, though will they be as insubordinate as they once were? we consider not, we consider you’ll see some-more evolutionary things,” pronounced Brennan on rising a flagship Galaxy S5, that strike a Canadian marketplace Friday.

The phone’s new facilities embody a fingerprint reader, heart rate monitor, increasing dirt and H2O resistance, and some-more absolute photography tools. There’s zero insubordinate about a Galaxy S5′s 13-centimetre shade though maximizing a peculiarity was a tip priority, pronounced Brennan. He remarkable that a video diagnostics association DisplayMate recently pronounced Samsung’s latest phone had a best shade it had ever tested, with tip outlines for brightness, colour correctness and other features.

“We still courtesy a shade on a device as being unequivocally a many critical and initial thing that we see,” combined Ken Price, executive of selling for Samsung Canada’s mobile communications division.

“Our doing of colour, brightness, darkness, a ability to conduct a some-more healthy display is partial of a value proposition.”

If there is a game-changing record on a setting for smartphones, Brennan bets it will engage screens.

“We’ve talked about stretchable screens, we’ve showcased stretchable screens during (the Consumer Electronics Show) and it’s only removing that record down to a cost indicate that allows we to sell it to a consumer,” he said.

Brennan expects sales of a Galaxy S5 will get a boost from a ultra-viral courtesy Samsung perceived during a Oscars, when horde Ellen DeGeneres toted a Galaxy Note 3 on theatre and acted for a organisation selfie with a likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and Kevin Spacey. The print DeGeneres posted to her Twitter comment has been retweeted 3.4 million times and favourited by some-more than dual million users.

It was apparent to many viewers that Samsung had paid to be featured so prominently on a telecast. But a attempt itself seemed unscripted adequate that it didn’t feel like an ad, that will substantially compensate dividends for Samsung, Brennan said.

“When that partial came on we remember observant to my wife, ‘That looked totally pointless and sincere,’ and we see people perplexing to burst into (the shot), it was a unequivocally kind of surreal moment,” he said.

“It was really genuine and clearly there was branding on a phone so it authorised (the Samsung name) to come across. we consider it will have a certain impact for us as a company.”

Brennan also pronounced Samsung is vehement about a possibility to enhance a strech in a corporate marketplace with a Galaxy S5.

“We see a business-to-business space as a poignant expansion area for Samsung,” he said.

“We have good invasion inside a consumer market. There was a association that had good invasion inside a business village that is not indispensably streamer in a right instruction … so we trust we have a good event there.”

The Canadian Press

Roundup: Totvs, Bematech-Samsung, Stefanini

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Brazil’s Totvs builds salon area into a São Paulo headquarters, Bematech partners with Samsung for mobile solutions, Stefanini adds anti-fraud resolution to a portfolio.

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