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Roundup: Totvs, Bematech-Samsung, Stefanini

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Brazil’s Totvs builds salon area into a São Paulo headquarters, Bematech partners with Samsung for mobile solutions, Stefanini adds anti-fraud resolution to a portfolio.

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Auto Expo 2014: Samsung and Tata Motors Agree Tie-Up for In-Car …

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

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“This is in a line of truth to offer new facilities to a business to emanate differentiated products facilities that are applicable to a benefaction and scalable for a future,” he added, on a identical note.

Mr. Yadav serve combined that a association is aiming during creation a complement accessible also to a volume shred cars, and not indispensably shorten it usually to some-more costly vehicles from a association like Safari or Aria.

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As of now, Tata Motors and Samsung have been operative jointly for final 6 months on this project. And detached from now similar a understanding with Tata Motors, Samsung already has a tellurian partnership with a German automobile builder BMW.

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Samsung Working on “Galaxy Glass” Computing Eyewear for a Fall?

Monday, January 27th, 2014

samsung universe glass

With wearable record fast reaching a rise that technological advancements continue to exhibit themselves clearly any day, a world’s heading companies are jocking for position in this sepulchral market. From wristwear to eyewear and beyond, companies like Google were among a initial to move about equipment like Google Glass as a residue of a attention attempted to keep up. Well not distant behind is Samsung as rumors have it they are now operative to furnish computing eyewear patrician “Galaxy Glass.”

Based on a news in a Korea Times, Samsung is tough during work mastering a Google Glass aspirant slated for a September entrance during a annual IFA tech conference. Its pronounced a product will radically yield a arrangement as if your smartphone was on your face. Notifications, song playback, messaging and more, would be accessible through basic controls to a lens of a head-mounted display. Hopefully we’ll learn some-more in a months to come and see something discernible in September.

Source: Tech Crunch

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Smartphones charge brewing

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

AS a dirt settles from final week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, all eyes spin to a one hi-tech difficulty that was celebrated by a deficiency of vital product launches: smartphones.

But it frequency means there is small movement in that marketplace sector. The uncover was in outcome a ease before a smartstorm.

Even as Samsung dominated a uncover with a hulk mount featuring ground-breaking new tablets and TVs, a association executive was environment a stage for a company’s subsequent large flagship, a Samsung Galaxy S5. Lee Young Hee, executive vice-president of Samsung Mobile, reliable that it was targeted for a March/April launch.

Vague sum were revealed, such as a unsurprising fact that a S5 will have a somewhat opposite figure to a predecessors, a S3 and S4, that are simply confused.

Confirmation of a timing and fixing of a device is approaching to build to heat representation in a weeks heading to a Mobile World Congress in Barcelona during a finish of subsequent month. However, a device will not be launched there.

Although Samsung does not traditionally launch new phones during a congress, it will be fighting for attention. Sony Mobile, in particular, is approaching to invade a uncover with new devices.

Sony has already drawn a initial line in a sand, announcing a vital new smartphone. The new, large-screen XPeria T2 Ultra, launched this week, is fascinating for a series of reasons, not slightest a timing of a launch and a aim market. It is a 15cm “phablet” that is directed during rising markets, hence a deficiency in Las Vegas.

Its pricing will be “mid-range”, definition about R5,000-R6,000 in South Africa. Sony says it was designed holding into comment needs of business in rising markets in China, a Middle East, Africa and a Asia Pacific Rim.

“Xperia T2 Ultra will lead a difficulty by a multiple of modernized arrangement and camera technologies,” pronounced Calum MacDougall, executive of Xperia Marketing during Sony Mobile Communications. “It will move large-screen party in an amazingly unstable form, and it will do it all while providing implausible value for money.”

At 7.6mm thick, a T2 poses a approach plea to Samsung’s hugely successful Galaxy Note 3.0, a 5.7in phablet that measures 8.3mm.

Assuming Sony will also launch a subsequent era of a flagship smartphone — now a Xperia Z1 — during a congress, this suggests a smartphone wars are no longer centred on a North American market. As Samsung’s worldwide sales have shown, prevalence outward a US is a good start towards tellurian domination.

Ironically, a categorical smartphone movement in Last Vegas came from Chinese manufacturers Huawei and Lenovo.

Lenovo continued a incursion into phablets with a 5.5in device called a Vibe Z, many important for a heavyweight 3,000mAh battery, in a 7.9mm phone. That translates into prolonged life, nonetheless a well skinny phone.

Huawei went one larger, phenomenon a Ascend Mate 2, a phablet with a 6.1in shade and 9.5mm thick. Its 4,050 mAh battery is a torpedo feature, even permitting a phone to be used to assign obtuse devices.

CEO of a Huawei Consumer multiplication Richard Yu announced that a association was targeting 80-million sales in 2014, or tighten to 10% of a tellurian market.

To grasp this, it will need to make a vital dash in Barcelona, or during slightest announce a device as ground-breaking as final year’s Ascend P6, that stays a thinnest smartphone in a world.

Two embattled smartphone manufacturers, Nokia and BlackBerry, are also approaching to have a clever participation in Barcelona. Both were in assemblage in Las Vegas, though regulating a eventuality mostly for executives to reason onward on strategy.

Even as a uncover was ending, however, outward a US Nokia rolled out a vital program refurbish to a Lumia operation of smartphones that uses a Windows Phone handling system.

The new Lumia Black, as a refurbish is known, was expelled essentially in rising markets such as China, India and South Africa. It gives users some-more control of a entrance of their phones and includes enhancements such as improved multitasking.

Nokia is also approaching to announce new inclination in South Africa early subsequent month, and will have a poignant participation in Barcelona. It is not approaching to contest device-for-device directly with Samsung, though a entrance weeks are approaching to symbol a subsequent proviso in a rebirth of a brand.

This essay was initial published in Sunday Times: Business Times

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Demand For Larger Screen Size Will Drive Corning’s Display Technology …

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Corning’s ( GLW ) revenues from a arrangement business are approaching to boost in a entrance year driven by flourishing direct for incomparable displays in TVs, mobiles and tablets. Revenues from a arrangement technologies shred have declined over a past 3 buliding due to disappearing prices of LCD displays. The decrease in cost was especially due to built adult register in a supply chain.

Another cause pushing enlargement in Corning’s arrangement business will be a 100% tenure of Samsung Corning Precision, a corner try with Samsung. Corning shall squeeze Samsung’s 43% interest in a try along with a remaining 7% from other share holders. The understanding is ostensible to be finished by a initial entertain of 2014.

See a finish research of Corning here .

Large shade TVs, mobiles and tablets to accelerate enlargement in arrangement market

Consumer welfare has shifted towards incomparable shade TVs, PC monitors, mobiles and tablets essentially since of a observation pleasure that incomparable screens offer. Additionally, due to disappearing prices of LCDs, vast shade TVs and monitors became some-more affordable. The direct for LCD TV panels incomparable than 50 inches is approaching to grow 18.5% in 2014, outpacing a approaching 5% enlargement in altogether direct for LCD panels for TV. Complementing this enlargement is a direct for incomparable sized monitors and smartphones. Demand for LCD monitors of distance 23 inches and above are approaching to grow 15.5% in 2014 and mobile phone panels of 5 inches and above will grow a towering 59%. Together, a sum area direct for LCD panels is approaching to boost 9% in 2014.

Corning is good positioned to take advantage of a boost in LCD area demand. Its exclusive alloy formed production routine enables it to furnish high peculiarity potion of vast sizes in a cost effective way. Apart from catering to mandate such as thinner and stronger displays, Corning will also be means to perform distance mandate of digest manufacturers. Corning manufactures potion substrates of sizes adult to Generation 10 (114 inches x 122 inches). Large distance substrates also assistance revoke costs for digest manufacturers.

100% tenure in Samsung Corning Precision (SCP) will assistance boost revenues

Acquiring finish tenure of SCP will outcome in $2 billion fake enlargement in revenues for Corning’s Display Technologies segment. The merger comes along with a 10 year supply agreement with Samsung that will safeguard a solid upsurge of revenues .

SCP is singular to provision a products to business in South Korea. Once Corning acquires 100% tenure of SCP, it will be means to offer a broader patron base. SCP’s comforts also offer ability enlargement advantages for Corning. Corning might use a additional ability to residence new developments like regulating Gorilla Glass as markerboards or for automotive applications.

Understand How a Company’s Products Impact a Stock Price during Trefis

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Samsung Announces Industry’s First 8gb LPDDR4 Mobile Dram

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Samsung Announces Industry’s First 8gb LPDDR4 Mobile Dram


Published on Tuesday, 31 Dec 2013 08:34

It looks like 2014 will really be a really engaging one, generally for a mobile industry. Samsung recently announced a industry’s initial 8 gigabit, low appetite double information rate 4 (LPDDR4) mobile DRAM, a largest firmness accessible for DRAM components today. The chip will be means to shake out about 50% aloft opening than a fastest LPDDR3 or DDR3 chips out there while immoderate approximately 40% reduction appetite during 1.1 volts.

The 8Gb LPDDR4 chip is done regulating 20nm category routine record that offers 1GB on a singular die. Four of a 8Gb chips total could offer a singular 4GB LPDDR4 package, this means that yes, we competence be means to see 4GB of RAM in your destiny smartphone. According to Samsung, a chip is targeted for a reward mobile marketplace including vast shade UHD smartphones, tablets and ultra-slim notebooks that offer 4 times a fortitude of full-HD imaging, and also on high-performance network systems.

Visit Samsung to find out more.


(Source: PhoneArena, Samsung)

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UAE’s mobile, Internet habits revealed: iPhone 5, Facebook, iTunes rule

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

iPhone 5 has now transposed Samsung S3 as a many ordinarily used smartphone in a UAE, with rivals Samsung and Apple both recording an boost to their marketplace shares, a UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) pronounced in a latest news yesterday.

The TRA has expelled a news on a nation’s many renouned mobile phone handsets, amicable networking platforms and applications websites.
Investigating a stream state of a market, a news reveals a marketplace share of mobile phones in a UAE by manufacturer and model.

According to a report, during a duration between Jul 1, 2013 and Sep 30, 2013, 46 per cent of handsets purebred on a UAE’s networks were smartphones, a figure that has increasing during any entertain in 2013.

This also goes on to uncover a majority of a UAE market, where roughly half a handsets are smartphones. That’s also because tellurian manufacturers customarily select a UAE to be among a beginning markets in that to launch their new handsets. Across a region, smartphones now comment for scarcely dual out of each 5 phones in a Middle East, according to a latest investigate from International Data Corporation (IDC).

In terms of smartphone models, Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 5 was a many ordinarily used smartphone in a UAE in with 2.8 per cent of a sum handsets purebred on UAE networks.

The news illustrates that a Samsung S3 was a second many renouned smartphone with 2.5 per cent of a marketplace share, followed by iPhone 4S (2.3 per cent), iPhone 4 and BlackBerry 9900 (both 1.8 per cent); Samsung S4 (1.6 per cent); Galaxy S Duos (1.2 per cent); BlackBerry Bold 9790 (1.1 per cent) and BlackBerry Bold 9780 (1 per cent).

In addition, a TRA news also shows that a large 56.2 per cent of all handsets purebred on UAE networks were done by Nokia, followed by Samsung (16.4 per cent), BlackBerry (10.2 per cent) and Apple (7.8 per cent); LG (1 per cent); Sony (0.9 per cent); HTC (0.6 per cent); and Huawei (0.5 per cent). Unlike Nokia and BlackBerry, though, Samsung and Apple available increases in their marketplace shares in Q3.

In terms of specific handset models, a Nokia 101/1010 (4.1 per cent) was a many renouned mobile handset in UAE in Q3 leading a Nokia 1280/1282 that was a many renouned in a prior quarter.

In Q3, a Nokia 1280/1282 (3.7 per cent) was a second many renouned handset followed by both a Nokia X1 and Nokia E5 (3 per cent); iPhone 5 (2.8 per cent); Samsung S 3 (2.5 per cent); iPhone 4S (2.3 per cent); a iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Bold 9900 (both 1.8 per cent); Samsung S4 (1.6 per cent); Galaxy S Duos (1.2 per cent); BlackBerry Bold 9790 (1.1 per cent) and BlackBerry Bold 9780 (1 per cent).

During a duration from Jul 1, 2013 to Sep 30, 2013, users of smartphones and bound Internet services in a UAE visited several applications websites a sum of 1.5 billion times. Apple iTunes was by distant a many ordinarily visited applications website, followed by Nokia OVI; Samsung Apps; Blackberry App World and Android Applications.

In terms of amicable media, UAE smartphone and bound Internet users done a sum of 13.7 billion visits to amicable networking websites during a duration from Jul 1, 2013 to Sep 30, 2013. Visits to Facebook accounted for 91 per cent of sum visits to amicable networking sites, followed by Twitter with 8 per cent of visits, Maktoob with 0.1 per cent, afterwards LinkedIn and MySpace.

Commenting on a review, Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, Director General, TRA said: “The news provides formula that will be of seductiveness both to a open and, crucially, a manufacturers who supply a communications record a republic has come to count on. Providing really graphic investigate of consumer adoption, a investigate reflects a nation’s energetic ecosystem in that both underline phones and smartphones are pushing postulated telecommunications zone growth.”

“This news falls in line with a TRA’s continual bid to surprise a open per a stream state of a telecommunications zone and guard a growth going forward. Creating open and transparent channels of communication with a open by investigate is a core design of a TRA as we recognize a stress of their involvement. Statistical investigate such as this provides useful marketplace discernment and it is for that reason we will continue to control identical projects prolonged into a future,” he added.


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Samsung’s Plans for Wearable Computing’s Next Big Thing Outed

Monday, December 16th, 2013

As a wearable computing marketplace is gaining momentum, Samsung is already formulation for a ‘next large thing‘ in that sector. The association already has a wearable wristwatch that connects to name Galaxy phones in a form of a Galaxy Gear, and yet a smartwatch was met with a lukewarm accepting Samsung is still bullish on this rising marketplace and now, according to a company’s timeline, we’re saying what Samsung is envisioning for a wearable computing universe for 2015 and beyond.

In terms of design, Samsung’s skeleton will start with inclination with a winding shape. This will pave approach for inclination that can bend, identical to a Galaxy Round smartphone. Eventually, foldable inclination will offer a many coherence and flexibility.

To get to foldable, Samsung will expected demeanour during rising technologies and designs entrance out of a AMOLED arrangement multiplication with flexible displays. Also, for this to work, Samsung will expected have to try new battery  and electronics solutions for foldable, stretchable devices as well.




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Eventually Samsung will wish inclination that not usually will fold, though can be stretched, according to a slip posted on Slash Gear.

When these inclination are total with additional sensors, a wearables will turn some-more intelligent and would be means to lane and record some-more information. From simple GPS, gyroscope, and positioning sensors today, Samsung is also looking to enhance to bio sensors that could lane heartrate, pulse, temperature, blood sugar, and more. This isn’t a initial time that we’ve listened of Samsung wanting to concentration on a health and aptness market. When a Galaxy S4 was expelled progressing in a year, Samsung had announced a series of aptness accessories for that phone, though a association had subsequently motionless to postpone a recover and instead focused a efforts on a Gear.

Essentially, what Samsung is looking to do is to enhance from a Galaxy Gear watch that was expelled this year alongside a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to ring inclination that can be used for aptness and medical by 2015 and eventually by 2018 move wearables mainstream into ubiquitous wardrobe and fashion.


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From Fish Trader to Smartphone Maker

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

The Founding Lee Byung-chull founds Samsung Sanghoe. The organisation exports fruit, vegetables and fish. Becoming Samsung Electronics Samsung-Sanyo Electronics, that after becomes Samsung Electronics, is established. The Move Into TVs

The initial Samsung Electronics-branded TV is expelled in Korea in 1972.

Once famous for hairy black-and-white sets that were thrown in giveaway with repository subscriptions, Samsung began creation TVs that took honour of place in vital bedrooms around a world.

Putting in Personal Wealth

Mr. Lee buys a 50 percent interest in a association called Hankook Semiconductor.

The pierce is deliberate so unsure that he has to use his possess cash, rather than Samsung’s money, for a investment. It starts Samsung’s transition into a plumb integrated consumer wiring giant.

Inheriting a Throne Lee Byung-chull dies; his son Lee Kun-hee is named authority of a Samsung organisation of companies. Talk to Me Samsung introduces a initial mobile phone. ‘Frankfurt Declaration’

Frustrated by a bad peculiarity of Samsung’s products and a squalid picture of a brand, Mr. Lee summoned scores of executives to Frankfurt, Germany. In a hotel discussion room, a routinely reticent aristocrat went on a three-day rant, summed adult in an warning that has turn partial of Samsung’s institutional lore:

“Change all though your mother and children.’’

Making 256 Megabits The association develops a world’s initial 256-megabit DRAM chip. Burning Products Mr. Lee, dissapoint about bad quality, orders 150,000 phones, fax machines, and other inclination to be burnt in front of employees during a bureau in Gumi, South Korea. Bringing Digital to a Masses Samsung introduces world’s initial mass-produced digital TV. Decanting Its ‘Bordeaux’ The association introduces a Bordeaux line of televisions and becomes a tellurian marketplace personality in TV. Powered by Android The i7500, a company’s initial Android-powered smartphone, is introduced. Reaching Global Domination Samsung becomes a world’s biggest smartphone provider. Getting Into Wearables

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch, that acts as a messenger to a smartphone, is introduced.

It is not a initial supposed smartwatch, though Samsung draws substantial courtesy with it by violence Apple to market.

The device allows users to accept e-mails, share cinema and use innumerable apps designed for it.

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Revolutionary new phone with pure shade will have hold shade …

Saturday, December 7th, 2013
  • Phone will let users control phone though obscuring perspective of display
  • Technology could be used for video playback and gaming
  • But Samsung’s phone could be years divided from attack a market

Sam Webb

18:46, 7 Dec 2013


20:18, 7 Dec 2013

Plans for a phone with a pure shade with hold shade record on both a front and behind have been suggested in what could be a subsequent step brazen in smartphone technology.

Tech hulk Samsung has filed a obvious for a destiny pure arrangement that can be tranquil by fingertip from both sides of a phone.

Pictures of a device have been filed with a U.S. uncover a intensity advantages of a technology, such as a user’s finger not obscuring a shade when drumming on apps or boring equipment around a screen.

Great jump forward: Samsung have filed a obvious for a phone with a pure arrangement that has hold shade record on both sides

Great jump forward: Samsung have filed a obvious for a phone with a pure arrangement that has hold shade record on both sides

This picture shows how icons can be comparison from a behind of a phone

This picture shows how icons can be comparison from a behind of a phone

It could be generally effective for hold shade games. A daub on a behind of a phone could also pierce adult additional options or information about what is on a screen, such as content compared with a photo, such as comments on a print posted on Facebook or Instagram.

The user will also be means to discerning forward, rewind and play video by regulating backside gestures though restraint their perspective of a footage.

One of a cinema contained within a obvious shows how holding a print of what is displayed on a shade could be as elementary as a discerning boring gesture.

The behind shade can be used for confidence measures

The behind shade can be used for confidence measures

Users could even pierce tip and bottom arrangement equipment around exclusively that could be useful for print strategy or art apps.

There is no denote when a phone will strike a market. The patent, unclosed by Patentbolt, was filed in a summer though contains no sum on time frames.

Samsung was not accessible for comment.

This figure shows how a behind of a phone can be used to call adult additional information or options though restraint a screen

This figure shows how a behind of a phone can be used to call adult additional information or options though restraint a screen

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