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Apple’s conduct is still in a clouds

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Despite a fact it does not seem that Apple is regulating most ability in a existent billion dollar information centre, Jobs’ Mob is penetrating to buy another one on a west seashore of a US.

According to Digital Trends, Apple is meditative about shopping 160 acres of land in Oregon, located right nearby Facebook’s recently determined server farm, for use as a information centre.

Two people with “direct believe of Apple’s plans” have pronounced that a intensity new information centre would live in Prineville, roughly a quarter-mile south of a server plantation that Facebook determined there progressing this year.

The news pronounced that Apple is meddlesome in taxation breaks, Oregon’s amiable continue and comparatively low energy costs.

But a doubt that Digital Trends forgot to ask as it patronisingly forked out that Apple’s newly launched iCloud use “doesn’t indeed live in a clouds” and “required some critical data-grinding horsepower” was because on earth Jobs’ Mob indispensable nonetheless another information centre.

Already we have reported that Apple’s billion dollar information centre in Carolina is underused and is now usually employing 50 people. Given a distance of a place if it was being used, a iCloud would have some-more server ability than Google. Apple could get divided with a tenth of a space to run a iCloud during stream capacity.

Meanwhile Apple is using chunks of a iCloud on Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3.

It does not need to built a possess datacenter and a billion dollar site is a white elephant. So because build another one? 

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VDI benchmark launched to magnitude storage performance, costs

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Analyst organisation Evaluator Group currently launched a VDI-IOmark, a practical desktop infrastructure (VDI)
for storage. The benchmark measures I/O
and costs per desktop for VDI

Evaluator Group comparison researcher Russ Fellows pronounced a thought for a benchmark was innate about a
year ago when vendors began edition costs per desktop for their storage when used with VDI. He
said those total were not formed on customary testing, and there was no approach to determine a claims or
compare opposite vendors’ offerings.

“VDI deployments are removing derailed since of costs and I/O
,” Fellows said. “There’s probably no picturesque sizing for performance. “We started
getting inquires from finish users on VDI seeking what they need to know about storage. We famous a
need for a benchmark, nonetheless that s not something an researcher customarily does.”

The researcher organisation put together a VDI-IOmark organization,
which it describes as a bloc of attention groups, vendors and IT users. No members of the
organization have been identified, nonetheless a press recover announcing a VDI benchmark included
a quote from BlueArc’s clamp boss of product marketing, Ravi Chalaka.

The benchmark is storage-specific and usually measures VMware
implementations now, nonetheless Fellows pronounced Evaluator Group skeleton to supplement support for Citrix
and Microsoft Hyper-V.

The VDI benchmark can run on servers doing 1,000 VDI users, 12 CPU, 96 GB of RAM and multiple
I/O ports.

There are already VDI benchmarks available, though Fellows pronounced VDI-IOmark costs reduction and is easier
to use and set adult than a Login VSI and RAWC
benchmarks, that demeanour during a whole system.

VDI-IOmark tests storage complement opening only. It does not exam a potency of the
hypervisor, server capacity, CPU or memory. It looks during a I/O compulsory for clone, boot, login,
user workload, pathogen indicate and reclone operations. VDI-IOmark calculates a cost for storage
licenses for tested storage ability and three-year upkeep and divides that by a series of
VDI instances to get a cost per user.

The benchmark criteria embody limit response times; all storage contingency reside on a systems
being tested. VDI-IOmark will tell price/performance benchmarks when vendors make them

VDI-IOmark will assign an annual permit price for commencement during $2,500 for vendors. End users can
get a permit giveaway for 30 days for evaluation.

Like any storage
, VDI-IOmark will need attention buy-in to be valuable.

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