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CES 2012: Qualcomm shows Snapdragon S4 using Windows 8

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

The attainment after this year of Windows 8 for ARM changes a computing landscape. For a initial time, companies that rise chips for smartphones and tablets can contest approach with Intel and AMD. One of those companies is Qualcomm, that is because we was meddlesome to see what CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs would have to contend during a company’s CES keynote today.

Qualcomm is of march best famous for phone chips. Jacobs pronounced a association has shipped some-more than 7 billion chipsets creation it a world’s series one retailer of silicon for wireless. But Windows 8 on ARM is an event to parlay a wireless imagination and pull a Snapdragon chipset into laptops and other inclination such as intelligent TVs.

“That is going to be a unequivocally sparkling new event for a [Snapdragon] S4 chip to flex a muscles,” Jacobs said. “That is a diversion changer.”

Jacobs gave what he pronounced was a initial open proof of a inscription with a Snapdragon S4 and Windows 8 regulating on ATT’s 4G LTE network. He showed how a inscription could uniformly hoop Windows 8 facilities such as Metro-style apps, full-screen IE browsing and Charms. “All of things you’d expect. That’s regulating on an ARM processor. And, by a way, no fan,” Jacobs said.

There are 20 manufactures with some-more than 70 Snapdragon S4-based products in a pipeline, according to Qualcomm. But Jacobs did not yield sum or contend when a initial Windows 8 tablets and laptops will be available.

Most of a keynote was not surprisingly focused on Qualcomm’s record for phones, in sold Android and Windows Phone smartphones.

Jacobs pronounced Snapdragon now powers 300 inclination with another 350 in a works. Many of these are Android smartphones and Jacobs talked about Qualcomm’s work with Google starting with a recover of a Nexus One roughly accurately dual years ago. Snapdragon is also in other Android inclination too. This week Lenovo announced a intelligent TV with a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon chip and Android 4.0. Liu Jun, boss of Lenovo’s Mobile Internet and Digital Home Group, gave a proof of facilities such as voice-enabled hunt for video calm and diversion play (using Gameloft’s Asphalt pushing game). “We are transferring Lenovo from a heading personal computing association to a heading digital home company,” Liu said. Jacobs also mentioned Qualcomm’s recently-announced GameCommand for a Android Market for handling games.

Qualcomm has been also personification a lead purpose in Windows Phone (every phone now on a marketplace uses Qualcomm silicon, he noted). Nokia is also regulating Qualcomm in a Lumia Windows Phone smartphones, that are only entrance to a U.S. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop came onstage and talked about both a new models shipping in a U.S. over a subsequent few months, including a Lumia 900, a 4G LTE phone for ATT, and a company’s efforts to build cheaper smartphones for building countries.

The rest of a keynote focused on themes that Qualcomm mostly discusses such as a expansion of mobile broadband in building countries; a Mirasol arrangement technology; protracted existence applications; and a intensity of wireless record to urge preparation and healthcare. Qualcomm announced that Hanvon will recover a new e-reader, a C18 (5.7-inch touchscreen Mirasol display, 1GHz single-core Snapdragon processor and customized chronicle of Android 2.3 Gingerbread) for schoolchildren in China in mid-February. Another Mirasol-based e-reader, a Kyobo eReader, shipped in South Korea final year.

Jacobs resolved his keynote observant that Qualcomm is now shipping one million chips any day giving it an event to do some unequivocally large things.

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