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Tracking OWA connectors to customer entrance servers

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

What is a best approach to establish how many Outlook Web App (OWA) users are joining to my
Exchange customer entrance servers?

Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re acid for a “real-time” perspective of
currently connected OWA users,
unfortunately you’re out of luck. Once a user’s event has been real to a client access
(CAS), communication between a customer and a server usually occurs when a ask is
made, such as when a user opens a mail object or sends a message. In other words, there is no
constant event between a customer and server that can be queried regulating Exchange management

However, if you’re meddlesome in bargain how many OWA connectors your setup has seen, or
if we wish to check who is authenticating and from where, we can obtain this information from a IIS
logs on your customer entrance servers regulating Microsoft Log
with Log Parser Studio.

With Log Parser Studio, we can emanate a tradition query to check on a series of OWA users per
minute from a IIS logs on your CAS. The query should demeanour identical to a following:

Select cs-username AS UserID,QUANTIZE(TO_TIMESTAMP(date, time), 60) AS Minute, cs(User-Agent) AS Application from '[LOGFILEPATH]' WHERE cs-uri-stem LIKE '%OWA%'

The above authority will furnish an outlay identical to Figure 1:

Figure 1. Log Parser Studio can collect OWA user connectors down to a minute.

About a author
Andy Grogan is an Exchange MVP formed in a U.K. He has worked in a IT attention for
the final 14 years — essentially with Microsoft, HP and IBM technologies. His categorical passion is
Exchange Server, though he also specializes in Active Directory, SQL Server and storage solutions.
Grogan now works for a vast legislature in West London as a networks and operations manager
supporting 6,000 business on some-more than 240 sites. Visit Andy’s website during

This was initial published in Dec 2012

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Amazon, Microsoft concentration on cloud growth tools

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Most open cloud announcements concentration on reduced rates for appurtenance instances, new persistent
storage options or a introduction of new services, while news about cloud growth collection seems
to get a brief shrift. Still, Amazon and Microsoft offer many new collection that make it easier for
developers to build, exam and muster instances in a cloud.

Developers looking for language-specific

    When we register, my group of editors will also send we alerts about public, private and hybrid cloud computing as good as other associated technologies.

    – Margie Semilof, Editorial Director

to assistance streamline some of a some-more vapid cloud-instance and storage tasks have several
options. Let’s take a demeanour during what cloud growth collection Microsoft and Amazon have to offer.

Amazon Toolkit for Eclipse supports cloud development

Amazon is focusing most of a developer support efforts on Eclipse, a widely used developer
framework. Amazon has combined a toolkit that supports Java developers as good as any who work with
its cloud infrastructures, that embody Elastic
Compute Cloud (EC2)
, Amazon
Simple Storage Service (S3)
, Amazon SimpleDB and
others. Developers can download a AWS Toolkit for Eclipse from a AWS
; Eclipse is accessible from a Eclipse project

After installing a AWS Toolkit for Eclipse and configuring it with your AWS entrance pivotal and
secret key, we can work with a preinstalled upheld services. The SDK includes example
applications for operative with S3, SimpleDB, Simple Queue Service (SQS) and a AWS console.
Instructions how to get started with AWS
SDK for Java
are accessible online.

In further to essay code, developers need to be means to conduct their resources. Amazon
Toolkit for Eclipse allows developers to perform upkeep tasks in a same development
environment they’re coding in.

The AWS SDK and AWS Explorer let developers conduct S3, SQS, relational databases (using the
Relational Data Services), EC2 instances and a AWS Elastic Beanstalk. The toolkit
supports mixed Amazon accounts, so we can configure that comment to use by default.

Explorer implements functions specific to any upheld Amazon
web service
. For example, in a S3 territory of AWS Explorer, we can list buckets, delete
buckets and change permissions, among other things. In a Simple Queue Service editor, developers
can list, undo and send messages to queues as good as undo messages in your queues.

The query editor in a SimpleDB underline allows cloud developers to find information that meets
specific criteria. The Amazon
apparatus lets developers perform simple tasks on appurtenance images, instances, effervescent block
storage and confidence groups. When it’s time to deploy
a cloud application
to a server, a AWS Elastic Beanstalk apparatus in Explorer can streamline the

Microsoft’s cloud growth tools

Microsoft is doing a partial to support developers and can work with countless programming
languages, including .NET, node.js, Java, PHP, Python and others. Microsoft’s welcome of multiple
languages extends to non-Microsoft platforms as well. For example, a association includes a tutorial
on regulating Python, MySQL and Django, a Python horizon for
building websites. Additionally, it’s not startling that there is tighten formation between Microsoft
Windows Azure
and Visual Studio 2012.

Visual Studio supports a server path-finder that allows we to perspective information about server
configurations while developing. For example, we can check on a standing of your practical machines
(VMs) and bond to them by regulating Remote Desktop within a growth environment. You can also
manipulate additional services within Windows Azure, including substantiating a caching use for
your concentration within Visual Studio. A new recover of Visual Studio allows developers to
deploy coexisting updates to mixed instances — a intensity timesaver for distributed
applications such as cloud apps.

Visual Studio includes facilities that assistance with common growth tasks as good as some-more targeted
requirements. Microsoft has combined additional support around NuGet, a
tool for adding third-party libraries to a Visual Studio sourroundings with a concentration on runtime and
diagnostic and pattern packages. Visual Studio includes templates for common functional
roles, such as Worker Role with Service Bus Queue and Cache Worker role. 

Whether we cite possibly Amazon’s
or Microsoft’s cloud
for cloud growth work, both have advantages. Amazon’s importance is on
Java developers, though it does offer support for a operation of growth tasks — from handling VM
instances to querying data. 

Microsoft is clearly operative to support developers with a series of common languages. Its
flagship growth platform, Visual Studio, is gripping gait with changing needs as developers
move to a cloud.

Dan Sullivan, M.Sc., is an author, systems designer and consultant with over
20 years of IT experience, with engagements in modernized analytics, systems architecture, database
design, craving confidence and business intelligence. He has worked in a extended operation of
industries, including financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, program development,
government, and sell and education, among others. Dan has created extensively about topics that
range from information warehousing, cloud computing and modernized analytics to confidence management,
collaboration and content mining.

This was initial published in Aug 2012

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Reliance Animation Upgrades Campus, DC Network With Brocade Infra

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Reliance Animation Upgrades Campus, DC Network With Brocade Infra

by Staff
10th August, 2012
in Networking



Reliance Animation, famous as a technologically higher digital animation script-to-screen calm creator, has recently upgraded a campus and datacentre network with new switching infrastructure from Brocade. According to Ashish Kulkarni, Executive Producer of a film and CEO, Reliance Animation, “Network opening and fortitude plays a essential purpose in prolongation of formidable digital content. Brocade switches with their pivotal advantage of being magnificently fit in excess and accessibility was a healthy choice for a studio on a approach to formulating a many appreciated digitally charcterised content. Being a initial and inaugural studio in end-to-end IP creation, a record comparison was a best and network backend infrastructure was engineered to confederate all a elements seamlessly.”

According to K. P. Unnikrishnan, APAC Marketing Director for Brocade Communications, “The primary plea while conceptualizing a IT infrastructure during Reliance Animation was to have a high opening and arguable network and datacentre infrastructure. The “Network” being a arterial shaken complement of a studio consisting of 500+ artists operative on high peculiarity digital calm in a 24/7 operation indispensable to be designed in approach such that trustworthiness could be taken for granted.”

While conceptualizing a solution, Brocade’s usually idea was to fit in a right networking core that would hoop huge volume of information trade (voice and video) but dropping a singular parcel that could means check or intrusion in a customised tube that was being deployed. Reliance Animation’s IT organisation rigorously tested mixed technologies in a networking forefront in a likes of Brocade and other competing vendors. Brocade’s BigIron RX fortitude and FastIron Series Layer 2/3 switches were deployed. Brocade supposing double a 10GbE and 1GbE ports in a singular shelf complement compared to competing offerings. The BigIron RX Series of Layer 2/3 Ethernet fortitude switches is one of a many absolute Ethernet switch families in a industry. It incorporates a latest advances in switch architecture, complement resilience, peculiarity of use (QoS) and switch confidence in a family of modular chassis, environment attention benchmarks for cost performance, scalability and sum cost of tenure (TCO).

“Brocade BigIron was a meticulously done preference since of a unifying strength of twine and Ethernet technologies. With Brocade’s high opening Ethernet switching portfolio for information centers this preference valid essential in terms of opening delivery, trustworthiness and with scalable architecture, that supposing vital gain,” combined Ashish Kulkarni.

Tags: Reliance Animation, Datacentre, Brocade, Network, Infrastructure



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HHB Helps Metropolis Studios Continue Tradition Of Innovation

Monday, June 11th, 2012

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Sony Computer Entertainment Asia to Launch Localization Center for a First … – SYS

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Tokyo, May 24, 2012 – (JCN Newswire) – Sony Computer Entertainment Asia announced that a business branch, Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan (SCET), has strictly non-stop a new localization core for a initial time in April, 2012. The core will concentration on localizing dedicated diversion titles on a company’s several platforms, essentially PlayStation(R)3 (PS3(R)), PlayStation(R)Vita and PSP(R) (PlayStation(R)Portable).

SCE Asia has been localizing dedicated diversion titles given a prolongation of ICO (SCE WWS JAPAN Studio(1)), publishedon PlayStation(R)2 in December, 2001. Ever given afterwards SCE Asia has been handling a Chinese localization business during a Tokyo office, that was a colonize in a mechanism celebration industry. Since then, SCE Asia has expelled over 100 Chinese-localized games, including a Gran Turismo authorization by Polyphony Digital Inc. and a Uncharted authorization by Naughty Dog. The successful try has won worldwide commend and approval among a third celebration developers and publishers.

In sequence topromote a PlayStation platforms in Asia and to raise a apportion and peculiarity of localized games, in Jul 2011, SCE Asia began a hearing operation of a localization core located in Taipei. The core provides in-house interpretation and debuggingand has given a launch localized 6 diversion titles into Chinese, including Everybody’s Golf 6 (SCE Worldwide Studios JAPAN Studio(1), Clap Hanz Corporation) for PlayStation(R)Vita, FINAL FANTASY XIII(R)SQUARE ENIX(R)) for PS3 and Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen (Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.) for PS Vita. All of that have perceived widespread regard from a third celebration developers and publishers as good as PlayStation(R) users.

The localization group is now operative on dual titles forPlayStation(R)Vita including Ragnarok Odyssey (GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.) and Persona 4 The GOLDEN (Index Digital Media, Inc.). SCE Asia will continue to find and focus some-more diversion titles from SCE WWS as good as a third celebration developers andpublishers. In addition, SCE Asia is formulation to settle a debug core in Kaohsiung to serve boost a series of Chinese localized titles.
SCE Asia is clinging to expanding a module localization business, and is dedicated in enrichinganddeepening a celebration knowledge for Chinese-speaking users, quite in Asia.

(1) SCE WWS JAPAN Studio: Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios JAPAN Studio

About Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ), a multiplication association of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. formed in Japan, distributes and markets a PlayStation(R)3 mechanism celebration system, a PlayStation(R)2 mechanism celebration system, a PlayStation(R)Portable handheld celebration complement and a PlayStation(R)Vita unstable celebration system. SCEJ also develops, publishes, markets and distributes software, and manages a third celebration chartering module for these platforms. For some-more information, greatfully call

Source: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Sony Corporation
Corporate Communications
T: +81-3-6748-2200

Copyright 2011 JCN Newswire. All rights reserved.

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New USB DAQ from Measurement Computing

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

/PRNewswire/ — Measurement Computing Corporation, a value personality in information acquisition, currently announced a recover of a USB-1608FS-Plus, a high-speed, multifunction USB DAQ device with sampling rates adult to 400 kS/sec (800 kS/sec detonate mode). This new procedure offers twice a throughput of a stream USB-1608FS during a same low cost of $399.

The USB-1608FS-Plus provides eight, 16-bit, concurrently sampled analog inputs, 8 digital I/O (high-current 24 mA), and one opposite input.

A accumulation of program options are enclosed with a USB-1608FS-Plus to accommodate any ability turn or focus requirement. Support includes out of a box TracerDAQ™ along with extensive drivers for Visual Studio® and Visual Studio® .NET, DASYLab®, and NI LabVIEW™. Also enclosed is Measurement Computing’s DAQFlex open-source program horizon that provides programming support for Windows®, Linux®, and Mac® handling systems.

And, like all Measurement Computing DAQ products, giveaway technical support and a singular lifetime guaranty are included.

About Measurement Computing Measurement Computing is a marketplace personality in a design, manufacture, and placement of value-priced information merger hardware, and exam and dimensions program solutions for both programmers and non-programmers. More information about Measurement Computing is accessible on a Web during

Click next to see a print of a USB-1608FS-Plus:

Contact: Dan Mandill Marketing Specialist +1 508-946-5100 x219

SOURCE Measurement Computing Corporation

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Gehlot inaugurates NIC studio in Jodhpur

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

PTI | 10:03 PM,Mar 04,2012

Jodhpur, Mar 4 (PTI) Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot
today inaugurated a state-of-the-art studio of a National
Informatics Center here, a second in a state.
Describing a core as a “major leap” towards adoption
of Information Technology in governance, Gehlot also had a
video discussion with villagers in Kanpura encampment in Ajmer
and discussed a doing of several government
Developed during a cost of Rs 21.81 lakh, a studio comprises
a swanky mini-conference gymnasium and several equipments like
projectors, request cameras and two-way video conferencing
Gehlot also inaugurated countless other projects, including
a complicated cold storage assembled during a cost of Rs 4.30 crores,
and laid a substructure mill of dual hostels.

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AMD picks adult SeaMicro for $334m in cloud computing datacentre push

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

ASP.Net Developer

ASP.Net Developer / C#, SQL, Visual Studio 2010, TFS…

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Music lovers pursue improved sound quality

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Recording operative Pat McMakin approaches his work with an roughly recurrent office of a ideal sound.

Even a millimeter misdirection of a microphone or a teenager composition in drum can meant a disproportion between a good recording and an defective one to his ears.

By a time a recording creates a proceed to fans around iTunes or over Internet radio, it possesses a fragment of a sum sound information prisoner in a studio — as small as 3% of a original, live sound waves. Even CD formats are nude of adult to 90% of a live recording to fit onto a 4 3/4-inch disc.

Often left are a final slow annals of a drum guitar, a relate of a drumbeat, a really high and really low notes.

But now, in Nashville, a handful of Music Row businesses are commencement to deposit in new products and technologies to boost a fealty of strain during each theatre of a recording and listening process, from new in-studio recording technologies to new strain formats to home stereo equipment.

Whether consumers who have grown accustomed to listening to tunes over $10 ear buds will be peaceful to compensate for improved sounds, however, stays a large doubt mark.

“I already deposit a lot in my music, in my laptop and my iPhone and my Wi-Fi during home,” pronounced Corey First, 28, a selling partner from Franklin, Tenn. “I don’t have a bucks to spend more. we have no complaints about my music.

Still, a high dump in sound peculiarity as digital strain has taken reason stays a source of worsening for artists and strain professionals — and audiophiles among consumers — who disagree that strain is losing many of a pointed qualities that gave it emotion, expanse and abyss in sequence to make songs Internet ready.

“The irony is that we’ve been creation better- and better-sounding annals in a studio, though a record has been dumbing them down for years,” pronounced McMakin, executive of operations during Ocean Way Studios on Music Row.

“All of us —the engineers, a artists, a musicians — put a lot of heart, a lot of time, a lot of caring into creation music. For us to hear a same square of strain on an MP3 or radio sounds disheartening,” pronounced McMakin, who has engineered audio for Dolly Parton, ‘N Sync, Brooks and Dunn, George Jones and Ray Charles.

Many in a strain attention are now commencement to disciple for sound peculiarity solutions.

Last week, thespian Neil Young took his debate for higher-fidelity digital strain to a record conference, divulgence that Apple’s Steve Jobs, before his death, had been operative on formulating bigger digital files to constraint a wider operation of sound. (Jobs, Young noted, elite listening to his strain on vinyl records.)

Hybrid approach

Last month, during a former ancestral RCA Studio A on Music Row — now famous as Ben’s Studio — nation artist Jerrod Niemann accessible marks for his latest manuscript with a new invention he hopes will boost a audio peculiarity of even a digital versions of his album.

The recording studio is a same Music Row space where stars such as Elvis Presley, Chet Atkins and Joe Cocker done albums during an epoch in that massive analog fasten decks steadily prisoner a sound in a studio and strain was sole on vinyl records. Analog captures a whole spectrum of sound, as does vinyl, since a strain isn’t dense or squeezed to fit.

Digital recordings, on a other hand, are prisoner by computers, that record usually certain slices of sound during split-second intervals that are afterwards encoded into mechanism language. All those 1′s and 0′s finish adult representing a numeric interpretation of sound.

But Niemann’s recording event relied on a new square of recording appurtenance famous as CLASP, that takes a hybrid approach.

It annals on analog fasten and feeds it into a digital machine, giving producers a palliate of modifying digital with a better-recorded sound, pronounced CLASP’s inventor, internal strain business businessman Chris Estes.

Estes is selling a apparatus — a boxy console a distance of a mini-fridge — to artists, producers, studios and record companies after spending 6 years tinkering with a invention in his Bellevue home.

Thus far, a $9,000 cost tab has captivated determined record labels rather than new eccentric artists.

Taylor Swift, Adele and a stone rope KISS are among a artists who have hired Estes to record with CLASP to constraint what Estes calls that “warm, detailed, low-pitched sound.”

“It’s proceed clearer to listen to,” pronounced Niemann, 32, who is sealed with a Sony-owned tag Arista Nashville. “I wish a fans to hear a strain a proceed it’s ostensible to be, a proceed that we hear it. It’s proceed improved than digital.”

Vinyl is many true medium

Although no middle is able of duplicating accurately a peculiarity of a live performance, a best audio recordings and playback apparatus constraint a whole operation of sound in a studio.

Vinyl is a many true medium, with no application or interpretation of music.

Among digital recordings, Blu-ray offers one of a top resolutions probable — a biggest digital space to constraint and afterwards rebroadcast a most aloft apportionment of a accessible sound.

But CDs subtract portions of a sound to fit on discs. And MP3s subtract even more.

In mathematical terms, a customary Blu-ray strain contains 2,304,000 pieces of information. A CD contains a third of that — about 705,600 bits.

But a digital chronicle — an MP3 downloaded from iTunes or a Internet — captures usually 70,000 bits.

For all of a hundreds or thousands of notation human-driven adjustments of microphones, sound boards, blending and mastering that go into constructing a veteran album, it’s a mechanism module module that uses a customary algorithm that decides that of a millions of pieces of information aren’t required for a tellurian ear — in effect, that tools of a strain a listener can do without.

Dynamic ranges (louds and softs) and magnitude responses (high and low notes) are mostly casualties of a application process.

“The mechanism module has to take all this information and make it so it can squeeze down a small siren and afterwards make it sound good on a other end,” McMakin said. “But it’s like a mechanism module we put a brief story into and it decides all a minute v’s are unnecessary.”

Sound peculiarity afterwards serve depends on a consumer’s playback apparatus — ear buds and laptop speakers, for example, contra higher-quality stereo systems.

“It’s really frustrating, though when a mechanism came in people plugged in those small speakers and they seem confident with that,” pronounced John Corigliano, 73, a New York composer in contemporary exemplary American strain circles who annals with a Franklin-based Naxos label, a biggest exemplary strain tag in a world.

“I work prolonged hours removing a sound peculiarity usually right,” he said.

To boost a peculiarity accessible to fans, Corigliano is operative with Naxos to furnish audio Blu-ray versions of his orchestral compositions. But higher-quality sound isn’t cheap.

At about $19, Corigliano’s Blu-ray Circus Maximus is twice a cost of a CD chronicle of his work. No other vital tag is arising sound-only Blu-rays, nonetheless a format has been used for unison films.

Klaus Heymann, Naxos trainer and founder, pronounced a association has had to hurl behind a strange skeleton to emanate all new recordings on Blu-ray since it hasn’t nonetheless held on among consumers.

“We are perplexing really tough to get other labels on board,” Heymann said. “Some who are not as financially clever as us don’t wish to spend income on something that’s not nonetheless a certain thing. But we consider it will be since we’re saying some-more people buy surround-sound TV systems, and we consider consumers are going to know that apparatus is not usually good for their video, it’s good for audio.

“The Hong Kong-based Heymann predicts that a proliferation of Internet-ready televisions in a nearby destiny substantially will make listening to strain on computers a ephemeral phenomenon. Increasing Internet bandwidth to concede for bigger files that constraint some-more sound information to tide or download also is critical, he said. That would concede for bigger digital files — a step that a handful of recording tag executives also wish to see.

Gibson jumps in

Nashville’s Gibson Guitar is counting on a resurgence of consumer seductiveness in listening to strain during home.

Recently, a longtime guitar builder announced it had combined a Gibson Pro Audio division, that includes a partnership with Japanese consumer wiring manufacturer Onkyo to make and marketplace stereo systems, speakers and home museum systems to consumers who, Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz believes, wish better-sounding music.

“With Onkyo, a idea is to move a same well-developed knowledge artists direct in a studio to a incomparable consumer base,” a Gibson trainer said.

Gibson’s Onkyo partnership includes high-end home complement apparatus that runs to a thousands of dollars, as good as receivers that run usually a few hundred dollars.

That might be a large jump for many consumers, though others seem to be inching in that instruction after years of eschewing massive home systems.

In 2011, sales of such audio systems reached $4.4 billion, according to a Consumer Electronics Association. This year they’re projected to strech $4.53 million. That’s still down from a $5 billion in sales in 2007.

“I don’t consider we’ll ever go behind to full-content audio and CD players in a home,” pronounced Sean Murphy, comparison researcher with a Consumer Electronics Association.

“But we’re saying home receivers versed with digital personification abilities using by a receiver that are 100 times improved in terms of sound peculiarity than listening to an iPod on a orator dock.”

There are a few other factors giving some Nashville strain makers confidence that consumers are prepared to lapse to better-quality sound products. Gamers are perfectionist improved audio to go along with increasingly worldly video systems, pronounced McMakin, who final week accessible a full measure by an band for an arriving Sony PlayStation game.

Bandwidth substantially will expand, permitting for bigger digital strain files that store some-more sound frequency.” My instinct is there’s going to be an ‘aha moment,’” McMakin said. “There’s going to be a generational change where there will be some-more reasonable entrance to choice formats than we have now, and people will hear a difference.”

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Amazon gets on house with UltraViolet film system

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

LAS VEGAS—An executive says a tradesman has sealed a understanding with a Hollywood studio to sell cinema that can be downloaded from an online “locker” complement 4 studios have put together.

The border of Inc.’s support of a UltraViolet online locker complement is unclear. But a understanding signals that Amazon is during slightest open to perplexing it.

UltraViolet launched late final year. The thought is to capacitate consumers to play purchased movies, either downloads or DVDs, on any device.

If Amazon entirely joins a system, that would hugely boost UltraViolet’s possibility of apropos a mainstream technology.

Bill Carr, executive clamp boss of digital media during Amazon, didn’t name a studio. He spoke on a row about UltraViolet during a International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

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